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MILII UL IU Ul UUn U lit. miiwii WbUkll UL II UU H III III 1 1 II Jil 1 1 ill
There Are Pianos On Our Floor That Are Marked
Below Actual Cost to the Valley Music House.
When you can actually buy for less
than wholesale you should take advan
tage of the opportunity. The Piano we
offer for $125.00 is worth twice this price,
the Player-Piano we offer for $320.00 has
a genuine Gulbransen Player action and
is sold even in San Francisco for nearly
twice this price. Here is a beautiful
Kimball Player-Piano which received the
highest award at San Francisco this
year the regular price of this Piano is
$800.00, and you can purchase this one
for $515.00 on easy terms. You can buy
now -and save the large profit usually
asked for Pianos. You are offered small
monthly payments like rent; you are
offered the best Pianos obtainable and all
guaranteed by Eilers -Music House and
the manufacturers.
With every Player-Piano I include
$25.00 worth of free music and with every
Piano I include a stool and the Piano is
I will not order duplicates as these
prices are only on the Pianos now here.
Store open evenings.
General Agent for Eilers Music House and the
manufacturers, 264 Commercial St.
Board Appropriates $1,500
for Races M. L. Jones
Tells of Gate Frauds
Lane Will Not Get Job Nor
Will Goethals Sherley
Looks Like a Winner
New York, Feb. 11. Former
Secretary uf War Garrison,
whose resignation from the
cabinet -was accepted last
night, is here in "seclusion"
Ueorge Leary, a dredging con
tractor, met him at the Penn
sylvania station upon his arrival
from Washington and took him
to the Leary home. Harrison
steadfastly refused to discuss
the reasons for leaving the cab
inet and though in a high hum
or, parried all questions.
"There will be 57 varieties
of explanations by men who
write stories from Washing
ton," he said. "I have nothing
to say about that."
He would not say liow long he
intends to remain here.
Washington, Feb. 11. The successor
to Secretary of War Garrison, resigned,
would be a democrat, and his name will
be announced within a day, it was
learned at the White House today,
when the latter was a presidential can
didate. Representative Sherley, though deny
ing knowledge of any consideration of
himself as a successor, is especially
equipped for the job, as he has been
for years in charge of fortifications
and artillery appropriations and has
been a close student of military prob
lems. The choice will be a man who can
work in harmony with Chairman Hay,
whom President Wilson refused to con
sider in the same liglit as did Garrison.
Hay for some time has been recognized
as antagonistic not only to Garrison
but to at least one other man in high
military position in previous years.
Neither Nut Nor Seed
"A Nutlet" Says Expert
San Francisco, Feb. 11. Science was
;jj called in to solve me mystery or - -w iien
! is a 1'nrilla nut a seen" in the United
States appraiser's court today.
i Since 1912 the weighty question lias
$ j been buffeted about in government cir--j.
cles. It started when importers re
fused to pay uuty on carina on, claim
ing it was the product of a nut and
duty free. The government declared it
was a seed.
Hearings were called but alas, no
one could find a Parilla nut. A year
must elapse before another crop in
Java, it was announced But the Uni
versity of California laboratories yield
ed several specimens, and these were
jj j introduced before W. B. Howell, sitting
Professor H. M. Hull of the botany
department was called upon.
"Is this a nut or a seed?" he was
"It's neither. It's a nutlet," was the
sage opinion.
A bombshell had birrst. For no
where in the statutes is there any
tiling to cover a nutlet. The govern
At the business meeting of the state
fair board yesterday afternoon it was
decided to eliminate the superintend
ents of the departments for the next
fair and to place the departments un
der the direct charge of different mem
bers of the state fair board. W. H.
Savage will have the supervision of the
livestock department, the dairy and
poultiy departments will be handled by
Sir. Marsters, the grounds by M. L.
Jones, the speed events by Secretary
Lea and Mrs. Kdyth Tozier Wetherred
will handle the textile, art, education
al, and inside floral departments. She
will be assisted in the education.il work
by Assistant State Superintendent K.
V. Cnrlctnn. The outside floral decora
tions will be in charge of Dr. R. K. Lee
The racing program- will be in charge
of Secretary Lea who will be assisted
by Dr. II. E. Smith, of Salem, and K.
B. Tongue, of Rcseburg. The sum of
$l)00 was set aside for the races, $300
was appropriated for an aid to the Ore
gon Agricultural college working ex
hibit, $1500 was appropriated for the
educational exhibit.
J. E. Reynolds, the new member of
tho board from Ln Grande, was dele
gated to revise the premium lists for
horses and the board decided to cut out
tho Devon class from the cattle ex
hibits and to substitute the milk strain
President If. L. Jones submitted a
report in which "no Btated that there
were various reasons for a change in
the secretaryship of the board and also
that with W. H. Savage ha presented
the matter of the ticket fraud cases
to the district attorney.
Jlis report follows:
"For sufficient and satisfactory
reasons, within our rights with the
law, and witiiin our duty to the state,
some members of the stato fair board
desired a change in the secretary.
"As to the matter of law violation
by the ticket seller and a gate tender,
Mr. savage and myself, representing
the state fair board, placed the mat
ter in the hands of the district attorn
ey. This we did without reference to
the governor and without any request
or suggestion being made by It i in.
There was no politics in tiiis as the dis
trict attorney holds his office by up
pointiueut from ex-Governor West.
"We consider the stato fair board
and tho state very fortunate in being
able to secure the services of A. H. Lea
a gentleman of honor, of great business
ability and experience, and with a very
cur minds are quite as active as in
former years but our strength does not
respond when we need it most; perhaps
the kidneys are weak, the liver torpid,
rheumatic pains or stiffened joints
beset us, and we cannot easily throw
off the colds that winter brings.
What we need is the rich cod liver oil
in Scott's Emulsion to renew the blood
andcarrystrengthto every organ of the
body,whileitsglycerinesoothesthe res
piratory tract, and its hypophosphites
strengthen the excitable nerves.
Scott's Emulsion is a scientific oil
food, of unusual benefit to those past
fifty years particularly during the
colder seasons, it imparts warmth and
creates strength. One bottle will prove
its worth. No alcohol or harmful drugs.
Scott &Bowne.BloomfieW,N.I. 15-36
Chairman McCombs Sends
Oat Full Instructions to All
Party Members .
' , " uu ,uo , ment iH in a quandary and the importers
. uppui i.Kciy jo ,,7,1..1 The 4,1m -,.,, ,W
the president's choice. Those close to
the president said that the persons
most prominently mentioned thus far
wouid not net the appointment. Presi
dent Wilson has decided thnt necessity, !
both political and legislative, requires
prompt filling of the post.
Among those conjectured as possibil
ities re: Secretary of Interior Lane:
Tryinff to Find Out What
Is Trouble Withlts "Tummy''
Santa Monica, C'al., Feb. 11. Moving
picture folks from Inceville went to
Henry -M. 1'intoll, of I'enrin, 111., once Topango Canyon today to "investi
namcd as ambassador to Russia but not I gate" the smoking mountain there and
appointed; tnairman oneney ot the ; find out whether it is a volcano
John Y. Richardson Recom
mends "Mechanical" Ticket
Sellers at Fair
house fortifications cummittee; ex-Gov
ernor Walsh, of Massachusetts; ex-Gov
They curried with them enough dyna
mite to blow the side out of the hi
ernor Harmon, ot Ohio; ex-Ooveruor if necessary, dig down into its interior
Alva Adams, of Colorado. ami ascertain where all the omoke and
One report said that Lano would , fire is coming from. Some hold the dis
get the war portfolio, and Adams or turbnnce is merely superficial, resulting
Joseph Teal, Portland attorney, would . from nction of sulphuric gases,
succeed Lane. A White House author- After smoking for a while yester
ily, however, indicated that Lane will day, Inccville employes declare a' heavy
not be picked, and at the same time it explosion occurred inside the mountain,
was learned that Major General tioeth- ripping loose tons of rocks and earth.
ais, Duiiiier ot tnc rannma canal, wouiu . Immediately flames shot, upward, ignit
not ue cnosen. .Moreover, i niueii is un
likely to get the place as there is some
question as to his "regularity" in view
of the. fact that he twice bolted Bryan' very quiet and docile, ever since
ing the brush on the hillside.
The mystery mountain was in "erup
tion" about a year ago, but has been
New Strength for Lame Backs and Worn-out Conditions
Dear Mr. Editor: Iget sore and sleep is disturbed two or
I suffered from a lame back and a! three times a night. This is the time
tired, worn-out feeling. Was unable; you should consult some physician of
to stand erect and scarcely able to get
around. It would usually come on at
first with crick in small of my back. I
took one box of Dr. Pierce's Anuric
Tablets and my back commenced to get
better soon ntter stnrting to take them
wide experience such as Dr. Pierce, of
the Invalids' Hotel and Surgical Insti
tute, Buffalo, N. Y. Send him 10 cents
for laige trial package of his new dis
vovcry "Anuric." White him your
symptoms and send a sample of urine
1 did not have to walk doubled over; for test. L'xpericnce has taught Dr.
as I did before using the "Anuric." It j Pierce that "Anuric" is the most pow
is the best remedy I have ever taken'erful agent in dissolving uric acid, as
for what it is intended to relieve. 1 1 hot water melts sugar. Being so many
hope those who are in need of such a
remedy will give these Tablets of Dr.
Pierce's a trial.
Yours truly,
A. (i. DRAKE.
Note: When your kidneys get -sluggish
and clog, ycu suffer from back
ache, sick-headache, dizzy spells, or the
twinges and pains of lumbago, rheuma
tism and gout. The urine is often
cloudy, full of sediment; channels often
times more active than lithia, it clears
the heart valves of any sandy sub
stances which may clog them and
checks the degeneration of the blood
vessels, as well as regulating blood pres
sure. "Anuric," is a regular insurance
and life-saver for all big meat eaters
and those who deposit lime-salts in their
joints. Ask the druggist for "Anuric."
put up by Dr. Pierce, in 50-eent packages.
Prefer "Mechanical" Gatemen.
The experts recommended numbered
tickets or mechanical ticket sellers slat
ing thnt tho tickets could then bo
clicked un each liiihtr hv the mimVini-.
wide acquaintance. Mr. Lea has finite! and accounted for and advised the em.
an extensive knowledge of, and hasi ploynicnt of a fair auditor to check over
been associated in the management of the books at the end of each dav's
IILI1IJ UL IHC Jillin UL IIIO l'Ullllir,y. JLU: OU.WItSS.
has been identified with the Oregon
st.ite fair for several years as superin
tendent of a division for which he re
ceived vciy high commendation from
our ex-president and for which services
he never asked nor received any com-,
"Our sole aim and purpose is to
make every effort, to secure the best
possible fair fur all of the people of
tho state. To accomplish which we
confidently expect ami desire the as
sistance and co-operation of every cit-"
izen of Oregon. This board wishes it
distinctly understood that this propo
sition is non-political, non-factional
and without personalities or prejudices.
We will use every available means to
make the Oregon state fair for lillrj of
the greatest possible educational value
for the development of the immense
resources of the tsate in every field of
agriculture and productive industry."
The personnel of the committees as
announced by President Jones today
Finances: A. C. Marsters, J. E. Reyn
olds and Edyth Tozier Wetherred.
Publication and program: A. H. Lea,
W. H. Savage and Edyth Tozier Weth
erred. Transportation: E. H. Savage, ,T. E.
Reynolds and Edyth Tozier Wetherred.
Building: M. L. Jones, A. C. Mars
ters, and A. H. Lea.
Premium list: A. H. Lea, W. H. Sav
age, J. E. Reynolds, Edyth Tozier
Wetherred and A. C. Masters.
Speed: A. II. Lea and W. II. Rav
age. Legislative committee: A. II. Lea, M.
L. Jones, A. C. Masters, J. K. Reynolds,
W. H. Savage and Kdyth Tozier" Wetherred.
Ex-Secretary of the stato fair board,
W. Al Jones, came in for a roasting at
the hands of the expert accounts, John
Y. Richardson & Co., which firm ex
perted the books of the stnto fair
after the election of A .11. Lea to suc
ceed Mr. Jones. The summary of the
general report states that instead of
the fair showing a profit of about .'l,
000 under the management of Mr.
Jones that it actually showed a loss of
$1,529.89. The accountants reached this
conclusion by taking the amount of
money received from Frank Meredith
which was given as $9,719.01 and de
ducted the amount fumed over by
Jones at the end of his term which
was S,12C12. This gives the amount
$1,592.89 which the expert's report says
is the actual loss in the operation of
the fair last year.
The experts make no charges of ir
regularities in Mr. Jones' accounts but
state that careless methods of book
keeping were in use during Mr. Jones'
term. Their report goes back only one
year. The experts also charge that
Mr. Jones entered -into unauthorized
contracts lor certain free attractions i ization in each slain whom ..m l,
winch were presented at the fair last sion and election ure not provided for
oy tnc slate law. oininitteeincn who
Full instructions relative to the elec
tion of delegates to the Democratic Na
tional Convention which is to be held
in St. Louis, Missouri, June 14, have
been sent out by William F. Mel'onibs.
chairman of the Democratic Nation il
Executive committee. The following
circular letter will be of interest to
democrats in aMrion county:
To the Democrat" of the I'nited tSates:
By the authority of the Democratic
National Executive committee, a na
tional convention of the democratic
pirty is hereby called, to meet in the
city of St. Louis, Missouri, on Wednes
day, the fourteenth day of June, 10 Hi,
at twelve o'clok noon, to nominate
candidates for the presidency and vice
presidency of tho I'nited States, to de
clare a party platform, and to take
such other action as may be deemed id
visable. Delegates and alternates from each
state of the union shall be chosen to
the number of two delegates and two
alternates for every senator and to two
delegates and two alternates for every
representative from the states respect
ively in the congress of the United
States under the congressional appor
tionment of districts based upon the
sixty-fourth congress. In addition, the
territory of Alaska and the District of
Columbia are entitled to six delegates
ana six alternates each, and six dele
gates and six alternates are likewise
allotted each to the Philippines, Hawaii
and Porto Rico.
In the matter of the manner by I
which delegates and nlteruiit.es are to
be selected attention is called to the,
following plunk in the platform of thei
party: :
Presidential Primary.
"The movement towards more pop-'
nlnr government should be promoted !
through legislation in each state which!
will permit the expression of the pref
erence of the electors for national can-1
didnts at. presidential primaries.
'.'We direct that the national com I
mtttee incorporate in the call for the
next nominating convention a require j
inent that all expressions of preference!
for presidential candidates shall b.
given and the selection of delegate.-!
ami alternates made tnrontih a primary
elec tion conducted by the party organ-
A Letter
To our customers
and the public:
We desire to call your attention at this time to the unfortunate con
dition of the merchandise market. There is without doubt going to
be a terrible realization and awakening of the public to the unheard
advance in prices of all
The merchant is receiving in every mail, notices that the prices of
this and that article will cost so much more in the future, and that the
prices quoted today are not guaranteed to stand tomorrow, etc.
This condition is not a snare to make the merchant buy heavy, nor
do we call the attention of our customers to this condition because we
want you to buy at once any arti -le which you may be contemplating
purchasing in the near future, but we do this to
and we do advise you to buy what wiuter wearing apparel you may
need for next season, right now, before the raise of prices.
Th is is the cry of the manufacturers claiming they cannot purchase
dye stuffs, g is only natural that when so necessary a commodity can
not be had, and tho little that may be purchased is worth its weight in
gold, that the prices of all articles containing dye stuffs, will neces
sarily be advanced sky high. Therefore it behooves our customers not
to delay their purchases of
and buy at once even for next season, come to us where every article
is guaranteed.
Yours truly,
Brick Bros.
The Wandering Jew
In a remarkable story of a Rabbi's Conversion
at the
Don't Miss This Rare Treat
Everybody invited. , Admission Free
To Cure a Cold ln One Day
$ $ ;J( jjc
(Modes of Today.)
A harmless, yet very effective;, treat
ment, is here given for the quick remov
al of hairy growths: Mix enough pow
dered dclatone ami water to cover the
undesirable hairs, apply paste and af
ter 2 or minutes remove, wash the
s'vin and the hairs have vanished. One
n i bention usually is sufficient, but to
be. certain of results, buy tho dclatone
in an original package.
Salem Contractors
Among Low Bidders
For 0. A. C.
are hereafter to constitute the niniber
ship of th democratic national com
mittee, mid whoso election is not pro
vided for by law, shall be chosen in
each state at. such priary .elections, and
the service and authority of committee
men, however chosen, shall begin imme
diately upon the receipt of their cre
dentials, respect ivelv."
San Francisco, Feb. 11. Besari Fer-
Corvallis, Or., Feb. 11. Bids for the
construction of n forestry building on
the O. A. (.'. campus were submitted to
the building committee of the board
of regents on Monday. Twenty bids in
all were received, the five lowest, to be
set aside for further consideration, be
ing submittd by J. If. Tillman, of Port
land; F. A. Eii7on, Snlem; Horn &
Sandstorm Company, Portland; South
wick & lleadrick, S.ilem, and Snook &
Traver, of Mirtlnnd, on the general
contract. The two lowest bidders on
the heating plant were Then. JI. Barr,
Salem, and A. C. Freeman, Corvallis.
The total cost of the building, in
cluding heating, lighting, finishing,
ventilating and sewer and water con
nections with street mains will total
Take LAXATIVE BROMO QUININE approximately t-ISOHO. Tho contract,
ifgists refund money if it I " " w" 1,0 0111 ''"mediately,
i-iliis un- me completion or tno uuiMHig
by September 1.
laiuets. Druggists refund money
fails to cure. E. W. GROVE'S signa
iuro is on eacn oox. i-ic
Stockton, Cul., Feb. 11. Evelyn Nes
bit Thaw, now appearing on the Or
pheum circuit, will be foiced ft do her
dancing and singing act uhme for a
while, it was ainui c-'d today. While
investigating a high power nir i,flo
Jock Clifford, her dancing KUtncr had
the tip ot 'i;t! finger laken oft when the clubs and left her lying senseless.
weapon c.ios:-.l suddenly, lie Intnli'd r,ml
was rushed to the Emergency hospital SEATTLE'S REGISTRATION
Los Angeles, Ca!., Feb. 11. Mrs. Ma
Mo Harrison is near death today, hav
ing been brutally beaten by three ne
groes who attacked her in a downtown
street in the early morning and at
tempted to drag her into a nearby
house. She fought and shrieked where
upon they hit her over the head wMh
where the finger was amputated at the
1119b JUllll.
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 11 Progressives
in this state are today adopting the
policy of "watchful waiting," in ac
cordance with the results of a confer
ence of state leaders here last nitrht.
A full state and county ti.-ket will bei final election March 7
iiuiiiinuie.i oy tne progressives, a was conncilnien, city attorney, treasnror
iirmiy ueciare-l at tins meeting, liuless nnd comptroller nre to be elected
,ur i rj.uinn -.iiia iiuiiii iiu ic u progressive
and adopt progressive principles.
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 1 1. Willi (1,2",
registrations on the last day, yesterday,
the total registration for "tne comiiig
city election was swelled to "i,.'M.'t, ex
ceeding nil previous records. The high
est record hertofore was in 1914 when
74,(1(14 registered. The primary elec
tion will be held Fcbruory 21 and the
A mayor, three
Toledo, Ohio, Feb. 11. Women wear
ing their skirts higher than three inrb"s
above the ankle will be fined if a city
ordinance to be introduced Monday be
comes a law.
Cheap substitutes cost YOU same price.
L. J. Chapin wont to Mt. Angel this
afternoon to select seed corn from the
samples shown by A. T. (.'line, at the St.
Paul, Minn., national com show. Mr.
Clino was awarded second prize for
western Oregon corn. The first prize
for western Oregon com at the St. Paul
show was awarded to J. II. Samuelson,
of Brownsville. The seed corn for his
second prize corn was secured by Mr.
Clino nbout two years ago from Mr.
Samuelson and for this reason those in
terested in better com believe that the
prize winning com of Mr. Snniuelson
und Mr. Cliue is especially adapted to
this valley.
Twenty orators will orate tomorrow
evening at the Marion hotel. The spe
cial occasion for this unusual flow of
eloquence is the Mnrion County Repub
lican club Lincoln banquet. The die
ner will be served nt (i:.'IO o'clock and
reservations should be made before to
morrow noon. In order that no one
speaker will take up too much of the
time, the flow of eloquence- will be lim
ited to five minutes to each speaker.
The talks will be impromptu and that
no one niny exceed the five minute lim
it, the speakers will not be notified
in ndvnnce. The committee in charge
evidently feel that when culled on for
nn impromptu speech, the average man
can tell all he knows in five minutes.
Tuesday, February 15, has been se
lected as the date for the next contest
between the Commercial club chess nnd
checker players and the Snlem Chess
and Checqer club. The game will be
pmyed in the rooms ot the ( ommercinl
club. The Commercial club players feel
they should at least win the chess
games and are arranging to line tip sev
eral of their old stand bys who did not
play in the games last Tuesday. On the
following Tuesday, at the rooms of the
Chess ami Checker club, Hoy Bryant
will play simultaneously, all the play
ers thnt can conveniently get on the
other side of tables from him in the
club rooms. The number is not limited.
Tonight the basketball fans have
two chances. The first game, to begin
nt 7:l!0 o'clock, is between the Cor
vallis high school and the Salem high
school, in tho high school auditorium.
Beginning at 8:30 o'clock, the gome
will begin between the I.'niversity of
Idaho and the Willamette university
teams, at the university gym. The
high school boys rather think they will
have un easy time, ami the Idaho team
was beaten by the Dallas players. While
everything looks cheerful to both the
home teums, mistukes happen with bas
ketball teams as well on in the best o
regulated families, ant there is nothing
sure in this world.
The banquef of the Marion County
Republi'-an club, to be given at the Mu
rion hotel Saturday evening, will be
served promptly ut (1:'!0 o'clock. Al
most nil of the seating capacity hasi
been sold, and it has been suggested by
those in charge, that all who intend tojranio, Italian, charged with forging
bo ' present to notify the committee his brother's namu to n bad chec.i,.
in charge before noon Saturday, in or-j pleaded with Judge (Iril'fin today to bo
der that proper reservation may be allowed to go to the European front
made. The committee ln charge of the' instead of prison.
banquet is Judge P. H. D'Arcy, Hal I. j His brother, Carlo, told the court tho
l'atton and Max (lehlhar. And it has Italian consul had a special fund witli
been definitely decided, that on ac-j which to send Italians to the front nnd
count of the number of speakers, even that he had promised to get passage for
the lawyers and prospective candidates Fcrrario if he were discharged from
ior puniic nonor will lie sunt oil ill custody.
their speeches at the end of five min i 1 11
Los Angeles, Cul., Feb. 11. Caleb
Bragg, millionaire automobile nicer, iu-
le Vlofnftr (nv MlllfU ' s'1''10'' "'nv lluwt-'rt'll racing inu
la TlllUiy lUf lUIlllld ' chines here tod-iy, preparatory to cn-
icmig some or. tne scneiiuiea soumeru
California speed events.
Garrison's Resignation
Washington, I'eb. 11. Complete vic
tory for the pro-militin forces in con
gress was indicntod todnv by the decla
ration of Cli ii nmn ('liiiiiLber)aiu of
the senate military committee that the
state troops must form the nucleus of
the general defense program. He fa
vors however, n modification of the
present militia system.
"I believe we can practically feder
alize the various bodies of national
guards," he said, "and I believe we
can bring them to a single standard of
efficiency, minimize the effect of loc il
politics and gradually increase the ef
fectiveness of tno militia.
"Now that Secretary (iarrison has
resigned, I will say that I never fa
vored the continental plan. I could
not favor his idea of ubindoniug the
work that many young men in the vari
ous states have conducted voluntarily
for years. My idea is that we should
improve ami not supplant that plan,"
Lurk ln All Emptions and Abrasiona
Apply Poslam Promptly.
Any abrasion of tho skin, cul, boil,
blister, rash, or open sore spot is ilae
gerous us a possible source of infec
tion, leading to serious skin ilisease,
ami should be t rented promptly with
Poslam, the antiseptic, healing remedy.
Poslam readily shows its power t
kill genu life by slopping ull itching
Sacramento. al.. Feb. 11. Tho sum soothing iiery skin. Eradicates ml
of !f4.s,4 Hiid, representing the value of eczemas, acne, salt rheum, skin scale,
unclaimed or escheated estates now ' psoriasis, seven-year itch, barber 's itch
held by thirteen counties of California! and similar diseases,
will be turned into the stato treasury,) The daily use of Poslam Soap, mcdi
Statu Controller John K. Chambers to- ''"ted with Poslam, is an. additional
lay requesting the 'attorney general safeguard against infection dangers,
to begin the necessary legal action. For samples, send 4c. slumps to Kmer
I'nder law this money belongs to the geuey Laboratories, 32 West 25th St.,
state. New York City. Sold by all druggists.
Now at 426 State Street
Some of our conipeditors have made the statement that since our
change of location we would advance our prices, which we wish to
assure you is NOT correct. THE SAME HIGH QUALITY AND LOW
Largest sir.o Tvi".y Sunkist Oranges, dozen 40c
Smaller sizes Fancy Sunkist Oranges, dozen 20c and 30c
Tangerines, fancy stock, pound 10c
Country Creamery Butter 35c Pound
Parlor Matches (Medley brand) ,'t boxes for 10c
Cream Boiled Oats (best quality) pound 5c
Ann & Hammer Soda, 2 packages 13c
Y.doban Milk, 2 cans Lr'C
Toilet Paper (crepe) fl rolls 2rc
Coal Oil (bring your can) 5 gallons 6."c
Bakery Goods, Pies, Cakes, Doughnuts, Cookies, Etc., Fresh Evory Day
j I 426 STATE STREET PnONCS 830 and 840 g