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Preceeding the dance Monday night
Mr. and Mrs. Asahel Hush were hosts
for a handsomely-appointed dinner.
ino table was exnuisiteiv centered
I with lovely spring flowers, jonquils of
a palo yellow being used.
lovers were placed for -Mr. and Airs.
I Koeky Mason, of Albany, and Mason
I Khrman, of Portland, who were guests
!of the Hushes for the dance, and Miss
Rita ftciner. Miss Aline Tiuimpsou.
1 Daniel J. Fry, Jr., and the hosts.
After the ilmice. Mr. and Mrs. Hush
again entertained with i charming sup
per party, asking bennies their dinner
guests, a small group of the younger
married set, who were: Mr. and Mrs.
Frederic Thielseu. Mr. and Mrs. Mel
vin Plimpton, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ter
ry, of Portland, who were guests ot
t:ie Plimptons, and Hugh Aid 'amnion.
, JaosJ laeJ lir,ui (JjbsI
1,5? . : WW .W , U, V? - - 1H
1? I
, .r-iKtg,. .
. .
.. ' ' - ' ' 1
' ' " . ' ' 'V I
Un. Robert Kinney, of Astoria, who 1b
the guest of her parents, Mr. and
Sin. A. N. Moores.
TIIK one unpuriPHsHert affair of tiio
entire winter win tlie accond mil)
ncriptiuu Jancc at the Moose hull,
Monday uight.
Tho decorntionii -were wonderful and
ven ir.iine elndea the real feeling of
dmirntion for the purt the matrons
arranging tne offuir who are: Mm.
AxHhi'i liiihh, Mi. Melviu l'liinpton,
and Mrs. i'rederic Thielsen liavo played
jn the HuccexH of tht'MC chnriiiing parties
which are premier ovor anything bo
ciety has en.joyed.
Tuc ball room wna a ".Tnppyliind "
of enchantment uhlooui with all tho
loely auft hued rose tint h of Japnnoae
flowem, and redolent of tho perfume
of oriental aandlcwood incense. Cher
ry blosboms in the wonderful shades of
pink were lined in a profusion at the
aides of the bull room and even the
ligiits from pedestal lumps here and
there in odd uooks were tinted to Rive
a pale rose ha.i as though tho lovely
Mnssunm had exhaled their delicate
color in the atmosphere.
In the crater tnere was an adorable
rustic pogoda entirely enveloped with
cherry blossoms and surrounded by
lms, where the (jay dunce flocked
lor a cony tete-a-tete between the fox
trots, canters, hesitations and one steps.
O'nily hued Japanese lanterns gave a
dash of contrasting color to the atrac
tive artting.
(Some of tho gowns worn by tho ma
trons and maida were superlatively
beautiful, the prevalence of pinks in ail
of its lovely tones from the palo blush
tints to the deep geranium, including
roral and salmon, in creasing the har
moniously blended ensemble of rosy
coloring. In many instances the gowns
were of aoft brocaded ailks or ciiif foils
with silver or (;old luce or tullo bodices,
all short, with pumps of silver, gold or
1o match the gown. As a whole the
dance was wonderfully well done, with
the best of music to keep up the guy
ety. The club members present were: Mr.
and Mrs. Ciiniincey Hishop, Mr. and
Mrs. Asahel Hush, Mr. ani Mrs. Cur
tis Cross, Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Thiol
en, Mr. and Mrs. (Icorge Hodjjers, Mr.
and Mrs. Melvin I'limptuii, Mr. and
Mrs. William Hurghiirdt, Jr., Mr. ami
Mrs. tioorge liilmcr Putnam, Mr. and
Mrs. linnell Dyer. Mr. and Mrs. W. T.
tJrier, Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Urown,
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Huberts, Hr. and
Mrs. Thomas Hmith, Jr., Mr. and Mrs.
P'Vnuk Kpoars, Mr. and Mrs. Hoineo
lioulet, Mr. and Mis. Charles Dick,
m:.... . i '
iiH'nne i ursou, .miss nnanleiu
r, Miaa Harriett llr.rgrovo, Miss Ida
Simmons, Miss Mn riser v Marvin. Miu
Kattier t:arsou, Miss Aline Thompson,
Carl Oabrielson, Lawrence Hofer, Paul
Wallace, Daniel Piv, Jr., Krcel Kav,
'r. i nuie iivrn, i iinrles Keynoids,
iiiiju naiion, itaipn Jiioores, lloli
Ifoberta, II. C. McKumuiun, Kalph
yVieldora, Pritz Htide and J unes Young.
oome ot toe guests trom out ot
town were: Mr. ami .Mrs. Kockv Mn-
-w)in, of Albany; Mr. and Mrs. Hurry
Terry, and Mason Khrmen. of Pnrl
land; 11. A. Htover, of llend, and Dr.
jsck aicA olioin, v Portland.
Mis. Thomas Liveslcv was a charm
ing hontesa Wednesday afternoon, when
file asked a group of unit runs for n de
lightfully informal Kensington and tea.
Mrs. l,ivcley'a guests included: Mrs.
Thomas Hmilli, Jr., Mrs. (luy ijurgent,
Mrs. Charles McXury and Mrs. Jlen 0.
tvhui'king, who nre ineiiibcrs of a small
Kensington club,
Xtr. and Mis. Kobert Downing will
lie hosts for a charming mid weok card
larty, their guests including the Cher
ry City club members.
Min Nancy Hkaife enlertnined a
fr,p of young matiniis and girls who
are meniners or tlie l.H Cornier club at
Mine. Alma Webster Powell w'no will was through his effortu that the famous
give a benefit concert for the Willam- singer, known as "The Queen of Three
ette university library at tiio (irand Octaves," was secured for this con
theatre, Murch third. I cert.
Dr. Alma Webster Powell will give a! Her services will be. given absolutely
benefit concert at the opem house on free to the univershlty. Mmc Powell
the evening of Friday, JWnrch .'I, for carries her own Nteinwny grand piano
the benefit of the Willamette uuiver- and plnys her own nccompaniment.
sity library. UMfr of tickets to the Lyceum
Prof. J. (). Hall, while doing research com -ie mnv secure tickets to this con
work nl Columbia university, became cert at half price, by showing theii
acquainted with Mine. Powell nnd it lyceum tickets at the box office
TIIK open hand nnd open purse that
is the fashion in society continues
to make this the busiest and gay
est season Villein folks iiave known in
many a winter, lor barely do the doors
close upon one big project before we
are invited to participate in another.
The Inst nnd probably the most bril
liunt event of this kind wis the pro
duction of "Tho Fortune Hunter" at
tho (hand theatre on Thursday and Fri
day nights, for the benefit of the des
titute families.
The wonderful success of this under
taking bespeaks much in praise of the
-I.:,:.. .... . i- . ...
Mr. and Mrs. William Hurghardt, Jr.,
will he hosts for a charming informal
flipper, following the de Gogorza con
cent Monday night, their guests includ
ing Mr. and Mrs. I'hiimic.ey Bisiiap,
Mr. r.i'd Mrs. Asnliel Push, Mr. and
Mrs. Harvey Wells. Miss Alino Thomp
sm and Mr. and Mrs. John J. Koberts,
who will occupy boxes in a party.
A delightfully informal supiwr given
by tho Misses Kst'ner nnd Catherine
Carson after the dance Monday night,
ended a very guy evening, their Eiiests
ability of James Mott who directed the ill,'1,"U'1 "'small group of the younger
't mil Dr. Jack JlcCollom. of l,rt-
land, who was a guest nt the Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Council Dyer havo hnd
ns their guest, James Munn, of Miami,
local cast for this play, which was slid
to he the best amateur affair presented
in nalem.
Until nights saw a large and hrilliunfc
audience, anil there were a number ol
line and box parties.
Among those noted iu the boxes
Thursday night were: Mr. ami Mrs.
Thomas K. Kay, Mr. and Mrs. (I. . M.. ,v ,
Klliott, Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge liodgersJ. 1 r- nml Mrs- OfiW'lh were
Mr. and Mrs. W. I. Slnlov, and tho ' hosrs Tuesday evening for a charming
Orpheus club men. ' I"'-1 attractive "5(10" party.
Among those forming line parties for' T1"' ll0!"K w,'ri' 'lelightut'lly surprised
this same performance were: Mr. andiHt l"c aIM'oariinie of their guests in
Mrs. Ciinniuev llishop, Mr. and Mrslu,u'' vostnmes, which added to tho
(luy Sargent,' Mr. and Mrs. John J.! ('v''mR 9 W'Cties.
Huberts, Mr. and Mrs. William Hurg
hardt. Mr. and Mrs. Asahel Hush, Mr.
and Mrs. Council Dyer, Mr. ami Mrs.
Winer l.udden, Mr. and Mis. Civile
(Irnham, Mr. and Mrs. (ieoriie tlriiv,
l. I ',
...i. u.i .mi. i limn hiss, .nr. ail'l ,, . " , -i
Mrs. Frank Spears, Mr. and Mrs. Hen i J: Ko,;R'''" JIrs-. h. l.ee Steiuer,
The rooms, whero the curd tables
were arranged, were a profusion of
fragrant carnations and ferns.
Card honors fell to Mrs. William
Dancy and Joseph Huunigartner.
As a charming eourtecy to Mrs. Geo.
A delightful midweek bridge was
presided over by Mrs. Thomas B. Kay
Wednesday afternoon.
The card tables were Mivled by the
members of the Happy Hour Bridge
club and several additional matrons.
High score honors were awarded to
Mrs. Milton Mevers and the consolntion
fell to Mrs. J. N. Smith.
Mrs. C. H. Robertson assisted Mrs.
The Happy Hour club members are:
Mrs. John Albert, Mrs. J. N. Smith.
Mrs. David Kvre. Mrs. Lawrence T.
Harris, Mrs. C. H. .Robertson, Mrs. Kob
ert Downing, Mrs. ('has. K. Soaulding,
Mrs. II. J. Bean, Mrs. R. II. Uoodiu,
.Mrs. Jomi Sutherland, Mrs. Lenta es
tacott, Mrs. Joe Albert, Mrs. F. M.
Hrown, Mrs. E. S. Tillinghast, Mrs.
Louis Lachmund, Mrs. A. I. Eoff, and
Mrs. John Griffith.
As ndditoinal guests, Mrs. Kay asked
Mrs. Charles Gray, Mrs. K. ('. Cross,
Mrs. Milton Meyers, Mrs. H. J. Schuld
erman and Mrs. Charles Dick.
Mrs. E. E. Waters had a number of
matrons at her home Thursday after
noon for nn informal hour over tne
bridge tableB, her guests being the
members of a Kensington club, who
will devote the remainder of the winter
to cards.
The matrons included in the club
are: Mrs. Fred Stewart, Mrs. William
Henry Boot, Mrs. E. t'ooke Patton,
Mrs. Eollink Tage, Mrs. Thomas B.
Kay, Mrs. J. N. Smith, Mrs. E. E.
Waters, Mrs. Charles Dick, Mrs. Kuben
Boise, Mrs. John Mc.Viry, Mrs. Harvey
Wells, Mrs. George Waters, Mrs. Eu
gene Gilliughain, and MrB. H. J. Sciul
dcrman. Card honors were captured by Mrs.
Kollin K. Page.
Mrs. Waters was assisted by Mrs.
George Waters.
A charming luncheon and bridge
party was the diversion of Thursday
witii Airs. Uuvcr Locke as hostess. .
Sixteen matrons shared the delight
ful hospitality of the hostess, luncheon
was followed by bridge.
An artistic arrangement of pink prim
roses ana sm iax adorned tne table.
Mrs. Locke's guests included the
Thursday luncheon club and Mrs. Wil
liam Lldndge, Mrs. Homer Smitn and
Mrs. Albert Lovelace as additional.
Mrs. Harry Oluiger captured the high
score honor.
A bevy of young high school maids
are arranging for a dancing party to be
given in BaniBgartner hall Friday
A brilliant event scheduled on the
social calendar for Monday night, is
tno do uogorza concert at tne Grand
theatre. Society folk, who are lovers
of good music are on the qui vivc for
this attair and numerous box and line
parties have been arranged.
Following the concert a number of
matrons will preside over charming
supper parties.
Mrs. William Knighton, who has
been sojourning in Los Angeles for
some time, hns gone to Birmingham,
Alabama, where she will be the gue"t
of Mrs. Frank Snedecor (Lena Brey
innn). Mrs. Knighton was aeeomapnied
to Birmingham by Mr. Kuighton, who
is en route tor Honda.
It is Fafe to presume that more elab
orate l.ina are being made for the mil
itary ball by Company M as n whole
than for any other event now on tapis.
A number of prominent matrons will
le asked to be patronesses for the af
fair which is tentatively arranged for
an earlv date in Murch.
Mr. ami Mrs. Melvin Plimpton, ;1"- v Hrl'u" .",mt" nml Mrs. Harry
d Mrs. Frederic Tuietsen, Mlssl V "V . "HV" rtM'cn,,' lmJ bir,.h-
Oleott, Mr. ami Mrs. Melv
Mr. am!
Rita Steiner, Miss Esther Carson, Dr.
Prince Hvrd and James Young.
Friday the boxes were occupied by
Gov. and Mrs. James Withycoiube, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Palmer Putnam, Mr. and
Mrs. Joseph Albert, Mr. iin.l Mrs. O. P.
Luck, Mr. and Mrs. David Eyre, Mr.
mid Mrs. Charles Dick. Mr. an, I Mrs.
F. G. Dcckebich, Mr. ami Mis. W M.I
llaiuiltou, Mr. and Mrs. John Albert,
Miss Harriett Hargrove and William
A chinning dinner given before the
dance Monday night wns that presided
over by Mr, and Mrs. George Palmer
An artistic urray of fragrant narcis
sus centered the table, which had cov
ers for five, including H. A. Stover, of
nenit, uregon, who was II guest or t ie u. i. i . , " ,,
I 'lit n. mis. , ' r 1 1 1 it li asked Mr. mid Mrs. George F
lays. Mrs. Grififth prepared a special
supper table which was charming with
crimson carnations ami greens and a
lovely cuko adorned with glittering
red candles.
Corsage bouquets of fragrant violets,
narcissus and lacey ferns marking the
The other table was done in the sainc
brilliant flowers combiued with greens.
Kiiucing closed the very delightful
The club members include: Mr. and
Mrs. William Diincy, Mr. and Mrs. Geo.
Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Durbin,
Dr. nnd Mrs. R. E. Lee tSeiner, Mr.
and Mrs. Milton Meyers, Mr. and Mrs.
Charles McNary, Mr. mid Mrs. Geo.
L. Rose, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Baker,
ami the hosts.
As additional guests, Dr. and Mrs.
Mr. ami Mrs. Putnam entertain fre
quently with similar affairs, which
are most informal and very delightful
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky Mason, of Al-
Rodgers, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Biium-
gurtner, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Locke
and Miss Hitn Steiner.
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Cross are plan
ning to leave next Snndiiv for a so-
tuny, who were the guests of Mr. and!.l"urn in Honolulu. Thev will sail from
airs. Asnliel Hush tor the subscription ictona, B. C stopping en route nt I
ifunce, Monday night, will lene in I Seattle and Vancouver, B. C. John1
a delightful informal Kensington Frt- about two weeks for 'an extended so-1 Wright and Dr. Prince' Bvrd will
in allwnoon. 'jnurn in Honolulu. company the Crosses.
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t'ormor, on Court street. Their guests
will nii'ludo tho matrons ot the lhurs
dav dub.
Thursday evening about oue hundred
Rirls and men induced in .1 nay even
ing of dauting at the Moose ball. This
was the Bei'ond of a series of dances to
be jjiven by the popular Stringed Or
,'hestra, with Miss (ieorjjabelle Ikioth,
Miss Mary hVliultz and Mrs. Viola
Vcreler llolnian in charge of tho affair.
Mr. in. (I Mrs. T. B. .Tones nnd Miss
Mis. William Galloway and Mrs. . ai... .i,.r. who have been sniourniu"
Douglas Minto entertained this alter-, jn tni, sol1th ,or several months, have
noon at the home of the former, with a h.ien "raving a most delightful trip
touring Hinderful California.
by Mrs L. K. I'ugc, of Salem, who is
iilto (i.ji.ying the trip in their machine.
While ntte.ndinr the fair at iS:in
well to the liouorc who will be vcry,,,j,0i tllc J0n,,s d nartv met Mrs.
mucli missed tiy a largo eoterio or. , Aiken and Miss Florence Aiken, of
The rooms were exceptionally attrac
tive in a red and green decorative
scheme of huge scarlet hearts nnd i
Mrs. Charles K. Spanlding and Mrs. itained with a delightful "500" parly
John 1). Sutherland will be tiic charm- Thursday evening, their guests includ
ing hostesses for an afternoon Thins-, ing a card club to which tiie. hosts are
day, at tne attractive residence ot the members.
harming Kensington for Mrs. K. It.
Houston who is soon to join her hus
band in California w here they will make
their home.
Over forty matrons culled to bid fare-
Tho rooms in which the card tables
wero arranged were sunny with yel
low tulips, suggesting the .ippronch of
! spring, making a pretty foil for the
players. Swore -awards were capture!
by Mrs. Frank Meyers and V. S. tiau
n'ctt. Mrs. J. Wood and Mrs. Merlin Hurd-
ling assisted the -hostess in the serving.
a i.i:: i n kn ...l.l.IU
Tiiey were, joined in Han Francisco' "
and Mrs. ,T. Wood. Mr. and Mrs. M. P.
Kiidicott, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Webb,
Mr. ami Mrs. E. 1 Carlton, Mr. and
Mrs. A. S. Kaziuarek, Mr. and Mrs. W.
V. Moore, Mr. aud Mis. l'aul Schniidt.
and Miss Madeline Miller.
Ifi'M'buig, Mrs. Frank Spencer's mother
ai.d sister, who accompanied them on a
inittri trin tn T.a .Tnlln.
U nrcsent tiio .ones' and Mrs. Puce Mrs. Guv Sargent asked a scoic of
quantities of lovely Oregon cr.ipe and-r,. t ilm Missinn lintel in Kivervide matrons for a charming infornul tea
liowers, suggestive of Valentine's day. i t'aliforn't. Tuesday afternoon, including Mrs.
iCiiarles Gray, Mrs. Thomas Livcsley,
Sharing honors witii Mrs. Fred Setu-i Tho p,,,, of Miss Ile.itricr Shcllonl lri;, harl'a MoNaO', M's- Thomas
sloff, who opened her attractive liome!n!m n'cd invitations for the second! fn'th, . r., Mrs John J. Huberts,
for the first of a scries of Kensing-lof of M.ir attl!ll.tive musical ! Ll'9- 1,,1';l,r-v il''rs,I". George 1 a I-
ton teas to be given by the Priseilh to bc pivon Tuesday afternoon atm,''r 1 ;,lll"nlj 'ls- ". . Scl.ucking,
club were: Jlrs. John Craig, Mrs. W. tho Congregational church. Tho pro '." (u'orc (,rny n"J Mlss M,,ra'"'
S. Mott, Mrs. C. M. Kpley and Mrs.l Rnimnu Brran, hy theso - young ( osl"'r- , ,
inrtists wiu he tilled with .1 quota of
About thirty matrons gathered for; delightful numbers including a vocal
HIV ttMHll ,,lllU .13 1MI U1U UCIIVlll VI'
Dr. ami Mrs. Frank
fisolo by Miss Marguerite Flower, who I ,,T,uiur.d Ul' f m,'l,r9 of,tl,!
I with her unittfectedncss and charming I1'"" u'" V"1 "'l' ',
''., .-n i, o i,,- .-n I nt- a dolightlul evening fridu
the Y. V. C. A.
An interesting talK wns given during 'ninnner has won for her a large follow-
' " "'"' ing ot adinirors.
.'wirnrt-i Mill Tloil lliso Clllll I lltui-
ed a delightful reading.
Mr. and Mrs. Fliuer McKinnie en-
Children's parties are nlwavs a dc-' L , ' , K , T,l J0"y
light to mothers and one of the mer- w" ' 1 'bv pv" J'fihtlul uOO party
.iest little l aities this week was that ! ,'Jnos,ll.v evening,
given by ilra. ftrl Anderson for her Jr v.SlTW u ,0
daughter Do.elle wno has attained the M Jo.n V.Nod nn.l T. M, liarr.
ate of ten As additional guests the hosts asked
scheme, being centered with graceful1 ,,,,- -. , ,L
carnations, tho cake was surrounded L?. V.' "V0? ' the
by glittering enndles.
Seated around tho table weif : Ruth
Hnckner, Catiierine Hartley, 1'anline
and Ir.niise Findley, Genevieve H.ir
bour, Kugeuia Savage, Lucilc Liston
and Iris I'nge. i
Miss Annette Grnber, Mrs. Ander
son's sister, assisted in serving the
voung folks. i
C. O. CtiihrieUon left for San Frnn-,
cisco last night, where he will attend,
tne annual adjustors meeting of insur
ance men.
W. Chace ei-
eir wiv
luy at th
collae of music
Gaines were indulged in during tb"
(Continued on Vase Six.)
Mr. .ind Mrs. Craig Marvin enter
L. S. Bowlaud Edgar M. Rowland
Beaver State Printers
Rooms 1-3, Patton Bltlg. I
Phono 1512
Now at 426 State Street
Many English Songs on the Program lZi U)KjjHl
Even with Extreme Weather Conditions the Orders are Coming in Fast Trom Surrounding Towns. There are about 50 Seats left at $1.50
Some Good Ones at $2 and Some in the Gallery at $1.
A Tine Thing for Salem to Sell the Entire House for this Famous Artist. Box Office Opens at 9:00 a. m. Monday