Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 26, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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rtfO1 vy-f ' s 'it N
IV. i t' G Y
i J ,-- v i i n i t
; ; vjJ v (
oj a,. ,... ,i. . ry ' 4 - Vh v )
demand if omiiiriil I . ' t . vt
rid tint. 10c, AWioitm ' V j r4f " " V 11 F" t
pjanJ ani half pound jll 1 7 3? UQTL t SlW i
humidorr-and-that ( 4 c ;7 r
eB, p.anrf cr.ia "fl ll (("' "vl',, .TW " X It'i cay lo change ike
VVl-oX'J lflLt LS'CV i .hap. and color of.un-
o6u.ce .o Vt ;l i i "V T HZ J' salable brands to imi-
. JimJunJyfin,' -Vn ' ' VK late the Prince Albert
- t',tV " f. ( ""i V' J tidy red tin, 6ufiVs rm-
WV 'f 'i . SjfL Po.6e to imitate the
'VCV4 ). J! ' "' Klm. A&"$?b flavor of Prince Albert
V?xV HVK "t St" V W tobacco! The patented :
n : , - vX' Ail
; TX tw tTtwi rf rtf v-"ir" , "tntVi'V? V7.:5k TOITk gnwyi
FIRST thing you do right away
is to answer this fair-to-you
Why is Prince Albert tobacco
universally distributed and uni
versally smoked?
And if the answer bn't on the front
end of your tongue; if you don't
feel it just galloping right out of
your think-division, get-going for
the nearest store that sells tobacco.
Invest 5c or 10c for a test-out 1
You'll get the answer, all right!
And you'll know more about where
the nationuts"jm f$moke
Sdd yOU and youv toniue and throat
stand on the pipe' and cigarette
makin's question in a mighty short
time! Sure as vou are a foot
you are a
high! The patented process fixes
that and curs out bite and parch.
Men who have never smoked a
pipe or rolled a cigarette have some
thing mighty fine coming. For
P. A. is the first-hand-pal of every
man who is willing to have it proved
to his satisfaction that here is to
bacco that the man with the ten
derest tongue and throat can smoke
his .11 with a relish ! Will you
take our word for it ?
j; iJM If
('Liiiyriuht tntB hy
1.. J. !! 'ynolJj Tuuaccu Co.
Many Favor the $5,000 Limit
Portland Hockey Team
Gets Grip on First Place
I San IV.mcisi-o, .Ian. . 'JO. Whether
the salary limit of the 'oast leajnie
elulis will he raised to $."1,1)110 or more
will lie the all uhsorhing tjnestiun when
the mafjiutes of the league meet here
Kehruary 1 for u speeial meeting called
hy J J csiik'iit Ilaiiin.
With tiie magnates divided over this
all-iinjiortaat pit'?tion, a wrnnyje of
lni'jje iroortiuns is exjiected to result.
uwners Jierry, or .Nia i rancisi-u; l ow
ers, of I.os Anjjeles, anil Jlaier, of
Vernon, nil favor the increase, while
the opposition will he stronlv led hy
Walter Met'redie, of Portland.' Jt vv.is
llerry who proposed at the annual
meet in k of the league that the salary
limit he reilm-eil to .-Js l.lnu but he has
siiiee had a change of heart and has
now thrown his lot Willi the side he
then opposed.
Has Grip in First Place.
I'ortland, Or., Jan. 2(1. The Port
land hoi l;ey (cant has a firmer grip on
lirst place in the Pacific Coast league
standings today as a result of the 7 to
") defeat of Victoria ,U the hippO'liomc
last night.
The game was a slam hang affair,
with 'Sniokey" Harris, of the I'ncle
lams carrying away Individual hon
ors. Keighf minutes before the game
should h.ive ended one of the time
keepers ;ot so excited during a fast
scrimmage that he rang the bell which
slopped the play. The vast crowd rose
with a whoop and filed out of the
huilding. It was nearly ten minutes
before play could be resumed.
jLojeis Will Two Games
From Oregon Bowlers
The I.ojii teun won two games out of
three in the contest at the Club alleys
last night. II. Day, of the lio.jus, won
high average'-w. th UIJ while' Siindin.
of the Oivgnns, rolled for high
The scores follow:
1 2 3 Av.
Statesman 1(7 1.17 117 1.1(1
I'illiciilon 20.1 107 Lid ISO 1
"ill Ur Ifll in.", 1ii
I' reeland HIS UN I 111 17:
"ay ls."i 2011 1IHI Ii2
Pi " U
ILl:: ill
p. f$
Dr. Sweetland to
I members of the local O. A. C. alumni,
I who plaved on the Aggie football elev-
Coach in the N-W. I ""' im' l,""sti"i;N:t:':ll""l'ld'-
(i. Bryant Shows Himself
Some Checker Player
Those defe.iting Mr
I ant were K. II. .lorv and U. I,. Hutch-
J ins. "raws were plaved with I. (ireen-
Portland. Or.. Jan. 1M.--I)r. .T. (I.
Sweetlnud. former eoaidi of the Wilhnn
elte university football eleven and now I
..1 11. .!., ....li.i,,., ;,. 1:. v v ,.;n 1
cnacli in the Pacific northwest next full, j In in exhibition game of checker
This inforiualion was received here in playing, given at the rooms of the Sa
a telegram from Sweethind todnv. . , ... . , , , . , ,
, . ... ,, . lein t liess and ( hecker club last even-
Sweetland is an iiiplicnnt tot' the po-; . , , .
siliou at the I'niverMty of Washing-1 "' "ri'aui 'h'''1 l'B1""s' 1:1
ton and he is also considering the offer 1 of the best players in Salem, losing two
troin the Oregon Agricultural oollcirc. i games, playing inree uraws ami ileleat
The ex -Willamette coach is 11 wonder i '"K eight. I hose dete.iting
anil would make either Institution a
valuable roach.
A large number of the prominent '""""i ", ' ln1,,!t 1,1,11 ('' l''vens.
; Those deleated bv Mr. "mint were D.
Ml. "iiiL'er. N. It. itrown. T.' I,. Williams.
Ifov Steen, Mr. Williams and U. K, I
"enison. j
Mr. Ilryant was recently appointed
liian.iger uf the Chess and t'hecker club
jnuil is conceded tn be one of the best.
! players 011 the coast. Since the chib
has been organized, it has been discov
ered that Salem has a number of men
who have the making of high class
players. As soon as Cue present try
outs ire concluded, the club will accept
the challenge of the commercial club
mm 1-1 mmu MriKuizmMw.
tvA M A 1 1
2 la. hUh I
11 la. hih !
l ' ':'
that they had found the bodies of three
more men.
Of the 21 persons believed to have
been at work when the fire broke out.
six are known to be dead, eight es
caped and seven are unaccounted for.
It is believed that 21 men were at
work, though sometimes the number has
been as high as 10, according to S.
l'ot'tney, and ,1. (iol.lfield. These two
escaped through the fact that they
were in an elevator at the third floor
when they heard the cries of "fire"
and were just in time to save them
selves. Six others who were in the
basement were also saved.
The fire is' practically under control.
iwa ci. o..ii. r i (v, 1.0. k.wti
"It's me," is an idiom, and there
fore allowable, a Harvard professor
says. Why not cnll all similar expres
sions idioms, mill do nwny with gram
m.ir altogether?
Exide Battery
Gives more .service than any Battery on
the market.
Buy a guaranteed Battery. We make re
placements on any make of Battery. Com
plete stock at all times. All kinds of Gen
eral Repairing and Overhauling. We are
installing the latest machinery that will en
able us to make quick repairs. Only first
class mechanics employed, no apprentices
in shop.
Complete line of Supplies for Hudson,
Auburn and Reo Cars. Shop open until
Full line of Auto Accessories.
Great Western Garage
C. C. SIMERAL, sole owner. Opposite Court House
For District Attorney
j Hatform: If elected district .ittoru
ley I will pass upon all county matters
i wit H deliberation, judgment and cau
tion, and will not at the expense of
the tax payers crowd the docket with
cases whoro convictions cannot be pro
cured. 1 will represent 110 public service
corporation during my tenure of of
fice and will see that the l.uv falls
alike upon the rich, the influential and
the poor. .
I will strictly enforce all statutes of
the si a t .1 without prejudice or favor.
If the people of Marion county .see
fit to reposo in me the oonfiden'co of
this office, T shall tit all times treat
the publie with due niul courteous consideration.
s-ill Plti Mlj
Team average 17;'.
I otal pins 2iinl.
. ., 1 - ".Av.
Annili.il Hi! ir.t) 17ii Ifiil
s'iilin KU 2:12 Hi'.l Is.)
Zenger , 17U 12S isii r,l
Wlinrley l.Ts 7;! ", :,r,
l-aflar lsc, lsii l.si; im;
Team average 170.
Total pins 2."i.")4.
..Ut S7s .S72
Eddie Foy
"A Favorite Fool"
OREGON, of Course
10c .
Six Meet Death
in Seattle Fire;
Two Are Missing
(Continued tram page one.)
his employes were recent refugees from
Kussia. Ralilii II. llenss, of Seattle, s.
cured employment for them with Win
Itlcmnn. The dead:
Kay Winklemiin, of the Winklentnn
Ilurlap and Twine eonipiny, rortlaiid.
Ireon, burned to dratn.
! V. Uuekley, time keeper, Portland,
burned to dentil.
! iSinion Hroslitoii, residence unknown,
burned to death.
If. Heresozky, Kussinn oniiurniit, kill
iCd bv jumpiiiK' from fifth floor.
I The hemp burned so furiously and
I quickly that the men 0n the fiftli floor
I wore trnpped before a fire alarm could
bo sounded. They leaped to the pave
ment before the fire department ar
rived. One of the men struck a lamp post iii
his full and was instantly killed.
The other two died n few minutes
later at the eity hospital.
Firemen who had eliinbej to the fifth
floor of the building shouted down to
tlio crowd In the street at 10 o'clock
4m t.tW
J. C. YUtN
Well known Chinese doctor, lias t
successfully treated all diseases
in the past year, see testimon
ials 011 file ..t the Oriental Herb
Co., till) state Street, Salem.
Out of town patients treated by
symptomatic diagnoses. Send for
diagnoses blank.
Salem Took Roseburg
Team Into Camp
The Koseburg high school basketball
team w-as heading right towards a
championship and h id not been defeat
ed this season until it came to Salem
and run up against a lot of players
ti:at lowered its general average. ' In
fact, the Salem players, although much
lighter, managed to put up a fight
against the Kosohurg stalwarts that
tinally gave them Cue game bv a score
of ill to 111.
It was a roiiglit gnne .frojn the start
and it seemed at first 'that the big
fellows would walk all over the home
team. The score at the end of the first
half was II to 11. The home team play
ed with remarkable accuracy .ind speed.
The line up was as follows:
salem Kosohurg
15 oetor y Jt
Aekeriunn r' Vcklev
iU C lewet't
Steuslot'f (1 Ouine
lindcliffe (i Dlaefc
This was Steuslot'f 's last game with
the team .is he will be graduated Feb
ruarv 2.
Friday "
When writing letters to your friends
in Cue east about the attractions of
Oregon, do not forget to write to vour
congressman often .ind tell him where
to head in.
One Who Shows No Favor.
A merciless judge is Father Time,
Before him the weak and the wanting
go to the wall. Only tho truth can
stand. For years tho following state
ment from a Salem resident has with
stood this sternest of all tests.
A. J. Wood, 7:13 North Front street,
Salem, says: "Kidney complaint got so
bad in my ease that I knew I would
have to cheek it or suffer more seriom
results. Just nfter getting up in the
morning, the complaint was worse. I
had heard of Dona's Kidney Fills doing
good work in similar cases. I began
using them. In a short time I was free
from kidney complaint. I have never
had a sign of kidney complaint since."
A Permanent Cure.
More than six years later, r. Wood
said: "I have never had a return symp
tom of kidney complaint since Doan'
Kidney Fills cured me. I willingly con
firm my former endorsement of this
Price 80 cents, at nil dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Dean's Kidney Pills the same' that
Mr Wood has twice publicly recom
mended. Foster-Milburn Co., Trops.,
Buffalo, N. Y.
Jess Willard (top) and Frank Moran.
Though Jess Willard would have
nearly thirty pounds in weight to the
pood over Frank Moran if the bout
proposed for New York this spring
comes to pass, it's no certainty that
the big1 champion wouldn't have his
hands full. Willard has improved
tremendously in the last two years,
but he isn't as fast as Moran, nor is
he as clever. And Moran proved in
the twe Coffey bouts that he can
punch. v
There's always ben a rpiestion in the
experts' minds as to the Aloran morale.
It isn't an established fact that he can
"take one." This is one thing that
is likely to make the bettors dubious
of his chances against Willard, if the
. l", Mini affair niatei ializes.
Aside from the .lohnsmi bout Willard
hasn't a much better record than Mo
ran, and its no certainty that Moran
wouldn't have, done as well as the Kan
sas cowboy had his Taris joust with
John-son gone past twenty-rounds. Cer
tainly he made just as frond a fight in
the twenty rounds as Willard did in tho
first part of the Havana mill.
Tex Hickard, yes, the same bov who
put up the $101, (inn purse for the Jeffries-Johnson
contest, is backing Sam
McCracken. a circus man, in the present
venture. Willard is guaranteed $.')n,0fln
a 5,000 bonus for signing, and 51 per
cent of tho moving picture receipts. Mo
ran is to get .$15,000.
Tf the bout is carried out as planned
it will kill all prospects of a twenty
round heavyweight championship match
in New Orleans, where Willard tc
cently signed articles to meet any hea
vyweight for a reported price of s.12,
500. If he can get lii.'io.nno with a possi.
bility of more for a harmless ten-rounder
well, he's going to take it, that's
Condemns Sunday Golf
Motoring and Baseball
San Francisco. C'ul., Jan. 20. 'Sun
day golf, motoring and baseball are un
dermining the home life of the nation."
This declaration by Rishop W. H.
Moreland of Sacramento to the House
of Church Women of the Episcopal dio
cese of California, today occupied the
minds of the delegates to the annual
Episcopal convention of California in
session here.
Bridge whist, "movies," and similar
diversions he declared to be niding Sun
day sports in overturning old domestic
Bishop William Ford Nichols of the
diocese of California, in his annual ad
dress denounced the use of tobacco or
alcoholic liquors by clergymen.
The convention and the House of
Church Women held a joint session to
day. Tho southern California tourist is
also writing letters home about rain
and floods. If they had to pass j Eos
Angeles censor, it is a safe bet that
ninny of them would never reach their
Best Chinese
Noodles 10c
Chop Suey 25c
Eice and Fork 10c
Rate per word New Today:
Each insertion, per word le
One week (6 insertions), per word....oe
One month (20 insertions), per word 17c
All ads must be ordered for 1 stated
length of time, no ad to count loss than
10 wors.
Minimum charge, 15c.
WANTED Good hnv.
Phone 2146-R.
1IAKUV Window cleaner. Phone 164.
$2,000 TO LOAN J. A. Mills,
State street. " Jan27
WANTED Beef cattle and veal.
Phone H25-M. Feb 20
OAK, ash, old fir, second growth, cord
wood. Phone 1322J. Feb7
SPRING WHKAT (Grass wheat). A.
J. Pattou, Macleay, Ore. , Jan 29
$1,000 TO LOAN On farm property.
J. A. Mills, 384 State street. Jan27
$3.50 per cord. Phono 2219. tf
to $15.00. 491 North Cottage. tf
$l,50O TO LOAN On Farm property.
J. A. Mills, JS4 Stato street. Jin27
FOR RENT Half of modern furnished
home. Call at 3."i2 North Twelfth.
Jan 31
FOR RENT 5 room house, furnished,
$10; also 1 room house $1. Phonw
1147. Jan27
FOR SALE 5-passenger auto, good
condition, new tires, $250. Phone
2146-R. Jan 27
ROOFS REPAIRED And guaranteed
not to leak. O. L. Donaldson. Phone
644-R. Jin 26
fresh about the first of February.
Phono 23F2. Jan27
FOR SALE Fine brown rony, ago 7
years, weight 900 pounds. Price $30.
Phone 70F1 1. Jan2li
SYRUP From New York, $1.00
per gallon at Damon's. Feb 22
LARGE YOUNG TEAM For sale, col
or, blick. Inquire C. C. Lightfoot,
1303 North lSlh street. Jan27
A FEW MORE $4.00 and $5.00 hats
to close out, for $1.00 each, at Mis.
Stith, .128 Hubbard BIdg. Jau27
FOR RENT Modern S room house at
10.10 Hood street. Impure of 015 N.
Winter street, or Phone 013. Jan2S
FOR RENT Modern seven room resi
dence near Court house. John H.
Scott, over Chicago Store. Jan3l
FOR TRADE 10 acres fino land,
cleared, for 5 or ten aero tract close;
in. Call at 328 Hubbard Bldg. Jan2G
TO TRADE Buggy horse, to trade for
cow, or chickens, or will sell cheap.
Phone 77F13. Peb3
FOR SALE By owner, new strictly
modern 0 room house closo in, terms
if desired. Owner, care Journal.
FOR RENT Housekeeping rooms in
large suites from $(i to $8 per month.
Why pay more? Call at 343 1-2 North
Commercial. tf
MANUFACTURERS Of all kinds col
ors of rag carpet. Call at O. K.
Grocery, 15fl South 12th street. Louis
Jakubec. Jan27
care for three small children. Give
name and address. "Housekeeper,"
caro Journal. Jan 27
SIX DOZEN Sicilian Buttercups for
sale, largely laying pullets, $9.00 pir
dozen. Rhone 54F13. A. M. Wright.
Route 8, Salem. Jan28
FOR RENT Store, 21x165 feet, elec
tric lights and steam heat. See Watt
Shipp Co., 219 North Commercial
street. Phone 363. tf
WANTED A 4, 5 or 6 room furn
ished cottage or bungalow, In answ
er please give location, improvements
and rent wanted. Box 143, Salein. tf
sale, cheap, if taken it once. D. X.
Bcechler, 3-4 miles from fair grounds
on Portland road. Phone 57 FIX
WANTED Information of Iva Louisa
Thomas Gorden, last heard from A
Salem, Oregon, general delivery. No
tify J. W. Thomas, Selma, Calif,
Box 393. Feb8
good, new, small buildings, close in,
fine land. Will take Salem proper
ty. Siunro Deal Realty Co., 301 U.
S. Bank Bldg.
sale- or trade, no reasonable offer re
fused as I need the land for pasture.
Address C. J. VanAvery, Independ
ence, Oregon. Jan23
FOR SALE A few Rhode Island
White cockerels. Eggs $1.50 and
$2.00 for 15. Booking orders to ship
later. "State when." Jas. Olm
stcad, MeMinnville, Oregon. Jan20j
SWAP Do you want to live closer in I
If you have a good hnuse on Fair
mnuut Hill, Oaks addition or equaJ
it will be to your interest to answer.
Phone 710 R, or address "Swap"
care of Journal. Jan27
FOR SALE A good Jersey cow, six
years old, fresh one week, 27 pounds
milk per dav, test 5 1-10. Address
Thos. D. Wallace, 23.1S Trade street,
or Route 5, Box 125. 3 1-2 milca
southeast of Salem on MeCleay road.
Jan 2(1
FOR SALE CHEAP i room house and
two lots, several first class fruit
trees, chicken yard, also 20 acres
about 8 12-acres in all kinds fruit,
mostly prunes, 7-room house, good
bam, chicken house and yard, wood
boose, telephone, nil stock goes with
place. 1 squire CO B, care Journal.
Jan 27