Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 17, 1916, Page SIX, Image 6

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For the . .
Exide Battery
Buy a guaranteed Battery. We make re
placements. Complete stock at all times.
All kinds of General Repairing and Over
hauling complete line of Supplies for
Hudson, Auburn and Reo Cars. Shop open
until midnight. Workman can be called at
all times of day or night.
Full line of Auto Accessories.
Great Western Garage
C. C. Simeral, sole owner 141 North High
Sport News
' M IIMUIMI Mllllii - - ?
Chilean Sporting Journal De
scribes Bout for Benefit of
English-Speaking Fans
Better try it. Its great. Makes you forget all your
troubles and fills you with "pep" for tomorrow's
work. We are equipped to get you out anything in
the line of sleds, from a little coaster for the kiddies
to a big "bob" for the whole crowd. Also runners
for vehicles. Runners made from either fir or hard
wood. Prompt service and reasonable prices.
Spaulding Logging Company
I.oa Angeles, Oil., Jnn. 17. The fol
lowing account of a prizo fight in Snn
tint;0. Chile, was received hero today
by Put Higgins, formerly rugby coach
of V. S. C. nnd Snntn Clara univer
sity. It was written by a Chilean sport
ing journal scriho for the benefit of
the English speaking fight fans there.
' ' According
match do box
Much Talk Concerning Prob
able New Champions In
dulged In
Tank Exploded.
WooJburn, Or., Jan. 17. Mayor
Steelhammer is lnmo today, but he has
learned something about frozen water
Shortly after he had built a fire in
the kitchen range yesterday the water
tank blew up, tearing a huge hole in
the kitchen roof and completely demol
ishing the stove. A piece of the steel
range struck the mayor's leg, severely
bruising it.
New York, Jan. 17. Sporting sooth
sayers aro long on speculation for the
coming year but mighty shy on predic
tions. The fight situation, essentially
a winter game, has an edge on the other
fields in the mutter of general interest.
Much of the future talk concerns the
to announcement, the , 'yrr .: !... a 01 nPW campions m J1Un.
botwi-rn the boxendors .m " l.llmm8 bantam king, nnd Fred-
Pendleton 20 Below .
Pendleton, Or., Jan. 17. Pendleton
is shivering today after the second
coldest night in her history. The mer
cury dropped to 20 degrees below zero
last night. Colder weather is predict
ed for tonight.
Southern Part of State Cov
ered With WaterGties
Are Flooded
Mrs. Ben Casto living on Elliott
tyrairir is reported quite low with the
bright dise.ise.
at-., n tr l...'...l.t .l fiin
.,,' i. ami tenth grides and Miss' Pearl took
( rittendca spent last 1'iidii) in lurt-;, ,,,.,,,,,.,. ;,vlm,: become snf.
have moved, was filled by the school
board Inst Saturday by making a
cliango in the work 61' the teachers.
Miss Frances Voder who taught the
fifth nnd sixth grades ns substitutes
for her sister Miss Pearl Voder, was
asked to take the work of the ninth
Mrs. Cieo. Knight nnd mother Mrs.
J. Plntts spent Sunday nfternoon with
Woodluirn friends.
Mrs. Win. Knight of Canby, spent
Monday in Hubbard getting dentul
work dune nnd visiting her nephew
George V. Knight.
J. Z. Mnrtin spent Tuesday morning
in Aurora lulling on his friend Chris
Hnioker who was last week stricken
with paralysis.
(ieo. J. 'Wolfer visited his brother
'David nt Liberal Saturday nnd Sun
day, lie found his brothers family all
well and very little lit grippe over
C. W. Kent nnd son Wend ill came
down from Woodburu Sunday after
noon to ntteiul bnnd practice, getting
ready for the band concert Saturday
At the baud association meeting on
Tuesday night, O. W. Knight was elect
ed president, J. K. McLaughlin, vice
president; Dp, A. V. del.oxpiiiasNO sec
retary and treasurer; C. 1', llevens, cus
todian, and A. D, Wolfer, director.
P. L. Calvert advertised a gasoline
engine in the display columns of t'.io
Enterprise three weeks ngo und the en
gine was sold in two minute after If
ficientlv stronir to nguln take up the
work. In this wnv the work of the
school continues without interruption
that may have icsulted had a stranger
been called. Enterprise. '
Jack Murray nnd Ferdinand Priano, dis
puting tho championship of South Am
erica; was realized mat night at the
"From an early moment thn house
was full, so that not a single place re
mained. Terminated the preparations
which tho case required, the pugilists
were nppeared and introduced.
"Round 1. After somo brief mo
ments, Murray, with a straight from
tho left, touched the mandibula of his
opponent. Separated, Murray entered
again with a new straight of tho left,
also on the mnndibuln.
"Round 2. Murray directed a
straight of tho left and an Invitation
of the fight (feint). 1'irano attempted
to attack on the estnmngo, which was
sidestepped with disdain by Murray,
who then entered with a straight of the
right, which touched Pnano very se
riously. "Round 3. Pinino is attacked of
left and right Very simultaneously
many times.
"Round 4. Pirnno received various
straights and foil twice, lifting himself
with difficulty.
"Round S. Pirnno received several
straights nnd crosses until ho ' fell
knockout. The regulation 10 seconds
were enumerated that (hereafter Mur
ray was proclaimed champion of South
"Tho encounter in general wns de
void of interest which it merited. The
conqueror during the whole time dem
onstrated tho most gentlemanly feeling,
even nt times to tho extent of refusing
to striko his opponent. Ho wus ap
plauded with great heat by the public.
I did not applaude for the tired feeling
they engendered." .
S.m Rafael. Oil.. Jim. 17. A faitii
ful dog, starved and whining, wus re
sponsible for the fact that so year old
Cun'il Chillies Fabre todav had tender
cam in the local hoJpltnl Instead ol'
dying nlone ot pneuinoni.i nboard .lis
viu lit, the Gypsy, in the bay. 'iho ilog,
breaking his leash, mndn his way to
the home of Edward Strong, the
'Vnp'u" friend, nnd there whining
and pawed until he suoeeedul in nrons
ing Strong's curiosity.
Uolg to the yacht, Strong found that
the uged ni.iriii"!' wns in a critical con
dition. Efforts are being made to lo
cate a wile mi l sou of tho "Cup'n."
Kunsas City, Mo., Jan. 17. The
scramble among promoters for the Wil
InrdMornu heavyweight chnnipionship
bout waxed more interesting toJuy
li. Carl picked up his copy of the paper, with the arrival of several more pro
The Enterprise reaches the people, motors who want the match.
At I no lust annual meeting ol the Tom Jones, Willard s manager an
Hubbard Creamery company held nt nounced ho will decide within the week
the band hall Wednesday nfternoon, where the bout will be held. It is a
January 11, a live per cent dividend; question of the best offer with him.
wus declared on the capital stock ofj Harney Oldfield hns thrown his hat
the company, All stock holders in town! Into the rinir. nnd this led luenl flu lit
may call at the office of Lie company
lor i;ieir dividend.
The vacancy in the touching force of
the schools caused by the resignation
of Air. S. (1. Shetler mi account of Ill
ness of his mother in Pennsylvania,
nnd to which place he and his family
followers to believe there is n possibil
It y the match may be held nt Tin
Winter is giving i fairly good illus
(ration of how a person should become
interested in his job.
Removal Sale of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry,
everything going at cost for a few days only
1 8-day mahogany Clock, $0.00, sale price $3.50
1 8-day oak Clock, $9.50, sale price $6.00
1 8-day black enamel Clock, $7.50, sale price . . .$1.25
Sunrise Alarm Clocks, $1.25, sale price $1.00
Ansonia Watches, was $1.50, sale price $1.00
20 gold filled Ladies' Watches, was $18.00,
sale price ...$13.50
Solid Gold Neckloss, $2.00, sale price $1.50
Ladies' and Gent's Fobs, was from $:).00 to $5.00,
now $1.50 to $3.00
Solid Gold Rings from ; . . . 73c Up
Bracelet Watches at cost price.
Farties having repair work will please call for
same by January 20th.
FEIST, the Jeweler
At Poole's Drug Store, .
Golf Tournament.
Chicago, Jan. 17. The mooted ques
lion of freo transportation to thfc
western golf championship tournament
nt Del .Monto, I ill., next July, will re
main in abeyance for at least a month.
Directors of the Western Golf associa
tion, with whom the Decision rests, will
not meet within that time. The oiiin
ion prevails; nniong local golfers (hat
no objection will be placed in tho way
of California's offer.
Resume Old Relations.
San Francisco, Jan. 17. Resumption
of athletic relations between Stanford
university nnd the University of Cali
fornia will bo settled one way or the
other definitely tonight when the agree
ment committees of the two universities
will meet here. If they fail to reach
an ngreement, pence negotiations will
be off permanently, it is thought.
nigh-jumper Rotires.
Snn Francisco, Jan. 17. (icorgo Hor
ine, the sensational former Olympic
club nnd Stanford high jumper, has quit
nthletles permnnently for the pastoral
life. Horino is on a farm In Merced
county nnd is bending his efforts along
agricultural lines.
Ho is present nntionnl champion In
the running high jump nnd former was
world's record holder, lie was n mem
ber of the American team nt (he Stock-
holm Olympic games, finishing third.
Blind Tigs Unearthed.
Seattle, Wash., Jan. 17. Police un
covered two bases of supply for the bar
ter of whiskey and beer in raids made
Sunday. At the Palace hotel, they
dio Welsh, ruler of the lightweights,
were slated tor tho outer darkness
with Johnny Ertlo and Charley Whito
strongly pressing toward tho golden
limelight. Jess Willnrd seemed secure
behind his demnnd for a million or so
for a finish fight and nlso to defend
himself in a limited bout. Ted Lewis,
conqueror of Willie Ritchie, was cruis
ing nlong ns the lending welterweight
but interest in. that cluss has been re
vived and Lewis will have plenty of op
position before his claim to tho title is
The baseball muddle still is too foggy
for accurate prognostication. No ono
knows whero Fed players are going and
there Is no gnuge on tho relative
strength ot tho teams as they will line
np next year. Boston, Chicago and De
troit have an edge m tho American
leaguo but in the National the veil still
covers league nnd club conditions. The
Browns, with Branch Rickey's excellent
machino and Fieldor Jones' Fed stars,
also nro reckoned seriously in the Amer
ican league.
The football situation too is nebulous,
oven the coaches themselves considering
tho time too early or real plans for
the 191(1 campaign. Revision of tho
rules will make, little difference in the
style of next year's playing, however,
and the championships' ought to bo de
cided under virtually tho snmo condi
tions as in 1915.
No one seems able seriously to dis
pute Willinm M. Johnston nnd Clnr
once J. Griffin, tho California cham
pions, on the tennis courts nnd they are
expected to repeat in 191(1. Miss Mulls
Bjurstedt, of Norway, the women's
champion, ulso partook of invincible
qualities along with the pair from tho
"I Love You" state.
Duko Knliannmoki, tho Hawaiian, ap
peared to have tho sprint honors in
swimming sewed up for another year
I.udy I.nuger, of I.os Angeles, interme
diate, nnd Hud Goodwin, long distance
pnddlers, seem good prospects to re
pent in ineir respective fields.
Golf experts noticed n teinlmi,.,. ne
im- oi.ier goners to refrnin from com
petition in the tournaments of 1015 and
the championship field of 191(1 wns
reckoned almost exclusively ns a young
man's field. Robert J. Gardner, of Chi
cago, was the amateur chumpion in 11115
and Jerome Travels, of Montcluir, N.
J., Hie open champion.
Many HUgitlmate.
Columbus, Ohio, Jan. n.fipvcntoen
children out of each 1,000 bom in Ohio
during (he last fiscal year were born
out of wedlock, according to n report
issued by Dr. Norton W. Ulnnd, stnte
registrar of vital statistics. The total
number of births was 101,801, of which
1,718 were to unmarried women. Of
me i.m.i imbios, 1,058 wero born
girls under l!.! yours of age.
Old Horse Brought $93.50.
Buker, Or., Jail. 17. Old horses here
bring a higher price than the glue fac
tories can pay. From ono ancient nag
J. C. Olver, rancher, realized $93.50, lie
announced today. The money was paid
in bounties for "coyote scalpe. The old
horse wns used .is bait.
Thrown Through Window.
Hood River, Or., Jan. 17. When the
pilot of a long bob sled turned his
speeding' coaster into a sidewnlk snow
bank to avoid collision with another
Bled, his party of ten young people
was piled in a heap. After counting
noses it was found that Miss Kather-
mo Stewart wis missing.
She was found uninjured in tho base
mcnt of a nearby business block. Who
had been hurled through tho window,
lanuing on a pno or coal. .
Capitalist Dead.
Rood River, Or., Jan. 17 John Ot-
ten, capitalist, is dead at his home here
today. He had been engaged in busi
ness at Snohomish, Washington; Salem,
wrt-gon; ioise, jiinno, ana Banta Bar
"am, vuiuornia. unen was born In
Germany, in 1852 and came to America
wnon two years old.
(By United Trcsm
Minneapolic, Minn., Jnn. 17. David
Altiser, veteran baseball player of the
...iiiucjpoiiB rniD or tne American as
oui union, tunny took a job witn an
oil company, traveling Northern Min
nesota, no says he will retiro
manently from baseball.
Denver. Colo.. Jan. 17 f.nm
horsemen were well represented at the
opening of (he national horse show
hero today. Local business men irnvn
$10,000 to pay for getting and staging
i-Aiiiuiin mm lor me entertainment of
Kverett, Wash,, Jan. 17. Sleighing
has claimed one victim sinco tho snow
fall began here. Gerald Pilom, a young
man of 12, died .Sunday nfternoon when
Ins sled plunged through the railing of
a bridge nnd landed on the railroad
track 35 feet below.
found 110 bottles of beer and whiskey,
yv. D. Stalls, Cecil Hurrill and Fruiik
Kllison wero nrrested. Nenrly ns much
liquor wns confiscated at the Stiindnrd
hotel. Adolph Kberhnrtcr, tho propriet
or, was locked un.
St. Paul, Minn., Jan. 17. One of the
ieanires or the electrification in Mon
tnnn of the Chicago. Milwimken onri
St. Paul railroad is that n train dis
patcher has control over f;in flnw nf
electricity in the overhead. He is able
ny his knowledge of the grades and the
localion of trains, to supply extra cur
rent where it is iiee.lerl im.i .,,t if fp
wneic it is not needed. Trains goiug
down grndo generate electricity.
Daredevil Birdboy"
Would Srve Country
Sun Francisco, Jnn. 17. Art Smith
''dnro devil bird boy," who thrilled
thousands with his daring flights at
tho Pannma-Pacific exposition, stands
ready to servo his country in preparing
men to fly in war.
Ho lias so notified Secretary of War
Garrison nnd ho believes that if tho lut
ter accepts ho will be nhlc to revolu
tionize the teaching of aeronautics in
this country. His plan calls for con
struction of steel towers from which
would be suspended a steel cable. Aero
planes would bo suspended from these
cnbles, with enough play so that the
aviator could exce.uto a number of ma
neuvers, but nt the snme time hnvine
a feeling of absolute security. Smitl
believes that elimination of fear and
dancer durinrf the trainine neriod would
tend to snoed un the teaching.
Smith's accident in indoor flvinc
with a miniature machine at the civic
auditorium Snturdnv nicrlir hns foiled
to dnmnen his ardor nnd he cxneots
to Start nt Once On rnllHtrnntinn nP i.n.1
....v. minium. uii wuicu ue can give
.n-.iiiumi mi ions in interior aviation.
Try Capital Journal Want Ads.
Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 17. With
more rain forecasted for tomorrow, the
storm whien has deluged southern Cal
ifornia raged without interruption to
day, while streets became torrents, res
idence districts wero flooded and the
Intornrban railway system demoralized
by numerous wasnouts.
At 8 o'clock this morning tho weath
er bureau announced that 3.90 inchos
had fallen duning the storm, making
10.08 for the season, ns compared with
4.o;j tins time last year.
The southeastern residence section of
Los Angeles was reported partially un
der water. At some places tho flood
threatened to lift light bungalows from
their foundations and squads of police
rushed to rescuo tho inmntos. Broad
streets became brawling rivers, littered
with floating debris. Outfall sowors
were choked and huge lakes formed at
intersections, covering the sidewalks.
Many local canines were tied up.
The lowlands between Venice and
Sawtello wero entirely inundated
Washouts on tho Veice Venice, Santa
Monica, Ocean Park and Redondo main
lines stopped all traffic. Troubles was
roportod on the Lone Beacn line. An
effort wns made to bring cars into Los
Angeles from Venice via Del Rey,.but
mis iuiiuu aiier one car nad essayed
me trip, mo uiendalo line wns knock
ed out. Thousands of commuters wero
isolated in their homes.
nasningion boulevard, the main
antomobilo road ootweeu Los Angolcs
and Venice, was covered with water.
Detectives wero sent to the home of
Mrs. A. T. Lnno on Russell avenuo to
rescue her whon tho flood thrpntnil
to lift her bungalow wdona it founda
tions, uther residences in tho noigh
borhood were menaced.
Borne on the crest of a wave, several
trunks came bobbing down Figueroa
strrei, in me eariy dawn. .Nobody knew
where they came from, but they con
tinued thoir voyage toward the eitv
limits without pause, while small boys
vger lor snivago splashed along tho
u.uvnuiiM, ,uu My jor mem to strand.
oerious southern Pacific washouts
were reported Irom Pomona.
Kate per woril New Today.
Each insertion, per word la
One week (6 Insertions), 'per. word 5a
One month (26 insertions), per word 17a
All ads must be ordered for a stated,
length of time, no ad to eonnt less than
10 words.
The Capital Journal will not ba re
sponsible for more than one insertion
for errors in Classified Advertise
ments. Read your advertisement the
first day it appears and notify us im
mediately if it eontains an error.
Minimum charge, 15c.
BOARD AND ROOM $1.50 per week.
262 S. Church. Phone 1800R. Janl7
HARRY Window
Jan. 31
FOUND January
Phono 8tiM2.
Hth, ladies'
Elizabeth Dean, a sixteen-year-old
high school fcirl in Cumbi'idgc,
Mass., by shooting thiity-one con
secutive bull's eyes on u DOO-yurd
rifle range with a regulation army
Springfield ride has set u world's
record for a girl. The slip of a girl
went on to the Massucliusctts rifle
rango at Wukefleld, Muss., with hor
uncle, Lieut. Hurry J. Dugune of
Company A, Eighth Massachusetts
regiment, and without a shoulder
pud, thrice fired the ten shots allow
ed her for each round and scored pr.
,fect bull's eyes. The thirty-first shot
was a hit, but on the next she just
touched the ring nearest the center
(Of the target and thus stopped. She
'was surrounded by an admiring
'crowd of soldiers and marines who
wutched her work with bated breath.
iwi.""'" v'"' """" " H ' I
. ... . V i -,:Jr J
' .Miss Kliinbeth Dean,
Flood At San Diego.
nn Diego, Inl., Jan. 17. Police
Buioinooiies, loaded with bluo coats
were rushed to Old Town, four miles
norm or tins city todny, to rescuo resr-
tieius rrom second story windows fol
lowing the sudden rise of the Sin Di
ego river nt that point. Homes wore
abandoned as the waters swept over
the oldost settlement in California.
Tho present storm is breaking the
VDAA..I. I- 1.. .1. . .P...
' me uuck country. Millions
or gallons of water ure being impound
ed, and at points the mountain oti-nnmo
have loft their banks, flooding ranches
aim ujimillllg SIOCK,
At Morcna dam, on tho city water
nvsiem, wnere mar es J att e i . f in
"rain maker." is nt work nmW nnn.
tract with the city, all rainfall records
ior j ears nave been shattered. Ovor
mree incites of mm fi in i,o
24 hours there.
Several streetcars iumned the trunks
in tho city todny, and traffic was tied
up. It was still raining todny, with no
iiiuii-Hiiuu or a letup.
u,.u 1 i t. T.
" "i- Miii isornnruino were
cioseu, pnpns being unable to get to
uimn. noiiiiierii I'acitic washouts nt
ii-L:.- ii. . -
nniio water and initio stnimed trnna.
continental traffic. -On the Riverside
lino of the Pacific Electric a washout
was reported near Colton. The Santa
re had i tieun near Pnsmlenn
Tho Pacific Electric li It A 111 rannftntl
to be washed out at Baldwin VnrU o,,.i
at Alta Loma, and tho track bed dam
aged at many intervening noints neeo.
sitating slight repnirs beforo traffic
cuu uo resumed.
Trains Are Stalled.
Rivorside, I al Jon. 17.-S0utliern
Pacific Overland truin Number 38,
westbound, is stalled at Cabason and
two other overland passenger trains are
hold up at Indio by washouts occasion
ed by the heavy rainfall on the desert.
Tno train at CabnBon cannot got
either way and the passengers face
famine. An attempt was made from
Banning to rescue them by automobiles
hut tho highway is also washed out ami
the machines could not get through.
Eight feet of tho rnilroml U onn t
White Water, between Cabason and
OAK, ash, old fir, Becond growth, eord
wood. Phone 1322J. Feb 7
$1,000 TO LOAN On farm
A. Mills, 381 State St.
land. J.
Jan Id
ront, very reasonable. Phone JU!)3.
BIO DRAFT TEAM For gale at 225
Center street. John Dancor. JanlU
to 15.00. 491 North Cottage. tt
WANTED Piano for storage. Best of
care. "Piano," care Capital Journ
al. Jan 19
steam heat, $2.00. 170 Court. Phone
570W. JanlS
FOB BALE Baled oat straw. V. A.
Springer, Route 7, Box 07, Salem, Or
egon. Janl7
WANTED Girl to do general house
work. Call afternoons. 1440 State,
street. . Jan 19
MONK If TO LOAN On well improved
farm lund, by owner. Inquiro SOU
U. S. Bank Bldg.
WANTED Man nnd wife to work on
bop ranch. Steady work. Address
A. A. H., Capital Journal. Janl7
section timber to exchange for good
farm. Address 4f, Journal. Jua23
TOR SALE 40 acres of land, cheap if
taken soon. Adress T. N. A., Tuner,
Oregon, Route 1, Box 4C. Janl7
FOR RENT Housekeeping rooms in
large suites from $0 to $8 per moutJ.
Why pay morel Call at 343 1-2 North
Commercial. . tf
MANUFACTURERS Of all kinds col
ors of rag carpet. Call at O. K
Grocery, ISO South .12th street. Louis
Jakubec. Jan 27
WANTED Plain or fancy dressmak
ing, at home or by tho day. Mrs. W.
Bycrs, 152 South 13th street. Tele
phone 964W. Janl9
FOB RENT Storo, 21x165 feet, elec
tric lights and steam heat. See Watt
Shipp Co., 219 NNorth Commercial
street, Phono 363. tf
CALENDARS FOR 1916 Large fig
ures for practical use. Call or phona
Homer H. Smith, the Insurance Man,
McCornack Bldg. Phone 96. Jan20
WANTED Information of Iva Louisa
Thomas Gor'den, last heard from at
Salem, Oregon, general delivery. No
tify J. W. Thomas, Selma, Calif..
Box 393. Febtl
WANTED Young man who means
business, to learn dairying, and stock
raising. All registered stock. Ad
dress 71, Journal, giving references.
orod with snow, l'j and and 2 blocks
from the cor lino near Capital street,
ono is $173 and the other $200 for
cash. Would liko to sell them. J.
A. Mills, 384 State St. Janl9
FOR SALE 80 acres highly improved
land, l nead norses, 4 cows, machin
ery, feed, hay, $8,500. Exchange, 10
acres highly improved, 6 acres in
prunes, wants good residence closo to
Salem. Stock of merchandise invoic
ing $3,000, doing $2,500 per month,
exchange for Salem residence. 640
acres in Box Butte county, Nebraska.
well improved, $25.00 per acre, ex
change for Willamette Valley Prop
erty. Labereo & CI irk, 143 North
High street, Salem, Oregon.
street. We clean.
press, repair, remodel and re lino
clothing and furs. Careful attention
given all work. Wo call and deliver.
Phono 728.
Indio, and another washout nt Owl, be-LPUArM,r avvvtrv
tween Cabason and Banning, prevents1 '.P'". sZlc'
tiem coming on into the litter city. I 1,18 S"lth .High stn
All overland traffic is tied up until
repairs can bo mnde.
Campers Oanght by Flood.
Los Angeles, Cal., Jan. 17. Henring
thut n party of 12 campers, including
several women, wns marooned on nn is
land in the Snn Gabriel wash, in dnnger
of drowning, Sheriff Cline todny rush
ed a posse to tho rescue.
The party had "wig wagged" a mes
sage to tho shore, raying the waters
wore rapidly rising and thnt they wore
in danger of being swept to death.
As no boot could live in the flood,
the posso planned to send a lino over
to tho island, and make on effort to
bring the imperiled party to safety in
improvised "bo'snB seats."
Water Up To Hayes.
Colton, Cal., Jan. 17. Eighty houses
in South Colton were surrounded by a
swirling flood reaching to the eaves of
Somo structures shortly before noon to
day. The water rose rapidly, while
families fled to roofs and upper floors.
Tolice and fire departments were called
out for rescue work. With the aid of
Improvised rafts, many wero tnken to
safety. Tho damage is heavy.
Pomona Deluged. "'
jomona, cai., .inn. ii. witn over
Him inj n . i, i o J . . N
.....v n..u vitv nun in. ui'u ui ruin uur
Ing tho past twelve hours, morning
dawned todny with the streets and
roads running torrents of water and
the city Isolated from the transporta
tion standpoint from tho outside world.
Floods In Arltona.
. Thoenix, Aria., Jan. 17. Three Incline
of rain fell here during the pnst 24
hours. Streams aro rising, and floods
are probable.
Chicago, Jan. 17. Charged with plot
ting to murder their parents, Irving
and Herbert Updiko were hold by tho
police today. According to the story
tho police wrung from them, they in
tended tho murders beennso they be
lieved tho father Farman D. Updike,
millionaire, wns about to chango his
will to their detriment. The elder son,
Irving, aged 38, was said to have forced
his 21-ycar old brother to join In bis
plan. The murders, it is claimed, wero
to have been committed Inst night.
Tho chango in the father's will was
slated for today. Tho younger son is
snid to have agreed to plans to poison
the parents, but intended to thwart the
elder brother.
From the younger man, tho polica
got wind of tho alleged plot. Th
younger son is understood to be held
merely as a witness.
San Francisco, Jan. 17. The
bow-wow camo into its place
in the son; also the daughter
and all tho rest of the family
during the lnir. On hundred
and fifteen miles of 'em "with
plenty of mustard" wero de
voured by exposition visitors,
according to figures made pnl
lifl today. That means about
2,500,000 frankfurters.