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Three Days of Fierce Fighting Results Complete Success
For Moslems, Is German Version Oi Vdanelles Affair
-Powerful Turk Army Is Release for Operations
ElsewhereEngland Glad to Knowv at Dangerous
Position Has Finally Been Abandoned .
Berlin, by wireless to Sayville, L. I., Jan. 10. Three
days of fierce righting preceded the allied withdrawal
from the Gallipoli peninsula, the Constantinople war office
announced today in reporting the greatest Turk victory
of the war.
Artillery sank an allied transport filled with soldiers,
and enormous booty was taken by the Ottomans, which
has not yet been counted.
Constantinople today made festival over the with
drawal, which marks the ends of British dreams of right
ing the city of the Faithful. Schools held no session, and
the city was flag draped. Everywhere there was joy at
this culmination of the campaign.
Berlin newspapers pointed out that by the abandon
inert of this camDaien. the British lost heavily in prestige
as well as enormously in men.
the same time, they pointed
Asquith's declaration after Turkey joined tne central
unwers that therebv she was committing suicide.
They hailed with delight the fact that the Dardanelles
abandonment releases a powerful Turk force for service
Berlin, by wireless to Sayville, L. I.,
.Ian. 10. fen thousand British troops
lave, been surromulett by the Turks at
Kut-elnmnrn, Mesopotamia, according
to Constantinople advices today.
The-Turku arc attacking the , mninj
defenses at kutol-nniara.
The 10,000 surrounded British con
Htituted a detntehmeut left behind to
cover the main body of General Town-,
shend's English forees. By an cnvel-
. oping movement, the Turks out off tho
retreat of this detachment.
" Whether Kutel-amnra had been re
lieved was not stated.
General John Nixon, conimniider-in-eiiief
of the Mesopotamia expedition,
lias retired on "account of ill health,"
it was officially claimed.
General Percy Lako succeeded
Big Turk Army Leloased.
London, dan. 10. With the Dardan
elles region completely cleared of Brit
ish forces, it was estimated toduy thnt
200,000 Turks n'1.1 soveral thousand
aims which have oeen holding the al;
lies in check on Gallipoli peninsula are
now free for service clscwncre. An
noiincement of tho entire abandonment
of tlio Dardanelles campaign came last
jiight, following a statement a few
d.i.vs since of clearance of most of the
Onllipoll region.
The Turks thus freed constitute
many prize corps which, it is believed,
will immediately engage in tho pro
posed campaign against Kgypt or will
Bttenipt to drive the British out of
Mesopotamia. Fewer than 10,000
Turks nre needed to gnrrison tho Dar
danelles forts. I
The disposition of tho withdrawn li
lies is withheld by the censor but prob
nbly they hnve been sent either to the
'Balkans or to Kgypt. At the same
time, Ike fleet aiding. the land forces
is Hvuiluble for service elsewhere.
Though Constantinople claimed that
tlio withdrawn! was Attended by heavy
losses, tho public hero generally dis
credits these stories and believes Gen
eral Monro's report that onlv one mnn
phiise of the situation, the t n ' 1 v- Mail
today declared tliat this made the with
drawal tho "most glorious failure in
Abe Martin
This is th' flge o' specialists an' no
buddy pretends t' know it all like thev
used to. An optimist is a feller who
believes tint whnt is goin' t' bo
l postponed.
ships and money. And, at
with ridicule to Premier
Amsterdam, Jnii. 10 Fire to
day destroyed the Krupp wheel'
works nt Kssen, p.rt of Ger
iiiany's ufunntic munitions sys
tem, and damaged other build-
history." Other papers: joined in ex
pressing similar satisfaction that the
abandonment had been accomplished
without slaughter.
Knglnnd greeted tho announcement
with sadness, however, for tlio nation
had hoped that tho Dard inellea expedi
tion would mean that tho Knglish
would force their way into Constan
tinople and thus have a tremendous ef
fect upon tho outcome of tho war.
The evacuation, however, was hold
to be inevitable, After it became known
thnt the majority of tho British had
withdrawn recently. After that, the
Turks transferred their Suvla Bay
forces to Sedd-nl-bahr, preparing to ov
erwlielm tho handful of British remain
ine on the tin of Gallipoli peninsula.
MilitAiy critise declares that the Brit
ish must Inevitably have perished had
they remained to lace this lorcc,
French Trenches Captured.
Berlin bv wireless to Sayville, L. I.,
Jan. 10. Capture of several hundred
yards of French trenches, northwest of
MnssiL'iies, was officially churned to
day. In this engagement, the Germans
took 423 prisoners including seven of
ficers. Subsequent rrencn counter nt
t ink a failed.
Tho French air raid on Funics was
Tho Berlin war office last night
himed to hnvo completed vo-ocenpn-
tion of positions around llartmnnn
sweilorkopf, where heavy bnttling has
priceeded tor months, i no fans wnr
office admitted tiio Germans had made
somo gains there.
German Crew Dead.
Havana, Jan. 10. Tho crew of (i
German sulimnrino was found asphyxi
ated in their stranded vessel, 20 miles
southeast of Cadiz, According to the
crew of tho Spanish steamer Valbonern
today, They reported that tho subma
rine apparently was engaged in supply
ing other, similjr vessels in tho Med
iterranean. Germans Begin Offensive.
Paris, Jan. 10. German forces be
gan a violent offensive in the C'hnni
pngno yesterdnv, following a bombard
ment witii nsphyxi.iting gns shells, the
war office announced todny, They
were, however, repulsed except for oc
cupying portions of advanced trench
es nt two points,
in four sepurale attacks nlong a five
mile front South of Tali nre to Mount
Tetu, tiic French riddled the Germans
and hnlted their offensive before day
break. British Warship Sunk.
London, Jim. 10. The 10,2"ll ton
battleship King Edward VII. lies a
wteck todhy, the victim of a mine, but
her crew is s.ife, according to officinl
announcement. The locntinn of tho dis
aster was withheld.
It was thouvht, though, that It oc
curred in tin- Knylirli channel or the
North sea. A trninlond of survivors
arrived todny nt Chnthim,
Sofia Bombarded.
Salonika, Jan. 10 Considerable dum
ago was wrought when French airmen
bomb irded Sot in, capital ol lliilgnrin
according to advices here, '
nnnnnnmmv ik.T Illtnf fPirC riCTT ITXITTI.T OTATFC I'M 1014
New York, Jan. 10. (Special.)
Frank A. Vandcrlip, Otto H. Kahn,
Stuyvesant Fish, Theodore N. Vail,
E. II. Gary, and a score of other pronii
nent Wall street men, including Daniel
Willnrd, A. II. Smith, K. B. Thomas, and
several other railway presidents, have
expressed tho belief since the beginning
of the new year that the general busi
ness outlook for A'.Ul) is exceedingly
hen asked why ho wus bo confident
that 1010 would be a good year for the
railroads a well known railroad presi
dent replied:
'Well, in tho first place, during 113
all of the cripples wero taken to the
hospital. Tho list of 1015 receiverships
was a long one. It included Missouri
Pacific, Bock Island, Westein Pacific,
Missouri, Kansas and Texas, and Texas
and Pacific. During tho year some of
the cripples wero dismissed cured It s
only a question of a short time now
until the rest will ngnin bo able to stand
on their own feet.
"Thoro were a number of railroads
that were skating on thin ice at this
time last year because f maturing
loans. All of the railroads that pass
ed into tho hands of receivers during
1915 did so bocnuse of their inability
to pay off a floating debt that had
been accumulated in the strained money
markets of tho lust fivo years.
"With tho ability of tho railroads
being taxed by the volume of business
now offered all over tho country at
higher freight rates thero will be no
forced rocoivcrship during 11)10 and no
passing or reducing of dividends."
What is truo of tho reorganizations
and dividend- reductions for the rnil
roads during 1915 is also truo regarding
the industrial companies. And the same
also applies to tho express companies.
At tlio beginning of 1015 the express
companies wero flat on their backs.
Her Attorney Demanded Sep
arate Trial But Is Over
ruled by Court
Providence, H. I., Jan. 10. Sensation
promised to follow sensnlion wheu Mrs.
l Franklin Mohr, prominent socially
and two ncgrno co-defendants, Victor
Brown and Henry Spellmnn, went on
trinl hero today charged with murder
ing Franklin Mohr lust August as he
rode with a pretty girl whom he form
erly employed. The negro chauffeur
of the death car, George llenlis, who
pleaded nolo contendere to a man
slaughter chnrge, seemed likely to be
a slnr witness, for ho has turned states
The two negroes were taken, shackled
together, to the court house at 9
o'clock. Surrounded by deputies, they
were rushed through a crowd of 300
persons, who had been waiting nt the
court house since dawn, In the crowd
were fully 100 negroes, who jostled
white women, some of them the elite
of tho city.
The negro attorneys representing
Brown Spellman asked permission to
withdraw, but Judge Stearns overruled
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Here is the wholo story of a nation's prosperity told . in a few
figures: '
United States trade balance cloven months ended o-
vember, 1915 .' 1,576,073,291
United fctntcs trado balance cloven months ended No
vember, 19U 193,372,036
United 8tutes trado balance eveven months ended No-
vember, 1915 , ?$'o
Increase of trade balance in 1915 over 1H 1,382,701,-55
Increase of trado balance in 1914 over 1913 250 per cent
United States loans to foreign countries in 1915 1,055,600,000
Thus, mnking the United Mates a credit nation, taking
the place formorly occupied by England.
Value of farm crops in United States for 1915 10,500,0C.,000
Value of farm crops in United States for 1914 9,873,000,000
Value of farm crops in United States for 1913 9,789,936,000
Thus in 1915 the Unitod States had tho greatest crop
values in its history.
Men like Kahn and Vanderlip end
Fish and Gary took all of tho foregoing
factors into consideration in reaching
the conclusion that 1916 would bo a
good year, For instance, there is hard
ly a big man in Wall street who has
not, during tho last few days, recallod
tho fact that early last year, chrough
the working of the new federal roservc
banking system, this country was ablo
to retire all of tho 1I5,000,000 emerg
ency currency which was issued on
August 1, 1914, immediately after Ger
many declnred war on Russia,
Instead of making ns worry how we
arc to pay our debts abroad, tho new
Fourteen armored German
monoplanes bombarded Bun
kirk, killing 6 civilians, Two
of the aircraft wero captured.
An Austriin U-Bont torpedoed
nml sank the French dread
naught Coiiihet, Jtomo report
Oil that the allies were rapidly
forcing n passage through the
Coffin Trimmer Would
Enlist In U. S. Navy
Decatur, 111., Jan. 10. Out of work
and thinking to find employment At his
trade whilu serving in tho Unitod
Stnte.i Marine I orps. John JIuley, aged
22 years, today applied for enlistment
with l.'nclo Snni sea soldiers,
"I nm a coffin trimmer by occupaa
tion," he told Sergeant Frank K. Eng
lish, in eh irgn of tho local recruiting
office of the Maralno corps, "I would
enlist if I thought 1 could work at my
trade in the service. Marines nre al
ways fighting somewhere and they
have need of skilled services of nn ar
tist lilt 0 me. Do you think I would bet
ter tn);'lf by enlisting! Hnvo you
anything to offer i skilled coffin trim
mer! ('aino on, show me something."
Tho sergeant rhowed him the door.
lone, Or., Jan. 10. In a freight enr
en route to Portland today are d300
rabbits consigned to the Salvation
Army, Three hundred persons partici
pated in tho big rabbit drive at Ewlng
Hiding yesterday when the animals were
Left to right, top: Frank A. Vander
Un. tiresident National City hank,
New York; A, H. Brnith, president
New York Central linos; Daniel
Willard, president Baltimore ft
Ohio road. Bottom: B. H. Gary,
head of the steel trust: T. N. Vail,
president Boll Telephone Co.; Stuy
vesant Fish, New York financier.
year will make England sit up nights
figuring on plnns to pay off its debts,
which aro rapidly mounting in this
Loans to foreign nntions aggregated
M,000,0n0,nn0 in 1915. Other subjects
of eonerul discussion in making predic
tions for 191(1 were the $400,000,000
irold imported luRt year: the 1,000,000,
000 worth of our bonds and stocks
which have been purchnsed from for
eign holders who wero forced to sen;
tho crop for 1915, which had a total val
ue of $10,000,000,000, by far the largest
figure on record for ono year s
Attempt Is Made to Resume
Operations With Five Hun
dred Employes Today
Youngstown, Ohio, Jan. 10. While
officials of tho Youngstown Sheet and
Tube company today made an effurt to
with only oou men wo com
pany's plant in r.asi rouogsiown,
closed sinco tlio disastrous and fatal
rioting of Inst inday night, the state
board of mediation sought to settle the
grent strike of steel workers.
Theso wero tho other developments of
Hie flay:
Nationul guardsmen hurried to tho
sceno when rioting was at its height,
wero brought to Youngstown, except for
two companies which remnlned to guard
tho tube company and Republic Iron
and Steel company pluntn.
The grand jury started investigation
of tho rioting.
Three hundred negro strikebreakers
wero scheduled to arrive from Chicago.
The Republic plant did not attempt
to resume work.
President Campbell of tho tube com
pany snid ho would npernto his plant
within thren days, although Over 7,000
men nro out on strike.
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Geo. W. Perkins Refuses to
Confirm or Deny Current
Report Today
Chicago, Jan. 10. Wiiother Colonel
Roosevelt plans to stampedo the repub
lican national convention, Georgo W.
Perkins, bull moose leador, rofused to
say upon his arrival here with Roose
velt s secretary, u. w. Aicurain. mi,
Added Perkins, "ho will likely stam
pedo the progressive convention."
Perkins admitted that "somothing
will be sprung" at tonight's banquet
of National committeemen, preliminary
to tomorow's session, but he decline d
to intimate what this would be. Roose
velt, himself, will licit be on hand for
tiio committee gathering.
Western committeemen already on
hand favor holding the bull mooso na
tional convention at the s.ime time as
the republican session; another faction,
however, fnvors plunging into the fight
in May; while Perkins intimated that
the most powerful faction favors June
24 after the old lino partios havo con
cluded their meetings. -
Practically all the nation a1 commit
teemen are expected for tomorrow's
love feast.
Committeeman Rowell, of California,
is reported bringing witn him a boom
for Governor Johnson of California for
the presidency, Matthew Hale, of
Massachusetts, will be on hand, and it
is reported tli.it he has made reserva
tions for the week of tho republican
convention '
Only Roosevelt can beat President
Wilson, declared Cecil Lyons, Texas
committeeman, Perkins admitted that
(ho bull moosera had reserved the Flor
entine room at tho Congress hotel dur
ing the time of the republican conven
tion as a precaution in event of simul
taneous conventions.
Commander Who Succeeded
Hamilton Has Shown
Sterling Qualities
By J. W. T. Mason,
(Written for tho United Press.)
New York, Jan. 10 British abandon
ment of tho Dardanelles campaign
brings into prominence a now leader
who Great Britain will inovitnbly build
her future hopes, This mnn is General
Monro, since retirement or ucncrai
Inn Hamilton, has been in chargo of
the Ill-starred expedition. Ko has shown
largo qualities of decision, independ
ence, and efficiency sinco he was aP-
Sointcd to tho Gallipoli campaign in
He immediately recommended evacu
ation of tho peninsula, but his report
wns not taken as tho final word in tho
situntion until Karl Kitchener confirm
ed his view through a personal inspec
tion of that region. '
Msnro wns thereupon given the task
of accomplishing tho withdrawal. This
was one of tho most difficult duties of
tho whole war, but Monro fulfilled it
with practically no losses, And, it is
hard to in.it f h nis fent in tho annals of
successful retreats.
Monro now goes to Franco to suc
ceed Kir Douglas lluig, as chief of
staff. Upon Monroe will devolve tho
direction of the expected offensive !n
the spiing, a move that may be fraught
with mi port nnce for the allies arms.
I he lailure or tho Turks to punish
the retiring British confirms criticisms
of the ability nf the Turks when it
comes to staging nn effective offon
sive. This view has tho effect In Eng
land of strengthening tho general Idou
that Egypt is secure from any offen
sive by the sultan's followers,
Decline In War Stocks
Emphasized Again Today
(Copyright 1915 by the Now York Ev
ening Post.)
New York, Jim, 10. Tho renowed de
cline of war slocks toduy merely om-
plmsizcil tho nlrciHly evident fact that
they hnvo moved sinco the month be
gun, on tho basis of genernl principles
rather than on specific news. Perhaps
tho moHt reasonable supposition is thnt
tho pcoplo engaged on a largo scnlo in
speculative exploitation of theso stocks
hud to buy heavily to check their burd
en during the "January reinvestments
days," und that thonarkct would not
take the realizing sales excopt at sharp
concessions. No result is mora fnmilinr
under similar conditions.
A similar nttempt to Jack up unstable
speculation in tho Inst weeks of IP
and to sell tho rcsulUnt extra holdings
afti r Uio new year led to the most vio
lent break in prices of this period since
liniii and ituo,
As usual, tho break in wnr stocks to
day affected tho rest of the mnrkot
Hot the other declines wore unimport
ant. Tho closing was uncertain but
J there wus no positive recovery. Invest-
This Government Will Now
, Turn Its Attention to
Great Britain
President Wilson Will Talks
Personal Command of Pre
paredness Campaign
Washington, Jan. 10. The centraL
powers having evacuated diplomatic po
sitions threatening the United States ia
submarine matters, this government ia
now planning a diplomatic drive
against the allies.
Full adjustment of the Luit.uiia anil
Persia destruction eases is expected
this week. Meantime, the state depart
ment is preparing a new complaint to
England against her seizures of Ameri
can merchandise, and 1 vigorous pro
test against the contraband lists of the
Tho note to England will be dis
patched as soon as the Austro-fterman
submarine controversies are settled. It
will deal especially with cotton, and
will declare that in placing this com
modity upon tne contrabana list, Eng
land has reversed precedents in which
she Insisted that this is never contra
band. The department plans to make imb-
lio soon its protest, already forwarded
vu Kiixiumi in wo muiier oi urnuia.
seizures of American mail.
Settlement Ia Near.
Within tho woek, the country ran
expect a formal announcement that the
Lusitunia controversy with Oernumy
has been settled. Germany, it Is known,
has conceded tho main contentions of
principle observance of international
law and tho rules of humanity in sub
marine warfare on which America,
besed her original protests.
After a 15 minute "confidential"
conforonco botween Secretary of Stat
Lansing and Gorman Ambassador Voa
Bernstorff, held at the former's ra
qucBt, Bernstorff frankly hinted that
ho believed the United States would
bo pleased nt the outcome of tho Lusi
tania situation.
Tho president rojectod certain terms
of the Lusitunia agreement whirl
Lansing and Bernstorff practically
roached last week. It is understood
that these related to the question of
disavowal tho president being unwill
ing to concede ns much as Lansing to
prevent Germany from being embar
rassed. Bernstorff thereupon forward
ed the amended agreement to Berlin,
and it ia expected that formal approv
al will reach hero soon.
President In Command.
Washington, Jan. 10 President WiW
son, taking clinrgo of tho battle for
his mllitnry preparedness program, will
tako his case squarely to the people,
and ask that they givo him moral sup
port. His first appenl will prohnbly be on
Janunrv 27, cither nt tho banquet of
the Merchants ami Manufacturers as
sociation at Baltimore, or at tho Rail
road Businessmen 's association in New
York. In either case, preparedness will
bo his subject.
Tho White House stated today that
tho president expects tho international
situation to clear rapidly, and that
when this is out of the way, he will
"concentrnto his efforts on national
defense. "
That his personal direction of th
situation is necessary is evident front
tho embarrassing problem the admin
istration fnecs in congress In view of
thn fact that reports say tho rank and
filo of tiio parly in tho central states
nro opposeil to tho program, while tia
democratic, floor lenders are not activa
ly supporting thn plan.
Washington, Jim. 10. Emperor Yuan
Shi Kill is in good health, said Pnhia
cables to tho ( hinesn legation toduy.
Tokin reports Saturday rumored that
he was critically ill.
ment buying wns strongly evidenced la
bonds. Allied bonds nearly reanhed t
syndicate price of 1)0 1-3.
Oregon: Tonight
fair west, snow
and rolder east
portion; Tuesday,
fair, coldor east
portion: northern
ly winds.
m good k
Hf ritU