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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
. Vl.riiarv 12. M':
Editor and Manager.
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
tec. and Treas.
Daily by carrier, per year
Daily by mail, per year . .
$5.00 Per month 45c
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WariLewis-Williams Ppecial Agency Harry B. Fisher Co.
Tribune Building 30 N. Dearborn St.
The Capital Journal carrier boyj are instructed to put the papers on the
poreh. If the carrier dues not do thin, misies yeu, or neglects getting the
paper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, as this is the only
wy we can determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
Phone Main 81.
Most of Loot Recovered
When Gang Is Arrested
I'hiiayo. Feh. 1. In the arrests of
three "lfii and three women here, fed
eral authorities have rcrovere.l nio-t of
th $"7.-," worth or revenue stamps
taken in a robbery of the St. Paul col
lector's office recently, and they be
lieved today t'uey mav nave J elite to
the bin robbery of a New Westminster,
l. '., bank several years una.
Tho.e arrested were Kdwurd Leon
ard, alias I.utonsky. John Zeik, a mo
torman, and lliehael Fl.inniuii, a sa
i - ... . . i. : M -
1 i,i . i i ii ' looiiKeeoer, mm im-ir n n -ui.
razed now by those who most condemned him but half a; i,wnard is a.d to be the "brains" of
century ago. i a,"a ';ftr,,ot' Vle M0l,n s,a"',s
, , . , . . . . , ,i I were futiml under her floor.
JNowner-e is ne neia in nigner nonor man in me: Letters taken from the prisoners men
Today the 107th anniversary of the birth of Lincoln
is being celebrated throughout the land. From Machias
to San Diego, from the straits of Fuca to Boca Chica,
East and West, North and South alike honor the name
of the one American who ranks in greatness along with
Washington, and in the hearts of the masses, even above
The uprightness of his life, the purity of his motives,
the grandeur of his character, to which the South was.
blinded in the heat of desperate conflict, are fully recog
Absolutely Pure
No Alum No Phosphate
"You ask the second farmer what he
thinks abuut the county agriculturist
and he will sav. "O; He isn't woirv-
Southland where today the gray haired and uniformed 7 f inH.r !"7 r"! "v ll l"f ,,e S-rrPt7
o j i in maiij repei-ts. was iikc tne m. pour stick ir I couldn t pump 2) cents
veterans woo won miniona. it.iiuv. as suiuiers, tutta iu-jram arra.r.
day to pay honor to the memory of him whom they but a j J, lTtS
few years ago considered their greatest enemy. ! had cleared himself in the yye.t
1TT i. -1.1 A 1 r T i. J.1 4.:.1 iU 1,1; a-, iiivmik u nr. i a t-i . . "v
Xiuilcou uiu nuc, luai nas .uc tine tiic buiuicis ui
worth of information out of him in a
year. Why he told me last spring- of
for him."
"What we farmers need is someone
to spend his whole time sorting out the
things we ought to know that ia
knowledge that will advance our finan
cial welfare."
then the next thing we ought to
? ,,riett,.!Vlt,,hl'r ,fa.rnu',r was ,urIli,"C do is to spur ourselves out of the little
lieved he had some part in Passing the
Not a high sounding title but:'"1" taken there
that will be worth his keep to me for
the next 25 vears. "
QorTchn; nf War r.fli-vknn hqrl bis nu n ideas as to ; the North had lor him.
j --- - -- - -- - - If... 1 . I 1 f
inst Wv the nvenaredness business of the United States ! ntting tne man, wno rising irom me numoiest pains 01 !
, i i Li. .1 i 4. 4.u 4....... ........ .,,1 ! 1 1 f o ti rViP n l-ni i ripe r n ti rl mn;r crlnrinnc nnsitinn in tnp
was 10 ne orougiH auoui, anu ai tne s..uue umc msisicu k w.v, r. r.v. OPEN FORUM
he was the only person who knew what steps to take to j world, was untouched by pride of place but remained ji
bring it about. The president's ideas were wrong, so until the tragic end came, one of the common, everyday j'
j(c jc jc
"Get busy and u?c him." is ray ad
vice. ".Make him work for you. Then
you won't bmk on him as an expense.
Anything is tin expense if you let it lay
! around and never use it." I've never
heard of his turning a man down yet
when he wanted him to do something
old grooves we have snuggled ourselves
into and followed all our lives, and be
gin to follow these new methods, and
make use of these new- discoveries
which have been sufficiently tried to
prove their superiority over the old
methods and utilities.
Salem. Oregon, R. R. 7.
were those of General Wood and all others
The County Agriculturist.
. . .1 o ii. i In nnd lOTovnunn fny tha nnhihtir nnc n-vanr ony AT ' t itty years ago an eiglitu crane euu-
This snows me supreme egotism 01 tne man, anu ai, AUl s..wUv.i cation Was considered vm- good for the
fnp siw timp shows his unfitness for the nlace he held. I his character increases as the years go by, and history a average farmboy, but today the parents
.... , i i i -ii i i j 'i . ii. j i
ia -nnirl nnt vPPffrni7P thp f-Act that he was as hab e to tnousana years nence-wiu ongnten us pages wun tne
ilV V. - ' - n . 1 111 1J 1 1 1
... i i j..'LiL-Lii JvUi. Kr, wAiinlctnnr rt nno fr fho wAr n c crvp?irpcr anH riPVhnnQ its
mistake as anyone else, or admit that there might be more
than one way of reaching a result.
' He was little, and being so thought the affairs of the
country would go to the dogs if he was not on the job,
and just to "show them," in a fit of childish temper, resigned.
He is probably already sorry tor nis nasty action, dui
1 UllVlVkJU WiUlil
Mount Hood showed itself yesterday as white as
"Lots wife done in salt.'' Jefferson also peeped over the:tilP Kereatf.stmnm'onnt ofVnwiedo
snowy ridges, its ragged top looking much like a gener
nn rlish nf irp m-pa m. Tt. was ton bad that ex-President
so far as the people of this country are concerned, he is; Taft was not m portland at the time to remove any Im
probably alone in that feeling. The country will wagjgering doubts he may have as to the existence of those
along just the same as it always has; the church bells will peaks. He said he had heard of them on his two trips to
ring on Sundays as of yore, while on week days the tin- Oregon but had never seen them, so had to take their ex
regenerate will pursue the elusive dollar, buy and sell I istence on faith.
stocks, cinch their friends and carry on the business oti
Judce Donahue of Oakland, California, In a trial
the country forgetful of the fact that Garrison has re
signed. Four pecks will still make a bushel, water will
continue to seek its level and taxes will become due and
Thursday, held that the witness, a woman, need not tell
trip pcnppinl hmnd nf rmnishment sbp exnertpd to receive
delinquent just the same as before the peppery secretary fm thg next world if she committed penury. One of the
threw up his job. I probable punishments might be to be cross-questioned
And while he is in voluntary retirement, the steps tori b a b of jugt such iawyers as tne 0ne who asked the
preparedness will be taken along the lines he did not in-1 nptsf:nn
dorse, unless the neace advocates get in their work hard , n
enough to upset the fat and drop it in the fire.
' The retiring secretary shows just one faint glimmer
of hard horse sense, and that is in declaring he will not
take the stump to oppose Wilson. To do so would be to
double the measure of his foolishness and childishness.
Just why a man who has served in solitary confine
ment for four years as vice-president of the United
States should seek to be resentenced to another four year
term is one of the things that will never be known. Not
since the days of Calhoun has a vice president been re
elected, and so far as we know none has desired to be.
' A correspondent in the Oregonian says in defending
the robin that in the east the return of these little birds
was always welcome and there was no complaint about
their hogging the fruit. It is added that "we always left
some cherries on the trees for his especial benefit." Out
-this vvnv it is difTpvent. Here sometimes the robins leave!
v... ......... - ., . , . . r .. pia "l-tao vji uiuii, aim nu x, w xiwuv.ci anu thrirnv nrnim, Hie fnrmpr "T.et
us go bnck nnd see if we enn find out
It surely is just one blamed thing after another in
Portland. That inland seaport has had ice, snow, sleet,
rain and devastation following on each others heels fori them.
that do not give their boy a high school
education, if he will take it. are looked
upon as delinquent in their filial duty.
The requirements for an education
are becoming greater every day, and
more and more is In-ing added to the
long list of things to be learned, till it
is becoming a grave question, "what
is the best method to follow to acquire
e in a
given time?'
It used to be thought that when one
graduated from high school they had
completed their education, but now a
farmer id up against it if he does not
study continuously. There is no end to
our education. For every new thing we
learn 10 more are brought to our no
lice that ne feel we ought to know.
It is just as important for the farm
er to study out the proper methods to
follow by which to learn as it is to be
come inspired with the incentive to
leatn. It is just as possible' to learn
what you want to know in half the
time, if you go at it in the proper man
ner, as it is for one mnn to split up
two blocks of wood while another is
splitting one because lie knows the bet
ter how to go about it.
One day I went through a poultry
show with a certain farmer. We look
ed at every coop of birds in the build
ing and made casual remarks about a
great many of the birds on exhibit.
There was a raponizing clinic but we
didn't stop for that.
The next day I went through the
same show with another farmer. At the
very first coops we met the owner,
nnd the farmer began asking all manner
of questions. "Were thev hatched in
an incubator? What did he feed them
when thev were small? What did it
cost to raise them fwm the time thev
were hatched toill they began to lav'
Did it nnv to breed to two-year-old
roosters?" Etc., etc.
We enme unon four coops of Bnrred
Pocks thnt had no cards or ribbons upon
The farmer was rerv curious
Safeguard Your Health by
Taking the Proper Care of Your
Teeth. Modern Appliances.
Sanitary Office
Dr. W. A. COX
303 State Street
Your health depends very much on proper masti
cation of food. Without good teeth you cannot per
form this duty.
With all of my latest equipment and sanitary of
fice I can put your teeth into shape with less pain
and inconvenience to you.
Lady Nurses always present.
303 State Street
Phont 926
A 1 " ! 11. .. 1 11,.-. -... v iMIt Mi- Aim 1 - . - . . .. .. . ..
a tew cnerries lor tne owners 01 me ma m-i un.cu, fl00(is. it can console itself with the Arabian fatalist con
and then only when they are overlooked or the crop is too, soiation: Even this will pass away."
heavy for the birds to harvest. !
Another flood is reported on its wav down from
ti . ii.. ..nii. 4- n-no t- ii i. nn'ii.--n nt'U'j rviiTcr
It IS 1
honor be smirched if we don't get in and have a row
with Germany. She knows Uncle Sam has a long arm
and is anxious he should reach in and rake out some of
England's chestnuts. Every move the Kaiser makes, the
Hritishers want Uncle Samuel to "swat him."
anvthinrr about those four coops of
Barred Rocks." ffp found the own
er in front of them. "What is the rens
on your coops aren't tagred?" innuirei'
'ne tarmer. well: inese hens are
and will not score high
compote with these show
ied the owner. "Can't a
The long drouth yesterday may check the;!y,n ,av r.ec' " S!',n,r biy' j"
, t i . ,i .lt t 1 I'M ""Jinn l 1 1 1 1 1" , lll U lilt IlirnHT, A"
flood and prevent damage to the village down the creek. ;ir!" relied the owner. "You mk'ht
mst as well trv to raise nnirv cows
eally pathetic the way the English press pets F , th t , th- w t the Wi ir
worked up over any act ot the leuton allies that touches, u fedi Poi.tland as the Columbia is also re-! bin's " rU
inn nitft Mates, anu trrows so ieanui iesi our nauuiutii ,j
ported rising.
.. i Ml i vr 1 1 ' breeding them to the standard intended
in uic saiuun. in uucniniir, v-ctiiiwi ma, uootu nan tor n ncet snow n-s to trv to raise lav
The senate committee examining into the fitness of j
Hrandeis for a place on the supreme bench, has discov
ered that you can't please all the people even part of the j
time no more than you can fool them all the time. Onoi
to capital and the other that he is too unfriendly toward i
to capital and the other that he is to ounfriendly toward,
it. Must be a pretty independent sort of a chap to have,
made both sides sore.
doors Wednesday while the owners and bartenders went !,v 'ejije to the standard
, , . , i , i ii intended for these fancr show b rds. "
lo eiuiicn to laKf in iuM.eiiii; ine luvviis uevciu
ment along religious and business lines. What next?
0 VllfUlllt
Albert Baker, a citizen of Sacramento. California, and
' veteran of the civil war, was left a fortune of $100,000 by
a relative in Philadelphia. Unfortunately for him he
died three weeks before the money was left him. And
' yet some folks say there is no such a thing as luck.
It is the farmers living in the lowlands of the "Beauti
ful Willamette" who are blue just now instead of the
river. They will not remain that way more than a day
or sp, for most Oregonians are used to plenty of vater.
Snv! I wish I had that five dollars
bnck T paid out for n fancy rooster
j last spring. " cried the farmer. "How
I do von go about it to oroduce these
j laving hens?" "Well." the owner be
"I'M tell vou how I have been
: dning it." "Three years ago I had one
j hotidred and twenty-five laving hens. I
I All through January they didn 't aver-1
j age me over six eggs a day. I mnrked
the ones thnt were laying and found
j I had nine that were doing the most
of the winter laving. I put them in n ;
! separate coop the next spring and
raised mv next year's chickens from!
hem. Lust winter I culled out the
The young man labors hard at home, and writes a,'1:""" w"n- tJ,i" wii"" 1 c--
or a pome, and, hoping to receive long green, he ! da v from one hundred hos.
sends it to a magazine, or maybe to some daily sheetj yiie farmer bmked at him intentu-for
w-Kmb tvnnto 1W ,fff fU- '? ,0.w momeM-, anil saul. "1 'm going t-
unto iiyjL
the country.
of War Garrison lias resigned and so is
LADD .& BUSH, Bankers
Established 1863
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Dcpasit Boxes
MUU lliaib Aeeil anuibcein culline out mv hens, and T'!l
sweet. Then back it comes, bv early mail, i "t ",e (1:'r" h.,!"ls .ff : dri",p ,ivii
j i i.i -i. i , . i mi OTt me. .iv nens nave tree range, l
and how that writer makes his wail! The; haven -t time to fooi with no .eeomi
editors are all combined to bar that great1 1"'." ". A,ul looVoa like he was hank
and fertile mind ! Or else they didn't read ,lat 1( w"eu be I,ronounoe,i
his stulF, but calmly set it down as guff,1 A" .w.p t"rne'1 "wav. we ,10ti,;pJ
, i. , .. , i .., , . ' j enpomzing demonstration was about to
and Shipped it back With hlS OWn Stamps begin. The farmer tried to get a chance
what wonder tears are in his lamps? I; f0 17 "7',1ins ,00 mu,rn- h
., . , couldn't do it so he secured a box nnd
used to talk that way myself, when viewing stood upon that. That didn't hdP
bundles on the shelf of tales and other gemsj uJTSl
of thought, which editors returned as rot. j iy. riacing it upon the other one he
Put frinrir. tlio oilitni-o u-oi-o vi'n-lif I TVia ' climbed on top. Kverybody laughed.
1 ... '"v' v"v. .V.L . l, did he. but he had a fine view of
editors are mostly white, and if they see in man or dame the demonstration, as we parted that
a symptom of the genius flame, they do not douse the .h;: S il"Jr
glowing sparK wun outer sneer or cold remark, but try; You win an agree that the
, to fan it to a blaze, and nourish it with smile and praise. L"rT.".irk ne"irrned'raSn
iinese nieia mors, or course, are mixed, out wnen i veifrom n.s visit to the ho-
; time I'll have them fixed.) The editors, all o'er this
sphere, are looking, looking, year by year, to find the
1 writers who can write, and finding one brings keen de
, light. So, if you cannot sell your junk, it is because the
'junk is punk.
! -.Vl
hi "
The Four Corners of the
hold no greater attractions than
An ideal place to spend your winter va
cation is California. Are you interest
ed in mountain or beach resorts? Both
are there. Bathing in midwinter, pick
ing oranges, motoring or mountain
climbing are a few of the many diver
sions possible. Outdoor sports the year
, around. Tennis courts and golf grounds
everywhere. Hotel accomodations to
fit the purse of everyone. Panama
California Exposition at San Diego
open all the year.
Fifty-five Dollars
is the round trip rate to Los Angeles
and other Southern California cities.
Six month limit. Stopovers.
Ask your local agent or write
John M. Scott,
, General Passenger Agent,
Portland, Oregon.
Always Watch JThis Ad Changes Often
as six of
the average farmers put together. If
yon ask him how he liked the poultry
show he will exclaim, "It was fine, it
was great!" If vou ask the ordinary:
farmer how he liked the poultry show.
he will answer in a disinterested man
ner. "O. it was the same old thing they
had last vear."
t Strictly correct weight, square deal and highest pices for all kinds of '
juuh, meim, rv.ooe- niaes and furs. I rnv ..
'C Per round f..F .-,1.1 .
n,a ... t. nf .11 ...n. 1 .... . . ... .
,B . a.v. en win -Mini incuuators. All kiiuts
iron tor lotu roots and building
Roofing raper and
second hand
H. Steinback JunkJCo.
The House of Half a Million Bargains.
Xorth romnercLal St.
Faone 803 .