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I Interesting New Displays of Spring Merchan
dise Throughout Salem's Big Store
New Spring Footwear. New Spring two tone Taffetas. New Crepe De Chines and Tub Silks. New Spring
Wash Materials. New Spring Hats for Men. New Silk Hosiery. New Laces and Embroidery. New Suits
t for Boys. . .
Just received a new assortment of latest Evening
Gowns and Party Dresses Newest models beau
tifully made of the most wanted materials and
No bankrupt stocks or discarded merchandise
sold over our counters. When you purchase here
you get good goods. 36 years of successful' mer
chandising in Salem.
1 V i ooonl goods KrS
Free Embroidery Lessons
Mrs. C. M. Dickson, of New York, an expert de
signer and teacher of embroidery in all its intri
cacies and branches, will give free lessons in our
Art Department beginning Monday. She teaches
:)8 different stitches in Grecian Cut Lace Work.
This is absolutely the newest and most fascinating
style in embroidery and has been shown in but few
cities in this country.
Watch for her work displayed in one of our
show windows. Embroidery patterns to select
from or to order, as desired.
Don't wait. Join the class at the beginning and
derive the full benefits. Absolutely, no charge
for instruction.
Tho ilivorre suit of Chester Tyler
Heailrick against Florence Headriek
was on in Judge Galloway's court today
and a number of witnesses ivero ex
amined for both sides. -In his com
plaint Mr. Headriek alleges that his
wife was too familiar with other men
ami that she drank intoxicating liquors
and stayed out till the wee small hours
tlx I...!... In t.n .
cross compiainc .urs. iieatincK. sets
forth that she was but l.'i years of age
when she married Mr. Headriek who
was then 27 and that all of the bad
habits she now has she learned from
him. Moth of the parties to the suit
nsk for the care and custody of their
two and one-half year old daughter,
Ruth Headriek. The couple were mar
ried in Salem in 1!H2 and there are no
I""!"11," WfcM.O ....U..... ... ...C ..........
( arson & lirown represent the plaintiff
and Carey F. Martin appears for the
def entrant.
Gloomy, Irritable dispositions, wrinkled fere
heads, tired, inflamed eyes, crows' feet ull aio
often the result of the defective eyesight.
Home would rather suffer these .discomforts
through an unfounded f. ar that glasses will mar
their appearance
The Glasses of today will restore normal sight
and add to the personal appearance. Let us
prove it.
Miss A. McCulloch
I 208-9 Hubbard Bldg.
4 H
Phone 109.
All Around Town
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits gUu-pen to tliem in later life if they play
ei correctly. U. S. Hank. iildg,
The Rev. O. W. Plumtnor, general
missionary in Oregon, Washington and
Idaho for the Evangelical association
left today for Southern Idaho, to bo ab
sent about one week.
Dr. Stone's drug store.
Mr. and Mrs. Zadoc J. Biggs and
wife, acconip.inicd by Miss Mabel
Robertson and Miss flreta l.oonoy,
motored to 1'ortlaiid and return yester
day. Dr. Btone's Drag store.
the game right anil become useful citi
zens as well as singers.
E. L. Stiff & Son will hang your
The Salem fire department was called
out this morning at 11:10 in response
to an alarm turned in from the resid
ence of Flora l' inn at fMii Trade
street. The fire caught in the moss on
the roof and burned a small hole. The
damage was slight.
Tonight at 8 o'clock free musicale by
pupils of .Miss ISeatrico Hhelton.
... ... .7 J Eve' tlia laundry men are feeling
After 15 days of dear weather and" vUwU of , lihortI1RP of ,,VBS M11(,
no rainfall whatever a tew drops tel !,,,. ,;,, ,, hnvn re(.,.,lty
his mt.rn.ng and broke the good record ; isl)m,j aVhnge of prices. They claim
or I ebruary J he river .s talljnR Iron;; fc otT tl.-ii- material used have
the emvts or the continued dry spe . . , . ,.nn .
and today is 5.5 feet above low vnced from Mo ,00 per cent.
mark. 0
o All kinds of garden tools at E. L.
Order your pure mlllc, cream and'st'n
Maple drove butter from Maple firovei ..
Dairy, 1215 South Commercial Fhonei Tomorrow evening Edgar B. Piper
ogg. I nianngiug editor of the Oregnniun, w ill
0 I address tho members of the Mix o'clock
The Orpheus Male Chorus will enter- oliilj in the parlors of the First Meth
tain the boys and also the facultv of the I 'l'st church. Ho will speak on "Na
Orogon State Training school tliis even-! tional Preparedness." A dinner will
ing. And also incidentally impress up-1 be served by the ladies of the Kouth
on the minds of the boys what may hap-1 Central Circle at ti:30 o'clock.
Trade in your used furniture on new
at K. L.St iff k Son.
Governor Withycombe today accepted
the invitation of tho Hoyal Kosarians of
Cortland to accompany them on their
excursion to Honolulu on the steamer
(ireat Northern which sails April 2.
Governor Withycombe expects to be ab
sent from the stato for about IS days.
Let the Capital Journal figure on
your job printing.
Now that the Du Pont mills are using
M(M1,0I() pounds of cotton daily in the
manufacture of munitions, even the
price of calico is threatened and deal
ers here have already received the
notice of an advance in the price of
Aincric.ui prints.
Eat with Jess George, 262 State
best food properly prepared and serv
ed. Dr. E. E. Lee Steiner has presented
to the public library Madam Caroline
Tcstout rose -silps which will be planted
in front of the library to form a. hedge.
Also, cuts of I.n France, Fred Karl
Druchi and Tuplitz roses which will be
planted in the rear of the library, to
keep the rooms supplied with cut flow
ers. E. L. Stiff & Son will buy your used
Here is another tong war In Salem,
but this time it is between the Greek
shoe shiners. At least there has been
considerable feeling among tho Mara
thon rapid shiners, as shining parlors
Furniture Exchange
Go to our Exchange Department and furnish your
Home for One-Half Price.
One $12 2-in. white lied $450
One heavy massive fir Library Table $4.50
Rockers 50c and up
Several Sets of fine hardwood Diners .... $3.00 Set
Good Steel Ranges . . $10 to $20
One $22 swell front Dresser like new
One $12.50 Princess Dresser
Other Dressers, all kinds and sizes . . . $3.00 to $4.50
One 9x12 Brussels Rug $7 QQ
Lawn Mowers $1.00 Up
GardonIIosc ; 5c ft. and up
All kinds of garden tools, both new and used, at
rock bottom prices.
We sell the famous Orbon De Luxe Ideal Ranges
and will take in your old stove in exchange.
We handle a fine new stock of furniture good
enough to suit the most fastidious and respectfully
invite you to let us figure on your bill. We usually
"get the business because we always save you money.
We would like to figure on your bill cash or credit,
we usually get the business.
Central Howell Hall of Silverton will
give a home talent entertainment Fri
day evening, March 3. The play, is a
four act drama entitled, "Homo Ties."
Those who have been assigned parts in
the play are Karl De 8art, Hoddic Bing
ham, Hazel Harris, Laurel ,Tanz, Lena
DcSntt, Carl Ranrsdcn, Fretl Dnrbin.
James I.nuderbuck and Katherine
Dougherty. The play has a strong pint
with just enough humor In It to make
things interesting.
Tomniorrow evening the third con
test will be staged between the Com
mercial (dub chess and checker players
and tiie Salem Chess and Checker club.
The Chess and Checker experts seem to
have considerably the best of it so far,
but the Commercial players are pre
paring to spring several surprises in the
way of an entirely new line-up. One
of the surprises is the fact that 1.
Greenbuum, who might be termed a
neutral in the checker war, will play
this time with the Commojcial club. j
The services, of the First Methodist
church were closed last evening with
the singing by the congregation and
choir of, ".My" Country Tis of Thee."
Taking into consideration tho need of
a revival of a national patriotic feel
ing, it has been suggested that all
churches could do their share in creat
ing a love of country and arouse the
dormant patriotism by closing their
services with congregational singing of
the national hymn.
Some men ate born great, some
achieve greatness while others have
creatness thrust upon them, and again
have been opened within the past few, a very limited number are born on the
days by (ireclts from 1'iotlaiul ind-!"n 01 renruary. 10 tne w-ry
those nircady on the shining job here do1 who havo tho distinction of claiming
not take kindly to crowding the pro-! the 2i)th of February as their natal day
fessioii. belong Allen Alfred Bynon and George
o I McCilchrist of this city. These young
Job or Commercial Printing will be :men wiu celebrate their fourth birth-
as they were bom
February IStiti. The year JtKlO was
not, a leim venr. and while these young
me mommy meeunig or me Baiem;ien nluv claim -U years ot residence in
rioral Society will be held this even- Oregon according to Hostetter's or
ing in the auditorium of the Commercial Ayres' almanac, vet the fact remains,
imm.-.-.i-, their fourth birthday will ue eeie-
The Oregon & California railroad
company and the Southern I'acific rail
road company have brought suit
against the city of Mt. Angel and the
city officials of that town for $10,000
alleged to have been sustained by the
city digging a sewer ditch through the
depot yards. The railroad company
recites that the city officials failed to
scenic a right of way through the
depot grounds for the proposed sewer
and that by reason of the extensive ex
cavations under fhe tracks of the com
pnnv the $ 1 0,000 damage has resulted.
William D. Fenton and Oeorgc (1. Bing
ham lcprescnt the railroad company in
the action filed today.
When In SALEM, OREGON, gtop at
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Baths
RATES: 75c, $1.00, 11.50 PER DAI
The only hotel in the business district.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatrei and
Capitol liuildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. Q. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Free Auto But.
(years, both of whom resitic at Donald.!
O. O. Freeman, Dayton ab;er and hd i
Tuck were named as appraisers.
- 0 - 1Il.1L mil iru u
given the best attention. Capital Jour-: dnv tomorrow,
mil I'linting Co. i V..'hrunrv "!). 1
Marriage licenses have been issued by
the county clerk to Jacob P. Ilerbot, a
Salem janitor, and Mrs. Jessie Kent, a
hotel keeper of this city; Edward A.
Stupfcl, a farmer of McMinnville, and
Minnie Uier, of Mt. Angel.
Judge Oalloway today signed the de
cree in the divorce suit of George II.
Tucker against Margaret Tucker, giv
ing the plaintiff the divorce by default
and tho custody of ' the three minor
children of the couple. They were
married in 1004. Cruel and inhuman
treatment, was alleged for cause.
Robin I). Day represented tho plaintiff.
Judge Oalloway today dismissed the '
divorce suit of J. W. Evans against
Alice Evans upon tho promise of tliOj
couple to forgive all former disagree-1
mo. its and to again assume the martini j
relations. They will reside at Grcelv !
brated tomorrow.
lub. Hesitles several
freshniciits will be served and tho
affair will include something in tho
oi m or a social gat tiering besides the, c d9 ma adTancing in
business and prichcal side of the meet-,. ,)nthe o,(, ,.nil nmu.mhet
deliver an address.
A suit was fild in the circuit court
today by Amanda Hanshe.w against
Charles F. Frank, as trustee, Susie M.
Locke, as administratrix of the estate
of A. S. Locke, deceased, and others,
to collect on a note for $'1000 which is
alleged due. The note is secured by a
mtrtgage on lot 1 Hanshow's fruit
farms. In addition to the :)000 and
interest the plaintiff seeks judgment
in the sum of .")1.3:l taxes, $250 at
torney fees for bringing the case in the
circuit court, and flOO if it is carried
to the supreme court and a decree of
foreclosure of the mortgage. Mc.Nary
& McNarv are attorneys for the plain
tiff. George B. McCarty today filed, a suit
in the circuit court against J. B. Grnet
tenger to collect $"0 alleged due on a
note for $71.50 given in 1007. The
plaintiff asks for the interest and the
costs of the action. Smith & Shields
aro attorneys for the plaintiff.
Mvrtle Walker was today appointed
by Judge Bushey as administratrix of
the estate of Xewton Walker who died
iin this countv January 27 leaving an
estate consisting of real and personal
property to the value oi ..uw. i"
heirs are Myrtle Walker, the widow,
anil Glenn Walker, a son aged five
Charles Low, son of Street Commis
sioner Low, a student at the O. A. C.
had the honor ot" malting the Varsity
team in basket ball in the first year of
school, and will be carried as a member
of the team when they come to Salem
tomorrow for the g.ime in the evening
with Willamette university. Ho is
familiarly known as "Chuck" Low, and
Lincensed Lady . Em
balmer Moderate Prices
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 724. Salem, Ore.
ids making the team in his Freshmen
year speaks well for work done whilo
a member of the Salem high school
team. The O. A. C. basket ball players
are the northwest college ch.inipions a
well as Pacific Coast college cham
pions and the public will hae an op
portunity of witnessing a great gamo
towniorrow evening at the Willamette
Cnjversity gymnasium.
Try Capital Journal Want Ads.
when Coats thread sold for 25 cents a
spool, during the last days of tho Civil
r The Miners1 department store re-
Val entine musicale by the pupils ; ceivoil this morning copy of a bulletin
Miss Beatrice Shclton tonight at the ;K11,i i,v the "rent New York wiiole-
! First Congregational church, S o 'clock. ; se ,l, v' L'oods house, II. B. Clatlin,
j Free anil you are invited.
Charles Hebel, director
luted AuL-ust 27. 1SG1. The bulletin
states that goods are advancing and the
of Hebel'a; following prices were guaranteed lor
Chcrrv Hud band, wishes the public to that tlav onlv. These prices are whole-
known that although the band was! sale, and not retail: American cnlico
photographed Saturday, they were not 'prints, 45 cents a yard; AniosUeng
in uniform. The fact is, the bovs have ! prints, 41 cents yard; apron
nu uniforms and nre right now consid-1 checks, 45 cents yard
eriiiL' some nlin bv which thev inav four nuarter brown sheeting,
come into the possession of the desired 'cents yard; Hope yard wide bleached
suits, either by menus of a benefit en-1 domestic, til cents yard; Coat's thread,
tertiiiniucnt or the generosity of the $2.00 dozen; Canton flannel, yard wi le,
citizens interested in boys' weltare. 44 to St) cents yard; ten quarter pep
In fancy dress, the pupils of
Beatrice Shelton will give a free musi
cale at the First Congregational church
tonight at S o'clock. You aro invited.
George Stevens and Oeorge Hives
who were arrested in this city Satur
day as tiiey were attempting to disposo
of & kit of tools and auto robe have
confessed that the goods were stolen
in Uosoburg according to the local
police. The llosiburg officials wero
notified of the find unl will probably
take the men in mstodv as soon ns thev
have served their sentences in this citvl
tor agiaucy.
.......M l.l..n..l,...l 41 CO vnnl- b.iil til'k
Miss ing, .'10 to 7. cents yard; dress ging
hams, -i cents ynrtt. lue uuneuu
closes with the warning, "You will
note that prices continue to Advance."
New Today ads coats you less than
you think worth more thuu you
Now at 426 State Street
Tetley's Teas
Home Made
Bread, Cakes
Fruits and
Phono us and we will make delivery
and take up your coupons. We want
you to try this Tea free of charge.
Club Coffee Co. 's best Spices will be on
sale till this week at special prices.
Poprica, Mace, Nutmeg, regular 20c,
now 3 cans for 50c. All other Spices,
regular 10c, now 3 cans for 25c. Don't
miss this!
Home made Salt Rising or Yeast Bread,
fresh every day at lh:!0, JOc. Mrs.
Sawyer's famous cakes every day or on
orders. Caramel, Chocolate, White
Cakes, 50c each. Sunshine, site. Ten
Cakes, 20c tfl.izon.
The large quatitios in which we hnndle
Fruits and Vegetables enables us to
give you fresher and betfer stock at
lowest prices.
426 STATE STEEET PHONES 830 aud 840
Something new. A musicale vale
tine party tonight at the First Con
gregational church, bv pupils of Miss
Heatrke Shelton. Admission free.
Pruning apple trees will be the-subject
of a lecture to be delivered at the
Cominercial Club auditorium Wednes
.day, M.irch S, by Professor lirown of
Itho Oregon Agricultural college. Later
in tee tiny, a practical demonstration
will bo given in an orchard at the cor
ner of liurnl Street and Cottage avenue.
The exact hours of the address an.l do
monstr.itilon have not been deciced on,
but announcement will bv made in time
for all those interested in apple prun
ing to attend.
A petition for the paving and im
provement of Church street from State
to Mission is in circulation today for
the signatures of property owners.
The proposed improvement will include
een blocks. In order to defeat the
paving of the street, the owners. uf more
than two-thirds uf the superficial area
li-ible to bo atseovtl for the improve
ment must remonstrate. In case this is
not done, the improvement is assured.
Try Capital Journal Want Ads.
Phone 700
Ooo4 Oarage In connection foi
storage of cars, -
Keaeonablo Sate.
216 Bute Street.
Watch and
JeweUy. j
llMonle Bldf.
Our Spring Goods Are Coming
and Arriving Almost Daily
Spring Shoes and
Shirts Are Here
Packard Shoes for IMen all styles and all sizes, in
cluding the English walking shoe. Prices within the
reach of all $4.00, $4.50, $5.00 and $6.00
When. you want Shoes ofQualitysay. "Packard", the
Shoe with a reputation.
Men's Shirts
Spring Styles
Our leader, The Silver Brand this season's de
signs $u)0
The Ide Shirt none better worn the world over
$1.50 to $2.00
141 North Commercial Street Salem, Oregon