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A Stony Deal
kllE cliinlcfis lout wllli Hie gog
gle eyes mid the Hon trimmed
straw lmt at last recovered
from bis nstonlHliuient enough
to yell, "Wlionl'' Inasmuch as the
spotted gray mule upon which he was
willed bad been standing stork still
for a solid two minutes, It naturally
resented this Insulting order and turn
ed squarely around, whereupon Its rid
er promptly dismounted and kicked It
iu the ribs. Both the runn and the ani
mal Becmed much refreshed by this
operation and restored to normality,
for the mule contentedly cropped a
hunch of sweet wayside grass, and the
uiii n sidled up bosldo the tall gentle
man who was eating a leg of chicken
and gazing Interestedly down at a pair
of stout legs which protruded from be
neath n motorcar so large and so
elaborately furnished as to be belter
termed u motor house.
'Broke dowu?-' asked the niulo rider
aflcr listening appreciatively to the
vigorous mechanical and vocal sounds
from beneath tlio car.
"No," replied the (all gentleman,
thought fully wiping bis Jet black mus
tache; "we merely paused by the way
side to crochet a few pink buttonholes
In yon crimson sunset. What Is the
iniiiio of your mule, please, and Is ho
a family pet?".
"He's not," the man stated, and he
(taped, for from Inside the car two
linndsomo young ladles and a hand
some elderly lady hud appeared, and
tiie.v nil giggled. The mule driver fin
ished his speech nioclioulcully. "He's
Je" n unile."
"Jes" a mule, eh? Simple name,
handy, senslblo and onslly remember
ed. Do you mind If I look mule
squarely In the eye and see If he'll do?"
Bhiokle Daw was engaged In tills
tost wheu there was nil extra strong
clunk of metal from beneath the car,
a Knapping sound, and an extra strong
expletive, and then the owner of the
legs slowly and painfully wriggled Into
view. He was a man big of girth and
broad of chest and wide of shoulders,
and his round pink face, usually Jovial,
was Just now dripping with perspira
tion ami grimed with oil.
"Broke," be said, embellishing that
bit of Information with polite thorns
of speech, and Ihn ladles laughed.
"Never mind, J. Itufus," soothed the
tall gentleman. "We'll not spend the
night In the cold, cold world, for I've
secured you a new motor." And ho
waved his hand toward the grazing
beast of burden,
J. Itufus Walllngford looked at the
tinlimil and then lit tho car in huge
discontent. "It might be a wise move
to trade the car for the mule," be sug
gested scornfully.
"It hain't my mule,, though," hastily
protested the goggle eyed one, whose
countenance was further embellished
villi protruding teeth.
"Why didn't you tell us that In the
first place?'' demanded (lie thin gentle
man. "I never said I owned the mule,"
protested the other, aggrieved, "I'd 'a
tolu you light away If you'd V asked
me that It's Joue Hipillible's mule. He
owns nigh everything aroun' Sipilbble
vlllo yonder this mulu and these Mel's
an' the giis'mlll an' the grain elevator
you see stlcklu' tip above the town."
"Hqiilbble's mule!" The blue eyed
young lady seemed suddenly Interest
ed lu that fact. "iSijiilbble's mule,
I'a nny."
The brown eyed young lady had
been leafing through a small note
book. She turned the page now and
revealed a list of names. Ten bad
been scratched out. The eleventh
namo was "Jonas Sipilbble," and op
posite the iiiiiuo wus set tho sum of
Tho niulo driver said he wui Henry
Hunt, and although ho protested tome,
Itlncklu Dnw Impressed the mule Into
service, and the party started back
for town.
Jonas Suulbhle sat upon tho steps of
"(be store" and viewed the approach
lug procession with mild curiosity.
Toad Jessup. however, an urchin
so thick with freckles that ho looked
like a shrimp omelet, came running
from far up tho road with a deadly
blow to Mr, Rijulbble'i tranquillity.
"Hey!" he gasped, tugging at his one
gingham suspender strap to draw bis
tn'calh together, "They're a usln' your
It was In front of the Auditorium
bolel that Walllngford first emerged
from the car, clean shaven, brushed,
us linen duster laid aside and his au
tomobile cap replaced by a soft gray
felt hat Th village drew an admiring
breath as bo stepped down and In a
careless tone Inquired the amount of
the damages. Jonas Squibblc hud with
some labor worked tip the sum total of
bis bill to $13.C0, but the moment he
'saw Walllngford be stopped figuring
and said:
"Twenty dollars, linn I In', nen Hunt's
time, two fence rolls, wear and tear
an' Inslln damage to the mule, an' the
rent pf my field thut your contraption's
a-standln' on now."
- Tho "villagers" heard this Itemized
statement with awe and admiration,
which was Increased to amazement
when Walllngford, without "dicker
ing," calmly abstracted ami paid over
a twenty dollar bill from nn obese roll.
Having tried to eat a "supper" at the
Auditorium hotel, Walllngford and
Blacklo decided not to risk the rooms
at that hostelry, but sadly purchased a
pair of fowl and, returning to their car,
cooked themselves n square meal.
A visitor came upon them as they
wore enjoying (heir coffee and cigars
Hen Hunt.
"Jone Squlbble," he said Impressive
ly, "Is a stingy ole cuss!"
"What! Did he only give yon half of
that twenty?-' exclaimed lilackle in ap
parently pained surprise.
"Half!" gasped Hen. "He, wouldn't
even gP me a red copper.
"He's (he stingiest man In the world,"
continued Hen. "He's the man that
made tho county build n pom-house so
lie could send his mother to It. Ain't
that stingy, bey? You remember how
lie charged you for them fence rails?
Well, last spring a tall feller with nose
spectacles picked up a Utile piece of
blue rock from this very field and took
It away with him, and Joue Sipilbble
made him pay a nickel for It. Think o'
that! Jos' crumbly blue rock, that ain't
even fit to drown cats with! An' there's
four acres of It here! Squlbble's stone
farm, they cull It. rim" off, Jone
thought uiebbe It might be wuth some
thin', 'cause the feller said somethln'
about llthograft stone bcln' almost
wutb. Its weight In money, but notuln'
ever come of It. Funny lookln' man,
this feller was, with a red beard that
growed out here an' there In Utile curly
Blacklo nodded his head wisely.
'Williams," bo said to Walllngford, In
venting a namo upon the spot for the
unknown man. "Careful chap, Wil
liams; one of the best we have, t
"Was ho workln for you?" Hen
eagerly wanted to know.
"Well, we wouldn't care to have It
talked about," replied Itluckle with a
great nlr of mystery, "so we'll Just con
sider the subject as dropped. Your
friend Squlbble Is about the richest
man lu the country, I suppose'.'".
"lie's got cash money burled an'-hid
all over bis house, nn' his burn, an'
Ills grls'nilll, I reckon. He inns' have,
because bo don't trust no hanks, an'
ary dollar that he chases down an'
ketches says gooilby to this vain
' a . ' a
"I don't liko anything I have to,"
Walllngford slated savagely, after
Hunt had left. "I think I'll wind up
Joints In n hurry."
"tlo right to It," Invited Blackle.
"I'll admire to see yon fall down for
"I'll take th. bet," Sfli-Md Walllngford,
once In your II To. I bet you my Jude
fob pendant, which you want, agalust
that scarab cravat plu, which you
won't give till, that you break your
linger nails and don't loosen anything
unless It's all on tho level, ruder
stand, Jimmy, I expect, to win or 1
wouldn't ofTcr tho bet Here's one
dick thut you can't sklu for amuse
ment, practice or 1 1,000."
"I'll take the bet." agreed Walllng
ford. "Tho biggest cinches In the
world are the vlllngo misers. . Gold
brick factories are entirely supported
by tightwads." .
Walllngford was up early the next
morning and made a careful Inspec
tion of tht Held upon which Ills car
stood. It was almost void of verdure
except for a few tufts of scattered
rock grass, and everywhere, estwlully
In a steep bank about fifty fect back,
there were outcropping of tho shale
bluestono of which Henry Hunt had
spoken. Ho picked up a piece of the
IT '
ITS ix
aiiV ptPTTti "T'RNAT,. 9AT.PM . Cfovrrw eTTitnAV tavt is ioi?
rock and avrapod It with bis pocket
knife. It was surprisingly soft, and It
cut as smoothly as butter. Well pleas
ed, bo walked back to the car to find
Toad Jessup waiting patiently for
Blacklo Daw. Walllngford Immedi
ately drew a quarter from bis pocket
and gave it to the boy.
"Son, can you find me a spade?" be
Inquired and found himself looking ut
the spot where "Toad'' bad stood.
The boy, who knew by item and his
tory the contents of every garden,
barn and alley of the village, was
back with a rusty spade before Wal
llngford had picked out a favorable
spot for his operations, and with lilm
he brought an equally rusty pickax,
which had one point broken.
"If you want to dig," "Toad" help
fully Informed lilin, "I reckon you'll
"ft G
"Hart's your $225," said Walllngford,
producing a fat wallet.
need this here pick. I.e' me dig some,
will you, mister? I'm a good digger."
"Come right on, Speckles," Walling
ford Invited heartily. "We'll dig to
gether." And, taking the pick, he be
gan with n will.
Walllngford, however, being rather
heavy for this Rort of work and some
what short of breath, was very much
relieved when Jonas Sqnlbhlc came al
last and ga.cd Into the Incipient ditch
with wrinkles of cupidity corrugating
Ills nose and almost closing bis eyes.
"What aro you digging'.'" he do
"A hole," returned Wulllngford culm
ly,' spilling on bis hands and taking n
fresh grip on the pickax.
"I'll have to have damages for that."
Jonas quickly decided.
"I'll not pay for It," declared Wai
llngford. "The rent of this ground was
Included lu the I gave you."
"That didn't Include Injuria' my
property," Jonas severely told him.
"You'll have to pay damages, or else
I'll sue you."
"Sue and be Jiggered!" answered
Wulllngford, turning vigorously to his
ork again; then he suddChly straight
ened up In un apparent flash of anger.
'Wlmt'll you take for your old Held?"
lie asked.
"Well, I been holdln that silo back
fur u'town ball when (lie town grows
up to It," Jonas ileVlured.
"The wooden plank with your name
on It will be rotted down among the
weeds before that happens," Walllng
ford sourly retorted. Vl'll give you
00 for the Held."
Jonas almost had palpitation of the
heart. Except for use as u building
site, which was tho most remote of
chances, the four acres were absolute
ly worthless. Still, a bargain was a
bargain. "I'd ort lo have J'.'iV' ho de
clared, In much seeming reluctance.
"All right," agreed Walllngford, so
pilckly thut Jonas was almost reluc
Hint In good earnest. "Have it your
iwn way. I'm willing to pay any price
to do us I please, if It's only lo dig a
Hole. Here's your and from a
fat wallet be produced the money and
lirut it upon; the astounded Squihblc.
"Now come oii In mid sign a bill of
inle, pending a deed.".
"Just one moment, gentlemen," beg
(cd Blackle, holding them off Willi bis
mtstrctched palm. "Please remain
.vhere you are and enjoy the fresh air
md beautiful mountain scenery while
I engross the legates! bill of sale I tint
vcr fooled u Jury."
('lushed with pride In Ills nrhleve
neut, Blackle called In the parties of
ho first nnd second parts and mado
hem listen to Ills gem of composition
md showed them where to sign It.
ftcr which himself nnd "Toad" Jessup
: Hlxed their names In the proper places
is witnesses; and Blackle, afler a vain
ilislaught on Jonas, compelled Wal
Ingford to pay him til) ecu Is lu real
Just then the girls came along, and
'lluckle Insisted on reading to lliein the
lew bill of sale be bud drawn up.
"An' now," sold Julius triumphantly,
Rltlng his leather money pouch lu bis
ockct to make sure thut It was still
afe, "you may go ahead n it dig all
ie holes yon want to."
"Thanks," returned Walllngford,
villi equal triumph, "I don't rare lo
'Ign hole now. By the way. Mr. Squib
le, lire you going over past the post
dicer "I might." replied Jonas cautiously,
"Then kindly mull this letter for me,
rill your and Walllngford bunded'
dm stamiM'd, addressed and sealed
nvelopo. "Now, sonny," ho said to
Toad." "get mo a carpenter, a load of
truw and all the men In town who
k -I ,v
bare crowbars, pickaxes and spaJes
nnd who are wKIIng to work for $2 a
"Yesslr," said "Toad," ond immedi
ately became a cloud of dust.
Jonas turned away with Walling
ford's letter, anil of course be read the
Inscription. It was addressed to the
International Lithograph Stono com
pany. Jonas, In deep thought, which
was rapidly becoming painful, slowly
walked halfway across to the store,
which was also tho postofllcc, then
turned and camo back.
"I.ooklt here," bo charged In a sud
den panic, "you dug that hole on a pur
pose to make mo think you was n-buy-ing
that property Jes' because you was
"How daro you suspect me?" said
Walllngford, smiling.
"You come here u-purpose to buy my
stone field!" Jonas further charged,
with n sinking feeling in the pit of his
"I'll make no admissions," , stated
Walllngford, stiffening.
"What do you want o' my field, any
how?" Jonas demanded, now sure that
he had been swindled.
"That's my nffulr, sir," announced
Wulllngford crisply. "Moreover, I can't
waste time talking about It. I've got a
great deal of work to do iu Squibblc
ville, and very little time In which to
do It. I'll take that letter if you
please," and, receiving It from Jonas'
nerveless fingers, lie walked across to
tho postofllcc and mailed his request
for a catalogue.
"Jimmy," said Blackle, watching tho
retreating logs of Toad with vast ad
miration, "if you don't make tlt kid
foreman of the works at regular fore
man's pay I'll never draw up another
legal document for you."
Before noon Squlbblcvlllo was the
busiest town on the mnp. The black
smith, the cooper and even tho pro
prietor of the Auditorium hotel, to suy
nothing of pale eyed and pale balred
and red faced Ben Jessup nnd nil the
other Idlers In the village, quit their
respective occupations In a hurry, even
to the ancient and honorable one of
loafing, to secure that unprecedented
$2 a dny. liven Hen Hunt appeared
with his crowbar and pick and spade,
but It transpired that Jonas Squlbble
was merely subletting him and making
$0 a week profit from his labor, n fact
which completed the dire work of mak
ing a thorough anarchist of nen. Ho
would have spent most of his time In
expounding his reactionary views to
his fellow workmen hud It not been for
tho activity of the foreman. "Toad"
Jessup was on the Job from the first
stroke of tho pick In (he morning until
the echo of the last clank of tho crow
bar had died away at night, nnd he
was continuously nt tho sldo of every
individual man of the near n score cm
ployed, giving bis slow moving and
listless paw tbo same attention us any
oilier careless workman who needed
Walllngford, Inspecting the new part
which hud come that day to 'replace
I he broken ono of his machine, felt the
touch of a friendly hand upon his
shoulder and looked up to find Blackle
pointing gloomily up the road.
"Shall wo run, bluff or fight?" asked
Mr. Daw,
Walllngford, following the direction
of the pointing hand, saw Jonas riding
down the road In his btlckbonrd, and
wlih him was n gaunt man who wore
a (lark blue suit and a dark blue soft
hut wllh a cord and tassel.
Walllngford arose with a most cheer
ful smile. "None of the three Blacklo,"
ho returned placidly. "This Isn't a
pinch; It's a compromise, only It's about
two days later that I expected. Here's
where I win that Jade fob pendant."
Turning from lilackle, ho assumed
nil attitude of great dignity as Jonas
and tho county sheriff, without a word,
thrust a folded paper Into Walling
ford's hands.
"Now I've served It according (he
law lu such cases mado an' provided
fur," declared (he gaunt one in a bass
voice so surprisingly deep that It seem
ed lo mako tho ground tremble. "That
there's an Injunction rcstraluln' you
from dlggln' any more of tills here
hliiestone or reinovln' any more of It
front this here Held until the case of
Squlbble against Walllngford. now
pending lu the Sqnawiuns county court.
Is settled, dismissed and the costs paid,
an' this here other paper's n notice o'
the aforesaid suit." Hero ho thrust
upon Walllngford another document
anil, his olllclal mission concluded, bo
mopped his brow with a (laming yel
low handkerchief which gave nn extra
Jaundice lo his already squnshlllie com
plexion, and became Ids own agreeable
self again by adding, "l-'lno growln'
weather we're bavin', ain't It?"
"It grows splendidly," admitted Wal
llngford. "What's this suit about, any
how?" "About a doggono swindle!" Inter
jected Jonas, unable longer to remain
silent under his wrongs "Bought uiy
llthograph stone mine under false pro
tense." "I never said It was lithograph stone.
and I'm not saying so now," declared
Walllngford, for whom the law bad no
nets of lino enough mesh.
"No, you was too slick," returned
Jonas. "That's Jes' the point You
bought that land as Jes' plain laud, nt
a reg'lar land price. I got a lawyer
over In Bqunwmus tells mo be k'n
niuko a case o' general swindlln' out o'
Hint, especially before .n good, honest
farmer jury, me behf a reg'lar citizen
hero an' yon a blamed stranger, an' a
lick lookln' ono nt that So now you
see where you'itt at.''
"I may lose the suit." admitted Wnl
llngford, with n wink nt Bluckle, "but
I will not be bullyragged. If ho had
come at tne with nn offor of a compro
mise I might have considered It; but
now I shall fight. I don't believe the
farmers of Squnwuius county loro Jo
nas Squlbble so well that they'd give
him, an unfair advantage, cvtn of a
doeenlly dressed stranger."
Junus wuiceU ul tuai puiuiui truttL
The gaunt stranger surveyed tbo im
pressive looking Walllngford with ad
miration and gauged correctly bis
heaven born ability to make friends
where be chose, and the truth burst
from him.
"You bet they don't," he agreed.
"They all got It lu for Jono because
he's so slick himself." Jonas wluced
"Well, I'm wlllln" to bear what Mr.
Walllngford bus to offer," ventured
Jonas, after waiting a slightly more
than reasonable time for Walllngford
to speak first
"Oh, confound It," snapped Walllng
ford, as one driven against his will. "I
suppose I'll be compelled in the end to
let Mr. Squlbble in on at least a por
tion of this enterprise, and I might as
well do It now and havo a lit tlo peace.
Mr. Squlbble, I'll resell you n half in
terestmind you, only a half Interest.
In this field for" (he hesitated Just
a moment; this was the crucial point
how much would Jonas Squlbble
stand ?)-"for $7,0u0."
"I'll go you," returned Squlbble, so
quickly that Walllngford could scarce
ly repress nn exclamation of triumph
for Blackle's humlllutlou. "You're a
witness to this, Lorn Potter," went on
Jonas, "it's a bargain that he sells me
back a half Interest In this four aero
field and all that's. In It, or under It, or
on top of it, mind you, exceptln', o'
course, Mr. Walllngford's automobile
wiigon, for $7,000. Now don't you go
away from here, Mr. Walllngford, on'
I'll go right straight an' get you the
cash money. Come on, Lcm."
"I knew I was putting up an awful
strong game, but I didn't believe I was
enough of an artist to make this old
penny squeezer fall so bard," exulted
Walllngford to Blackle. "Now watch
mo work him to buy the other half."
What more might have been said was
covered up in the hubbub which nt that
moment arose iu the "mine," nnd walk
ing out that way they discovered
Toad Jessup directing an emergency
movement with great vigor and decis
iveness. "Tear some o' (hem planks out'n the
fence back o' the store there!" he was
ordering ns they came up. "Never mind
the damages. We kin ufford to pay for
a new fence ruther than have that soft
mud Oil run down and gum up them
stones. It's a-goana ruin lusido o' ten
minutes, I tell you, I been a-flshlu'
enough to know what that kind of a
black cloud means."
Tho shorilT's voice, booming easily
both over and under a roll of thunder,
at that moment called across the Held
to Walllngford, Jonas Squlbble was
back with the money.
"Go get it quick!" urged Bluckle. "1
never believe money until I have It In
my Jeans and the padlock clamped
on it."
His fears, If ho really had any, were
allayed as soon ns they Joined Jonas
nt tho car, for Mr. Squlbble thrust tho
money info Wulli.igford's hands ns
soon ns ho was near enough.
"Count It!" ordered Jonas In a voice
positively squeaky wllh excitement.
tfk '
S - 14 r .J
Blackle Insisted on Reading His Bill of
Sal ta tha Girls.
"You'll find it nil there. Some of It's
a little tore, nn' somo of It's a III tie
musty nu' moldy, inchhc, but It's good
money. I got some moro of It right
hero too. 1 got another seven thou
sand Just llko It thnt I'll glvo you,
solid spot cash, right this minute, for
llio other half o' that field 1"
Walllngford felt ids heart thump up
In bis throat and wus conscious of
Blacklo patting hi in encouragingly
upou tho back, but there was some
thing about tho nervous eagerness of
Jonas, who was exceptionally lacking
hi self control for so shrewd an old
bargainer, which made Walllngford
pnnso and stiffen.
"Make It eight thousand and I'll go
you," bo offered. "That's my last
word. Tako It or leavo It.''
To his Immense surprise Jonas tin
mediately produced tho money. "Here
It Is," be said. "Now gl' mo back my
bill o' salo nn' we don't need any more
Then Squlbble signed a receipt for
the transfer, using Blackle's silk bat
as n dealt.
After all tho prellmlnorlca were ar
ranged and Toad Jessup was told
that they were going to leave ho plead
ed with Blacklo to bo taken along as n
"Wo don't need a foremnn, Tood.
for a foreman costs too much money,"
Mid UICKIS llu u, uu a i.
agvr at about $4 a week, board, clothes
and smoking tobacco, so Just go get
your Sunday clothes nnd be ready to
pull right out with us."
"Don't fool ttie boy that way.
Blackle," remonstrated Walllngford.
"His father never would let him go."
"Ho wouldu't. cb?" retorted "Toad."
and, opening the door of tho car, he
shrilled out Into the rain, "Here. you.
Paw, come here!"
This tlmo tho (one was peremptory.
Tho elder Jessup hesitated n moment
and then came plodding stolidly across
the rain.
"Whadgho want?" he Inquired, with
his bend protruding forward and ut
terly oblivious of the tbln streams of
water which wero running down the
back of his neck.
"I'm a-goin' away with Mr. Walllng
ford and Blackle. I got n Job beln'
Squibbla Used Blackle's Silk Hat as a
manager for 'em. Mebbe we'll pull our
freight tonight yet"
"Well." said the elder Jessup reflec
tively, "it had orter be a good Job, nnd
I reckon you'll do well at It. 1 guess If
your maw was n live she'd be plumb
tickled you got It. She'd be mlghly
sorry to see you go. though, nnd I am
too. By Jinks, we ain't washed out
your sblrt yet!''
"I'll take It the way It is." decided
"Toad" promptly. "Come on; we'll go
right over lo the house an' git my
"Well, wo got bltu," declared Blackle,
almost embarrassed by the suddenness
wllh which "Tond" had uttached him
self permanently to them. "He's ours,
cud now I suppose we'll have to tako
care of him."
"He's more likely to take enro of us,"
laughed Walllngford. "I'm glad you
signed him on. This town's been good
to mo. And, by the way, Blackle, while
I think of it, I'll bother you for that
Jade fob pendant."
Blackle silently unfastened bis pet
bit of Jewelry from bis fob mid passed
It over. "You win," lie confessed, "and
you win running easy, ahead by seven
lengths f daylight. But, Jimmy, If I
had It to do over again I'd still bet my
life against 3 cents' worth of tripe that
nobody could skin Junas Squlbble out
of $o, let nlono $13,000. Let's see; de
ducting the $1,000 we get back for tho
pretty Warden orphans, wo have $11,000
left for tho expense fund. Pretty good
for a long Bhot."
"You'll go broke picking long shots
some day," commented Walllngford
dryly, changing bis cout for u mackin
tosh and bunting out Ids "slicker" hat.
"Tho rain's slackening up, cheerful
looser, and If this car isn't standing in
three or four feet of wnter I'm going
to screw this attachment lu place and
we'll hike right on to that good town
they tell us nbout, where there's a re.il
They smoked a contemplative cigar
while they walled for the rain to die
down. Before It had quite ceased
Jonas Squlbble was out on the field
again, and with lilin, besides bis
friend, tho sheriff, was a tull man in
gum boots and yellow cravenette.
"This Is Mr. .Walllngford, Mr. Dick
erson," Introduced Jonas, rubbing his
hands together and grinning a grin of
pure delight. "Mr. Dlckersou, Mr.
Dnw. Mr. Dlckersou Is from tho In
ternational Lithograph Stone company.
He was hero last spring lookln' nt my
stone, an' ns soon as I seen the ad
dress on that letter you gl' me to mall
I wrote to Mm, an' Mr. IMckorson
come right on. I had him bid in tho
hotel ever since last night."
"I couldn't seo why Mr. Squlbble
wouldn't. let me come out." laughed
Mr. Dlckerson, who wore queer little
tufts of curly red beard, "but now I
understand It. I want to compliment
you on the care you've taken In min
ing nnd packing the rock, Mr. Wulllng
ford. Of course this Isn't high grade
lithograph stone, but. It's tho best I
could find In the three months' trip
which I have Just ended, and It's n
very good sort for a variety of com
moner work.- 1 should Judge the de
posit to be worth In the neighborhood
of $.-.0,000." ' '
"Let me shake yen by the hand
again, Mr. Dlckerson."' said Blackle
with gurgling enthusiasm. "Let me
shake you by both hands. You're a
nlcasnnt stranger and a welcome
stranger! You must come In nbd have
a pipe and n glass' of grrrr with me.
while my friend. Jimmy, sits on, the
wet step nnd mourns J Bufus, I'll
trouble yon for my Jade fob pendant
again and nlso for my scarab scarf pin."
Walllngford slowly unfastened those
articles of adornment nnd passed them
over to Blackle with a sigh. "That's
what I get for being a piker." he said
Another advtntur next waak.1
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Mrs. Amanda B. Jlclvin Johnson
died at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
James C. Zuncker, Portland, Tuesday,
January 11, ORed 71 years.
Deceased crossed tho plains in 18SI
with her parents and took up land
near Woodburn, the donation land
claim, having later been purchased by
tho present occupant, V. L. Kcnndy.
Hor husband, A. F. Johnson, who diet!
soveral years ago, was nt one timo
county judge of Baker county. lie
was a great musician, tuught singing
school all over thin section and he also
organized bands. Ho was a brother of
tho lato Mrs. B. F. Hall, of this city,
and Mrs. Johnson was nn aunt of K N.
Hall and J. J. Hall, of Woodburn. TW
lato Andrew Melvin, of Woodburn, wm
hor brother. Mrs. Johnson married A. F.
Johnson in 1858. She was a member of
tho Presbyterian church and of tho Wo
man's Helief Corps. For tho last 13
years sho resided in Fortlnnd.
The remains havo been brought ro
Woodburn and the funeral services
will be held at the M. K. churrh this
afternoon at 2 o'cIock, Kev, K V. Poor
officiating. Interment will be in the
family plot at Belle Passi cemetery.
Woodburn Independent.
Deeds to two tracts of Innd scllmfr.
respectively for $2-15 nnd $-100 per
nc.ro were recorded Saturday with
County Recorder Brooks. One tratt
of 10 acres was sold by Thomas A.
Lindsay and Effio M. Lindsay to Ja
cob Troudt for 2,450, and a tract of
six acres was sold by J. I). Miahler to.
A. G. Kauffmnn for 2,4no. Both trnrts
aro near Hubbard. Woodburn Inde
F.liaa Kilcn, who ou Suturday dis
posed of all the odds and ends of the
Binlilcy bankrupt stock to D. Samnrl
of Snlem, will open up a now store in
the 0 Hiss building in about 30 days, car
rying a new and clean stock of dry
goods, notions and Indies' furnishings.
Woodburn Independent.
Rear Admiral Fullman complains flat
four out of five Americans can't slog
the national air, and iio ml'iht have,
said that the one who can ou'nt to take
mnaie lessons.
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