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The Household Remedy
for the ailments from which almost everyone sometimes
suffers sick headache, constipation, disturbed sleep,
muddy complexion, lassitude, backache, depression and
other results of a disordered digestive system is
Bis Pots
They have achieved the distinction of being the most
widely used medicine in the world, because millions of
people have found them dependable, speedy and sure in
their action on stomach, liver, kidneys and bowels.
Compounded from vegetable product Beecham's Pills are free from
harmful minerals and dangerous drugs. They do not promote the
physicing habit -do not irritate the bowels. Should betaken by every
member of the family at the first sign of illness so mild and effective
that they are good lor the aged, and for the ills of childhood, are
Safe for Children
Direction! of Special Vedus to Women with Every Bos.
Sold by drtiggiats throughout the world. In boxes, 10c, 25c
THE matrons of the Priseilla club. rp UK Woman's club will moot on
gathered as too guests of Mrs. A. I Saturday afternoon nt the i W.
T. Wain Thursday ovening, to1 ('. A. building instead of the pub
participate iu a pretty five hundred lie'library, in order that Mr. Corto.ian,
party, which she planned. as a courtesy . who is to lecture on "Oriental Hug
to the members and their husbands. Making," may display his beautiful
The card rooms were effectively j rugs to a better advantage,
adorued with yelluw daffodilB and otli-
i'r sprint blossoms. I'lnyers circled five
tables of ,'5O0" score honors falling to
Alius rscrnice cr.ug and bred Htetis
Mrs. Wain was assisted by Mrs. J. II.
t raig, Airs. A. L. Brown and Mrs,
Frank Meyers.
The Woman's Belief Corps will meet
tomorrow afternoon at the borne ot
Wjs. Louise Forstner.
Mrs. William Zosel entertjincd Mon
day evening, her guests numbering
jibout twenty five girls who are mem
bers or toe La Ana club.
A business meeting preceded a jolly
evening or games tonowed uy dainty
Mrs. Zosel was assisted by Mrs.
Courier and Mis. Elmer Armstrong.
Monday evening the women of the
Willamette West Minster tiuild met at
the home of Miss Linily Palmer, 045
ChemeJteta street.
Tho tore part of the evening was de
voted to the annual election of offi
cers, the following embers being un
animously elected: President, Miss
Flora Case; vice-president, Mrs. Louise
Arthur; secretary, Mrs. Anno Hwezey;
treasurer, Miss Angio MeCulloch.
The patronesses elected for tlio ensu
ing year are, Mrs. K. S. Wallace, Mrs.
Joseph Palmer anil Mrs. 1). A. Hodge.
Miss Klma Weller and Miss Kevins
Long were appointed to prosido over
the April meeting which will be held at
the residence of Mrs. Hcrtha Darby.
Following the business hour a de
lightful social evening and refresh
ments were enjoyed.
i ft ft
The. Past Guardian club met Thurs
day afternoon at the home of Mrs. C.
A. Lytle.
Following a brief business meeting,
several interesting papers wore read by
Mrs. Helen Southwie.lt, Mrs. Mary Da
vis and Mary Moore.
The afternoon wns also interspersed
by quotations given from favorite
autiiors of the members.
Assisting the hostess were Mrs. Viola
Mitlock and Miss Mary Mnores.
The next club meeting will be held at
Jibe home of Mrs. Busline!!, "iu Sout.i
Winter street.
Messages have been received from
Uev. and Mrs. ilonry Marsden of Olney,
Maryland, announcing the hi nth of a
daughter, born Tuesday, March the
seventh. Mrs. Marsden was formerly
Miss Mnudo Ljwhencl, of this fit v.
Mrs. Kdgar Martin (Alta Altman)
of Berkeley, California, arrived Tues
day and will be the guests of her par
ents, ir. and Mrs. L. U. Altman.
It is becoming the proper thing for
musicians to take the audience into
their confidence at a conceit, which re
sults in tiio 'Audience realizing a greater
and keener appreciation of what the
musician is trying to express. And
that is what the Sohumniins did last
night at their concert at the armory,
when they told the history of the num
bers given and what the music repre
sented to those who muted it. The
theme chosen for this conceit was
" Itoinnnticisiii," which received its in
spiration from the early romantic liter
ature and which was at its height
about one hundred years ago. This
music is marked by the strange, mys
terioso, fantastic, effusive elements.
e the Hiil'atliomable caprices id' a L'irl
in love. It appeals to the heart, to the
childlike in human nature, and that is
wny tins concert was a success.
Heretofore something over a 'hun
dred years ago according to Lambert,
leader of the (inintet, the themes tor op
eras was taken from the classical lore
of (ireece and the ancient world. Hut
with the Advent of Weber, an epoch in
opera music was marked, for he chose
to take hiB themes from the love-stories
of the common people, from the folk
music. He staled th.it all the great
music ol the world was based on tolk
music, which is the reason that the
heart- snugs of the mnster operas still
live and burn in the breasts of the com
mon people. Anil this music, played
wnn tne excellent technic and keen up
preciiition for its subtle mil bold of
toots liv (lie tuloutcd artists, ioiind a
responsive chord in the hearts of Salem
The first number wns from the Oer
man opera bv Weber, "The Freoshoot-
er," and deals with the mysterious and
weird story or too seven hullcts, six
of which are so chinned thev will un
erringly find their mark but the sev
enth is possessed of the evil spirit and
fails to hit. This weinlncss was well
expressed by the deep, slow chords of
the instruments. It wns colorful, too,
with the lightness of thistle-down, and
the sparkle of a fountain; with the in
lerlorence or the evil, tne music is
charged with apparent discord, uneasi
ness, hut finally passes to a happv, sat
isfying climax. The ensemble work of
the quintet first and second violins,
cello, organ, ami piano was a remark
ably effective, and held the audience
completely in the magic spell of tne
music s c-iiaiin.
in Wagner's "Thannhnuser" is
struck a note of the uiiiimuI. Jt is said
of Wagner that he wrote for a long
time without any appreciation but,
when he once was discovered, he was
at once a universal favorite. His mu
sic reveals a soul-struggle of the char
acters shown especially iu "The Pil
grim's Chorus,'' and the calm spiritual
depth and inspiration in "Evening
Star." The Wagnerian trio included
the "March," which, according to the
composer, was not to be inarched to but
to serve as a theme-setting for a jolli
ficttion. Although .iss Helen Portune plays
the violin with fire, dash, and expres
tion, she also sings remarkably well
in fact, she sang so well the audience
was loath to leave her go. She sings
not only with her vocal chords hut with
her heart, he whole being. In the high
registers, her tones arc clear and sweet
and under perfect control. It wns like
listening to the songs of the fairies in
the rosv dawn when the earth sparkles
with dew-jewels. For encore she sang
Hood's Saraaparilla is the Medicine
to Take Makes Pure Blood.
Dry, moist, scaly tetter, pimples1,
bolls, and other eruptions come from
humors, which may be either in
herited, or acquired through defec
tive digestion and assimilation.
To treat these eruptions with dry
ing medicines ia dangerous.
Ifpod's Sarsaparilla, the old reli
able: medicine, helps the system to
discharge the humors, and improves
the digestion and assimilation.
Get Hood's Sarsaparilla from your
druggist. It may be confidently re
lied upon to do its work. It purities
the blood, tones the stomach, and
builds up the whole system. It goes
to the roots of diseases, and its bene
ficial results are permanent. It set?
things to rights in the system. Re
member to ask for Hood's Sarsapa
rllli because nothing else acts like it
and nothing else can take its plac.
Enforcement of Traffic
Live In Continual Fear of
Assassination Two Wo
men Guard Frick
New York, March 8. Threats from
would-be assassins and bomb plotters
have so terrorized millionaires that
they are spending thousands daily to
protect their lives, families and prop
erty, it was learned today.
The financial districts are honey
combed with high priced "shadows"
who always dog the footsteps of Daniel
G. Roid, Judge E. 11. Gary, Vincent
Astor, Henry Clews, Charles M. Schwab,
I li tp r i Asior,
LaWS UO 10 rCllCe; Henry C Frick and others.
Secretary Olcott today received a
postal card signed "Due Among Others
Who Cannot Do This in Portland" stat
ing that "in La Grande a taxi and a
private car are wearing 1915 yellow
license tags. In Condon one or more
ears are decorated in yellow. What lo
cal political pull grants or condones
tniy privilege?"
Mr Olcott stated strain totTriv at ho
I Love You," and, though the audi- J"8 "Y, "1'1 declared publicly be-
...... ub mo iru i u, K.-ineiii vl rue pro
visions of the motor vehicle law is vest
ed in the local peace officers, any viola
tions of the law should therefore be
directed to their attention. The duties
of the secretary of state's office un
der the law are only to register motor
venicies and chauffeurs and furnish
proper license plates and badges and it
is not vested with police powers.
Registration appears to be mnde more
promptly this year than during previous
years. At least the number of npplica-
fintio 1?.,- lftl! . , . ,
iiL-euscs receiven to (late
would so indicate. L'n to Mnr,.h 7
101fi, applications for the registration
of 111.700 automobiles. I.(i7.ri motnrev.
cles, 1,9 JS chauffeurs and 181 dealers
nave been received, while up to March
7, 19111, applications had boon received
ror tne registration of 13,2110 automo
biles, l,lltiO motorcycles, 1,700 chauf
fours and 10S dealers.
Save ten cents a pound on Coffee
Tnere was a day when
roasted rye and other
cheap substitutes could
be ground and sold (or
There was a day when
the coarsest flavored
coffee could be glazed and
made to appear fairly
well, and sell for the best.
Not so today. You
know better. You are
able to discriminate to
judge by the flavor rather
than by the label.
You are demanding
delicate aroma, refined
flavor, full rich coffee
That's why we find a
growing market forFol
ger'j Golden Gate Coffee,
the highest priced in
America, because the
quality is in the cup.
As a means to introduce
FOLGER'S Golden Gate
Coffee to a wider circle of
families we offer a saving
to you of ten cents a
pound for one week.
Grocers will collect the
difference from us.
1 lb.
2 lb.
2V2 lb.
5 lb.
1 rice
Next week you'll have
to pay the regular price.
Buy a quantity. It keeps
well in the airtight tin.
Save ten cents a pound.
Telephone or send your order to your dealer today
J. A. Folger & Co
San Francisco
ence wished more, was compelled to be
satisfied. However, later she sang Car
rie Jacob iiond's "A Perfect Day"
with such artistry that the audience
was again nt iior feet. To this she re
sponded with a light, litling selection.
It was in the selections from the op
era, "Carmen" that the first taste of
the sweetness of Harry Kaplan's cello
was discovered. The warm, passionate,
fiery music that thrills tho hearts of
the Spanish caballero and the fair sen-
oritas of old Madrid fitted the vibrant
oul of the cedllo: and under Kaplan's
skilled hand, the instrument lived and
sang. The swinging, pulsating measures
or 'Jlie liilialerro" and "The Tor
eador" songs stir pulses whenever and
wherever hoard. This wns sort of a
prelude to Kaplan s solo, when he play
el "A Ballade" bv Friml. To this ex
quisitc piece of work he was compelled
to give tnree encores
For his solo numbers C. Lamport took
two folk songs of Id Vienna, translated
for the violin by Fritz KreiBler. They
were the "Liebes Freud" and a "Vi
enna Caprice," each of which shows
the Hungarian temperament nt i dif
ferent angle. Ho plnvs with a mas
tery of technic and a keen insight into
ine moaning ot tne composition. ISoth
numbers were well-received and thor
oughly enjoyed.
Tho only number that did not bear
tho romantic imprint wns "In tho
Clockshnp." This selection was mainly
for the children and was of a humorous
nature. There wore the ticking clocks,
the cuckoo, and the chiming clocks, all
striking nt once, punctuated by the
rattle of the alarm clock.
Though they did no solo work, Mrs.
Harry Kapluii, as the pianist, and Mr.
Carl fortune, as tho organist were both
much in evidence in the ensemble num
bers. Mrs. Kaplun accompanied for the
The program closed with several stir
ring movements from Uottnoud 's
Tlirow Off Colds and Prevent Grip.
When you feel n cold coming on, take
moves ennse of Colds and Grip. Onlv
ClUUVE'N signature on box, 25c.
Charles I.. Koclsche is in the city,
from McCoy.
C. J. Curd was in me city yesterday,
from Kugeno.
H. li. i.eody, of Corvallis, was in the
cily yesterday.
W. W. llannnh, of Pendleton, is reg
istered at the Hligh.
George It. Claxtun was in the city
yesterday, from Shaw.
K. G. White is transacting business
in the city from Falls City.
Hoy Koelov. a lumberman of Sublim
ity, is in ilie city on business.
Mr. mid Mrs. Floyd Haskell of Wood-
iHirn were Nilom visitors vester.lav,
rtev. li. N. Avison wont, to Portland
tins morning oil the Oregon Electric.
T. K. Konney, demonstrator of his
patented stump puller, is in the city
from Portland.
C. K. Spenop, master of the state
grange, wns registered at the Wish yes
terday, from Oregon City.
r. navis. or (ioldeiiihilo, Washing-
Ion, is in the citv looking over the
country with the intentions of locating.
nr. .irs. w. (irnlior and chil
lieu ion vesterdnv lor then- iioine in
Oakland, California. Thev have been
visiting Mrs. Coia E. Koid.
-Mr. and Mrs. II. (I. Nichols, of Faith
"i'i ii I'likntj, wtio nave been visitimr
relatives iu Hie city for the pust week,
ion ior Tiieir noino tins morning.
.ir. ami .urs. f. . Kouicn, for in
rly of this city, returned vesterdnv
Ironi a six months residence in Minne
sota. 1 hoy expect to reinniu here per
Lane Objects to Giving
Water Powers Away
Washington. Mar. 8. Senator Lane,
of Oregon, told the senate today that
the Shields water power bill proposes
to give the nation's last ereat resource
practically free to a few privileged citi-
"We have given away our coal, our
timber has passed into the hands of a
few, our petroleum is all but gone
the prices of all three commodities are
constantly rising," he said.
"Now, we are asked for the sake of
development to give away our water
power resources Tor almost nothing. The
people will paf 10 times over for any
advantage they get out of this develop
ment." Lane's amendment to the bill was de
feated. Over the objection of Senator Cham
berlain, the public lands committee ap
proved amendments to the Myers bill
which conservationists charge para
lyzed the sections designed to protect
tho public.
Has Rude Awakening
from Love's Young Dream
New Yrk, Mar. S .Joseph L. Moodv,
'f San Francisco, Harvard student,
packed his grips today for his return to
Harvard university following the shat
tering of his romance with Marian
I'arks, beautiful singer of tho "Blue
P.-.rndise" company.
Chief Marriage License Clerk Seullv,
who refused the youth's request for "a
license said: "1 thought Moody needed
a cold towel more than a marriage li-i
Neither Moody nor the actress wept
over the sudden end of their love
siorv. Miss Parks returned to her
u.nipuny. Scully refused the license
at tne re(uost of Fred S. Moody, of
Sin Francisco, vouiif MoodvV, l-itw
Two trim women, apparently chatting
social small talk, hustle along, watching-
everyone. Inside their carelessly
dangled fur muffs are automatic pis
tols. They are Frick 's guards and are
never 0 feet away from him. Men
shadow him too.
Since J. P. Morgan was shot, he has
built up an intricate system of defense.
Encasing his own offices and those in
adjoining buildings are roofs of bomb
proof steel nets. Tests have proved
that high explosives can do no more
than dent them.
The stock exchange is similarly net
ted. Morgan employs over a score of
A veritable army of men always
shadow K. S. Dupont, head of the big
munitions works. The British consul
ate and all big hotels are closely
Bad Check Man Paid
One Bill But Forgot
To Mention Others
Tacoma Man Riddled
with Buljets by Pals
Tacoma, Wirsh.. Mar. 8. Do sen ntiittiK
oi nve men suspected of being mem
bers of the gang thnt shot to death Ver
non Lindsay in a rooming house here
were sent out by the police today and
it is believed they will soon be arrested
Patrolman Nix enenired in a fiuht
with the gang in a Taronm v,.ni,.-
hotel Monday jiiglit. a short time aftei
Lindsay wns riddled with bullets a few
blocks awav. Nix tried to nrresr n
Y the men for firing his revolver on
the street, not knowing at the time ot
the murder. While Nix was telephoniug
police hesdipiartors for help, the five
men made their escape. The polire
theory is that they are yeggmen and
thnt I.indny was shot to death in a
quarrel over the division of loot orl
fear that he intended to expose their
Helped Every Year by Common
Sense Suggestions Given Free
by The Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co.
For forty years women suffering from
nil kinds of female ills have been writ
ing the Lydia E. rinkham Medicine (To.
of Lynn, Mass., for advice.
Thus they receive common sense sug
gestions drawn from a vast volume of
experience, and thousands of sick wo
men have been saved from untold suffer
ing, as letters like the following clearly
show :
Newark, Ohio. "Lydia E. Finkham's
Vegetable Compound has made me a
well woman, lour
Sanative Wash is
just the thing to
overcome female
weakness. I have
told young mothers
as well as older ones
about your reme
dies, and what they
have done for me.
I think Lydia E.
Finkham's Vegeta
ble Compound saved
my life, at my health was very bad
when I wrote you, but now I can do my
own work and have not had a sick day
sine I began taking your remedies.
I keep the Compound and Liver Pills on
hand all the time." Mrs. Geo. Thomp
son, 24 Sherwood Court, Newark, Ohio.
Why don't you write for free advice?
Address Lydia E. Pinkham Mcdicius
Co. (confidential), Lynn, Mass.
ilWl - .. a -i
A young man passed a bad check to
Miss Ora Poguo for $11 and after she
found out the true stute of affairs she
gave chase in an auto and compelled
the man to return $10 in cash to her.
It appears, however, that the young
man passed another bad check in
Snlcm for if 11 but he forgot to men
tion the matter when he settled up
with Miss Poguo and then he left the
city before anyone elso got on his
The young man entered the hair
dressing parlors of Miss Poguo late
yesterday and purchased somo articles
and tendered a check signed with the
name of Dr. W. A. Cox, the dentist.
Miss rogue called Vr. Cox and found
that the check wns a forgery and then
she hunted the man up and furced him
to pay her back $10 and he promised
to call this morning and give her the
other dollar. Today another bad
check for $11 appeared, but no trace
o fthe young man can be found.
Isabelle Clayburg
Fights Extradition
Los Aneeles, C'al., March 8. Await
ing heariiiir of her petition for a writ of
habeas corpus, Mrs. Tsiibcllo Clayburg,
alleged "badger game" operative, is
still held today in tho county jail here.
Her hearing "will conic up lute this
Deputy Sheriff M. K. Ilalley of Seat
tle is waiting to take the prisoner
north if Superior Judge Willis rules in
his favor.
Defense Attorney Earl Rogers stated
today that if the habeas corpus plea
was denied, he would immediately file
an application for a writ in the district
court of appeals.
The defense has wired leaino ior a
copy 0f the Washington criminal code
section bearing on the case. No
specific act, Kogois claims, is charged
against Mrs. Clayburg.
Cost of Making Navy
Equal to England's
Washington, Mar. 8 An expenditure
of $7t'0,WO,000 will be necessary be
fore the American navy ecpial that of
lireat Britain, Admiral Fletcher told
the house naval committee today.
He declared the navy 's . present
strength would "nave to be tripled.
Commercial rivalry and not prepared
ness for conflict caused the present war
he declared. Admiral Fletcher declared
the submarine as a defensive weapon is
ineffective, as n diver flotilla could be
easily driven into port by battleships
and destroyers.
The powerful modern battleship, ho
asserted, wis the most desirable form
of a sea fighter.
Conference of Governors
May Be Postponed
(lovernor Withycomhe today wrote to
all niembeis of the Western (,overn-
ors' conference nkmg whotner they
nreferred holding their annual meeting
in Butte in April, as planned, or hold-j
ing it in June during the National f!ov-
ernors' conference at ralt Lake i ity.
Governor Withycomhe is secretary of i
the Western conference. The letters
were issued at the suggestion of Gov
ernor Lister,, president of the confer
ence. Difficulty of getting full attendance
at Hutte in April is the reason suggest
ed by Withycomhe for postponing the
The Supremacy of
Peruna as a
Household Remedy
44 Yesss of Leadersliip
Returned to His Work.
Jtr. .Tuliro kou, l'rwlnville, I.fl.,
milcrcd ulth Mtsrrh of tho stnnwli.
lie did not know ht his trnnhln h'sk.
lie us ensbie to ork. Could linrdiy
ft unrthiin:. After tnlinc reruns a
fhort time h Is bc In I rfect health.
Ho says: "I au now doing sd my
work. I m cunftd'-nt thnt nr one
mffcrlnu us I wns could lis cured by
rerun a."
Every Change of Weather.
Mr. E. Arnold, Weitrrly. E. I., con
Irnrtcd a m-ere fold. 'I'he cold ti
tled In bit vi.Io end produwd condi
tion that wns thniicht to be pleurisy,
lvvery chsnpo of weather would briup b,
return of lug trouble. After tnlind Pe
ruiis all his ;!uicnu have vuaistacd.
Pain in the Stomach.
Mr. Henry Kneot, Dox So. 1118
fi. VlMa iff. ,lnesviue, wis., writes:
T wrote, you idu.ut tour weeks uo
Hint I bad rain in my stomnch. I
followed your advice, and iiped tlirw
iiottko of your 1'eruna, and I era all
Ticdit now. I am very thanVful fur
your edilco and your mediuuc,"
A Housewife Restored.
Sire. K. TV. Copelan, Box S2, Greens
boro. G., suffered several ycara witb
otiarrh of the stomach. Fhe was In
ueb poor health she couia not attend
to bur household duties at all. Feruna
was recommended l-y neighbors. She
was Induced ;o bepin the use of Peru
na. he fays: 'VMtor taking Ore bot
lies of Penina I am lie-ppy to lay that
I am entirely curat. II y iudigcttlon Is
entirely cone."
Ones a Chronio Invalid.
Jtrs. E. Rlltcr, 503 Grant Aro., East
Cedur Falls, lows, was once ft chronle
invalid. Four different doctors had been
conFulird without avail. She bad taken
five different medicines that had been
recomuionded, without improvement.
Peruna was tried and tho good result
was prompt and lasting.
Expresses Her Gratitude.
Mm. Faimiel Bulh, 138 Union Art.,
7 ebanon, l'a., !s al'e to say poFltivcly
that she has been cured by rmuui. Bbo
esn scarcely find words to cxpiess her
prtitltmle for ber recovery. For many
years khn hid been a surd-Invalid from
ihronlu catarrh,
Three substantial men, heads of families, made efficient
once moro by Peruna. Three housewives restored to their
families. These are only samples of what Peruna Is doing
every day, everywhere. Surely, this is a splendid work.
Anything that conserves family life and makes the horns
mors desirable and comfortable, nourishes the heart root of
civilization. Peruna. is a great civilizer.
Scores of Letters From Every
day People Pour In On
the President
Washington, Mar. 8. President Wil
son today was communing with the
people "back in the country" follow
ing his statement it tho Gridiron club
dinner a week ago that he would rather
hear from tho home firesides than
congressional cloakrooms there has
been a tremendous response. Letters
have come in hundreds ironi every sec
tion of the country from men engaged
in everv business and from women and
The president has been devoting him
self to these messages. In the pile was
one written with a wavering stroke of
an old man. It said:
"I am 81 years old and a veteran of
the Civil war. but I am not too old to
take tin tho st.ind as you have taken."
It was from the south.
There was also a long letter from a
mother in Massachusetts.
"My two boys are grown to man
hood," it said. "J lore them as only
a mother can. Hut I am not afraid. 1
am proud of the letter you wrote to
Senator Stone and happy that I have
two boys strong enough to light for
their country."
Many telegrams of support from
party organizations and scores urging
him to warn Americans that tiieir trav
el on armed ships endangers the peace
of the country.
"You have congress over a barrel,"
wired ono supporter. "'ov apply the
The lecture at the public library Fri
ll iv evening will be given by Professor
Wallace McMurrny of Wilhunette uni
versity. Since coining to Salem Prof.
McMurrny has made a place for him
self among Salem people. Jie has given
a number of lectures which have been
gro.itly appreciated by the public. The
drama is the line along which Prof. Mc
Murrny is chiefly interested, lie has
made a special study of the subject and -g
is sure to be an interesting one. It
will be in tho auditorium of the public
library at eight o'clock and is free to
the public.
Redwood City, C'ttl., Mur. 8. Having
hacked off his own foot with a pocket
knife to save himself from being drag
ged into the cogs of a dredger, L. H.
Bock, of Berkeley, president of the
South Bay Shell company, was in a se
rious condition today at Hilling hos
pital. He suffered greutly Yrom loss of
Cheap substitutes cost YOU same price.
SAVAO K To Mr. and Mrs. b'ov Sav-!
. ago. of Dallas. Wednesday, March S, !
lUlrt. a daughter, to lie minted llclva
Hello. Mrs. Savage was fromorlyi
Miss Lulu Goodrich of this city. ' J
The Pacific States Mon-nntilo
today brought suit in the circuit court J
against James llanlon and Lizzie Han-!
Ion. his wife, to collect n rlnetnr 1,111 ol. I
lef.cd to be due nnd owing to one Ed-j
nam M-noor, a physician in this coun-j
ty. The bill was oricinallv for ..1i!.0."i i
and it is staled in the
hut has been paid. Loe Travis, of j
Kugeno, is attorney for the plaintiff.
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Athens, Mar. 8. Persistent
rumors that Knver Pasha, Tur
kish lender, was dead, failed of
confirmation here today. There
wns m verification of the re
port that an assassin had
wounded hitu.
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