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There is a Real Difference
Cream of tartar, derived from grapes,
is used in Royal Baking Pov-drr because
it is the best and most healthful ingredient
known for the purpose.
Phosphate and alum, which are de
rived from mineral sources, are used in
Eome baking powders, instead of cream of
tartar, because they are cheaper.
If you have been induced to use baking
powders made from alum or phosphate,
use Royal Baking Powder instead. You
will be pleased with the results and the
difference in the quality of the food.
New York
Charming in every detail was the
Kensington for which Mrs. Henry K.
Merwin was hostess yesterday. All the
attractive appointments were in keep
ing with the sentiment of the day. Tho
guests included 1 eoterie of matrons of
the Oaks addition.
Alout twelve guests gathered for a
delightfully informal tea with Mrs. Guy
Current as hostess Monday nftcrnoon.
Wossoms and joyous mess igcs of e on-
gratulntion are pouring in to Mr.
un.l Mrs. U. (J. Shipley's home on the
advent of a baby daughter born this
A erowd of young people gathered at
the homo of Miss Agnes Gregson last
evening and formed a h.iy rack party.
They enjoyed a jolly ride to the resi
. denco of Mrs. A. N.Lnbare on tho Sil
vwton road.
liames and other diversions rounded;
out a gay evening for tho young folks
lie-fore their return to town.
Those participating in tho gnyeties
besides Miss Gregson were: Misses
Marie Lathy, Avcril Harris, Hlanche
Drake, Kmma Minton, Winnie Biker,
Ha.el Roberts, Marjnrie Minton, Kthel
Jrizier, Madge Bailey, Kuth Aspinwall
mid Messrs. Joe Minton, Will Chitick,
Mr. l'eterson, Lynn Ijiwnsborry, Vern
' ou Kloster, Trwin Mi'.Inttvre, Adolph
Hpioce, Dwight Kloster, Iiryant Conn
crt Mauldeon.
About thirty-eight young people who
a.-e members of the First Methodist
riturch Sunday school classes were en
tertained recently at the home of Mrs.
Jl. V. West on North Church street.
Music and games rounded out i mer
ry time and refreshments were served.
The rooms were prettily decorated
with eupids and hearts. This is the
thiid of a series of parties to bo given
for the classes by the committee which
is ruiuposed of Mrs. West, Mrs. K. E.
1'i.shor, Mrs. Falkner, Mrs. It. R. Jones,
Mrs. I'arounaginn ami Mrs. A. E. Hunt.
Mrs. George Gray asked n group of
Younger m.itrons and maids tor a
chat tiling informal tea yesterday in hon
or of Miss Agnes McLaughlin, of Port
land, who is the house guest of Mrs.
John Minto.
A charming informal bridge was pro
dded over by Mrs. K. N. Gillinghain
Tuesday afternoon. Guests circled three
tallies ot tho game.
Mrs. Susie Junes was awarded the
liigb xr.ore fivor.
Mis. J'. W, ('ox was hostess Mondnv
evening for a five hundred party at
Jier home on iSoith Wjnter street
The affair was planned lor the ladies
if trie "Mangold club anil their hun
Guests circled seven tables of cards
Airs. Cox was assisted by Mrs. 11.
St. Helens .ind Mrs. Frank Sclirnm.
The rooms were prettily ndorned with
George Washington decoration, nnd na
tional eclrs.
Mrs. Charles Grav has gone to Eu
;ent where she will resume, iier duties
us diaperone tor (he Chi Omega Soror
ioty inn ids,
An enjoyable time was had at the
Tegul.ir meeting ot tho Women's Relief
Coins Saturday at the Moose hall. A
Unioln programme was given consist
ing of patriotic songs nnd all sentiments
t the occkslon. The veterans added
11. u h to the .ensure of the affair by
lueir interesting talks. Mrs. Marv
Dear Editor:
Ijtst winter I suffered terribly from
lame back, weak kidneys and dii.inesa,
and uric acid in the blood caused rheu
matic pains. I sent to Dr. Fierce of
Kuffnlo, N. Y., for his new remedy,
"Anurie." Ab soon as tho box of tab
let came by mail I commenced taking
them, and reaped untold good from
their use.
Koto: This "Anurie" is adapted es
pecially for kidney complaint and dis
eases arising from disorders of the
kidneys and bladder, such as backache,
weak back, rheumatism, dropsy, eonges
tioa of the kidneys, Inflammation of
th bladder, scalding urine and urinary
troubles. The physicians and special
ists at Ir. Fierce 's great Institution, in
Ituffalo, N. Y., have thoroughly tested
this prescription and have been with
one accord successful in eradicating
W.ttson, patrif tie instructor had charge
of the programme.
Mis. Etfie Wriaht entertained the
nicinbeis of Hie Junior I). I'. M. Sun
day school class of the Jason Lee
chinch, Saturday.
A brief business session proceeded
social afternoon and refreshments.
Mis. Terry 11. Raymond entertained
at nn inform.il reception last evening
in ecinplnneut to Mrs. Sarah A. fcv
ans, of l'ortland, tormer president of
th.i uregon Federation of W)iincnj'e
The Woman's alliance of tho Uni
tarian church will meet Friday at the
hoim of Mrs. C. S. Haniilton. All liicin-
bers arc cordiallv invited. .
Tho La Area club members will give
the second of a series of jolly dancing
parties tonight at the Moose lull.
The Ladies' Aid society of the W. R.
('. will meet Thursday afternoon nt the
residence of Airs. Henry Schot, r.
street. A good attendance is desired
Tho pupils of Miss Joy Turner will
give a violin and piano recit.il lhurs
day evening at the college of music
Archie H. Chase, a pleasing baritone
soloist, who is a pupil ot Dr. Chnce, win
assist Miss 1 urncr.
Throw Off Colds and Prevent Grip.
When yon feel a cold coming on, take
moves cause of ('olds and Grip. Only
(ROVE'S signature on box, 2i5e.
J It. Browne is in the city from
Fred S. Lamport is in Dallas on legal
G. White, of Falls City, was in Sa
lem yesterday.
J. Feuen.itin, of Albany, registered at
the Hligh yesterday.
J. I'. Johnson, of Corvaliis, is in the
city visiting relatives.
11. II. Turner left this morning for
Los Angeles on business.
Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Hunt went to
I'm timid this morning on the Oregon
Mm. J. G. Tddings, of Woiidburn, is in
the city, visiting at, the hemic of he
son, J. Fred lildings.
F. R. Richie, traveling passenger
agent of the Northern Pacific railroad
is in the city en company business.
William Maedcr, until recently pian
ist at Ye Liberty, is in Lebanon" for an
indefinite visit, for the benefit of his
1 health.
Mr. and Airs. Samuel Mountain will
leave tomorrow for Portland, where
they will make their home. Mr. Moun
tain is associated with the Salem Cnn
ninar company, and has been transferred
to l'ortland.
Dr. A. I. Hutchinson, of l'ortland, an
evangelist of the 1'reshyterian church,
wiil come to Salem March N, to begin a
series of meetings at the First I'rcsbv
terian church. Those who lived in the
city 2(1 years ago will remember him n
the pastor of the First Vresbyterinn
church for several years. For the last
10 years he has been engaged in evan
gelist ie work.
these troubles, and in most cases abso
lutely curing the diseased kidneys.
Patients having once used "Anui"
at Dr. Pierce's Invalids' Hotel, hnve
repeatedly sent back for more. Such
a demand has been created that Dr.
Pierce has declared tu put "Anurie" iu
the drug stores of this country, in a
ready to use form. If not obtainable,
send one dime by mail to Dr. Pierce
for trial package, or 50 cents for full
Dr, Pierce's Golden Medical Discov
ery is a blood cleanser and alternative
that starts the liver and stomach into
vigorous action. It thtm assists in mak
ing rich, red blood, which feeds the
heart, nerves, brain and all organs of
the body. You feel clean, strong and
strenuous instead of tired, weak, and
Panama Canal Not To Be De
pended On, Wants Fleet
For Pacific Coast
Washington, Feb. 23. The helpless
ness of the Pacific coast, due to inabil
ity of a fleet to pass through the slide
blocked Panama canal, was disclosed to
the house naval committee today by
Representatiee Stephens of California.
He churned that the navy discriminated
ag.iinst the west coast, leaving only an
obsolete liattiesnip, a uozen cruisers oi
the third class and a few submarines to
guard it against possible danger.
Creation of a second fleet, suffi
ciently strong to control the Pacific,
was counselled by Admiral Hadger of
the gener.il navy board.
"I favor another fleet large enough
to dominate t lie Pacific, and superior
to the fleet of any possible opponent,
ha said. "We must have two fleets to
adequately dereud both coasts. It has
been the policy of the general board to
keep the fleet in the Atlantic so that
its whole strength would be int.iaet."
As for the Panama canal situation,
he declared:
"We had supposed that the canal
would make it easier for the fleet to
reach the Pacific ocean, but it has not
.lone so vet.
Representative Rrittou, of Illinois, in
terposed with the question, "Was the
general board advised a year ago oi
strained relations with Japan so it
could properly place the fleet f"
" I do not know, as 1 was not a mem
ber then," replied the admiral.
11' .mother fleet were to be construct
ed, Hadger said that it would make
necessary creation of more facilities for
buildinir and repair than now exist.
In this connection, he declared that
the Mare Island yard in California
could not Uke care of the biggest ships
at high tide.
The Webstorian Literary society have
an interesting program scheduled for
this evening to which visitors are cor
dially welcomed. The program is as fol
lows: "Islands of the Mid Pacific. "Wil
lis Bartlett.
"Original Story." Wesley Ham
mond. ' ' Hyptnotism. " Gus Anderson.
"Great Women's Daughters."
Lloyd Uaight.
"The Poorest Professor." f
"The Amateur Athletic Union."
Don Randal.
" U. of California Summer School."
Ray Metealf.
Parliamentary Practice. Karl Flcgel,
The Philodoriau program for this ev
ening is as follows:
vocal solo Carl Reetz.
"The President's Cabinet. "Worn
er. "Preparedness Acts. "Arnold Gra
lapp. "Diplomatic. Relations." Robert
"Roosevelt and tho Republicans."
("has. Randal.
Extemporaneous talks, by members
called on by tho president.
At the fnculty meeting held Monday
it was decided that hereafter Dr. Don
ey should conduct th chapel service
insicnu or naving laemty members lend
chapel. Consequently c'hnpel was tak-
eu charge of by President Doncy thin
morning aim tie delivered a forceful
talk on the three types of people.
First, those who advocate a cause
with loudness are usually untrue and
have n spirit of unfairness and are us
ually prejudiced.
Second, the fair minded, sane, judi
cious people who are conservative and
desirous of seeing fair play, they be
lieve in giving the truth u chance to
spread it-self if it can, but do not ally
themselves with the movement.
Third, those who attach themselves
zealously to a cause and make it a part
of their lives which they live.
These three classes tiro clearly distin
guished iu any group of people said Dr.
Prof. John O. Hall's class in labor
and trust problems will give nil interest
ing u nd instructive recitation next Mon
day morning. The class, this week,
elected a chairman whose duty it was
to divide the material and assignments
among the various members of the class.
r.oeh student will prepare a paper not
to exceed five minute in length and
will report ou the same at tho special
meeting which will be open to anyone
who wishes to hear a carefully pre-
I pared consideration of oconomiccondi
tions as they exist in modern Ameri
can business organizations.
Dr. Carl O. Doney will lecture nt.
Astoria Friday evening, using as his
subject, "The Hoy." Dr. Doney is in
great demand as n public -sneaker nnd
I has filled mnnv engagement!) In the
past few months.
Pnseball is now well under way at
Willamette and Manager Walker siates
that this year's team will be a good
one, as a grent deal of good material
has shown up in the freshman class,
and with Coach Mathews to round them
into form a fast team will grace the
W. U. diamond. A large wire nettiug
hack-stop has leeu erected to facilitate
batting practice, and every afternoon
yces it in constant use. The track has
also been repaired and is ready for the
use of the sprinters and the distance
men. The number of track meets held
last year has inspired a number of me
to get out and try for a place on the
trnek team this year.
Basket hall season is not over yet, and
the squad is being worked harder than
before preparing for the O. A. V, V. U.
game to be played in the gymnasium
Saturday evening. Considerable inter
est is being shown in this game, as O.
A. 0. recently tied the University of
California for the roast championship.
Willamette hns played close games with
all the conference teams which the
have met and should give O. A. C.
close run.
Was the merchantman carrying T.
R. on his vaention trip an armed ves
sel ou that account f (
To Lydia E. Pinkham Medi
cine Co.
Women who are well often ask "Are
the letters which the Lydia E. Pinkham
Medicine Co. are continually publishing",
genuine?" "Are they truthful?"
" Why do women write such letters? "
In answer we say that never have we
published a fictitious letter or name.
Never, knowingly, have we published
an untruthful letter, or one without the
full and written consent of the woman
who wrote it.
The reason that thousands of women
from all parts of the country write such
grateful letters to the Lydia E. Pink
ham Medicine Co. is that Lydia E. Pink
ham's Vegetable Compound has brought
health and happiness into their lives,
once burdened with pain Bnd suffering.
It has relieved women from some of
the worst forms of female ills, from dis
placements, inflammation, ulceration,
irregularities, nervousness, weakness,
stomach troubles and from the blues.
It is .impossible for any woman who
is well and who
has never suffered
to realize how these
poor, suffering wo
men feel when re
stored to health;
their keen desire to
help other women
who are suffering as
they did.
German Crown Prince
Smashes French Lines
(Continued From Page One.)
A German trench in the Dvinsk sector,
west of Lake Sventen, were annihilat
ed in a reconnaisance attack while, in
the Sm-orgen district, the Slavs occu
pied Borne enemy trenches. M'ne blasts
in the Ruczaez region of Galicia
wrecked Teuton positions for a con
siderable distance.
The War In Africa.
London, Feb. 23 The allies have
conquered 730,000 square miles of Ger
man Africa since the war started, ac
cording to announcement in the house
of commons todav.
Only Way To Cure This Disease Is TolS'";9. d vet the world's peace pal-
Destroy Its Cause,
If you have catarrh and want to get
rid otf it you most Itll the germs which
cause catarrh. Stomach dosing, oint
ments, sprays, creams, douches, etc., fail
because they overlook this fact. They
all help by giving temporary relief but
they do not reach the germ life that
hns found lodgement in your head, nose,
throat, and could not destroy it if they
The best known way of destroying
the dangerous germs of Catarrh and
consequently ending tho disease itself,
is to breathe into the air passages of
your nose nnd throat the pleasant, pene
trating air of Hyomei (pronounced
lligh-o-mc). Hyomei is made from
purest oil of Eucalyptus combined with
other powerful, healing, antiseptic and
germicidal ingredients. You breathe it
through a little pocket inhaler which
Daniel J. Fry and other leading drug
gists in Salem and vicinity are furnish
ing with every complete treatment sold.
Every time you inhale the sweet, fra
grant air of Hyomei through this little
device you are drawing into your swoll
en, inflamed, germ laden membranes a
medicated air which will not only re
duce all the swelling and inflammation
and open your clogged nose and stop
ped up air passages, but will absolute
ly nnd positively destroy every trace
of Catarrh germ life it Teaches. Drng
gists are so sure of the blessed, lasting
relief that Hyomei brings to catarrh
sufferers that they sell it invariably
on the positive guarantee that money
paid will be refunded if successful re
sults are not secured from its use. Get
a Hyomei outfit from your druggist to
day and begin at once to drive this
dangerous and disgusting disease from
your system forever.
Milwaukee, Wis., Fob. 23 Two per
sons were badlv injured today in au ex
plosion at the Allis Chalmers munitions
plant, but officials attributed it to the
bursting of a gas generator from nat
ural causes. The plant is under a con-
stand, strong guard.
Make you beautiful. Our busi
ness is improving the personal
appearance and wa have all the
latest methods and up-to-date
Electrical Appliances for doing
Our treatments will stop fall
ing hair remove dandruff, and
all diseases of the scalp.
Our face treatments remove
lines, coarse pores, liver spots
and all facial blemishes. We
guarantee everything we use to
be absolutely pure and harmless.
Massage, Manicuring, Hair
dressing and Shampooing.
Open Saturday evenings.
Phone for appointment.
Imperial Beauty Parlors
901 Bank of Commerce BnUdinc
Phorie 393
Dr. W. E. Stanton,
Winifred W. Dusenbury
Judge Galloway Gets
His Irish Up When
Attorney Takes Offense
The official dignity of Judge Gallo-1 leave for Wishington tonight after
way was ruffled today by Judge Earlihilvi"R formally announced his caudi
C. Bronaugh, one of 'the most prom-1 ,ia'J ,'or(.tno residency.
B ' f II., rittietl in ftifMiMu his fn ni r; inn
incut attorneys in Portland, and His
honor indicated that ho intended to
hold to his original opinion in the
case of the Alliance Trust Co., limited,
against Faunie E. Hubbard and others.
An $80,000 foreclosure suit was filed
against Mrs. Hubbard's property last
fall but Judge Galloway declined to
close the matter up on the grounds that
the estate was solvent and could pay
out if skillfully managed and still al
low Mrs. Hubbard some property in
her decliningycars. How ever, if tlie
estate were closed up at once all of
her property would be lost to her to
satisfy the present claims. According
ly a receiver was appointed and un
der his management the claims against
the estate have been paid off grad
ally as they came due and the indica
tions are, according to .lodge Galloway,!
tnnt a sunstantiai pan or rne estaie
will be saved for Mrs. Hubbard and
all of her creditors will be satisfied.
Attorney Ttronnugh today filed a mo
tion to dismiss the case in order that
he might bring a new action to fore
close in the federal courts. Judge Gal
loway denied the motion. Mr. Ttro
naugh then moved to set a date for
trial and this motion the judge de
nied. Mr. Bronaugh then filed his
third motion which was for a transfer
of the case to another judge on the
grounds that he could not got a fair
trial before Judge Galloway and this
motion Judge Galloway denied.
In denying the last motion Judge
Galloway stated that Mrs. Hubbard
had been defrauded out of nearly
$1000 bv exorbitant insnranco rates
which she had been obliged to carry
and in making this statement he added:
"Of course this is no reflection up
on you, Mr. Bronaugh."
"Any reflection upon my client is a
reflection upon me," ajsserted Mr.
This aroused Judge Galloways Irish
ire and he said:
"Well, if tho shoe fits, Mr. Bro
naugh, just wear it," or words of that
effect, and then the rase was closed.
Oregon City, Or., Feb. 23. Lamar
Tooze, president of the student body
of the University of Oregon and a
delegate from Oregon on the Henry
Ford peace mission, returned home an
advocate of preparedness, and so
stated his position at the noonday
luncheon of the Commercial Club Live
Wires here today. He said that Hol
land, , with an area a frifle greater
than that of Harney county, Oregon,
had a standing and reserve army six
times lareer than that of the United
Hrt? 1H lllCHICll III III,.' lltluv. .'ii.
Tooze remarked that the chief feature
of this wonderful palace of peace is
it disuse.
He was followed by his father, Wal
ter L. Tooze, of Salem, who criticised
the Administration's policy in Mexican
Disarmament May Come
When War Ends
(Continued on cage two)
rope which is the future of civilization
and the fate of the world. We can
and shall destroy Prussianism. It may
take a long time, but wo are prepared
for that.
"There will be no inconclusive peace
nor a peace with a risk. We dared not
leave Prussianism there to work again
for the destruction of nations."
In response to a suggestion from the
corresnondent that the Scandinavian
countries feared liussia aimed to gain
a warm water port there. Sazonoff
suggested that instead of such a course
Russia desires to get Constantinople.
"Constantinople is essential to our
trade," he said.
Thc Virginia legislature in defeating
a dres-s reform bill wisely decided not
to hold a woman accountable for whatltarian Affirmition Concerning the Ks-
she does not wear.
See "Stetson" ad in this
week's Saturday evening
LaFollette and Burton
Announce Candidacies
Madison, Wis., Feb. 23. United
States Senator J. M. LaFollette will
plans but important legislation now
pending in congress will probably make
it impossible lor him to do any coin
paigning in Wisconsin until spring.
La Folletto's candid icy was announc
ed at a dinner given in his honor last
Burton Gets Iu.
Columbus, Ohio, Feb. 23. Former
Senator Theodore E. Burton today an
nounced his candidacy for the republi
can nomination for president. A Cin
cinnati mnn with Burton's consent,
filed with the secretary of state an
announcement that he is a candidate
for delegate to the national convention,
as a Burton supporter.
Blue Eyed Child Had
Jealous Disposition
(Continued from rage One.)
Joving Yvonne Bouraud, their winsome
fifteen year old foster daughter, he
said, and finally in Switzerland, the
princess had burst out:
"Oh, why did I ever marry you when
I was so much older than you are!
How much better it would have been
if you had married Yvonne! "
On re-direct examination, tho prime
reiterated that his love for the girl had
been fatherly, rather than that of a
suitor as he had teen chaiged.
"I only kissed her hands but that
is nothing," said the prince with a
shrug of the shoulders. "I always kiss
tho hands of all the ladies in the
roo. i."
The blue-eyed child, however, was of
a very jealous disposition, the prime
admitted. Indeed, she was so much so
that he discovered her listening to
quarrels he and his wife had in the
hotU McAIpin here, but he took steps
to s.'c that she should not nave a con
nect;ng room where she could eavedrop.
Tiie prince reiterated that, in a spirit
of noble sacrifice, Mrs. Crocker con
sented to renounce their wedding so
that he might be happy with the foster
"Leave it to me," he quoted her as
saying. "I know- lots about getting
divorces more than the lawyers do
because I've been divorced twice."
As for the baby he believed his wife
had, the prince admitted he did not
know where he child was, though he
helieved it to be with Mrs. Crocker at
the hotel Netherlands.
Attorneys for the wife declared that
their witnesses will testify that the
prince and Yvonne were much togeth
er while nt Edeemcre, L. I., and tbit
when she appeared in a striking bath
ing suit with the swarthy skinned
nobleman, the couple were the center
of the tnlk of the fashionable colony
At this, Yvonne, an attentive listen
er throughout, crimsoned and sank
down in her seat.
The prince's case closed today,
whereupon Attorney Malcolm Lwr
ouce. moved on behalf of the princess,
that, his suit be dismissed.
"The prince," he said, "has had
what he wanted lots of publicity."
Lawrence offered to permit a physi
cian to examine the princess to de
termine whether she had given birth to
a daughter as the prince suggested. A
decision was reserved.
Keturning later to the subject of
Yvonne's eavesdropping, the prince
said the he objected to it because she
often listened from the hallway while
sho was clad only in her nightgown.
"'Yvonne is irresistible iu negligee,"
ho volunteered, "but I didnt think it
was proper that porters and bellboys
should see her in it."
Dr. Simonds Last Night
at Unitarian Church
Dr. William Day Simonds, who is
touring the west in the interests of the
Unitarian churches, spoke last evening
at the Unitarian church on "The Uni-
sentiat tioodness ot -Man ma tne innn-
The Pacemaker
Selected by the Stetson Hat company as the best
shaped hat for Spring 1916.
We are showing the newest Stetson model, the
"Pacemaker", that will be shown this week in every
city in the United States.
The "Pacemaker" is neat, dressy and distinctive in
Made in the Stetson Quality
men and young men.
Cheap snbstitutes cost Y0TJ same prlcw
Master Fish Warden
Kelly Quits His Job
Portland, Or., Feb. 23. Mas
ter Fish Warden II. L. Kelly,
tendered his resignation at a
special meeting of tho state
fish and game commission. Be
ccnt friction between him and
members of the commission was
the cause.
Kcllys resignation was accept
ed and it is probable that his
office will be abolished. In
that case his work will be divid
ed between Carl D. Shoemaker,
state game and fish wirden,
and R. E. Clanton, superintend
ent of hatcheries.
Approaching Primaries
Cause Candidates to
Send In Declarations
As the dale for the primary elec
tion approaches the host of candidates
who would leprescnt their various
parties is increasing and the office ot
Secretary of State Olcott is piling up
a rapidly increasing list of prospective
office holders.
The filings for today contain tlm
following names:
Thos. S. Farrell, of Lakeview, candi
date for nomination by the Kepubli
can party for the office of District
Attorney for Lake comity.
J. L. Kelly, of The Dalles, candidato
for nomination by tho Republican
party for the office of Representative
in the legislative assembly, 2!lth Repre
sentative district, comprising Hood
River and Wasco counties.
Geo. E. Luudburg, of Grants Pass,
candidate for nomination by the.
Republican party for the office of
State Senat.ir, 7th Senatorial district,
comprising Josephine county.
Francis L. Michclbook, of McMinn
ville, candidate for nomination by the
Republican party for the office of
State Senator, 2-tth Senatorial district,
comprising Lincoln, Tillamook, Wash
ington Mid Yamhill counties.
Franklin F. Korell, of Portland, can
didate for non. ination by the Republi
can party, for the office of Represen
tative, in the legislative assembly, LSth
representative district.
J. E. Magers, of Portland, candidate
for nomination by the Republican
party for the office of Circuit Judge,
4th Judicial district, Dept. No. 3.
W. A. Hell, of The Dalles, candidato
for nomination bv the Republican par
ty for the office of District Attorney
fnr Wnsco county.-
L. L. Ray, of Eugene, candidate for
nomination bv the Democratic party
for the office of District Attorney for
Lane eountv.
Willard IT. Wirtz, of Prineville,
candidate for nomination by the Dem
ocrat in party for the office of District
Attorney for Crook county.
Fred W. Wilson, of The Dalles, can
didate for nomination by the Republi
can pnrtv for the office of Circuit
Judge, "ih Judicial district, compris
ing the counties of Hood River and
Bosewell L. Conner, of McMinnviU.',
candidate for nomination by the Re
publican party for the office of Dis
trict Attorney for Yamhill county.
ite Goodness of God." This cveuing
in his final address he will discuss
"The Unitarian Affirmation Concern
ing the Meaning and Methods of Sal
vation." Pr. Simonds is opposed to the doe
trine of the depravity of man claiming
that all progress in society is possible
only because of the renewed faith in
man. The progress of mauluud he claim
ed was due to the incerasing faith in
man and iu the essential goodness of
human beings. Tonight he will dis
cuss the possibilities of moral science.
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