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How Soldiers Ip Stromj
Preparedness asrainst sickness is the M
Dig, important , ining to ngnung soiaiers. sick soiaier
cannot work with vigor any more than you can work .
with energy when you are weak, tired, almost sick.
One efficient warring government is giving each soldier
a vial of cod liver oil every day because far-reaching experi
ments show how wonderfully it increases the calories of
human energy and gives them strength to prevent winter
sickness. Is this not convincing proof that you need it
at this season to enliven your blood to prevent sickness?
Cod liver oil is scarce and high-priced this season and
many inferior grades maybe offered. But remember that
which guarantees pure cod liver oil free from alcohol and drugs.
If you are subject to colds, throat or lung troubles; if you
are easily tired, run-down or have thin blood, you should
take Scott's Emulsion at once. If your children are back
ward in growth, frail or anaemic, nothing will do them so
much good as Scott's Emulsion, and for girls and women
in home or business it is nature's great strength-builder.
Scott's is not a "secret" medicine. It is a rich blood
food and a pure tonic; it contains nothing harmful and is
pleasant to take. It is prescribed by physicians and liberally
used in hospitals and private schools.
One bottle may prevent a sickness.
At any drug store Start it to-day.
Imitations are sometimes offered but
this Trade -Mark has stood for supreme
quality for the past forty years.
Guy 0. Smith Announces Can
didacy for County Prose
cuting Attorney
Guy- 0. Smith, of this city, has form
ally announced his candidacy for the
republican nomination for the offico
of prosecuting- attorney for Marion
county. Walter Keys and lilaine Mc
Cord, of Woodburn, .ire also reported
to consider entering the lists for tins
K. R. Ringo, the present incumbent,
is unable to stato whether or not he
will run for the nomination for this
office. Mr. Ringo was formerly an at
torney practicing in Portland when he
became a special agent for Governor
west anil wns appointed by West to
the office of dh-trict attorney in this
count v.- -Vlr. Kingo has been consider
ing going to I'ortl.ind to resume his
practice, though he has been urged by
lus triends to enter llie race.
County School Superintendent W. M.
Smith will also. bo. a candidate for the
nomination for county school superin
tendent on the republican ticket. Air,
Smith has made an excellent record in
this office and since it is not apolitical
office he has strong support in the
various districts of this county. Eliza
beth Cornelius,; who was rural school
supervisor last year, will be a candi
date against Air. Smith and . Clarence
Phillips, of. Scotts Mills, and W. C.
Oaunt, of Stayton, have also declared
their intention to seek the republican
nomination for county school superin
tendent. ' y
$ '$
These days the face and hands need
special care and attention. Strong
winds, quiek changes of temperature
from indoors to outdoors, are severo on
the skin. Their despoiling effects are
best overcome by tho application of
pure mercoliaed wax. This keeps skin
and pores in a cleanly condition, the
complexion beautifully white and spot
less. Chapped, reddened, blotchy and
roughened cuticle are actually ab
sorbed by it. One ounce of mereolized
wax, obtninabje at any drug store, is
stfficienit to completely- renovate a
weathorbeaten complexion. It is used
like cold cream, allowed to remain on
over night and washed off in the morn
ing. As the skin tends to expand in a
warm atmosphere, cheeks and Win to
sng and wrinkles to form, a good as
tringent lotion should he used by the
woman who keeps pretty much indoors
these days. Dissolve one ounce powder
ed saxolitc in one half pint witch hazel.
Bathe the face in this mornings or be
fore going out for theater or social af
fair. It is a remarkable skin tightener
and wrinkle eraser.
m ifii
Scott &. Bowne, Bloomfield, N. J.
(Capital Journal Speciul Service.) '
Monmouth, Ore., Jan. 14. Mr. Allan
Johnson, who has been prominent in
Monmouth business circles for several
years as local manager of tho Willam
ette Valley Lumber company hore, died
at his home in .Monmouth Monday even
ing of Bright 's disease, after an illness
of several months' duration. He leaves
a wire nnu two young uuugincrs vu illB mm-.Hino. power separator, silos,
mourn Ins deuth. All business houses ; 8tcm ho-.rr for wasl,i and sterilizinir
will close tho schools to stop the spread
of tho disense if necessary.
It is reported that recont snowfalls
in the logging camps in the western
part of tho county has forced them to
quit logging until some of tho snow
melts. It is reported thnt the snow
lies about two to three feet deep on
the level.
Mr. Ed Rogers is the owner of n
lnrgo modern dairy farm near here. All
the latest modern conveniences are in
stalled in tho barn, consisting of milk'
closed us a mark of respect for tho
deceased, during the funeral services
which took place at the residence at 2
o'clock p. m. Tho Woodmen of the
World took charge of the funoral serv
ices at the residence and the Odd Fel
lows the burial services at the grave.
, Monmouth now has several cases of
dyphtheria and most of the townspeo
ple are fighting shy of it. Mrs. Dr.
J. 0. Matthes is tho latest victim of
the contagion. She is said to be in
quite a critical condition.
City Houlth Officer Dr. L. C. Trice
has every case under quarantine and
Health Restored by Lydia
E. Pinkham't Vegetable
Jamaica, N. Y.-"I suffered greatly
with my head and with backache, was
milk utensils and the "London" litter
Mr. Rogers keeps and milks 24 head
of pure bred Jersey cows. One thing
that is particularly noticeable when one
makes a tour of inspection is the pres
ence of mony labor saving devices in
the form of gasoline engines, power
pumps and many other things of use to
Mr. Joseph Tetherow has recently
been reappointed ns road supervisor
of this rood district. The roads in his
territory show a marked improvement
this year over years past and automo
biles travel them the year round.
One thing that is particularly notice
able when one makes a tour of inspec
tion of this part of the valley is tho
great increase in the number of silos
erected during the past year. Most all
the dairymen in this vicinity doubled
their ensilage storing capacity ns most
of them are beginuing to realize the
fact that ensilnge is one of the cheapest
and best cow-feeds that can be produced
in this country.
Mr. Miller McAlib Is still at work
trnpping gophers on the farm of Wm.
Riddel nnd sons, near here. Mr. Mc-
Aleb has caught in the neighborhood!
of 4,N00 of these pests on this one lurm
alone' during the past year for which he
has received the sum ot za cents eacn
as bounty for the crop-destroyers. The
weak, dizzy, ner- farmers in this vicinity are planning an
VOUS, with hot organized raid on these pests nnd most
flashes and felt very everyone will admit that it is high time
that something of the sort was done.
irremilar'for two T1, Monmouth high school chorus is
irregular lor iwo . . :-: . tnnn,t .Mn the
years, one day,
when I was feeling
......... II.. I..,! ,ul
uiiuBuoi.jr m l" J
sister-in-law came
in and said, 'I
wish you would try
Lydia E. Flnkham's
began taking it and I am now in good
health and am cured. 1 wok trie com
pound three times a day after meals,
and on retiring at night I always keep
bottle in the house." Mrs. L. N.
BURNHAM, 35Globe Ave., Jamaica, N. Y.
Women who recover their health nat
urally tell others what helped them.
Some write and allow their names and
photographs to be published with testi
monials. Many more tell their friends.
' If you need a medicine for Wo
men's Ailments, try Lydia E.
I'lnkham's Vegetable Com pound.
Write Lydia E. Pinkuam Medi
cine Co. (confidential) for any- tf&Zto!
Children are probably brighter to-day
than a feneration ago but are they
So I ' stronger ? That's a grave question.
So many pinched laces, auneu eyes
and languid feelings make us wonder
if they will ever grow into robust,
healthy men and women.
If your children catch colds easily,
are tired when rising, lack healthy
color, or find studies difficult, give
them Scott's Emulsion for one month
to enrich their blood and restore tne
body-forces to healthy action.
Scott's Emulsion is used in private
schools. It is not a "patent medicine",
simply highly concentrated oil-food,
Icohol or harmful drugs. It
cannot harm; it Improves blood; it bene.
r . - . - -,! ..Irpfifrthna the system.
thing you need t kH0W a'X'Ut, your dniguist has It refuse substitutes,
these troubles. I guaoww.iifii.M.
proceeds of which will go as a payment
on the piano purchased lust year. The
chorus is under the able leadership of
Miss Baker and will no doubt surprise
the Monmouthites when they appear in
Tho mercury took a sudden notion to
drop Yesterday morning. About 0:30 a.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
llayesville, Or., Jan. 14. The liter
ary society was held on Friday niuht.
i The roll call wns answered by each
memoer naming his native state its
nickname, and one of its famous men
alter a short business session the fol
lowing program was rendered, the num
bers being announced by Hilda tlruen-felder:
Song, My Old Kentucky Home, by
tne society, leu uy Alisa Jottie Ale
. Recitation, The Height of the Ridi
culous, Fred Stettler.
Query Uox, for this Mr. Fitts, Mr.
Ward and Mr. Willis were chosen ns
the Tnree Wise Men ami were given
seats in the front of the room, eich
member then wrote a. question which
the wise men proceeded to answer wit
great ability. ,
Recitation, Mark Ritchey.
Harp S-olo, Arthur Jones.
llayesville News,-written by Tlieo
dosia Tcel, rend by Joseph Tccl.
Song, Chicago Quartet, John Denny,'
Aiueit stealer, Hiiiiolph Hansen, Paul
F.xploits of Daniel lioone, Ruby Kot
yin. Recitation, Oscar Noven.
Debate, Resolved, Thnt single, life is
preferable to married life. Mr. Wat
kins, Mr. McAfee and Albert Wulfmey
er were 1'or tho affirmntice, nnd Mr.
Reynolds, Mrs. Watkins nnd Clark
Ritchey were for the negative. Mr.
Changes In Postoffice
Building at Salem
If the committee on Public Buildings
and Grounds is willing, certain chang
es and additions will be mule to the
liostoffice building of Salem. A bill
was introduced by Senator George
Chamberlain in the senate of the Uni
ted States January. 5, lit 1(5, which was,
according to custom, read twice nnd
referred to the Committee on Public
Buildings and GroundB. Tho bill is
numbered S. 304'J, and reads as fol
lows: "A bill to provide for certain chang
es and additions to tho public building
at Salem, Oregon.
"Bo it enacted by tho Senate and
House of Representatives of the United
States of America in Congress assem
bled, thnt the secretary of tho treasury
be, and he is hereby, authorized and
directed to mako certain changes and
additions to the public building at Sa
lem, in the stato of Oregon, for tho use
and accommodation of the United
States postofl'ice, in accordance with
the report of Superintendent Adams,
under date of February second, nine
teen hundred And fourteen, the cost of
snmo not to exceed $00,000."
Keep Warm
Keep Healthy
Warm Clothes Will Do It
Better Than Paying
Doctor Bills
Come to
Clothing, Shoes and Hats
We are the only store that
advertise that we guaran
tee every purchase Our
Lines are always complete
Brick Brothers
The House That Guarantees Every Purchase
All the better class of dealers uncon
sciously recommend Snowflake Sodas
because for so long they have been the standard
ot cracKer goodness.
10c and 25c
-also in bulk
y morning, aijuul v.ti n. i nvn- ,ui 111-111 ii.
m. the wind changed trom tne soutn- um-,, u. mini nnu Mrs, i itts were
cast to n strong northwest and in 30 chosen -is judges. They decided in fa-
minutes the mercury dropped from 35 ,0T or tne negative
degrees to 22 degrees above zero, which
was the coldest day ot tne season in
Monmouth. About four incus of snow
fell during tho day.
Two reels of motion pictures have
been secured from the federal depart
ment of agriculture by L. .1. Allen,,
pig club workers of the O. A. C. exten
sion department, explaining the organ
ization and work of the pig and poul
try clubs among the school children of
the natioy. These pictures are being
exhibited throughout the county this
week nnd children enrolled in the pig
and poultry club projects will be ad
mitted free of charge to the perform
ances. Mr. Frank Longhary, one of Polk
county's most prominent Jersey breed
ers now has 11 cows on test. Several
are nearly finished and most all are
making good records. Mr. I.nnghary
will put a few in the annual spring
sale of the Tolk County Jersey Breed
ers' association, of which he is presi
The recent floods on the I.uckinmute
river did considerable damage to the
Prather steel bridge over the I.uckin
mute river. Knginccrs have been busy
all week raising the south end which
through the neglect of the construction
engineers was opened for public use
without the pier being finished on the
south end and consequently the high
water undermined it and it sunk below
the road level rendering the bridge dan
gerous and practically useless.
Mrs. Florence I.aundree, perhaps
the oldest woman in this county, died
at tho homo of her son, A. Oberson,
of Independence, on Friday. Hhe was
born in Hwit.erlnnd about 63 years
ngo, coming to New York while very
young. Hhe married three times. There
are a great many grandchildren and
great grandchildren. Hhe was burled
from the Catholic church Sunday ut 2
o'clock. Hhe came to Oregon Id years
ngo and had excellent health until this
whiter. Dallas Observer. ..
Mr. Zimmerman was nrmnintivl I'liti..
for the evening and gave some good
advice as to placef position in stand
ing and manner of speech.
Mrs. Hull, mother of Fillmoro Tyrell,
pnssed away at the homo of her diugh-
ter, Airs. .Matilda Hull, in Snlcm Inst
Thursday evening, and the funeral wns
held from the First Baptist church, of
I7.UUIU1.. .u u p. in conducted
by Kev. T. 8. Lawrence. Mrs. Hull
came to Oregon from Iowa S years ngo
and has spent most of her time at the
homo of her. son at llayesville. Hhe
was laid to rest in City View cenieterv.
i an neirers were: A. E. Zimmerman
. t;. .McAfee. H. w i. r. t .,
win'?, .mi. iwt.ujiu i ami v. i. i i'ii i
The Ladies Missionary mr.;,.ii. .,.t
with Miss Ma Donnv
nfternoon and an interesting program
wns given, after which refreshments
were served. The neit ninni:., ,.;n
be held the scond Wednesday in Jau-
imi, nun :wrs. ii. it. ii i htii-t
Dr. A. M. l'ettv. of Pnrtln ml Btidrn.
tary of the northwestern division of
mission work on the Pncifin inni .. .ii
speak at the Hnyrsvillo church on Hun-
iny at 2:30 p. m.
A number of neotde here
with the triune, umnmr Minn, I,,,;.,.,.
Mr. and Mrs. Moon, Mrs. Voder, Aud
rey and Gladys White, Mrs. Drown,
and Glenn Nav.ige.
Allie llndnel and Minnio Kiihu wero
married lust week and the boys gnvo
them a shivnree party on Wednesday
Mr. Hill and fnniilv hnvn tnm-nil In.
to the Armstrong property.
Lawrence' will occunv t.m mil.
pit hero next .Sunday both morning and
$ - sfc
(Helps to Beauty)
Here is a simple, unfailing way to
rid the skin of objectionable hairs:
With some powdered delatinn and water
make enough paste to cover the hairy
surface, apply and in about i minutes
rub off, wash the skin and every trace
of hair has vanished. This is quite
harmless, hut to avoid disappointment
be sure to get the delatone in tin origin
al package.
Prof. Wallace McMurrny gave a lec
ture Tuesday evening in Kuton hull on
"Maeterlinck," aiid discussed several
of his essays,
Karl C. Flegcl, captain of the 1013
football team, was unanimously elected
by the squud recently for the captaincy
of next year's team. Flegcl had the
distinction of having played in everv
game the full time throughout the sen
son, and his playing wns of the best at
all times He is an ull-rouud nthlcte,
having won thus fur seven official W.'s
in football, basketball, baseball and
tennis; and so with the sumo squad
back for football next year ('apt. Flegel
and Coach Mathews should be able to
produce a team that would give some
of the conference teams a close rub.
Tho junior class have decided upon
the play which they will stage for the
annual junior production. It is Alfred
Noyes' "Sherwood, or Robin Hood and
tho Threo Kings." It is u. five act
drama nnd is well spnkeu of in literary
circles. Professor Wallace McMurrny,
head of the department of Knglish
drama, will direct the piny, and has al
ready chosen his cast "and got the
first act ready. The play will be staged
May 1 at tho (Irand. ' The professor
plans to have the pluy all ready by
April 1 so that tho month of April can
bo used in perfecting minor details. The
setting of the play is in Micrwood, F.ng
land, and deals with the daring deeds
of the bold Hobin Hood, an outlaw who
dwelt in the forest with his band of
followers, Intertwined with the plot
is a deep love theme that runs through
out the play. The cast in part as it, has
beea chosen consists of Kobin Hood,
Karl Flegel; Prince John, Wallace Ad
ams; Oboron, Alpheus (iillelte; Titnniu,
Esther Kmmel: the sheriff of Notting
ham, Karl f'hnplar; Fitzwalter, Carl
Recta; Wiadow-ofaI.eaf, I.abnn
Mccves; CJueen Klinor, Rosamond Gil
bert; Little John, Willis Hartlett; Ma
rion, Violet Maclean. In tuldition to
these thero will be about W other char
acters needed, hence a number of out
siders will be used in the cast.
hum ill R. King is managing the play
and this fact alone is sufficient to as
sure the success of the play as lie has
carried several ventures through suc
cessfully. Tho local tryout lor the state orator
ical contest has been combined with the
Walter Keyes oratorical contest. This
puts the prizes of 15 and if 10 within
the rench of a number of contestants
and provides greater competition. The
orations for the contest will be sub
mitted to the judges for luiU'liu' on
composition January 25. Prof. Helen
animations For
Promotion Last Night
ni-....:.. Tt. U.. 1 ... n. ... ' . .
nuoi.Hy scnooi expects to .Miller Henn will coach the contestants
u eoniest on Sunday, January: nnd t seems, that. Willnninttn .,... ...I
should make n good showing this year
in intercollegiate oratorical ork. Thus
far thero are 10 contestants who will
strive for honors.
Heavy Snow at Quinaby
(Capital Journal Bpecinl Service.)
Quinaby, 'Or., Jan. 14. This section
is enjoying a six-inch fall of snow, and
every available sled is being brought
into requisition to convey the children
to school, most of whom have long dis
tances to travel, .
Kyerybody.is feeding the birds thnt
are flocking to the door-yards. Hhelter
has been provided by most of the farm-ej-
for cows and horses, but sheep are
finding poor picking.
. Mr. Lang is in California, where ho
went on business connected with the
shipment of three1 carlonds of apples
recently. ' Mr. I'ng sent a carload to
Nome, Alaska, last year and w well
phased with the returns. .
Mrs. A. M. Anderson who had antici
pated a visit from her sister living in
Knnsus has received news of her sister's
illness so that hnr corning will bo de
ferred for a time.
Miss Alviua llulin, ot Portland, lias
Chico, Cal., Jan. 14. Jack Liclilcr,
aged 20, wns sentenced- today to onu
year in San Quentin penitentiary for
F.xnm'nutions for lironmtlnns nf non-1 holding up and robbing n hnuniiu nm:i
commissioned officers were held nt the 'll the main section of the town n
ninioiy lust evening. Tho examination centy.
wns taken by sergeants, corporals and
privates, and was conducted by Cup- Maiysville, Cul., Jim. 14. A ship.
tain (iehlhiir uid Lieutenants
II. Allen and Hoy E. Ner.
Kxaniinations were taken by tlio fol
lowing: Quarter Master Sergeant Han
ta, Sergeant. Mitchell, Sergeant Wy
glint and Corporals Alford, Plunk,
spaiildiug, Kennon .ind .Norton,
nient of clothing for the relief of Hel
gium will be sent from here tonio -row.
A ifl,0u0 fund will also be raUed.
following privates also stood for ex
aininatinii: ilrndison, Anderson, Grill
lapp and Mclntuiff. At present there
are three vacancies for sergeint, five
for corporal and these will be filled
from those who stand highest in the
Recruiting is progressing favorably
with the enlistment of Uavey, Vincent
and Monro this week. There is an op
portunity at. present for desirable re
cruits, ns tho terms of several mem
bers of the company have expired.
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. I I. -Dr. Buni
on Kyle todnv removed adenoids mi l
Thelie tonsils' of .Miss Margaret Wilson,
the president 's daughter.
ing well.
She Is rest-
Mrs. Mary Boynton
Was Nearly Hundred
Woo.lburii, Or,, Jan. 14. Mrs. Mary
A. lioynton, widow of the late C. O.
Ho.vnton, mid an Oregon pioneer of
1W0, died nt her home in this city
Wednesday in the ninety-thin year of
her ngo. She. was a n.itive of San
dusky, Ohio, moving from thero with
her parents to Illinois in 1834 nnd came
to Oregon with her husband in IH.'iO in
a train of ox teams, accomplishing the
journey within six months. They lo
cated a donation Kind claim where' the
town of Needy now is. In 1SH1 thev
sold their farm and moved to Wood
Auburn, Cnl., Jan. 14. Attorney Ar
thur R. Gieen's stomach is turning l
leather. He left toitny for Snu Fran
cisco to have it cut out. Specialists
say it will be possible for dim to livi
without a stomach, the other orgui s
doing the work.
is the best bridge ot the many county
bridges over the I.uckiamute- and its
undermining was a source of great In
convenience to the many travelers who
use the structure em-li day. Dallas Observer.
Ruddy Cheeks Sparkling Eyts
Most Women Can Have
Cy Dr. Edwards, a Weil-Known
Ohio Physician
Dr. P. M. Edwards for 17 years treat, a
scores of women for liver and bowel ail
ments. During these years ho gavo to bin
putlcnls a prescription maue i a xw wen-
hiiin. Tun ehildien surviving her are vcgctnblo Ingredients nilxcd with-
!'). L. ltoyntim, of CressweU, Oregon; ollvo oil, namlni; tbcm Dr. Kdwanls' Olhu
T. Tlnvnton, Vale, Oregon; Mrs, lies- Tablets, you will know lliem by llitlr oil'
sie Pope.ioy, Ki.k'ef ield. Washington:
and Miss Lidu Ho.vnton, of Wooilburn.
Interment was in Hock Creek burying
Bridge engineers lire busy this week
in raising the south end of the Prath
er bridge over the I.uckiamute river.
Tho engineers who built this bridge
inmA titiiA nifn ti ;!,. I r. ... n ..!.. ....
der tho south end and with the re cn Just to keep In the pink of condition.
. . . "0UMl. en" . aml Vm ro De Edwards' Olive Tublets. the succcfi-
ceni nign waters the south end wus!fu, mute. for calomel 1M and
undermined and settled so that the ; ,)t,r t)0X. All driw;lst.
bridge was practically useless, This The CMv Tubkt Company, Colunilua, Ov
These tablets ore wonder-workers on tho
liver and bowels, which cause a nuimul
action, carrying oft the wasto and rulo
ous matter that one's system collects.
If you have a pale fnco, sullow look, dull
eyes, pimples, coated tongue, headaches, a
listless, no-good feeling, all out of sons, In
active bowel you take one of Dr. Kdward'a
Olive Tablets nightly for a time and noia
the pleasing results. w
Thousands ot women. OS Well as me i,
take Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets now una
Why Suffer With Backache. Kidneys or Rheumatism Now?
valuable to eat.
returned to her home here where she
will remain some months.
Miss Augusta llahn Is recovering
from a severe attack of lvgrlppo,
Mr. llargriifner, one of the Quinaby
blacksmiths, Is erecting a new shop at
the station which will be large enough
to install modern machinery for doing
his work.
The daughter nf Mr. and Mrs. James
O'N'ell nro ill from grippe. Practically
all of tho young people of Clear Lake
have been ill owing to rehearsing for
tho Christmas festivities during the
cold weather in unhealed church and
school houses. Parents are agreed that
there are entirely too many evening en
tertainments connected with country
school work.
I Dear Headers: 1 1'jercc can help you if you suffer from'
I., !Z Vr(T '"I .l"rT 'm1' '!',,"'fl'!'lK',lrT,1,:l''t",;i"1!''"'v complaints, pairs
in ( hninp (lark s state it is iiioinllv such a terrib le buckochi' that, I eon d ... . 1 ' 1
asserted thnt the Missouri mule is too: hardly do my housework, but after tak-1 ,v,lU'h " ofu'n all"ot
ing one box I could do my work with '"'"I womankind. You nnd !'.
comfort. I take pleasure In recom-' IMcrce can get together, by null, with
mending both "Anurln" and "Favor-! out anybody knowing it, nnd he will
lte Prescription," ns they have donei give vou his careful, simple, expert ad-
wonders for mo. I would advise others vice as a phVhlciMi, without feu,
to try them because I know they willj To prove tint "Anuria" is n ceitnl i
find great relief, Vou ull have tin-1 uric add solvent ,nid conquers headache,
doubtedly henrd of the famous Dr. I backache, kidney and bladder disease,
Pierce and his well-known medicines, and rheumatism, send lO-eenls to lb.
His Into discovery, "Anurie," Is one! Pierce for a large trial pfi'knn? of
that has been successfully used by the I AN l'Ht', and send for FIfKB nudlciil
physicians and Specialists lit Pf. j treatise on any chronic diseus.i which
Pierce's Invalids' Hotel and Surgical . you may name! Scientists affirm lli.it
Institute, in lluffao, N. Y., for back-j this remedy Is thirty-seven times nieru
ache anil kidney complaint. It Is good potent than lit Ii in. If you flie r. tufci
for diseases arising from disorders ofjer, go to vour druggist uuu nk t,r n
kidneys and bladder, such lis backache, I non box of "A.niiu." '
weak back, rheumatism, inflammation j .
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