Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 15, 1916, Page THREE, Image 3

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Bate per word New Todays
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All ads must be ordered for a stated
length of time, no ad to oount less than
10 words.
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sponsible for more than one insertioc
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ments. Read your advertisement the
first day it appears and notify us im
mediately if it contains an error.
Minimum charge, ISc.
BOAKD AND ROOM $4.50 per week.
202 8. Church. 1'hoilo 1800H. JanH
HARRY Window cleaner. Phont
708. Jan. 31
OAK, ash, old fir, second growth, cord
wood. Phono 13U2J. Feb 7
rent, very reasonable. Phone 1 !.'.
to $15.00. 491 North Cottuge. tl
FOR RENT Ten room house, parti)
furnished, close in. Inquire G05 N
Liberty. Janle
AliSOLTELY PURE Maple syrup
from New York, $1.00 per gallon, ut
Damon's. Feb 15
FOR SALE Bulcd ont straw. W. A
Springer, Routo 7, liox U7, Salem, Or
egon. Janl7
W.iNTEl) Some teams to take cou
trict yarding out wood on this snow.
Phone 0D2. Jnnlo
LOST Lady's small gold wateh and
fob. Fob engraved with letter "11."
Phone SSG-W. Reward. Jan 15
WANTED Lot of hot bed sashes, sec
ond hand, in good condition. Box 64,
R. F. D. No. 8. Jaul5
WANTED Man and wilo to work on
Imp ranch. Steady work. . Address
A. A. H., Capital Journal. Junl7
FOR SALE -10 acres of land, cheap if
taken soon. Adress T. N. A., Turi.er,
Oregon, Route 1, Box 4C. Jinli
Will Tf TUAIIE (inn tun luiirirv
and a good two horso wagon in good
repair, for cows. 1098 Mission. JanlH
FOR RENT Housekeeping rooms in
lirge suites from $0 to 8 per month.
Why pay more? Call at 343 1-2 North
Commercial. tf
MANUFACTURERS Of all kinds col
ors of rag carpet. Call at O. K
Grocery, 150 South 12th street. Louif
Jakubee. Jan 27
WANTED Parties to take Fiveral
eggs to incnbiito and raise chickens
on Hhures. Kugcuo T. Prescott, 1009
Center street. JanlS
FOR SALE Our beautiful 7-roorn
residence. Worth $3,500, will take
$2,800 if tiken soon. Terms. Ad
dress Owner, care Journnl. Jan 15
WANTED Plain or fancy dressmak
ing, at homo or bv tho day. Mrs. W.
Hyers, 152 South 13th street. Tele
phono "WW. Jani!)
THE COTTOC EHuniished, housa
keeping rooms. Front rooms, lower
floor. Reasonnlilo prices. 100 Front
and Court street. Jiinl)
CALENDARS FOR 1910 Large fig
ores for practical uso. Call or phon
Homer H. Smith, the Insurance Man
. McCornack Bldg. Phone 90. Jan2C
WANTED Information of Iva Louisa
Thomas Gordcn, Inst heard from at
Salem, Oregon, general delivery. No
tify J. W. Thomas, Selma, Calif.
Box 393. Febf
WANTED Young man who means
business, to learn dnirying, and stock
rnising. All registered stock. Ad
dress 71, Journal, giving references.
WANTED Fair business location.
Rent must be reasonable. Also good
second hand typewriter, cheap for
crsh. Adress, Location, Capital
Journal. ' Jaul.1)
gentleman. One experienced in
printing, advertising specialities .uid
publicity preferred. Must havo rec
ommendations. Commission and in
terest contract. Adross Salesman,
Capital Journal. Janlo
WANTED About 5 acres beaverdam
or rich black cultivated, well drained
soil, no, gravel or swalo. Sloping
land towards south, when possible.
Cash when reason idle. State cash
and terms. Description of land, soil,
where situated, in every way, by let
tor, else save stamps. Owners only,
, no mortgage. 05, enro Journal, Sa
lorn. JunlS
with a littlo capital. Will pay sal
ary of $125 per month and 10 per
cent on the Investment, payable
monthly, which T will secure witi
negotiable asset. Have Invested it
Salem $2500, establishing a manufac
turing and distributing business, big
demand, with no competition. Other
phnts of this kind protected with
patent rights net $20 to $40 per day.
Whether o have a 1 b Of not you
may never have such another oppor
tunity to get on easy street with no
risk financiilly whatsoever. All in
formation given fully and gladly by
Mr. Smith, Capital hotel.
Aged San Francisco
Woman Was Murdered
Oakland, Cal., Jan. 15. Mrs. Mar
garet Gerber, aged 70, whoso bndj
was Incinerated in a one-story cottnga
at Elmhurst Inst nignt, wns murdered
and not burned to death, according to
the conclusion reached- by local police
today following filing of tho report of
Patrolman J. T. Mullin, who discovered
the blnze.
Mullin declared the woman was dead
before the flames enveloped her. After
requesting Henry DeWnrth to call the
fire department, Mullin said he ran to
the cottnge end looked In at an open
window. He saw the woman lying on
the floor, and repeated calls failed to
elicit b response. At that time, he said,
When your blood is impure, weak,
thin and debilitated, you cannot pos
sibly enjoy good health. Your system
becomes receptive of any or all disease's
and germs are likely to lodge in some
part of the body.
Put your blood in good condition,
and do so nt ojce.
Hood's Sarsnparilln acts directly and
peenhirily on the blood it purifies, en
riches, and rovitalizes it and builds up
the wholo system.
'Hood's Sarsaparilla is not a cure-all.
It is tho best blood medicine on the
market. It has stood the test of forty
years and is i.sed all over tho world.
Clot it and begin treatment today. It
will surely help you. Sold by all dru
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Spring Valley, Ore., Jim. 14. Mre.
Wni. Davis and daughter, Velta, went
to Dallas Tuesday for a few days'
visit with her daughter, Mrs. Fred Reiv
er. C. A. Taylor was In Salem Tuesday
having dental work done.
The children of W. S. Cat ton arrang
ed a pleasant surprise for him on last
Thursday evening, his sixty-first birth
day, inviting in a number of friends
to spend tho cvoning. The time was
pleasantly passed in conversation,
music and games. Refreshments wero
served nt a Into hour.
Tho Pnrent-Tenchcrs' association met
at the school house on Friday evening.
Only n small crowd wns present, owing
to the stormy evening, but those who
came felt well repaid for tho effort.
Tho paper "Tho Bugle," edited bv
Mrs. W. N. Crawford and R. C. Shcpnr'd
was ably gotten up. Especially amus
ing were the take-offs on members of
the community continued in the verse en
titled "The Alphabet," in which very
few wero omitted. We are nil waiting
anxiously for tho next issue. Yes, anx
iously , for who knows what it may
contain? It behooveth yo all to be of a
sober and upright countenance "Fer
the Bugle '11 git you, ef yo dan't wntch
out." R. C. Shepard's reading of "I
Jest Chnwcd One" MV.l'i VPfl B ii nli nn.
plnuse that he had to respond with an
other humorous selection, "O 'Grady's
Goat." Then followed nn old-fashioned
spelling bee, the honors going to
Miss Taylor, tho teacher, and then n
cyphering match. Altogether, the ev
ening of old-fashioned diversions wns
much enjoyed. Another meeting will be
held on Friday evening, the twenty
first, for which nn altogether different
program is brine prepared, nnd n good
time promised nil who attend.
Harvey Crawford wont to Dallas
Tuesday morning whero lie was sum
moned for the .jury.
Mrs. Lucy French and Miss Orsn
O'Flyng of Salem, wero Sunday dinner
crucsts nt the home of Mr. and Mrs.
James French.
Eleven young' people from here "at
tended the meeting of the rarent-Tench.
ers' association nt tho Lincoln school
house Saturday evening. There wns n
program and cyphering match. Refresh
ments consisting of coffee, sandwiches,
saner kraut and "weenies" were
Mr. nnd Mrs. Harvey Crawford are
receiving congratulations from their
friends on their winnings at the Sr.
lem poultry show, where they entered
somo of their fine Barred Rocks. In
hot competition they received first
cock, second cockerel, first, second nnd
third lien.
H. W. Cooley returned Saturday from
Corvallis, where he nl tended the college
farmers' week. Earl Cooley is also
spending n short time there.
Clyde and Alfred French are here
from Lexington visiting at their uncles,
James French.
V. A. Cochrane was reappointed rond
supervisor of this district, No. 4. for
tho ensuing year.
the. flames had not reached tho room
whero the body lay.
Both the front and rear doors of the
! cottage wero locked, nd a man's foot
prints wero found in tho garden
around the house. If is tho theory of
the police that the house was fired tr
hide tho crime, though no motive for
murdering Mrs. Gerber is found.
Reports of the finding of a pool of
blood near whero the cottage stood,
this afternoon strengthened the belief
of the police that foul play was com-
ui, i iru.
Max Gerber, husband of the dead wo
mnn, wns questioned by the police this
Dr. L. B. Tiffnjiy, autopsy surgeon of
Alameda county, exnmined the charred
body and announced that there was a
pnssiblo compound fracture of the skull
though ho was unahlo to determine
definitely because of the condition of
the body, the . lower limbs of which
burned entirely nwny.
From neighbors, tho police learned
that Mrs. Gerber had feared violence,
Son Is Shocked,
Sneramonto, Cul., Jnn. 15. The Oak
land tragedy struck a terrible blow to
Elmo Sullivan, foreman of tho compos
ing room of tho Star today, when, while
reading proof he was shocked to learn
that it told of tho death of his mother.
The story was that of tho incinera
tion of Mrs. Murgaret Gerber ,nt Elm
hurst. Mrs. Gerber was the divorced wife
of Assistant State Printer Daniel Sul
livan. They separated 15 years ago
and the wife Was remarried to Gerber.
Relatives hero can give no clew to
any possiblo murderer.
At the
Two Boys and One Woman
Are Victims of Disaster
Tacoma, Wash., Jan. 15. Two boys
and one young woman aro known to
have been drowned today and ten per
sons were rescued, all suffering from
more or less severe cuts about tho face
and hands, when the gasoline boat
Victor Second, was swamped off Point
Defiance, near here, in a squall.
According to Captain Wood, all of
his passengers have been accounted for,
but survivors claim several persons
boarded the boat at Old Town, after
the captain had made his count, and
that some of these were probably
The recovered dead:
Walter Bower, 7 years old.
Florence Bower, 17 years old, of
Fox Island.
Unidentified boy nbout 15 years old.
The Rescued.
William Clark, George W. Babcock,
Pete Sandberg, R. II. Wayson, John
Sylvester, Mrs. O. S. Bower, Miss
Bowers, Charles McGinnis.
The steamer Atulanta is standing by
the Victor and launches were immedi
ately sent out from boat houses on the
wnrterfront to render aid. Reports
telephoned in from the pavilion at
Point Defiance park state that several
persons wore seen struggling in the
water following the accident, but it is
not. known how many were drowned.
The Victor is said to still be afloat,
a line having been passed about her by
the steamer Atalantn.
The Victor Becond plied between Ta
coma and other North Bay points. The
scene of tho capsizing is about five
miles from the city and is closo inshore.
A report which had not been con
firmed at noon, stated that 20 persons
Among those known to have been on
the Victor were Jack Ashbrook, sales
man for A. Schilling and company of
Snn Francisco, and James Harris, also
a travelling man.
Three bodies have been recovered
and taken on board the steamer Atnl
anta and eight survivors were brought
to Tacoma on launches and rushed to
the police station where they are be
ing cared for. Another survivor was
sent to a. hospital. All were suffering
intensely from their battle for life in
tho icy' waters of tho sound.
In addition to these, five other per
sons rescued by the Atalantn renched
the municipal dock hero shortly nfter
noon and wore given first aid before
being sent to their homes or to hos
pitals. All were Buffering from severe
bruises nnd cuts, the latter probably
due to their struggles in breaking their
way through the glass enclosed cabin
of tho wrecked boat.
It is believed about forty passengers
were on board the Victor Second when
she turned turtle, A terrific, gale was
blowing off Point Defiance and the
gasoline boat is supposed to have been
capsized by the big waves that were
rolling about the treacherous point.
Many small pleasure crafts and sev
cral barges were smashed at the park
boat house nnd rescue launches had
difficulty in making their way to the
scene of the wreck by reason of the
heavy seas.
Actress Loses Necklace
While Working In Play
t--'H- Scott who plays the part of
Linda. Cornelia A.ster's adopted
daughter in Essanny's five-let fea
ture "The Alster Case," created a lit
tle detective mystery of her own while
playing in that production. Miss Scott
is monrnin" the loss or a valuable pearl
necklace which wns stolen from hor
wbilo working on somo of the outside
scenes. It is her opinion that the
necklace was removed from -around
her neck ns sho stood watching somo of
the other players enacting a scone. Im
mediately upon discovering her loss tho
matter was reported to the police, but
they were completely baffled by the
disappearance of the pearls. "Tho Al
ster Case" will bo shown nt tho Oro
ion the.itre tomorrow and Monday.
Manager O. H, Luck, of the commer
cial club, reports that the business men
of the city are already sending in their
letter heads to the commercial club to
have letters run off on tho multigraph
Several firms have already contract
ed for 100 letters each, and from tho
general interest taken, Salem will sure
ly do its share in advertising Oregon
during letter writing week.
Oakland, CH., Jan. 15. A woman
burned to death late last night in a
cottage in Elmhurst was identified to
day as Mrs. Murgaret Gerber. She had
been left alone by her husband while
he cume to Oakland to keep nn appoint
ment. A lamp is believed to havo
been upset. Mrs. Gerber was 70 years
of age and has a son snid to be in Sac
ramento and a daughter living in Portland.
OREGON Theatre
Washington, Jnn. 15 Babies
and mothers in Germany, cry- !
ing for milk that - American ;
ehSritablo organizations would !
send them, cannot have it, for
French and British "military !
regulations" will, not ermi6 1
the shipments, the state do-
partment hai been advised.
Spreckles Declines To
Play Pedro In Jail
Willi Fellow Prisoners
Redwood City, Cal., Jan. 15. Just to
show him they have no hard feelings
against him because he is a million
aire's son, three prisoners in the coun
ty jail, one a lulf breed, and the oth
ers accused respectively of murder and
burglary today invited John D. Sprock
et, Jr. to tnke part in a game of pedro.
Late advices wero that Spreckels was
still holding out against the tempting
Spreckels is spending the first day
of i two dny term in the county pris
on for running his automobile without
the headlights dimmed.
While his wife, lawyer, relatives and
friends were highly excited over his
incarceration, "Jack" prepared to
spend the full time imposed upon him,
and sent out for n pair of blankets to
make his bunk more comfortable.
Being on a special diet, Spreckels
declined to eat the prison fare, but is
having his meals specially prepared on
the outside.
Bob Perlich Builds
A Motor Sled For
Coasting Uphill
Bob Perlich, of this city, appears to
be the first mechanic in Salem to con
struct a motor sled which coasts uphill
ns well as downgrade. Bob attached
tho Smith Motor Wheel to his coasting
sled, and today was scorching over
Salem streets as he formerly did on his
speedy motorcycle. The Smith motor
wheel is n small attachment propelled
by a gasoline motor which drives n
bicycle. The Watt Shipp company used
the motor wheel for demonstration pur
poses last summer but it remained for
Bob to put the machine to winter use.
The motor sled has proved a grand
success nnd goes put putting down tho
street over the frozen surface of the
Mrs. Pankhurst Will
Be Sent Back Home
New York, Jan. 15. Despite her
angry protests, Mrs. Emmelino Pank
hurst, militant English suffragette, was
sent to the Ellis Islund immigration
station today upon her arrival from
London, because she is held to bo n n
"undesirable alien" in view of being
once imprisoned in England. Miss Joan
Wyckhnin, her secretary, accompanying
her to tho island and immediately at
temnted to communicate with Secretary
of Stnte Lansing and Secretary of Lob
or Wilson for a special permit releasing
Mrs. Pankhurst was similarly treated
upon her last visit here, but was sub
se'iuently allowed to Innd.
Mrs. Pankhurst said she' came to this
country to work for Serbian relief mea
sures. A special board of inquiry was
slated to organize this afternoon to
consider her case.
Parole Is Granted.
New York, Jan. 15. Mrs. Eninieline
Pankhurst, militant, suffargette, after
spending n few unpleasant hours as an
"undesirable alien" on Ellis Island,
wns paroled this afternoon by Assistant
Secretary of Labor Post pending her ap
peal to the labor department.
Great Religious Wave
Sweeping Oyer Europe
San Francisco, Jan. 15. Over the
European countries involved in the
great war is sweeping great religious
Such was the report brought here to
day by Rev. Iasif Zulmonaff, who wns
for a time a chaplain with the Russian
army and has seen army life uniong
Austrians, Germans and Russians.
"Thousands of men who never know
whnt it wns to pray bow head and bend
the knee ns they face that great slaugh
ter," said he. "It has all become one
great religion. The narrow path follow
ed for centuries by a member of Borne
sect has broadened and he bows to the
other man's rrayer. I think this war
will sco a grent religious awakening.
Thousands in their hours of terror nnd
bereavement have calmed themselves
with prayer. And what Is morn Impor
tant they will bo more liberal."
Tho allies were defeated nt
f nuinrruiin, ,,unnii i;iilllllcu l.HT- S
;J mnnv'a tttfnmtif in Mgiim. n l
general oi"'nsive wns rrusirnt-
ed. The Teutons bombarded
Rnwa and Tarnow. London snid
Krnncls Joseph sought peace
through the Vaticon. The Turks
were all driven from tho
Caucasus. ,
January Clearance Sale !
Everything In The Store Reduced
Tree Methodist.
Vo. 1228 North Winter Btreet. Sun
day services: Sabbath school 0:45.
Preaching at 11 a. m. nnd 7:45 p. in.
Prayer meeting Thursday 7:45 p. m.
W. J. Johnston, pastor.
First Methodist Episcopal. j
Stnte and Church streets, Richard N.
Avison, minister. 9:00 n. m., Class
meeting. !):45 a. m., Sabbath school,
Messrs. Schramm and Gilkey, superin
tendents. 11:00 n. m., Morning wor
ship, sermon by Bishop R J, Cook. H:.'10
p. 111., Intermediate League, Mrs. M. O.
Findley, superintendent. (i:,'10 p. m., Ep
worth League, Miss Nellie Casehere will
lend in a study of the "Evangels of Our
Home Lund." 7:.10 p. m., Evening
worship, sermon by Bishop R. J. Cooke,
of Portland. Music morning and cven
i"B, by tho chorus choir directed by
Dr. Frank W. Chare.
Jasou Lee Memorial,
At the corner of Jefferson and North
Winter streets, J. -Montcalm Brown,
pastor. Sunday school at 10:00 a. in.,
C. M. Roberts, superintendent; Mrs. W.
C. Emniil, sueriutendont primary de
partment. Preaching service nt 11 n. 111.
and 7:.')0 p. m. Kpworth League devo
tional service nt (i::i0 p. m. Strangers
ure mndo welcome nt all services.
German M. E.
Corner Thirteenth and Center streets,
A. J. Weigle, pastor, Sunday school
at 10:00 a. m., and public, worship at
11:00 o'clock. Epworth League at 7:00
p. m., Louis Oldenburg, leader. Sermon
at 7:30 p. in.
First Congregational,
James Elvin, pastor. Sunday school
at, 10:00 o'clock, Prof. W, I. Stnley,
superintendent. .Morning service at 11
o'clock, subject, "The Treasures of the
Snow." Music morning and evening by
chorus choir, direction Wni. Alcdil
christ, Sr, Christian Endeavor meeting
at tli.'lO. All the young people of tho
church and Sunday school are cordially
invited to nttend this service. Evening
service at 7:.'I0. Subject, "A Trip to
Ceylon." Seventy beautifully colored
slides depicting the scenery, tho cus
toms and the habits of the people who
live in the "Island of Ceylon," the
"Pearl on the Brow of India." Every
body invited and everybody welcome.
Young men nnd young women wishing
to spend a "Plcasnut Sunday Evening"
most heartily welcome. Thursday even
ing service at 7:.'1(). Studies 'in th
"Book of Acts"
First Presbyterian.
"How Our Church Spent Five Mil
lion Dollars for Benevolent Purposes
Last Year," is tho subject of the ,ns
tor's sermon in the morning. He will
address the jinior congregation on Fred
Nenl's big brothers. Prof. Matthews
of the I'niversitv will aneiiV i tl,..
evening when the service will be in
cnarge or the young people on account
of the pastor's turn to preach in ( he
mawa. Christian.
Center 11ml Ifiir), utr.uitu V T 11.. ..-
pastor. The puljdt will bo occupied in'1
" ""mug iiy r n. .iiucsiey. lie ov.
ening sermon by the pastor will be of
e special Interest to Voting people, sub
ject, "The Making of a Man."
Swedish Tabernacle, M. E.
Corner South Fifteenth and Mill
streets, Rev, John Ovull, minister, Serv
ice at .'I o'clock p m., sermon bv Rev.
David C. Hnssel, Norwegian ministerial
student at Willamette university. All
Scandinavians ure most cordially Invit
ed to attend.
Leslie M. E,
Bible school 0:45 a. m., Joseph Bar
ber, suierintendent. Morning worship
11 o'clock. Junior League 3 p. m., Mrs.
J. C. Spctwer, superintendent. Kpworth
League fl:.10 p. m. Evening service 7:.'I0.
The publln is cordially Invited. J. O.
Spencer, pastor.
rjTSPECIAL PRICES on every Dres-
ser and Chiffonier in our store
See our windows for display . and
prices. Buy now at a great saving.
We are making Unusal Bargains
on all Heaters. Just a few left Buy
now at closing out prices. You get
More for Your Money at MOORE'S
United Evangelical.
North Cottage street between Center
and Marion, A. A. Winter, minister.
10 a. m., Sunday school, Mr. A. A.
Flesher, superintendent. 11 a. in.,
Preaching, "The Christiun Worker and
His Work." tl:30 p. m., Young Peo
ple's meeting, leader, Ray Schmulle.
Topic, "How to Work With Others."
7:."0 p. m., Evangelistic service, "Great
er Works Than These," The Women's
Home and Foreign Missionary society
"ill meet 011 Wednesday ut 2:110 p. m, nt
the home of Mrs. Mury Casebere, ,'I.SS
North Winter street. President, .Mrs.
S. S. Mumey. 7:30 p. m., Thursday, mid
week prayer meeting. Class lender,
Mr. S. C. Ralstou. Public cordially in
vited to all these services.
Highland Friends.
Corner Highland and Eluv streets.
Sabbath school 10 a. m., Mrs. Myrtle
Keiuvorthy, superintendent. Meetings
for worship 11 a. m. inn I 7:,I0 p. 111.
Curistinn Endeavor (1:15 p. m. Prayer
meeting Thursday 7:.'10 p. m. Josephine
liockett, pastor. Phono 14(15.
South Salem Friends,
South Cominercinl nnd Washington
streets. Bible school ut 10 a. m,, It. ('.
Miles, superintendent, Meeting for wor
ship nail preaching at 11 a, m. and 7:.'I0
p. ill. ('. E. meeting at (1: 30 p. m. Pray
er meeting ut 7:15 p. m. Thursday.
The Chapel of God.
No, 177(1 Fairgrounds road. Sunday
services at 11 a. 111. and 7:110 p. m. Sun
day school nt 10 a. in., J. A. VauLydn
graf, superintendent. Prayer meeting
Wednesday evening at 7:!I0. All are cor
dially invited, Ethel Williams, pastor.
Salvation Army,
Sunday meetings ns follows: Knee
drill, :.'I0 n. m.; Sunday school, l(l:.'lo
11. m.j Christian praise meeting, 2:113
p. m.( Y. P. L., (i:l.r) p. m.j Salvation
meeting, 7:45 p. m. Captain J. C. Bar
ker, formerly of Salem, will spclik after
noon and evening. Weidi-uight services
every night except, Monday and Thurs
day. Cupt. auil Mrs, J, Y. Kelso.
Comer of t'licinekctn (mil Cottage
streets, Richard F. Tiseher, minister.
Sunday school at 1(1 o'clock. Miss Ethel
Fletcher, superintendent. Morning ser
vice nt 11 o'clock, subject, "I'nitar
iaaism and the New Theology." Social
service meeting nt 7:.'I0 p. m. "The
Snper-imin," will be the subject. Rev,
Tischer will be the speaker for the oc
casion. All friends of liberul religion
and of progressive Idealism aro inviled
to these services. The annual meeting
of the congregation will take place
Tuesday evening nt n o'clock, at the
church. All friends and members of
tho congregation are requested to be
Commons Mission.
No. 211 State street. Preaching Sun
day at 3 p. m. Services on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday nt 7:.'I0 p. in, J.
D, Cook, superintendent.
"A Trip to Ceylon."
Will be the subject of tin! illustrnt-
Better try it. Its great. Makes you forget all your
troubles and fills you with "pep" for tomorrow's
work. We are equipped to get you out anything in
the line of sleds, from a little coaster for the kiddies
to a big "bob" for the whole crowd. Also runners
for vehicles. Runners made from either fir or hard
wood. Prompt service and reasonable prices.
Spaulding Logging Company
ed address to bo given on Sunday ev
ening at the First Congregational
church. Ceylon is fnmous throughout,
tho world us "Tho Pearl on the Brow
of India," nnd for its seouory its jew
els and its tea. Kuiuly Lake is said to
bo one of tho loveliest places in all tho
world. An old Buddhist temple on tho
shore of tho lako is suid to contain ti
tooth of Buddha and priceless manu
scripts. Plants and trees from all over
tho world aro found in the Peredcniyu
Oaidcns. Pictures of tho "Wild Alen
of Ceylon," tho Hindoos of Jaffrn,
idols mid idol cars, tho Maneet'iiy high
high school, Jaffna college, gymnasium
Jnl'l'nu college, village school' children,
Fishel'womeii, I'duppiddi girls, Jugglers,
ba.aar scene, laundry men, hospitals)
and many other ruins will be show 11 de
picting the life and customs of the Cuy
ionese. Rural Chapel.
If. ('. Stuver, minister. Morning wor
ship at. Il::il); Sunday school at 10:111).
Christian Endeavor t 7 p 111.
Central Congregational.
Comer South I lit li and Ferry si root,
II. C. Stover, minister. Sunday school
at 10 11, 111. christiun Endeavor itd:l"
p. 111. Evening worship at ":.')().
Nazarone Tabernacle.
North 10th .tud Minion streets, Sun
day school, 10 n. 111., Win. Dennis, super
intendent. Preaching ut 11 a. 111. mid
7:.'lll p. 111. Prayer meeting Wednesday
7::i0 p. 111. Special services will begin
Friday, the 21st, with Rev. liny I..
Wilson, of California, evangelist. Meet
ings every evening nt 7:.'I0. Kverybody
invited, II, W. Shaver, pastor.
W. C. T. XJ.
R. O. Miller will address Ihe gospel
temperance meeting at Hump Memorial
hall Sunday, at. 4:00 o'clock, also on
Tuesday IM, (. p. Doff, M,m- coimniH-sioni'i-,
will address the meeting t the
W. C. T. I', hall at .') 0 Vine It. All men)
bers are urged to be present.
Winnipeg, Man., .Tan. 1". W.
J. Do Mars of Ifoblin, Man., is
to leave here today for Wash-
Inglon, to perfect," lie says, 10
airships with which he claims
he can deslroy Berlin in a dny.
Each airship, ho claims, will
curry nine tons of nitro-glvcer-
ino and .'10 barrels of gasoline,
will be able to travel l.'iU miles
an hour and stay in the nil- 2d
days, He says ho will build
twenty airships nt Washington
for the British navy. The other
twenty will protect North Auier-
lean shores,
To rrevent The Grip
Colds cnuso Grip Laxative Bromo
Quinine removes the cuuho. There Is
only one ''Bromo Qulnlno." K. W.
GROVE'S slgnaturo on box, 23c.