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iwr - - -
THE Grand Military Ball at the arm
ory lust night pi vcn by the Cher
rians in compliment to Company
M, O. N. G., made a brilliant finale
of the gay season.
It was the most pageant function of
this type ever given in Salem, being
superlatively well done.
Patriotic insignia was given full
sway in the decorations, the military
'atmosphere being wonderfully increased
ly the galaxy of glittering uniforms
wuich enhanced the harmoniously blend
ed ensemble of lovely coloring. The
npacious ball room had a veritable mil
itary setting, the national colors, red,
white and blue, waving over head.
Fragrant fir boughs formed an entire
embankment while the glow from soft
led lights found their way through
prigs of the same redolent trees.
The famous "Homeward bound" pen
nant of the battleship Oregon, more
than tour hundred feet in length was
used to drapo the balcony.
Bed Cross nurses served punch from
a lied Cross service tent completely
equipped. At nine o'clock the Cher
Tian orchestra played "Victorious
flight" and the grand march was led
liy Governor James Withvcombe and
charming Miss Helen Dockebach, daugh
ter of King Minx of the Cherrians.
Mrs. Asahel Bush, who has advanced
so much originality in the wonderful
subscription dunces this season, gen
erously assisted with the attractive dec
orations. Much praise is due both the
."berrinos and the militia for their ef
forts in arousing patriotism which has
liestirred the admiration of even the
tnost bin so cosmopolite.
It is whispered that there will be an
uther ball next season making it an un
join) event.
The patrons and p.itronsesses who at
tended and added to the success of the
liall were:
Governor and Mis. James Withy
eooibe, Brig, (len. and Mrs. Geo. A.
White, Colonel anil Mrs. Cleuard Mc
laughlin, Major anil Mrs. L. II. Knnpp,
Jlajor and Mrs. Carle Abrams, Captaia
nd Mrs. Frank P. Tebbits, Captain and
Mrs. 1). E. Bowman, Lieut. Com. and
TUrs. 0. F. Blair, Captain and Mrs. Max
Gehlhar, Captain and Mrs. Charles L.
Dick, King Bing ind Mrs. Frank Deck
ebnch, M!rs. A. N. Bush, Mrs. Clifford
Jim v. n, Mrs. Asuhel Bush, Mrs. CSiniin
eey Bishop, Mrs. W. H. Burghardt, Jr.,
Mrs. Hairy K. Cliy, Mrs. David Eyre,
Mia. Charles H. Fisher, Mrs. ' W.
M. Hamilton, Mrs. K. M. Hol'er, Mrs.
.1. Frank Hughes, Mrs. Thomas H. Kay,
Mm. Thomas A. Livesley, Mrs. Milton
Meyers, Mrs. John H. McNary, Mrs.
.'iiarlo L. McNary, Mrs. Beu W. Ol
eott, Mra. Harry Olingcr, Mrs. Mclvin
Plimpton, Mrs. George Palmer Putnam,
Mrs. John J. Koberts, Mra. George F.
Jtodgcra, Mrs. R. K. Bee Steiner, Mrs.
Fred S. Stewart, .Mrs. Guy Snr
Kent, Mrs. Thomas C. Smith, Jr.,
Mrs. Ben O. Sch licking, Mrs. V. G.
Htaiploy, Mrs, Chas, K. ISpaulding, Mrs.
John A. (Larson, Mra. Frederic 0. Thiol
en, Mrs. Harley O. White.
A charming bridge was the diversion
of Thursday afternoon with Mra. K.
'ooke Pattou as hostess, her guests be
ing, the matrons of the Thursday club.
Additional guests were: Mrs. Joan
P. Sutherland, Mrs. C
K. Spaulding
and Mra, Edgar Hartley
Mrs. Sutherland won the high score
Mrs. Patton was assisted by Mrs.
1'reJeric.k Stewart.
Mrs. Frank M. Jordan, a ciinrniing so-
-ieiy matron of Health1, who has been
the guest of Mrs. Henry
turned home Tuesday.
Movers, re-
A r rivals
You will see the latest in styles and colors
at our store.
The Colored Kids sure are winners
Havana Browns, French Greys, Ivory Kids,
and other colors in soft kid.
You should see those 10-in. Napoleon soft
kid Boots They are the season's rage.
Mrs. P. E. Fullerton
J .-...
, 1 J
: ':' , ..." ...........
Who sang at the Moose entertainment Thursday night.
IUDGK parties and tens inter-
spersod with dinners and lunch-
eons enlivened the pist week.
There are always a number of such af- j
fairs at the close of t'.ie season, as ma-1
trims like to have the pleasant sitis-1
faction of cancelling their social debts
before lent.
Charming and artistic in detail was
the smart bridge for which Mrs. Elmer
Ludden and Mrs. William Council Dyer
were hostesses Wednesday afternoon.
Mrs. Ludden 's residence was the set-
ting for tho affuir which Wis the sec-
ond of a series of parties given by these
charming young mutrons.
Tho card rooms were effectively ar-
ranged with golden hucd daffodils and
n... willnwH l matron, hehor nsked for i
pussy willows, matrons being asked for
six tables or brnlgo inciu.ling: Airs.
George Kodgers, Mrs. Kollin K. Page,
Mrs. Beu Olcott, Mrs. Milton Meyers,
Mrs. Sherman W. Thompson, Mrs. Har
vey Wells, Mrs. George liose, Mrs. Fred
erick Stewirt, Mrs. Charles McNary,
Mrs. Clyde Graham, Mrs. Komeo Goulet,
Mrs. E." Cooke Fatten, Mrs. E. 12. Wal
ters, Mrs. C. D. Cnbrielson, Mrs. lira
rv Olinger, Mrs. Frank Dnrbin, Mrs,
(feorgc G. Brown, Mrs. William Dancy,
Mrs. J. G. Iiichurdson, Mrs. John
Coughell, Mrs. Oliver Locke, Mrs.
'Frunk Mvers, Mrs. 11. .1. Schulderman,
Mrs. Carlton Smith, Mrs. William Thiel
sen and Mrs. George Waters.
Card f ivors were won by Mrs. F E.
Waters and Mrs. George Hose.
The hostesses were assisted bv Mrs.
Chile Graham, Miss Ellen Thielseu and
Miss Gertrude Cunningham.
Mrs. James Withycoinbo and Miss
Mable Witliycombi1, who reside in Cor
v illic, were guests of honor ut the
Grand Military Hull last night.
Mrs. Guy Sirgent had a small
terie ol matrons at her home tor a
lightfully informal sewing Tuesday af
Charming with the glow of spring
radiating from bowls aim vases or
'golden yellow daffodils arranged ir-
tistically about the rooms about a dozen
matrons enjoyed an afternoon over the
bridgo tables with Mrs. George Post as
hostess Tuesday afernoon. The affair
was given in honor of Mrs. E. O. Siecke
who left Wednesday for a sojourn in
Mnnhattan, Kansas.
Ihree tables were circled by the
guesis mcimung .nrs. nierne. -
''"' Lytic, Mrs. Frank Myers, Mrs.
Armin Steiner, Mrs. John Coughell, Mrs.
C. H. Webb, Mrs. l.rant lionnell, -Mrs.
Paul Schmidt, Mrs. John Lewis, Mrs.
Percy Cupper, Mrs. Frank 8. Gannett
and Mrs. Walter Spaulding.
' " ' , TZ rl JZ Z ,)uZ
?'.V v. Cl"I' Mr- Jonu t-OUgliell
llio card favors were Awarded to
ami Mrs. Frank Meyers.
For ten Mrs. Post asked Mrs. Carey
Martin, Mrs. Douglas Minto, Mrs. Chas.
K. Spaulding and Mrs. Koy Mills.
Mrs. Louis Josse aud Miss Eugenia
Belle assisted Mrs. Post in the serving.
Adjutint General and Xfrs. George A.'
White were the guests of Mr. and Mrs.!
(feorge Palmer Putnam for the Military
Ball last night,
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Meyers enter
tained informally at bridge Thursday
evening, guests having been asked to
in ike up three tables of the game.
Children's parties have divided the
attention of society matrons this past
week, for as i rule, many of the moth
ers drop in to these gay romping enter
tainments lor tea aud to see tho little
folk in their frolics.
One of the prettiest of these parties
was given by Mrs. Thomas Livesley,
Tuesday afternoon, for her small daugh
ter, Dorothy, who has attained the age
of six.
Early in tho afternoon the little
guests were entertained with a lino
party at the Ve Liberty where they
motored with the small hostess and her
mother to see Mary I'ickt'ord in "Tho
r ondling. '
... ... , ,
Aiier ine snow, tney wero tanen oacK
to the little hostesses iioinc where they
enjoyed a lovely birthday collation.
The table was adorned with a beiuti
ful birthday cake glittering with pink
candles and an art basket filled with
an array ot exquisite pnio pink tulips.
Miss Dorothy 's little guests includ -
', '""'' ""'-. ! uu - " -
died Koberts Koyeni Lyre, Margaret
and r.thel Livesley, Henry Wesley
I liielsen, Kobert Hishop, Kenneth Allen,
Harold Olinger and Thomas Livesley,
. , ., .
.,m,, ... u,Jv.,L3 33,riCu
An attractive and charming affair of
Wednesday evening was the Leap Year while the dining room was most nrtis
party given at the handsome residence' tic and spring like with pale yellow
of Mr. ind Mrs. Frank G. Deckelmch ! daffodils. About thirty prominent nia
for the benefit of the Woman 's Auxil-j troiis enjoyed an afternoon over the
iarv of St, Paul's church. card tables, including the Thursday club
A large number of men nnd women j and i number of additional players,
thronged the rooms, which were a scene' The attractive guest favor fell to
of exceptional bcautv, being decked
with fragrant blossoms, rose pink, car
nations, narcissus and smilax.
A great part of the merry guests, espe-
ei.illv the men, assembled in the billiard
room where progressive games were,
played, the honors falling to Mrs. Ar-j
thur Benson and Mr. Puibrick. i
One of the very delightful features!
of the ti It'll ir was the programme, tiie j
numbers of w hich were an inspiration i
that eonpleted the evening. Generously
contributing to the programme were:
.Miss Mii.el r.rixou, -Miss .Margery .Mar
vin, Miss Beatrice Walton, William Mc
Gilchrist, Sr., Dau Langenberg and Hen
ry llackett.
In the dining room the table was
particularly lovely with yellow blos
soms. Mrs, Robert Gill. Mrs. George Wood,
and Mrs. Cnskill presided at the table
the young girls assisting in the din
ing room were the Misws Anabel Ru
pert, Beatrice Wilton and Bulah Fawk.
Miss Margaret Gray, of Seattle, who
has been the guest of Mrs. John Mc
Nary, left today for Hillsboro, where
she will visit friends. Mis Gray will
return to Salem before going borne,
About thirtv matrons and maids were
the guests of Mrs. Louis Josse and Mrs.
Armin Sterner t rklay afternoon, ar. an
attractne bridge which they panned
in honor of Miss Edna Jos?e a popular
bride-elect. rtj.
The affair was civen nt the residence
of the charming honoree's sister-in-law,
Mrs. Louis Jossc. The Inch score non-
ors fell to Mrs. Merlin Harding and
Mrs. Kov Mills. Mrs. Grant Honiicll re
ceived the consolation. A lovely book
was given Miss Josse.
Jn tiie dining room the t ible at which
the honoree and the girls were seated a
delicate color motif of pink was de
veloped by the use of graceful carna
tions and ureens, prettv favors marking
I the places. At the small card tables cor-
sigo bouquets ot fragrant violets mark
ed covers for the matrons.
Mrs. L. M. Bonas. Mrs. Louis U.
.Insse and Mrs. Paul Schmidt aisted inj
llie Serving. I
Their euests were: Mrs. William '
. .
I.ytle, Mrs. Robert Gill, Mrs. Arthur, aorta eird club and the following addi
Henson. Mrs. (irant Bonuell, Mrs. Wil-jtional guests: Mr. and Mrs. Edgar
lis in McGilchrist, Jr., Mrs. .Merlin Hard- Hartley, Mr. and Mrs. 1,'obert Downing,
ling, -Mrs. tieorge lost, -Mrs. .lonn
U'oughell, Mrs. Koy Mills, Mrs. John
Evans, Mrs. Walter spaulding, .Mrs. nam LUjquist, Air. auu -urs. james
Louis Josse, Mrs. Joseph Keinhart, Mrs. jChinnock, Mr. ind Mrs. David Eyre,
Stanley Morgan, Mrs. Paul Schmidt, Mr. and Mrs. C. K. Spaulding, Mr. and
Mrs. L. M. Hoggs, Mrs. Lloyd Farmer, I Mrs. Armin Steiner, Mr. and Mis. Frank
Mrs. Frank Meyers, Mrs. Paul Johnson, ; Durbin and Charles Wilson, of Oregon
Mrs. Chester Cox, Miss Hazel Erixon, '. City.
Mrs. Seymour Skiff, Miss Kita Steiner, j Mrs. J. A. Eichadson and Roy Burton
Mrs. Harry Wenderoth, . Miss Hazel captured the high score" honors. Mrs.
Downing, Miss Xaney Sknife, Miss Zoe! Craig Marvin and Chester Cox being
Stockton, Miss Margaret Gill, Miss J awarded the consolations.
Mary Eekerlin, Miss Eugenia Belle and
Miss Jennie tYy.
Thursday evening Mr. and Mrs. L. M.
BoggB were hosts for an nttrictive five
hundred party. The affair was given
at the residence of the hastesses mother,
Mrs. R. B. Houston.
Spring flowers of a brilliant yellow
hue were used about the rooms, where
seven tables of the game were circled
by the guests.
The card favors were cnpture.l by
Mrs. Armin Steiner and Louis Jossc.
Mr. ind Mrs. Boggs' guests were: Mr.
and Mrs. Douglas Minto, Mr. and Mrs.
Paul Schmidt, Mr. aud Mrs. Joseph
Keinhart, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wender
oth, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Johnson, Mr.
and Mrs. Carl Webb, Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Farmer, Mr. and Mrs. Armin
Steiner, Mr. and Mrs. Llovd Mauser,
Mr. ind Mrs. Walter Spaulding, Mr.
and Mrs. Koy Mills, Mr. and Mrs. ,T. ('.
Carey,. Mr. "and Mrs. Gordon McGil
christ, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Benjerman,
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mauser, Mr. and
Mrs. T. L. Williams, Miss Eunane Craig,
Miss Edna Josse, Miss Kuth Boggs, Miss
Zoe Stockton, Miss Anna Vantis, Miss
Marv Eekerlin, Miss Eugenia Belie,
Frank Dewitt, Clifford Farmer and Mr.
Assisting in the serving were: Mrs.
I). C. Minto, Mrs. Armin Steiner, Mrs.
Paul Schmidt and Miss Ruth Boggs.
The MonJay Xight Dancing club com
posed of a number of the married and
younger contingent will indulge in their
cherished diversion Monday evening it
the Moose hall.
The matrons of the Monday After
noon Bridge club and several additional
guests shared the charming hospitality
of Mrs. Douglas Minto Tuesday after
noon. Lovely spring blossoms, daffodils,
were used about the rooms, making an
artistic setting for the. players. Mrs.
A. I. Eoff was nwirded the high score
The hostess was assisted in the serv
ing by Mrs. Lewis Alclrich.
The club members include: Mrs.
Charles Dick, Mrs. Ernest Hofer, Mrs.
Douglas Minto, Mrs. E. Cooke Patton,
Mrs. Kobert Downing, Mrs. C. K.
Spaulding, Mrs. Homer Smith, Mrs. A.
T. Wain, Mrs. J. B. Craig, Mrs. Edgar
Hartley, Mrs. W. P. Bubcock and Miss
Florence McKinucy.
As Additional guests, Mrs. Minto
asked Mrs. Charles' Galloway, Mrs. Lew
is Aldrich, Mrs. H. F. Poisal, Mrs. E. F.
Parkhurst, Mrs. Paul Mauser and Mrs.
A. 1. Eoff.
Tn celebration of the anniversary ot'
Mr. Henry B. Thielsen's birthday a
number of the married folk were asked
for x five hundred party at the Tniol
sen residence Wednesday evening. The
honoree was made the motif of the de
lightful affair by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Kay and Mr. and Mrs. Kuesell Cat-
lin, who invited the guests.
Mrs. R. L. Steeves and Mrs. Fred
I.egg entertained this afternoon at the
former's attractive residence with a
Kensington, their guests numbering
about utty matrons or ine fmnroi ami
i tvensingiou lei cuius, ami a nuiuucr i
. .1 t i nul truest. The livinsr room was
harming with a profusion of beautiful
golden daffodils, while fragrant iolets
wero effectively arranged about the
dining room. The hostesses were assist
ed bv Mrs. R. E. Downing and Mrs.
v. , rniin f rimrinmir
, young slrs :m.i,inc the Misses Helen
j,int Muriel Steeves, .Margaret i.egi
,, Margery Brown,
0ll0 o( thc m0!it delightful affairs
g thp week was tlle brill),e ynrXy Ior
! which Mrs. Harry Olinger was hostess
xhursdiiy afternoon.
-j;ne liVing room was an array of fra-
I grant blossoms, carnations ind pussy
I willows being effectively arranged
I Mrs. Lawrence T. Harris, Mrs. Joseph
Hauingartiier being awarded the high
club honor. Mrs. Olinger was assist
ed bv Mrs. Milton Meyers and Mrs.
, Geo. Browu.
A delightful mid week bridge was
given by Mrs. John Griffith Wednesday
afternoon, her guests numbering about
sixteen matrons of the Happy Mour
Undue club.
i Mrs. L. F. Griffith was the only eddi
tionnl guest. The high seore honor waa
awarded to Mrs. H. J. Bean. Mrs. Jos.
Albert assisted Mrs. Griffith in the
Miss Alice Justin, of Portland, a na
tive born Oregouian. who sang for the
Moose benefit entertainment at the
Grand theatre, charmed the audience
with her rich contralto voice, and so
pleased the Moose officials that they
are contemplating featuring her in eon-
cert in the near future
Miss Justin's voice, although beauti-
ful in tone, shows training. She studied
under- the leading tutors or r.urope ind
America giving credit to oer Oregoniaa
instructor, Rose Coursen Reed, of Port-
I laud, for her knowledge of music.
Otieninir the week's festivities Mr,
and Mrs. Joseph Baumgartncr enter
tained Mondav evening at a delightful M
x. i l.;.iit
five hundred party, asking about thirty
of the married contingent who ire mem
bers of a card. club. Additional guests
were: Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hamil
ton and Mrs. Lenta Westacott.
Vases and jars of pale yellow jonquils'
suggesting the approach ot lovely i
snnnir were arrinned about the card
rooms. Players circled seven tables of! Jj
the game, high score honors falling to 3
Mrs. William Dnncy, Mrs. Harry Olin-jS j
ger, George Kodyers and Dr. 1!. E. Lee II
Steiner. !f
Mr. and Mrs. I!oy Mills' home was
the setting for an attractive five iiuu-.
dred party Wednesday evening.
The rooms were aglow with yellow
daffodils, combined with graceful pussy i
I ..I... I. ..1 . .kin- r.f U
liero :iicii-ii nnvii uuiiD ui iw
game including the members of the
ir. ana .urs. J. a. nieoanisnn, air. aim
Mrs. K. M. Hoffnell, Mr. and Mrs. Wil-
Assisting in tnc serving were: Airs.
Paul Johnson, Mrs. Walter Spaulding
and Miss Zoc Stockton.
Mr. and Mrs. Milton Meyers enter
tained informally nt bridge Thursday
evening, guests having been isked to
make up three tables of thc game.
The Salem Festival Chorus composed
of about one hundred of Salem's most
talented artists will give a concert at
the Grand tne.it re Thursday evening,
March thc sixteenth. Tho chorus which
is under the proficient direction of
Frederic S. Mendeuhall will offer the
beautiful cantata, "The Hymn of
Praise" by Mendelssohn and the "Cru
saders" a highly effective and dramat
ic work by Gale.
The chorus will be assisted at the pi
lno bv Mrs. William Burghardt, Jr.,
whose accompaniments will complete
the artistry of the excellent programme.
The Perrizo orchestra gave their sec
ond scries of diucing parties last even
ing in BaumgHrtner hall. About 1
couples of the younger set were in at
tendance. Mrs. J. A. Irvin aud Mrs. Albert
Feustman entertained recently at the
home of the latter in honor of Miss
Maude Clapper. The party was given
to announce Miss Clapper's engage
ment, whose wedding will take place
in april. Tho notice ws prettily dec
orated wSth yellow daffodUs, pussy
willows, hearts and cupids.
The guests were the Misses Bulah
Presnell, Maude Presnell, Mabel Sav
age, Hizel Fucstman, Myrtle Herdelinc,
Grace Mullencot, Eulana Lindsey, Ber
tha Johnson, Adelnna Johnson, Velma
Brunk, Ula Beck, Katie Lynch, Verda
Hay, Jean McGreager, Christie Jewctt,
tier nice Kise, Mathel Churchill, Mario
Schwab, Inice Bell, Loretti Dorks, Alice
Sutet, Mrs. 11. Boersnia, Mrs. A. F.
Chipper, Mrs. Marry Clapper aud Mrs.
Elmer McKee.
Mr. and Mrs. Max O. Buren wero
hosts Tuesday evening for a five hun
dred pirty, their guests being t lie mem
bers of the Merry-Go-Kound Card club
composed of a number of the married
Six tables were arranged for the
players, score honors being awarded to
Mrs. Ruben Boise and John McNary.
Miss Grace Bean was a guest at the
Gamma Phi Beta Sororiety house in
Eugene last week.
Mass Margaret Putnam asked a small
group of girls and men for an informal
supper after the dance Friday night in
cluding Miss Mary Stevens, Tom Stev
ens, Dr. Walter Blyue. of Albany, and
Mr. Thompson, of Medl'ord, who were
her house guests, and Miss Ved i Cross,
Miss Euiuiue Craig and A. Mull.
ft 4
Monday evening the Orpheus chorus
gnve an entertainment at tho State
Training school and the programme wusi,fc. i' ,. : .-..;' ti ,.i,,h ,..,.
highly appreciated by the boys. Among)
tne nuuiners was .1 soio i.y jieiimnu,
solo, Snvder; mandolin and guitar so
lections, Alley and Carter.
Much applause was accorded Carl
Gabrielson and Kufe White in their
clever black face skit. As a finale the
chorus and thc boys sang America.
The Orpheus chorus with Dan Lun-
genberg as director, arc general favor-
s general tavor-
ites and are always entliusiasticaiiv
greeted. . ,
,, , . ; ,
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Brown presided
over a small informal dinner Tuesday
night. The artistically appointed tame
had covers for Mr. and Mrs. George
Palmer Putnam, Mr. and Mrs. John J.'
Koberts, Dean Hayes, of Eugene, and j
the hosts.
Mrs. R. P. Mortensen nnd two
daughters, Alice and Margaret, of ;
Springfield, Oregon lire week end guests
of Mrs. Mortensen 's parents, Mr. nd
Mrs. Henrv Sciiomaker. i
1 j
The Pythian Sisters club met Friday
afternoon at tho home of Mrs. J. C
Perry. i
Eleven members responded to the roll
cull which preceded the election of of
ficers. The new officers elected were:
Sometime Called EczemaRemoved
oy Mood s SarsaparMla.
Salt rheum la one of tho worst and
unfortunately one of the most com- j
mon of all diseases. How it reddens )
the skin. Itches, oozes, dries and ;
scales, and then does tills all over i
acaln! Sometimes It covers the j
whole body with Inflamed, . burning 1
patches and causes intense surTertrnf, j
which Is commonly worse at night.
Local applications may do soma
good, but they cannot permanently j
relieve. The disease will continue to
annoy, pain and perhaps aeonisa, j
until the blood haa been purified and
the Keneral health improved.
Ask your dmcielst for Hood's Sar- j
saparilla, the irooU old reliable family j
remedy. It hna civen perfect satis- ;
faction In thousands of cases. In- j
Fist on havinx Hood's Sarsaparllla, I
far no substitute acta like it. .Get '
it today.
In World Known Wares.
Homer Laughlin China Co., White. . . $3.05
Homer Laughlin China Co., Decorated $4.63
Johnson Bros. English White ........ .$3.90
Johnson Bros. English Decorated . . . $7.05
The Store of Housewares
136 N. Liherty Street Phone 67
Margaret Mason Writes of
Gotham Fads and Fashions
By Margaret Mason. 1
"Can she make a cherry pie, Billy boy,'
Billy boy(" j
"Xow really that's a question very
"All the'eherrics, green and red
"Sho is wearing on her head
"In a cap-a-pie, effect," says little
Billy. j
Xew York, March 3. A cherry may
play it three wavs and still be well
placed in a pie, a cocktail or on ;
milady's bonnet. All three are ideal'
settings for a cherry, but naturally thc
third is the charm. Just as every
cloud has a silver lining, so does every
smart spring hat have its fruits and
the cherry is the favorite of the bunch.
Dame Fashion is musquerading as Po
mona. In consequence, every peach,
topped with a few cherries, goes around
looking like a mixed fruit salad. It's
quite all right if thc peach confines the
cherries that go to her head to the oues
on her hat. If she lets thc cherries in
a cocktail go to her head too sho is
apt to look more like a compote. Sec
Webster's Unabridged:
"Compote: A combination of stew
ed fruit." The shapes of the new hats
cunning little high crowned ettects
without brims, or the fetching little
Directoiro bonnets, lend themselves
very prettily to the cherry habit. Fob
lowing tho cherry, the favorite fruits
Mrs. Charles Parmcnter, president; Mrs.
C. E. Baibour, vice-president; Mrs. F.
S. Schrnm, secretary. i
iFaney work occupied t'.io matrons
later in the afternoon. ;
Mrs. Perry served l dainty colla
tion assisted by Mrs. C. Parmcnter and
Mrs. II. M. Perry who was , guest of
the club.
The next meeting will be in two:
weeks at the residence of Mrs. F. S. :
Schrani on South Commercial street. j
Of paramount interest to tho mem
bers of the Woman's club will be thc
meeting at the library next Saturday,
afternoon. i
J. Cortoiian, of Portland, the well
known connoisseur and import c r of
in melons oriental rugs will give an
illustrated lecture bringing with him
valuable samples worth many thousands
of dollars. For many generations Mr. ,
CotoJnn's family have made these won- j
derful rugs and ho will be especially;
qualified in giving an interesting and
intimate history of Oriental rug making.)
Thursday afternoon Mrs. Guy O.
Smith entertained the Kaphctcrians.
The afternoon was enjoyably spent
with needle work. j
Yellow daffodils were used about the
rooms, the same color motif being car
ried out in the dainty refreshments.
Mrs. Frederick II. Thompson assisted
,)m ,,rcsont wer(!. M',.a ciuy 0, Sm j,;,
Mrs Fmiori,.k u. Thompson, Mrs. C. E.
Bates, Mrs. Grover Bellinger, Mrs. V.
II. Darby, Mrs. W. E. Eniinel, Mrs. F.
11. Ueeeves, Mrs. Roy Shields, Mrs.
A. A. Siewert, Mrs. Lee M. Cnroli, Mrs.
j Floyd L. Vtter, Mrs. O. J. Wilson, Mrs.
I Walter Winslow and Mis. Elmo S.
i White. Mrs. T. J. Rederich of Van-
,,,.. -.h;0., . ; v;iu., ho-
. lar,lltSi was Hn ., ..i.Iitiomil guest . Mrs.
Kederick was Miss Belle (.'rouse bo-
fore her marriage, popular in university
1 cjI.l.je(i ' .
j "'
We are such happy people
We wanted you to know
And so we send this little card
And sign ourselves below.
So read attractive little announce
ment cards, sent out by the Junior Pi -
ano pupils of Miss Beatrice Shelton,
; B
a. . . .
are found In our prescription room.
You will aba find a complete line of Fountain Syringes, Hot Water
Bottles, Soaps, Patent Medicines, Perfumes, Toilet Water, Stationary,
and many other useful articles..
You are welcome to call at our store any time. Make it your homo when
In the city or down town,
Quality, accuracy, h'onsty.
410 State Street.
Formerly Pool's Drug Store.
for hats are green and purple grapcn,
peaches, plums, strawberries, oranges,
lemons and apples for daughters of
Eve. Some of the big, flat garden
hats have an array of fruit around
their flat, platelike brims, their vivid.
colors flowing against a background of
glossy ?reen leaves, for all the world
like .Mike the Dago's pushcart display.
But. why scratch the rest of tho 57
varied. : "off the factorial menu
Surely a Cassaba Chapeau, a Banana
Bonnet or a Pineapple Picture Hut.
would l.o tasty little headpieces for the.
j rruitlul lashums.
Just :o "hat lengths can fruits go is
best annwered by the fact that not
only do they grow on spring millinery,
but on narasols, bags, umbrella handles,
neck ri.ffs, belts, sash ends, jacket,
lapels, blouses, frocks, negligees and
even Lngerie arc clusters of them,
The new lawns, organdies and spring
silks are printed in fruit designs and
even the newest jewelry preserves tho
peach, the plum, the cherry and tho
grape in gold and platinum, in enamel
and precious stones.
Verily an up to date poach in a
cherry "hat and a pear of lemon kid
gloves according to the currant modes,
could never lie a gooseoerry in any
I crowd. Rather is she the apple of every
j male eye, with all of them plum crazy
I about her.
Buy that new Spring Bonnet
until you have your face toned
up, lines and superfluous hair
removed. You will look ten
years younger. Try one and be
If your hair needs attention,
or you arc bothered with corns,
we can help you there, also.
Manicuring, Hairdressing,
Shampooing, all Beauty Culture
work. Prices right, consultation
Open Saturday evenings.
301 Bank of Commerce Building,
Phone 31)3 Salem, Ore.
for a Valentine inusicale given Monday
evening at the First Congregational
church and which called together a
large number of parents, musicinns and
interested friends of the youthful per
formers. The originality of the invitations
was reflected in every detail of the af
fair, which for its excellence and charm,
occupies a foremost place among ama
teur musical offerings of this season.
The stage setting, representing a garden
scene of thc palace of the (juceii of
Hearts, was a veritable spring time
bower, with masses of golden daffodils.
pussy willow, palms, greenery, and fes-
- i toons ot
aleutiue novelties.
j ,
(Continued on Taae Three.)
EThe Best
Accuracy, Prices
Phone 276.
Don f
x& urn w