Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, February 03, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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f 1
I Great Special Sale of I
I Angora Brushed Wool!
Just arrived
fringed ends
medium blue,
them on sale
FOR RENT Millinery
Department Space on
second floor after Feb.
15. Inquire at Office.
TtTTtttT TTTt TtttttTTtt
All Around Town
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glass-!
ea correctly. U. B. Bank. Bid;.
After a week's rest from daily labor,
on account of nn attack of the grippe,
W. B. (iilson is able to be down town.
Order your pure milk and cream
from Mnplo Orovo Dairy, 1-15 South
Commercial. Phono 20H. tf
Seven linemen of the Postal Tele
graph company were sent yesterday to
l'ortland to assist in getting the wires
once again iu working order,
O. II. P. Cough Syrup will stop your
cough. No cure, no pay. For sale it
the Opera House Pharmacy. . tf
The Missionary society of the First
CliriHtinn church will moot Friday after
noon, February 4, nt the home of Mrs.
Flora Clark, 1475 Chomekcta street.
Dr. Stone's Drug store.
The Poole drug stos is moving today
into its new quarters in tlio Salem Bnnk
of Commerce building, and will here
after be known us the Central Pharm
acy. Dr. Stone's drug; store.
Ernie Klinger, formerly of Oervais,
Is putting in a new pool hall st 4ii.'l
Court street, in the room formerly oc
cupied by the "Dad" Oeior ' pool
Electric baths and .massage tinder
Tour physician's diroctiona. N. N. Iro
ns, 218 Hubbard DM sr. Phone 555. tf
The Eugene high school basketball
team will try their luck with the Sa
lem high school team Saturday evening.
Tho gamo will be played in. the senior
high school gymnasium ami will begin
at 8:15 o'clock.
Ask The Capital Journal about Job
State School Superintendent J. A.
Churchill went to Monmouth todny to
meet with tho hiiildinir cmiintittn nt t)i..
Oregon Mate-Normal school to accept
ino now training school building which
was recently erected at a cost of about
Johnson's Hat Works. 148 S. Cora'l.
Articles of Incorporation were filed
todaY for tho llinnndrnnin Thnnt,-!....!
and Amusement company, of Portland,
which was capitalized at $5,000 and
Atiyeh Bros., Incorporated, an oriental
rug company which was capitalized af
Got prices on commercial printing
nt The Capita Journal offico.
The "L Area dub" the drill toam
of the United Artinans Is making ar
rangements for a valentine pnrty, Feb
ruary 17. The club will bn entertained
by Miss Grace Tallman, Miss Bertha
Lincensed Lady Em
balmer Moderate Prices
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
, Cottage Undertaking
Phone 721. Salem, Ore.
Scarf and Cap Sets
a delayed shipment of these
articles Scarfs are of good width and
Caps to match each scarfs.
red, brown, white. For rapid selling we have placed
at this low price for the Set $1.69
(See the window display.) ,
Waldorf and Miss Gcrtrudo Waldorf.
The entertainment will bo given lit the
homo of .Mrs. Cresswell, Fourteenth and
Mill streets. J
Johnson's Hat Works. 148 S. Coin'l.j
The building committee of the school 1
board has secured a cottage clone to the1
Lincoln school, to bo used for the prim-!
nry grade, under the instruction of Miss I
Abide Davis. Tho cortnge will bo fully I
equipped for this grade and ready for
tho children enrly next week.
Reserve February 22 for the Meth
odist Indies. A Washington birthday
dinner will be served from 0 to 8 l). m.
Splendid dinner beautiful decorations.
Winthrop Hammond, owner of "The
Toggery," believes in tho slogan "Try
Snlem First," in a practical way. Af
ter todny Tho Toggery will be heated
by the Burr hot water system, tho in-
vumiuu or ineo. ju. unrr una manufac
tured in this city.
Johnson's Hat Works. 148 S. Cora'l.
The river this mornlnor l S l.o fi
hiirher thnn it wn Mniwlnv ,,,..,;,.
The stage .Monday morning was 5 feel
nnove zero, Tuesday morning 7 1-2
feet nhovn nnd tmlnv in i. .. i. ......
the low water mark. The rainfall for
the 24 hours up to S o'clock this morn
ing was .41 of an inch.
The Cherrians turned out to the num
ber of 50 lust evening for tho first
evening's drill, under command of
Captain Dick. Tho Cherrians aro st!
feelinff the nt'f.v.f nf ..At:., r:... ,
7 1 lirsi HUU
second money at tho Rose show in Port
land Inut Vnni. . . ..
to the standard established last sum
mer when they toed tho mark to the
street ear track.
0. H. Carson, who was recently ad
mitted to tho bar in this state, has be
gun the practice of law in this city and
r . """" me offices
of Attorney Trindlc in the Bnnk of
, "v ....ui..K. iur. vnrson liaj
boo,, a resident of Salem for about
fie enrs and , a graduate of the Wil
lametto law school.
The standing room only sign has been
taken out rrnm nj.. ... j . ..... . ...
. , i .; " mm uiisiou ott,
ready tor use tonight, as tho indication.,
aro that "Tho Fortune Hunter" will
play to a capacity house, regardless of
Wlllit tli.i ........i.... .... .
O. sign may have been used in tho good
., ,v Vl Iun)r K0 Ult ln rivt,llt
)eurs it has beeu in the discard.
Chief of Poll vi.i.i, . .. ..
tute family by tho name of Halford
residmir nt ar,i ti..i..
, : ....iiivnv niruiH wnere
four of the members of the family are
ill with tho grippe, and Mr. Halford is
uuaoio to find work of any kind. He is
a carpenter by trade but is ready and
willing to do any kind of work that is
Three trains on the Oregon Electric
-v. U, tunny on account of the
um.nuui neuuicr conditions. Tho 4:i
afternoon train ......i. .
.. , .: "its can
celliMi. W..11 a ti, n.in ..i
' k1""K ""nil
it V, -IV " B Blao D'Pn "null
ed. 1 ortland is sending out word that it
would be best for everybody to stay nt
homo rrtr m 1uf 4..-
V inn,
Bernard W. Vlck and Miss Clara
Montgomery, who wore married Yester
day noon at the home of the -bride in
N v "v, arrived tu the city Inst ev
ening and are
borne that had already lx-en preparcl
"'" '"K" nu Juiison streela.
number of their frien.t. on.i i.
euing and gave tho newly weds n rei'-
.1..i ..1.1 ... .....
.... ui.i luntuujieu cjuirivttri.
Wool worth ten cent store will have
a new nianatrer beginning tomorrow.
A. II. For, manager in Snlem fur the
past year and a half, has been promot
ed to the position of manager of the
Tacoma store and will leave within a
few days, Tho new Suleiu maungcr, F.
splendid cold weather
length stripe borders f
Choice of old rose, grey, t
II. DcVore arrived today from Wallu
Walla uud will tako charge of the store.
Tho c.hnngo conies ii the way of a pro
motion fur both managers.
Charley Maxwell, the 300 pound por
ter at the Oregon Electric is glad he is
alive. Tuesday evening wliilo making
a quick run near tho crossing of the
Oregon Electric nnd Southern Pacific,
ho struck the end of a car extending
over tho sidewalk, suffering a severe
bruidc. Today ho is just able to be
about and is tolerably satisfied wi
conditions ill general, as it might have
been worse.
Councilman J. A. Mills is in receipt
of a letter from Congressman Hawlcy,
in reply to tho invitation written let
ter writing week, telling Mr. llawley
of the beautiful scenery to be found in
and ubout Sulem. Tho letter to Mr.
Mills rends: "You are certainly n past
muster in the art of boosting and I con
gratulate you to your letter writing
ability," all of which Mr. Mills be
lieves, even it another did say it.
Feathers make the bird, and the col
or of an autumobilo ulso entitles tho cur
to move in better society. Vick Bros,
have a 111 HI Ford with tho body painted
cherry red, in accordance with tho pre
vailing stylo color established by the
cherry red street cars and the city
cleaning department. In fuct, tho Ford
with its new color is very attractive
nnd with its new clothes is entitled to
travel in tho Pierce-Arrow class. At
least that is what Mr. Vick said.
The state board of control which was
to conduct a hearing today of the
hurges brought by Eline Curry against
Dr. U, K. I.. Stniner w as unable to meet
this morning and the bonrd meeting
was called ut 2 o'clock this afternoon.
A uumber of routino matters were
brought up first and the consideration
of the Curry case wiih not reached until
a lute hour. Mrs. Curry is nn aged wo
man who enmo hero from Jackson coun
ty to bo near her husband who was
confined in the asylum.
A copy of an initiative petition for
tho "People's Land nnd I.onn Law,"
being a proposed nmendnien of section
one, article one of the constitution of
the state of Oregon proposed and in
itiated by the Oregon State Federation
of Labor, T. II. Buchard, president, and
I.. J. .-itnoK, secretary, nnd tho Central
Labor Council of Portland nnd vicin
ity, Eugeno E. Smith, president: A. W
Jones, vice-president, and E. J. stack
secretary, was filed in the offico of the
secretary of stnto today.
Does it pay to jeopardize your eye-
sigm, wnicn snouid oo me most valued
gift of Ood, with poorly fitted classes.
or would yon prefer known reliability?
i lit glasses correctly; tnat ono thing
i oo nno no it rignt. it is no experi
ment with mo. Thirty three vcars
practice and study in' eye work has
taught me how. Thousands of satis
fied patients to whom I can refer you
should convince you that my office is
a safe place to bring your eye troubles.
I guarantee satisfaetiou in everv ro-
seet and make a specialty of fitting
cciiiiiren b eyes correctly. I do not use
drops or drugs as they nro dangerous.
it. ni. i .Mendelsohn. Hooins 10 11
U. S. Bank llldg.
Postmaster Huckestein Is in receipt
loony or a check tor l,J70.t50 from an
eastern mail order house, to nav for the
mailing of IM.-I83 catalogs to tho three
aonea irom tins office. These catalogs
mil rrivn acre, snipped in two cars b
freight, and will tuke tho pared post
ruto. hitch catalog weighs three
pounds and tho postage in tho local
tone will bo six cents each, into the
seconu zone, Kin miles from Salem
seven cents each, and into the thii-.l
lone, a distance as fur as 150 miles, 10
cents each. Formerly Itosoburg was the
nipping ami mniliug poiut for thi
mail order house.
Through W. I. Staley, director of the
iiKMi-umiini ueparimeiil or tho ."snlen
Commercial club, the brown rot situa
linn hn nlm, I, l.....n..l. .
- .-... uiuiiui i i.iu in
tention of Congressman Hnwloy, urging
nun to interest department of Agricul
tural in too situation. Already the
matter has been taken up with Dr. W.
A. Taykir, chief of the bureau of plant
industry ami in a letter to Mr. Stalev,
Congressman llawley writes th it tho
bureau has made a beginning in its in
vestigations and will continue in the
work. It is hoped that a specialist
Hundreds of Men and Teams
Are Attempting To Break
Complete Blockade
Tacoma, Wash., Feb. 3 Tacoma em
erged today from the worst snow storm
iu its history and began tho work of
restoring conditions to somewhat ap
proaching normal. The task is proving
to be a difficult, one to copo with, but
hundreds of men and teams are em
ployed in the downtown districts in
loading tho accummulution of snow up
on wagons and hauling it away. The
suu made its appearance shortly before
10 o'clock this forenoon, but barometric
conditions aro favorable for more
Work of clearing car tracks is pro
ceeding steadily and traction officials
express the belief that at least a par
tial service will bo possible before ev
ening. All linos are completely Mock
ed and men and women employed down
town were compelled this morning to
walk to business in some cases several
miles. The first, car over the iiiteiurb
an Hue from Seattlo arrived shortly
after 9 o'clock.
Transcontinental railroad liiieR are
still tied up, not a singlo train having
succeeded in crossing the Cascades for
more than 36 hours. At the offices
of the Northern Pacific and Milwaukee
roads here it was said at noon that all
telegraph wires lire down, but that con
ditions in the mountains have improved
and that the date of resumption of train
service to the east cannot be predict
ed. A blizzard is raging at the sum
mit on both lines nnd rotary plows are
unable to clear away the drifts. No
eastern mail is being received, except
that which has been routed via Port
land. Train service to the southward
is being maintained but all trains are
greatly delayed.
Despite the chaotic conditions that
have existed in this city for the past
two or three days, there havo beeu no
serious accidents and tho damage
property is inconsiderable.
Delivery of fuel ami groceries and
milk are impossible in many sections of
the city today, but residential streets
are being opened up for traffic as
rapidly as possiblo and unless more
snow falls tonight, conditions are ex
pected to be nearly normal by tomor
row. There is no i'enr of suffering by
reuson of a food shortage.
Serious Food Shortage.
Bellinghnm, AVasli., Feb. 3. A serious
food shortage is feared hero today fol
lowing the almost futile efforts to open
up traffic on tho railroads, and county
l.:...1 ii-,.:,- .. . , . - ,t
uiKiinu.ta. n niie me snow tins not fall
en hero for many hours, a high wind i."
still drifting it. Tho snow is 30 inches
on rue level. Alt pathways are block
ed. The farmers are having a hard
time to protect their stock.
In the city a shortage of coal is al
ready apparent. There is also a milK
shortage. City mail delivery is o
partially made. Tim aidmnlu ,-. i
Snow at Victoria.
Victoria. R. (' Vuh 5 v:u:t.i 1...
the heaviest snowstorm since l,H(i2, Vic
toria Drncticnllv anunen.l.wl 1,
hero today. Street car traffic was stnil-
...1 Af.. .... 1 ... i
.unu,j iiumiivss nouses tailed to
open. The schools will ,w.t ,...,.,
til next week. About four feet of
snow is on the ground.
30 Inches at Walla Walla.
Wnlln Walla. Wnsh . tvi,
ing for more than 72 hours without a
break, all records wern hn,bn
day, with moro than 30 inches of snow
n me level. The temperature has
ranged from zero to 10 above during
the week. All
street car service demoralized.
Blizzard at Aberdeen.
AVterrliHui Wouk ru
pained by a 10 mile- gale, tho worst
Mizznrd in tho history of Grays Har
bor has practically caused suspension
suddenly, following a heavy rain which
will be sent to the valley this summer
to make a thorough and scientific
study of brown rot, its prevention .ind
iri-uiiitf 111.
A 8trikinir casn nt in
reported to the police recently by ,T.
. x.vnns, a Mate street restaurant
man. Mr. Kvnus khv tlmt .,.,...
came to him who hnd no place to sleep
ua nn iippcnrea to oe a deserving
fellow, Mr. Kvans took tho man to his
room and kept him for the night. All
imii wen ana tne man enmo back for
tho next niuM n,l ,.iu;,.i n... i...... :.i
ity of Mr. Kvans which was freely giv-
me uexr morning, however, the
stranger disappeared and with him went
a suit of clothes, a pair of shoes, two
razors and a razor hono and a few other
incidentals which were packed awav in
a suit ease and all belonged to Mr. Kv
ans. The articles were sold at a junk
shop by a mnn who gave the name of
Miko Murphy.
Ths total number of pupils register
ed in the Salem pnblio schools is ;t,011
according to the January report of Su
perintendent O. M. Klliott. The bovs
are going to school in a greater pro
portion thnn any year in the history of
the Salem schools. Of those from 14 to
.0 years of age, the grades which form
erly numbered such a large mnpiority
for the girls, now the girls have but a
bare majority of 17. Even of the r
who are over the ago of 20, the bovs
number 20. Th(, pop,llatioil of bov, jn
the city from six to nine years of age
must be greater than that of the girls
as the public schools register liliO bovs
to 3.18 gul. The average per cent of
attendance for January was IU.7, wh!
means that for every dar the school,
were in session, the average attendance
was 2,741. ,
Miss Evndue Harrison, ex '17, of Or
egon City, was a enmnus visitor for a
few davs this week. She was the snest
of .Miss Valeria (ioldburger while here.
But to clean up short lines are making prices at almost cost. We are in the
grip of Winter and the weather man says it will continue, so why go around
chilled to the bone? Buy some heavy wear now and keep comfortable you in
vest a little money now, keep warm and save the Overcoat, Underwear, etc., for
another season. The following list shows why you should not chill and shiver:
Regular $12.50, to close out, now t $ 8.88
Regular $15.00, to close out, now $10.88
Regular $20.00, to close out, now $14.98
Regular $25.00, to close out, now $17.88
Cooper's Spring Needle Derby Ribbed included 2-piece Suits:
Regular $1.00, now 70 Cents
Union Suits, regular $1.25, now . . . .9gc $1.50, now '. J
$2.00 now . . . . . . . -$1.58; $3.00 now $2.38; 5-00 now $3.98
G. W. Johnson & Co.
141 North Commercial St.
Street Car, Telephone and
Electric Service Continues
In Capital City
Salem is feeling a slight touch of
(lie silver t'naw todny but none of the
acute throes of the chill jro experienc
ed in this city ana Nilem s most inti
niuto connection with trouble is
through culls for help from other cities
and Portland in particular. Nono of
the telegraph wires from San Fran
cisco or points south of Salem arc able
to send messages any f.irthcr noth than
Salem and train service, especially on
tho Oregon Electric, has been inter
rupted. The S. P. is getting its trains
through though tho schedule is general
ly behind.
Today on tho Oregon Electric the
4:T) south bound, the 11:20 a. m. north
bound and the 7:fi5 p. m. north bound
were cancelled on account of the in
ability to keep the ice off of the
trolly wires. Last night's 0:44 south
bound -arrived about four hours late
and was pulled in by an electric freight
engine which was covered with ice.
The Western X'nion telegraph company
today is making Salem the end of
the division and nil messages from
San Francisco to Portland are copied in
Salem ind then sent on to Portland by
courier on a train.
While tho sun even came out for a
short time at noon yesterday and tiie
day was generally mild until about five
thirty in the nftemodn when tho ther
mometer dropped eight degrees in 1.)
minutes and tho rain which fell was
literally "frozen iu its tricks."
No genuine silver thaw was experi
enved as it fell first in tho form of
rain nnd toon froze upon whatever hap
pened to be on tho bottom. Tho trolly
wires were the resting places of a
solid string of icicles and the electric.
trains were obliged to proceed with
slow speet. The local street car ser
vice on the Portland, Eugene & East
ern was not interrupted to any extent
ami me ears generally kept to their
The river today is 10.5 feet above
low water mnrk which is a riso of two
nnd one half feet iu the last 'J4 hours.
The O. ('. T. company was the only
transportation company th.it delivered
freight in Salem todny and the man
agers state that as long as the river
keeps running that there will bo no
steamboat lines tied up.
Hobert C. Paulus, maii iger of the Sa
lem Fruit I'nion, reports that so far no
damage has been done to the fruit in
this section and that horticiilturulists
north of Salem sny that tho damage to
fruit trees and berry bushes does not
extend south of Garden Home.
The snow today has put a stop to the
sleet and it is not expected that any
limbs will be broken from tho fruit
trees and there has been no damage
from freezing reported to date.
Salem and vicinity appears to be a
lucky spot aeoerding to the reports
from other points in the northern end
of tho valley and the present indica
tions are that no d.imago will result
from the inclement weather unless a
decided change for the worse is affect
er. The public service commisison sent
five of its engineers to Portland today
to take charge of gangs which arc now
working over time in Portland to rut
the electric and telephone wires back
into working order. Every lineman
tiiut is available and n number of la
borers who are not linemen are being
pressed into service to restore the elec
tric and telephone wires that have fall
en under the weight of ice that clung
to the wires and experienced engineers
to supervise th operations are much in
Portland Is Isolated
By Sleet and Snow and
One Death Is Reported
Portland, Or., Feb. 3. With com
munication and transportation prac
tically paralyzed throughout the north
west, Portland for a time today was
iiterly without means of connection
with the outside world.
Wireless apparatus on which the city
hod relied to talk to other points broke
nuder the weight of ice on it.
Overnight, tho silver thaw that
struck the city yesterday, turned to a
snow storm, but this ceased during the
forenoon. Snow crippled the railroads
so badly that they abandoned their
schedules, while tho eastern part of
the city suffered from absence of tele
phones and electric lights.
A ten inch snow blanket lay on the
ground hereabouts, while eastern Ore
gon reported nearly two feet of snow
before tho wires failed.
Tho storm, practically continuous
since January 1, is the worst iu the
history of tho northwest, and yet more
snow and cold is predicted by tho of
ficial forecaster.
Stronger easterly winds are ex
pected to add to tho cold and suffer
ing already inflicted.
One death in tho past 24 hours is,
however, tho sole casualty report up
to early afternoon. Herbert Wild
dropped dead from exhaustion, while
battling against the driving sleet,
while he was trying to reach his home
last night,
t:.. Willamette freshmen were to
havo played the Astoria high school
last night in the Willamette gym, but
nt. tho last minute the Astorinns noti
fied the rooks that they would rat nor
,,in nth a team with which thev hnd
souie chance of winning and so de
parted for forvallis, where they played
the Corvallis high. The freshmen, how
ever, were not to be denied the privi
lege of a game for a number of ex
stars assembled and met them at the
time scheduled for the original game.
This game was a fast and interesting
one. The final scoro was a tio, 17-17.
The senior team played the Kimbnl
quintet last night and defeated them
17-ti. The seniors were out of condi
tion irom playing a hard game with
the freshmen the night before, never
theless they suecocded in playing in a
umhl.ni'K of their old stvlo and idled
up 1G points, all of which were made
K- Vi.liiAn-at! fnnrftril.
The Webstcrian literary society held
their quarterly election of officers last
night and the following were elected:
President, :Pred McMillan! vice-president,
Sam B. King; recording secre
tary, Lelnnd Austin; corresponding sec
retary, Errol Proctor; treasurer, Ous
Anderson; critic, Arlie Walker.
The program rendered before elec
tion was very good and especially mirth
provokintr was th. story rend bv I. a-
Now at 426 State Street
Salem, Oregon
This is the back view of a
popular young man who has a
position at tho. state house so
strong with the ladies that his
smiling countenance is in grcut
demand on cloudy days.
To the first person who brings thiH
ad to us with his correct name to
The Spa
wo will give a 2-pound box of our
famous chocolates.
ban Steeves entitled "Kidnapping th'
Cook." The next program will con
sist of a debate on "Resolved, That
President Wilson's plan for prepared
ness should be adopted."
Tho Philodorians elected Walter
Gleiser, president, and Harold Miller,
vice-president, last night.
A large number of Willamette stu
dents are planning to see "The For
tuno Hunter" tomorrow evening at
the Grand. Several old Willamctto
' crads" will nppenr in title roles of
the play and naturally the present stu
dents are desirous of seeing them jn
dramatic action.
Herman Edwards, a popular fresh
man, was recently elected a member of
the I). 1). club, and is now looking for
ward with great pleasure to his com
ing Initiation.
The Y. W. O. A. girls sold all their
supply of saudwiciies this morning. Tho
frigid weather was the cause lor tho
hungriness of every student and tho
nickels dropped merrily into the wait-inn-
him.1 nf the Hindwich dipcnser
I in exchange for the "eats."
Also Nice Line of
Masonic Eldg.
Who Tis?
i sUL ai 1 limsrff '