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Stomach Catarrh Is
Very Prevalent
In this climate catarrh la a
prevalent disease. Catarrh af
fects the stomach as often as
any other organ. Perhaps every
third person Is more or less
troubled with stomach catarrh.
Peruna 1b extensively used In
these cases.
O. A C
Jauary 3 to 8, 1916
t,l In form t ion. Practical Help for tat Home
the Farm, Hie Community.
Cenvtntiona of Oregon (irratrst IndiKtnr
Conference un Oregon' Mont Vital Problem
Two 1houn(VHffpI' attended laul year. It ia a
great place lo make (runnl with live
Ihiukrrn and live thought, gooil
wurkriii, hiuI good wuik.
January 10 to February 4, 1916
A Practical AgrlcntliitMl Coniftr in a NiH Midi.
Applied Science in Actual Work of
Die Farm ami llotmrlioltl.
Correspondence Cniiraea Without Tuition,
hxperl Instruction in Mtlic.
Reduced railroad raiea.
For prog ram wrile to Tha Collega Exchange. Oregen
ftrfiriiltural rlla. CamMl, (Iw-U-I lo 1-1)
Dallas, Texas, Dec. 22. Suf
fleiont turkeys to feed 3,500,
000 persons have been shipped
from Texas to tiio ( hrist imiH
markets, chiefly in Chicago and
New York.
l 1
The Weather a Year Ago Today.
Knin. Temperature, High B0, Low 34
remember Laxative Hromo (Quinine
cures a fold in one tiny. "Thero is only
one "Bromo Quinine." Look for sig
nature K. W. GROVE. 25c.
(Capital Journal Spcc.iul Service.)
LivcBley, Ore., Dec. 22. Mrs. O. W.
Coolidge was hostess for the Get -toget It
er club Friday. The prize ia the nnti
gram contest, a neat littlo painting by
Mrs. Coolidge, was won by Mrs. W.
Miere, after which dainty refresh
ments were served. Those present were:
Mrs. C. D. Query, Mrs. Moortry, Airs.
Davenport, Mrs. W. Miere, Mrs. .1. Wat
son, Mrs. W. Coolidgtf, Mrs. Wio-gins
Mrs. J. Brcssler, Mm. O. W. Coolidge.
A meeting for the purpoiic of organiz
ing a Literary society was held in the
school house Friday night, Mrs. B. D.
Fiddler presiding. After -discussing the
possibilities of a society an organiza
tion was mtde with B. D. Fiddler presi
dent, Earl Sharp, vice-president j Louis
(inlchenberg, secretary) Will Pettyjohn,
scrgcant-at-urms. The debate for
Thursday night will be "Is Single
Blessedness Preferable to Married
Mrs. J. Halstead, of Portland, is visit
ing with Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Meier.
Last Wednesday Mr. C. D. Query was
urgently called to the bedside of his
mother at Olympia, Wash. On his ar
rival home on Saturday Mr. Query re
ported his mother much improved. It
will bo remembered Mrs. Query spont
sometime visiting here last summer.
Mrs. Farley, of Salem, spent Kundny
with Mrs. W. Meier.
There are many things learned from
experience and observation that the
older generation should impress upon
the younger. Among them is tho fact
that scrofula and other humors, which
produce eczema, boils, pimples and oth
er eruptions, can be most successfully
treated with Hood's Hursapnrilla.
This great medicine is a peculiar com
bination of remarkably effective blood
purifying and health giving roots,
parks and kerbs, which are gathered
especially lor it.
Hood's Siirsuparilln has stood the
test of forty years,
Get a bottlo today row from your
UNirest drug store. Always keep it
on ha'jd.
f 1.00 per ton until further notice.
A,,ltf r1in,,ntniv a 1 Kn .
--wU ij vii-rru A.tiv
ton. We have the best roller liti
the city, equipped with auction!
fan that removes all the dirt
and dust without extra charge,
D'.A. White & Sons
255 State St., Salem, Oregon
Wby art we popular? Be-
cauae we tell you every day,
the news of the world.
Two Billion and a Quarter
Dollars Worth of Metal
Now In This Country
By Perry Arnold.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, Dec. 22, The United
Stales has gradually acquired more
thuti one fourth of the world's supply
of money gold. If Kurope finally iius
to sell to America the five billion dol
lars worth of American securities
which she still holds, the United States
will have gone a long way toward es
tablishing a dollar exchange.
These facts were outlined by Robert
W. Woollcy, director of the mint, in
taking issue with the prediction of Sir
(ieorgft Pnish, the British economist,
tiint there wits danger in the accumu
lation of gold in America.
"Sir (ieorge is only one of many
who have predicted an cru of wild
speculation if the accumulation of gold
continues along lit the present rate."
Wnnllev sii). 'Mr is onuilv cnticoiv.'
ulilo thnt the assembling of too much of
the world's standard of value in any
one country would lend to a general,
possibly sensational rise in prices, but
not all ngrco this country is near the
langer line. It s true, however, that
the gold now in Uncle Sum's vaults
will bo ample for all purposes for a I Bremerton, Oregon. j
long time to come. We ve experienced I Mrs. Klizabctii Downs left for her '
a great expansion of credits but ounhnmn in Portland Kiindnv utter spend-!
niitional wealth has also increased ending several weeks with her son Al
ormoiisly as have our , bank clearings ! l)wns Bn(i famy ' j
n lid the velocity of circulation." I Mrs. C. D. Kimball is nmono- tlmno 1
HOW miicn gold have we now "'from Kilvnrtnn u. ia.:..
Woolley was asked.
"On December 1, including coin in
circulation and bullion mid coin in the
treasury, there was 2,2.i(l,(W7,n47-nn
increase of H70,00,243 over July 1,
11114, before the war began.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
es s,m ofkr . ', ;iLTi.
fi3',.1"",0'. "r-. ""'1 Wr"-.To K'':hf? Vf
.... .. . ' . i
this place, has gone to Stauficld in I
eastern Oregon, to lie editor of a local
newspitper. Mr. Riches has been the
Oregon City reporter for the Portland
Daily Journal for several years past.
Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Giiiid'ersoii, were
in Portland this week to attend the tho
wedding of their friend, Miss Tonseth.
Among those fiom out of town to at
tend the funeral of the late M. Coolcy,
were: Frank Hall and Raymond Fish
er, of Woodburn: Mr. mid Mrs. A. L.
Ilrower. Mrs. Ada and Poan Smith, of
ocuus niiiis, n i so .i. u. ijuiicitn. a sou
in law of Mr. Coolcy.
Mrs. K. K. Kleinsorge was a guest of ..
Portland friends the past week.
Attorney C. K. Ross was transactin
business at McMinnvillo this week.
R. M. llofer was over from Salem
on business the first of this week.
Miss Gertrude Martin and Clifford
Pitney wore married at Sulein on
Thursday of this week.
The basket bull game between Ore
gon City and Bilverton high Behool was
played here last Saturday night. The
score stoou 41 to M in favor of Silver
ton. Dr. Kccno was called to the W. H.
itiiiigiunna homo at North Howell to
attend Miss Agnes Morgan who is very
ill with pacuuioniu.
Mrs. Ralph Shilts and Mrs. Robert
Howe were in tho city from the Sil-
verton Lumber company's eninp to do
tun, , illinilllHn SUUppiIl,
J. N. VaaAruum accompanied by his
brother, John VunArnuiu, of North Da
kota, eujoyed a trip to tho Silverton
Lumber camps last Tuetday.
There will bo a Program at the
Christian cuurcb on Christmas eve giv
en by the Sunday school. There will
oo recitutious, sougs, etc., followed by
a ( hristmas cuntutn, entitled, "The
Knehiinted Castle."
Miss Cassie Illuekerbv who teaches
school at Townseuil has boon home this
week on account of sickness, but hopes
to return to her school work again the
first of tiio week.
Hon, E. M. Crohisen. accamnauied bv
his sister, Mrs. Currie Bushnell, were
in the city Friday, to pay their lust in
spects to the lata M. Coolcy.
The ludies of the Mizpuh Circle held
their regular annual sale of ulul kinds
of funcy work, useful articles, and
good things to eat, last Friday and
Stttiinluy. Tho suln was well attended
and tho different articles sold readily.
The proceeds of the sale will go -for
chnritublo purposes, and much good
work tins been accomplished by these
busy Indies.
Miss Lvdia Hchuuiisso, who is a stu
dent at the college of music in Salem,
.... ,1... I. .. I !. I . '
i-i'vuy inn ween rnii wnn ncr cousin.
.-in. w. illusion nnuii laiiiliy or this
place. Miss Schunussa's homo is in
eastern Washington,
IrU Stewnt't. enilie hniiui frnin I'lit't...,
Oregon, Uriday night, where lie hits had
iiuige, or an engine on a logging rond.
A goodly number of friends uniliereil
at the homo of Mrs. t han. Amos Inst
rriiiny alteriiooii, responding: to an in
vention from her sister, Mrs. Nicker-
sou. Mrs. Amos' birthduy was the in
spiration for this surprise' party, which
wits one of the most enjoyable events
of the week. The afternoon was Passed
in u social manner, the Indies enc'i hav
ing their fancy work and exchanging
Christinas suggestions. A beautiful
piece of silverware wits presented to
Mrs. Amos and delicious refreshments
were served before the guests departed.
- wish for iniinv happy returns of the
day were expressed by all present.
.Miss Mario llnniro spent several
dnvs Inst week with Portland friends.
lleini.ilngsl'ord, Nebraska, th t of .
the week litter a very plecsimt lisit lit
the Moo und .lacobsmi homes.
Walter Frv has been on Cie sick list
. r, ii.iurssinti lei l lor ins Home In
the past fvw days. I
me lining retipies noc let v or the
United Lutheran church helil one of
their interesting meeting In the base
ment of the church Sundny. These
meetings nrtt much enjoyed by the
members of the society wiio prepare a
nice program and serve refreshments
bsIiIh from the business session held.
They meet every three week.
Miss Kora Browne was a passenger
for Sulcm Tuesday morning, returning
on the live o'clock train.
mi. t . . t . . .
'Julius Aim wns n Portland business
caller on lhursiliiv of this week.
P. II. Mureoe, who lately arrived
The Anti-Tuberculosis Society illus
trates the frightful toll of consumption
by extinguishing a light every three I
minute;, and shows that it is the man
or woman, girl or boy, who neglects i
j , M"rr t ' ,
wean. tiiu taiiguiu, miu 13 uic voy
one to contract tuberculosis and
none are immune.
During changing seasons, or after
sickness, blood-quality is most impor
tant, and if you and your family will
take Scott's Emulsion after meals it
will charge your blood with health
sustaining richness, quicken circulation,
and strengthen both lungs and throat.
Scott's is free from alcohol easy to
take it cannot harm. Get a bottle to-day.
Scott St Bowue, ltiooniucld, N. J. IS-it
from Iowa, is convalescing from a very
severe attack of pneumonia at the
homo of his son, Dave Mnreoe.
.1. .1. Tallman keeps adding to the
attractions at. his pleasant 'ionic on
1'hirtl street. Ilnrrv Desurt is buildiiiir '
two '
eobble stone posts, one nt each side1
posts, one at each side
of the front I ,. u,l.;,.l, .. 1.1
much to the iippearniice of the place.
I'.. I... Cooler, or Macleny, was in Sil
vertott on business Tuesday. Mr.
1'ooler was for rly in the ' genera
merchandise business in Pratim, b 2 !
now resi.les a his tine stock ran 1
neiirn Maeleav. j
ri!irn,i,. a"... ...i.. i..... i . . I
ino- hiu l.omdo i,',,. i..e, .,. ... " I
holiday with Portland relatives, leav-
ing for that placo Thiirsilny '
j . K. Hull, a life long fViend of f
Cley, was this city Fiidav to I, t
tend Mr. Cooley's funeral
" . u.miiiiii;,! is reported ns in
very poor health at her home ut Dr.
Anti'A i '.. .... L . .
II. L. Nutting. Mrs. Ira Stem. '
art and Mrs. Frank Syring were Port-i
'latld ShOtlliera Witilti.iu,lnu VI li. I
i ...in , , inrfl. w-
TeU"n(,, "ome in
hB eycning l,t Mrs. Nutting spent
the night with her sister M Tn.
Coehnin ami family, at St. Johns. I
At... u ... .
,"' , V ' in Portl 1
rTmtives H, h id"-VS wi,h
ippe'-t." w ?k "r,.i ,":;,n." '.!
grippe this week and unable to attend
iu ii m work at too mill.
Mrs. Theresa -limit nn.l i,i...
have been enred for at H, . i , i
Mrs. ,T. 7. CitVwere1 ta feu" '"he !
hmthn.'. t m, , ' 11 lu "lri
brother's home Thnrsdnu
f Mrs. Rnselnnd entertnined the Little
, Girls Society of the United Ltithernu
i'lltiri'li ir hup :in. I.... u .
Little Walter Ott has been n'i ,i,.l.
but. much better at this n-;in
it 4..1. l.i.A A ... .. .T-"- "
, Win. Laiighniiller, who has been en.
Wing a trip to San Francisco returned', Bo
home lust Friday cvoninir i have
Miss Thereiui Hum,,. ......... I
days (he past week at the home of her I Port'd out of its banks and many farm
sister, Mrs. Joo Lais on First street I fn Tr marooned ana unable to get out
Miss Lillio Mine, who has been stay- onlT DT bod
ing with her iter Mrs. Rnlston for some! Trappers from the vicinity of the
time post, will return to her home at! Lnc.kiamute river n, reporting many
Boy at fort, Washington, the first of the'lsrge catches this year of. muskrnt.
WiCr t ! m'n'G coon and skunk, and owing to
Miss Mereno Digerness was a possen- the Increase in price on nil raw ftiTS
K n u , n 1,,","y of this week.
.,, ," t" (-,he "pot several davs
with the home folks the first of this
John Hosmer was among the gripp
victims this week and Grant Davis was
also reported as on the siek list.
jj. I. Burr was a Portland business
caller the last of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. V. Burgeron entertain
ed a few friends at their home on Wed
nesday eveninir. Cards wero among the
diversions of the evening and a prettv
combing jacket and dresser scarf sen't
by Mrs. Fern Millor and her sister
were rnffied off, the proceeds from
these things to to to the church. Re
freshments were eorvsjd and a most en
joyable time reported.
! LI
Rub Backache Away
Small Trial Bottle of Old,
Penetrating "St.
Jacob's Oil"
Buck hurt youf Can't strnighten up
without feeling sudden nains. shnrn
aches and twingest Now Hstoul That a
iiintiagn, sciatica or maybe from a
strain, nud you'll get relief the mo
ment you rub your buck with soothing.
penetruting "St, Jacobs Oil." Nothing
else takes out sor.-ness, lameness and I night and didn't know what to do. On!
stiffness so tpiinkly. You simply rul)R friend's advice, I tried Doan's Kid-
u. uu your nnca niui out comes l.io pmn,
It is harmless nud doesn't. i llrti Dm
sit In.
Limber up! Don't suffer!
up! Don't suffer Oct a
small trial bottle of old. honest "St
1......1.- nn .'
: ,2 ; T m,1
l it 1 0n0 'T' 1 f"ret
ir sel ic b'..,,.'i IZ V l' in K
' "or" , sn m:, "rll' . "T.
never .lisappoints and hit, been recom-1
mended for (ID yenrs.
Detroit, Mich., Dec. 22. Bnhv Jen
nison 's Santa Clans died' today In n
horrible, bloody tragedy,
Friink .lenniiiiin, the child's father, a
Wabash railroad fireman, tiiiurrelcd
with his wife over what the bnhv
should have for Christmas, ns the baby
Inv In bed eooiitg.
Suddenly Jciinison 's anger burst, lie
seued h knife, nud slashed his wife's
thrnnt, killing her Instantly. Then ns
her blond spurted over tlie baby, he
drew the same weapon across his own
December 22, Hi2(l, which is
just 5 years less than three cen
turies ago today, the Pilgrims
landed at Plymouth Hock and
established themselves in prim
itive homes to eelelirnte their
freedom and their Christ mas.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Monmouth, Ore., Dec. 21. Monmouth
held her city election Monday, Decem
ber 20. The following officials were
elected: Mr. J. L. Murdock, mnyor;
Mr. W. K. Smith, treasurer; Mr. W. G.
Brown, recorder; Mr. John A. Riddell
and D. M. Humptonns cotincilnien to
serve for the term of two vears. The
1 duties of these officers will start Jan-
j "'i-T.e Monmouth high school basketball
team are practicing daily and getting
themselves in shape for the mutch game
f " played with Albany high school
in the near future. The boys have a
strong team this year und have not been
.... rPl. - 1..- .l. I.-. I.,.
. i- n:i.:.. x :.. i.
?'"' M r. "lU" r " " "" luul "
ins them this year.
Mr. A. W. Poole has the contract for
building the new garage for Graham &
TV . .' "B , . ,
t'"'? u,B,',rt- , " s'"!! '
'".'t"u,,'d ,1"11d weather the building la
b(M"' erected.
Mr. P. II. Johnson has sold his con-
fectionery and book store to D. C.
Walker & Son of this city. They now
l"lv0 P'IBSPIi!,ion-
iIr- ('- K- ,sl'ens! of 0rcKon City, is
",e st",e Kra"Kc ninster and he will
have charge of the insinuation of of-
ficers for the Monmouth grunge nt their
nPTt rerrnlnr meet.inrr on the second
Saturdav in January.
The Normal students who remained
in Monmouth for the Christmas vaca
tion are not exactly idle. Jinny of them
are planning social evenings and a
grand new year's ball.
The students of the Monmouth high
school nrn now encnrrpil in a difficult
linn of Enclish work thim nnv iriven
heretofore in this school. They edit
.1 .L : f T, T.1 T
iiiiner riiH HiiiiHrviKinn in I rill. p..
Keezel, articles for the local paper, thus
nffordintr themselves a profi able as
...n "1 f.i. ., .
o i, vn Wn.l
RChool hero is to have all the students
lc" tho athletics and Mr. J. H. Ack-
?onngth. athletic, to the
campus. A scries of live games or nas
kctball are to be played between the
boys of the senior and junior classes
boV9 of ,lie senwT 8,1,1 Iunior cln",
? h T iheY(0t
classes. A silver cud is offered as prt
classes. A silver cup is offered as prize
for both the boys and tho girls. Air, j
Aekerman snvs "It is very necessary
that the students learn athletics for
they will be required to teach it in some
form or other when they go out into
tho world teaching school.
Recently heavy rains in this section
caused the overflowing of nil
streams around. The Lttckiamute is re
most of the trappers are busy and doing
well. ;
Tho farmers living north of Mon
mouth held a telephone meeting Satur
dsv to incorporate a company and buy!
tho lines thev use from the "Bell" peo-j
pie, if possible.
Wednesday pigbt is amateur night nt
th "Norm" theatre. There is nsunllyj
a larger crowd on amateur night than
anv other night.
Riddell Brothers, breeders of pure
bred Cotswold and Uncnln. sheep .arid
Angora gnats, who lives near Monmouth
have purchased enothcr trnarter section
north of town. Thev are now bnsv til
ing the ground as it is nearly all bot
tom hind, Thev now form nbout 1,200
acres, using the latest and .most ap
proved machinery for their farming
operations. They have a "Holts" fiO
horsepower "caterpillar" trnetnr with
which they can plow, harrow and show
15 acres per day. During the past fall
they had the tractor equipped with a
seRrcMlirht end many nights they work
ed all night long.
There will be a special school meeting
Saturday, November 2fl. for the nurpnse
nt voting on the proposition of levying
a special district to.
Similar Cases Being Published In Each
The following easo Is but one of
an easy matter 10 veriiy. iou cannot
ask for better proof,
' F. A. Button, tent and awning dealer.
Salem, says: "I had kidney trouble j
for ton years and sometimes 1 was laid
up. Doctors did not help me. ' Sharp'
paius extended through my back and
were most severe in my kidneys. Often .
when working 1 hod to give up. I lost;
weight and was in very poor health. I1
hnil headaches, rested hut little at i
ney Pills and to my surprise they
brought great Improvement in a few
days. I continued to get bettor steadi
ly. I got more sleep, my appetite im
proven, nun me putns urnuiiHiiv
proved, and the pains gradually, but
wrely, left me. After I had used tl.ree
boxes of Doan's Kidney Pills, I was In
bp,tcr l",,,"h ,lmn 1 hd bt",B for ,en
y" - -?t 'IK. ..of kitlney eon,-!
V r.t'T (Statement given
iJR"' '"'i!1 , . '
I Over Six Years Later, Mr. Sutton
added: "I confirm my former endoree-j
mcnt of Doan's Kidney Pills. Thev
Price 00c, at ull dealers. Don't sim
ply ask for a kidney remedy get'
Doan's Kitlney Fills the same that j
Mr. Sutton linn twice publicly recom-1
mended. Foster-Milburn Co.( Props.,1
Buffalo, N. Y. !
That useless article may mean
money to yon through the New
Today column.
Of course, the Men
will come, but we
want the Ladies, too
We do not need to appeal
to the men they know us.
us just as wall and to feel sure that in our store
they'll find the kind of gifts they're seeking and the
kind of so vice that makes Christmas buying easy.
ladies and the men we provide this list of useful,
appropriate and practical men's gifts gifts that
every man will greet with the spirit of sincere ap
preciation that is so much desired.
man's gift store that means
Christiania, Dec. 22. Lloyd
M. Biiighum, husband of Amelia
Bingham, actress, a member of
Ford's pence party, died here
today of pneumonia, -
Bingham accompanied the
peace ship as official entertain
er. His Bohcmianlsin offended
Uuritanicul delegates, and they
succeeded in cancelling arrange
ments for a Bingham concert in
Bingham urged the party to
leave him behind here, after he
had contracted plcuro-pneu-monift
Lending druggists everywhere are !
establishing new records jn the sale of j
medicine. Believing that no medicine )
ought to be paid for unless if does the
user some good tkey have adopted the
plun of selling Solvnx, the standard .
kidney remedy, tinner a positive guar
antee of quick relief from ull kidney or
bladder misery, or money buck without
a question. This spcuks eloquently for
the virtues of the remedy and already
has created a wide-spread demand for
it here in Salem. Hundreds of people I
in - every walk of life have been re-1
lieved of the agonies attendant on
weak, . disarranged or clogged-up kiil-j
neys and bladder by this remarkable
remedy, it is not just merely a kidney
treatment, it is a medicine that aims to;
put the entire, pninruckeit body into
normal condition and give vigorous
health after the many puinful disorders
caused directly or indirectly by sick
kidneys. A change for the better will
be seen after the first few doses of
Solvax and its continued use should
tone up tho entire system of improp
erly working organs and give the de
sire to live and enjoy life to its full
est. Solvnx is considered by many thei
best kidney remedy on the market to-j
day because it aims to cure by striking i
directly at the cause of all the trouble.
The nisny pnins and aches caused by
improperly working kidneys cannot be
permanently cured unless the cause is
Solvnx is sold under n positive guar
antee to refund the money if it doesi
not cure. This is the strongest proof
that can be offered as to the merit of;
tho medicine. You are cheating your-,
self out of your slice of life if you do ,
not give Solvnx a chance. Get it today1
from Daniel .1. Fry or nny leading
druggist in this vicinity. i
Full Text America's
Last Note to Austria'
(Cortlnued from rag One.
strictly on the Austrian admiralty's
own admission that the Austrian enm-j
mander blasted the Ancoiia after her'
engines hnil stopped, and while lis-
sengcrs were still, aboard. On tho.
strength oMhis Btutetiieut, the note
branded the commander as wilfully j
violating international law mid the
"humane principles which every 'Pel
ligcreut should observe in the conduct
nf win nt aen.'' it Miiitl his ''rnlnfihili-
Prune- - Loganberry
Combination Boz for a
Or a paper wrapped sealed 10 lb. box,
of our fancy
Tou can't beat it for an appropriate
seasonable gift to your eastern friends.
While ije box lasts it will speak to
them every day about Salem, Oregon.
See display m Roth Grocery Co.'s win
Oow, or at our office... Thousands of
them are going, order yours totlay.
Willamette Valley
tv" hud been established in any case.
The note concludes:
"It (the United States) sincerely
hopes that the foregoing stntement of
its position will enable he Imperial, and
Royul government to perceive the jus
tice of those demands and to comply
with them in the same spirit of frank
ness 'and with the same concern for
the good relations now existing be
tween the United States and Austra
Huiignry .which prompted the govern
ment of the United Stntes to make a
Will Not Argue Matter.
The note Was a refusal to debnte in
ternational law und humane principles.
America said she did not (eel herself
"called upon" thus to argue with Aus
tria. Never in the history t the sub
marine controversy nrising from this
war has the administration made 'its
note so brief, so directly to the point.
Addressed to Ambassador Penfield:
The note follows
"Department of State, Washington,
December 1(1, 10ir. You are in
structed to address a note to the Ana-tro-Hungnriap
minister of foreign af
fairs, textually as follows:
"llic government of the United
Stntes has received the note of Your
Excellency relative to the sinking ofl
the Aneona, which was delivered at
Vienna on December IS, 11)1.5, nmli
transmitted to Washington and has
given the note Immediate and cnreful
"On November IS, 11)15, Baron
Zwiedinck, the chnrgc d' affairs 'if the
Imperial and Roynl gover cut at
Washington, transmitted, to the depart
ment of state a report of the Austro
Hungarian admiralty will regard to ho
sinking of the steamship Anconu, in
which it wan admitted thnt the vessel
was torpedoed after, her engines had
been stopped and when passengers
were still on bonrd. This admission
alone is, In the view tho government of
the Vnited States, sufficient to fix
upon the commander of the sub
marine which fired the torpedo, the
responsibility f (,r having wilfully vio
lated the recognized law of nations and
entirely disregarded those humane
principles which every belligerent
should observe in the conduct of war
at sea. In view of these admitted cir
cumstance the government of the
I'nited States feels justified in hold
ing that the details of the sinking of
the Anconn. the weight and character
of the additional testimony enrrobor-.
nting the admiralty's report and the
number of Americans killed or injured
are in no wv essential matters of the
discussion. Tho culpability of the
comuiiiiiiler is in anv case established,
Bishop .
Dent's Gloves
Bath Kobe
Just Wright
Holiday Set
Scarf irui
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Prune Association
and the undisputed fact is that citizens
of the United States wero killed, in
jured, or put in jeopardy by his lawless
Austria Admits Facts.
''Tho rules of interuntloiiul luw and
rite principles of humanity which were
.I.... ,;if..n.. ..:AtA.i i... .I.-
mnnder of the submarine have been so
long and bo universally recognized ami
are so manifest from the standpoint of
right and justice that the government
of the United States does not feci
called upon to debate thcut and docs
not understand that the Imperial and
Royal government questions or disputes
"The government of tho United
States, therefore, finds no other course
open to it but to hold tho Imperial und
Royal government responsible for tho
net of its naval commander nud to re
new tho tlefinite but respectful de
mands made in its communication of
the sixth of December, 1015, It sin
cerely hopes thnt tho foregoing state
ment of its position will enable the
Imperial anil Royal government to per
ceive tho justice of those demands umt
to comply with them in tho same spirit
of frankness and with the same con
cern for the good relations now ex
isting between the United States to
Austria-Hungary which prompted tho
government of the United States to
make them."
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