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v mmwu im. ivy 'i.ljj vn u uimiiuhii .hi m iwiMumwCTMi
147-49 N. High Street
6v 30-80 a.h. ......$ .80
6v 80-180 a. h. $ .90
12-16-18-24v starting batteries 1.20
Labor, 75c per hour. Leaned Batteries, 10c per day
Distilled Water and Batteries Tested Free of Charge.
Replacements Made on a1! Makes of Batteries
All parts and repairs for lie Reo, Hudson and Au
burn cars furnished on short notice.
Full line of parts carried for all makes of batteries,
and first class service given to every battery.
Washington Junior .
High School Notes
On account o'f the removal id' the,
i-. class 4'rom the Washington junior I
high school, reorganization plans have
biMMi nailer wuv since the beginning of :
the semester, resulting in the election
yesterday of the following officers of
the student body:
President, Vernon Montzer; vice
president, Aletha Dorks; secretary.
Wayne Allen; treasurer, Karl Shufer;
editor, Arthur Husebrangh. Installation
of the newly elected officers will be
held next week.
At a mass meeting of the sladent
body last Wednesday
elected veil leader.
Fuul Staley "ns ;
Yell practice and a boosters' meeting-
was held Friday evening, arousing
enthusiasm for the game to be played
with (irnut "junior urgli school Satur
day. I'laygrouiicl ball teams are now the
proper thing for junior high schools aiol
boys and girls from all the classes will
be chosen members of the teams. Com
mittees have alieaily been appointed to
take charge and regular play. will begin
as soon as the weather permits.
Last Tuesday the final survey was
coinnletol on the road north out of Hub
bard sought by this city through the
C.iyle, Christen, Wolfer, Wilson anil
Movenden places ind nccepled by the
county as a whole. The deeds to the
county had been previously made of
n cohl. Now that this part of the work
has been completed it is not supposed
the real work of opening the road will!
b" long delayed. I he line ot this road
is practically the same that, wis peti
tioned for ten or more years ago. Huh
beid Kiileiprise.
Ccrtrude Lanison the
Principal Witness
i '., I l ,,,!, .1 ch ,,!., ,.
.,',." , , ., I
.' . , , , , in 11 i i, n il, . iiit- intone i nn u,im' n
principal witness lor the Mae l'n ,,Ht effiei.-ncv only as niilioniil crisis
bev. Madison Slaughter is tried at Oro- hl.iu(,s lUu;t ,. ;,.,,,.,.
vil e next week on u statutory charge, I .,V,. ir ,, of t,S(, Kri..,t stl.,.i
will be taken to (Iroville nud held in , ll)m,i Im t ions .innounced that it was
custody until the trial. I headed bv n man, inexperienced in busi-
District Attorney K. A. Leonard tin-,.,. and' that his first act was to dis
iioiinccil today that lie had obtained ; ,..,, n,,, organization and to put pud-
rvoi, ine i.j Mill oiu eni H no iin oe l lie ;
,uiciiue conn oroer 11111 hot iiug nun i
ro iteiaiu uie girl, nrter lie liinl heard !
sue lino made n, sworn statement ot j
some sort for Slaughter's aturnev. i
Leonard fears the girl may be induced j "The nnnlogy and the inference, I
t" make a denial of her original . leave to yon. I do not think it would
charges. He wishiM to take her out o'be seemingly in me to say that Danwds
the custody of her parents, who favor j ought to be ousted, especially since
slaughter. I there are inuuy to say it in my stead.''
"Exide" Servce Station
Opposite Court House
ays Our Navy
Is Imprtant To
Check Invasion
(CVutinued from rage One.)
I'l lm's.
and the lamentable condition of
the submarine flotilla was demonstrat
ed in the fall maneuvers.
"We have fewer torpedo boat de
stroyers in commission than in reserve.
"Tim battleship fleet numbers 1"),
while it. was ill when Daniels took of
fice. Teddy Built Poor Ships.
"Five battleships of the Connecticut
class have demonstrated In it they can
not exceed 12 to l." knots without diiu-
ger of breaking their drive shafts.
I "Secretary Daniels lias ileniorali.eit
I it u 1 disorganized the organization he
I found when he took office, lie has not
appreci ited the condition that the coun
try has faced since the, war broke out.
"Many of the deplorable defects of
toe inivv inigul have been remedied in
time if Daniels had not been t railing '
in the wake ot public sentiment, audi
had not been ail unwilling proselyte to
preparedness. InstiMil of. building ip
the efficiency of the iqivv his hobby j
aas iieen u pciiagoeic program, wim oi
1'ieern teaching naval fighters the prin
ciples of readiu', 'ritiu' and 'rithiuetic.
' ' Now what can be ijotie .'
"The remedies, lie wjtli congress."
At ever urged authorization lor a gou
eril staff, a counsel of defense, an in
crease of t'ue navy and its enlistments,
lad trie passage of an'act to build four
of the spediest battle cruisers in tho
Doscribos His Own Acts.
The go 'eminent, " he. continued,
"lias not even stinted to lay tlie Keel i
of two battleships which the last eon-
gross nulhorized, na.l it tikes three,
veins to build them.
build them. I.very warship
launched since I'auiels took ottice was
authorized by a former ndniinist ra
tion. ' '
"It is a fact," he continued, "that
the nnvy has not one mine for protec
tion of our h irburs.
"The nnvy is a great corporation
.......i: .... A I'-.r, ilntl nm, il... 1.. -u
'I S .T-"V ,V" "I U'C ,.-.. M. ",,,,. 1,,,. ... ,,. (1, 'l'l,
vonr v. and its flu shed orodllct'
: no .1.1: .1-
,( huskies tit work
nightcaps instead of heaving ingot
Mow ininv shares of the
slock would the oublic buv
The Factors of Motor Standardization Arc
The 0LDSM0BILE is the
Superlative Quality Light Car
Save the Over-Tax with maximum results
The Complete Automobile of
Excessive Power Minimum Cost.
$1225 The Four. $1323 The Eight
See this car demonstrated Take a drive at
Our Expense.
Halverson 81 Burns
Corner High & Ferry
V4. -W. A-.tili. .1 Ejn
Automobile N
Maxwell Company Enters
Light Delivery Field
' Supplies Chassis to Which Many Type3
i . of Body Aro Adaptible Only
Ecal Solution.
' Announcement comes from Detroit
that the Maxwell Motor company, Inc.,
I has decided to enter the. field of ligh;
delivery, using for the purpose the stan
dard Maxwell chassis wtlich is furnish
ed complete, including cowl, instrument
j hoard and electrical equipment, but
! lacking; body, which the buyer can have
', designed and built Iocully to fit his I
j individual needs.
I With the car the Maxwell company
I furnishes a scale of dimensions which
nables any boilv builder to fit exactly
j the standard arrangement for attach-
! ing this part to the frame.
! Ready to Drive.
j The work of attaching is free from
'any complications of wiring or piping.
The chassis comes ready to drive.
"The Maxwell company has found
the one . satisfactory .solution of the
I light delivery problem," declare.! Ial-
vorson & Burns, local Maxwell distribu
tors. "Light delivery is a problem of
special body equipment. While it is
I possible for tho laundrymnn and the
l.dry cleaner to use the same type of
j body, each can greatly facilitate hit
1 problem by having a' body built to car
ry tho especial typo
ol merclianilise
The same holds true I
that he handles
with the butcher, the baker, the millin
er, tho grocer and every other line of
business which uses or should use mo-
""There . "-WdKrr boc1v!
builders in every city. To his own de
sign any merchant can have built the
type of body best adapted to his
"We price the chassis at i)i!0 less
than our touring car. This will more
than offset the cost of tlie finest type
of delnvry body, Imonnted, Mintou ,
and gold-lettered. ,..,,. ilt $:;!I.";.ii:i with features found in
"More and more the light delivery ()tllr ,,,. selling for less than if PHI. "
car is becoming the leading factor in, i
reducing tho operating costs of mer- j SHE'S A BIED
chants. Department stores all over trie j The lillii Hariley-Davidson motorcy
country arc standardizing their rteilv-: ,.(, js ; Nnlem and you wouldn't be
ery problems by reducing the number : jeve your ow n eyes a thing of beauty
of horse-drawn vehicles and heavy ! to look at with 'modern equipments as
trucks, and substituting light delivery j electric lights,- electric horn, force oil
cars carrying up to 750 pounds. feed, every oil pipe bearing arranged so
Same Non-Stop Chassis. ! ns to eliminate all oil and dirt from
"The matter of economy makes tlie
Maxwell especially adaptable to this,
purpose. The electric starter which j
makes it unnecessary to let the motor
idle during stops, and the unusually low
consumption of fuel characteristic of
the car aro both elements of great im
portance. '
"It should also be borno in mind that j
the Maxwell chassis supplied for this;
purpose is identical in every detail with j
the one that recently trnveled more;
than l!-,00() miles in Califoruiu, without j
a motor-stop n feat unique in the rec-j
ords of the American Automobile n.sso- j
iiition which supervised the feat. '
I.. (1. Fosmark, of Morris, Minn., was
here last week visiting his nephew, ,i.
A. Fosmark. lie is now at the home
o'f his sister-in-law, Mrs. Anna Fus
in ink. at. Hiii a I Dell.
Mr. aud .Mrs. .1. W. Sadler and Mr.
and .Mrs. A. W. K raits were guests last
night at a family gathering at the
i., .. i,.k Hrknnin near Donald
honor of .Mr. Bnrkmnn's birthday,
, , f ,x ruoi t mi r v size.' laid
... , ;,.,. i..,,, ...,. l,rn,,,r,t
in from the Milev ranch Saturday.
Tt. measured nine inches around the
long way anil six inches tho short way,
and weighed nearly six ounces.
Fire damaged the farm residence of
Mrs. Anna Fosmark Monday at liural
Dell The fire, started from a spark
.''"r. " I V
loss was rullv eov
, .
ered by insurance
,', ,. . .. ..
the Farmers' Fire Helief association of
Hutteville, Oregon.
Chris Ziinmermnn, ndniinist rntor of j
the estate of Win. Flahinig has turned I
over the funds of the estate to the tier- i
man consul at Portland, for the heirs i
who live in (iermany. A hundred dol l
lars was allowed out ot too minis ior a
'suitable monument.
Onion growers expect to make a
quick cleanup of tho 1U1B crop this
spring, there now being only UK) e:us
of good Oregon stock in the bauds j
of producers. I he Onion Orowers
association nre expected to raise tlietri
price from '-' to $2:2") per hnnilrc!
Salem, Oregon
Saxon Factory Is
Up To Minute Plant
"The modern ' up-to-tiic-minntc ' me-i-h.inii-al
facilities for handling; material
from the moment that it is unloaded, on
the freight dock until it is assembled in
the finished product are a constant rev
elation to the visitor at the Saxon fac
tory," savs Mr. 1!. I', fietsiuger, Sales
Manager of the Saxon Motor Car coin-1
puny. i
"Our elc-trU-hoist conveys the bodies!
motors, tops, etc., into t.io factory
1'iiim the freight docks aud in a nin.jori-j
ty of cases directly to their individual
departments. The bodies, after pass-!
ing through the finishing department,
are conveyed by an air hoist over a!
monorail system directly to the as-j
semlin;r floor. The frame. Jt'ter be-j
ing received ami painted, is raised andj
carried by a pneumatic hoist to an as
sembling; track where actual constru'V
Hon begins. The wheels fully assem
bled with rims and tires are carried by'
i gravity com eying system to the as-'
scudding floor from the tire and wheel!
departments. After placing the wheels
on the frames, the im-omplete chassis'
is then hooked to an endless conveying
chain which is irt continual motion,;
passing along the entire assembling:
floor. The motor is then dropped into'
place after being conveyed from the'
motor department bv a monorail svstem.!
At the proper interval the body is pile
oa.the completed chassis, after arriv-j
ing lrom rne mussing Department tiy ai
similar overhead system. Alter the!
car arrives at the end of the assembling
floor it is started under its own power.
- V - testing:,,,, inspection
ultimately irriving at its final destina
tion. '
"This wonderfully efficient method j
of carrying material saves the Saxon.
Motor Car company an immense amount I
of time and labor and is one of the nu
merous reasons why the Saxu company
an otter its tullv equipped six-cvlin-
.i..r ... 7,s.-,un. lln, fvmr-cvliinler
sidling clothes. In fact, the genera1
makeup of the machine is far advanced.
All other models of motorcycles. The
lines of the Hurley are well dcTiuod
putting it in a class by itself in general
appearance. You can see the TTarley
Daviilson on display at Scott & Scott,
local dealers.
Oaklind, Cnl., Mar. L Kliah Josephs
played dead. early today when a bandit
struck him to the.. pavement and took
his watch. He " revived ' ' suddenly
enough, however.' to trail the holdup
ind cause nis arrest.
this mouth. 1'. C iieckniau is :!u
ling a ear from Hutteville this week.
'1 he liural Hell school, .Miss Crisueil
teacher, observed l'areir.'s' day Fiidav.
A fine dinner was served at noon, and
a good program rendered in the after
noon. .Nearly two. score parents and
visitors were present. The members of
the school board made short talks. Some
excellent work bv tlie i.opils was on dis-
l piny.
John .Murray, president of the lai'm
er.s' Fire Helief association, was here
Tuesday en his way to Needy to ad
just a fire loss for the association, the
dwelling of .Mrs. Anna Fosmiirk, whirl.
had been duinaged by fire Monday to
the extent of $"i to 'jflnd.
Stanley M, Kay, whose successful
fight for a trial without his personal
appearance in court attracted consider
able attention during the winter, was
i t.v: i.... i..,.' i... : i... i . ......
ii iiiti.i, ip, i un ,t u? i lit t'l ine I I'll
L. ., -.. ,T ,
1 Sievers. at Oregon City. He was tlned
itifiil. the heaviest penalty for the charge
failure to give half a road to a passing
vehicle, mid costs, which total $,"!). (ill
The case was not tried before a jury.
Ivan G. Martin Files As
Candidate for Legislature
' Ivan (I. Martin, of Salem, has filed
as a candidate for nomination by the
! republican party for the office of rep-
roseut.ith o in tho legislative assembly,
first representative district.
Slogan, "Whatever helps Marion
county or Oregon gets my support."
Among the other candidates are:
a ii i.' l.-i.i i? i.-i i. c.n.
.-H-, I., l.IUCI, VI 1X1,111,1,11 1 ,,:-,
nmlidate for Humiliation by the re-
ubliruu partv for the office of repre
sentative in the legislative assembly,
'-Mst representative district.
Harold (', Mei'i'viimn. of Klamath
Falls, candidate lor nomination by the
republican party for tlie office of dis
trict atoruey for Klamath county.
Hollo C. (lioesbeck, of Klamith Falls,
candidate for nomination by the demo
cratic party for the oft ire of circuit
judge, l;tih judicial district.
llenrv Waldo loe. of Portland, can
didate for delegate to the national pro
gressive convention.
William II. Ilollis, of Forest drove,
candidate ior nomination by the re
publican party for the office of judge
of the circuit court, li'th judicial dis
trict. Kobert 0. Wright, of Portland, candi
date for nomination by the republican
party for the office of judge of the
circuit court, fourth judicial district,
department No. I.
Yah Hang's Noodle
House To Be Closed
The noodle house of With llong on
Ferry street will soon be closed ind his
customers will be obliged to seek other
melrlcru 114 H'-ilt It.,,,., iu ixiintr to lelive
town within :ili dins. That is what he
promised Judge Klgin this morning in
the event that the charges against him
were diMiiised. Wall llonir was arrest-
ed last night on a chuge of committing
an unnatural crime upon the person of
one I'ercv A.ll.ins and Percy left town
'his morning
and promised to stay
i: SAN
Touring Car S885
Roadster $385
Roadster $115
Delivery Car $lt5
173 South Liberty Street
F.ugene, Ore., March
Twelve inches of snow fell in
Fugeue between 5 p. in. Friday
and III a. m. today In fhe
mountains surrounding the city
the snow lies two to eight feet
This is the heaviest snowfall
of the entire winter. .Many wires
were br.iken under the weight
of the soggv snow.
Is Only 30 Miles From Amer
ican Owned Silver Mines
In Sonora
Douglas, Ariz., March 4. (General
Francisco Villa at the head of "Oil cav
alry divided into two columns, is to
day entering northern Sonora, accord-
ing to couriers arriving lit the Lucky
T'igre mining property today.
Villa, the report said, was within
miles ot tlie Lucky ligre mine,
era's richest silver camp, owned bv
Americans. The 123 American employes j
at the mine are preparing to flee to the
aop.ioq sojms p.'ipi.l
Fluted States Vice Consul M.'ti.l
Cochran at -Nogales. Sonora, is in re
ceipt of an appeal f rom Lester Budrow, j
general manager of the mine, asking;
that he use his influence with Carran-j
za's governor, Caltes, to have troops i
sent to the mine, which is unprotected..
Less than 400 troops are available:
in all northern Sonora.
Latest reports indicate that Villa to
day is on the eastern border of Sonora,
SO miles southeast of Douglas.
National Bank Changes
I n Konlr uctom
1U ulult, DUiltV OjOlClH
Articles of incorporation for the for n roniinis-ion as captain. If sue
Bentou County State Hank of Corval-1 cessful he will be nssigne.l to the cap
lis were filed to, lav at the office of thcitaincy of Co. 1. which became vnennt.
state bank superintendent S. tl. Sar-when Cnptnin Fugeno Moshberger was
gent. This is a conversion of the Ben-, promoted to the rank of major.
ton County National Bank to the state. The local militia company will dri'
banking svstem nud the new establish-! Monday nijjlit of next week instead of
ment will open its doors under Tuesday and this drill will be jn-.-limtn.
new name Monday. l,,rv to the annual inspection which is
The bank is capitalized at itaiO.Oilil,
. . ..
has a surplus of $l..lou ami depositors
aggregating $100,000. A. .1. Johnson,
a lormer national iuiuk examiner, u
president of the bank which he organ
ized about six years ago.
San Diego. Cal., Mar. -(.-Plans were
completed lodav tor a feature of the
formal opening of the B'Hi .exposition
. . . . " . - I.
.vine 11 will I'e unupie in nerouauio-o. ji
will be a flight of . s,uadroa of aero-
,, I. ,,, over tin exposition grouno
Four of I tide Sam
crack flyers will
head the fleet. They have been picket
todav as follows: Lieutenant Thomas
IVYVitt Milling, Floyd Smith, I orporal
Alder Smith nnd O. A. Brnnlley. the lt-
ter a civilian instructor from the t ur-
tiss shops. The exposition is open
now, out the .Minn i -lorniai open
ing will see completion of installation
of the San Francisco exhibits.
Try Capital Journal vru
Winning the Faith
of the American People
A CAR rolls 3ilently and smooth
ly along the city street. Its flex
ibility in weaving through the
massed traffic its beauty win
attention from all sides.
A passerby, turning to identify
the maKc, sees on the radiator
tho trademark shown above.
Over a rough country road comes
a car climbs the steep winding
hill on high, pulls easily through
the heavy bog at the bottom, and
fades swiftly into the distance
with scarcely a sound to mark its
The trademark on the radiator
bcar3 tho great name "Saxon,"
and this name typifies; Strength
Economy Service.
From Maine to California in
city, town and country thous
ands upon thousands of Saxon
cars are making good this pledge
to the American people: Strength
Economy Service.
Two years ago our trademark
pledge was mere words no
more. Today In the minds of
countless men and women these
words form a significant symbol.
t Y. M. C. A. Team Works
I Hard For Game With
t Salem Hish School
The Y. if. C. A. basketball ouintet is:
-k ,. , , c .i i i r i
f. working hard for the second battle fori
c . ,
the eitv basket ba championship with ' ... ' ' ' ,
, .. . , , , ..evening between the Portland players
the high school team which is scheduled ',.,1 ,..,.,.,. t. ,- e i ,
, , , . , . . i !U1(I members ot toe Salem Chess and
to take place m the association Ry"s-1 Checker club.
in in Monday night at S o'clock Alficd! ti. . i mi , . .
A Schramm, better known as "Rusty' ,,.ock and the commercial club will bo
has been added to the squad and will bo open th those interested in tho -ame.
seen at the position oi" forward in Mon- Kqunres on the checker boards arenum
duy night 's game. The association team j bercd and ns each player moves, tha
has undergone quite a shake-up and it numbers of the squares are telegraphed,
is possible that the second game will. Over each player or group of players i
see several new faces in the line up so referee will be nlnced In order tr. e
tar as the positions of the men arc
! concerned. Captain Mclutyre according
to present dope is slated for the center
position and it is proliaole that Baket
will not start the game.
The team has been working hard for
this game and in order to get the prop
er rest and training the game with
Chomawa which was to have been play
ed tonight has been cancelled- nnd the
team will have a light practice without
any scrimmage.
The second game of the series was on
igiaally scheduled to be played Tues
day but it Ins been deemed advisable
to advance the game to Monday night
The high school team will not have a
practice before the game Monday nigh:
j because of the
j last night.
hard game tit Corvallis
Walter L. Spaalding
Promoted to Rank of
I ' Second Lieutenant lh?jy FrMny.
j The, L. B llaberly family motored
Captain Max Cehlhar of Co. M, O. j t Salem on Saturday.
!.. was notified today bv Adjulnnt! iIarol(l ami Herbert Humphreys were
iCeneral George A. White, that Sergeant """'y scat visitors Saturday.
(Walter L. Spaulding had passed the re-' rTIm W- w- - met at tho home of
1 cent examination and that his commix-; .r9' Wi" KmT last Thursday. The,
; sion ns second lieutenant w as now being iro" ca." wus responded to by patriotic
: engrossed. Lieutenant Spaubling w ill be ! 'lotations. Mrs. ('has. Riches read a
I assigned to the Third battalion ns lnt- i PaPer on the "Life of Washington"
talion quartermaster on the staff of Ma- an.(l 1Irs' If' - I)all a poem. Dainty
jor larle Alirams. in his official ca
pacity Lieutenant Spaulding will have
charge of the supply train's.
K. K. l'iesecki, of Dallas, will take
the exaniinntion before the military
1 1 :'r'1 m r'!Uom tomorrow lor a couimis-
sion and First Lieutenant (irover Todd,
of Co. I. VVooilburn. will be examined
scne,iuie,t lor v eunesilay. .March S. Cn
VI ,.. I, .1... I........C ..n...ll . il .
" - viuimiihciu hi uij
'"story of the oraauimtion.
Miss Mildred King returned to Kver
ett. Wash., last week, she was accom
panied as far ns Borland by her nrotli-
or'Mr. .
I I"'"', who is attending
! high school in Salem, spent the week
I en.) lit homo
Henry Dahl spent several dnvs last
week tit the Otto Dnhl home
Mr. and Mr. Frank Bowers motorcil
j over to ttie Wilton Simeral borne on
Mr. nnd .Mrs. Arthur ecnc, of Salem,
visited at the W. J. Haberily home Sun
day. V. T. Fmcry and Charles TticW
drove to Salem Saturday.
Mrs. Amanda Bowers is recovering
from her recent illness,
j Roe llerriek hud the misfortune to
'badly injure his left hand while using
For they identify the Saxon.
They eptitomize Its virtues. They
are the comer stones of Saxon
Starting production two years
ago the Saxon Motor Car Corpor
ation built and sold more cars
during its initial year than had
any other automobile company.
SERVICE earned credence quick
lybut only after its sincerity
had teen tested, ita truth proved.
In two years' time the Saxon
Motor Car Corporation rose from
last to a leading place among the
automobile companies of the
world. It now ranks among the
first ten in number of carg pro
duced annually.
Last year the demand for Saxon
cars caused double production.
And for the coming year twice
even this output will be market
SERVICE has won its merited
reward the faith of the Amer
ican people.
Salem, Oregon
All Ready for Checker
and Chess Games at Club
Wires are now strung in the commer
cial club rooms and everything is in
r.,,i:..A..n c... 1. i. '.l . .
,vuuint..o iui mi- great cni'CKer Him
,., . , V . ,
chess game to be n ave, bv w re. this
that the telegraphed moves are correct
ly placed.
Portland will piny one of tho cham
pions of tho northwest, in V. E. Berg.
Ho has played three times in Portland
for tho stato championship of Oregon
md several times for the state cham
pionship of Washington. J. L. Fcetz
will have the honor of playing against
Tho game this evening by wiro will
bo the first of the kind played in the
city and one of the few that, have been
played in the northwest. The commer
cial club rooms in the social depart
ment will be open to the public inter
ested in chess and checkers.
Med ford. Or., Mar. 4. Cleneral Wil
liam Sooysniith, aged Hfi, a commander
of Union civalry during (irant's Shi
loh and Vicksburg campaigns, died at
l o clock this afternoon of pneumonia.
He had been ill but a short time.
reiri-snmenis were served. A sub
stantial donation was collected for a
needy widow with three small children.
Tho next meeting will bo at tho homo
of Mrs. Fred Knight.
Mr. nnd Mrs. H. O. Dahl entertained
about 2.-i of their neighbors at a
"Flinch" party Saturday evening. An
excellent lunch was served, following
this the guests were entertained by vn-
i-iii ami instrumental music. A very
1 Pjensant evening was enjoyed by all.
jSilverton Appeal,
TrT Capital Journal Want Ads.
We 1916
motorcycle is here
Come in and see it today.
Scott & Scott
252 Stale Si. Phone 451