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SISTER: Read my Free Offer!
I am a woman,
I know woman' trlalf.
I Know her need of sympathy and helD.
If you, my sister, are unhappy because of Ill
health, if you feel unlit for household duties,
social pleasures, or daily employment, writo
and tt'U me jiut how you suffer, and ask for my
free ten days' trial of a home treatment suited
to your ncciH Men cannot understand women's
sufferings, v liat we women know from ex
perience, wo know butter than tiny man. I want
to tell you how to cure yourself at home at a
cost of about 12 cenu a week.
If you suiter from women') peculiar ailments
causing pain In the head, back, or bowels, feel
ing of weight and dragging.down sensation.
Tailing or displacement of pelvic organs, causing
kidney and bladder weakness or constipation
and piles, painful or Irregular periods, catarrhal
conditions and discharges, extremo nervousness.
depressed spirits, melancholy, desire to cry,
fear of somethlnn evil about to happen, creeping feeling along the spine, palpitation.
tiot flashes, weariness, sallow complexion with dark circles under the eyes, pain in
tne leil breast, or a general icenng inai me is noi worm living,
nnd learn how these ailments can be easily anil surely conquered at home without
tin? dangers und expense of an operation. When you are cured, and able to enjoy
iV again, you can pass the good word alon? to some other sulTeter. My home treat
ment la for young or old. To Mothers of Daughters, I will explain how to overcome
Brp'.n sickness (chlorosis), Irregularities, headaches, and lassitude in young women
f-nd restore them to plumpness and health. Tell me if you are worried about your
daughter. Remember, it costs you nothing to ive my home treatment a ten days'
trial, and does not Interfere with dally work. If health Is worth asking for, then
accept my generous offer and write for the free treatment, Including my illustrated
booklet. "Woman's Own Medical Adviser." I will send all in plain wrappers post
paid. To savo time, you can cut out this offer, mark your feelings, und return to me.
Send today, us you muy not sea this offer again. Address, .
i !
Conflicting Conditions
Influence Stock Markel
mill terminal facilities ami Hits, it
seems to mi is entitled" al the present
time to lie encouraged by a more liberal
government policy, There is one other
business stimulant Hint should not be
overlooked, nnd that is the plethora of
loanable funds. Our batiks are over-
New York, Feb. !. (Special.) The
stock market is still laboring under ti '
eerie of uglily conflicting conililions. .
the nur of cuumo affecting every move
ment. Peace und prosperity it t homo
rule quotation nt one moment; at nil-
..,1...,- n.J nl.p,,.l ,.,,,,lr..l l!. I
tweon the two sets of influences no sot-1 l"""'l.,;m,'' w,lh f"ls which they cannot
tied foundation cuu he foiiml, no r,.. 1 prot.tiil.ly cmp oy. Herein lies one of
liable plans made; the oi.lv course lef I j IP ,(fe,.test ndvantngovs; also one ot
being to take tl.ii.fs as they aro .lay the greatest dangers in the present sit
l( (nv 1 tuition. The greatest menaee to our fu-
llome" affairs are eminently satisfuc-! inflation that may leave us upon
torv: no I is and intoriiatiomi rein " . " " """ u iom
tions. Were there no restraints this!!"'"' ;'tli l-.urope after the war
country would probably lie in the midst
jft sfc sfc s( sj 3s sj sjc sfc j(c fc Jc sfc 3c
.St. Paul. Minn., Feb. 12.
Buried with the body of Mrs.
William Wright under six feet
of sod today, was the pudding
she had saved for 211 years, to
servo when her son. from whom
she hail not heard since the Boer
war. came I. nine. Her long
waiting made her an invalid at
fumitory the danger is appreciated by
of a boom never cuimlcd in extent ,,r ' ur ,,anic. s ani. cap., i.isrs n no c a,, pre-
intensity. Undoubtedly it is good for ! m" ",rl,.M '"ltrnphe hv ret using aid
us that c.,..e restraints do exist, to enterprises of a doubtful nature,
cause tl.cv will savo us from the roue-' . "he chief uncertainty at linme, out
tion that "otherwise would be inevitable. 1 mT l0.r01f:ii ",'tl''i'- ' "
We inav therefore view tl.o future with ."' nifitntion for preparedness, the
relative eoafidenco, assured of business 1 l'Iosr"Tt? of ,m'w ''" 1'( viyal
activity and prosperity, until the some-! "J "r'rf ncitatnin and Hie launching
what distant period of readiustiiie.il iir-!f ""' presidential campaign which was
rives which must Come after the war. ! vi","ri"",,' OP'-HP'! tins week by Mr.
Kince peace. nnd the momentous ' V "nn- 0,lr '"" with Germany
changes which will follow, are not vet'-!"01"111 """""'d improving, hut as
in Hight, we must still be largely
. lo
as the war continues there is dan-
Mutterings of Congressional
Interests In Rising Oil Prices
New York, Feb. i The rising price
of gasoline, and other nils and dis
patches from Washington indicating
that congress may take an active inter
est in conditions in the oil business,
lend interest to William ,1. Small
Wood's statement today of why he
thinks the oil industry in this country
is on the eve of tho biggest legitimate
boom in its history. Stnalhvood is oil
expert for Carl H. I'ferzliciiner & Co.,
dealers in oil securities in Wall Street.
Sn.allwood bases his statement on the
recent expansion in the oil business and
the higher prices of gasoline. In two
weeks recently the securities of the .'!(!
Standard Oil companies appreciated
over ifl4S.0u0.ll00 in value, due primar
ily to the sudden improvement in the
pil trade. '
"Conditions in the oil trade are now
very similar to those which prevailed in
IKie and 11)1.1. except that the use of
petroleum products since that time lias
liecotne more general,'' asserted Small
wood today. "The period following the
dissolution of the Standard Oil Co., in
1011, up to 101.1, was more profitable
than any previous time in the oil his
"Tho discovery of the most wonder
ful high grade oil pool ever known was
made early in 1011. This pool, which
is known as the dishing in Oklahoma
fields, increased its output until a
maximum of 100,000 barrels a day was
reached, which meant that over 1 00,
000.000 barrels a year had been added
to the company's supply. The result
was that crude oil prices went tumb
ling, Oklahoma oil dropped from $1.05
to forty cents a barrel.
"But the situation now is entirely
changed from what it was a year ago.
Last year there was a flood of oil. Now
the consumption is running so near
tho supply that not only have prices
of crudo oil, and in turn refined oil,
greatly increased but there is a danger
that next year will see the output un
equal to the demand. Consumption is
now running about a billion and a half
gallons of gasoline a vear; next vear
fecled bv conditions ut homo Vl,i..l, IK" surprises, mid as 1'resi.lont Wil- consumption win ue near tne two
us just said are highly favorable in
son pointed out no one can tell what a
day may bring forth. Hence jtistifirn
, tion for a reasonable if not n liberal
, degree of preparedness; not forgetting
that when this war is over none of tl.'e
i belligerents w ill he willing or ublu to
I attack the Tinted Rtaten.
I No cessation of the war is yet in
sight: not even the exhaustion on which
I Hie end will seemingly depend. The
in.K..-i , .. .,, ...
at nhnnnnallv high I 7 V , , ".""" resources oi
being often sold more than six 'L'"'n, '"Y" vo" V, ni,K,n.nLnR
.--. nt. an me nations wincn Tornieriv
went to London, Paris or Tterlin for
funds are now- coming l.ere. At H.r
present time Crent Britain, France, Rus
sia anil Ttaly are each negotiating for
credit or loans aggregating several hun
dred millions. But some of these nn
tions are finding considerable difficulty
in financing such loans, notwithstand
ing they would be followed by further
large munition orders for American
manufacturers. The most imiiortant
operation is another large British loan
which may bo placed this mouth, the
contrast with those nliroad. The big
harvest and high prices for all our ag
ricultural products aro making farm
ers of the west and south wonderful
ly prosperous. Our mines are busy nnd
obtaining high prices for their products,
coal perhaps being the only important
oxception. Our steel plants as every
one knows are turning out the largest
prod net On record at ahnor
mouths abend. Our rotton and woolen
mills are likewise enjoying greater ac
tivity and good prices; so too are our
boot and shoe factories, automobile
lnnts, chemical industries, etc. The
building trades are e pcrtenclng a most
pronounced recovery, nnd the revival
of enterprise in general is emphasized
by the record of new incorporations
in the eastern states which amounted
to over ikllO.OOO.OOO in .Taunnrv. This
was the largest total for a single monlh
in many venrs, and .IIIO per cent greater
than in January a year ago. The grati
fying feature of this shotting was thntl'T"" ,0T ""A,,K ? r,,,"'' "" ,"'R
the larger proportion of new iucorpora-l " "' ',x":'"r' 1 ", '"t nml date
tinns as rmreh- domestic in el,., .i..r ,rl ""l vt l 'on u, nut it will proi.alily
nnd not
billion gallons.
"To prepare for the expected big
business of lOlfi many of the Standard
Oil companies are rushing additions
and extensions to their plants. The
Solar Refining company is building a
$1,000,000 addition at' Lima, O., and
this is only a two million dollar con
cern. Standard Oil of Tudiana is in
creasing ;is capacity and wheu the. im
provements now under way are eom
pleied they will have cost several mil
lions. So is the Standard Oil of Kansas
extending its works. In fact, all of the
oil companies are preparing for a
boom this year.
"And the most gratifying feature of
the oil situation is that its prosperity
does not depend On the war. Tn fact,
increased business is likely to follow
the close of the war. One of the very
large consumers of petroleum in the
future will be the merchant marine and
contracts have already been made for
the extensive use of fuel oil for trans
Atlantic liners. - The adoption of these
contracts only awaits the culmination
of the war."'
in connection with tarnishing! . , , , 1 , . '"J1" num.
wnr supplies, although that was an in,.' V,'' , ,,K ,',''.. !' J ls ,,n' I
Lin,.-.!) ;o ci innciir woutili
finrfOlir t'li'TOr ,,nnin.ini'inr
' ' I . 1 lill f mi .... n.Al I.. ....... 1 . . P .1. .
movements there lias been a general In-' .' 1 . V. , " A"" r'
erease of wages in Hie luisic industries; ' I"'"," junto's "Inch lt has mobilized
advances of 10 per cent having been . " "l' r11.1"' rofpnt sales of A.uer
often voluntarily granted. This means j llol" l'"vle holdings. If these
n large increase of purchasing pou er ! !"m"",! 'y.. ('"'at Britain will
iimong the masses, plenty of en'.dov.! "m 1,11 t!f" l.v 111 ""
moot for labor and relative nvoidanoe ,,'rrv' Pr1'' the rate is made satlsfar.
of serious labor troubles. The onlv ' !'"', ir "l'Mi 'te.lly .1 be. France
"i;,o '""icini io oe secKiug a loan of
Hood' Sarsaparilla Cleanses th
Blood, Skin Troubles Vanish,
Scrofula eruptions on the face and
body are both annoying and Uis
flsurinp. . Many a complexion would
be perfect if they were not present!
This disease hows Kself in other
ways, as bunches in the neck, in
flamed eyelids, sore ears, wasting of
the muscles, a form of dyspepsia,
and general debilitv.
Ask your druggist for Hood's Sar
saparilla. This great medicine com
pletely eradicates scrofula, lt puri
fies and enriches the blood, removes
humors, and builds up the whole
system. It has stocxl the test of
forty years, and has received thou
sands of testimonials of the entire
satisfaction it has given.
oScrofula is either inherited or ac
quired. Better be sure you are quite
free from It. Get Hood's Sarsapa
rilla and begin taking it today.
Oregon Agricultural College, Corval
lis, Feb. 7. Can a high school student
getting a lunch in the school get more
than twice the value of lunch secured
elsewhere nt the same price t That
this is actuallv the case is shown con-
Dr. Carl G. Donev, president of
Willamette University, gave an inter
esting and instructive lecture Wednes
day evening at tho high school audi
torium to a fair-sized audience. The
evening's program opened with a musi
cal number by the i'hiladorian quartet,
accompanied on the piano by aua lay
lor. In introducing the speaker, Superin
tendent James spoke of Dr. Doney as
being a new man in Oregon's educa
tional field, he lately having taken the
presidency of the Willamette Univer
sity. A deep thinker, a man of wide
experience and an eloquent speaker,
Dr. Doney at once captivated his hear
ers and held them spellbound to the
very end. In opening his address, the
subject of which was "The Perfect
Man," Dr. Doney warned the audience
that his lecture was long, but he was
perfectly willing any one should take a
nap provided they did not snore.
Three reasons given why the "Per
fect Man" was an important subject
were that every man liked to hear him
self described; second, every unmar
ried woman wished to know who he
was, and tho married women were in
terested in knowing how far short
their husbands fell from the standard.
The lecturer portrayed the picture of
the world as it is today, with all its
wonderful achievements, inventions,
building cities, etc., with the world of
a thousand years ago, but, aid the
speaker, this change in material con
ditions, although marvelous, is not so
great as has been the change in man's
inner life.
Some characteristics of the rprfeet
man were love for the old things, such
as love for the old home, the old book,
tho old swimming hole, the old sweet
heart; secondly, his love for truth. He
said the great man would welcome
truth from any quarter.
He distinguished between self-conceit,
which is foolishness, and a right
ful self love which prompts men to
care for nnd train body, brain and
spirit. Especially to the young people
he showed that this highest mental ef
ficiency could not be achieved by
choosing the easy things. There was
an inner motive power necessary to
lead them up the part of success.
In closing, he said all men are wor
shipers of something. They are born
so. Some of ease, rowPr- 'uo"ey or
honor. But the man who was able to
climb farthctcst up the ladder was the
one who worshiped the Ktemal God.
He urged the students to make the
most of their capabilities.
It is a sad commentary on a city
when a man of such calibre, both of
brain and heart, is not accorded a bet
ter audience,
Silverton has a new high school, with
a fine auditorium for such meetings.
The lecture was given without money
and without price. As able a man as
one cold wish to hear was the speaker,
vet why was not the building tiiiedt
treat, and more ought to avail thenv I
We feel such lectured are a mentaj
selves of tho opportunity of hearing!
them. Silverton Appeal. !
t $100 Reward, $100 !
The readers of this paper will ba (
leased to lenrn that mere is m iesi one
readed disease that aclence has been
Dopetown, Ind., Feb. 12.
Hank Spinkleshankle 's boy,
Freddie, south of town, has re
ceived an offer from a vaude
ville manager in New York.
Freddie has always been ex
tremely fond of soup and from
earliest childhood has devoted
a great deal of timo to becom
ing proficient as an eater of it.
Few of Freddie's friends sus
pected how much ne really had
accomplished until he walked
into the Chop and Steak cafe on
Main street tho other day and
gave his first public exhibition.
Beginning modestly with ordin
ary inhalations and fancy gurg
ling on a plate of vegetnbzle
he worked up to his grand
climax, yodling "Where Is My
Little Dog Gone," with chicken
ochre and topping off by play
ing "The Star Spangled Ban
ner" in clear comsoinme. Fred
die thought his performance was
enough pay for the soup he used
and it was in the fight that en
sued outside that the vaudeville
manager, here to see a distant
relative on business, learned of
Freddie's unusual accomplish
ment nnd made him the offer.
Everybody Admires a BeaulifurComplexion-
Oriental Cream
Jin Indispensable and Delightful
Toilet Requisite
for Fashionable Women.
A dally necessity for the Indies tollot
whether at home or while traveling. It
protects the skin from injurious pfrecta
of the elements, feives a wonderfully ef
fective beauty to the complexion. It is a
perfect non-greasy Toilet Cream nnd pos
itively will not cause or encourage the
growth of hair whh'h all ladies should
girud against when selecting a toilet pre
paration. When dancing, bowling or oth
er ext-rtions hat the skin, it prevents a
grcasv nppearance.
Gouraud'g Oriental Cream lias been
hiehly recommended by physicians, act
resses, singers and women of fashion for
ovr lial! a century and cannot be sur-
f ssed when preparing lor daily or even-
Gouraud'a Oriental Cream cures Skin
Tlsense8 nnd relieves Sunburn. Removes Tan. Pimples, Waokheads, Moth
Patches. Rush. Freckles and Vulgar Redness, Yellow nnd Muddy Shi, giving
a delicately clear and refined complexion which every woinnn desirea.
No.. U For sale by Druggists anc Fancy Goods Dealers.
Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New York
9 VrftUdUrTiBb.
FoftTut Pw p lis tatrt?wil J
Vnmun wr
370utjoi,isst, - NtwYomJ
i.ai raiuriiav' ninrnillir l,coi:iri . tho
youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. Martin
'erp, white playing at home, accident
ally fell into a nan of hoilinrr water
scalding his back severely. Dr. Beau
champ was called immediately and
treated the injuries. The following
day he had convulsions and was con
sidered in A serious condition, hot 1ms
since been resting quietly an it is
tnought no serious results will occur,
although the brns are qite deep. ITe
is about five venrs old. Stavton
County Fruit Inspector
Continues Spraying Talk
Instant Relief With Small
Trial Bottle of Old, Pene
trating "St. Jacob's
Kheuniatism is "pain" only.
Not one case in fi ft v requires inter
nal treat meat. Stop drugging! Rub
soothing, peiietratin "St. Jacobs Oi!"
right into your sore, stitf, aching
joints, and relief comes instantly. "St.
Jacoba Oil" is a harmless rheumatism
liniment which never disappoints and
an not Hum the skin.
Limber up! Quit complaining! Get
a small trial bottle of old, honest "St.
Jacobs Oil" r.t any drug store, and in
tust a moment vou II be free from
rheumatic pain, soreness and stiffness.
Don't suffer! Relief awaits vou. "St.
Jacobs Oil" is just as good for sci
atica, neuralgia, lumbago, backache,
The following is a continuation of j
the article published last week, by C. j
O. Constable, county fruit inspector. It
takes up the different ways of spraying j
and mixtures best adapted to the (le-!
strtiction of f ungieifes: j
(b) Kerosene Emulsion. Kerosene'
oil, or coal oil, is a powerful insecticide. ;
The undiluted oil is, however, liable to
seriously injure plants to which it is;
applied. This difficulty is overcome byj
forming an emulsion with some sub-'
stance that it may lie readily diluted '
with water. Soap is most commonly i
added for this purpose, as follows: '
Kerosene oil, two gallons; hard soap'
(preferably whale oil) one-half pound;;
water, one gallon. Dissolve the soap;
in the water by boiling, add the suds,
boiling hot, to the oil. Churn the mix-1
ture violently with a sprav pump until !
it becomes a thick creamy mass. If
perfectly emulsified, the oil will not
rise to the surface even after standing
an indefinite time. Such an emulsion
may be used immediately or kept as a
stock solution. Before using dilute one
part of the stock emulsion with eight or,
10 parts of water. This will be found i
to be an efficient remedy for green '
aphis, wooly aphis, red spider, mealy j
bugs and certain, scale insects.
(c) Black-Leaf: Is used especially ,
for plant lice, but may also, be used ;
for various other sucking insects, as
the leaf hoppers and the apple tingis. j
1'se in the proportions of one part to'
60 parts of water or lime-sulphur. j
(d) Black-Leaf 40; is an extremely ,
concentrated form of nicotine sulphate
and is now sent out as a substitute
for the black leaf. It is supposed to be j
as efficient and has the added benefit
of being cheaper. ITsed in the propor
tion of one part to 800 parts of water!
or lime-sulphur. !
A parasitic fungis is a plant as truly
as is the apple tree, the prune tree, or
any other plant upon which it may be j
growing. It differs from the common
plants essentially in being much more ;
simple in structure and bping devoid of
chlorophyll the green coloring mntter
of plants. Its reproductive bodiei,
which are called spores, are more sinip'ej
and very much smaller than the small
est seeds of our common plants anil
are produced in all most inconceivably
great numbers. The vegetative portiou
of the fungus, the part which, in a
sense ,corresponds to the roots, stems
and leaves of ordinary plants, the parts
which absorb the food materials and
eventually produce the spores, consist
of a mass of more or less branched,
which or colorless, and very minut
threads, and is called the mycelium.
Being so small and light, thu fpores
are readily carried long distances by
the wind, washed about by the rains,
and also carried by birds and insects
and probably by other agencies. Thes
agencies are thus largely responsible
for the spread of fungus diseases from
leaf to leaf, plant to planf, orchard to
orchard. Over greater distances th
spores may be carried on shipments of
infected nursery stock; fresh fruits,
vegetables, seeds, etc
'Should a spore fall upon suitable soil,
such as the surface or leaf or fruit,
and the conditions of heat and mois
ture be favorable, it will germinate,
push out a delicate, slender germ
tube. In the case of most parasitic
fungi this germ tube soon penetrate
the eperdermis of the leaf or fruit and
the mycelium develops in the under
lying tissues entirely beyond the reach,
of fungicides.
The philosophy of spraying for fung
us diseases in general is based uuon
the fact that they cannot be cured, but
can be prevented. This germ tube must
be destroyed before it penetrates the
eperdermis, and to do this the surface
of the hosts must bme thoroughly pro
tected by the fungicide during the en
tire time the spores are germinating.
Bordeaux mixture has long been the
principle spray used as a precentativft
of fungus diseases of plants, and whils
other sprays, notably the lime-sulphur
mixtures, give promise of largely sup
planting ir- for orchard purposes, it still
remains one of the most important or
chard fungicides.
mnnds of miners in the coal reeiuns . :","'1Tl:Wi Ktwia want IOlUmu.OHO
.. l.:.. I, .. ill 1 ... I... r r '""I "UI.V
ii in ll. I,' l'r IIH l'll 111 l 111
nnd those of the railroad men which i
have iiheadv been broached. As for
the railroads, their iesltinn has been j
much improved by the revival in traffic i
and the better rates which many lines'
nre now receiving. Traffic is heavy,
press oarnimjs correspondingly large
find net results encouraging. The result :
is that current dividends nre Imelv I
elusivcly in a comparison of foods and I able to curc In . . 1 -'" Whn g
prices made by the department of , positive" cure now known to the medical
mcstic Science at the Oregon Agricul-i fraternity. Catarrh being a constitutional
oo ,s Knocking , the door;tnral College. According to this 1st . ffiTltaVh Cu ta ttton K-
the following food and prices are e-! tcniRllv. actlnir directly upon the blood
and mucous surfaces or tne system, inere-
for considerable sunt..
not to speak of
smaller issues minted bv other nations
vhal the effect of these onorarinim
be upon the security market, it is'
tained at, the high schools, having a.
food value of 7i'0 calories. I
tn a tvpienl school lunch the follow-
; ing items at the pin es given are pro
cured: Cocoa and whipped cream, :!r;
.egg snndwish, -Ir; banana, le; four
'dates, le; :i cookies, le; total 10c.
i Of the usual lunches purchased else-
: minimi id esiiiuaie necause ot the in
numerable cross currents. Ordinarily
it would l.e depressing. Hut the Hritis'li
'loan will prevent the sale of nudiil
' ied Americans, ami may thus diseour-
lic maintained, ti few mav be increased.! "' ' "1" "" "" ""f securities where the following is said to he typi
as the roads are now better enabled to l'm:"''ly held abroad. Hankers inter-1 cal of those bought bv high school stu
make Increased outlavs for equipment i 'u''1 1,1 ''""tf ""' are likely to! dents; a crullers, 5e; cup of coffee
nnd roadbed. Vast 'outlavs are still s"1'hi t the general market for obvious j with cream and sugar, .le; total 10c.
us. mere are enormous reserves The food value of this latter lunch
ot avai able tunds in the l uitcd Mates, I s "50 calories in comparison with tlmt
and well bucked loans will no duut.t be i . 7(,0 calories of the tvpienl school
"-',. Hi ll III SI
hv loatrnvlncr tliA fnilMlln t Ion Of the dl9-
ease, and giving the patient strength by
bullillnx up the constitution and assisting
nature in doing Its work. The proprietors
have so much faith In its curative pow
ers that they offer One Hundred Dollars
for any ense that lt falls to cure, beni
for list of testimonials.
.Address: K. .1 v'HKNET CO. Tolsdo, a
'SoM by tl rniKKlst. 750.
Tl( Hslfs Family Pills for c istlpstlo
necessary, however, for Improvement !
To Provide Revenues for
Preparedness Measures
Hiousands. Take
; this mild, family remadyto avoid illness,
' ind to improve and protect their health.
I They keep their blood pure, their
, livers active, their bowels regular and
' digestion sound and strong with
. nm
Urtnt 5.1. ot Kmr MatclM i IK. W.rlJ.
This time of the weelt is
canjytime. The folks at
home look for a box.
Just ay "VoHn Moire"
I PortianU, Orvgoa
Ct fed mil
ne to stuteu interest rates, and divert
capital from home investment into for
eign channels. This in turn will place u
restraint upou too rapid dev elopment
at home, though nobody enjoys seeing
capital diverted f ruin ' profitable em
ployment on this side of the Atlntni,
to wastage on the other, even if the
proceeds are largely spent here.
The technical rendition of the mnrket
was improved by the January decline.
Any permanent upward movement, how
ever, has to routend against uncertain
ties connected w ith the war, the opening
of a presidential campaign, the discus
sion of preparedness and the possibility
of future foreign liquidation. IIKNH Y
CI. i:vs.
Washington, Feb. lib House ways
Eugene". Or., Veh. 11. The Eugene
Woolen Mill will not contract its prod
uct for future deliveries, according to
1". !'oo, manager. Mr. Koppe says
he does not care to bind his company nt
present prices, ilo believes all woolen
guilds will increase materially in price
in the near future.
Mr. Koppo maJe thi statement in
response to an inquiry whether the I'u
i.ent Woolen Mills intended to take jd
vantage of the offer made by K. M.
l-iav, of Portland, to buy all woolen
cloth suitable for men's suits and over
coats that the mills In Oregon and
Washington can manufacture, 1
1 V.
lino ii, i " . , . , , i
Deports from some of the schools of J"'1. ''' committee democrats today,
Oregin where lunches are served, rtow '' l'!";I''om of pro iibi g rev-:
that there aro other advantages con- f,""" "r"1' detray the co.-t ot ,
nected with the practice of furnishing ! the administration preparedness n.eas
the school lunch, t affords a means of , , resolution, continuing i
furnishing instruction and training in , ()u( ; m iU,u,
preparing and serving meali eeonomi- b()ut , . a lHfr uf importt j
eslly and wholesomely. It also lend ' mpniur in J si , 0mnihu" bill,
additional attractions to the work of;n(ir consill,.rinB revenue questiotis sep-
s.'hools and tends to keep attendance ; nratoiv. -phcy did, not plan to have
and interest at the best. Teachers are a rarjv eiww , the sugar duties, i
frequently regular customers of the nnd ,i;tir resolution probably will be,
school lunch which they find to, . sent into the house within 10 lnvs. I
helpful and pleasant in comparison j Meanwhile tho militnrv and navnl I
with the eold lunches which they might committees aro hastening' as much as
otherwise have to eat. The following possible the conclusion of their work,
is n typical menu of te Kenton school j The military bills will probably be in
of Portland: 'shape soon, but the navnl measures will
One apple; 2 slices of bread ind but-j be delayed for some while,
ter; 2 crackers; and a bowl of thick , .--
Es v
ow Are These for Figures?
Here Are No-Stop Figures for
Prospective Buyers
Economy: 21.9 miles for each gallon of gasoline placed in tank.
Endurance: 1035 hours of actual running without one single
stop of the motor.
Efficiency: 20.87 miles an hour average, in all sorts of weather,
over all sorts of roads.
Every move of the car, every drop of gasoline, officially recorded
by observers of the American Automobile Association.
for AID
j Prom the Stomach, I.iver er Bowels;
'should not be ignored. Watch for anyl
j symptoms of distress and immediately
help Nature by trying ,
Washington, D. C. Feb. 12.
Ambassidor von Remstorff
drive his own gasoline road
ster niade in-Aiuerii a and he
drives it like the wind.
ic ic sjc i(t i(c ic )fc )c )jc 5ft Ssc 3 I
Try Capital Journal Waat Ads.
ill 13 Stomach Bitters!
The above record was made under the most adverse conditions and go to prove
that with the ordinary uses the average man would put a car to, would even make
better records and give more service at even a less expense than the above record.
The Maxwell car is built for comfort and sendee with all of the conveniences
that modern cars have today and the, price is within reach of the man who could
use a car in his business to an advantage as well as pleasure. See this car demon
strated, call Jewett at any time and he will take you for a ride showing you why
you should buy a Maxwell.
laiverson ourns
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