Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, January 04, 1916, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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."Over Thirty-six ears of Successful Merchandising in Salem"
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MM Mttttttt tf t t t tf tmttttftttt TTT t t T t TTTTTT T I III 1 I ITI III I TTTTMTTTTMT III
eyers Great January Clearance and
Stock Reducing Sale
if Supply your present and future needs while this sale is in progress;it means money saved toy ou
lomorrow smgoale
A Sale of Splendid Double
Cotton Blankets at 98c
Clearance of Women's CoatsSpecial
Clearance of Women's Suits Special
Clearance of Women's Dresses-Special
Clearance of Women's Waists 59c each, 95c each
Clearance of Silk Waists Up To $5 Spl. $2.39
Clearance of Fancy Waists-Up to $13.50,
Special $4.95
Special Clearance Prices on All Furs.
Clearance Prices on All Fancy Work and Em
broidery Goods
Clearance Prices on Women's, Misses' and Chil
dren's Hosiery
Clearance Prices on All Women's, Misses' and
Children's Underwear
Clearance Prices on All Muslin Wear and Corsets
Clearance Prices on All Aprons and House Dresses
Clearance Prices on All Kimonos and Bathrobes
Clearance Prices on All Knitted Goods, Scarfs, Etc.
Clearance Prices on Entire Stock of Infants' Wear
Extra good grade white cotton Blankets in plain finish or
with colored border, double bed size and sells in most stores
at $1.25 or $1.50; extra special for Tomorrow-just the
thing for these cold nights 98c a Pair
Sale starts at 8:30. See the Window Display.
Clearance Prices on All Men's Hats and Caps
Clearance Prices on Men's Shirts, Underwear
Clearance Prices on All Men's Hose, Neckwear
Clearance Sale on All Men's Gloves, Hand
kerchiefs, etc.
Clearance of Boys' Suits and Overcoats
Clearance Prices on Entire Stock of Boy's
Clearance Prices on Entire Stock of Blankets
Clearance Prices on All Comforts and Pillows
Clearance Prices on All Trunks and Suit Cases
Clearance Prices on All Toys, Dolls, Games
Clearance Prices on all China, Dishes, Cut Glass
Clearance Prices on all Indian and Auto Robes
Clear arce Prices on all Auto Accessories
To the newcomer in Salem we wish to emphasize ;
the fact that this store has been known for 36 ::
! years as the "Good Goods Store" of Salem, and ::
insists the best is none too good for its patrons. J
I II I I I im u -
We have no rooni for bankrupt stocks or trashy ::
merchandise. A common saying (and a true one) : ;
I when one wants good, reliable, standard merchan-
dise, "Go to Meyers, the House of Quality." .
iLXJAooopicooDS hJ
AD Around Town
Dr. Stone's drjff ttora.
On account cf the icy streets, the
Spaulding mill was closed Imluy us tlio
slab wood could not ho delivered- or
hauled away.
Before placing your printing order,
Phone 2170. Fuller Printing Concorn.
. Art Kolstad, who wan associated
with tho Bligh theatro about a your
ago, has recontly opened up a moving
picture show at Hood Uivor.
Sr. Stone'g Drug more.
Frank M. Warren, of Portland, today
filed his intention to become a candi
data for tie ottiee of delegate at large
to the Republican National convention
to bo held at Chicago, June 7.
Electric baths and massage under
vnnr nhvnietnn fllrnetioim. N. N. Im-
ub, 218 Uubbard Blilg. Thone S55. tf
TIi Woman's Home Missionary soci
ety of the First Mothodist church will
meet Wednesday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Carl Gregg Doney, 1110
SStnte street. Mrs. M. C. Findley will
have clinrgo of tho meeting.
I never saw such shirt waists as are
being made and hemstitched for UH)
to !.(). at the Hub Nob. This is Jan
uary price. Materials furnished or not.
All work guaranteed. Just Investigate,
please. tf
William R. Day, well known in this
city, writes to his Snlein friends that
Nice line of "SA -J
jewelry. JtW-
Uajonio Bldg,
ho has enlisted in tho regular army
and has been assigned to tho UUrd
Coast Artillery and is stationed at Fort
Stevens. Ho is n former member of
Company Jr.
La Corona, a cigar that will stay
with vou throughout tho year.
The Business Men's League of the
commercial club, moved its headquart
ers today to tlio room known as tho In
dies rooin. Tho furniture of this room
him been moved to another part of the
club. Hay (Irnut is still on tho job for
tho llusin'esfl Men's leaguo and answers
to tho snmo tolcphono number.
St Paul's Guild, of the Episcopal
church will meet it tho home of Mrs.
Kussel Catlin, 12110 Cheinelieta, Wed-1
nesdny afternoon, at 2:110.
Dr. Clement II. Smith, of Browns
ville, brought to the city today, Kvor
ett Gohlc, who will be operated on at
tho Snlom hospital for tonsil and ad
enoid troubles, Dr. Smith is a former
southern Oregon friend of Dr. M. C.
The Loyal Daughters of the First
Christian church will hold an import
ant business meeting Thursdny oven
iug, January (I, at the church. As tho
business to come before tho meeting
hns much to do with the work of the
society, all Loyal Daughters are urged
to attend.
A scrap book for 1915, with press
I'ominentH find other nnm-ccii nf Infer-
I niation relative to the. activities of tho
commercial club is now ready tor iIiobo
who would liko to post themselves as
to what was going uu during the year
1IU.1, This book is on filo in tho social
department of the club.
Christmas week, the salvation army
fed -tits persons, through their giving
of meals prepared In baskets with suf
ficient food for five in each basket,
In addition to (hone meals delivered in
bankets, tiio army fed ".", distributed
J.)U garments, 20 pairs of shoes and
presented "0 children with toys
Chritmus duy. l'lacing the value of
each basket of food at 2.5(1, tlio army
gavo to the needy rood valued at If2(l2.
50 which was made possible by the gen
erous citizens of Salem.
The Salvation Army is incorporated
with Brainwoll Booth, generul and
Kvnngeline limit h, commander I'. S.
forces. Salem is iu tho Northern Pa
cific province, with Captain and Mrs.
J. J j. Kelso iu command.
"The Moil's Liberal club" will
meet Wednesday evening nt eight
o'clock at the I'nitarinn church, So in
teresting became the discussion of tho
ciucstion nf Hnrnl Credits that it was
decided to continue the subject for an
other meeting. All men Interested in
this ipiestion which is assuming nation
al importance aro invited to these
meetings. Wednesday evening nt 8
o'clock. Invito a friend.
A canary bird warbling in its cage
was entertaining the Wells Kargo em
ployes this morning- The bird has been
expressed from Long Beach, Califor
nia, to parties on Liberty street. Im
pressing a caged canary from southern
California is not so very expensive, as
tho present rates on a canary and cngo
is only 57 cents.
Despite the unfavorable weatlier, tlio
work on the W. W. Moore building is
going forward and within n day or two,
the building will be roofed. Specifi
cations for the wiring of the building
are now ready for bids from contract
ors, nt tho office of tho architect, Geo.
M. l'ost.
A Cherrian, whose occupation is that
of a travelling salesman or knight of
the grip, said that the dinner at the
Marion hotel last evening for tho Cher
rian bnnipiet was about the best meal
he had ever eaten nt the hotel, and
that ho had been there sevral times
during tho past few
From tho standpoint of being a stu
dent of chemistry, 1'rof, Florinn Von
KhcIicu Is eminently qualified to talk
of the various soils of Oregon. And
for this reason, his lecture before toe
Six O'clock club this evening, will be
of moro than usual interest. These
meetings of tho Six O'clock club are
not confined to members of the Meth
odist church or to church members,
They are for all men who have a lively.
Interest in every day topics. Tho Na
omi circle of the church will serve ni
dinner at 0:110 o'clock. '
F. S. Mendenhall, director of the Sa-1
loin Festival chorus, announces thnt
xao regular lucsuay meeting ui una
week will bo postponed. The society
will probably meet next Tuesday even
ing and the members will be notified
as to time and place. j
At a meeting of the board of direct-,
ors of the commercial club yesterday,
it was found that tho amount of money j
received under tho present ninnnge-;
moot and since tho ro-orgnnizntion, is'
not as largo ns-Oho amount formerly
paid by the business men of tho city j
towards the various chnritablo institu
tions and other activities that required,
Governor Withycombe was crowned
"king of the flax industry and a bene-j
factor of Oregon" by King Wg t
Heckebnch last evening at tho Cher
rian celebration nt. tho Marion hotel. I
Mr. Deckebach was delivering his in
augural address as King lling, in which
he said he "deeply appreciated the
honor thrust upon him and hoped that
a venr from now he 'cwuld point with
pride to his administration. King lling i
guve the governor credit for pushing
the flax industry in Oregon and for hit
work in behalf of what is hoped will boj
one ot Oregon s greatest industries,
made the governor an honorary mem
ber of the Cherriaus.
President William T. Foster, of Reed
college, gives tlio next library lecture
Friday evening, January 7th. This lec
ture will be of unusual interest be
cause l'resident Foster hns chosen for
his subject "Preparation for War as a
Gunrnntoo of World I'cnce" a subject
in which every one is especially inter
ested at this time. President Foster
came to Fortland in 1011 as president
of Hoed college and since then hns
made a reputation as a brilliant think
er and speaker, Tho lecture will bo at
S o'clock iu the library auditorium nnd
it is hoped that a largo number will be
able to avail themselves of this rare
As the candidates were led in to the
initiated nt the Cherrinn Initiations
last evening, each wits reunited to car
ry a banner siwestlve ot ins occupa
tion during wonting hours. ..niong
them w" ! following: Albert Kgnn,
Kat Mountain View hops for the com
plexion: A. L. Fox, I'm ono of Wool
worth's nickel chasers; Ivan (1. Mc-
I'nniels, luor walker for the Salem
Commercial club; J, O. Bailey, Favor
able opinions rendered on short notice;
Portland, Ore, .Tan. 4. Tho
Sunday blue law probably will
bo enforced throughout Oregon
next Sundiiy. A sweeping de
cision handed down by three
federal judges declares the sta
tute constitutional nnd entirely
within the police power of the
For the present Portland will
be exempted from the operation
of the law, for a tenipornry in
junction has been issued by a lo
cal court preventing its enforce
ment. Tho law was passed in 1S(H
and slumbered on the statute
books until six months ago. Un
der its provisions theatres,
butcher shops, bakers ,nnd liv
ery stables are the only places
thnt may remain open on Sun
day. Garages, groceries, con
fectioneries and every other sort
of a Bhop must close. Newspa
pers are not exempted.
W. r. Towers, Counting ties is my occu
pation, I'm mi O. K. irninp; William
(lahlsdnrf. Coffee ready to stew, 13
cents a pound; W. J. I.iljquist of the
Spaulding Logging company, I'm a
plain man but want good board.
The second night's series of the Com
mercial Basketball league is scheduled
to start nt the game between the Price
Shoe company team and the Mishops is
to begin at 7:30, Standard Cleaners meet
Capital Business college nt 8 o'clock,
Fry's meet Capital National bank nt
8:110 nnd Hnuser Bros, ami the Watt
Shipps tangle nt 0 o'clock.
!() if: s)c )) sjt s( )(:) jc
Our circulation Is coming up
and still growing read the.
paper and you guess the reason.
No Sanitary Inspector's Oliice
Created FiA Vote 8 to 6
Against It
The city council last night passed
from tho old to the new without a
hitch and the new session was only
enlivened by au effort to reduce the
police force from six men to four men.
All of tho dozen applicants who were
after the job as snnitury inspector were
present 09 well as a large body of thcit
supporters but the bone of contention
was removed by painless extraction and
there will be no sanitary inspector this
year except 0110 of tho polico officers
who will be detailed to this job.
When the question of the final pass
age of the ordinance creating the of
fice of sanitary inspector came up
Councilman Huddleson moved tluit the
ordinance be indefinitely postponed
and the motion carried 8 to 0. Huddle
son created nnothtcr discussion when
ho moved to reduce tho- polico force
from six to four men. Councilman
Ward stated thnt the polico worked 12
hour shifts and that it was inhuman to
ask them to increase this shift by uV
crensing the force. Councilman Unruh
considered a decrease to be poor econ
omy and Councilman Elliott declared
that tho suburban districts hud no po
police protection now except on call
and that even this would be removed by
reducing he force. The final vote
stood with Counciuninn Huddleson and
Wilson in favor of a reduction and the
others ngain'st it. Wilson then moved
thnt the force be reduced from six men
to five men and this was lost by n vote
of 9 to 4.
The schedule of appointive officers
rnn off according to schedule. B. W.
-Mncy resigned and U. C. Millet was
elected in his pluco and Macy was elect
ed city attorney. Harry Hutton was
chosen fire chief and Mi's. Myrn Shank
polico matron and tho remainder of the
officers were voted upon as a body nnd
all of the firemen ana police officers re
main as on the payroll of lust year.
Mayor White announced the follow
ing committee appointments;
Ways and means Hoover, Wilson,
Public buildings Millett, Huddleson,
Fire and water Wilson, Ward, El
liott. Printing Jones, Elliott, Wilson.
Ordinances Unriih, Hoover, Ward.
Sewers Huddleson, Jlillctt, Cnruh.
Bridges Cook, Jlillett, Huddleson.
Purks Wallace, Jones, Hoover.
Acconut and current expenses -Mills
McClelland, Koberts.
Plumbing Roberts, Ward, Millctt.
Health and police Ward, Unruli, Mc
Clelland. lievision of minutes Patterson,
Roberts, .Mills.
Streets Cook, Elliott, Mills.
Licenses McClelland, Unruli, Cook.
Lights Elliott, Patterson, Wallace.
Rules Jones, Wallace, Unruli.
Bund Park committee.
Before tho 1!)15 council adjourned
sine die it was voted that the city should
take up $ti,r0!).(i7 in improvement bonds
for which bids had been advertised and
ull of the bids were declured to be re
jected. The city will purchase these
bonds from the sinking fund which nt
present drnws only two per cent interest
iu the banks and by purchasing the
bonds tlc funds will draw five per cent
The bids wero opened for the print
ing of the city ordinances, the bids were
ns follows: Capital Journal Printing
company, 08 cents per page; Commercial
Printing company, 114 cents per pnge;
Stntesmnn, ifl.liN per page; (. C. L. Sny
der, it;l..'l2 per page; Beaver State Print
ers, $1.25 per page, nnd .Messenger, 07
cents per page.
The street department was instructed
to haul wood to needy families under
the direiftlou of the troclul service cen
ter. Odd Fellows and Rebekahs
Willjnstall Jointly
Joint iiitallntion of the officers for
1010 of Snlem Rebekah Lodge No. 1
and Cheineketa Lodge Xo. 1, I. O. O.
K. will take place Wednesday evening,
January ii, nt the T. O. O. 1 hull.
The work will be jmt on by Mrs.
Elsie B. Simerul, district deputy presi
dent of Salem Hebeknh Lodge No. 1,
and ('. K. Albin, district deputy grand
master of Chenieketu Lodge No. 1.
Assisting them in the installation of
the evening are the following: Grand
marshals, .Mrs. Lizzie A. Waters and
Amos Vass; grand wardens, Mrs. Hat
tie H. Patterson and A. L. Houmnrd;
grand secretaries, Mrs. Myrtle Tyrell
ami John Conilmth; grand treasurers,
Mrs. Clara Cribble and W. A. Cum
mings; grnud chaplains, Mrs. Molho
Deiinisou and William Frost; grand
guardians, Mrs. Klizabeth Adair and
W. Sieginund: grand heralds, Mrs.
Peebles and Mrs. Standish; banner
bearers. Mrs. Edith McElroy, Mrs. Ra
chel Wooilard, Mrs. Alma Henderson
and Mrs. Florence Viesko; musician,
Mrs. Penrl I. Swanson.
Tho officers of Rebekah lodgo to bo
installed are:
Mrs. Ida Traglio, Past Oraml.
Mrs. La Moine R. Clark, Noblo,
Mrs. Gertrude F. Cummings, Vice
Grand. Mrs. Elsie B. Simcral, Seeretnry.
Mrs. llattie B. Patterson, TrcasVer.
Miss Edith Benedict, .Warden.
Mrs. Nina Houmnrd, Conductor.
Mrs. Hattie Cameron, Chaplain.
Mrs. Clara Oibble, R. H. N. O.
Mrs. Belle Cornforth, L. S. N. O.
Mrs. Effio King, R. S. V. O.
Mrs. Lnella Eugslrom, L. S. V. Q.
Mrs. Myrtle Tyrell, Inner tlunrd.
Miss Ella Stone, Outer Guard.
The officers of Chenieketu Lodge
No. 1 to be installed nre as follows:
J. W. Roberts, Past Grand.
C. O. Eugstrom, Noble llrand.
P. L. Kiester, Vice (irnnd.
W. II. Pcttie, Secretary.
January Grocery
Best Valley Flour C1 1 A
sale price ipI.1V
Creamery Butter, No. 1 . 30c
Lemons, sale price, dozen.... v
Macaroni sale, 4 pounds or
...curve cut, price :.. Jv
Rio janero Coffee, sale price
Pound on-
2 pounds fur 35c. faVv
Eggs, per dozen
3 lbs. Strained Honey fc"v
1 Qt. Pure Olive Oil, 7n
sale price
White Soap, sale price OC
7 Bars for
Look around, then phone your
order to
Damon 8c Son
855 N. Com'l St. Phone 68
Submarine Question Will Take
Precedence In Business
Before It
Wushingon, Jan. 4. A cloud tho
foreign situation hung today over the
rc-nssembling of congress after its holi
day recess. With vital national prob
lems ahead, the gravity of members
over tho international situation wan
particularly pronounced. Committee con
sideration and speeches on international
problems impended. It was tacitly un
derstood that there would be no effort
to curb oral effervescence and hence
sharp attacks on Teutonic sulunurino
warfare and on thb allies commercial
interference were certuin.
Numerous vital subjects were beforo
the senate foreign committee, including
tho Smith and Lodgo resolutions to in
vestigate the British orders in council,
submarine warfare and initi ally bom!)
Preparedness nnd revenue plans wore
all askew. Opposition to both is grow-
Chuirmnn Padgct's house naval com
mittee will begin preparedness hearings
tomorrow with minor officials from th'
vards and docks bureau of the navy
department testifying. Army prepared
ness henrings will start Thursday, when
Chairman llay will call Secretary Gei
rison as the first witness.
The rural credits program was
launched by joint introduction of a bill
for farm land banks under a farm loan
The Woodmen of tho World will hold
their annual imdalla'tion of officers
next Friday evening, when the follow
ing will take office.
B. V. Mucy, Council Coninmndcr.
C. B. Lary, Advisor.
George 11 irons. -Manager.
It. S. Melson, Banker.
Ii. S. (Seer, Clerk.
A. J. Music, Kscort.
U. L. Beiill, Watchman.
George Winchell, Sentry.
Besides the installation of tho Bill)
officers. 1(1 candidates will bo initi
ated. A social hour follows the even
ing's work,
L. (', Zimmerman, Treasurer.
('has. .Iniuet, Warden.
( lias. Carlson, Conductor.
A. Korb, Chaplain.
A. L. Houmnrd, H. S. N. 0.
William l-'rost. L. S. N. O.
L. It. Peebles. H. S. V. G. -
Frank Tvler, L. H. V. (I.
A. M. Alexander U. S. S
William Bonn, L S. S.
Bert Peebles, Inner Guard.
Frank Chun-hill, Outer Guard.
Ourwant Ads arelike a rruVnct
The aUradive Fbwcr da LoslOr ottnd
wa'ni ad is wonderful
Try one ifvjou navelost someuuro
Phone 700
Cars for any time of day ot
Good Gangs in connection for
storage of cars.
Reasonable Bates.
216 Stats Street.