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We are selling Pianos, but are not going into
print so often. You are perfectly safe in buying
from us as we will not print your name in the daily
paper without your permission. We are Salem folks,
living here, paying taxes, and contributing to the
prosperity and uplift of our city and community.
We are here and will be here to back our guarantees
and statements in every detail. When you buy a
Piano of us you get what we sell you, our prices are
the same to all with no cut (after an enormous
We sell good Pianos cheap as possible and cheaper
Pianos at prices they should sell for.
Our offer of 25 music lessons free with each piano
sold should be of interest to you.
Wiley B. Allen Company
R. P. PETERS, Manager. 521 Court Street.
Though Crippled the Meth
odists Will Present Their
" Strongest Lineup
The Willamth university basketball
team meets tlie Idaho university squad
tomorrow night at the Willamette gym
with the best possible line-ui. Urouks.
the varsity center, who injured n bone
ia his foot about two weeks ago is still
unable to play and his place will be fill
ed by n substitute. In spite of the
(ripples, however, Coach Matthews cx
, peets to have a strong team on the
floor and the Gem staters will piny the
game of their lives it they enrrv arfar
! the long end of the score.
I . On their home floor, with their home
rooters, and against a traveling team
the V. U. sports consider that they
have a betting chance ngainst tho in-
vmlers and tho game promises to be one
of the fastest of the season. Tho Sa
lem high school plays the Ashland big'
school earlier in the evening,. the high
school gnmfl will be called at :.'I0 ami
the W. '.-Idaho game will be culled at
State Engineer Will
Supervise Construction
of Inter-County Bridge u-
The state highway commission ntilh-i
ori.ed Male Engineer Lewis to pre
pare plans ntiil specific ilions for the
proposed inlercounty bridge at this1
city yesterday. In compliance with tho!
request of the two county courts the'
slate highway department will also an-1
jm'i intend tho construction of the stiue-1
tore. J
The board of viewers requested thoi
Hi ate en"iiieer to prepare a set of plans:
for the bridge but Lewis declined upon ;
the advice of the attorney general on i
Ask The Capital Journal about Job
peace junket had n peculiar effect on
Lamar Tooze, the University of Ore
gon delegate, who has just returned
from the trip. Inste.id of increasing
his faith in an earlv peace, it eoa-
inced him of those things:
That the United states is in gravo
danger of becoming embroiled in tho
European war. j
That tlie country should prepare for
war, unit should nnek I'residcnt il
son s )iu ii to tne limit. 1
That M iilame Schwimmer was "well
meaning but incapable,'' and that her
leadership ot tne peace expedition was
a "sad feature."
The slogan "out of the trendies by
Christmas" was disastrous to the expe
dition, said Tooze. The onlv redeem
ing feiture of the junket was that it
i I ,,..i,i;.,;i ,. i..,i,ii ,.t ..,.
Ii.i iri.oin.lu H,..l llu. .11.1 ...,t :,.. i . . I V ..
, rr ' I e J I which ford wanted, behoves looze,
i. "in llil.-. il, 1,1. I III l$;m 111 HIT lllll-
wny commission to give him tlie power
was not denied and at vesterdav's
meeting the highway commission is-1
sued the order. Joseph Wen re, of
.1 muni , wno mis noon employed a Too.e f (vors militarv tiuiniug in col-
ill l.ir.int tiiiicii lir tin fiiiiiiniWdi.il, wi .
iic employe.! to worn in tins ease ami
Lewis wis niithoi izoil to employ such
oilier assistance as was neded in his
I feel uneasv when I think of our
small army," said the peaceite. "Hol
land has an army of 10(1,000 men and 1
sincerely believe that Holland could
lick us."
" . .,4 v J
UlfVu i ;
; L.... .,, mi..,,.,, , J
in-iirsi-iiiain es oi me i.. . i. i.i t....i.
V 1. : i .. .. " iiiiii ii ii, i-i-ii. in. 1 II iHiiMllll-
, "" """''"" " I'"'si'"t ihrentena between Mexico and
piesonloil a pel, ion ashing toe com- ,(,,.,, ,,or,in(r to reports
lliisMiiin 111 Hiiuiiiil n li nrli vi'ii i ,-.,.i.l ....ii. . . ' .... .1
v, ,. . . .".. ..."i . . Drought hv too steamship IVnnsvlv.inin
Mo action was t.iken bv the eommissioii I ...i., T. ! i i ... ' . ...
,'iihii ii i i i i ni lii'll- ll'llil. limn ll-lll. nil
America and the west Mexican coast.
Cnrrana is said to have sent soldiers
into Cuntomnlnn torritorp- tu seurch
for b.indits without first securing the,
consent of th (iuatomalan government.
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the commission
in this mutter until the attorney gen
eral had passed upon their powers.
Lamar Tooze Changes
Opinion About the War
Kimono, dr., Toll. n.Tho Kurd
Empress S. & C.
Sunday Only
Grand Theatre
And His Own Company
Entire Change of
Program Today
LADIES Special Mat
inee for ladies only
Friday afternoon.
j Sport
Will Select Man to Run Wil-lard-Moran
Scrap at
Meeting Today
Referee Matthews Disqual
ifies Two Players for Hand
to Hand Argument
New York, Feb. 10. The identity of
the referee of the coining heavy-weight I
oh unpinnship battle between Jess Wil l -
lard and Frank Jloran, will he decided:
at n meeting today between Ike Dor- Standing of Teams.
uaii and loin Jones, manager ot tlie
boxers. Capital National Bank ..
Dorgnn is holding out for the selec . Fry's Drug Utore
tion of F.ill Itrown, while .lones has' Capital Business lollege
gone on record tint ly as tor "J.icK itisliops
Nkellv or nobodv. ' Inasmuch as
Jones holds the trump card in having
the disposition ot the i-hanipious ser
vices, he is aid to win the argument.
Peace Dove On Fercli.
Xevv York, Feb. 10. National league
magnates .lispeised todiy after having
settled the dove of peace firmly on his
perch at the annual banquet of the
league which extended far into the wee
sum hours of this morning.
All tile good feeling which has been
ibseat since the Federal league dared
org.ini.e birseball to come out and fight
was restored at the dinner, former
President Taft, the principal speaker,
l.iudeil the national past time and crit
icised the rule permitting coachers on
the sidelines.
The most important action taken at
the fin.il session of the league was the
adoption of the 21 player limit and
the revision of the draft rules whereby
tail end clubs will have a better show
to got the best players' in the minor
leagues. ,
California's Coach.
Berkeley, Cnl., Feb. 1(1. Carl Zam
lock will coach the I'niversity of Cali
fornia baseball team next year, it(was
announced todav.
To Coach Stanford.
Palo Alto, Cal., Feb. 10. Harry
vuiltor will coach the baseball team
and "Dad'' Moiilton will coach tho
track candidates at Stanford univer
sity during 11)10. Wolter took charge
of tlie Cardinal players today.
Federals Win Two From
Elk Pin Smashers
The Federal bowlers dropped one and
then won two games from the Flks at
the club alleys last night. Jioud, 'of
tho rods was high man with an average
of 17s and Soil for high game.
The score:
12 3 Av.
Noinl loll 2015 170 178
siddall : 147 14.1 170 l.-4
tunp 1(11 Kit 101 nil
Crawn 141 20.1 KiS 171
Humphreys 173 l.j) 184 172
Totals ...
Total pins 2.1 10.
Average 107.
1 1.)
876 859
Tot.iis :
Total pins 2:10.1.
Average l."4.
Elks. '
1 2 .1 Av.
1!t(i 1.-.9 12!l Mil
12o FI7 140 Fid
ir i:t:i 1:12 no
174 174 174 174
177 125 108 157
..828 72S 749
Jess Howard Killed
Was Fugitive 36 Years
I.os Angeles, Cal., Feb. 10. An in
vestigation bv the sheriff's office re
sulted today in the discovery that
George Mason, killed by an Elizabeth
Lake posse after slaying one man and
wounding two, was really Jess Howard,
who has boon a fugitive for 30 years.
lhc sheriff savs ho was arrested near
Santa Harbara in 1SS0 charged with
killing a French sheep herder. Kscaping
jail, he lived ia hiding under vnrious
names, the authorities declare, and was
suspected of numerous offenses, includ
ing stock stealing.
How to Prevent
Acid Stomachs and
Food Fermentation
Price Shoe Co ,
Watt Shipp Co
Standard Cleaners .
Ilausor Bros 1
Pet. i
.x"7 1
.714 i
.285 j
.142 i
The basketball games of the Commer
cial Basketball League of the Y. M. C.
A. waxed hotter last night than in any
previous contests since the beginning
of the league. In several instances the
pugilistic art was resorted to by some
of the players only to be intercepted
by Referee -Matthew's who disrpiali
fied the players from further participa
tion in the evening's games. Referee
Matthews expressed a willingness to
referee any boxing contests they might j
uesire io engage in providing tne ev
ening's program included boxing, but
that the program for the evening was
confined strictly to basketball.
The first gamo was for the chanip'ooi
ship of the lait place. Hanser Bros,
managed by consistent, playing to de
feat tho Standard Cleaners and thereby
secured a percentage of 142.
Tho second game between Watt Shipp
company and the Capital Business col
lego was somewhat of n surprise. At
the end of the first half tlie Shipps
wero four points ahead of the colleg
ians. In the beginning of the second
half Molntire, cnplain for the colleg
ians, threw four baskets in rapid suc
cession and took the lead which was
maintained for the remainder of the
The Trice Shoe company team went
down to defeat at tho hands of the
Capital National bank. By winning the
game the Capital National bank is the
only team to go to first position un
disputed since the beginning of the
The fourth game between the Bishops
and the Fry drug team was by far the
roughest and fastest of the evening. It
was during this game that Minton, for
Fry, and Ackerman, for Bishops, were
disqualified for indulging in a fistic
exhibition. The score was tied at tin
end of the playing period and an nddi
tional five minute period was necessary
to decide the gnme. The Bishops hit a
terrific pace during this period and
easily won the game.
The scores:
First Game.
Hausor Bros. Standard Cleaners.
I'ry (10) F Hart (!)
Manning (2) F Alfor.l (2)
.Millor (S V Gardner
Welborne G li'itte
w,ld G Baves
DeLnpr S.
Final score: Hanser Bros., 20; Stand
ard Cleaners, 11.
Second uame.
Watt Shipp Co. Capital Business Col.
Goodnough (4)...F Cox (4)
Gahlsdorf (4)....F Turner (4)
Rowland (3) C Mclntire (12)
Moorman G Steusloff
Vnhrer G Knvanaugli
Final score: Capital Business Collcee
20; Watt Shipp Co., 11.
Third Game.
Price Shoe Co. Cniiital National Rank
F riic-e (2)
F Carver
C Baker (S)
.0 Zosel
Capital National Bank,
1'ttor (4)
Brill (3).
Final score:
10; Price Shoe Co.,
Fourth Game.
Fry Drug Store. Bishops
Br'",ks ("I T Ackerman
(,'n (-) F Radcliff
MeKinney ((!)... 0. Soamster (5
Whitney (2) G Kingle (2)
Linton.. C, .' Sweenev S)
Dntton S Itaniseyef (0)
Filial score: Bishops. 21: Frv Prii"
Store, 10. '
Officials: TJ. I,. Matthews, referee;
H. S. Radcliff nnd ,T. II. Fnrrar. tim
ers; Oscar B. Gingrich, scorer.
You mav complain of stomach trou
ble and yet your stomach may be ab
solutely normal and health v. The real
trouble tho trouble that nearly every
, body has at times is probably exces
sive acid ia the stoninch. You may be
quite sure that this is your trouble if
! your food ferments, turns sour, causes
belching, distress nfter enting, etc. Ex
cessive acid irritates the delicate lining
of the stomach abnormally, causing that
; full bloated fooling. Thus both acid
and fermentation interfere with and re
ttird the process of digestion. The stoni
nch wall is usually healthy and normal,
i but irritated almost past endurance by
these foreign elements acid and wind.
I Trt' nil m,..l. nnco n...Y Ihnr .nmnr!.. H
irrenl mnioritv of nit stomach diffirul-'
; ties the first and only step necessary
l is to neutralize the acid and stop for
I mentation by taking in a little warm or
'cold water immediately after enting,
; from one to two toaspoonfuls of Bisu
j rated Magnesia which is a remarkably
effective antacid and food corrective.
The excess acid will bo neutralized and
; the food fermentation stopped imme-
! diatcly so that yout-.stomach may then
i proceed to digest the food in n healthy
I normal manner. Be sure to ask your
iliruggist for Bisurnted Magnolia rather
i i :.. i !..- .......
.wiiiuii .iiiii;iii'si in iiiiv oiui-r num..
T.os Angeles. Cnl., Fob. 10 Mrs.
Abdullah is free from her husband to
day. Hubby is n Turk and his first
name is Ahmed. Tho wife is Iri-sh. am'
her full name Alice Finley Abdullah.
She said she couldn't stand for his
desertion nnd he snid that by the proph
ets beard he couldn't stand for her bis
cuits. Judge Willis granted tho decree.
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of Journal.
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FOB BENT Store, 21x165 feet, elec
tric lights and steam heat. Bee Watt
Shipp Co., 219 North Commercial
street. Phone 363. tf
county town to exchange for acre
age or Silem property. Value $1750.
Phone 466. P. O. Box 486. FeblO
The undersigned will receive scaled
bids up to 5 o'clock p. m. Monday, Feb
ruary 21, 1916, for the purchase of 15(1
cords of large second growth fir wood
to be delivered not later than Sep
tember, 1916. Right is reserved by
tho city to reject any or nil bids in the
interest of the citv.
Citv Recorder.
Feb. 10.
The undersigned will receive sealed
proposals up to 5 o'clock p. m. Monday.
February 21. 1916 for the purchase, of
500 feet of 2' inch fire hose equipped
with standard underwriters couplings.
Also 200 feet of 3-4 inch chemical hosi".
Samples to be submitted with bids. The
right is hereby reserved to reject any
or all bids in the- interest of the city.
Citv Recorder.
Feb. 10.