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Social and
WHAT a joyous Christmas it was
especially for the little tots
who awoke to find their stock
InifB cramed" full of nil the gifts- they
lave yearned' for during, the year, and
what am unhappy day to the littlo
irarts who were awakened to another
Chrintmaa of sorrow and longing.
Philanthropic workers however, made
a merry day for niany little souls, and
lessened' considerable the city's num
ber of sad hearts.
Last week society gave itself up al
most entirely to the members of the
family and the glittering Christmas
The calendar for this week promises
to be rather full of gay little affairs
and a number of ranees. Dancing seems
to completely envelop the next few
days. Tonight is the premier subscrip
tion dance in the Moose hall. Tuesday
evening Miss Hita Steiner and Dr.
Prince Byrd will entertain their danc
'ine club,, and on Wednesday night the
Orange, club will give their brilliant
party in tlie armory.
- .
Mr. and Mrs.. Melvin Plimpton have
r.a-t as tr.eir Bouse guest, Dr. T. L.
Perkins, of Portland.
Philip Patterson, who has been vis
iting sinew Friday with, his parents,.
Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Lee Patterson, re
turned to Portland Sunday evening.
Miss Elizabeth Hnily, of Portland, is
guest at the Henry B. Thiclsen resi
dent e. Before returning home, Miss
Hnily will also visit Miss Margaret
Hoi Igor s.
The Chinik C'hinig Campfire Girls
ipent a jolly evening with thoir
guardian, Mrs. U. M. Uingncii, Thurs-
A (Jittering Christinas tree formed
much merriment during the evening,
followed, by a dainty collation.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Staploton, of
! Boseburg,, who, have been the guests
. of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Baumgartner,
returned Sunday.
' Mr. and Mrs. David Yantis . and
! daughter, Constance, of Portland, were
i the week end guests of Mr. Yautis'
mother, Mrs, S. E. Yantis.
James Crawford of Portland wag the
Christmas holidnv miest of friends.
Mrs. Si L. Hayden and son Miller,
left Saturday for Portland whore thoy
are the house guests of ' Mrs. nay
den's sistor, Mrs. James W. Cook.
Mr. J. W. Woodruff was hostess on
Thursday for a charming one o'clock
luncheon honoring Mrs. S. Piorco,. of
Livingston, Montana.
The rooms were beautifully adorned
' gay poinsettas, while the 'hoard' was
feuterod with a miniature Christinas
' Five hundred was enjoyed after
.- Mrs. Woodruff's guests included the
lembora of the country club, and gov
J ral additional guests.
A group of friends gathered Friday
evening for a jolly little surprise party
Riven in honor of Ralph Mercer, who
, las reoantly joined the- navy, and is
' kome spending the holidays.' with his
parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. L. Mercer.
, Those enjoying the evening were:
Allan Carson, Whitney 0 i 11, Wctor
Keid, Kenneth' liandall, Charles Low,
Dnrvl Proctor. Allnn flviin,. i;;i,.i
Avlson, Eulph Mercer and Donald Ran
dall. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ifoth, of The
J'alles, have been visiting in Salem
for several days with friends and. rein
tivex. udEWELRr
Also a Nice Line of
Maaoolc Bldg.
U. G. Shipley Go.
145-47 Ikrih liberty Street, Salem, Oregon
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Coff, who were
the Christmas gueBts of the T. C.
Smiths, Jr., returned to Portland Sun
day evening.
Mrs. Claude P. Slade and small son
William, of Milverton, who have been
the guests of Mr. and Mrs. John J.
Roberts, left last evening for Grants
Pass,, where they will visit Mrs. Slade 's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gillct.
The University of Oregon students
have been issued an invitation to at
tend the Orange club dance in the arm
ory Wednesday evening.
The invitation has been sent to Dr.
Carlton Smith, who is president of t"je
Oregon Alumni association in Salum. j
The Artisans Drill team are keenly
anticipating their second dance, which
is to be given in the Moose Hall Wed
nesday evening.
' Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hofer had as
their Christmas guest, Mrs. Hot'er's
father, Mr. E. W. Dent, of Portlcnd.
A complete surprise to their many
friends was' tho announcement of the
marriage of Miss Murie Thomason,
daughter of Mr. anil Mrs. George
Thomason, of this city, and John Gary,
son of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gary, of Ida
ho. The weddintf which was very simple,
with only a few friends and relatives
present, took place Christmas evening
at tho home of Rev. J. C. Spencer, who
The young couple attended Willam
ette university and were very popular
in collego circles.
Thoy are at homo to their host of
friends at Otto Commercial street.
Miss E.lna Ficks, of Seattle, is visit
ing in Salem with Mrs. A. I. Palmer
and daughter, Miss Emily. Miss Picks
taught German in the Salem high
school lor a number of years, and has
a large number of friends who will be
glad to have her with tiiem ngain.
A delightful family Christmas din
ner was that given at the home of Mrs.
W. H. Ringo on Broadway street.
The rooms were prettily decorated
in holly and evergreen.
Circling the table which was aglow
with bright Christmas candles were:
Mr. and Mrs. Mervin Rlngo, of Stay
ton; Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Ringo, Mr.
and Mrs. Pete Graber, Mrs. '. Bush
nell, Miss Gertrude Savage, Miss Er;
mine Bushmill and Malcomb Graber.
At the conclusion of dinner the
guest were made happy by the receipts
of their Christmas gifts.
Later the littlo party was enjoyably
entertained at the Grand theatre.
Some Lives Lost
i With French Steamer
Paris, Dec. 27. Some persons are be
lieved to have perished when the
French steamer Ville De La Ciotnt was
sunk by a submarine in the Mediterran
ean Friday. No details of the disaster,
which became known today, were re
ceived. CYC.pnf thnr. the veKsol una iiv.-
podoed without, warning, and a major
ity ut nor euinpieinenr. were Tcseueu.
Sho was a 7,000 ton vessel, engaged in
trading in the Orient.
Eighty Perished.
London, Vice. 27 Eighty persons per
ished in the sinking by a submarine
of tho French liner Ville De La Cintat,
it was reported here today. Sho sank
within a few minutes alter tho torpedo
was fired nt her without warning.
Next to the Anemia and Yasnka Mnru
sho was the largest. liner sunk in the
Those whu died are believed to have
been chiefly crew members.
The Ciotnt was the fifth vessel today
reported sunk. The others were the Bri
tish steamers Dudley, Yeddo, Cutting
ham and tho Belgian, Minister Bccr
nnort No man is ever nominated for presi
dent in the town ho lives in; so Big
Bill Thompson's last hope must be
All Around Town
Dr. Mendleeohn will be at hla office
January 1, 1016. tf
The Stockton stor is engaged this
week in the annual, inventory,
Dr. Stone 't druy store.
The river is falling rapidly, aa the
stage today is 8.8 feet above zero. No
rainfall was recorded over Sunday.
Before placing your printing order,
Phone 2170. Fuller Printing Concern.
The Orpheus Male Chorus club will
entertain its members and friends this
evening at the club rooms in the Hub
bard building.
Dr. E. T. Mclntlre, psystclan and
lurgeon, 214 Masonic bldg. Phone 440.
Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Owens arrived
in the city today from Portland. Mr.
Owena is an expert hatter and tailor
and intends to locate in Salem.
Dr. Stone's Drag store.
1 o
J. P. Ward, the elevator operator at
the supreme court building spent the
Christmas holidays at the home of his
friends Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Morris, of
Electric baths and massage under
yonr physician's directions. N. N. Im
us, 218 Hubbard Bldg. Phone 555. tf
Mr. and Mis, G. W. Logan, of Port
land, returned home today after spend
ing the Christmas holidays at the home
of their daughter, Mrs. E. R. Ringo, of
this city.
All kinds of dry wood, sawed of 4 ft,
lowest prices. Prompt delivery. Star
Wood v.o., Phone 426, 18th and Oak.
L H. Van Winkle, assistant attorney
general, went to Portland today to pre
sent the state's side of the case of
Balston against tho American Bunk &
Trust Co.
Try a Hygrade for
a smoke that
The Willamette university male
quartet will begin its season by sing
ing at Ballston, Oregon, Friday even
ing, January 7 and at Amity,. Saturday
evening, January 8.
The Kays rooming house; over the
Salem Woolen Mills store, which has
been vacant for several months, has
been rented by Mrs. Johnson, of the
Owl rooming house.
Something of interest to young
people will bo found, in the advertise
ment of the Capital Business College
elwhe.ro in this issue. Janl
The Salem fire department was call
ed out nt li o'clock last night in re
sponse to an alarm turned in for a
chimney fire at the John Albeit flat
at 2!)2 North Cottage street.
Holiday dancing party given by the
Moose Tuesday evening, December 2H.
Peerless orchestra. Refreshments. All
Aloose and their friends invited.
Chief Deputy State Engineer E. I.
Canline, left this city today for Jack
son county where he has been culled
for a conference by the county court
relative to some paving matters.
Holiday dancing party given by the
Moose Tuesday evening, December 28.
Peerless orchestra. Refreshments. AH
Moose and their friends invited.
Work on the South Salem over-flow
sewer started tins morning, on Owens
street, between Kairmotint and Fir
streets. This work is being done un
der the supervision of the sewer coiu
niitttce of the city council.
The public market will be held on
Friday in plo.-o of Saturday, and if the
weather should he bad it will be in
tlie corner building, corner Ferry and
Liberty. . Dec27
B. D. Gray & company, of Turner, to-
jdny filed supplementary articles of in
l corporation ar tiie office of Corpora
tion Commissioner Schuldcrmnn, chang
ing the niuno of their establishment at
j Turner to the Oregon Grain company.
Stated meeting of Salem
lodge No. 4 and Pacific lodge
No. 3D, A. F. & A. M. this
evening. Joint installation of
officers. Visiting brethren
Requisition papers for Glenn E.
Bangs were honored today by Govern
or Witkycomhe. Bangs is wnnted in
Illinois on a charge of embezzling $10,
U00 from the McCluro Company and is
now in iail at Koseburg. h). A. Burke
was the name of the officer sent out
to return the prisoner for trial.
Phone 700
Cars for
any time
night -
of day or
Garage In connection for
storage of cars.
Reasonable Bates.
248 Bute Street
Dr. U. L. Scott is again at his office,
room 408 of the U. S. National bank
Tonight a joint installation of of fir
cere will take place at the Masonic
Temple of the officers for the coming
year of Salem lodge Wo. 4, A. r . and A.
M. and Salem lodge No. 50,. A. F. and
A. M. Tho work of installation' will
begin promptly at 8 o'clockv
Those who do, and those who do not
believe in mind reading were highly
entortained last evening at the Ore
gon, theatre. For the benefit. o both
believers and unbelievers, the mind
reader will appear again this evening
at the Oregon.
If you- lose it, advertise in the New
Today column of the Capital Journal.
The high school girl who lost her purse
advertised in the New Today column
and now she is happy as the purse was
found by R. P. Bradford, of Route 7,
who returned it to this office.
Dr. T. A. Nelson, the well known
chiropodist of Portland, has decided to
locate in Salem and make this city his
home, de has secured rooms 7 and
28 in the Breyman building an is-now
ready for business. Dr, Nelson has
had ten years experience in- Portland
and intends to build tip a business' here
by doing first class work.
The Bebelriths will hold their Christ
mas tree exercises- this evening,, in
which there will be a real Christinas
tree and presents given to the child
ren. The program of the evening will
be given by the children, to bo fol
lowed by games nnd other entertain
ing features. The entertainment to
night is only for the members of the
Kebekah lodge and their children.
O. H. Luck, manager of the commer
cial club is in receipt of a telegram
from O. B. Lantham. who will be in the
city Tuesday evening in the interests
or ioyne jsrost or cnieago. who are
large buyers of onions. Growers hav
ing onions to sell1 'should communicate
with the commercial club, as this com
mission firm is in the valley to buy SO
car loads.
Salem folks to- the number of 4066
received Christmas i greetings in the
way of postal cards tho two days be
fore Christinas, according to the. rec
ords of the postoffice. From Monday
to Friday evening of last week, 21,480,
LnriBrmas earns were received at the
postoffice, and' this number does not
include those mailed for Salem. For
Salem and vicinity, ?7,6SO cards were re
ceived last Thursday.
Tho Inmates of the Oregon state pen
itentiary will give their Christmas
show, "Terrible Towser," next Thurs-
day evening to- which the publia is M f,,M. ama. Pe"'ff A 0ttuu 8P01"
vited. .The auditorium will be turned P"" "V ,c U? :vlth h P"
over to the public and no inmates nf
the pen will attend the show except
muse participating.' xna admittance
fee of 25 cents which will be charged)
is for the benefit of the entertainment
A. McDonald, salesman for the
Spaulding Logging company, reports
business good for the- Indiana silo in
the YaKinia valley of Washineton.
where he has been working for the pasi
iew weens. Aireauy one car load' of
these silo9 have been sold for early
spring shipment, nnd Mr. McDonald
writes the prospects are good for the
shippiu? of several cars into the Yaki
ma valley within the next few months.
The Spaulding Lodging company has
rue exclusive sale and manufacture of
the Indiana silo for the Pacific coast.
There is no law against giving the
mail man a slight token: or reinenv
brance- about this season of the year
for tho caro he has taken, in delivering
one's mail.. And) at the samo tinio,
there are no rules to-prevent one from
iremembcring the boy who delivers thel
daily paper, and who takes care to- see.
that the naper is properly placed.
This also applies to messenger boys- for
the telegraph companion, A- slight remembrance-
to those who da their best
to please is often a good investment,
not so much on account of the value
of the present, as the fact that it is
nico to be remembered and appreciated.
Here is a chance to make easy
money. Write two letters) one to a
friend back east and one to a busi
ness firm, telling of the wonderful
state of Oregon and PortlanJ in par
ticular. Semi them to the commercial
club by next Friday evening. These
will be forwarded to the Portland
Chamber of Commerce, which is otter
ing o0 in prizes for the best letters.
If one is pretty handy in saying nice i
tilings about Oregon, and the letter im-1
presses the judges of the "Portland'
Lmiinuer or i ommerce, ttiere is a
chance of getting part of the $50 of
fered. ! In his farewell sermon yesterday, the
Rev. Hurry E. Marnshall complimented
the members- of his church for the
friendly feeling they had displayed to
wards him during the three years he
hnd been pastor of the church ami
stated that, he left the church only be
cause he felt lug work was in- other
fields. Since he announced some time
ngo hig intentioa nf going into evan
gelistic work, Mr. Marshall, has receiv
ed calls from all parts of Oregon- and,
Washington, ami alreudy has his time
engaged for the greater parti of the
coming year. His evangelistic work
will begin next Friday in. Portland- at
the East Side Baptist' church. The-of-
I ficers and members of the church- will
tender - reception to Mr. and Mrs.
Marshal Wednesday evening, in- the
parlors of the First Baptist church.
no itcv. v. ii. taron, pastor or tne
Baptist church nt Uoseburg, will oc
cupy the pulpit next Sunday,, morning
and eveniiicF.
Cheap inbrtltutes cost Y0O mum pries.
F. S. Bynon is in. Fortland on busir
William Esch went to Portland this
Edmund May spent Christmas with
friends in Portland.
Frank Plinsky, of Astoria, is visiting
in Salem for the holidays.
Chester Long, of Independence is a
business visitor in the city.
Carey F. Martin and family returned
this afternoon from Newport.
Judge Slater, of Portland, was a
Christmas visitor in the city.
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Richardson are
spending the holidays- in Portland.
George Claxton, a fruit man from
Shaw, is here today transacting busi
ness. Thomas Fenncli; a prominent hop'
man living near Independence, is in the
d Piaseki and wife, of Dallas, were
Christmas visitors with friends in the
Chester' G. Huggins, University of
Oregon student, is home for the holi
days. John T. Albert and family spent
Christmas and Sunday with T. G. Al
bert W. C. Emmel and family spent Christ
mas and Sunday with relatives at Hills
boro. Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Axlcy.and son,
Rollo Axley, motored to Portland yes
terday. Homer Egan is home for the holiday
vacation, from the Oregon Agricultural
; Mark Savage, former chief of the
Salem tir- department, and family, are
in the city visiting relatives and
Miss Rosa Williams returned this ev
ening from a Christmas vacation spent
at Newport.
Miss Vera Rosenquest, who has been
teaching at Hull, Oregon, is homo for
the holidays.
Henry J. Holter, of Spokane, spent
Christmas in the city with Mr. and Mrs.
C. W. LaGrange.
John Grant, of Dallas, former sheriff
of Polk county, is in tho city to lay
transacting business.
Mr. and' Mrs. Don Pegg nre in the
city for a few days the guests of Mr.
and Mrs. C. T. Pomeroy.
Mrs. S. R. Rodgers, of Turner, spent
Christmas in the city with hor daugh
ter, Mrs. if. A, Afclntire.
Miss Alma Watt, of Portland, spent
Christmas and Sunday with her mother,
Mrs. Kate Watt, in Salem.
F. W. Powers and family, of Orenco,
are visiting the Bnrncs and Baker fam
ilies for tho holiday season.
Arthur Baglcy returned today to his
home at Canby after spending several
days with friends in tho city.
Otho Reagan, of Grants Pass, return
ed Inst evening to his home after a few
days spent here with relatives.
Mrs. Sarah Robinson, of 131 East
Nineteenth street, Portland, is visiting
relatives this week in tho city.
Miss Ruth Sperling of Portland, spent
irjiiB, uuii jurN. Vy, ij. nucillllg.
Artie Bcrkhead, principal , of .the
West Salem schools, is visiting rola-
tives in Monmouth for tho holidays.
Mr. and Mrs. Gen E. Uuruh spent tho
week-end with Mr. Unruh's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. J. II. Hoffman, at Kaiser.
E. H. Anderson, formerly of this eify,
but now of Newberg, spent. Christmas
in the city with his son, Earl Ander
son. Mr. and Mrs. John Van Dellnn, of
The Dalles, arc here for the holidays,
visiting at the home of L. H. Hug
gins. A. M. Crawford, former attorney gen
eral, and wife, of Portland, wero hero
Figure It Out For Yourself
And yoit will see just why you see more well dressed men now than for months.
Thig Xmas everybody was looking for practical presents and when we showed them
how, by adding a few dollars to what they intended to spend, they buy a new winter
suit or overcoat, the idea pleased them, and there you are. Then as we said once
before "men will talk."
Did you ever stop
power of suggestion?
our Clothing Sales have
this manner. It s easy if you have the
goods and the prices to please, and in
this instance we have both. This talk
on the scarcity of money has become
chronic with only a few. There's plenty
of money if it can only be put into- cir
culation. Of course one must offer
some inducement .to cash buyers and
this we are doing. Here are a few of
them :
Men's Suits $10 ones at $6.48, $12.50
ones at $8.68, $15 ones at $9.88, .$16.50
ones at $10.48, $18 ones at $11.98, $20.00
ones at $13.48, $22.50 ones at $14.98, $25
ones at $16.78.
Men's Shoes in black or tan, lace or
button, the PACKARD make, all las,ts,
including the popular English, at $2.48
and $3.98. -
One lot, small sizes only, are going
at $1.48 though worth three times as
G. W. Johnson
Miss A. McCulloch
with friends for Christmas and Sun
day. Ernest Wiggins and family returned
to their home in Portland lust evening
after Saturday and: Sunday visit with
relatives in the city.
Russell Cooley, of Portland, spent tho
week-end with friends in the city. Ho
is now with the Fortland Railway,
Light & Power company.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Dennis and daugh
ter, I.olitar spent Christmas at Butma
Vista with Mr. and-Mrs. W. I. Reynolds,
the parents of Mrg. Dennis.
Miss Edna Purdy, of Orcnso, is hore
for the week, visiting with relatives
and1 also in the interest of a magazine
published for walnut growers.
l.loyd Kigdon and sister, Mrs. vviiini-
fred Clark returned this morning fromi'dence, 1540 North Liberty street, Tueo-
Jefferson, where they spent Christmas
with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Foutaino.
Mrs. E. A. Holton, of Portland, is in
thd city spending the holidays with rel -
auves. She is-stopping at tuo homo of
Mrs. C. D. Purdy, 960 Mill street.
George Schreiber and wife, living
near Newberg, are viBtiors in the city.
Mr. Schreiber is a graduate, of tho law
department of Willanictto university.
E. T. Albert and family, of Eugene,
were hero visiting with relatives over
Saturday and Sunday. Mr. Albert re
turned today but Mrs. Albert, will spend
tho week visiting with hor mother,
Mrs. E. L, Briggs.
William Lorenz and Miss Laura Lor
enz returned today to their homo at
Camas. Wash., after a Christmas visit
with the family of if, F. Richardson.
Mrs. Richardson accompanied them, to
remain over the holiday senson.
j(i jjc fc jc jjs jc s)( jjc sjc ifc jc sjc
HILL At the family Home, 21.73
Broadway, at 10:30 Sunday morning,
December 20, 1U15) Mrs. LCmina, wife
of Charles H. Hill, aged 33 years, 10
months and 14 davs. Her death wun
due to complications arising after
Besides- her husband, five children,
three girls and two boys, one of the lat-
ter being the baby, survive her. Uerj
iiiiner ami motner, two. joiners na
nvn aturnra nil Iivimit , ,1 Kiiiimiiu !Ii
Survive hor;.
The funeral will be held at the First
Christian church at 2 o'clock tomorrow.
Tucsdav, afternoon. Interment in City
View cemetery. ,
BALDWIN At Independence, Oregon,'
Fridi,- December -1, 19.15, Samuel
He is survived by a widow. Sun-
iiay, uecemticr x, lie was entomucu at
Mount Crest Abbey.
DKX1SOX At his home, 1540 North
Liberty street, Monday, December '
think of the
Fully half of
been made in
PHONE 109! J
27,, 1!)15. Loekwooit D. Denison.
Surviving him,, besides his wife," aro
Charles K. Denison, of Suloin;, and two
daughters, Mrs. Daisy Lally,. of thin
city, and Mrs. Hollohan, of Canada. .
Funeral services will bo held at tho
home at 1.30 o'clock Tuesday after
noon, witn Duriui in -ity view cem
etery. ' ' . hJ
Comrades- of Sedgwick Tost,. No. 10,
G. A. R., and all Civil war veterans and
the W. R. C, and Grant Circlo L. of O.
A. E., uro horcby requested to attend
tho funeral of our lute' comrade lock.
wood D. Denison, from his lute resi-
day, December 28, nt 1:30 o'clock p. nt.
I G. A. R. services at tho cemetery. R. M.
Harris, commander; D. Webster, adju-
. tant
At the Capital Business College, m
son; the knowledge you secure thort;
can not bo taken uway from you, ami no
matter what line of business you- div
cido to follow, it will mean quick pro-
.' 11
motion und better siilury."
Fol!owillff tho Christmas. Holiday, ouf
0 -' '
regular work,, both, day and night, will'
bn reHiininil nn Af'nndnv. Jnnuftrv ' 3(11
New class in shorthand. An ideal time.
Jn auy d(!1,ttvtmc,lt.
The principal' will bo in his office each
and talk with, any who uro interested.
High and Ferry Streets
Men's 50c heavy derby ribbed cotton
Underwear' and 75c Swiss ribbed,
athletic neck, are each 35c, $1.50 Coop
er's Australian wool shirts and draw
ers at 98c, $3.00 Cooper's spring needl
wool at $1.13 the garment, $5.00 fancy
ribbed wool athletic neck for $1.63"
each, and our regular $6.00 French
riblml silk and wool is a bargain at
$1.78 the garment.
Men's Hats at $1.12 for the $2.00, and
$1.98 for the $3.00 kind. We also have
men's cloth hats for rough weather
autoing, etc., the regular $1.50 and $2
are now 98c.
Then there's Oxford bags in 15, 16
and 17-in. at $2.48, $2.98 and $3.48, that
were $4.50, $5.00 and $5.50 and $2.50
sweaters for $1.43, $2.00 and $2.25 V
ncck Jersey knit sweaters at 98r, 50c
wool socks at 38c, and 25c wool sox for
Men's Trousers $2.50 kind at $1.98,
$3.50 ones at $2.68, $4.00 kind at $2.98,
$4.50 kind at $3.38, $3.00 kind at $3.73,
$6.00 kind at $4.43.
& Co.