Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 15, 1916, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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Everybody Admires a (Beautiful Complexion-
Oriental Cream
4n Indispensable and Delightful
Toilet Requisite
for Fashionable Women.
A dnlljr necessity for the- ladios' toilet
whether nt homo or while traveling. It
protects the skin from injurious efrecta
of the elements, fclves a wonderfully ef
fective beauty to the complexion. It is a
perfect non-greasy Toilet Cream and pos
itively will not causa or encourage the
growth of hair which all ladles should
guard against when selecting a toilet pre
paration. When dancing, bowling or oth
er exertions heat the skin, it prevents a
greasy appearance.
Gouraud't Oriental Cream has been
highly recommended by physicians, act
resses, singers and women of fashion for
over half a century and cannot be sur-
fmssed when preparing for dally or even
nsc nttlre.
. Gouraud't Oriental Cream cures Skin
nisenses and relieves Sunburn. Removes Tan, Pimples, Blackheads, Sloth
Pali-hen. Rash. Freckles and Vulgar Keilness. Yellow and Muddy Skis, giving
a .delicately clear and retlned complexion which everv woman desiros.
No. U For sale by Druggists ami Fancy Goods Dealers.
Ferd. T." Hopkins, Prop., 37 Great Jones Street, New York.,
iff sSsl
S tu&UBxawna Camas, fc
Best Chinese
Noodles 10c
Chop Suey 25c
Rice and Fork 10c
Oregon Debate League
Scheduled Made Out
Vnivorsity of Oregon, Eugene, .Tun.
15. Preliminary schedules in the Ore
gon High School Debating league have
been arranged by tho directors of the
league nt the 1'niversity of Oregon for
each of tho five western Oregon dis
tricts, as follows:
Lower Columhin district Opening
debates, January 15; contestants, Tilla
mook vs. Scappoosc, Kaiuinr vs. St.
Helens, Clatskanie vs. Astoria. J. (1.
lmel, superintendent nt Astoria, is di
rector of the debnte district.
North Willumetto district Opening
debnte probably January 14; contest
ants, Estacadn vs. Oregon City, Oregon
City ts. Forest flrove, Forest drove vs.
Kstaeadn, bilverton vs, Cnnby, Canby
vs. Woodburn, Woodhurn vs. Hilvertou,
Newbcrg vs.. Jefferson, Jefferson vs.
ISalem, Halom vs. Newberg. The nine
schools in this district nre grouped
thus: 1. Estnc.adu, Oregon City, Forest
Urove. 2. Cnnby, Silvertou, Wood
Itnrn. 3. Jefferson, Nowberg, Hnleiri.
The selection Is explained on geogra
phical lines by James C. Nelson, princi
pal of the iSulom high school and direct
or of tho debate district. '
Southern OregonAshlnml vs. Tal
ent, Medford vs. Grants 1'ass, winner
vs. Klamath Kalis for championship of
district. George A. Briscoe, superin
tendent of Ashlund schools and director
of the district, asks that preliminary
contests be' over by January 15, if pos
sible, and suggests January 2S, or nn
earlier date,, for the finals.
Coos Bay Debates are to be held
January 28 as follows: Marshfield at
Myrtle Point, North Bond nt Bandon,
Myrtle Point at Coquille, Bnudon nt
Marshfield, Coquille at North Bend. In
this district a school gets one point for
a decision and one point for each judge
who votes fnvornbly, but if two schools
have two winning teams they debate
again, regardless of comparative points.
F. A. Tidgen, superintendent of schools
at Marshfield, is director.
Southern Willamette Eugene,. Roso
burg, Corvallis and Springfield compose
this district. Yoncalla and Junction
having withdrawn. A. R. Nichols, prin
cipal of tho Corvallis high school, is
Finals for tho whole stnto will be
held in May at the University for the
University of Oregon cup.
The club wns started on its way on
January 2, when E. G. Hawman was
elected president, C. W. Kent vice
president, and E. J. Stannrd secretary
treasurer. A committeo was appointed
to ilnn up a constitution and by-laws
and get things in running order. A
tract of land just north of the eity bus
been obtained and a good shelter put
up. At present tho club is interested
in trap shooting and hopes to be able
to pull off the state championship shoot
here next spring. Twenty-five enrolled
us charter members nnd more are being
added rapidly. Woodburn Independent.
To have two hearts on his in
side at the same time, was the
rather unusual experience this
week of Philipp Reese, a farmer
living near Salem. One was tho
regular article that had been do
ing duty for him the past 77
years. The other was a chicken
heart which Mr. Rees attempted
to swallow without the usual
amount of chewing.
IVing rather advanced in
years, he has but a limited sup
ply of teeth, and to this is due
the fact that he attempted to
swallow' the ur. before it had
been sufficiently masticated.
"The heart started down all
right,'' said Mr. Rees, "but it
stopped right at the bottom of
my t burnt in what the doctors
call the oesophagus.'"
Under the care of Drs. Morse,
Findlny and Steevei, the ob
struction got to the entrance of
tho .it.iiw.eh, but here again it
was found too largo to pass
through the small opening into
the stomach. At this stage of
tho tronblf, it was fouud neces
sary to introduce an instrument
known ,is a probang, into tho
oesoplu.nj!!, by which 't was
pushed into the stomach. After
having tho heart lodged in hia
oesophagus, for five hours, Mr.
Keo f.sl: t'mt life wu w.rlh
living wpa permitted to drink
a gmsr, of water.
Independence, Ore., Jan. 13. Ho
mer S. Wood has been appointed post
master hero to succeed M. Mervin, who
has held the place for the past. 12 years.
Tho change will probably be made
March 1, next.
Removal Sale of Watches, Clocks and Jewelry,
everything going at cost for a few days only
1 8-day mahogany Clock, $9.00, sale price $5.50
1 8-day oak Clock, $9.50, sale price $6.00
1 8-day black enamel Clock, $7.50, sale price . . .$4.25
Sunrise Alarm Clocks, $1.25, sale price $1.00
Ansonia Watches, was $1.50, sale price $1.00
20 gold filled Ladies' Watches, was $18.00,
sale price . $13.50
Solid Gold Neckless, $2.00, sale price $1.50
Ladies' and Gent's Fobs, was from $:.00 to $5.00,
now $1.50 to $3.00
Solid Gold Rings from 75c Up
Bracelet Watches at cost price.
Parties having repair work will please call for
same by January 20th.
FEIST, the Jeweler
At Poole's Drug Store.
Famous Woman Adventurer
Arrives In San Francisco
San Francisco, Jan. 15. Mrs. Ruth
Hellman, famous "woman soldier of
fortune," who has scoured tho African
and South American jungles over the
path later followed by Theodore Roose
velt, pioneered in every mining camp in
America ami brnved the Chilean wilds,
arrived in San Francisco today.
She brought with her from Antofo
ghasto, Chile, her two nieces, Miss
Sarah Redfield of Palo Alto, and Miss
Catherine Hellman. Tho girls were at
tending school near London when the
Germnns dropped bombs there and they
hurried to America.
' ' Why can 't a woman do the things a
man can?" remarked Mrs. Hellman.
"It's all a question of how One gets
started in life. My father was a pion
eer miner. I learned to love the rug
god life, nnd to fight my own battles
with a six-shooter. Wo pioneered in
Wyoming, Arizona nnd Nevada. Then
I got a chance to go to Africa nnd
we covered the jungle country on foot.
Wo went through South America too,
nnd took tho route later followed by
"I am next going to tho front as a
nurse for the allies."
Old Pioneer Talk
-- of Famous Hard Winter
"The snow and snow storms of this
week are nothing to bo compared to the
great snow, beginning January !),
1S(I2," said I). A. Johnson toduy.
"That was a real snow and is remem
bered now by pioneers as the hard win
ter. The snow was on the ground for
six weeks. Wo had no railroads in
those days, nnd the only way to get out
of town was by stage coach, They were
on runners for six weeks, with a re
lay of horses every 12 miles,
"Tho big flood came just a few
weeks before tho snow. The rnins were
so heavy in December of 1SG1 that the
water backed up as far as the court
house. The water was deep enough to
swim a horse about wheio tho court
apartments are located.
"The next big snow was in 1884,
when it was 30 inches deep. It first
snowed 15 inches and then a crust was
formed. Then another snow 15 inches
fell nnd another crust of ice was form
ed. This snow stayed on for several
weck9 and with the two crusts of ice,
traveling was a serious undertaking."
a nickel and see the latest papers nnd
magazines would be desirable in Ore
gon, the, Medford Sun thinks
Public coffee houses where the lonely
wanderer could get a hot drink for
Says Skin Pores Are Closed
and Uric Acid Remains
In Blood
Rheumatism is no respecter of age,
.sex, color or runk. If not the most
dangerous of human afflictions it is
one of the most painful. Those sub
ject to rheumatism should eat less
meat, dress as warmly as possible,
avoid any undue exposure and, above
all, drink lots of pure water.
Rheumatism is caused by uric acid
which is generated in the bowels and
absorbed into the blood. It is the
function of tho kidneys to filter this
acid from the blood and cast it out m
the urine; the pores of the skin ire al
so a means of freeing the Mood of this
impurity. In damp and chilly, cold
weather the skin pores are closed thus
forcing the kidneys to do double work,
they become weak ml sluggish and fail
to eliminate this uric acid which keeps
accumulating and circulating through
tho system, eventually settling in the
joints and muscles causing stiffness,
soreness and pain called rheumatism.
At the first twinge of rheumatism
get from any pharmacy about four
ounces of .Ind Salts; put a tablespoon
ful in a glass of water and drink be
fore breakfast each morning for a
week. This is said to eliminate uric
acid by stimulating the kidneys to nor
mal action, thus ridding the blood of
these impurities.
Ja.l Salts is inexpensive, harmless
and is niado from the acid of grapes
and lemon juic, combined with lithia
and is used with excellent results by
thousands of folks who nro subject to
rheumatism. Hore you have a pleas
ant, effervescent lithia water drink
which overcomes uric acid and is bene
ficial to your kidneys as well.
Result of Shooting Affray
at H Centro, Calif.,
Last Night
El Centro, Cnl., Jan. 15. Mrs. A. I.
Bell was dead hero today, her divorced
husband dying, and two others serious
ly wounded as tho result of a shooting
affray at midnight, in which Bell, in a
furious rage, attempted to kill every
body on tho second floor of the Oregon
hotel, and then committed suicide.
The men wounded "fiy Bell wero Mar
tin Mnllory, not expected to live, and
John Antholz, a prominent cotton buy
er from Tennessee.
Tolice believe Bell was rendered
temporarily insane by jeuloupy of his
former wire's success in tho hotel busi
ness. Shortly before midnight he quiet
ly entered her establishment and went
to the second floor. There he met the
woman in the hallway.
Bell immediately began shooting and
Airs. Bell dropped to the floor, dy
ing. Picking up ..beg. .bleeding body,
Bell rushed down the hall with it un
der his arms. Meeting Mallnry and An
tholz, ho shot them both. Other guests
fled. After having hurriedly searched
several rooms on tho floor, supposedly
for other victims, Bell, still carrying
the body, ran into a bath room, locked
and barricaded the door.
A posse headed by Marshal McFad
den arrived shortly nnd demanded that
he admit them. Bell maintained silence.
.LV.J.: r. :
Big Sale of Blankets,
Comforts, Pillows and
all Bedding
Blankets 75c per Pair to $5.50
Comforts $1.10 to $4.50
Pillows 95c per Pair to $3.50
Prices slashed on all these seasonable goods.
25 Per Cent Discount on all Heaters. Investigate our
goods and prices before you buy.
. Stiff & Son
"We sell for less because our expenses are lowest."
Salem Phone 941 Albany
Then, revolver in hand, McFadden
smashed down the door. As it opened
the maniac was revealed cruoching in a
comer, embracing his wife's corpse.
He still held tU pistol.
When McFaddon ordered Bell to sur
render the latter shot himself in the
head. The bullet penetrated the brnin,
and his death is considered certain.
Antholz was hit in tho arm. Mnllory 's
body was drilled by bullets.- The
wound is believed fatal.
The newly orgnnircd grange at Santa
Clara will build a hull as soon ns it is
possible to make arrangements. This is
said to be the largest grange in Lano
county anil is the twenty-first to be
organized. Most of tho farmers of the
Santa Clara neighborhood have joined.
Governor Johnson
Guarded In Comment
Sacramento, Cal., Jan. H. Speaking
of tho Mexican situation, Govornor
Johnson today niado this statement:
"From many sources I have been
asked for a statement concerning the
murder of American citizens recently
in Mexico. Moro than a year ago, I
became intensely interested la tbe
Mexican isitnstion and at that time
from such sources ns were avuilnble, I
obtained all tho information I could.
"I havo vory strong and1 very in
tent opinions upon the subject but I
feel that as the chief executive of one
of the states of tho union, it would bo
quite unbecoming in nio at this time,
to express anjr views of niine no mat
tor how well grounded upon fact, nor
how intense they might be.
"Tho whole subject is before tho na
tional government and while the na
tional administration is determining
the course to be pursued which most
commends itself, thoso of us who hold
minor positions, no matter how long
repressed have been our views, nor how
Btrong tbey are, should refrain from
Iheii expression." ' . .
Tho making and laying of 12 miles
of cement pipo this year, the Herald i
glad to stale, will givo work to ninny
men nt Baker. Local lubor and sup
plies from tho vicinity uro to bo given
tho preference.
Cheerful Wash Days
Nothing to do on wash day except to
gather up the clothes, send for our
wagon and await their return, when
upon examination you find your gar
ments spotlessly clean and sweet.
Further examination shows no Gar
ment missing, shrunken or faded.
Comparing our bill with what home
washing costs, you find you saved
money and a day as well. ' .
Such are the happenings on the cheer
ful wash days that are being spent by
scores of women in this city. Spend one
yourself. YouH appreciate what they
mean. Call our wagon now.
136-166 Liberty Street
Thone 25
One Day Only
3- Big Acts -3
Mariott Troupe
Original ..Cycle, ..Vehicle and
Monoplane Novelty
Leonard and Willard
Comedy Bin (ring and Talking
Malone and Malone
Novelty and AcrobaUo
fj Dancing.
1 rTTMi'r-'tiftEtViMri iii ft- ki t fciittii-wiififiir irtiVhf
r E
High Class Musical Act
"Daughters .of Men"
Five Acts.
A Great Labor Story.
Sidney Drew Comedy
Empress Vaudeville
Tour Juvenile Kings"
Headline r t Portland
Thla Week
Special Matinee - 15c
Watch for TRIANGLE
Tell Your Foot Troubles
To Our Foot Specialist
For two days a noted Chicago Foot Specialist will give
free examinations and advice at our store. He will be here
Friday and Saturday Next
During thistime all who. visit us will have, the benefit
of his services free of cost. No obligation to buy your
shoes here.
Arch Support Must be Fitted to the Feet
Arch supports and other foot applianc ,s to give results
that are satisfactory must be fitted to the feet. It is
impossible to make these devices on stoc ; sizes to fit the
innumerable peculiarities of the human foot. Have the
Foot Specialist fit you with the proper corrective device
or appliance and rid yourself of . foot troubles perma
nently. What Our Foot Comfort Service
Means to You
After months of preparation we have installed Dr.
Scholl's Foot Comfort Service for the benefit of our
customers. This insures you correct, scientific fitting of
shoes; it means supplying you with the proper corrective
device to free you of foot aches and pains, that tired
worn feeling, broken arches, corns, bunions, callouses and
other foot troubles. This special service is given you
without any added cost.
There's a Scholl Appliance for Every Foot 111
. Win. M. B:holI la tho Rrnatpiit authority on tho feet and tho inventor ami manufacturer of foot applinnpee
for every known foot ailmont and deformity. We carry a full lino of bin gooil and thn njilenilld preparations ho
alno manufacture! for brining relief to tho feet. C'ouio iu and let us tell you about thctu wonderful metuoilg of
correcting foot troubles.
Get Chicago Foot Specialist's Advice FREE
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Conult him whether you nro nn of our entomer or not. Itrinff your friend with you. This demonstration Is
to Introdueo our new orthoucdio department and w wiint veryone to know about It.
,.'7 k I
p. . C i
. i
' : v ; I
, ' t : i
, ., I i rti
1 : m 1 J
He ly VJX T ' -y- f , V V , t
, VV I w, If
H- :":- . V.'v V ' "' - V
Kxpert fitting fieholl arch sup
ports with 1)1. Heholl's patented
arch fitter ami sketch of an:h
Fullerton's 270 North Com'1 st
li"ii wii niiiiHiiinii.Mii i inn