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(Continued from Fage Two.)
Mrs. lone Fisher Hickerson present
ed Miss Ethel McDonald, reader, in a
private recital Thursday evening at
her home, 5tiU North 21st street.
Miss McDonald gave five numbers,
the last one was A monologue, "Aunt
Sopuronia Tabor at the Opera," which
was given in costume.
After the programme, the guests en
joyed a dainty lunch.
The rooms were prettily and effect
ively adorned with Valentine decora
tions. Mrs. Lawrence Bunn was the motif
of a pleasant surprise party Friday,
when a number of friends and relatives
gathered with well filled baskets for
dinner anil a general good time.
Pretty valentine place cmls were
made by the guests and marked covers
for: Mrs. C. K. Whitney and Miss Kd-
na Whitney, Mrs. .1. W. llagedorn, Mrs.
Lloyd Ramsden, Mrs. J. V. Shaller,
Mrs. Henry Fuller, Mrs. ('. C. Witzoll,
Mrs. Lawrence Bunn, Miss Bonnie
Bunn and Miss Mabel Savage.
The ladies of the Women's Alliance
of the Unitarian church were entertain
ed by Mrs. J. W. Cox, 351 N. Winter
street Friday ufetrnoon.
In addition to tho regular work of
the alliance a. verv interesting pro
gramme appropriate to the memory of
Lincoln was given. After tho singing
of "America," Mrs. Wm. Hamilton
read "O Why Should the Spirit of
Mortal Be Proud?" Lincoln's favorite
Mrs. R. C'artwright read Ingersoll's
tribute to Lincoln ind Mrs. K. F. Carle
ton, "The Gettysburg Address," being
followed by appropriate selections by
others present and closed by tho singing
of patriotic songs.
The rooms were patriotically decor
ated with flags and pictures of Abra
ham Lincoln.
Later the hostess served refresh
ments. Friilay evening the parent-teachers
association of the Richmond school
held a meeting at the school building.
At the business session, Mrs. W. H.
Walsh was elected president to succeed
Mrs. Olingor.
During the meeting the association
voted to buy chairs for the primary
class, and to purchase basket b.ill and
playground apparatus for the children.
Later a short musical programme was
enjoyed by all present.
The Loyal Order of Moose have is
sued invitations for a Valentine dance
to be given at the Moose hull, Monday
evening, February the fourteenth.
Rehearsals began this week by the
choir of St. Paul's K.piscopal church
for the presentation of Sir John Stabl
er 's Passion Oratorio, "The Crucifix
ion," to be given sometime during
Holy Week this year, probably on t'.ie
evening of Good Friday, April 21.
Stainer's Crucifixion is one of the best
known sacred oratorios, modeled on the
style of Bach's 1'assion music. It is
rich in harmonic effect, ami has been
extensively used, both in full and in
part. The well-known anthem "flod
So Loved the World" forms ono num
ber as does the tenor solo "King Kvcr
Glorious." There are twenty numbers
in all including several hymns.
Solo parts are to be Liken by Thom
as Williams, 'Frank G. Dcckebach anil
George C. L. Snvder.
A scintillating vaudeville benefit
will be given at the Grand theatre on
the night of March the fourth, under
the auspices of the Moose lodge.
In the repertoire of attractions of
fered for charity, the vaudeville never
fails to interest say what we please
to the contrary. The entertainers for
the evening will include an all star
imported cast and a number of clever
local men.
One of the most Attractive special
ties of the benefit will be the exquisite
and artistic dances given by Miss
Priscilla Fleming and Willard Hall,
who are most graceful and excellent
exponents of the art.
The dances which they are now re
hearsing under tho tutorship of an ex
pert, will be the latest and most in
teresting of the season's contributions.
The personnel of the committee in
charge of the affair is Ernest Blue,
George Patterson and Benjamin Brick.
Enthusiasm is already keen for the
benefit and there is little doubt that
the house will be crowded, notwith
standing the heavy demand made upon
Salem for the local and other charities
tiiis season.
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Judge Thomas A. McBride is in Port
land. W. I. Staley went to Portland this
John Savage went to Portland this
A. F. Mnrsden, of Brooks, was in the
city yesterday.
A. C. Cady, flax expert, went to Al
bany this morning.
J. R. Cartwright was in the city yes
terday from Harrisburg.
Dr. William Steelhammer, of Tort
land is visiting in the city.
T. G. Albert, of the Barnes store,
went to Portland this afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Homer Goulet, of Hop
mere, were in the city yesterday.
Attorney Glenn E. t'n'ruh is in M
Minnville today on legal business.
George Steelhammer, a druggist of
Silverton, was in the city yesterday.
Mrs. Z. J. Riggs went to Portland
this morning on the Oregon Electric.
Mrs. A. G. Davidson went to Port
land this morning for a week end visit.
D. B. Moses, a merchant of Gervnis,
was registered at the Bligh yesterday.
C. J. Ramsden and wife of Mncleny
were registered yesterday at the Bligh.
Mrs. C. L. Purdy, 960 Mill street, is
week-end visitor in Portland, with
Mrs. Suttor, living on North Seven
teenth street, returned today from a
two months' visit witn relatives in the
Profes'or Hart, of the Washington
junior high school went to Portland
this morning.
Miss Mabel Fethcrs went to Corval-
Salem High Toys With
Corvallis and Wins
By One Sided Score
The Salem high school basketball
team again demonstrated their claim to
being the class of the academics
of the state when they administered an
unmerciful drubbing to the Corvallis
high school by a score of 6.) to 11. The
score at the end of the first half was
24 to 4 and the Sulem boys attempted
to let up a little on the visitors but
they wero unable to keep from scoring
and just dropped in baskets through
force of habit whenever they felt that
The Corvallis boys showed up as a
clumsy, ill organized bunch in compari
son with the clever teamwork and skill
of the Salem players and the game
held little interest from a4 spectator 's
The lineups follow:
Corvallis Adams, center; Bailiff,
Spenee, forwards; Corbet t, Fisher,
Salem Gill, center; Proctor, C. Rad
cliff, forwards; K. Kadclil'fe, Ackerman,
Referee Gingrich.
The following article by J. W. Ma
runey, president of the Salem Floral so
ciety, is of interest to those concerned
in landscape gardening, as well as the
planting of flowers.
The floral society will hold its
monthly meeting at the Commercial club
Monday evening at 8 o'clock.
Tho Salem Floral society wishes to
convince all house holders of the im
portance of having neat and successful
vegetable gardens in back yards and
vacant lots in place of weeds, uncared
for lawns or rubbish. Such a garden
not only improves the homes appear
ance but adds to the city's good looks
and helps property values. A lot here
tofore vacant planted in potatoes ought
to produce from $25 to $35 and in gen
eral "truck" perhaps as high as $75
worth of produce to the family using
it. A small patch in rear premises,
thoroughly fertilized and intensely cul
tivated and irrigated would help ma
terially in reducing living expenses.
Such gardens will warrant the expense
of seeds, plants, and spading or plow
ing. Seeds should bo purchased only
from reputnble seed firms who sell the
best. Plants should be purchased from
reliable market gardeners who raise
good truck themselves. Persons having
vacant lots and not caring to use them
would help a good cause by donating
their use to individuals who need round
to cultivate. The society will endeavor
if notified to secure someone to garden
such a lot.
As soon as the ground can be culti
vated the following varities can be put
in: Spinach, early peas, radishes, beets
carrots, lettuce, onions, potatoes, pars
nips, and also early cabbage and cauli -flower
plants. From the 20th of April
on tomatoes, egg plants and pepper., can
be set out. After May 1st squashes
conteloupes watermelons, com or beans
should be planted.
Ex-Senator Dixon Would
Nominate Roosevelt
Missoula, Mont., Feb. 12. Joseph M
Dixon, former Vnited States senator'
from Montana, and until recently
chairman of the Progressive National
committee, today announced his candi
dacy as a delegate to tho republican
national convention to be held in Chi
cago, in dune and declared that he be
lieves both the progressive and repub
lican conventions should unite in the
nomination of Theodore Roosevelt as
candidate of a re united and triumph,
ant republican partv In his formal an
nouncement Dixon 'declares that ho is
nor acting with tnc knowledge or con
on., t ii ii 1. r
ui nuusoeir, anil mat He is tak
ing this step in his own personal
Her Spiritual Wedding.
Dallas. Tevns VaI, 10 r,i. ,t...,i... ..
wedding march was played at the funer
al of Miss Pearl Castle, aged 27, at her
own request. Sh? believed that death
was a "spiritual wedding" with
How Would You Like to Trade Your
Piano for a Player-Piano?
You could do this in the next few
days without paying very much dif
ference. You can secure the best in
a player-piano, a standard make of an
instrment- guaranteed by Eilers Music
House and tho manufacturers. A
Kimball, a Smith & Barnes, an Eilers
Bungalow, or some other well known
make. You can. purchase the best n
a player-piano now for a prico lower
than you will ever be able to again,
ns since the disappearance of C. F.
Hull of the Valley Music Hose, every
inslrment has been ordered sold with
out regnrd to profit.
See the very latest creation oFhe
Kimball company, or the Eilers Bun
galow player-piano which received the
gold medal at the P. P. I. E. San Fran
cisco. A little each month like rent se
cures one of the mand with each we
include $25 worth of free music and
a beautiful bench. There are six
player-pianos and we positively will
not ship duplicates at the prices
marked plainly on each instrument.
You can save from $200 to $2S5 by
purchasing now. Store open evenings.
J. O. Gallagher, general agent for
Eilers Music House and the Manufac
turers, 264 Commercial street.
lis this morning to enroll at the O. A.
C. for the spring semester.
Chester Taw, of Pilverton, is in the
city, vistiing his brother Gustav A.
Taw, of the Capital Drug Store.
Carl Fenton, coach of athletics at the
high school, left today to spend the
week end in Salem. Eugene Guard.
Mhilip Patterson, of the firm of Wil
lits and Patterson, Portland, is here
visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. I. L.
Mrs. Conlrerns. of 490 South Six
teenth street, will go to Willamette san
itarium for an operation for cancer
next Monday. Dr. Fisher will perform
the operation.
3fc 3C sc 3c SC S(C C 5C 3(C 3jC 3C SfC 9fS 9C 3C 3fC
Free Methodist.
So. 1228 North Winter street. . Sun
ijy services: Sabbath school 9:45. j
Preaching at 11 a. m. and 7:45 p. m.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p. m.
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
Salvation Army.
Sunday services as follows: Knee
drill, 9:30 a. m. Sunday school and
Bible class, 10:30 a .m. Christian
praise meeting, 3 p. m. Y. P. L., 6:15
p. m. .Salvation meeting, 7:45 p. m.
Week night services every night except I
Monday and Thursday. Capt. and Mis.
Rural Chapel.
II. C. Stover, minister. Morning ser
vice at 11:30. Sunday school at 10:30.
Christian Endeavor at 7 p. in.
Central Congregational.
Corner .South Nineteenth and Ferry
streets, II. C. Stover, minister. Sun
day school at 10 a. in. Junior Christian
Endeavor at 0 p. m. Senior Endeavor
at b':45 p. m. Evening sermon by the
pastor at 7:30. Prayer and Bible study
hour Thursday at 7:30 p. m.
Leslie M. E.
Bible school, 9:45 a. m., Joseph Bar
ber, superintendent. Morning service,
11 o'clock. Junior League. 3 p. m.,
Helen Frey and Cleo Walker, leaders.
Epworth League, (i:30 p. m. Evening
service, 7:30 . J. C. Spencer, pastor.
Liberty Street Church of the Evangeli
cal Association.
Corner of Center and Liberty streets,
II. E. Hornschuch, pastor. Sabbath
school at 10 a. m., Wm. Garnjobst, su
perintendent. At 11 a. m., German
services and tho Holy Communion, led
by the pastor. At 7 p. m., the Young
People's Allinnce will meet and the
Rev. H. Schuknecht, of Portland, will
address the young people. At 7 p. m.,
there will be English preaching serv
ice by Mr. Schuknecht. This is the last
quarterly conference and communion
service of the year and all members and
friends are urged to be present.
Swedish Tabernacle, M. E.
Comer South Fifteenth and Mill
streets, Rev. John Ovall, minister.
Services at 3 p. m. and 8 p. m. All
Scandinavians nre most cordially invit
ed to attend. Ladies' Aid society meets
in the church next' Tuesday, February
15, at 2 p. in. All welcome.
United Evangelical.
Revival meetings nl the I'nite.l Kvnn.
gelical church, Cottage and Center
streets, which arc being conducted by
ine pastor, Kev. A. A. Winter, assisted
by R. G. Miller, with his guitar, took
on new life lust niidit when Keve.nl
came forward and gave themselves over
into tne omuls ot the Lord. Confessions
were made and old wounds wore healed.
Meetings will continue indef initck- kv!
eryone welcome. Come and help' and
get neipeii,
United Brethren.
Castle Chapel corner Seventeenth
street and TVcl.ri.ut, ..,. ir i.
Dorks, minister; G. O. Tanker, Sunday
school school superintendent. Bible
school, 10 a. m. Morning worship, 11
a. m. Christian Endeavor, 6:30 p. m.
Gospel in song and sermon 7:30 p. m!
i'i.imi uiecijug luesi ay ev
ening 7:30. '
St. Paul's, Episcopal "
Robert S. Gill, rector. Holy Com
munion ,:30 a. ni. Choral Eucharist
with address 1 1 m r. . ,
address 7:30 p. m. Sunday school 9:45
u. m.
Corner of Chemeketn and Cottnrre
streets, Richard F. Tischer. minister
Sunday school at 10 o'clock, Miss Ethei
iletcher, superintendent. Morning ser
vice at 11 o'clock Evening service at
7.30 o'clock. The Hon. Charles A
Murdock, general secretary of the Pa
cific Const conference, will speak at
both services. His morning subject is-
Are Unitarians Christians?" Mr T
H. Galloway will sing at both services!
Mr. Harry Mills, organist. All friends
ot liberal religion. and in progressive
meals are especially invited to these
services. Bring your friends.
South Salem Friends
Corner of South rommerci.H ,t
Washington streets Bible school at 10
? m i). C. Miles, superintendent. Meet
ing for worship and preaching at 11 n
m and 7:30 p. ,. 'C. E. Meeting a,'
0.-0 p. m Prayer meeting at 7:15 p.
m Thursday. II. E. Pemberton, pal
United Evangelical.
IWth Cottngo street between Center
i a .m., Sundny school, Mr. a
flesher, superintendent. n a ' m '
1 1.l.i n i- ' ""'""r -endeavor.
p , ' x""""u nemrngton and Pearl
Flesher. 0:30 p. m., Young People's
meeting, topic, "Consecreated Influ
T" 7 J1'8 PtlUli"C Knin(fton, lead-f.ri-
P- m'' """flifltic. service,
"Things That Must Stand Aside." The
special meetings, so successful Inst
weet. will onnlinn. i
..... . ur.,v uint aiirine
the week. Mr. R. O. Miller sings a solo
""J uigni wun nis guitar aceomponi
meut and assists in personal work.
Come, you will be helped and blessed if
you do.
Highland Friends.
Comer of Highland and Elm streets.
Sabbath school 10 a. m., Mrs. Myrtle
Kenworthy, superintendent Meetings
for w orshin 11 a. m.. and 7:30 p. m.
Junior Endeavor in charge of Bessie
Shinn. 2:30 p. m.. Christian Endeavor.
6:15 p. m., Hnzel Tucker, leader. Pray
er meeting Thursday, 7:30 p, m. Jose
phine Hockett, pastor. Thone 1465.
German M. E.
Corner Thirteenth and Center streets.
A. .T. Weigle. pastor Sunday school
at 10 a. m Hen-y Ornlapp. ' superin
tendent. Public worsnlp at 11 o'clock.
Enworth League nt 7 p. m., Louis Old
enburg, leader. Sermon at 7:30 p. m.
With these services we intend to be
gin our revival meetinfs to which those
who understand the German language
nrc cordially invited.
... ..
.... - - N
i :
A Dining Room Set That Cannot Be Duplicated for the Price j
Quartered Oak,
. H '
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. '
One Set of Six Quartered Oak, Leather Seat Dining Chairs
One Quartered Oak Buffet, French
One Quartered Oak China Closet, Large and Roomy
The Adam's Period Colonial design and
Antique finish in Old Ivory with cir
cassion Walnut tops. This is the very
latest that can possibly be obtained in
" t
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Bed Room Furniture. See Our Window Display. You will always find the
Latest and Best at Moore's, and the prices arc right.
You Get More at
Moore's for Your
East State and Eighteenth streets,
George Korhler, pastor. Sunday school
in German and in English at 10 o'clock.
Divine services at 10:30 a. m. Subject,
"God's Appearance to Moses." Luth
er League ut l:45 p. m. Evensong ser
vice at 7:30 p. m.
Ministerial Union.
The. Sulem .Ministerial Cnion will
meet ill regular 'session Monday nt
10:30 a. m., . M. C. A. buiMiug. i lie
order of the day is a paper entitled,
"Jei-cmfcih, thie Suffering 'Patriot."
Dr. Curl G. Doney.
First Christian.
Corner High and Center streets, F.
T. Porter, minister. Bible school !t:45
a. m., Dr. H. C. Epley, director, Lloyd
Holdimnn, assistant 11 a. m., Wor
ship and Herman, sunject, "Order in
Creation." 6:30 p. m., C. E., Miss Ed
monston, lender. 7:30 p. m. Sermon
subject, "The Ideal Young Man." In
this sermon the y iung women will give
their conception of tin ideal young
man. Orchestra at evening service.
Mary Schultz, who has . unuvodubly
been absent two Sundays, will be ut
both morning and evening services. In
troduction with stereopticon.
First Methodist Episcopal.
Corner State and Church streets,
Richard N. Avison, minister. 9 a. m.,
Class meeting. 9:45 a. in., ,Subbnth
school, Messrs. Selnomm and Gilkey,
superintendents. 11a. m., Morning wor
ship, sermon by Kev. Charles Bowen,
D. D., of Seattle, subject "The I.onli
ness of Christ." (i:30 p. m., Interme
diate League, Mrs. M. C. Findley, super
intendent. 0:30 p. m., Epworth League,
Miss Eva Scott, president. 7:30 p. in.,
Evening worship. Miss Alice Haw
thorn, national field secretary for
yotmg people of the W. H. M. S., will
speak. Subject, 'Women's Home Mis
sions in Activity." Music by the
chorus choir both morning nnd even
ing, under tho direction of Dr. Frank
W. Chace.
Commons Mission.
NTo. 211 State street, Iicv. B. AV.
Shaver speaks Sundny nt 3 p. m. Serv
ices Tuesday and Friduy evenings nt
7:30. Free employment office. Phone
918. J. D. Cook, superintendent.
First Congregational.
James Elvin, pastor. Sunday school
at 10 o'clock, Prof. W. I. Stiiley, su
perintendent. Morning service at 11
o'clock. Service in commemoration of
107th anniversary of Tdrth of Abrnhum
Lincoln. A cordial inivtntion has been
extended to members of O. A. R., Wom
en 's Relief Corps, Ladies of the O. A.
R.. Oregon Indian fighters, Spanish
War Veternns and Sons of Veternns to
join with the members and friends of
the church in patriotic exercises. Good
music by chorus choir, direction of Win.
McGilchrist, Sr. Patriotic sermon by
pastor, subject, "Abraham Lincoln,
the Voice," Christian Endeavor at
0:30. All voting' people of the church
invited to uttend this meeting. 7:30 p.
m., Evening service, good singing, choir
and congregation. Brief address on
subject. "Why Bov Go Wrong," by
Superintendent Will 8. Hule, slate
Plank Top, Waxed, 6ft. and 45 in. top Dining Table, $1 7.00 k
training school. Mr. tide's remarks
will be illustrated with moving pic
tures showing very plainly and con
vincingly "Why Buy Go Wrong." Ev
erybody invited and everybody wel
come. .Mid-week sinvtce Thursday ev
ening 7:30. Studies in Bunk of Acts.
W. C. T. U.
Kev. II. C Stover will address the
meeting ut Ramp memorial hall Sun
day, 4 p. m. All nre invited to attend.
Nazarene Tabernacle.
North Nineteenth und Marion streets.
Bible school 10 n. m., Wm. Dennis, su
perintendent. Preaching 11 a. m, and
7:30 p. ni. Prayer meeting Wednes
day 7:30 p. m. Everyone welcome. B.
W. Shaver, pastor, lofio Waller street.
FifBt Presbyterian.
An English Earl is regarded in Amer
ica as of little worth except to orna
ment a public meeting or to mnrry nu
i neness hut on Sunday evening the pns
; tor, Carl H. Elliott, will tell tho life
titoiy of one who so used his wealth nnd
i influence that when his body was eur
! rjed to its last resting place the streets
I were lined on both sides w ith thousands
I of the poor w hose lives he had helped
I to make easier and gladder. Of him it
I has been said that "To him more than
I to any other man have the reforms of
I the nineteenth century been due." In
I the morning sermon the pastor will
; speak of the unpromising opportunity
jthnt Jesus improved and made so fruit
I ful. The Sunday school meets nt 9:45
j o'clock. Mr. Joseph H. Albert is the
j newly elected superintendent. Classes
; for nil ages.
Jason Lee Memorial.
At the corner of Jefferson and North
Winter streets, J. Montcalm Brow n,
pastor. Sunday school at 10 n. m., C.
' Al. Roberts, superintendent. Mrs. W.
' C. Etnmel, superintendent primary de
partment. Preaching service nt 11 a.
m. Epworth League devotional service
at 15:30. At 7:30 evangelistic service.
Special meetings will continue through
tho week except on Thursday evening
i when Kev. Dr. A. W. Leonard, of Se
attle, will lecture on, "Current
First Church of Christ, Scientist.
Sunday services lire held at 410
Chemeketn street, nt II a. m. .ind H
p. in. Subject of Bible lesson, "Soul."
Sunday school at 9:45 a. in. Wednesday
evening testimonial meeting nt 8:00
'o'clock. Reading room in the Hubbard
'building, suite 303, and is open every
day, except Sundays an.l holidays, from
1 1 : l.j a. ni. to 4 p. m. All ire wel
come to our services and invited to vis
it our failing room.
Tacomn, Wash., Feb.. 12. Increase
of five pre cent in poy of .ill employes
of the Tncoma Smelting company is an
nounced today. This is the second gen
eral advnnce in the lat half year, ten
per cent having been added about six
mouths ago.
The lowest wage now pid at the
smelter Is 2.."n a day, which goes to
common yard laborers. The big pro
portion of the smelter workers get
wages of skilled workmen.
You will find every thing that is new
and Up-lo-Date at our store. We make
a Speciality of showing the latest and
best in the Furniture Line.
We are here showing a line of Full
Quartered Oak, Waxed Finished, Solid
Plank Top Furniture of known values.
Plate Glass .
A Jew Christian
To Speak Tomorrow'
I ly in the hii--iiiii 1'i.iianit campaign. .
A remarkable young Jew is in our . .few ish soldier in tho German Hues fire 1
city nnd will speak at the First i'resby- I nt another soldier on the Russian side,
terinn church tomorrow nfternoon lit j who immediately dropped dead. Th.
2:30 o'clock. His name is Joseph Culm j German Jew went up to the body, tinn
nnd he is the son of ex-Rabbi Colin, ed it over, nnd was horrified to tin I
founder of the noted Williamsburg mis-j that he had shot his own brother. Th-i
sion to the Jews of New York City. j shock was so great that he turned his
There are nearly a million and a half gun on himself and committed suicid :
of Jews in New York City and thou-! over the body of his brother. The con-
I sands of them have never heard the
i gospel. In the section where this mis -
Iwsion is located nri, gathered 3oO,t)HO
j.Iews, nnd only 28,001) are in the synn-
gngues. .Mr. Cohn's father was convert-
,ed over 20 years ago while he was u
rabbi in Austria-Hungary.
Mr. Cohn will tell of the thrilling ex-
perienc.es of his father, both hefore and
nfter his conversion and will describe
'some of the manners and customs of his "Now, about the possibilities of i
j people as well ns their hopes and nspir- renewed l'ulestiuo movement for th
jutions so little known by the Chris- Jews, it is yet too early in the war U
tinu world. I foretell with any degree of accuracy
Mr. Colin is an interesting speaker j what may tako place. One thing seems
i and he hns a wonderful message, which certain, Turkey is doomed, and wit'i
everyone shoulU Hear. the unmhilntion of Turkey there ma.;
Jews Fighting Jews. come a greater freedom for the Jews
Joseph Cohn, the Christian Jew who!',1,1 ,ht' r.luimin of their own la,i,t.
;u m t...u ,.f .!, v:r i.w,i....... I England has already c,ven n pledge t i
church tomorrow afternoon was discuss-!
ling recently tho present European
struggle and its effects upon the Jews
of the world. "Eighty per cent of I
lull Jews in the world are now direct-1
ly or indirectly involved in tho gati
I war," he said. "The actual figures!
'are 0,800,000 Jews," he continued, !
I"and the pathetic thing about it is
that they are the helpless victims of
conditions und power, over which thcv"' V , V t V , V, ""
have no control. In Russia, for ill-
stance there nre. it is estimated.
500,000 Jews actually at the front : 111 leH'T'. t,!Ia"d wanfs . '''"'
l'iiditinir for G, cynr ,,n th. vnrin.... l..!a Paction to her possessions in In-
tle lines. The poor Jew owes no ulleg.
iianco to Russia, which has been liif
I bitterest enemy and destroyer for a
1 thousand years, yet ho is lovnl to the
I czar just the sume. Likewise in Ger -
! many' there nre some 75.000 Jens enlist -
led in tho German armv; Ausirin-triiii
'gnry also hns between "5,000 nnd 100,
I 000 Jews in the allied armies. England
j has so far enlisted 15,000 Jews, of
I which number over 8,000 are known to
have gone to the front. Thus we have
The Wandering Jew
In a remarkable story of a Rabbi's Conversion
at the
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l the unitizing spectacle of seeing brother
I Jew nrriived against brother Jew in
battle, a thing hitherto unheard o .
One very snd incident occurred reeeut-
; ditions of suffering brought on tin
j Jews, is indescribable. In spite of tin
j czar 's professed love for his Jewis'i
subjects, there aro even now going in
mussiicies and butcheries in Poland that
; would make the Belgiun estrncities pal"
. into insignificance in comparison. Ye
the Jew has no alternative, either li
; must fight for Russia, or be shot lis i
: traitor.
,ll,''','"lsu '"""8J l""Ur,i ',:lt
!? wnr is ended she will see to .t
1 1,11 ' ie J nre Klv,'n "n '"'
prott-.-tornto to guarantee their
"T'Tv.1".'! ''T1?'"? f,,',e H"W
'u'"1, h''ne.r "fi'f111'1 1VI" t,c '
to t 1' promise, remains to b
mst remember that R.issm.
'"y Rrcedy for the Holy I and ho:-
t should not be at ul surpris-
nut between Englnnd and Russia, nu I
me'"" r V'r I'.M1"'"11"11 01 sniill liuu-
T' ,WT ,,,us",a ,,n "''."Pornte need of
t1" 'l."d f,",r ,he '''
i am!",1011s-
I Tomorrow Mr. Cohn's subject will be.
i'.'11"" 11 Jewish Rabbi Found Christ."
! 'n which he will tell the story of his
father's conversion nnd his present mis
sion worn in .Few xorK.
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sleepwill have results for you in tho