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Please Remember
The Drugs We Sell
Castor Oil
Cough Remedies
Epsom Salts
And many others not mentioned
you want we will get it for you.
2395 Front St.
a Little Salts In Water
Save You From
Dread Attack
Rheumatism is easier to avoid than
to cure, states a well-known authority.
Wa are advised to dress warmly; keep
the feet dry; avoid exposure; eat leas
meat, but drink plenty of good water.
Rheumatism is a direct result of eat
ing too much meat and other rich foods
that products uric acid which is absorb
ed into the blood. It is the function of
tho kidneys 1o filter this acid from the
blood and cast it out in tho urine; the
pores of the skin are also a means of
freeing tho blood of this impurity. In
damp and chillv cold weather tho skin
pores arc closed thus forcing tho kid
neys to do doublt work, thoy become
weak and slupedsh and fail to eliminate
tho uric acid which keeps accumulating
and circulating through the system,
eventually settlin" in tho joints and
muscles causing stiffness, soreness nnd
pain called rheumatism.
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get from any pharmacy about four
ounces of Jad Salts; put a tnblcspoon
ful in a glass of water and drink be
fore breakfast each morning for a
week. This is said to eliminate uric
acid by stimulating the kidneys to nor
mal action, thus ridding tho blood of
these impurities.
,lnd Salts is inexpensive
...! ... Ilw. i!. 1 nf irmrtpq
and lemon iuice, combined with"lithia
.i i .n,i ;th t,.llm.t results hvl"B "iii'iiou gave u very mucin re
"-"i f !,i!ii;hrwork1,iof khxrs!iVta?
rheumatism. .Here you have a pleasant
effervescent lithiu-wotor drink which
helps overcome uric acid ami is bene
ficial to your kidneys ns well.
Tho school rally held at Bethel on
Friday was decidedly successful nnd tho
largo gathering of school patrons and
children greatly enjoyed the program
given by the children of the school.
Superintendent Seymour conducted the
nil-day affair and was assisted by State
Superintendent Churchill nnd L. P. Har
rington, of the state superintendent 's
office. The officials each addressed
tho meeting, 31r. Seymour presented a
standardization pennant to the school,
nnd the token of honor was, received by
Miss Father Baker, teacher at Bethel.
At Airlic, Superintendent Seymour
presided at an nil-day rally on Saturday
and Dr. William DcBusk of the state
univorsity nnd Prof. J. B. V. Butler of
the Monmouth normal school were
speakers on the program arranged by
tho school children. Superintendent
Seymour presented a standardization
pennant which was received by J. W.
Noblot. princinnl of tho Airlio school.
In addition to tho principal the Airlio
teaching staff includes Miss May lap
Rcott, Miss Klizabeth Carlylo and Lil
lian Jeffries.
Supervisor Parsons was to have con
ducted an all-day rally at Salt Creek
on Friday, but tho inclemency of tho
neathor made it nocessnry to postpone
the meeting indefinitely. On Thursday
of this week Superintendent Seymour
nnd Supervisor Parsons will conduct ral
lies at Kickreall nnd at I.ewisville, tho
latter being an 0.11-dav event. On Fri
day all-day rallies will he held at Hi
king and aley Vic.v. Dullas Obser
Washington, Jan. 20. A fresh grave
alongside that of t.onernl S. I,. Glas
gow, was opened in Arlington cemc-tiv-y
today for the bof.v of Ms widow.
She killed herself after his funeral,
lather than face life v.vthout him.
To half pint of water add 1 os. Bay
Rum, a smnll box ot Birbo Compound,
and ot. of glycerine. Apply to the hulr
twice a week until It becomes tha desired
li.idc. Any druKKlst enn put this- up or
vou con mix It at home at very little cost.
Cull directions for mnklnif and use coin.
n each box of Bnrbo Compound. It will
gradually darken streaked, faded Krny
hnlr, nnd removes dandruff. It Is excel
lent for fullInK hnlr and will make hurt.li
hulr soft nnd Klonsy. It will not color the
culp. Is not sticky or greasy, and does not
rub off.
especially, during tho wintry
season. You are linble to an
attack of Chills, Colds, Grippe
or Stoinnch Weakness. Let
Stomach Bitters
help Nature fortify your sys
tem against such troubles.
Sweet Oil
Sloan's liniment , .
Syrup of Figs
Talcum Powder
Witch Hazel
If we do not hive what
The Servant In the House
Tomorrow evening Salem igiiln has
the opportunity of attending one of
tno strongest moral dramas of tho any,
when William Uwen, an actor of na
tional reputation and his company or
players, gi,vo " J tie Servant in tne
House" at the Grind thactre.
This strong production of contempo
rary drama is to bo given under the
auspices or tne Salem high school stu
dent liody, who consider themselves
fortunate in being able to offer so fine
a production to the people of this city.
Tins piny is ono or the best of mod
ern moral dramas and gives forth such
facts as grip the heart in their truth
fulness .nd meaning In presenting lifo
as it really is today. The author is a
well known dramatist and playright
and has won distinction under the pen
name of Charles Ruin Kennedy. He
has during his lifo played many parts
in tho play of life, and is one of the
most fitted of men to show us the con
ditions of modern lifo.
The players who aro presenting this
play are artists in every sense of the
word ranking alongside of tho Ben
Greek players who need no introduc
tion to the American public as tho
best in the United States in their lino.
William Owen, who heads thji company,
is one of the most famous of actors on
tho American stage, having won wide
renown throughout his life by his dra
matic work. Altogether tho players
aro so truly ereatial in their interpre
tation of th theme of tho pl.iy and
they so captivate the audience that
tho realism is doubled. They have met
with much success in the east and now
after an engagement of six weeks in
New York City and of three months in
Chicago,, both of unrivaled succcsb the
company is touring the western states,
where they .'.re again making a reputa
tion. The press ulwrys speaks very highly
f l'1"?' and w!.ei first .presented,
would touch the heart of the world,
Whirl! tftnt.Hm.nt h... !..... .l.nu- t- ...
trp. !
Ail theatregoers should ldun to nt -
thud "The Servant in the House " at
the (irand theatre, Friday, at 8:-45 p.
Death and Broken Bones
Toll Levied On Coasters
Portland, Ore., Jan. 20. Seven per
sons are suffering today from injuries
resulting directly from the recent cold j
Fred Trine, aged 20, is in tho hos
pital with a fractured . skull received
when two bobsleds collided last night,
(iary Smith, a high school star, sus
tained a broken hip when his sled
crashed into a cement post. W. H.
Smith, a railroad clerk, slipjiel on tho
icy sidewalk and broke a leg. Mrs.
R. Stevens' wrist was broken nnd she
was severely bruised from a fall on the
ice. Mrs. J. Stew.irt sustained a brok
en hnnd in tho same way. Garry Smith,
aged 15, was knocked unconscious
when his bobsled crashed into a tele
graph pole. George Strublo sustained
possible internal injuries in a similar
Bad Accident In Seattle.
Seattle, Wash., Jan. 20. Failuro to
heed signals between automobiles and
coasters, cost ono life und six injuries
last night. The bolxtled, guided by
Theodore Engelsjen, aged 14, raced
down Fust IVue street and crashed into
A jitney bus driven by J. A. Roddy. The
boy's skull was fractured and ho died
shortly after the accident. Six others,
passengers on the same bobsled, sus
tained bruises about tho arms and
(United Press Staff Corrosiiondent.
Victor Point, Ore., Jan. 20. X. Sav
age treated tho young people to sleigh
ing Sundiy. Nearly everybody dei-iv
ing grent pleasure out in" the snappy
aniiwy wcuiner.
Tho Woman's club will mcnt nt tl,o
homo of Miss Anna and Mary Doerflor
i, iTiim-niinjr.
At th etelephone meeting held Satur
day. Chs. Warner was elected uresi
dent, Wm. Krenz, vice-president; Roy
onunv, sccretary-trojisurcr; .trunk
Doeri'Ier, director.
A. T. Savage hauled a load of hogs
to Silverton Tuesday.
J. M. Doerflor has fully recovered
from the la grippe.
The dance given Saturday evening
was very well attended, considering
the weather, and ill seemed to have an
extra good time.
Old Comstock City
Isolated by Snow Storm
Reno, New, Jan. 20. The advisabil
ity of transporting food supplies on
snowshoes to Gold Hill, Silver City and
Virginia City, snowbound and cut oft'
from outside communication, was dis
cussed today, pending receipt of in
formation as to whether tho Virginia
nnd Truckee railroad snow plow had
reached Viiginia City.
Telephone advice's slated tint tho
three towns arc entirely out of meat,
and half rations in nil fuodstufl's is
the order.
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Everybody Says All the Other
Fellows' Ideas Are
. Dead Wrong
Washington, Jan. 20. Secretary of
War Garrison's plan for n continental
army is apparently doomed. More
over, other features of the Administra
tion preparedness program are so con
fused that any measure passing' both
houses is likely to be a compromise.
Friends of Senator Chamberlain, of
Oregon, military committee chairman,
expect him to announce soon his open
opposition to the continental plAn.
Moreover, General Leonard Wood's ex
pressions against this scheme . have
tended to increase antagonism to it.
If Chamberlain takes his anticipated
course, then the prejuredness situa
tion will bo this:
Secretary Garrison favoring tho con
tinental plan.
Chairman Hay of the house commit
tee supporting the idea of building up
tiie militia.
Chamberlain favoring his bill for
universal service as in the Australian
Half a dozen other plans of varying
Ono outcome suggested as the result
of this situation is that Garrison may
abandon his advocacy of the continen
tal system.
Chamberluin announced today ho
would favor Garrison's scheme only
as a second choice.
"hike General Wood, I favor com'
pulsory service under a short term on
listinent with tho provision allowing
a soinier to ue discharged into the re-
serve when an authorized officer P to -
..ounces him inefficient. This should bli
wonderful sjtiimilu.it to ambitious
,young men. '
"Tiio continental army plan is un
satisfactory and it lacks effectiveness.
But possibly it has ono political ad
vantage which the other plans luck
President Wilson favors it. For my
port, it J can t get pie, I will take pud-
Indigestion and practically all forms
of stoinnch trouble, ubout nine times
out of ten, are duo to hyperacidity;
therefore stomach sufferers should,
whenever possible, avoid eating food
that is acid in its nature, or which bv
chemical action in the stomach develops
acidity. Unfortunately, such n rule
" X . ' 1, on f .h
?. "Ul 1,1 1,l00ll iU
ant to tho tnsto ns well as those which
and nerve
building properties. This is the rea
l'm ,vll" Jypepli' and stoinnch suf
ferers aro usually so thin, emaciated
and lacking in that vital energy which
For To lZft t , LI r ' ' V' I ,lm ,,,r,0M "f in"PeetinK the colleges
Lvo been oi mtd who of Oregon. This specialist examined
luir i nl f '"l from .these institutions ns to their adininis-
the.r diet all starchy, sweet or fatty trnticu, su, rt, equipment and faculty
food, and are trying to keep up aland reported to tho state superintcn
nuserablo existence on gluten products. ! dent of nnblie inst.nwtinn ,...,.n,.,.,..i.
it is suggested thnt you try a meal ofjing those, which in his opinion had met'
any food or foods which yon like, in i the requirements of the law and whose!
moaornio amount, taking immediately
afterwards a tcnspoonful of Disunited
ivingnesia in a unto not or cold water.
A ins will neutralize any excess acid : were declared standard: Albany col
which may bo present, or which may be '''Kp McMinnville college, Heed col
formed, and instead of the usual feel-1 ''Wi J'acifie university, University of
ing Of uneasiness and fullness, you f 'Ki Willamette university and the
.nl.nl.l :u , . I Orcirnn A trrii-nl Ml i n 1 unllmni
i,iuuiii,i .via iiuii ruat voui ioou agrees
with you perfectly. There is nothing
bettor than Bisurated Magnesia as a
tood corrective nnd ant-ac.d. It has no
direct action on the stomach; but by
neutralizing the acidity of tho food
contents, and thus removing the
source of tho acid irritation which in
flnmcs the delicnte stomach lining, it
does moro than could bo possbly done
by nny drug or medicine that acts up
on the stomach lining rather than the
stomnch contents. Medicines of var
ious kinds should be taken whenever
necessary but thero is no Benso in dos
ing an inflamed nnd Irritated stomach
with drugs instead of getting rid of
tho acid the cause of tho trouble.
Get a little Bisurated Magnesia from
your druggist, eat what you want at
your next meal, take somo of tho Bis
urated Magnesin, as directed above,
nnd see if this isn't the best advice
you ever had on tho subject of eating.
Civilization Playing
Game Against Murderers
Stanford University, Oil., Jan. 20.
"When the War is over, civilization,
mutilated, emasculated, willi start DO
yeirs ubead of where it wns at the end
of our Civil war, or the Franco-Prussian
This was the prediction today of
David Starr Jordan, chancellor of Stan
ford university, and ono of Amerien's
foremost pence ndvocates. J)r,
dan declared his belief in ultimate
world pence remains unshaken. j tJiiet fragrant, antiseptic ereum into
"Thero is nothing in tiiis war tolyour nostrils and let it peiintrnto
chnngo one's opinion of war or of the through every air iiassago of your head,
posibility and necessity of interna-1 soothing and henling tho Inl'liimed,
tionnl peace. Tho 'anarchy of arm v swollen masons membrane and you get
inriit in mm) lu inline war u possioil-
ity, but this 'anarchy of armament
is only a temporary thing.
" iviiization is plnving a great
gnme nguinst murderers, robbers, duel-1
ibis anil stncKiers on Honor. In this'ureaiu. r.uy s crenm .Uulin is just
game, it must win every game or lose
the whole series."
Mr.Byig An Applicant.
O. D. Byers, principal of one of Al
bany's grade schools, and for mnny
years a resident of Polk county, was
in Dallas on Saturday interviewing the
county commissioners regarding the
sc'iool superintendency, for. which place
ho is nn applicant to succ'ci-d Mr. Sey
mour. Mr. Byers graduated from the
National in liill.1, nnd again in 101.1, he
having returned to thnt Institution to
tnke nn added course. He now holds
two lifo certificates. Dallas Observer.
When you talk of maintaining a prin'
elpln be sure thnt it is not a prejudice.
rOregon Plan" Arouses Fav
orable Comment From
U. S. Commissioner
The first volume of the report of the
United States commissioner of educa
tion for the school year ending June
30, llll.1), has just been received by
State Superintendent of Public In
struction J. A. Churchill. Oregon andj
tne urogon scnooi system received n
great deal of attention in this report.
In the chnpter on secondary educa
tion special attention is called to the
fact thut "Oregon has done away al
together with tuition for high school
pupils. A pupil living outside a dis
trict maintaining a standard four-year
high school is permitted to select and
attend n school anywhere in the state.
At the end of the year tho school is
paid by A tax levied on all districts in
the pupil's county that do not main
tain a standard high school."
In the chapter on rural schools eight
states are named as having taken up
in some form the plan of stnnd.irdiza
tion of rural schools, ami the "Oregon
Clan," ns it is called, is given in full.
After telling something of the history
of the movement in Oregon, a complete
list of the present requirements is giv
en. Continuing, the report states that
"tho rural schools of Oregon hnve, dur
ing the past year, made great progress
in the way of equipment, better build-
niH, playgrounds; mid the interest
aroused through community meetings
1 . t0r . T1'0"? , M te
t ITP''"!" .b,"J J.dnveloi.e.l a des.ro
among tiio people to havo teachers es
pecially trained for rural work."
Under educational hygiene, nttcntion
is again called to the Oregon plan of
standardization of rural schools. After
telling nioro about the standardization
plan and the beneficial results of the
or "..Visanie, their report on hygiene continues
"uregon contributes another interest
ing idea in a plan for coininisioning
pupils ns deputy health officers. In
co operation with the state department
of education, the state board of health
has offered to deil'.tize one pupil in
each school whoso duty it becomes to
look after the matti-r of lighting, venti-
lanon, water supply, toilets, and build
ings anil grounds. The pupil taking i
tlliu nffii'i. ri.ii.!vna frnm tlia otnln
board of health a metal health offic
er's badge and A little circular of in
struction on sanitation. These deputy
health officers arc being appointed in
a largo number of schools of the
Under higher education, a summary
of the Oregon laws for the certification
of teachers is given.; Attention is call
ed to the interest which the bureau
has taken in this law ami that it has
twice sent me specialist in hiirher edu
cation from the bureau to Oregon fori
graduates were thus entitled to receive
; certificates to teach in the high schools'
r me state. Tiie following institutions'
,r .
l "der homo economics favorable
mention is made of the work of the
senior class of the Oregon Agricultural
college at the Pannma-liieifie, exposi
tion. This class maintained a dining
room and kitchen nt tho Oregon build
ing jnd served lunches to M0 people
each day, besides serving all those con
nected with tiie Oregon building with
breakfast and dinner. The work of the
Portland schools in adult education in
homo economics is also reported ns well
as n description of tho experiments for
home economics in the Vernon homo.
Under agricultural education consid
erable space is given to the Boys' and
Girls' Industrial clubs of Oregon. Co
operation of the Oregon Agricultural
college and tho state department of
education in this work is clearly
shown nnd the report remarks that, "as
the .work is done under the immediate
direction of tho stato department of
ciiiiruiioii iis a iicrinite pnrt or tno
school work, correlation between it
and other school work Is certain."
Says Cream Applied in Nostrila
Kelievos Head-Colds at Once.
If your nostrils are clogged nnd your
head is stuffed and you can '4 breathe
freely because of a cold or catarrh, lust
a smnll bottle of Ely's Cream Balm
lat a"Y drug store. Apply a little of
...nmiii. ii-in-i.
Ah! how good it feels. Yeur nostrils
are open, your head is clear, no more
nnwsiiig, annum!, blowing; no more
headache, dryness or struggling for
what sufferers from head colds and ca
tarrh need. It's a delight.
Pays Dividends and
Advances Wages
Xew Yorki Jan. 20. Bellehem steel,
one of the most spectacular of war
sto"ks, announced a 10 per share divi
deirrt on common stock today, and the
regular seven per cent dividend on
preferred. ...
The directors announced, too, a ten
per cent wage increase for unskilled
workmen, effective January 111.
Have you fed the birdsT If so, yon
must have song in Jour heart.
Alto packed
.20 for 10c
Rickreal! School House
Burned Monday Evening
(Capital Journal Special Service) ,
Dallas, Or., Jan. 20. The Rick i cull
school house, erected at a cost of ap
proximately $10,000 about two yean '
ago was destroyed by file curly Mon-i
day evening. Most of the contents of!
the building were saved. The origin of
the fire is supposed to have been caused
by an over heated furnace. Karly in
tho afternoon a small blaze was ex-l
tinguished in the basement of the build-1
nig near the furnace room and it is
possible that this fire was not fully put
out and later on spread und set fire to
the building. The large gymnasium,
which was recently rrected near the
school house was saved only through
the heroic efforts of the citizens of the
little community. School will be op
ened in a few days in the old Artisan
hall. Insurnncn in the amount of
$1000 was carried on the destroyed
Wilkhis 111, Can't Appear.
M. AV. Wilkins, who was indicted on
two charges by tho January grand jury
nnd who was arrested by tho Portland
police on complaint of Sheriff J. W.
Orr, cannot be brought back to Dallas
to answer tho charges against him at
present on account of being confined
to his bed by illness. Sheriff Orr who
went to the metropolis the latter pnrt
of the week to bring the old gentlemean
back with him found him in such a
condition that moving him was impose
siblo and it is highly probable that his
present, ailment will sat. what little
strength tho old mn still has. Bond
in tho sum of $1000 was furnished
by ono of Wilkins' sons.
High School Has Paner.
The students of the Dallas high school
started this week to issue, a weekly
paper to be known ns the "Wntcli
Dog." The paper will be devoted to
the news nnd intcusts of thil high
school nnd will contain literary, ath
letic and social events. F.lwvn Craven
has been elected editor-in-chief ith
Alfred Fuller as assistant.
Injures Ankle In Fall.
As Mrs. H. C. F.akin was alighting
from the S. P. trnin from Salem, Stn
urduy evening she fell and sprained
her ankle, and as a consequence has
been confined to her bed nt. the home
of her mother, Mrs. Mary Bronson on
Court street. As soon ns she is suffi
ciently recovered she will be taken to
her homo in Rickreall.
The republican central committee will
meet in the court house Saturday after
noon, Jnnunry 22, at one o'clock.
H. V. Gates of Hillsboro, was a Te
cent business visitor in Dallas.
Willie Siatonton returned from Sa
lem Tuesday afternoon where he was
called by the illness of his father,
James Simonton.
It. (. Bulderree has returned form
a short business and pleasure trip to
Mrs. Nita Gilbert has returned to
her home at Falls t'itv ufter a visit at.
the home of County Treasurer Mrs. F.
J. Holmnn.
J. B. Hatch of Ballston wns a county
seat, visitor the latter part of the week.
William Finlcy, proprietor of the
Kosy Komer restaurant has returned
from a short visit with his fumily at
Falls City. I
Mrs. C. M. Dalrymple of Portland is,
a guest nt the home of her parents
Judge and Mrs. Hardy Holmnn.
Henry Berry of the Airlio neighbor j
hood was committed to Hie state insane I
asylum at Salem, Monday.
O. T). Byers of Albany was in the!
city Saturday greeting old friends. !
Joseph Crowther has opened up the
Dullus Gun Shop on Mill street for
merly conducted by the late C. Ris
ser. George Morton who lias been employ
ed in Portland for the past, several
months has returned to this city.
r wfc. i "ii vji mast Pkv.-v i
Word comes from the bedside of
County Judge John B. Teal nt Fulls
City that ho iS rapidly improving and
will soon be able to return to this city
anil nttend to his duties at tho court
The regular meeting of tho Dallas
('"mmercinl club will be held in the
club room this evening. At this meet
ing tha president will appoint his com
mittees for the ensuing year.
Roy Bremmer, state deputy game
warden of Salem, was in the city the
first of the week.
i'f j
There is one sure way that has never,
failed to remove dandruff nt once, ami
that is to dissolve it, then you destroy
it entirely. To do this, just get about
four ounces of plain, common liquid ar
von from and diug store (this is all
you will need), apply it ut night when
retiring, use enough to moisten the
scalp and rub it in gently with tho
linger tips.
By morning, most if not all, of your
dandruff will bo gone, and three or
four more applications will completely
dissolve and entirely destroy every sin
gle sign and trnce of it, no matter how
much dandruff you may hnve.
Vou will find all itching and digging
of the sculp will stop instantly, nnd
your hair will be fluffy, lustrous, glos
sy, silky and soft, und look and feel
a hundred times better.
(I.aOraude Chronicle, Rep.)
Charles A. Johns of Portland twice
candidate for the gubernatorial nomi
nation in Oregon, has started a repub
lican club. Now wo like Charley Johns.
Ho is a. fine gentleman, but when it
comes to politics Charley is ns unso
phisticated as the Arkansas young lady
who still dips snuff.
In the preamble to the petition it is
recited that, the mission of the club is
to bring all factious of the republican
party together, We supposed they were
together, for a few standpatters read
all the progressives out of the party in
Oregon in 1012, forced them to organ
ize a progressive party against tho bet
ter judgment of many.
It is interesting to see tho first few
names on tho now "republican club"
roster: Charles A, Johns, Charles B.
Moores, David 31. Dunne, Charles it.
Carey, etc.
Apparently it is another move of the
"close corporation" that has run tho
republican party of Oregon for ten
3'ears; apparently it is tho voice of the
extreme stnudput element , talking
through Churlej Johns; apparently it is
tho same old desire clothed in new ap
parel, to foist and force on the people
of Oregon such standpatters and clcso
political eorporationists as David M.
Dunne, Rulph Williams and Charles 11.
Will it wotkf
Wo doubt it. For the rnnlt and file
"f the republican party is progressive
in Oregon, This was shown by the vote
for Tnft in 1012.
Tho Chamberlain party in this state
will watch for the "fool blunders"
Anita Stewart and Earl Williams
Not a Serial but a Contiued Photoplay
Starting Sunday Oregon of Course
made by these old time politicians an. I
, profit by their mistakes just as Chum
i beiinin and his crowd have always
uono in uregon.
To Fortify The System Against Grip
When grip is prevalent LAX ATI VI'!
jHH(MO yUlXIXB should be taken,
Ins this coiubinalion of (juiuine with
I other ingredients, destroys germs, actu
ns a Ionic anil Laxative and tliim
keeps the system in cunditiun to with
stand colds, Grip and Int'luenn. Thero
is only one "ItltOMO (JUIXIXR." K.
W. GKOV K'S signature on box, 25'.'.
State Highway Engineers
To Prepare Bridge Plans
The state highway engineering de
partment will also submit plans fur tho
'proposed bridge across tho river to th't
viewers according to the report of
Chief Deputy Cnntine to the Highway
commission. The viewers asked thi
state highway engineers to submit tw
plans, one for steel nnd one for con
crete and these plans will be submit le I
to the viewers with tho plans now un
der consideration which were prepared
by prominent engineers throughout tho
The section of 3rr. Cnntine's report,
referring to the Salem bridge follows:
"The department is informed this
date thnt the viewers having in chargi
the bridgo over tho Willamette river
at Sulem have required the Highwa
Department to prepare plans; first, for
ft steel bridge; second, for a concrete
bridge. This action should result in a,
competition between the two types of
construction, allowing the. County
courts to make their final decision o i
tho basis of submitted bids n nn-
'punied by certified check for the
respective types of structure. It would
appear that the action taken is a wise
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ly hinmli'ss to hair and scab., and is
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I Xew York, Jan. 20. A Void w ave has
come to the aid of those battling th"
wiil'-spicud grip epidemic, lleiilih de
partment repoits indicate a marked
calling off in the dread trouble.
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