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Rostein & Greenbaum's
Will Continue All This Week
Lots of Good Merchandise at Bar
gain Prices. We are trying to clean
up all our odds and ends. Will
also give 10 per cent reductions on
all Staples, Dry- Goods, such as
Outing Flannels, Sheetings, Muslins,
Calicos Percales and Ginghams etc.
20c Pillow Tubeing, yd., 25c Indian Head Tube-
m ins;rd
. 16c
17c Crepe, pretty pat-
terns, yard n yard wide 0uting
He Flannel,
$1.25 Suitings, 56 and
58 inches wide, yard m M rt4A ,. .
.$5 to $10 Misses Coats,
50c to clean up
$1.25 to $2.00 Ladies' .50
Underwear, odd gar-
menls 50c an(1 75c children's
pa Underwear, odd gar-
ouc ments,
High Grade Muslin
Gowns High Grade Corsets
Princess Slips, Muslin $5.00 ones at $2.50
Drawers, at $3.50 ones at $1.75
Half Price . Just Half Price
Doctor W. S. Mott and Rev.
R. F. Tischer Help Make
Splendid Cast
Must .ill the oliler inhabitants of fa
lorn will rci-all Hint when James Mott
(uinler whose direction the Social Ser
vice Center of the Commercial club is
to stage "The Kortiine Hunter ") was
a child, he had ipiit.e a reputation as a
"boy orator." He used to "speak
pieces" .t church socials, and lodge en
tertainments, and all snch (daces where
they stand for that sort of thins, and
in the first two of Bryan's series of
presidential campaigns .lames was fea
tured as .1 headiiner, traveling round
about the state with a gang of grown
ups, imported Pi to I spell -binders. No
wonder he tuned out to bo an actor.
And what has all tins to do with
Pr. W. S. Mott.' Nothing, except that
: it wasthc doctor who put .lames up to
jit. Ho not only put him up to it, but
1 he taught him how to do it. And so,
'when the oast of The Fortune Hunter
I was being selected, .lames picked out
lone of the hardest parts in the play
land wished it on his father.
The role in which Pr. Mott will np
ipenr is that of "Hlinkey" Pockwood,
1 the village banker. Jt you nave seen,
I "The fortune Hunter" you will agree
I that "Hlinkey" is perhaps the most
i unique comedy creation in the whole
Irmge of drama. He is a vidian, but a
villian whose every speech and action
I calls for a burst of laughter. He is the
minnest, and at the same time oun ot
jtiie funniest characters in the piny.
Now to get away with .1 part like that
j requires sonio acting, and as an actor,
I Pr. Mott is right anion); those present.
1 He plays "Blinkey" Poekwood as
, though his regular business was nink
i ing people laugh instead of unking
them well. As a matter of fact, his
, performance of " Hlinkey" on Thins-
lay and Friday evenings ot tins weeK
Humors in the blood cause internal
Jerangements that affect the whole
system, as well us pimples, boils end
other eruptions. They affect all the
organs and functions, membranes and
tissues, and ore directly responsible
for tho readiness with which sonio peo
ple contract disease.
' For forty years Hood's Snrsararilla
has been more successful than any ,
other medicine in expelling humors and
removing their inward and outward ef- j
fects. It is distinguished. for its thor-
oughness in purifying the blood, which
it enriches and iivignrates. No other
medicine acts like it, for no other med
icine is like it.
Get Hood's Snrsaparilla today. In
sist on having Hood's. j
Empress Vaudeville Makes
Progressive Now Smallest
"Party" In Oregon As
Shown by New Record
Hit at The Grand
Freehand Brothers opened the show
they are two very clever boys, the
do an interesting routine of cquilibris
tic stunts featuring a head to head
stand which was very good, them some.
Tiie Tyler-St. Claire Trio, two men
and a woman, were so popular by rea
son of their xylophone numbers that
they had to respond with an encore.
Exceptionally good act of its kind.
Hern & liuttor, young men, sing a
little, but enough, and dance a lot.
Are fast and clever on their feet. low;
Tom & Stacia Moore scored a hit I County
with thei singing and talking skit, ! Benton .
"My Dream Girl." Moore's comedy
talk and songs kept getting better as
he went along, so much so that he
carried away tho comedy honors of
tho bill. Miss Moore displayed an un
usual number of attractive costumes.
"The Enchanted Forest," a fantastic
comedy based on the nursery rhymes
of Simple Simon, Little lied Hiding
Hood, Mother Goose, etc., closed the
show. Billy Moore, as Simple Simon,
takes care of the laughs in capable
The republicans of this state .ire far
ahead in registration to date accord
ing to the statements sent in to tho of
fice of the secretary of state. The to-1
tills for the week ending January 22 as
computed from the reports of the vari-1
0'is county clerks show that out of
17,245 voters registered lt,'J"7 were ro-i
publicans, 4,07 democrats, 10.) wore!
piogressives, 'JS2 said they , were pro-!
hiliifiouists, 34!! Wlre socialists and,
" admitted that t'nev belonged to I
the miscellaneous party. This shows
that (ill per cent were republicans, 23
per cent were democrats, li-lll per cent
progressives, 2 per cent prohibitionists,
a Title more than 2 per cent socialists,
and II 4-10 per cent miscellaneous.
The heaviest registration is from
Multnomah county with I. ami second
and Marion thir l. In Marion lliili had
logic! ered and MI! were republicans,
"or democrats, 1 progressive, 15 prohi
bitionists, IS socialists and 34. miscel
laneous. The statements of the two principal
pintles in the counties of the st.ite fol-
W 1 LB L Mill CHIC 1U HIIY U1U11UII , ' -l 1 i j, t i
i i. i 1 n ..... manner ami a bunch of young, bvolv
H.VJJU.tW 1-gW.UIIM.Hlll.WITifn
Women's New Knit
Gloves and fViiftens
Splendid Quality
On Sale Tuesday
1 5c Pair
1 0c Pair
Knit Gloves . .
Knit Mittens . .
28 Pair On Sale at 10:00 a.m.
28 Pair On Sale at 2:30 p. m.
28 Pair On Sale at 4:30 p. m.
Only One Pair to an individual none to dealers
case ot groucn or nines, aim it win no
a lot pleasanter to swallow than any
i:..:.. l l.i il,
incur mi- nu ,iiniii 'u iui in... , . ,
I II li II
I vicled. .Manager Bliirht promises
lv as good if not boner bills fo
dicine ho would
same thing.
When it comes to "types" of actors
requii"d for the character parts, there
girls, clad attractively, sing and dance
and had no trouble in looking pretty.
There were three scenes, fur two of
effective siiecinl sots were pro-! i jm.
Rampant Demagogue
is probably only one man in town who
jcould give a re.il, profcsisonnl perform-' .
ance of the role of old Sam Graham, 1 RfiftCOVf-H RprnminfT
l the inventor-druggist in "The Fortune ; !luJSo'cu UCtUUSIHg
Hunter." That man is the Hew H. F.
Tischer, of the Unitarian church. And!
Uev. Tisihcr is the man who will playj
it. There is no greater character role New York, Jan. 31. That Colonel
in modern comely than that of Sain Knosevclt dues not intend to remain sil-
i Graham. It mado a star, over night, cut while President Wilson is voicing
of Frank Bacon, who played it in the his preparedness views and his williug-
j original production, and it is the anibi-J ness to fight in a good cause was evi
tion of every character actor on the deuced today from the colonel's re
st.ige to be seen in this famous part. marks before a Brooklyn meeting lust
I It is difficult to speak of Mr. Tisch-! night.
er's portrayal of Sam Graham without j In this he took a fling at the nd
getting foolish about it. The director ministration for writing notes to Ger-
'declares it to lie tne tniest piece ot
rotal Nop. Pem. I
22S l.-.l lil J '
Clackamas Ii73 4.i2 lil 1
Clatsop 37o U 07
Cidnmbia 2"2 l!."i 41 jGj,
Coos floS 3."4 12-1 -KSSV . 1 1 J&r J
crook 2s i:t r f? J ffW. T'Vl
ii'lailalli'' ..ZZZT 1-1? 3 4 ' ' '
Ufcc 20 it r,j I JFW L"7 I WMN ""'
Lane 2!Wtt 1P27 75:! M W .... ...... .....I
I vULr m "ltu f,K5M 1
j.l iliicur
Moi row
M 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 :i It
I I'olk ,
'Sherman o
: 'I'ilhnnook .'!t
I'niatilla .'!12
I I'nion !t:!."i
I Wallowa "w
Wasco 'JJ 1
i Washington 'Jo.'!
jWiieeler :14
Vauihill (ill!
42 Hi
172I.1 11027
1 1 :
-. ;
I iii
1 1
:ti '
, many instead of acting; tins he likened
by inference to the tendencies of Pick
ens' .Mr. Micnwber. At the sunn! time
j he excoriated the government for not
i protesting against violation of Belgium,
j rapped the Mexican situation and in-
sinuated that much of the iulministra
j tiou course savored of politics, with the
I foreign vote involved. Germany, he
contended, had acceded to submarine
j demands only because England had
i made it unprofitable to continue under-
sea w a 1'f a re.
240-246 Commercial St.
Every Available Ship
Looking for Submarine
i r ii cm urn mm"..
DR. W. S.
Wbo takes part of
wood in "The Fortune
Photo by Lronme
"Blinkey" Lock-
(Bead, Oregon, Press.)
In Salem thero is a minister of the
gospel, Rev. Richard K. Tischer, who
takes an unusual view, for a minister
of toe amusement of tho young. He
has written a letter to The Capital
i amateur acting he has ever seen, while
judged even by the stritest prolession.il
standard his work is little short of
marvelous. He fits the character so
perfectly that your first impression
will be that it must have been written
to order for him. It is a safe predic
tion that Uev. Tischer 's performance
of Sam Graham will be one of the
most talked-of events in the history of
local theatricals.
I' The seat silo for both niuiits of
"The Fortune Hunter" will open at
I tho Grand Wednesday morning at !l
i o'clock. The prices are 2.',, o0 and 75
; cents no higher. Von will enjoy the
play twice that much, and the price of
(your ticket will go to charity.
1 i i
Inventor of Explosive
Asks Police Protection
Oakland, C.il., .Inn. .'II diaries But-'
tors, inventor and brother of the late
Henry Butters, Oakland railroad mil
lionaire, applied to tin; police today for
protection against alleged agents of x
foreign government.
According to Patrolman Buckley, to
i whom the reouest was made. Butters
fears harm because on .lanuary 29 he, allied.
j shipped to Vladivostok via S.in Frnn- Officials were mystified at the occur
cisco ten tons of secret explosive, hisj rence, as no heavy sens have been re
'own invention. j ported. Their only word, after an all
Butters has a small plant on the Cha-; night vigil, was that the submarine was
hot road for experimental explosive . missing when the rest of the submarine
, manufacturing. He declares he has evi-j flotilla reached Charleston. It was sug
, donee that he is being watched by oper-: gested that the vessel had been lost in
( -Hives. j a fg or had run aground or gone short
, According to the police, the powder: f fiU.), t s understood she carried a
consignen to i.ioine winners, V laui- crew of two off cers and 211 ldui.i:icl(.ls
umun, niiw niuj,ii-ti nj 11111 i iiiiii:inru,
where it was to be re-shipped.
What Butters bases his fears upon,
police refuse to state. Captain Peter
son will detail men to work on th"
Feed Alfalfa Molasses
Thi.i feed is one of the
fine for horses and sheep,
up nml are still selling at
it all the time.
greatest milk producers you can feed. Abo
We had stock bought before the price went
ho same old prices. Try it and you will feed
Modfnrd Sun: Prof. ('has. G. An
thony, consulting engineer of the New
York state reservation eiunniission at
Saratoga Springs, New York, arrived in
nu1 city Tuesday from Saratoga fur the
purpose of making investigation of the
lithia springs of The Pompadour Miner
el Springs company, near Ashhind,
which springs are being developed by
Portland, Grants Pass and Med ford
capital. In addition to a general sur
vey iif the springs it is understood Mr.
Anthony will complete plans for the de
velopment and marketing of the large
flow of carbonic gas and ulso for the
handling of the mineral waters in a
way in addition to a sur-
Washington, Jaii. 31. Every avail-'
able ship from the Charleston and Nor-,
folk haw vnrds groped through the sens' commercial
between (.'ape (bitterns and Chariest on VI'V of the project with the ultimate de
today in search of the submarine K-5 velopment of a modern health resort,
reported lost. A flotilla of destroyer. I
submarine tenders and scout ships were
They found no trace of her, as far as
early reports showed. Hence, there was
grave fenr for her safety, . though of
ficials expressed the hope that she had
merely lost her way or had been dis-
Baker Pemocrat: The property of
the lied Boy mine, sold at sheriff's sale
at Canyon City Monday, was purchased
by H. A. Sonne, cashier of the Baker
Loan and Trust compnny of this city,
which held the trust mortgage to secure
a bond issue of $:I7,!I00. The property
was sold for It:l4,.,j00. The judgment in
the Grant county courts under which
the property was sold, fixed attorney
fees at 15,000, in which Clifford & Car
roll of this city and Wm. Jackson, a
Chicago attorney, will share.
, Her wirolo
I miles.
is capable of sending 7o
Willows, Cal., Jan. 31. Floods that
drove a lot of odoriferous skunks from
their hiding pi .ices gave A. J. Smith, of
San Jacinto, the opportunity to make
a hunting record. He killed 2.1 last
week without anv casualty to himself.
Journal in which he siiti's: "If
could have my w.ty, as a minister, I
would provide my church with a so
cial hall, a pool and billiard table fur
both boys and girls, and with a gym
nasium for all indoor sports. " He con
tinues by saying ho would arrange,
under proper supervision, dinning
parties and other gatherings, where
the young could mingle and indulge
their naturnl tastes for sociul pleasures.
He pertinently asks why or wherein
dancing is any more immoral than
consting or skating, and ho thinks the
dmrcit ami tu.hnnlu vhnlllil Itt-nv-iiln fhn
proper avenues, places nnd times fori
such education and enjoyment. This,
is, as we snv, an unusual view for a'
minister but it is in lino with thol
more advanced thinkers the world over.
In suite of the nniKisitlnn of the church
dancing is still the most favored form
of social amusement, jml the church
has lost its hold upon thousands of
young people because of its attitude to
ward it. Dancing, in itself, cannot be
evil it is only objectionable where
there is lax supervision. The church,
which is really the parents, is probably
the most desirable oi ganiz.ition to take
charge of the amusements of the voting,
but if thev refuse to do so, the voting I $
may be excused should they take the.
matter in their own hands. i
Hoise, Idaho, Jan. .'II. Hiram Cressy,
aged (5, is dead and his brother, John,
aged 11. is dying today from exposure.
Snturday morning the two lads set out
for their grandfather's ranch five miles
: from Boise. They did not return at
j Uev. W. A. l.nrsen, Son of Mr. and
Mrs. .). I. I..IP.OU, of this city, died tit
jhis home in Mcllenry, North Dakota,
.last Sunday after a short illness with
tho grippe, A few hours after rocciv
j ing the mcs-age informing him of his
brother's death A. P. I.arscn was on
his way east. Ho left Sunday after-
The Ttuguo Hiver Cannl compnny ir
rigation system in the Phoenix district
will be completed about the middle of
February, the canal being seven miles
in length. The people of this district
lire very grateful to have water for ir
rigation purposes. They are anticipat
ing heavy and profitable crops of vari
ous kinds and the orchards will yield
more than twice as much as they did
formerly. The benefit of this irriga
tion system to the Kuguo Hiver valley
can scarcely In: overestimated.
night and a sheriff's posse stnrtcd in .weeks,
search. I.nte at night little Hiram s Uev.
rrozen oooy was touinl tiesnin Ins sieoininny
j noon and will be absent .v couple of
Try some of our Laying Tonics
your nuis'i fi eds and get some eggs.
for these
Jt surely
cold d
Mix it with
Keep your horses and cattle in good condition by feeding a good
Stuck runic with your feed. No danger of Blind Staggers and other
diseases if yon commence in time. Wo have several good Muds.
Komomher that we always have a complete stock of feci and hay of
all hinds on hand, You will always find our prices the lowest in the
city, ijualily considered. Free delivery in the city.
D. A. White & Sons
251 Slate St., Phone 160
the opinion, it is stated that if unyj
product contains half of one per centum
of alcohol, such traffic would bo con-;
trury to the law.
The question now arises as to whether
all maraschino cherries really do not de
velop alcohol after being preserved. In1
any event the ipiestion is still nu open'
one, and wholesalers are much wor
ried. Oregon's flax is pronounced by ex-!
perts of the United States department
of agriculture to be superior to uny
other flax grown in the I'nited States.
This testimonial wus given before the
house committee on agriculture, during
the hearings on the agricultural appro
priation bill.
Jan. 31. Among the
stories inflowing the
Saturday night Zeppelin raid,
wus that of the destruction of n
group of seven at the home of
a soldier who enme home Satur
day from the front. His wife,
twochildieu and three relatives
were killed when a lid" pound
bomb crashed tluough the five
story tenement in which they
and John, unconscious with hands and
feet frozen, was lying nearby.
W. A. I.arsen was
n Silverton having
known to
been here
Yumn, Ariz., Jan. 31. With
the criM of the new Gila, river
flood not dun until the nfter
noon, all Yuma fought today to
keep the deluge from destroying
low lying portions of the city.
The levee gunrdinf Yuma is
holding. Below it tho river
banks have collapsed, and water
is streaming over the Bard In
dian reservation, on the Califor
nia side. Wngonloads of rock
were dumped in its path. Ranch
ers fled their horn, driving
livestock before them.
Although subjected to a se
rious strain by masses of debris
and the pounding of the flood,
the workers of the Imperiol
Valley irrigation project stood
upon two or three occasions. He was
4," years of age and is survived by .'!
three children. Mrs. l.nrsen died two
years ago. Silverton Tribune.
Oregon City Courier: With a huge
reservoir, a stnudpipc and about ten
miles of mains laid, West l.iuu has com
pletcd its distribution system for South
Fork pure mountain water, and people
of the city across the river from the
county seaot will soon be enjoying for
the first tune a modern water service.
! ah tins lias iieen none witn money
' raised from the sale of a ifOII.OUO bund
issue, $l!ft,000 of which was used to
purchase a third interest in the Oregon
'City system. In spite of this the West
Washington, .Inn. 31. Acting f'lmir-' I-'11" water commission has a handy
man Overman of the senate judiciary ; balance on hand to pay runiiing expens
committee today named Senntors Chii-;('S nni' interest on its bonds.
ton, Fletcher, Walsh, Clark and Cum- j
mins a sub committee to investigate the "I" unlawful to sell maraschino
fitness of I.ouis P. Brandeis for the eherries in the state of Oregon, or in
post of associate justice of the Pnited : other dry stntes?"
States supreme court to which he was' Tl'e question has been put up to the
named lust week by President Wil-, ''t.'al department of the state of Oregon
son. : by local wholesalers, and the answer
i still leaves the trade in doubt regarding
SOLDIERS' BODIES RECOVERED H"1 legality of traffic in this article.
According to opinion given by the
Brownsville, Texus, Jan. 31, Bodies 'Mate attorney general to the (piestion
of three of four American soldiers, ! asked by one wholesaler as to the sell
drowned in the Rio Grande while swim-J ing of one brand of marschino cher
ming Inst week, have been recovered i ries put up in California, the answer is
through use of dynnmite below Tro- that this certain brand being preserved
gresso. Private Perrv A. Rhodes of So-1 in syrup is still allowed to be sold
attic, a member of Battery D, Fourtt' here.
field atrillery. was one of the trio. No However, this opinion is clouded, for
wounds showed on the bodies. 'the reuson that in another paragraph of
Washington, Jan. 31. Seven San
Francisco companies today complained
to tho interstate commerce commission
against the Southern Pacific, and West-,
ern Pacific railroads, charging them
with discrimination in favor of Oakland
on livestock rates frotm Nevada, I'tnh,
Oregon, New Mexico to San Francisco.
It was claimed that San Francisco deal
ers were assessed more per car than
Oakland parties.
A dispatch from Portland to the Cap
ital Journal Saturday stated the Oregon
Federation of Labor in convention in
that city did not indorse the terns
bill. This was u mistake as it did in
dorse that. bill. It, however, did not
niemornlize congress, however, to enact
that bill into u law. It was its refusal
to sanction a motion to this effect that
caused the error in the dispatch.
Independence. Or.. Jan. 31 The farm
home of II. J. Midler, five miles north
of Independence, was entirely consum
ed 'by fire last, week with all of its con
tents. The family just, had time to
escape, There was no insurance.
Independence, Or., Jan. 31. A part
of tho Whiteaker estate ranch, two
miles north of Independence, was sold
last week to Kdward Hex, a farmer
who owns laud adjoining the place.
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