Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 22, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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"Corns AH Gone! j
Let's All Kick!"
Every Corn Vanishes by Using Won-
derful. Simple "Gets-It." Never
Fails. Applied in 2 Seconds
Isn't it wonderful what a difference'
just a little "Gets-It" makes on
corns and calluses? It s always night ;
iWfcset I Don't Caret I Cot Kid of Mr ,
1 --- Corn With 'Oel-lfl"
somewhere in the world, with many
folks humped up, with cork-screwed
faces, gouging, picking, drilling out
their corns, making packages of their
toes with plasters, bandages, tape and
contraptions and the. "holler" in
their corns goes on forever! Don't
you do it. Use "Clots-It," it's marvel
ous, simple, never fails. Apply it in
2 seconds. Nothing to stick to the
stocking, hurt or irritate the toe.
p., in cinU r- nfnnv. "clean off."
quick It's one of the gems of the
world. Trv it vou'll kick from .iy.
For corns, calluses, warts, bunions.
"frets-It" is sold everywhere, 25c a
bottle, or sent direct by E. Lawrence
& Co., Chicago, 111.
Pratum News Notes
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Pratum, Ore., Feb. 2 Miss Gertrude
Maurcr spent .Sunday with her pa
rents. Miss Alma Gcrber is visiting with
T.ilnfivna in ttiifl vicillitV.
A party given, by Lucas Vogt Friday
evening was well intended. "..ames aim
,nsin u-ern pnioved until a late hour
after which refreshments were served. September. Tn fact, in September,
Kev. Smith, a missionary from China, business is at its lowest ebb in the pub
is conducting services at the Menonite lie library. While the adult public
church. called for 3872 books in January of
Miss Mary Bcntler is spending a few 191"), the demand was for only 2110
days with her parents, who reside east during September. The gcneial aver
of ' this city. age in the country for fiction is about
Mrs. Frank Cable and daughter have 70 per cent and Salem ranks with the
returned to Mucin alter Tisuuig mm
Mrs. Coble's father, Mr. J. II. Harper,
for some time.
Miss Ida Maurer was a Salem visitor
Miss Rhoda I.ardon spent Sunday
afternoon with the Miss Schnaps.
Mr. J, W. Wclty is visiting relatives
in Salem.
Miss Mary Harper spent the wcek
"end with friends in Salem.
Mrs. Albert Thompson was a Capital
City visitor Friday.
Mr. Elbert Powell, who teaches school
at Brooks, spent the week-end with his
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Towell.
A dance was held at the l'ratum hall
last Saturday night.
Charlie Rice, the blacksmith, was in
Salem purchasing supplies last week.
:1 ': sk 51-
:1s r
Cleveland. O., Fob. 22. A. R.
je Rumsey, chief commissioner of
:k tie lake carriers' association, is X
:e looking for his dog Perry again. !
ije Rnmsey says his dog is the Jk
;e champion lost canine of the
:e United States. "Perry has
:k been lost lli-S times in 14 years,"
:e said Rumsey today. "It has ):
cost me an average of ifoOD a
:jt year to get him back." s-t
Absolutely Removes
Indigestion. One package
proves it. 25c at all druggists.
The Four Corners of the
hold no greater attractions than
An ideal place to spend your winter va
cation is California. Are you interest-
ed in mountain or beach resorts? Both
are there. Bathing in midwinter, pick
ing oranges, motoring or mountain
climbing are a few of the many diver
sions possible. Outdoor sports the year
around. Tennis courts and golf grounds
everywhere. Hotel accomodations to
fit the purse of everyone. Panama
California Exposition at San Diego
open all the year.
Fifty-five Dollars
is the round trip rate to Los Angeles
and other Southern California cities.
Six month limit. Stopovers.
Ask your local agent or write
John M. Scott,
, General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Salem's Public Library
Grows Steadily In Favor
The Salem public library contains
about two-thirds of a book to -every
person living in the city, estimating
the population, at 17,000, according to
the report for the year 1915 recently
issued by the librarian. Miss Anne D.
Several interesting facts regarding
the library are shown by this annual
report. One is the greater interest be
ing taken as shown by the average
daily attendance. In lit 1.1 it was 5S, in
1914 this average had grown to S4 and
i last year it was 113.
j Although the circulation of the libr
ary for 191.1 was 53,S"2, yet from this
; total number only lo9 books wore miss
ing and this was due possibly to the
fact that a few books wore taken out
j without being registered at the desk.
I Kach year the circulation grows.
! Last year was 5til." larger than the year
i before and 4."i99 larger than the ban
ner year of the library, 191.1.
A book hospital is part of the reg
ular equipment. Hooks are not only
rebound, but they are varnished, mend
ed and brought into proper condition to
he placed on the shelves. In fact, the
hospital department of tho library
cared for tho re-binding of 220 books
and the mending of 1200.
School children are becoming active
patrons of the library. Last year the
circulation from the city schools was
29,".j9, showing an increase of 3070
over the preceding year.
Philosophical readers, or rather those
interested in philosophy arc rather
in the citv and vicinitv. At-
though 3872 adult books were issued in
Januarj - , 1!1. -, only 48 were interested
in philosophy. Readers of the useful
arts are also scarce as onlv 89 books
on theso subjects were issued last
December, which was about the month
ly average for the year.
I Books on religious topics were not
in demand to any very great extent.
The greatest call for these books was
in February ISMo, when 40 were cir
culated. The desire for religious rend
ing was lowest last July, when 13
books were called for.
Readers of fiction find January the
best month to read. In January of
1913 exactly 28,")2 books of fiction were
circulated with February as the next
mgnesi mourn iur mis mie o. m-i
ature. Fiction falls the lowest
average libraiies.
' The 011I
sureway to get rid ot nami-;
-. ,
rutt IS to dissolve It, 1 11111 jmi ucnuui
it entirely. Tn do this. get about four ; l)st ' mte jJ0f ,,re making tlie npplica
ounces of ordinary liquid arvou; apply Ition and in a "rent manv cases find the
it at night when retiring; use enough
to moisten the scalp and rub it 111
gently with the finger tips.
Do" this tonight, and by morning,
most if not. all, of your dandruff will
be gone, and three or four more appli
cations will completely dissolve and
entirely destroy every single sign and
trace of it, 110 "matter how much dand
ruff vou mav have.
You will find, too. that all itching
and digging of the scalp will stop at
once, and your hair will be fluffy, lus
trous, glossy, silky and soft, and look
and feel a hundred times better.
You can get liquid arvou at any drug
store. It is inexpensive and never fails
to do the work.
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 21. A fire, orig-
linating from spontaneous combustion,
I , .. iL. V.: ..!.; Vi.. Inrin
DrOKe OUT Ull UIU 'Jig m'-uni.-.".!' ' ' ,v
of the Alaska Steamship company at Hi
o'clock this morning, but was put mi
lder control with little damage. The
I Victoria was lying at pier two, loading
for Southwestern Alaska ports and L'na
I 1. .,-
A member of the steamer's crew was
overcome by smoke. His condition is
not serious.
Bordeaux 6-6-50 or Lime
Sulphur 1-10 May Be
1 have just received the above infor
mation from II. 1'. riarss head of the
Plant Pathology department of the O.
A. C. experiment station who says fur
ther: l'e.uh leaf curl is a disease which
undoubtedly cause thousands of dollars'
of loss each year in the state of Ore-I
gon. Practically all of the loss is un
necessary since this disease can be sat
isfactorily controlled with one spraying
given at the proper time of year, as the
experience of a great number of grow
ers in all parts of the state indicates.
This article is written for those who in
the past have failed to control t.iis dis
ease and for those who will have this
disease to contend with in their newly
planted orchards. The writer is confi
dent that, barring Accidents, any peach
grower can control this disease to his
own satisfaction if he follows careful-lv-
,1... ,iir,., .,;.,,, .1,,,,,, ;,, n,;
,';,.! ' '
Peach curl leaf is a disease caused bv mor?A . it-t,o,, among their respect
a fungus parasite. The infections f i '.vc actions, lt natimuM retr.lmtion. slow
this fungus occur earlv in the spring I to,,?'Hl ,ut ?"re fo1 V? 111 '.he "i"'1' ?f
just as the tender voting leaf points are nll0nl ,""ei Jn,l,1.t "'
emerging from the buds and the infec- Rrt fa,l"l' of mankind are bound to
Hons are particularly bad when the eth" s? t,lat "ne member sins all
weather is moist and warm just at this ,he m" wlt1' -,,1!t '? to
stage. Some varieties of "peaces are ? 11 1hl'rp. ,s V',0,'1 of P"'!0113 wnose
much less seriously affected than oth- '.''''"'' iinmutable and whose Warn
ers. When the' delicate infection !"P n,e "ot ",0rk?' thfn 'VUVCSt ,
threads of the fungus have penetrated ! tteriit-a and slaughter must be reaped
into the new leaves thev spread all ! "om1 r-v 3'ea sowmf? of mtermf;
through the leaf tissues and the ioj( hatrc, n,M'roinration for w-ar."
t,o,.nw1a ,iit.i0.i i,,.,.,n .1 i Ike open forum discussion was par
ed, and of an unnatural color. The !
whole leaf may be effected. In fact
the whole twig niav be affected, but in
other instances there may occur only a
few separate patches of leaf surface af
fected by the disease. By the middle of
the spring the surfaces of these dis
torted leaves become powdery with the
spores or reproductive bodies of fun-
Igus which are being discharge .1 at this
time. These are carried bv air currents
nil through the .-orchard and will even
tually result in the infection of the
next season. After discharging their
spores, the leaves that are infected
shrivel up and hang, deafl and brown,
to the branches for a long time. Great
injury is done where a large per cent
age of the. leaves on a peach, tree are
effected even though the tree may put
out x new growth of leaves. The vi
tality nf the tree and the quality and
icld of the fruit are greatly reduced.
r tirtlierniore, a tree n av die
from the,
effects .of the disease when it suffers
two or more successive severe attacks.
I J"ears ago it was found that by spray
ing -trees thoroughly with lior-.leanx
I mixture. 4-4-.J0 or with liine-siilplnir l-lfl
I'niiit- i;ic nuns nciiiin ro o ne 1. inis
.,,,,, . ,1.M,i '. ',,!
,,. rf,w. l,nv,.v,.i- ,vif fil ti.
weather conditions such that spraying
is impossible at that time. Consequent
ly delayed applications is often made
very soon alter the bails begin to come
out, but unfortuiialely in such cases a
great part of the infection has already
taken dace and practically no bene
ficial results come from this delayed
It has been found that while spravinir
immediatelv before the buds bejin to
I open does control the leaf curl, yet a!
j spray given a week or more before will!
I have the same effect. Recent experi-j
! meats by the Cornell university exper
iment station, even, indicate that spray
ling any time after December 1 will be
! effective if thoroughly done. Kxneri-
incnts are now under way at the Ore
gon experiment station to determine
whether or not. this is true under Ore
gon conditions as well. Whatever is the
results of these tests may be, it is the
experience of Oregon growers that 1
thorough aplijation given within two
weeks before the opening of the buds
will have successful results. We recom
mend, therefore, at the present time,
that the peach grower spray their trees
ia February a week or two before the
buds are expected to begin to come out.
If the presence of San Jose scale is
"'"iT"r"' lr" i""v-iii.iiur i io in. ii
not. use Bordeaux mixture fi-fi-'.0. Sue-
cesstiil control, however, cannot be ex-
peered unless the work is thoroughly
done. Kverv bud must be covered with
the sprav material. This is not an easy
task but the results are worth the ef
fort. A mast, spray under considerable
pressure will generally give best re
sults. ! :k :
I If the chill air causes your skin to
j dry and scale or become unduly red or
I spotted, before you go to bed spread a
,... ,,.,-r , ,,ry mercoi.zen wax
over your entire face Remove next
morning with warm water This .a the
deal compIcxnMi treatment for the wm-
,ter girl. Ilie wax gently absorbs the
dead partic es of surface k,n. so grad -
ally there's no discomfort. This gives
I the underlying skin a chance to
i nnrl to show- Uself. In a week
or sr. the new and younger skin is
wholly in evidence and you have a real -
matchless complexion. Naturally
its defects disappear with the dis-
i aiii-ii ciiui-i. !, riiiips, '""Koncss,
.blotches, pimples, freckles, blackheads,
1-1 -.,! .1 -l - t
I i suaiiv an ounce or mereoiizci wnx,
procurable at any drugstore, is enough
j to renovate even the worst complexion.
, Wrinkles need both.'r yon no more if
"'ft ''"H Sl,ll!,1' "'' w-h: Pow-
iii-i.-,i sb. in,.-, i ,.., ninwnni in wm.-m:
hazel, 1-2 pt. .lust one application will
nttct cv.-ii the deepest lines
Portland. Or.. Feb. 22. The grain al
cohol highball is the most popular un
lawful d"'ik i" Portland today. Offi
cers have found numerous "drunks"
in a peculiar and very wobbly condi
tion. Doctors advied the police to look
for contraband store of pure alcohol.
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KcvYwfc CWciiro KBCifr FtWwA PortUni
"How can there be a Clod, all-powerful,
all-wise and nll-loving and this
tiling (the present war) happen?
In the new book by the editor of the
Toronto Globe, .las Macdonald, which
was reviewed Sunday evening in the
First Presbyterian church, the author
quotes tho above ipiestion asked by
an honored American consul, lie then
answers thus: "How could there be
such a God and this tiling not happen?
If there is a moral order in the universe
if there is an essential difference be
tween riiiht and wrong, if nations as
well as men have consciousness of
ti. tpato.l in by Messrs. Faul Wallace
; i and Frank Miller.
An ideal girl is hard to find.
There's few in this wido world;
But when a fellow falls in love,
It's alwav-s the Tdeal Girl.
The one which I have now in mind,
Is the Ideal Girl for me.
Perhaps to some she'll not appeal,
Our tastes are unlike you see.
Her eyes are blue and filled with tho't,
Her hair is light and brown:
Her teeth arc white, her lips are red,
Her skin as soft as dawn.
She always feeds we hungry boys,
On pies and cakes and fruit.
Her motto is, to please the man.
"Just feed and stuff the brute."
Around her home she is alert,
To keep things clean and bright.
And when sho cooks n meal with pies,
It always taste's iust right.
j She lies a smile for everyone,
Who ha opens to come her way.
1 A companion to boys and girl-s alike,
A friend to all each day.
'Her morals are high, her tho't-s are
I pure,
For she is a girl of prayer,
And everyone she does inspire,
! She influences unaware.
! . VIII.
I Her faith and works are in her God,
In church -lie does her part;
j Her talent everyone admires,
i For music is her art.
She never dances or play the cards,
Winch lead one from the church,
And modesty she ne'er forgets,
From truth she never shirks.
There is so much 1 'd like to say
About this Meal Girl,
That 1 believe that 1 could keep
On writing forever more.
But I will close with just one word,
A prayer for my Ideal Girl,
May God in heaven keep her pure,
From the stains of the outside world.
Frank Y. Zinn.
New York. Feb. "Five nelsons
w(,rc til,l(1 esnw t0(av ,i10 r,.Ht of
c;,. n.( m,.,;i, , vui w,,-tv.
fifth street theatrical boarding house.
Four of the persons perished in their
rooms, while the fifth, an unidentified
man, jumped from a fourth story win
dow and struck a fence, almost cutting
off his head. The fire aroused guests
of nearby hotels, and for a time caused
a near panic.
Daniel J. Fry Has Such Faith In This
Dyspepsia Remedy That He
Guarantees It.
Q f (fc t(,st SUC(.CSSP in tho
, of lMfie ,, bcen ,1;llieved by
. , sfamllir,, (,vspcr,sia rellf.
. , , increasing so rapid-
; ,t'hat Daiel j. p , dJ
. , fc work t0 h , Hck on
j J Jt lnr ith Unl(
m-uiHtcrs, layers and others where
hwhwn 'UT profession keep, them dose-
; , y roaiDti while those who have
' ',,.. ' i,ii,r.iin ,),,.n,,v, irreir.
' , h,; nr,. , nth,.r cn,iKe.
f ', .,:.. tlli ' reittl,,e
i rcm(1j
j Mi.0na comes in tablet form and is
9olJ ;n g mctai i)OX especially designed
i n. ,,oni.f! : -rrvinir the mcdi-
! cine in ,he .,1, or pnrM, t j, t0a8.
ant t0 tnke, gives quick relief and
j shouI,i h(,lp a,jy C0C) n0 matter of how
. . stlln,i,i,g. This remedy has licen
so uniformly successful that Daniel J.
Fry will in future sell Mi-o-na under a
positive guarantee to refund the money
if it should not prove entirely satis
factory. No other dyspepBia medicine
ever had a Isige enough percentage of
cures so that it could be sold in this
manner. A guarantee like this speaks
volumes for the merit of the remedy.
There is no timo like the present to
do a thing that ought to be done. If
any one has dyspepsia, today ia the best
tiu'e to begjn curing it.
Silverton News
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Silverton, Ore., Feb. 22. Martin
Smith, who has been in Sail Francisco
taking a course of engraving, has re
turned home and is working with his
father in his jewelry store.
ifr. nud Mrs. Claude P. Slade enjoy
ed a visit from the former's sister,
Mrs. John J. Roberts, of Salem, for the
(J. W. Baynnrd, of Aumsville, spent
Saturday night at the Clem Baynavd
home in this city.
A happy little bunch of girls met at
Jewel McKee's last Saturday, in hon
or of her ninth birthday, dames were
played and a very good time reported.
Those present were Ruth Nenl, Julia
and Marie Burch, Wilda Van Cleve,
Mahama McKee, I.ila Blazer aad Nellie
Mrs. Howard M. James returned '
home the first of the week from Port-!
land with her little daughter, who was
operated on for a rmtheriuir back of the
ear. The second operation was neces-1
sary before the cause was removed
She is getting along nicely since the j
last operation.
Axel Larsen. who was called to Mc
Henry, North Dakota, by the death of
his brother, Rev. W. A. Larsen, returned
the last of the week.
A deal was closed on Monday be-
ti,-,,.ln TT Trl. fi ..1....- '..-I T
it, iinnuinvil ill I II m mice UIU1 ,1. i
R. Fitzgerald, of Portland, bv which '
Mr. Fitzgerald takes over the cleaning
and pressing plant opposite the W '
W. hall. Mr. Holverson has business !
interests at Conuille that demnnds his
attention and he is leaving for that j
place. Mr. Fitzgerald is thinking of:
moving his place of business down in 1
town to a better location soon. j
Mrs. Scott is having the room op
posite the Gem theatre fitted up and :
has moved her restaurant in from the
Schmidbaner building. The Silverton j
oakery will -soon be moved into the
place vacated by Mrs. Scott.
P. F. Casen, who was a resident nf
this place some years ago, passed away
at his home at Dufur, Ore. He was a
brother of J. B. Casen of this city, and
also n step-brother of T. Hook, (if Mt
Angel, who was at his bedside at the
Mrs. G. O. Kvans fell over n steplnd
dcr last Saturday and broke her left
arm near the wrist. One of the bones'
in her hand wns also broken and the
other arm quile badly hurt.
Mrs. C. J. Gulden left for Golden-
dale, Wash., on Wednesday morning I
after several months spent n't the J. I., j
l.nrgent home, in this city.
Mrs. Will Haberly, of Waldo Hills, v '
enjoying a visit from her mother, Mrs
Mary Howd. of Salem.
The "Four Leaf Clover" is the ti'lej
of the three act operetta to be idven
Tuesday by the children of the Chris-
tinn Bible school, on March 17, St. j
ra.tncK s day. the proceeds from this
piny will be used to put in a cement
sidewalk around Vlie church.
Mrs. Yetta Haines, overseer of the
Brotherhood of America Yoemen, came
from Portland last Friday to attend tl'
annual installation or officers of tin
local lodge here. The following of
ficers were elected for the coming year:
Past Foreman. Xellie Sayre; honorable
foreman. Carl Brown; muster of cere
monies, Walter Fry; overseer, Arthur
Fry; mistr ess of correspondence, Klnin
Hutten; master of a units. Dr. Chris-
tofferson; lady rcbckiih, Clara Dick;
lady Howena. Julia Fry; master over
seer, Mina Nicols: chaplain, Nellie
Sayres; organizer, Chun Duriio.
A number of high school student's
were entertained at the G. W. Steel
hammer home Friday night in honor of
Mrs. Steclhamnicr 'r brothes, Harry Car
son. Miss Louise Adams is home from the
Fniversity of Oregon, fur a short vaca
tion. George Kreech. (1f California, is visit
ing his mother, Mrs. Roup, and renew
ing old associations among hrs Silver
ton, friends.
Mrs. George Hurst wns culled tn
.Mimsvillo Wednesday, to attend her
parents, wno are ill at that place.
A delightful social event of the week
wns a surprise party on Mm A. V
Wrightmnn on Tuesday afternoon at her
nome on West Ala n street. Tho r,,,,.(v
was planned bv the Pythian Sisters, of
wnicn .Mrs. Wrightmnn is a popular
member. A nice luncheon was served
and a most en lovable nfternn.in nic.!
Knute A. Loe, a prominent citizen of
ninerron. passed away tit his home on
r.ast inn on Monday at the age nf 7.T
year. Deceased was born in Valdei-s,
.'.orway, and moved io Minnesota when
' yw t nee. He wns married to Mis
Anno Strand ii 1S71. After living in
Minnesota 11 years the family moved to
South Dakota ami in HKI2 cu'nio to Ore.
gon, and have lived in this vicinity ever
since. He is survived bv a wife and
seven children: Andrew, Kmil ,1 Mrs
Marie Rye, of Pierpont. South Dakota;'
l arl, l-.mma, Ten d Mis. Kline Anih-
us, of this place. There i also a broth
er, O. A. Loe. of Silverton, and sister
Mrs. Moon, of Piedmont, South Dakota
The funeral was held from the Cuited
Lutheran church on Saturday, February
If, and interment in the Kvans Valley
A happy birthday surprise was given
Grandma Milstcr lit. the home of her
daughter, Mr. Fanny Drake, on Tues
day afternoon. There were about ,T0 of
the dear old friends who eiime and the
afternoon was passed in the happi.-st
exchange of ld associations. Five of
the daughters were present on this glad
occasion: Mrs. Fanny Drake, of this
city; Letta Davenport, of Portland;
Bedn Hclfrick. of Spokane; Dilla Smith,
of Kugene. nnd Ida Graves, of Molalla.
At the home nf the bride's parentsj
Mr. and Mrs. O. L. Hntlcburg, at Scan
dia, on Wednesday, ni high noon, occur
red the mnrrint'o'of Miss I.ovia Hatte-
blirrf niul T,-n,.l, "r T ri. . i
) ., .... ,.iii.ii, inl. n,.,.
! ding was n very ouiot affair with only
ine immediate relatives present. Thev
have a host of friends who extend
heartiest congratulations. The happy
collide will begin hoiifckccpinr? on n l.i"
much in Montnnn. lately purchased b"
Mr Larson nnd his brother.
Mrs, C. J. Rusheini is iiursinr Mrs
'fenrv Schrocdcr. who is convnlscing
from her recent critical sick unell,
Moss F.sthor llines is expecting Hie
followiiif guests on Friday of this
""ek; Mrs. Ross Brown, of Pc.yette,
Tibilin; Mi Hrnct!o Foster, of Cor
vnllis and Abe McFniblen, of Goldfield.
Thomas Booth, who has been visiting
Silverton reletiviM since the liolidnvs.
left on Tuesday for his home at Boise,
I- 'iQpL
1 -Ji'WKtr;
-i l - -
The House That Guarantees Every Turchase.
The Alec Bronkley family spent Sun
day at the home of Mr. Bronkey's pa
rents, at Mt. Angel.
Mrs. Joseph Brodie came from Wood
burn Tuesday and spent the night with
her granddaughter, Mrs. Harvey Hart
man, and family.
The Ladies' Aid of the United T.nth
erun church was entertained on Thurs
day by Mrs. A. A. tlrinde and Mrs. K.
Ileiijum, in the basement of the church.
Mis-s Mary Vandecar accompanied
Miss Winona Palmer home from Corval
lis for a two days' vacation. They
returned to their school work Monday.
A party from Mt. Angel was in this
city the first of the week looking for a
locution for a new bakery.
How To Get Relief When Head
and Nose are Stuffed Up.
Count fifty! Your cold in head or
catarrh disappears. Your clogged nos
trils will open, the air passages of your
head will clear and you can breathe
freely. No more snuffling, hawking,
mucous discharge, dryness or headache;
no struggling for breath at night.
Oct a small bottle of Ely 'a Cream
Balm from your druggist and apply a
little of this fragrant antiseptic cream
in your nostrils. It penetrates through
every air passage of the head, soothing
and healing the swolh n or inflamed
mucous membrane, giving you instant
relief. Head colds, and catarrh yield
like magic. Don't stay btuffed-np and
miserable. Kelief is sure.
Club Wants Naval Base
Located at Astoria
In the Matter of H. II. I'i7."- introduced
in tiie House of Representatives, tilth
Congress, T. S. A., rebruary .1. V.Ufi,
by the Hon. Willis C Hawley, M. C
of Oregon:
Vin;HI-:AS, The Hon. Willis C. Haw
ley, "St. C, of the first. Oregon district,
on February .1, l!Mii, introduced in the
(louse of Kepreventativcs, ti-lth on
gross, V. S. A.. House ftcnbition Xo
I07."i2. entitled "A Itill Authorizing the
establishment of a Naval Itase on the
Columbia River neir Astoria, Oregon,!
and making appropriation for the be-1
ginning of construction,'' provided that!
an initial expenditure of .fl.fion.noil ami,
WIIKRKAK, The Columbia River is
the Port of Knt ry for a vast interior
territory of Oregon, Washington. Ida
ho nnd Montana and portions of Wyom
ing, I't.ili and N'evada, approximating
in area over "J".' 1,00ft square miles of rich
productive and liipidly developing coun
try, having a present population of ov
er S.iidO.Ouil and registering over one
hundred per cent iii'-rease every decade
according to the P. S. census figures;
VH Kit HAS, The Columbia river pro
vides the only watergiade route (by
river, rail and highwiv) from this vast
interior to the Pacific ocean, nnd is
moreover the shortest, rpiickest and most
mobile route from the Pacific seaboard
to the middle, western ami Atlantic
states; nnd
WIIKRKAS, The mouth of the Colum
bia river provides the most logical,
most, strateuic, nud easily defended lo
c ition for the government naval base of
the first class on the entire Pncifie
const of the Tinted States, meeting ev
ery requirement of tiie general board of
the naval deparment; and
W II Kit KAS, The present defenseless
condition of this river is not only a
menace tn the great ''uluinloa basin and
to the middle western states, tint also to
Paget Sound .ind the present govern
ment naval and military investments
there; now therefore
RKSOf.VKI), That we herewith give
our uinpialified indorsement to II. Ii.
1 ii 7-" . above referred to, and earnestly
request our senators and representatives
ill congress to lend their influence and
their vote for tin1 passage of said reso
lution. KKSoI.VKD. That we regard the es
tablishment of the proposed naval base
at tiie mouth of the Columbia river as
an essential and vital element of the
preparedness program for national de
fense; and we herewith urge prompt
and adequate action thereupon in the
interest of the Cnited States.
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Geraldlne rarrar, appearing In "Temp
tation," on the Lasky-Paramouni,
program at Ye Liberty Tuesday,
Wednesday and Thursday.
The gowns worn by Miss Ocraldii e
Farrar in the Jesse 1.. I.askey produc
tion of ' The Temptation," which wi"!
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try from Paris shortly after the nw
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pected to return to fill her opornti
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sion of the Vnitcd States custom o'
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tween this country and Kurope, sli"
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Charleston, W. Va Feb. 22. The
state supreme court will decide whether
it. is unlawful to dig potatoes on Sun
d iv. as a justice of tho peace convicted
and fined two men for such work.
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