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Cut Price Sale of Dr.
Scholl's Arch Support
and Foot Appliances
In connection with our January Clearance and Stock Re
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Thirty-six years of successful merchandising in Salem.
ft p liniiiin
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scholl's roe-FLet
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And BNLAJicED Joints
Scholl's aBmlbo paps
iBMove ohh ano
Snoa Piessvie.ONm
Port mvmnY.Onw
licuivm Mm
. ..
Note Following is the third install
ment of William U. Shepherd's uncen
sored story of the jllieJ retreat from
Serbia. The previous installment do
seribed the. departure of Shepherd and
other correspondents for the Anglo
French front in Serbia. Editor.
By William G. Shepherd.
(Tutted Press Staff Correspondent.)
Salonika, Dec. ll.-YVe smashed up
a wagon load of refugees as wo went
along. It was one of tnose pitiful ear.
loads of household goods, with in old
woman and a baby sitting on the pile
and the younger and stronger mem
bers of the family plodding along in
the mud before or alongside the two
oxen. As we turned down the road,
the perplexed peasants turned tho ox
en and he.tded for a roadside ditch.
The unusual sight of an automobile
seemed to frenzy them. A woman and
a man stuck the oxen with sticks. The
wheels went down with a crash and
everybody screamed. The old woman
held up the baby in her arms. Tho
body of the wagon settled down into
tho ditch, on its side, (iently tho old
woman and tho baby slid off into tho
mud. Ucsiitc the road was a camp of
Diitish engineers end wo saw them
flocking by "scores from their tents to
the scene of the household wrack. By
the time we )m J passed iifty or more
of these parties of refugees, we knew
tint somewhere ahead tho retreat was
No Longer a Secret.
When we looked out of the ambu
lance we saw a narrow ravine running
behind i hill. There wero tents and
dugouts on its sides. This was a- se
cret 1 could not have told two weeks
ago. But it doesn't matter now. The
Frenchmen with their steel blue cas
ques have all gone front the ravine.
Hill number 510, which sheltered them,
belongs to the iiulgnrs now and the
battlefield ol the valley of Costorino is
quiet and peaceful ng.iiu; miles behind
tho Bulgarian battle line.
But now, it was a battlefield. A can
non on the top of the hill roared. An
other cannon further away roared. The
British cannon behind us ro.ired. They
were all ally cannon. And then came
a different sound, it was a s.iriek that
r.idu't grow less with the passage of
seconds, but louder. Look into the sky
above vnu: you can see nothing: you
feet llcllilcss-. nil nrnliii.l vnn the nir is!
filled with th.it growling whine; it may
end in a burst near you; if that's the
case, you won't hear the burst, in all
likelihood, in common parlance the
light will go out and you won't know
what hit you. You have nn infinitely
intense desire to hear the boom; you
want to have the thing over with, as
long .is that whine is in the sky over
your head you may bo killed at any
Was Under Shell Fire.
I am not writing this in order to
boast that 1 have been under shell fire
but in order to point out that being
under shell firo is nn alarming thin
under way. As we went along the
mountain roads in the French ambu
lance, we knew how comfortnblo a lml tnnt i( tnc experience doesn't stir
wounded man must bo in such n car. ,, ilnvv .i.-iii within von. then vnn
In addition to the, spring of the pneu-jlmlst ))0 a',lllm, llnimal that cannot un
matic tires there were t.io springs of I ,Pr8taiid the things that are going on
the car itself. Tho stietcherse.its on I ,,,., . u Some men k.iv thev like
Which we sat were hung by a third scr- this t)n.m. tnnt the feeling is'tdcis-
:es ot springs from steel bars wliii-n llllt. others say thev dun's like it and
were suspended from the ceiling of the j am them. It's too much like
ear by spiral springs. J ho motion 01 i,.,;,,,, ; terrific electrical storm with
17c per Pair
Sale on Genuine President Suspenders still con
tinues. Never sold at such a low price. They are
going fast and only a limited number to be sold.
Buy Shoes Now
The Packard Shoe, regular $4.00 and $5.00 values,
sale price $2.48 and $3.98.
C. W. Johnson & Co.
141 North Commercial Street.
Millinery Department
space on Second Floor aft
er February loth. Inquire
at office.
All Around Town
a:mummKmtumuumtn:mmtKmmumuattnmum!aj:n:n jii.-m. arranged for tho sending of from
y "Ti trt fill li.troi'e nni'li '1 tin unutnr f.imn
of tho Columbia river highway is suro
I to lit tract attention wherccver the let
I ter may go.
Dr. O. Hartley, specialist, inflamed,
bleeding gums nnd pyorrhea. 410 U. 3.
Hank llldg. l'iiono LSI).
If Albort Herman Flege Is somewhere
in the northwest ho nay find $1500
awaiting him at Dixon, Illinois, accord
ing ta a letter received by Chief of
Police Welsh this morning. The letter
states that the young man left his
mother's homo several years ago and
enmo to this country and has not been
heard from since. Ilin mother died re
cently and left her entire estate to her
The busiest place in town now is at
K. 1. Stiff & Con's. Their bedding and
heater sale Is a wonder.
The Sophomore basicetball team of
the high school defeated the Junior
team yesterday afternoon in a closely
contented game to the score of 10 to ti.
At tho end of tho first hnlf, the score
was II to 4 in favor of the luniors. O.
It. Honcll, head of the nianunl train
the ambulance, except for a slight
swaying, was almost imperceptible.
Shell Wakes 'Em Up.
.fust when we were marvelling at the
comfort with which we wore traveling
ind comparing our situation with that
of the sad line of refugees, (hero was
n terrific explosion at the rondsido and
j tho shriek of a shell. A shell drills
In tunnel through the air and through
! this tunnel the echoes of the whistling
!of tho shell jar and clash and mix in
one long whine. I he shell we heard
was le.iving us. Through the cmbu
lance window we saw first a cloud of
smoko ami then the outline of a huge
gun which stood at least eight feet
above the ground on giant wheels and
had a mouth thnt a man could hive
put his head into. Tho great cannon
stood within fifteen feet of tho rond,
but it, was so cleverly sheltered and
hidden by decorations of holly that we
hail not seen it.
"Let's get out nnd photograph it,"
slid one correspondent.
"Xot here," said our lieutenant
guide. "The Bulgnrs are across the
valley and if wo stop long enough to
give them our range they'll fire at us
The road will cut along the face of a
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist, fits glass
es correctly. U. S. Bank, Bldg.
Albany had nino degrees of colder
weather than Hnlem last night. While
Salem was shivering at the rate of HI
above, Albany was enjoying a tempera
turo uf seven ubovo.
Have you tried The Spa's special
lunch, 11 to 2 t tf
H. N. Stoudemeycr and L. Mlckelson
havo been elected by the locul must
cians association to represent them at
tho state labor cnnvcnliim to be held in
Portland, January 2!.
The Hob Nob has received a large
shipment of Slur Brand crochet throid.
Any size, 10c u ball this week. tf
The regular monthly mooting of all
members of the Commercial club will bo
held this evening at 8:00 o'clock.
These monthly meetings have heretofore
proven quite interesting us well as on
tortuhiing, O. II. P. Cough Syrup will stop your
cough. No euro, no pay. For sale it
tho Opera llouso Pharmacy. tf
W. J. Turnldge, the mint king of the
valley is In tho city. Ho says that ho
cxpeist with tho conipnny recently or
ganized to linvo COO acres la mint this
spring. Linn county holds tho record
of the valley in mint production.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store.
The body of Mrs. Anna McCnrty, who
died In Idaho, will ai'rivo tomorrow af
ternoon at 4:25 on tho Oregon F.lectrle,
from Portland. The body will be taken
direct to tho Odd Fellows cemetery
where services will bo held bv tho liov.
P. T. Porter, assisted by the local lodge
of ltobckulm.
Lincensed Lady Em
balmer Moderate Prices
Latest Methods Are
Found Only At
Cottage Undertaking
Phone 721. Salem, Ore.
Dr. W. Carlton Smith has moved his
otfico to rooms 212 and 214 .Masonic
Temple. JanlS
Prank Powers of Orenco was in the
city yesterday, returning to his home
with his son Kenneth who has been ill
with pneumonia since the holidays.
Dr. Stone's drug store.
John Scofiold, the young high school
student who U charged with robbing
the U. 8. mails is out on irliOO bonds. It
is understood that ho will return to the
city u nd continue his studies until his
case is disposed of.
Electric baths and massage under
your phvsiclnn's directions. N. N. Im
us, 218 Hubbard Uldg. Phone 555. tf
The funeral of Market, the daughter Wr", .'''r w, ""J M.T
of Dr. and Mrs. F. II. Th.mipson, who ( ', '"if " ! iot. ior 'l
died in Porlland, will be hohlThursduy g L"' lV'I!! 7 l!!
frm th"T.i i i .1..; ..... .. .. .'
inorninjr at 10:00 o'clock,
chapel of Higdon and Hichni'dson, the
Hov. It. N. Avison officiating.
Tho Men's Liberal club will meot to
night at tho ITnitaiian church at 8:00
o'clock. Messrs. Huston and Pherson
will bo the speakers of the evening
with " rural credit" the topic for din.
cussion. All men. especially members
of tho Orange are Invited to theso meet
ings nnd to theso discussions.
E. L. Stiff & Son are soiling blank
ets as low as Toe per pair.
WUlamotto Vnlloy potatoes are in do
ni ii ml in Arizona and Culifoinin. Man
gis Brothers havo just shipped uluo
cars to these slates, six of the ears com
ing from this valley. During the past
week this firm has shipped Kl cars of
potatoes, the great part of which wero
raised in the valley. They are report
ed to havo arrived in fine condition.
La Corona cigars uphold their repu
tation as Salem's highest ipmlity
President Stownrt of the Willamette
Valley Imposition association has is
sued a call for a meeting of the exe
cutive board, to meet in Salem Thurs
day, January 27. The affairs of tho
played between tho two teams.
Prof. Mok, of Cliicago, 111., repre
senting The Hcholl .Manufacturing Co.,
will give free demonstrations nnd ex
aminations of all foot ailments for
men, women and children at Fullertons,
270 North Commercial, Friday and Sat
urday of this week. J.iti22
Captain P. J. A, Boehringer and his
drill team of HI, accompanied by mem
bers of the Maccabees, will go to Jeff
erson this evening to nut only initinte a
class of ten members, but to also show
the Jefferson folks one of tho finest
drill teams in the mirth west. In the
Inst drill contest with Portland, the
homo team only lov by five points.
Members of tho lodge from Albany and
Corvallis will be in attendance. The
Maccabees will leave on the Nonthern
Pacific at tea minutes pant six o'clock.
Soe Seamstor Bros, for groceries,
Compare prices, (.lot Ii per cent dis
count. 121 Houlh Commercial, former
ly Muggins grocery.
The board of directors of the Com
mercial club refused to lend its endorse
ment to certnin enterprises that, asked
for its favor, on tho grounds that it
count not consistently endorse every
new firm thnt might wish to come to
harder lightening than human beings
ever suw in the sky, any bolt of which
menus death. Hut he. the shell is, in
tho sky above us. There is X terrific
roar. On the hillside above us n huge
cloud, bigger than a six story building,
of mild, stones and smoke arises. The
shell has burst. Let it be recorded
that Hii hard Harding Davis, John Mc
Ciitcheou of the Chicago Tribune, John
Hass of the Chicago D.tily News and
.lames Dare, tho War photographer
were not hit.' Neither was I.
Did Not Like It.
I said I didn't like it. I had been;
under shell fire in Hiissia, in Serbia,;
on the English front; 1 had dodged
both .illy and anti-ally shells and I
had made up my mind mouths before,
that the next time 1 was near flying
shells I would try to study the working
of my mind and nerves and discover,
if possible, whether 1 was frightened
and whether or not the shaky feeling
that conies from knowing that death is
somewhere in the sky nearby is really
a phusant one; whether the thrill of
a kiss or a drink compares with the
thrill of being in danger of sudden
death by bullets or shells. 1 had made
the study this time and I found that I
lid not; like tho thrill, in tho pros
EYES Suggest Age
,et us rest those tired looking eyes
Pwith a pair of nur C A I! KFC l.l.Y FIT
Tl'.I) lil.ASSKS.
You'll be surprised at the result.
MISS A. McCULLOCH, Optometrist,
208-209 Hubbard Building. Phone 109
hill, llelow us was tho valley of tlos-jcuce of the other war reporters 1 said
torino ana tour nines .iway, neyonu tnc
valley were other hills like ours, whore
the liuluar artillery was hidden.
that I .lid not like it
Well," said Davis, "I'm old
enough" he is almost fifty ind he's
Just, a quarter mile further and wo seen a score of wars "I'm old eimmh
reached the shelter of a turn in tho to admit, without being accused of
road. The hug i.uglish gun behind ns I bravado, that I like it."
kept spitting out its roaring challenges
across the v.tlley. i!y tho watch it was
possible to hear the whino of its shells
for six seconds; the whine always end
ed in a deep, dull roar where the shell
had broken some . fivo or six miles
Which I took to mean that all young
reporters are al'raid to admit that they
liko shell fire.
I w.is to have more experience with
shell fire before the day was over.
,(The next, installment' of Shepherd's
story will appear tomorrow.)
Mi's. McCauley at -M0 North Liberty I interferred with the service of tho Ore
street. Sunday evening ho went to Mrs. I gun City Transportation Go's boats.
MeCauloy's residence and engaged n Q
room nnd w hen he lett Monday morning I
ho took two purses, ono of which con-1 The Indian String Quartet from
tained $3.50 and tho other two Lincoln Chomtuvii, appeared in concert at the
pennies. Sho did not report the rob-j 1'',t Christian church last night, under
berv to the police until last night. Tho,lie auspices of the Loyal Sons of that
police have no clues to tho robber. church. The audience was not as large
o as it would havo been could Salem
The annual meeting of stockholders mus.ic J"y,,r" hnvo .1,",1tt n,"u' ',c l""c
it... i.L it..i.. ,..:ii i, i.ni.i K00" things furnished. Mr. Turney,
at the office of union, Trade and High r ul l' M""'"' ' 'o a lino com-
streets. Saturday. January 22. 11)1(1. 10 ; V"m ,lml ('.''r 111 !" "I'"''t. into
o'clock n. m. "AH .to.khnl.lers re.!11" music AVlticli hn classes as "Ind
quested to be present
ni'Ai luctmttv, .lumniry in, j urn ih wir . 1 i i.t - . ,
1 . 4 , . . 1 I 111 II I II l-1 1 1 , (1 II II I K."I VI ILL If I I'll tiH'U l
annual meeting ami representutiveo . ntt,uii,, J ;
from nil the lodges in Jlnrion and Polk I " o
counties will be present. A committee , .... . ,
of throo, F. W. Scl.rnm, H. II. Snvder1 Business is picking up at Salem post-
and J. A. Hadelifl'e, havo been appoint-1 ",('e" sub station No. 2 located at the
cd on a committee for entertainment i ( J"wl1 Dn,K stl"''- The first day 's sale
...... .. . ... . ! nP utnmita una till niwl ntt- tl.nt t ,.,
ami n uinner. ceverai craiut imnro or-i-' r . ' ' '" .
JinSl 111 ,u interprets toe real tilings ol
nature aim tens in nnimoni.ing, rytn
ildren of
silendid enter-
,,, ji,.i. . , ... . ... I niic. cadences of the ho'pos, the pi
l.o district convention of the Knights , , . , ,.), ,
IX .J" .""1 ,n, 11.C.,tt!t'' f'wrt. D was silendid
ficers will attend.
Special meeting of Multno
mah Chapter No. 1, H. A. M.
this evening. Work
Murk Master degree.
in i"" i Therefore, the present business of the
Visit- sub-station is eonlined to the sulo ol
business district appreciates tho con
venience of the station, business has
been improving and yesterday the
stamp sales were a little over $20. The
i money order blunks have not arrived.
ing companions welcome.
association will be closed at this time j Siilein to do business. This w as do-
A distribution of tho exhibits brought
front tho San Francisco exposition will
bo made among the several counties of
the valley,
Hurry, Coast while you can. Good
hind wood sled with steel shoes, 411.00.
Phono OIL K. L. Stitf & Son,
"Shoot the slide" seems to be the now
slogan for letter writin week, which
means, bring all jour letters to tho
Portland Hallway Light and Power
company's office and drop them Into
the opening and watch them "shoot
the slide." The letters are piling up
nnd eeveral additional business firms
elded at tho meeting of tho directors
last evening. Endorsement was given
by the directors of the play that is to
bo given by the social service depart
ment of the club, the proceeds of which
are to go to charity.
Corns, bunions, ingrowing nails
treated without pain, also moles nnd
w.irls. by Dr. Nelron. the expert chiro
podist, 28 Hreyninn Uldg. Phone 200.
It appears that Mr. Davis, who
robbed Mrs. Provokluit Of 208 North
Cottage, street of n nMch and chain nnd
a diamond ring Sunday night also work
stamps and registering letters. No par
eel post packages arc taken or even
weighed, ns it is forbidden bv the rules
Orders have heon issued by King f th0 nstof .'ice deimrtniont. The sell-
D'nig ceminnmling all the Clierrians to g f slumps, registering of letters and
tppcar in full uniform nt the Commer-1 issuing of money orders constitute tho
. 1 I.I. 1... f , ... . , A ..l.l .l. A . . .
ciai ciun riniay at ji:ou o ciocu, ii'.ontiro business!
parade in bchalt ot the great letter
writing cumpnign and incidcntully to
pose before the moving picture innn.
As this Fiitno picture will be perhnpa
shown before thousands in all parts of
tho country, it behooves tho Cherrintis
to put on their best, ns If is up to Sa
lem to let the world know that we do
not only have the finest elimato, but
lomo of the best looking men in the
Last night was the coldest night this
country hus experienced since January,
1!0!I. The mercury in the thermometer
of tho Oregon City Transportation Co.,
registered 1(1 above, while many ther
mometer exposed to the wind went
two better and made n low record of I I.
January of IIIOO was the coldest month
for mnny years In the vnllev. Jaminry
Rev. Richard P. Tischer was called
to tho Vnitnrinn church for another
year nt the annual meeting held last
evening at the church, lie has been
pastor of the church for two years,
coming here from Dunkirk, New York.
The board of trustees elected nt the
meeting .ire ns follows: Dr. H. K. Leo
Stelncr, Hoy llurton, Mrs. John A. Pol
lock, II. C". iFlelcher, H. A. Mahoney,
J, W, Cox, Judge Daniel Webster, C.
S. Hamilton and Mrs. V. K. Hamilton.
Ueports from the offirers of the church
showed the condition satisfactory in all
departments. The work fur tho com
ing venr wa outlined by the pastor,
which Includes the meetings open to
tho public when topics of general in
terest will be discussed and addresses
given by those who are especially cip-
W. C. Emmel of the Barnes store has
so far recovered from the grippe thai
he is able to be on hand and a.stist in
tho annual inventory.
Sergeant Schumaii, recruiting officer
for t'le L'. S. Marine corps, states that
he will bo able to use a few young men
who can qualify. The regular quota
from this dist.ic t had been :'illed, but
after January 21, ho can n$;uin take en
listments. "It is up to the churches to furnish
amusement nnd recreation for the
young folks", said a prominent citi
zen lust evening after heniiug Superin
tendent Klliott's address in which he
stated that the boys and girls must have
amusement of somo kind and that the
only renson a girl attended a jitney
dance was because she had no other
place to go for amusement.
Judge Charles L. McNary will not
come before the people this spring as
a candidate for tho nomination as repre
sentative for congress from this dist
rict, nor will his naino bo permitted to
be .voted on at the primaries. Several
papers in the district were urging thut
Judge .McNary should bctome a can
didate but according to the latest infor
mation, lie is not before the people for
any offico whatever.
While not in fuvur of cutting out
foot ball or basket ball or any- of the
sports as organized iu the high school
Superintendent F.lliott in his talk lust
evening before tho lien's Six o 'Clock
club spoke strongly in tavor of extend
ing physical education in order thutj
every boy and girl will benefit. This
general plan of physical education will;
be probably taken up next fall through
a special instructor. j
The truancy offlcet for the Salem
rehouls, Mrs. K. 1. Pickett, reports that;
siie i:i in great need of underclothing'
! for childieu. she reports several cases
where snail children are nut properly
clothed for this severe weather nnd tho
cull is urgent. Parties having under
clothing to (;ive to these children should
coinmuuicntu with the Social Service
Center of the Commercial club, or
through Sirie.-inteudeiit O. ii. Elliott's
office. j
A prize has been offered by the Com-.
men ial club to the schoul sending in the
greatest number of Oregon boosting let
ters. The nine graded schools and juu-,
ior high schools tire in this competition.;
The decision will not be according to
the luigest number mailed by nuy one
school, but the largest number in pro
poitiou to t the ntteiidanco of the school.
This gives each of tho schools a fair
start to win the prize. Tho English
classes of tho high Bchool aro writing
letters as a regular part of their work.
In order that these classes may appear
in the Paths niovinir nictuies to be ta
ken at 11 :M Friday morning nt Com
mercial and State streets, these grades
will be dismissed for the period after
11:15 o'clock.
! : -,!: s
You get a paper full of read-
i ing, no contest dope.
When In SALEM, OREGON, stop at
Strictly Modern
Pree and Private Baths
RATES: 75c, $1.00, 51.50 PEE DAY
The only hotel in the business district.
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres and
Capitol Buildings.
A Home Away From Home.
T. G. BLIGH, Prop.
Both Phones. Pree Auto Bus.
II I ill 1 1 ffCT'7WrtTOWIMrlt1TTfJllllltfllUllirF"
Phone 700
Cars for any time of da; or
Good Garage in connection for
storage of cars.
Reasonable Bates.
216 State Street.
two above. The minimum temperature
for January lOOlt was 28 above. Today
the river Is three feet above low water
ed the sumo game at the residence of murk, and falling. Tho weather has not
tl of that year the government 's record i able of speaking on the subjects ns-
wns four above, while on January 12 of signed to them. The annual session
thnt month, the record w as two" above ; closed with the serving of elVesh-
ents bv the Indies of the church.
On nil sides the food fur powder sup'
ply seems limited.
Watch and
Also Nice Line of
Masonic Bldg.
i iS
he aUradiverowroia Losiaroi
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