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Mrs. M. L. Jones, of Labish Meadows, entertained a group of their friends at
accompanied by Mrs. George William an informal dancing party .recently ask
5ray and small daughter, Prudence, ing as their guests: Miss Harriett lira
have gone to Portland to attend the grave, Mr. and Mrs. George Kiches, Miss
tea for which Mrs. Anderson C.innon Adelta Nye, Miss Louise Humphreys,
(Mable Jones) will be hostess Wednes- William Walton, Clarence Newberry,
uay arternoon in nonor or ner grand- L.m .Massey, ot i'ortlaud; James Peeb
mother, Mrs. Sarah Hovenden, on the : les and Fred Schwab,
occasion of her seventy-sixth birthday. I
As the date for the Grand Military
Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Plimpton have Hall draws near it becomes more and
moved and arc domiciled at -ul North' more apparent that there will be a mini
Church street.
Wallace Nutting, famous photogriph
er and connoisseur, and collector of an-
j ber of prominent persons from out of
town present.
I Among the acceptances received by
, the committee was one from Adjutant
tiquities, of Framingham, Mass., visited General George White and general staff
in naiem tor several nours yesterday or 1'ortland.
afternoon en ronto for Portland and !
other western cities. Mr. Nutting is j a pretty home wedding was that of
well known in Oregon and Washington n iss Beulah Mapletiiorpe and Hoy
having formerly been a minister in Se-i Westlev which took place Saturday af-
atue. tcrnnnn nt the home' nt thp hrt.lo'u i.nr.
orated witii potted plants and aglow
with bright lights.
The programme arranged for the en
tertainment was very interesting. O.
M. Klliott, superintendent of the city
schools, spoke of the construction of the
building and its value to the commun
ity. H. J. Miles, president of the school
board, having been at the Kuffilo fnir
at the time of the tragic death of M
Kinley, recalled the event and Mrs.
Picket, attend.iniie officer, presented
the school with a framed portrait of
President McKinley. During lier speech
Miss Kramer slowly unveiled the pic
ture to the audience.
Other features on the programme
WPTA the unntiu !.- tKu inui.f.if ...........,... 1
of Mr. and Mrs. W. II. Hross, Mrs. Julia lMg AnKrtos, Cnl., Feb. 29. The body
Hross Pennell anil A. II. Uile; dialect f Lieutenant Governor John M. Ksh
reading by Charles Dillard, ind a solo lenin.i, in charge of I. J. Muma, of I.ns
ly William Medihhnst. accompanied 1 ,.,.,. i i , a
by Miss lsobcl Mcllilchrist. lj Angeles, and Philip Sw.ng, of Kl Centro,
Following the programme the guests' "'.as ,alu'n to the widow's home on
enjoyed light refreshments in the upper , l ittl' "vi today to reninin until
hall. j Thursday, when it is to lie in stuto un-
The punch was presided over by Mes-dl'r military guard at the city hall,
dames William McGilchrist, Sr., Jack) When the remains arrived nt the
Hicks and Miss Ohinurt. i Southern Pacific, station from Idaho
where Kuhlemnii t;,l nnrl.. ..
Funeral To Be Impressive
With Gover and Officials
During tho antiquarian's visit at the ents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Mapletiiorpe,! llr- n"l xr's- Charles Elgin presided ' fr"m n,'l"rhnge of the lungs, a group
Gilbert Frame Shop yesterday several. 2(J South Fourteenth street. Kev. K. 0Vl'r a dinner at their residence on'"f n'0"P'. led by Senator U. Stnn-
ouin vapitol street, r riday evening. " "cneuict ami iewion Thompson,
....... ,...,, , ,,,- iin in.s,a, Avison otticiateu. The ceremony
a number of which the Gilberts have;wa3 performed in the presence of only
purchased and will show nt the opening a fPW relatives and friends
of their handsome new place on Court j Miss Eva Mapletiiorpe,' the bride's
A Leap Year party will be the diver
sion of tonight at the residence of Mr.
and Mrs. F. G. Deckebach, 940 D street
given by the women of the Auxiliary
of St. Paul's church. The affair prom
ises to be attractive not only irom a so
cial viewpoint, but for tho charming university student.
sister, and Elmer Westley, a brother of
the groom, were the attendants. Mrs.
Malcolm Kamp sang "At Dawning."
The bride attended Sacred Heart
Academy and has a large circle of
friends in the citv. Mr. Westlev is the
son of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Westley
of Claxtar, and is. a former Willamette
programme which will be as follows:
Vocal solo, Miss Margery Marvin;
ocarina, William McGilchrist, Sr.; viol
in, Henry Haekett; vocal, Dan Langen
berg; readings, Miss Hazel Erixon and
Miss Beatrice Walton.
Thursday afternoon Mrs. A. M.
Clough entertained the members of the
into Embroidery club.
The afternoon was enjoyably devoted
to needlework.
The hostess was assisted in the serv
ing by Mrs. W. L. Hryant and Mrs.
Ilarley Pugh. Mrs. Clough asked Mrs.
Ji. P. Smith as an additional guest.
The members of the Tano club were
entertained Friday evening at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Hewlett.
Five hundred was played during the
evening and guests circled six tables
of the game.
Besides the club members Mr. and
Mrs. Hewlett asked Mr. anil Mrs. Carle
Abrams, Mr. and Mrs. William Greer,
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Canatsey and
Miss Znidec Palmer.
Tho Misses Marie and Nellie Schwab
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it 25c at all druggists.
Immediately after the ceremony Mr.
and Mrs. Westley left for their home in
Busby, Montana, where Air. Westley
goes to accept a government position at
the Indian school in that citv. En
route Mr. and Mis. Westley will visit
in Portland and Great Falls, Montana,
where they will be the guests of Mr.
Westley 's sister, Mrs. Alex S. Hulden.
lue guest list, winch included only
me relatives and a rew personal triends
was as follows: Mr. and Mrs. J. A.
Mapletiiorpe, Mr. and Mrs. John West
Icy of Claxtar, Dr. and Mrs. John Ev
ans, Mr. and Mrs. William Westley of
( laxtar, Mr. ami .Mrs. Thomas Maple
thorpe, Miss Emma Mapletiiorpe of
Portland, Miss Frances Soloman, Miss
P.eulah Roberts, Miss Frieda Weidnian,
.uiss ivellie Keeton, the Misses Eva and
liiiciie .Mapletiiorpe, Elmer Westley, Os
born Mapletiiorpe.
The Highland Mothers' club" held a
meeting nt the Highland school Thurs
day afternoon. During the afternoon
Miss Case, the city librarian, gavo an
interesting and instructive talk on good
and bad literature for children.
mi. ... ...
me meeting was concluded by a
short programme given by the members
and triends of the club.
A large number attended the formal
opening of the .McKinley school to the
public J'l-ulay evening. Miss Emma
Kramer, principal of the school assisted
by a number of the members of tho Parent-Teachers'
association, teachers and
lady principals of tho city received the
guests in the lower hall, which was dec-
The nrettilv appointed table wns cen-im('t the train.
tered with fragrant violets. According to present funeral nrrange-
Covers were placed for Judge and ' ""'"ts. the services are to be conducted
Mrs. 11. 11. Hewitt, of Albanv; Mr. audi mursday afternoon from either the Ma-'
Mrs. Claybourne Walker, .Mrs. Jose-' sonic temple or the Scottish Rite tom
phine Elgin, W. A. Moore, of Portland; ! P,p "1 will be very impressive.
Harry Elgin, and Dell Kllis, of The' Governor Johnson will probably at
Dalles. I tend, together with tho entire state
railroad commission, of which Eshle-
Mr. and Mrs. William Council Dyeri"""' ttn.8 formerly president, mid Rep
Don't Wait
yr "... "w Vv 1
accompanied by their house guest, Mrs.
Jacob K.nnni, of Portland, and Mrs. C.
M. Walker, motored to Corvallis Sunday
where they had dinner, motoring back
to Salem that night.
Mrs. Kaiiiin returned home Monday
The Misses Agnes nnd Jo Driscoll,
who are attending the University of
Oregon, returned .Monday after a week
end's visit with their mother Mrs. Grace
resentative delegations from the state
senate and the assembly.
Before the body was removed from
Idaho, an inquest was held bv the cor
oner of Riverside county. The verdict
was death from natural causes.
Mrs. Eshlemnn is completely prostrat
ed. Three children also survive, Knth
ervn, aced six; Janet, aged three, nnd
John M., Jr., a baby.
Funeral Thursday.
Sacramento, Cnl.. Feb. 29. The fn.
,e l. 1.... 1 . r.
Pil i c . ti t. ui un- uiie Lieutenant Viovernor
n, J, ? " fJa 14 E 7Sr, . -Tohn M. Kshlemnn will be held in Eos
of the Season
L without a doubt this claim belongs to
Society Shoes
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Blind, Bloeding or Protruding Piles.
First application gives relief. 50c.
Aliss Mabel Tharp, of Alsen, was in
Suleni yesterday.
Miss Agrafina Frntis, of Cliemnwa.
is in the city.
Jack Morrow, of Silverton, was In the
city yesterday.
(leorge Taylor, of Albany, is regis
tered at the Bligh.
F. A. Caldwell, a druggist of New
berg, is iu the city.
Harvey Wells, insumnce commission
er, went to Portland this morning.
Mrs. Walter E. Spaulding returned
yesterday from a week's visit nt. n,,..
Uon City.
Miss Edna Bohle left for her home
at Lebanon yesterday after a short
visit nere.
Charles Hill and wife nmtitrii.l Kim.
day from Portland, visiting i the citv.
-urs. narry Ross.
Mrs. Eaura Oslinrn left fur Califor
nia yesterday after a week's visit with
-mis. i.eoina Peterson.
Mrs. Frances Wicker, of Portland, in
in the city, visiting her parents, .Mr.
and Mis. (1. I). Dimick.
R. D. (liny, president of tho Turner
State bank, was in die city yesterday
afternoon transacting business.
XV. A. I'ettit. city editor of the Riwe
burg Review, is in the city on his wnv
home from a trip to I'oitliind.
Ted Breymnn, well known in the city,
traveling fm the Breyman Leather com-'
puny out of Portland, is in the city.
Mrs. Henry Whitney, of Woodburn,
was in the city visiting her parent;
-Mr. and .Mrs. H. J. Steward, of WVst
A. A. Fern, special tigent for 'the Pro
tectors Underwriters' Insurance com
pany, anil L. C. Morgan, of the Old
Colony Insurance company, were in
the city yesterday from Portland.
Mr. and .Mrs. Anderson came down
from Eugene, where Ihcv have been for
several weeks, this morning. Mr. An
derson is the well-known sales expert
who has handled many merchandising
campaigns in this citv. "
Angeles Thursday nt 2 o'clock under
the auspices of the Masonic lodge.
The interment will also be held in Los
(iovernor Johnson and a number of
other state officials will attend the funeral.
Gossip About Successor.
Sacramento, Cnl., rcn. 29. Although
Governor Johnson remained silent to
day relative to the appointment of a
successor to John M. Eshlemnn as lieu
tenant governor, numerous men were
mentioned for the place at the capitol.
A. J. Wallace, former lieutenant gov
ernor, with Johnson, was mentioned by
several prominent state officials. Wal
lace is from Los Angeles.
Senator H. Stanley Menediet, of Los
Angeles, was also mentioned though
many officials believed Senator N. W.
Thompson, of Alliabra, president pro
tern of the senate, is in direct line for
the appointment.
Some of the others mentioned were:
Matt I. Sullivan. Attorney General
Webb. John F. Nevliin, chairman of the
state board of control; Harris Woin
stock, state market commission; Ches
ter R. Howell, of Fresno; .Meyer Liss
ner and Max Thelen.
Farmers' Cash
151 High. St., opposite Court House
Titanic Struggle at
Verdun Is Only Begun
(Continued From Fage One.)
addition to taking Mnnlieiilles, Champ
Ion and part of a Badonvillcr trench in
the new campaign.
must exist in the digestive system in
to get the best value from vour McKcnnon.
loud. When the stomach lacks tone
or strength, try a bottle of
Stomach Bitters
Capture Men and Guns.
Berlin. Feb.. !. Caot in e of smi.lt
armored works northwest of Fort Dou
aumont was officially claimed today.
I lie war office statement fold nls,.
of taking in the Woevre region where
the Gorman's are assembling to the
southeast nnd east of Verdun C,,rur
soldiers. 22M officers, (is cannon, nml
Nil machine guns.
The Germans passed Dieppe, Bacoil
and Blances nnd ruptured .Mnnlieiilles,
Champion and a portion of a French
trench northeast of Badonvillcr. Many
prisoners were taken.
Willamette Notes
The l'liilodosiiin election of officers
resulted in the following young Indies
receiving offices:
President Miss Beryl Holt.
Vice-President Miss Valeria Collier-ger.
jiecoming secretary .Miss Fannie
Time is at hand. If your face or
scalp needs attention, now is the
time to see us about it. Our
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Let us dress your face or hair
for that special occasion.
Best manicure in the city for 2ric
Gentlemen 35c
Open Saturday evening".
.101 Bunk of Commerce Building,
Phone .'iU3 Salem, Ore.
Corresponding secretary Miss Wini
fred Biiglev.
Treasurer Miss Genua Teeters.
Censor Miss Margaret Garrison.
Kitchen custodians Miss Maude
Maclean nnd Miss Margaret Mnllory.
The senior baskctfuil! team will meet
the theologs of Kimball college this nf
i ternoon on the basketball court. In a
previous tame the seniors defeated
; them, so they feel confident of repent-I will be
ing the score again today. The basliet
; ball series is almost over only a few
games remaining to be play before the
: cup is awarded nnd every team that
'has a chance is putting forth every ef-
tort to win if they possibly run.
I The regnlurs. "Bear Cats," are nlsol
I putting in a grent deal of time prepar-I
ing for their game with O. A. C. tomor
; row evening. They have only one'gume I
'left to play after the O. A. C. mime!
land that is with Pacific hero on March
4. After that Coach Matthews will put 1
ull his time on baseball and truck nnd I
work in those sports will commerce in
: real earnest next week.
the university this year will be the ap
pearance of Mine. Alma Webster Pow
ell, famous coloratura soprnuo. in a re
cital Friday evening. .Mine. Powell mid
Prof. John O. Hall were classmates in
Columbia university, and it was through
his efforts tlmt Mine. Powell consented
to appear in Salem. She is giving the
entire proceeds of the ci ert to the
t'nivcrsity library fund for the seeming
of new research books for the students.
Her work is highly coinineiidnble nml u
large crowd will doubtless hear her at
the recital.
G. L. Tufts, the superintendent of the
Weekly Rest Day league, addressed tin
Willamette, student body at the regular
chapel period this morning. He spoke
in regard to the cause which he is ad
vocating, namely the securing of one
day of rest in seven for the working
class. .
"The industrial world is looking for
ward to college men and women to ad
just, labor and economic problems,"
snid Mr. Tufts, "and therefore I wel
come you into the world outside of
school, the great battle field of ideas."
"Know thyself, ami self mastery are
the first great lessons which the 'indi
vidual must learn."
He stilted that Harvard university
was trying an experiment of having a
class work seven days a week and an
other six days per week and the latter
was accomplishing fur the better re
sults, showing that a day of rest is need
ed for the highest efficiency.
i)r. .lames Lisle, curator of the Mh
scum, is again on duty lifter almost a
month's illness with la' grippe and cold.
Prof. John (). 11;, iu,s unable to
t Ins classes today on account of
i illness, but is expected to be well in a
I few doys.
The V. w. c. A. will hold a reunion
Thursday afternoon in their est
Room in Futon Hall. The program
1 will be entitled "Pioneer Day " ,i,l
as follows:
-Minuet N'cllie Heaver.
Hymn of Light Kvery body,
liensons for our jubilee, and some
idous of other people who are jubilat
ingMiss Beryl Holt, dreeii in a
costume of 1 si ;i ",.
loading of letters from AIiiiiiikic.
Vocal Solo Miss Leila M.-( nddaiu.
History of W. 1'. Association Miss
Alice Field-.
Stunt "Then ami .Vow" Miss
Flora House).
The association on our campus after
the jubliee Mis Aetna Funnel.
Following the program a reception
will be held, with music and a social
WMinHHWlBMMinwitfTBMwrMiMiiMiminiiB un .
ti iiwi.'i.ii....,. rii'wWf-r -ftii-ft"T-iiiiltftfninr-c-''--'-ir-"-iii - m 1 1 huM iiitiinii niuu.il
Th 1' f 1 : iicei, nun iuusi
- " ' ' I hour: then at ."i::!n the l,ig y, v.
' ;"Feed" will be served in the Societv
Here the Salem High school Y. W.
C. A. girls will put on n stunt and
many talks will be given by pioneers.
A minuet led by Miss Helen Wastell
will then hold the attention of the
audience, ami the event will close with
a grand march and pioce-.ional about
the hails.
All the Alu ae of W. F. V. W. C.
A. are expected to be present if pos
sible and many ladies of the Salem
city V. W. will be present. Those who
can go should couimunicate with Miss
liosnniond Gilbert who has charge of
the bampief in order that places may
be reserved. The time, Thurdav,
March 2, 3 : 'iO-0 : .JO p. in.
Stock, farm implements, buggy,
hack, chickens and household
goods, on Pringle Koad, 1 1-2
miles south of end of 12th sttcet
car line. Sale Wednesday, March
1, at 11 :00 a. m. sharp.
Mrs. H. K. Green
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One heavy massive fir Library Table $4 50
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Other Dressers, all kinds and sizes $3 00 to $4 50
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