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Pittsburg Bank Closed
School Children
" " "
Only 2 More Days
To Do
Your Xmas Shopping
There is a feast of bargains awaiting you here as
we have reduced every holiday gift article in this
store to insure rapid selling. Never will your dollar
do better duty than during this next two days.
Come, look over this holiday gift tine as there is
something here to please every member of the family
and at the price you can afford to pay.
Store Open 'sVtaclaus
17,389 Students Take
Manual Training In
High Schools of State
Thcro are 17,389 students pursuing
one or more of the five vocational
courses offered In the high schools of
the stnte, according to a report recent
ly issued by Superintendent of Pub
lic, Instruction J. A. Churchill. The
manual training and eomiuercial cours
es seem to bo t lie most popular with
tho students. There are now 5,M1 stu
dents taking manual training, 2,193 of
whom are in tho high schools and 2,94S
in tho grades. The total amount of
equipment, consisting of benches, tools,
etc., amounts to $01,75-1.00. In tho eom
iuercial courses there are 4,141 students
enrolled, 3,97 being in the high school
find 174 iu tho grades. Tho value of
the typewriters and other equipment
Amounts to $ 40,505.00. Mjiniml train
ing is being taught iu 70 high schools
and commercial work iu 71. A large
percentage of Iho persons teaching
those courses are graduates of tho Ore
gon Agricultural college.
Cliicngo, Dec. 22. Huge export sales
Iiolpod lift the wheat market yesterday
tr iv now high-price record fur this sen-
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Jt lnff tobacco.'
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wrapped, In nr.
tut tniirvA
I -V n
i .ir;
f MB
I rm or California
,irii iriin"
son's crop. Closing quotations were
buoyant at 1 l-2c to 3c net advance,
with December at $1.24 and May at $1.
24 7-8611.85. Com gained 3-8c to 3-4(ff
7-8c and onts at 3-S(iM-2c. Provisions
finished with losses of 10c to 57 l-2c.
Latest figures on export wheat busi
ness today put tho total at 3,000,000
bushels, an against 1,750,000 bushels on
tho day before. In consequence, the
market underwent no permanent reac
tion iu favor of the bears, and wound
up at virtually the topmost point of the
session. Tho British government was
credited with being tho heaviest pur
chaser today.
Assertions were current that the rail
road congestion in rr.e east appeared
likely to be remedied soon, nud that the
result would be to facilitate to a large
degree the export movement of wheat.
Tncoinn, Wash., Dee. 22. Word from
Fairfax today slated that tho body of
Mis. J. If. Kkiles, wife of the school
principal, who was killed by a slide of
sawdust nenr there, has been recovered
from the ruins of her home and Deputy
Coroner McCtiskoy of Tnconin, said the
womna was instantly killed.
Thousands of tons of water soaked
snn'.limt nileil im like ft mniilitni 11.
crashed down ft hill onto the Skilos
house, crushing It like a paper box.
T7D17I? s,ni 104
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Will gladly spend btcaut
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Claim Made Pact Has Been
Written Out and Only
'v Needs Signing
' Cincinnati, Ohio, Dee." 22: With the
, all-important peace agreement in writ
ing nml in the form it is believed will
be final, baseballs peace eniissaruies
went into probably the last session of
J the conference today to sigu the agree
! tnent. ,
! I'nless wrangling over minor details
in connection with the International
.league interferes, the baseball strife
! will be officially terminated when the
session adjourns.
Although, details of the poaee pact
i were kept under cover, it is known
that it has been definitely decided that
Phil Hall, of tho St. Louis Federals,
i will take over the St. Louis Americans
jand Charles if. Wcoghmaii will pur
chase tho Chicago Cubs.
I The Wards of Brooklyn will be re
imbursed eto tho extent of $400,000,
paid in yearly installments for the
next twenty years. This will be dis
tributed among each club iu the ma
jors. All contract jumpers will bo restored
to good standing, and tho Federal
league will assume all its own eon
tracts. Federal umpires will bo taken
care of, it is understood.
Miller Took Beating.
San Francisco, Dec. 22. Hopes for a
comeback entertained by Charlie Mil"
ler, heavyweight, are shattored todav.
Miller took a bentaing last night at the
hands of Sailor Schaeffer in a four
round bout. Miller was sent to the
mat twice.
Vernon signs Arellanos,
San Francisco, Dec. 22. It is report
ed hero that Pitcher Frank Arellanes,
formerly with Sacramento, has been
signed by Vernon.
Joe TinJoer Recovering.
Chicago, Dec. 22. .Too Tinker, man
ager of tho Chicago Federals, who was
operated on recently, will be able to
leave the hospital within a week, his
physician said today. His condition
is improving steadily.
To Box Griffiths,
Akron, Ohio, Dec. 22. Jack Brit
ton and Johnny Griffiths will box 12
rounds here Docember 28. Britton is
substituting for Champion Freddie
Butte Will Have Team.
Butte, Mont., Dec. 22. Baseball fans
were confidort today .that Butte will
have a team in tho Northwest league
in l!llfl. A park within walking dis
tance of the heart of tho city has been
leased and a campaign to raise $1; 5,000
for the support of tho Butte club was
under way todny,
Bennett Still Champion.
Portland, Or., Dec. 22 Joc.kev Ben
nett, 37 years old, is sti.l bantamweight
champion of tho northwest. The lively
six round bout between him and Billy
Mascott last night was called a draw.
May Train at Saan Jose.
San Francisco,. Dee. 22. Tho San
Francisco baseball team may train at
San Joho this spring. It bocamo known
todny thot Owner Henry Berry has
been negotiating with San Jose people
"1 is seriously considering taking the
squad there.
To Box Griffiths.
Akron. Ohio, Dec. 22. Jack Britton
and Johnny Griffiths will box twelve
rounds hero December 28. Britton is
substituting for Champion Freddie
After Half Hour
In Chinese
Case Disagrees
After "nnlf an hour of deliberation
the jury in tho trial of the Chinese ac
cused of gambling brought in a verdict
of disagreement and was discharged bv
Judge Klgin at 7 o'clock last night.
The foreman of the jury, Cooke Patton,
state,! tnnt tney lound it impossible to
agree on a verdict nnd that tho ballots
of the jury stood ns they wore on the
nrsr imiiot nnd tlio probabilities were
that thev would continue that wnv if
the hung out nil night. The vote "was
five for acquittal nnd ono for convic
tion. Of tho six Chinese who appeared for
trial but fivo were tried ns it appeared
from the evidence that Leo dim was
not iu the room when the police made
the raid but wns in the fron', room and
refused to open the vloor. l,ee Jim
snid nt the trial that tho door did not
belong to him nnd ho hnd no right to
open it and he left it for the imlice to
break In. The case against him was
leou floug, Chin Toi, Ieo Yin, Wong
l-ing and ling l.nng Chung all testi
fied ns to o matter of Chinese book
keeping and said that
Chin Toi wns
int ho owed to
iiiothor Chinese :
merely paying a bill that
I.eon Ooii" and tiint nnoth
hnd paid n bill to I.eon (long which
made im the total of $24.80 found on
the table. They introduced a Chinese
account book In evidence and Toi also
had a receipt which was introduced in
The Chinese claimed that they were
not gambling and that (long who is
the proprietor of tho ttoro was onlv
collecting some money due hi in with
the aid of a counting machine and'
that the fan tan lav out was just an
ornament to the tnble.
Convicts at State Prison
Given Minstrel Show
Thee onvlcta nt the Oregon ttate pen
nre working hard on their stunts for
the coming minstrel show which 1 to
be given Christmas eve. Thee oncert
Christmas eve will be for the convicts
alone nnd the general public will be ex
cluded but another concert it to be
given Thursday evening December 80
nt which the public it not only In
vited, but urged to conio and bring
along a quarter to aid Mho prisoner '
amutcmeut Auul, .
Her Locks Youthful,
Dark, Glossy and Thick
With Common Garden
Sage and Sulphur .
When you darkea vour hair with
Sago Tea and Sulphur, no one can tell,
oecause it s done so naturally, so even
ly. Preparing this mixture, though, at
homo is mussy and troublesome. For
50 cents you can buv at anv druer store
the ready-to-use touic called "Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound." You
just dampen a sponge or soft brush
with it and draw this through your
hair, taking one small strand nt a time.
By morning all gray hair disappears,
and after another application or two,
your hair becomes beautifully darken
ed, glossy and luxuriane. You will al
so discover dandruff is gone and hair
has stopped falling.
Uray, tailed hair, though no disgrace,
is a sign of old age, and as we all desire
a youthful and attractive appearance,
got busy at once with Wyeth's Sage
and Sulphur and look years younger.
Stock Grazing On
National Forest Reserve
Portland, Ore., Dec. 22. Accordiug
to the annual report of the secretary
of agriculture, there were grazed last
year on the National Forests under pay
permits, 1,724,000 cattle and horses and
7,300,000 sheep and goats. Several hun
dred thousand head of milch and work
animals were grazed free of charge, and
moro than 3.500.000 head of stock cross
ed the forests, feeding en route, also
iree or cnarge.
To show the inereased use of the for
ests for grazing, the secretary states
that during the fiscal year 1905 there
were only 092,000 cattlo aud horses
and 1,514,000 sheep and goats on ap
proximately 85,000 acres, The nnmboi
of animals now sustained in proportion
to the area of the forests is 50 per cent
greater than it was 10 years ngo. Since
1905 the number of persons holding
grazing privileges has Increased 200 per
cent. This can be attributed princi
pally to widor use bv settlers and small
According to the report, the greater
part of the summer range in the west
ern stntes is in the National Forests.
Under tho regulated eovernment sva-
tern the forage ia utilized fully, with
out injury to tree growth, and with ade
quate safeguards against watershed
damage It is stated that tho produc
tivity of the land for forage in mnHt
places has been restored and every
where is increasing';' the industry has
been made more stable; stock comes
irom tue torests in better condition:
range wars have stonned: ranch nrnn-
orty has increased in value; and a larg
er aroa has bcon made available through
iuK improvements, it is probable, so
the report states, that innnnnnne,
pounds of beef and mutton are- sold
each year from herds and flocks oc
cupying the rnnges. That the forests
have promotod the development of the
stock industry is indicated. This is nr
prec.ited by stockmen and they are urg
ing that a similur system of range regu
lation bo extended to the unreserved
public lands.
The secretary concludes by stating
that it is not merely the stock industry
that has been benefited. The grazing
privilege has been so distributed as to
promote healthy community growth, in
crease settlement, prevent monopoly,
and diffuse prosperity. In other word's
public control hns served social as well
as economic ends.
It jl ,.:
Mm LABAWEwTllEPm WHLR siunce
Florence I-a Badie, co-star with Mlg
non Andorson in "The Price of Her
Silence," a four part Mutual Master
picture, is one of the most consclen
tiout young screen plovers in the pro
fession, lie fore stepping before the
camera, Mist La Biulie goes through
what alio terms a "final" rehearsal, to
bo certain that she will be able to reg
be done. At the Bligh theatre Thiirt
be done. At the Bligh theatr Thuri
day, Friday and aSturdny.
Portland, Or., Dec. 22. There will
be a further increase in the cost of
living tomorrow all along tho Pacific
coast. All brands of patent flour will
bo advanced twenty cents per barrel
here, The Pugct Sound millt advanced
a similar amount today. The new price
here will lie $3.20 per barrel.
rrl.A i i i i . v. . .1.. tn tl.
heavy European demand
coast wheat.
for racific
Klamath Herald: "I don't know of
any purebred short horns in this sec
tion," snid .Mr. iSnyder today. "There
may be a few, but I am convinced that
they are a good stock to introduce here.
They lire good for beef as well as dairy
purposes, and I don't see any reason
why we shouldn't have more pure bred
cattle in this country. It is an ideal
stock country, and I believe that Klam
ath county should be nble to furnish
the coast with pure bred stock. I have
great fuith in the short horns, and 1
intend to demonstrate their value to
this section."
Baker Democrat: This month bids
fair to set a record iu the matter of
bounties paid on coyotes in Baker comi
ty, ns the new law iu effect the first of
the year provides for . the payment of
only $1.50 instead of $3. It being the
last chance to got the $3 bounty, trap
pers nnd hunters are making their best
efforts now and a big lot of coyote pelts
is the order these days at the office of
the county clerk.
Medford Mail: The Rogue River Ca
nal company, the Southern Oregon Trac
tion company and the mineral water de
velopment at Ashlana have paid out
and are yet paying out large sums of
money to laborers for work on their re
spective projects this fall. Altogether
it will aggregate half a million dollars.
Suppose we had the beet sugar factory,
a big sawmill, a box factory and two or
three large fruit nnd vegetable canner
ies in the village also, to carry large
payrolls, wouldn't time s be better?
Those who feel the need of such indus
trial and commercial enterprises most
acutely ought to be foremost in wag
ing a campaign of aggression for them.
Are theyt
Oregon has 78 steam laundries, em
ploying 1969 people, besides the 74 pro
prietors and members of the firms.
There are 150 salaried employes and
1745 wage earners. Capital employed
is $1,609,217 and $1,136,059 was paid
out for services in 1914 and $385,106
for mntoral. The amount received for
work done was $2,146,868. This is ac
cording to government bulletin just re
ceived. Arguing for a community Christmas
tree nt Sumpter, the American says:
"A tree placed in the square at the
junction of Granite and Mill streets
could be decorated so that with the
surrounding snow it would be a beauti
ful sight. Nature has mado it possible
for Sumptor to surpass most other
towns in getting up a Christmas tree,
and we surely will not let it go by for
lack of community spirit."
Venota, Lane county, is attracting
the attention of business men and
capitalists, according to the F"
prise, which says: "Hunter & Pratt
hnvo received no let than eight in
quiries during the past week from an
many different druggists who are fig
uring on finding a good location. It
looks as though we would be able to
find a good one out of the bunch.
Bankers, too, are becoming quite inter
ested nnd are malting numerous in
quiries." A Tieglnnlnir upon the campaign for
a winter community house or coffee
club for Pendleton hns been made, the
Associated Charities appointing n
committee to meet with other organi
zations and "devise some means of
openinu a wholesome substitute for the
banished saloon."
Reporting, with approval,, the city
council's refusal to enact a curfew or
dinance, the Canyon City Eagle says
that "They regarded the idea of ring
ing a curfew as obsolete as tho old
custom pesting notices on telegraph
poles, old buildings and tue trout ot
the Eagle office."
Colonel House' Mission
Kept Profound Secret
Washington. Dec. 22. Efforts today
to learn tho nnturo of the announced
mission of Colonel House of New York
on an errant to Europe for President
Wilson proved fruitless.
Houso himself declared it was not a
pence expedition; he explained it as
merely to ncsuaint American diplomats
abroad with the president's policies.
Hut back of this statement, many
feel lies a strong possibility of a peace
mission. Thoso holding this view to
tho fnct that both England and Ger
many have Bald they aro ready for
peace, with a nig a. jjoiu auuuiicu
ly do not desire to ruako the overtures;
hence, suid certain parties, President
Wilson may be seeking to sound out
the belligerents again through his con
fidential agent nnd friend.
Many authorities felt House really
la to be tho man to sweep asido the If
which, in short, is a disinclination to
Initinto peace overtures, lest they be
Interpreted at as weakliest.
Not a Peace Mission.
Hot SpringB, Va., Dec. 22. Presi
dent Wilson confirmed today Colonel
House's statement that tho House mis
sion to Europe ia not ono of pence. Oth
crwiBe the president rofrnincd from
It is understood, however, from the
president's recent attitude, that he will
innko no peaee advances until he re
ceives intimations that they will be
London. Dec. 22. "According to the
Nieuwe llotterdnmsche Courant, the
Prussian lista of losset numbers 890
and 399 contain 42,825 names, making
the total Prussian losses 2,287,083,"
save the Amstordam correspondent of
Router's Tolegrara company. He con
tinue: "There are besides 234 Saxonlan,
815 Wtirttemburginn and 240 Bavarian
lists, fifty from the navy and some
lilts of fjerman officers and non-com-missioned
officers in the Turkish army.
The paper adds that the Hats are pub
lished in the form of tmall newtpapert
and comprise 10,610 tmall printed
pages. Printed at a book they would
form 45,000 pnget, or 100 volumes of
450 pages each."
Lixnxx 844 in. 1 1 Wium2!in.
CLtTETT, PEAHOPY 00., Ino.. Mskora
Von Papen Goes Home
Is Glad to Leave Us
New York, Dec. 22. Sailing for der
ma ny today under recall, at America's
request, Attache Von Papen of tho
German embassy thanked "those who
have not permitted their friendly per
sonal feelings to be poisoned by the
hatred of war' and added that "no
efforts, however insistent, will accom
plish our enemies' desire to embroil
Germany ami America."
"Personally speaking," he continu
ed, "no greater satisfaction eonld be
given me than this fulfillment of my
ardent desire to be called home where
soldiers aro needed fnr more urgently
than here. I leave my post without bit
terness, because I know so well that
when history is written it will estab
lish our clean record, despite misrep
resentations and calumnies spread
In the course of his talk Von Papen
quoted an editorial comment which
said: "Now that the matter is settled,
the fact should be emphasized that tho
state department mado no charges
against Boy-ed or Von Papen which re
flected in the smallest degree upon
their honor as officers."
Franklin literary
Society Will Debate
The following subject, "Resolved,
That Marion County Should Retaia a
County Agriculturist," will be debated
by the Franklin Literary society at tho
Pratum school house, Pratum, Ore., on
Friday evening, December 31, 1915.
The entertainments given by the so
ciety every two weess are such that
they are attracting a large appreciative
audience. At the last meeting of the
society besides an interesting debate a
mock trial ingeniously gotten up by a
few of the members, threw the audience
into convulsions of laughter and was a
large asset to the'fine program of the
Ex-President Taft Is
Bitten By Peace Bug
San Frnneico, Dec. 22. Co-operation
of business men nnd big commercial
concerns in a peace enforcement cam
paign is urged in an appeal from Pro
fessor W. H. Taft, reaching tie local
chamber of commerce, tho Pacific
Const Ship Owners association, and
other bodies today. He would have a
league of world powers, agreeing nev
er to war again; and using toawrd any
nation refusing to join, the persuasive
powers of the other nation's armies
and navies.
Dalles, Or., Dec. 22. A scors of
young squas in Celilo camp wero in
"mourning today. Henry Tom, aged 22,
the handsomest Indian buck in the vi
cinity, was killed by a train last night
It is thought he got drunk and went to
sleep on the tracks.
Last Times Today
Thurs., Fri and Sat.
The Celebrated Dramatio
A Five Part Allegorical Photo
Drama In Which the Evils of
Drink are Graphically Por
trayed, Always 10c
10c 10c
Limited Engagement of the
Versatile Thannouser Player
Star of the Famous Serial
'The Million Dollar Mystery"
and a Magnificent Company In
Thurn Fri. and Sat
Pittsburg, Pa., Dec. 22. Tho Pitts
burg Bank for Savings wus ordered
closed todny by the state banking de
partment. Muny persons lined up clam
oring for their deposits. The bunk rated
as having $10,000,0(10 in deposits.
Receiver Getty suid tho bunk clnsing
did not reflect on the management, aud
that it was due to onloading of Kuha
Brothers' securities on tho institputions
two years ago following failure of
Kuha enterprises. .
It is not known yet as to what extent
the bnnk will be able to pay depositors,
many of whom were school children.
Rate per word New Today:
Bach insertion, per word .................... It
Ono week (6 insertions), per word 5
One month (26 insertions), per word 17
All ads must be ordered for a stated
length of time, no ad to count leas taaa
iu words.
The Capital Journal will not be re
sponsible for more than one insertion
for errors in Classified Advertise
ments. Read your advertisement tho
first day it appears and notify ns im
mediately it is contains an error.
Minimum charge, 15c.
JONES' NURSERY Rear of armory.
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encap lor casn. vail WJj, after
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farm land, 1 to 3 years. Address J.
L. Foster, Route 5, Box 180, Salem,
Orogon. Phono 1003J. tt
CALENDARS FOR 1916 Largo fig
ures for practical use. Call or phone
Homor U. Smith, the Insurance Man,
McCornack Bldg. Phone 96. Jan20
White, the dentist, has moved into
a fine suite of rooms on the third
floor of U. S. Bunk Bldg. Dec23
your spare timo, Join our club now
forming, registration free. Ladies'
Outfitting Shop, 185 N. Liberty St.
WOOD FOR SALE Second growth,
fir, $3.25 per cord, 4' foot length;
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L. G. Bulgin. Dec27
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land, located 5 miles Bouth of Salem
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take small tract for difference, O,
care 0' Journal, Dec25
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wagon, fresh Jersey heifer, yearling
heifer and cnlf. Will trade for auto
or lot in Salem, Address F24, cars
of Journal. Dec23
Notice ia horcby given that the fol
lowing described dogs have been em
pounded and will bo killed at the city
dog pound on Monday, December 27,
1915, unless personally redeemed bj
owner as providod by ordinance.
One black dog, breed, Shcppardi
weight, about 50 poundB.
One lack dog, broody mongrel,
short tail,
i One Airdale dog, color, black andi
brown, weight, 40 pounds.
One yellow and white dog, breed,
mongrol, weight, 20 pounds.
One white and yellow dog, breed, fox
terrier, weight, 15 pounds.
One black dog, breed, unknown,
weight, 30 pounds.
One yollow female dog, with whit
spots, weight, 30 pounds.
One white dag with brown spots,
breed, Spaniel, weight 85 pounds.
One white dog with brown spota,
breed, fox terrier, weight, 0 pounds.
One white dog with brown spots,
breed, unknown, weight xv pounds.
unas, it
d, hound,
One black dog, young, breed,
woight. 85 pounds.
Street Commissions-'.''
T 1 A A
xecemoer mi.