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hr null ITV T.
A!ts packed
20 or 10cl
Mil . 1
Married Women Tell What a
Husband Should Be and
Most Are Not
In the. spfics of "Itlt'iil" sermons con
ducted Stmtln y evenings ut the First
('Inisl'inn church, tho boys tinil girls
having cm li expressed their opinions
as to the ideal in tho opposite sex, Inst
Sunday evening the pastor, thu Rev.
!''. Tv Porter, gave the ninrrieil tvomeii
a chiiaro to senil written coiumiiniril
tinns to Hie pulpit, expressing what
they thought wits n truly idenl li iishu 11 ii.
Ah preliminary to the rending of the
several opinions, tho pastor explained
tho' moaning of the word "husband"
mii ,'ilsn expressed nil opinion of the
man who tines his part in chewing his
share of the ti)0,()llO,()00 pounds of
tobacco consumed in the United States
each year.
Suitable mates are found by the
birds, but the pastor intimated that
quite often young girls do not show the
same tlisert'tiun in pi r li i n tT n husband.
The married woman, having their in
nings as to what constituted an ideal
hudmiid. exjiressed themselves, not oral
ly, but in written Hides read by Mr.
Porter ns follows:
I. " I 'd fls soon be an old maid who's
been left ill the lurch, ns to be imtrried
to a husband who won't go to ehiireh."
'.'."My ideal of a husband is one
that is sympathetic and affectionate
but not un nngol. as I would not be a
fit companion. He must be able to
Toiognize his fault s nnd not lu above
confessing them. Ho must consider his
"Well. I Should Say
'Gets-It' DOES Work"
"Look a'Tliere, If You Don't Think
It's Jurtt Wonderful for Corns!"
"Bless my stars, look at it! T.n n I of
Hie I i v i n ' I Why, just look at it! That
corn came right off. just like peel
iii'f h.inuniis. l)iit your linger on my
v. -J.
y v 1 . ' ' . i"
ii i
wife a partner and grant her the rinhti
of partnership."
.1. "An ideal husband ought to be a
father, lie should slinrc equally the
cares of homo duties, llo should be
patient when his wife is nervous and
above all Hliould be Godly mini."
I. My ideal of n husband is one that
is companionable mid has n sense of
humor anil n man that can help bear
the burdens nml vicissitudes of life.
He must be physically strong."
fi. "My ideal is one that has the
grace, when his wife is cleaning house,
to eat his dinner from a table set with
a torn oil cloth in the kitchen. He
should keep up the appearance of his
front door yard ns well us the back
yard, and above all, do the little things
that mean so much in the home to the
(i. "The ideal man recognizes nun
riage us a partnership in which each
member of the firm has rights, living
up to his side of the agreement nnd in
sisting on It is wife doing the same.
He should love children, and cause chil
dren to love him."
7. My ideal of a husband is one that
attends Hible school, prayer meeting
and church and a mini thut prays, He
should not smoke, drink, cheiv tobacco
or use the Lord 's name in vain. Should
have an education and not be afraid of
the wood pile.
S. "My ideal is one that delights to
study with liis wife and is always
pleased to say-good words commending
her economy or her helpfulness in his
work. He should believe that a wife is
entitled to her share of tho credit in
his success, lie should like to accom
pany his family to places of whole
some amusement. Above nil he should
have no bad habits he would not like
to have his son imitate.''
Kxpressions by the men of what
should constitute an ideal wife will be
rend by Mr. Porter from the pulpit next
I Sunday evening, closing the series of
I "ideal" persons, in which the boys and
the girls, as well as husbands and
I 1 1,-.,., n .M,i,.,,tl,nit'
II IH-a ii-,-ii ;luii ii ii ,'ci""ii
to express ideas regarding their ideals,
and at the same time, no one knowing
who expressed the opinion. The series
of lectures live proved interesting and
the church has been filled to capacity
each Sunday tvei.iug.
.eitniii cbiss of iireiodiicd and
jealous doctors call patent medicines;
only ulcidiolic beverages. They will tellj
yoii that such nml such ,i medicine con-i
tains as much alcohol as a glass of bcerj
or a certain quantity of wmskcy; but.
thev do not mention that the beer or
whiskey is swallowed at one draught,
while only n small quantity of the nied-
ii ine is t.ilicn at one dose. At the same
lime they will use alcohol quite as free-
ly and ninny in four or five times as
great proportions ill their own pre-,
Such standard remedies as I.ydia K.I
riiikhain's Vegetable Compound use'
barely enough alcohol to preserve thej
root and herb extractives, too little to
have injurious effects; and the medicine
can be ii id, if desired, ill a non-lib oholie '
Marshfiold Record: People who re
ceive liquor advertisements through the
miil, of which they do not approve,
would best burn them without taking
the trouble to send them to District At
torney L. A. Liljcqvist with the. request
to explain why ho doesn't stop the
I'ni ted States mail from carrying such
things. Mr. Iilcqvist said this morning
he had received from many sections of
tiie county urgent requests to explain
why ho allowed tho government to car
ry liquor circulars. Such requests show
how little people think. The United
States mails do not recognize wet or
dry territory; neither do they care who
receives offensive liquor advertise
ments, Tho circulars can be thrown in
to this office ho states that he hopes to
the stove the sitne ns any other circu
lar which does not interest a person
who receives them. Only a very few
classes of mail are excluded, such as
threatening nnd scurillous missives,
blackmailing letters and get-rich quick
schemes which are not legitimate. Mr.
I.iljeqvist has so mnay of the circulars
that he never licks for kindling wood.
Medford Mail: J. L. Kershaw, Hie
"Angora goat king" of southern Ore
gon, with flock nnd rango in the An
telopo district, was attending to busi
ness in Medford yetserday. Mr. Ker
shaw has a flock of 31)2 fine speci
inciits of the gout family, although
formerly he has had is many ns SOO.
That i about as many ns the range of
that section will support. - During the
month of January the gnats were fed
well and are in excellent condition,
slu'iiring has just begun. Tiiey will av
erage four Mild a quarter pounds of mo
hair each, worth now nnlv MO cents n
pound, but the promise is that the price
is rising, t ovotcs have not liothered
the Clock much during the winter so
far. Mr. Keiishaw killed nbout 20 of
the velping marauders during the win
ter. '
"mil Von 1'ver See tl"" I.IUif No
tl muter Mifta-K" Is (lie llluaest
Mi-llluU turn Cure Id ttieWuria:"
(.H', right there, dou 't be tiftaid,--thal's
it,--feel how smooth the shin is,'
Well, that's where the corn wu. Well,
tint beats nil!" That's the way
"tiots ll" works on all corns, every
corn, every time. It's the new, simple
way of curing corns. Von '11 sac good
live lo nil foolish contraptions like
bundling blindages, sticky t.ipe, plus
tors, tui'Caling; salves, and grave-dig-o
rs such as knives, ra.'ori tin, I scis
Mi.is. "liclslt" slops pain. Applied
in 2 seconds. Never fails. Xoth'tig to
M.ck to, bwt oi pres nn the ce-n.
'lii'ts. It '' is so'.l every where, 2"o t
1 ut I If, or M'.at direct by K. Lawrence
A, (.V,., ' Lit 111.
Dallas, Texas, Feb. 2'.) Mayor
Henry' I). I.indsley celebrated
his tenth birthday today, He
would be 'It veins old had be
ben born one day earlier. As it
is, he has n birthday only once
every four years, ami ll'OO be
ing a ccntcnnal year he had
none from 1 It'll to l'.HU. It was
chiefly through Mayor LiioN
lev's influence that Dallns made
the $,1011,000 offer for the demo
cratic national convention,
Try Capital Journal Vu nm.
St. Louis Voting On
Race Segregation
(Bv United Press,)
St. T.ouis, Kcb. 2!l After a stiff legal
fight against the holding of an election
on the subject, St. Louis voters today
are deciding bv ballot whether negroes
here shall be compelled to live within
residential district selected for them
The segregation bill, ns the plan is call
ed, would prevent whites ami negroes
from living in the same blocks nnd
would compel white perstur.-t to move
from their homes in blocks the mnjoiity
of whoso residents are negroes. Negroes
would be prohibited from living in
blocks in which the ninioritv of the
residents are white. Should segregation
win, negroes and white interests op
posed to the proposed law, will attack
it ns iiuconslitutioiial. thev 111111 today,
on the ground that it is discriminatory.
French Remedy for
Stomach Troubles
t)HMWo.o ....... I I "Wl-.". ! t J
iM.Tw :
-There is not a L v K-',sX, t i-A
club which won If -yJ 1 . A M
y 'v ' . J
Household Economy
How to HaTc the Bt Coagk
Remedy and Cave $3 br
Making It at Ham
Cough medicines, as a rule contain a
lame quantity of main svnio. A innt. nf
granulated sugar with t, pint of warm
water, stirreu lor a ininiitcs, gives you
as good syrup as money can buy.
Then get from your druggist 2 ounces
Pinex (50 cents worth), pour into a pint
bottle and till the bottle with sugar
Bvrup. This gives von, at a cost of only
64 cents, a full pint of really better cough
syrup than you could buv ready made tor
$2.30-7-a clear aaving of nearly $2. Full,
directions with Pincx. It kcepa perfectly
and tastes good.
It takes hold of the usual cough or
chest cold at once and conquers it in 2-t
hours. Splendid for whooping cough,
bronchitis and winter coughs.
It's truly astonishing how quickly it
loosens the dry, hoarse or tight cough
and heals and Boothcs the inmiined mem
branes in the case of a painful cough.
It also stops the formation of phlegm in
the throat ami bronchial tubes, thus end
ing, tiie persiotent loose cough.
Pinex is a highly concentrated com
pound of genuine Norway pine extract,
combined with guaiacol, and hits been
used for generations to Ileal inllaiucil
membranes of the throat and chest.
To avoid disappointment, ask your
druggist for ounces of Pincx," ami
don't accept anything else. A guarantee
of absolute satisfaction, or money prompt
ly refunded, goes with this preparation.
The Pincx Co., Ft. W ayne, lnd.
New York, Feb. 20.
whole lot left of the
the pennant for McGraw in 1913. That
was only a couple of years ago, and
yet the players that made up that ag
gregation are pretty widely scattered.
Mathewson .mil Tesreau are the sur
vivors of the pitching staff.
Marquanl is with Brooklyn, Demnree
with Philadlephia and Ames with St.
Louis. Crandall has changed leagues
and will be with Fielder Jones and the
Hrowns. Fromnie is on the coast and
Wiltsee, since the Brooklyn Federals
have become past performers, is out of
a job.
Not a, catcher who was with the Gi
ants when they captured their last flag
Left to right, (op: Ames and Devore, Bottom, Fromme and Marquard.
is with them now. Meyers is a Hobin,
Wilson a Cub, Harley a Brown, and the
genial Larry McLean a has-been.
Of the iiifielders, Merkle, Doyle.
Fletcher and Grant are still with the
Giants, but Herzog is leading an op
posing clan and lleinie Groh is one of
his ablest warriors. Tillie Shafer has
become a golfer.
Among those missing in the outfield
are Devore, now a Quaker; Snodgress,
who is a Brave; Cooper, who John Gan
zel insists is a bargain; Murray, a free
agent, and McCormick, who is now sell
ing steel inste.id tit' stealing bases.
Burns and Thorpe are still the property
of the Giants.
Congress Wrestles With
Land Grant Problem
(By United Press.)
Washington, Feb. 2!). Whether 2,
100,000 acres of timber land containing
70,000,000,000 board feet and worth
iiiO.000.000. shall go to settlers or into
the forest reserve is the question over 1 fashioned way of quilting is quite a ' on a guarantee to refund tho money in
...l.!.l. .. 1 .1. .1 - . ........ .1:1 !:, ... rrU:- mmn.lr.
There are hundreds of people in
Salem who were not the least bit ar-
nrised when thev read in the Jog nal
New- Way of Quilting The old-: that Daniel J. Fry is selling Mi-o-na
which congress and three government
departments are now struggling.
Tho property is Hint contained in the
old Oregon & California railroad land
grant. There are as many different
plans before congress for disposition of
serious problem to
hasn't much room
in her homo fori
wniimn tvlio o""' um nut iwn'o, "ia
1 able dyspepsia remedy will relieve tne
! worst case of indigestion, headache.
the quilting frames. Usually it takes dizziness, or the general played-out con
some time to finish a quilt, and the j dition that afflicts every one suffering
room ennno he snared. To hfivn the With Stomach trouble. Mi-0-na does not
it as there aro chipmunks on the land; ... . . , . ... o . i simply relieve, it aims to cure.
itself. The land is all located in Ore- "u"1 "" --'" 1 Danicl j. j.-rv caa tcU yoil of many
gon. The supreme court recently de- pieced blocks together in strips as weii known people in this city who this
ided that the railroad had violated the ! lonsr as desired. Line this strip with remedy has restored to health, often
terms of the grant, 'so the government flannelette. Ouilt. this strip on ma- after thev have tried many other
could have tho land back by paying, chine, any pattern you wish. Con-1 methods of treatment with little or no
the railroad nt least $2.o0 an acre. ( on-, tj,lm, ; ti,js wnv til quilt is wide benefit. No other dyspepsia remedy has
gress was io uecuie wnat must ne uone j enough. Sew strips together, flatten
witn tne innii. scam and sew again. Line with
Senator t hnmberlain proposes to di- ,.alico and bind edges. Makes a fine
vide the land into three classes min
eral, agricultural and timber binds and
then dispose of the different tracts un
der present laws relating to those
classes of land.
Representative TIawley doesn't think
TIome-Made Bunches of Apples, Cher
ries, etc.,. for Trimmings Take a piece
of cotton, stuff it in a round piece of
ui; Iran- n,)rra ii,ltK- tnmtlhitr
the government has a right to claim ab-jun 'nct,(Utf ti, ,,',!, t.en,,r and back
again, making a strong knot. Touch
up tlio trim you nave inatie wan 011
paints, in their natural colors. Sew to
a piece of wire and run through nay
old steins you have left from old trim
mings. Turkish Bath nt Home Take an
solute titlo to the land now,
Representative Baker, of California,
in a joint resolution proposes to pay
the railroad company more than ."f-2.50
an acre and have the United States re
sume full possession.
Senator MeC'iiniber in a joint resolu
tion proposes to give all '.settlers n prof-
erenlint i-iirltt if tli.iv n,i,,l ,, i,,,ll,, f Inn
for anv of the land before the house I"1" "mM""1 "l"'""
committee on public lands. jhath tub. allowing it to hang over tne
slues, v nr. a rouuii nine 111 me ioin
forter nt the proper place largo enough
to admit your head. When you are suf
fering from a cold or feel the need of
one of these baths, get into the tub,
fill it with water as hot ns you can
stand it, then cover tub with the com
forter. Put your head through the
opening and allow yourself to steam
for about twenty minutes. Rub brisk
ly with coarse towels nnd get into bed
immeiliutelv. In the nioruiug your cold
will be entirely gone.
To Keep Your Skin Free from Every
Diseased condition
In Posliini is concentrated healing
power, ready to serve you, nt your
will, by clearing and healing your skin
of worst Kczciua or any eruptioual
It is so rapid that few applications
often bring about surprising results.
So efficient, that it is really neglectful
not to use it when any unsightly nf
feclion annoys.
It cannot harm. Its effect on raw,
angry skin is precisely the subduing
influence needed soothing, pacifying,
l'oslam Soap, medicated with I'oslam
the tonic soup for the skin.
, Comfort Booklet for Invalid. Take
i one or more magazine articles, light
j and bright; detach them from the rest
'of the hook by opening the little wire
I clasps and sewing into n little book.
Put. it in a pretty, bright cover of
I paper or something else suitable, tie
jwilh ribbons, sew the edge in bright
1 silk and the result is a pretty booklet
nut ton heavv for invalid hail
For samples, send le stamps to Liner-1 ro,,miibeiit position makes the holding
geney Laboratories, .- csi .ini .-m ; ()j
.New loi'K 1 ity. rviid by an I'ruggisis.
made so large a percentage of cures as
ili-o-na. It is so large that Daniel J,
Fry stands ready to refund the price
to any customer whom it does not help,
The best kind of advertising is the
praise of a pleased customer, and there
are hundreds in Salem today praising
Mi-o-na because it does what it is ad
vertised to do. A few months ago they
could eat nothing without wondering
what the result would be. Since using
Mi-o-na, they eat what they want and
when they want with no fear of suffer
ing. This medicine conies in the form
of a small tablet and is very pleasant to
take. It speedily and permanently re
lieves almost all forms of stomach
trouble and is the only one sold under
a positive guarantee without any re
striction, to refund the money if it
does not relieve. This is a good time
to get well and you ought to take ad
vantago of Daniel J. Fry's offer.
n lemon or
a little vinegar and grind
"Toad-in-tho-Hele" Mix 0110 pint
tlour with one teaspoon linking pow
der, with milk enough to make n batter
like pancakes; add one egg and a little
salt, (ire .ice baking dish with butter,
put in lamb chops with a little hot wat
er, pepper and salt to taste; pour bat
ter over and bake one hour.
Apricot-Prune Sauce Half pound
eacii ot dried apricots and prunes, cook
w ith plenty water until well done, then
sweeten to taste, .iud slice n half lemon
into sauce when you sweeten. Cook
few minutes longer and let cool,
Tho leading doctors of Fiance have
for years used n prescription of vege
table oils for vlironic stomach trouble
and constipation that acts like a charm.
I Oee dose w ill convince. Severe cases
1 of year's standing, are often greatly
j benefited within 21 hours. So many
1 people urn getting surprising results
! that we feel all persons suffering from
J constipation, lower bowel, liver and
1 stomach troubles should try Mayr's
j Wonderful Remedy. It is sold by lead-
' lug druggists everywhere with the posi
'tio understanding that vonr money
1 will be refunded without question or
'quibble if ONK bottle fails to give you
nbbolute satisfaction.
San Francisco, Feb. 20. A decision
on the-appeal of off icers of the Western
Fuel company from sentences for fraud
ulent weighing of imported coal is ex
pected this week from the United states
circuit court of uppeals. Meanwhile it
is reported the company w trying to
settle without further court action a
civil wuit for siiii.OOO. The govern
ment is said to be agreeable to n compromise.
Prison terms 111 tho criminal action
range from 12 to 1) months stand
against Vice President James B. Smith
Superintendent. Frederick C Mills and
Weigher t-Mwnrd Mayer.
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at The Capital Journal office.
.Vt. iH, , . ,k' ivr."
Then tiny CsPSM.FSl
tr Buprr.or W D.nsam
of Cor-iiiJ, Cubi'bs or
RlLit" In (MIDY)
n:uni c-
tarn discivj with
out inconwnienct.
.V..M (.i.'.'.t-.-i.sr.rf..
flour, two
book a weariness to weakened
hands, nml so the little paper story
book fills a need. Such booklets would
he acceptable in hospitals.
F.gif Biscuit. Two cups
teaspoons baking powder, one teaspoon
salt, one-half cup milk, one tablespoon
butter, one tablespoon lard, one table
spoon sugar, whites of two eggs. Sift
flour, baking powder, fait and sugar
together. Cream butter and lard to
gether nnd add it to the (by ingredi
ents, using the tips of your fingers
when mixing. Then mid the milk
mixed with whites of the eggs, mixing
with a knife until you have a very
soft dough. Place on your molding
board, pat out lightly until three
fourths inch thick. Cut out and bake
in hot oven fifteen minutes. This
will make twenty four biscuits.
1 $100 Reward, $100
The readers of tills DaDer will b
pleased to learn that there Is at least on
dreaded disease that science has been
able to cure In all its stages, and that la
Catarrh. Hall's Catarrh Cure Is the only
positive cure now Known to tne meaicm
fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
disease, requires a constitutional treat
ment. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken in-
tprnnllv. ni-tine dlrectlv unon trie blood
and mucous surfaces of the system, there-
hv riearrnvlnflr the foundation or trie dis
ease, and giving the patient strength bf
building up the constitution ami assisting
nature in doing its work. The proprietor
have so much faith In its curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollar
for any case that it fails to cure. Send
for list or testimonials.
. Addresi: F. .1. C1IHNET S CO. Toledo, IA
'gold by all DrucKlsti, 75c.
Take Haifa Family Pllla for t ntlpatloa.
tored over for a sliQrt visit with the
Otterbein family.
The Fruitland school biseball team
expect to play Bethel nezt Friday af
ternoon, weather conditions permitting.
A merry crowd ot youngsters attend
ed the literary society at BctheL Fri-
lay reporting a very enjoyable even
Robert Coulson gave a party last Fri
lay evening nt the Br.iy house. About
twenty people were present having part
in the games of the evening.
( arl Williams, editor of the North
west Poultry Journal, and wife, motored
out to the church last Sunday bring
ing the pastor, O. t. Plummer, and his
Mr. Rchroedcr is starting on his new
bungalow. He is now excavating for
the fcll.tr.
The saloons got some hard jolts last
Sunday evening at Y. P. A. in the talk
of Mr. W. O. Witham who has had
quite a few experiences along that line.
Ran Francisco, Feb. 2!). Returning
from a merry party in a downtown ca
baret, early today, Mrs. Edward K. Hin-
ricks found her husband, a member of
tho Pioneer Radiator company, dead by
his own hand.
He had worked late at home over
books of tho concern, after excusing
himself from attending tho party, nt
which his wife was hostess.
Tho reason for his suicide wa-s not
evident. The books cave no answer.
Friends said ho had no domestic trou
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Xcw Sandwich Pilling. One pound
liver boiled with two bay leaves and
five cloves until tender. Cook broth
until one cupful remains. Oriud l'er
using the finest knife, and pour the
strained broth over this, litiml up a
medium-sired onion with the finest
knife nnd fry in one tablespoon butter
until tender.' Put on with ground liver.
;;riu,l once more, then add the jmco of
German Puffs Sift one and one
third cups flour with one nml one-quar
ter teaspoons baking powder. .Now
take two tablespoons butter (butter
rubbed bv itselt till creaniv); when soft
add two-thirds cup granulated sugar,
then add yolk ot two eggs. .Mix trior
oughlv, ndd two-thirds cup sweet milk
Put in t'ce flour, lhihe twentv minutes
in quick even. Use little gem pans.
Fruitland News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fruit bind. Or., Feb. 0. Miss Doro
thy Ward was visiting with the Bell
amy family last week.
Miss llcnueck is isiting her sister
Mrs. Amort who resides on the Ralston j
The two little Anderoff girls, F.dna
and F.sther. visited with Mrs. Fggleri
In -d Su'idav.
Mr. Orsa Fag sr. of Auburn, attended
Sunday school ut Fruitland Sund iv
.Next Sunday Mr. Fred De Yries in
tends to con e here an, I take the pic
tore of the Sunday school, Fveryone
thut is able to come are requested to be
Mr. Donnl 1-on 's brother-in-law, a
prosperous farmer near I'heinawa, wis
here over Sunday.
Misses Bertha a-id Bella Schroeder
spent the week end with their parents
The Percy family, of Falls City, mo-
m .aawii in.ii iupiia
'.feSM.... ' 1
V 1
Stove Polish
Should Use
I others because more cara ''s
is taken in the jnakinjr
and the materials used ere of jj
uiyuvi gruue.
Black Silk
Stove Polish
Mnltsahrl'Uant, E;'r:rpo!1".h ihnt tine?
nut rub off ordu .t ou'.au it!iu shine UiitJ
(our times 03 lonpr ns ordinary ;ovo
polish. Ui;ed on namp'o stm-fs r.ncl a-jll
by hardwnro nivt fjmerry Ornlera.
All w ia a trial. I' wit on yoir cuolt t(pw,
your pnrlor itovo t yy.it nta t?niTP. If y a
don't tlixi it th boist tav uottoli yr-j ovt
lewd, your A'hUtm iMilh"mtito p fi"ij yaux
miory, ln;iiril otl I'i.i. It t'ik Utov I'ulioh.
M.:(io In liquid or ijtc--ono fjuuiity.
Black Silk Stovo Polwh Worfca
Sterling, P.linoti
Vp Black Sltk Alr-Dry(nfr Iron Vaimct m
firttn.tvi;i.itT't,nti vc-pijn -I n A Uif TUMir,ig.
h- Bhck Sltk MetM Foil:h ft riilvrr, mrkd
ocurati, i'.!i.jii)Ocq!i.ti lur anon wjiotnobiU
Tells How To Open CloggH Nos
trils and End Head-Colds.
You feel fine in a few moments. Your
cold in head or catarrh will be gone.
Your clogged nostrils will open. The air
passages of your head will clear and
you can breathe freely. No more dull
ness, headache; no hawking, snuffling,
mucous discharges or dryness; no strug
gling for breath nt night.
Tell your druggist you want n small
bottle of Ely's Cream Balm. Apply a
little of this fragrant, antiseptic crcara
in your nostrils, let it penetrate throagli
every air passngo of the head; sootho
and heal the swollen, in flamed mucous
membrane, and relief comes instantly.
It is jiibt what every cold and catarrh
sufferer needs. Don't stay stuf fed-up
and miserable.