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f -gfj SPORTING --i-
A scene from "Her Reckoning or
Tables Turned, " a Metro Picture,
starring the dainty Vienese actress,
Emmy Wehlen, at Ye Liberty today
ana tomorrow.
Boxing Events and Basket
Ball Occupy Attention of
Fans Temporarily
-S:i ii Francisco, Dec. 21. After u year
of retirement, Charlie Miller, heavy
weight, will try to come hack here to
uight. Miller will meet Sailor Nehaffer
of Vullejo, nt one of the weekly boxing
shows. .Miller nays he is in excellent
Kate per word New Today:
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first day it appears and notify us im
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Minimum charge. 15c.
Ritchie Beat McAndrews.
Philadelphia, Dee. 21. -Eddie Me An
drews was "beaten here by Willie
Kitehie in a six-round bout last night.
Kitchie hud the better of every round.
Consumed a Reindeer.
Portland, Ore., Dec. 21. Three huu
dred members of the Oregon Sports
men's leuguo awoke early today and
found that they didn't feel any differ
ent as a result of consuming a reindeer
ut the annual banquet of the league last
night. The meat was the gift of l.ouis
Dart, a tormer Portland nun now in
C olorado.
'JONES' NUK3ERY Rear of armorv,
AUTO FOB HIRE Phone 144. DecSJ
candy for 25s at Damons.
$3.50 per cord. Phone 2249. tf
$4.00 cord. Phone 937. tf
PIGS FOR SALE Phone 53F22. Dee22
Beavers Keep Bill Rodgers.
Portland, Ore., Dec. 21. Bill Rodgers
is again n Heaver today, because Cin
cinnati didn't grab him whilo the op
tion was alive. The Reds' hold on
Rodgers expired yesterday, and the for
mer Beaver captuin will report to Mc
Credie in the spring.
Dillon Beat Noi-toa.
Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 21. Game to
the cure, Al Norton, Los Angoles
hreavyweight, was no match for Jack
Dillon of Indianapolis and was finish
ed in less than four rounds here last
night. Norton came up from his fourth
knockdown at the count of nine in the
iourtii rounu, and nis seconds threw up
the sponge.
What a glowing, comfortable feeling of satisfaction it gives to see and hear the delight o
We offer you your choice of
Victrola- Edison - Grafonola
FOR RENT Two houso keeping roomt
at 330 North High. Phone "i." tf
FOR. SALE Fresh cow with calf, or
will trade for beef cow. Phono
work in respeetuble family. P. O,
Box 254, Tumor, Oregon. Dei'21
iWANTKI) A small - cash register
cheap for cash, Cull 22W, after
noons, tf
3' OR SALE Team, harness, wagon and
two fresh cows. Box CO, care of
Journal. Doc21
TAKE your broken umbrella to 843
N. Commereial street to be repaired,
anu recovered. Veeii
i'Olt KENT Strictly modern house, al
so cheaper house. Dry wood for sale
cneap. mone 'JOolj. liee'J:
FOR SALE Buff Orpington chickont
ana eggs for hatching purposes
Phono evenings, 0SF2. JunC
FOR SALE Cheap, good family cow,
fresh, rich milker, also nice heifer
calf. 1407 Center street. Dee22
STOP! LOOK! Two lots on car line
350, tonus. D. C. Corey, 1303 N
17th. Janf
FOR KENT Modern six room fur
nished bungalow, $17.50 per month.
Phone 1321. Doc!!7
GET YOl'H Tl'ItKS, ducks, chickens,
pork, veal, vegetables, ut the Pub
lic Market, next Thursday. Dec21
FOR SALE Victor talking machine,
with 40 records, choup. 1150 South
13th street. tf
I'Olt SALE Good Yellow Jersey cow,
i years old, will freshen in few duvs,
710 South 12lh street, up stairs. "
trade. Bargain. What havo you to
offerf Address Capital Journal,
Uox 71, Dee23
FOR SALE Team, good young gentle
mores, well broken, weight 2100.
.Price reasonable. Cull 700 North 21
street. Dec21
. W ANTED TO TRADE A high grade
Jersey bull, ngod 18 months for a
Shorthorn or llolstoin of equal value.
Phono tHIFll. Doeitf
NOTICE Next delivery of apples,
Wednesday, Phone order overlings,
or drop a card Wulter Z. Pearmino,
Itouto 8. Dec21
CALENDARS FOR lStlfl Large fig
ures for practical uso. Cull or phone
Homer If. Smith, the Insurnneo Man,
McCornack llldg. Phono flu. Jun20
WOOD FOR SALE Second growth
fir, ;t.2j per cord, 4 foot length;
$3.7.1 per cord, sawed to order. Deliv
ered in South Salem. Phono 11E3.
White Would Meet Welsh.
Chicago, Dec. 21. Whether Charlie
White will get a cruek at Freddie
Welsh's lightweight crown todav de
pended on Harry Pollock, Welsh's man
ager. Nate Lewis, manager of White,
nns ngreeu to tne terms proposed by
Dominic Tortorich for a bout the same
week in March as the Willard-Fulton
bout. Lewis is awaiting word from
I 4. h k 1 s i
Order for Christmas Delivery Records for All Machines.
Geo. C. Will
The Rogue River Fishing Feud.
Portland, Oro., Dec. 21. A commit
tee from the Oregon Sportsmen's league
today is investigating charges made
against commercial fishermen in con
nection with the Roguo River fishing
feud. The committee consists of A. E.
Reames, of Med ford; I. A. Robio, of
Grnnts Pass; Wnlter F. Backus, of Port
laud; J. B. Johnson, of Gold Beach, and
Dr. Bundy, of Medford.
Horseman Bought It.
Ran Francisco, Dec. 21. Horesmen
today hailed with delight the uncon-
rirmcu but generally credited report
that Charles F. Silva of Sacramento, is
tho man who has purchased the Wood
land Stock farm and mile trace truck.
As Silva is an enthusiastic horseman,
It was felt that the Woodland establish
ment will not bo dismantled.
Salem's Leading Music Store
" " ""jr. . 1
342 State Street f
By Wilbur S. Forrest,
(1'nited Press Stuff Correspondent.)
London, Nov. 2. (By Mail) Lon
don's nuti-treating law is no joke. It
is no American Sunday closing affuir.
It's the real, unadulterated articlo.
wnen American city fathers agree
Prominent Physician -
Sued For Damages
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Dallas, Or., Dec. 21 Mrs. Laura M.
Barhum, wife of A. J. Durham, of this
city, has through her attorney, B. A.
Kliks, of McMinnville, filed suit
ngainst Dr. L. A. Bollman, one of the
most prominent physicians of this citv.
asking for damages to the extent of
S4,ho0. Mrs. Brahnm alleoes in her com
plaint thnt tho doctor gave her an in
To Manage Kansas City Federals,
Tos A ugeles. Cal.. Dee. 21. fieoroe
Stovnll, Malinger of the Kansas Citv
Federals, will manage the Cleveland
Americans in 101(1. according to an in.
timntion contained in a letter written
by ii im to his brotlier. Jess Stovall at
This Information became known hore
today through Dan Tobey, manager of
the Pacific Electric, baseball club, who
played his team nt Ozuard yesterJuy.
iiiiue mere, no saw .less stovull.
'Jess told mo he had heard some In
teresting news from tleorue." said To
bey today. "Mo said George had writ
ten him in a very guarded manner but
Had given hi in to understand tuat tho
Cleveland managership would bo open
to him if he cared to accept.
"George wrote that he had little
fear of being marooned when tho Fed
erals disband us he had been positive
ly assured that ho would bo taken care
houses has suffered less. Lnborers
still drop in for their morning and
evening nip or tankard of ale. They correct diagnosis of the case under his
paid lor it themselves before, anyhow, care and that he was unskillful in his
ni a certain American uar ami notel practice. Mrs. ISarham was injured in
well liuown to Americans the veteran a fall at her home on Court street last
barmaid who makes the best Brnn r i Mh reli snH aim all nnaa (nal Ilia Anntnr
uiui mi-re sunn no no cstinuny saloons: coc.Ktaiis in f.ngiami, numits she isn't dingnmzeit the injury other than what
thVy draw up their ordinance and noti-1 making so many nowadays. She knows it was and that he treated her for a
fy the saloon keepers. Hut they don't, many of the most prominent Americans period of about two months for a
lock the back doors. England doosJ in London and manv who freauentlv trouble she alleges did not exist. Asa
also the windows; ulso the cellars. Tho
vast uitlorence between American and
British observance is stnrtliugly shown
in the effects of this latst step' against
intemperance. In one mouth drinking
has diminished 25 to 4 per cent in Eng
land, Drunkennoss is down forty per
cent and still decreasing, Careful in
vestigation proves today that' there is
Republican Central
Committee of County
Holds Meeting Today
The Marlon County Republican Cen
tral committee met' this afternoon at
tho county court houso to perfect its
organization for the coming year, The
meeting was culled to order by Ben
jamin Robertson, of Turner, chairman
of the countv cent nil mimnltlmi TI,.o
FOR SALE OR TRADE 40 acres of wn" no 8P''"1 business to come up at
bind, located S miles south of Salem Particular time and thoso present
In tho famous Liberty district. Will . on'y tliscussej tho preliminary steps
n Miiri ior uiuorence. u. '"r u organisation to tnkn nsrt in
DecSS.fe coming political campaign.
Doble Denies Story
Portland, Or., Dec. 21. Clilinour Do
hie, the football coach who never has
been defeated, is in Portland eu route
to the Berkeley, California, where ho
will spend the next six weeks, and
where lie may make his home.
Dobic a kiu us denied that he had de
ceived offers to couch the eleven of
Cnlitoriiiu and Vule. Ilo will resume
his journev tomorrow. ,
There is no one to buy for "the other
no treating in London, f aslnonablOj fellow." Police court figures show
cafes in London's downtown district i that where London produced 1000 nr
now have many empty chairs. Lead- rests weekly for drunknoss before,
ing hotel cars lack tho little groups thore are now not more thnn COO. In
of "strategists" who gathored dsjly other parts of England and in Wales
co uiscuss tue war over wlnsky and and Scotland, where the law is of fee-
soda. lrofftssional "moehers," well, live, police figures sum up that where
anown in i.onuon, nave oeen annum- there wcro uuu convictions for drunk
ated by tho law which says thoy may ness there are now 400. In Liverpool
have no drink unless they pay for it. during the month preceding the non
Semi respectablo restiuii'unt public-' treating order thero were li!3 nrrests
houses have been hard bit. No groups j and la tho following month but 12!i. In
gainer to tuiK over nie niul bitter. Tho fiewcastle thore wero 75 against 41
patrous arc drinking almost pathotical- Durham 59 against 34, Northumberland
ly alone. The lower class of public 40 against 2o and Cardiff 0 against 1.
come over but she admits bIic's not see-' result of the alleged unskilled practice
in them so often. The secretnrv of I tho plaintiffs arm was paralyzed to the
one of London's largest clubs declares finKcr tips and she claims that even
that two drinks are now being tnken "ow aftor treating with specialists the
wnere tnreo were consumed before. ' UKXU """-'J curcu.
The manager of a well-known West End!T1"? e I'ro.m""' to be one of interest
cafo admits that his dnilv bar re- tt? b"th T?tt,ei ttre wcl1 known in this
ccipts are off nearly forty per cent
Lojus Win Bowling
Match From Woodmen
Notice is hereby given that tho fol
lowing described dogs have been em
The Loins won two out of three ' landed and will bo killed at tho city
games of the bowling mutch in the city i ,loK P0U"J 011 Mondny, December 27,
series nt tho club alleys hiHt night from! 11'1;- U,"M ("rsonully rcdeemeu by
tne woodmen or the World team. The """" iiuvu uy ununniue,
Ii. O. Bulgin.
Lojus upset 2."rJ2 pins while tho Wood
men spilled 2"i2.'l but the loganberry
men hit them wliero It did tho most
good. Steustiuns of the Lojus rolled
high game of 213 and 107 for high
Following nro tho scores:
1 2 3 Ttl. Av.
Stutesman 2111 Ids ISO !tll 1H7
Pilkentou Ifw lll.'i lltll M4 1!52
'ill MS 174 lf4 47(1 lfdl
Freland 1!1 1 HI 107 ,ri07 lll!
. -ay 170 153 181 fi'Sl 174
care o1 Journal.
or I
of Journal,
HAVE VOTT TO inTnv t'.i1! jy rumored about the meeting
"A:A'.-Y. 7 .T"A"K "I tliat Woodrow Wilson would be .ur, i
e a team, work harness and I f i , MtlmaZ,nur
on. fresh Jersey heifer w.nrlln' l,rp"""'"t In 1IM0 but no definite n-
er'snrcalf.1".. trade C.,"5.f,1(rB7;,UB C0"Ul b thta in-
lot III Salem. Address F24, care '
,0Xmal ec22 MrTrra ,,f..
VQll EXCiIANOE-40 acres well im-
proved, large barn, fair farm house.l l nrtlaiul, Or., Dec. 21, Thnt H
utore houses, granary and other outi'IK formerly trafrio manager
buildings, 28 acres lit cultivation, he Oregon-Washington railroad i
iiu.i.inr iiiiiuer nun pnsiiiro, spring navigation company,
Totals 8SS 811 823
Total pine, 2."i-2.
Team uvernge, HIS.
Woodinou of the World
1 2 3 Ttl. Av.
Donaldson V2 10(1 100 4H7 1(12
Lloyd 173 1S 130 4S7 102
Heiui .VS ls.'i lltf ROD 10l
Wilson 100 107 181 514 181
Kress 178 14,r 174 4l7 100
Totals 8!i7 817 810
Total pins, 2523.
Team average, 108.
will be president
, ,.r nun uarn, run- i tne new Twohy railroad from Grants
mug slrean, roeK road, clojo to IPnss, Oregon, to tVesc.mt CUv, wa
Irtv Z ? ;.",,n"Kl' i".' ri,-vuPf"IMtacity admitted today by ' hobort
erty or tract near Salem. Sounro Twuliv 'i'.i r.,ii.. L xi-n "uul"
Deal Resllv Co .104 II R i ,U .i d rather Mr. Miller made
ai many io., .10 U. S. Bank tho aniioiineeiuent," he said when
Klam..th Falls, Or., Dee. 20. Shortly
after ins return from a visit to Sun
L'. it....... u... i in
JWell to do rancher, committed suicide
Klihv l,nntii, 1,1, .....If III. l,...t.. .
found tiMnv.
rhona 81 for better carrier
service. if
One black dog, bieel. Sheppnrd,
weight, about 50 pounds.
One hick dog, breed mongrel,
short tail.
One Airdalo dog, color, black and
brown, weight, 40 pounds,
One yellow and wlilto dog, brood,
mongrel, weight, 20 pounds.
One white und yellow dog, bree-1, fox
terrier, weight, 15 pounds.
One black dog, breed, unknown,
weight, 30 pounds,
Ono yellow female dog,, with white
spots, weight, 30 pounds.
One white dag with brown spots,
breed, Spaniel, weight 35 pounds.
One white dog with brown spots,
breed, foic terrier, weight, 20 pounds.
Ono white dog with brown spots,
breed, unknown, weight 20 pounds.
One black dog, young, breed, hound,
weight, 33 pounds.
E. S. ni'DLONd,
Street Commissioner,
December 23.
Then, guard your health, for It Is a
treasure, and nt the first sign of
stomach weakness, try '
Stomach Bitters
It helps aNturo In every way.
Among the expenses that are listed
in the complaint are thoBe of medical
treatment, nursing and domestic help
since the right arm became practically
Campbell Sella Farm.
II. O. Cnmpboll of this city last week
traded his 20 aero ranch near Cottage
urovo to J. O. Vincent, of Salem, for
an eight acre tract near the Capital
city, recoiving $1,000 in cash in the
Rulest Against Commission.
Circuit Judge H. II, Bolt last week
handed down a decision in favor of
Willinm It. Mooro and Anna A. Moore,
dependent parents of the late IX. .1.
Mooro, in their appeal from the award
of .I0 per month made by tho state
accident commission. II. J. Moore, a
son of the aged couplo was killed in an
accident in Polk county several months
ago and his parents being dependent
upon nun, tne accident commission
awarded the mother and father $10 a
month. This sum was not nearly the
amount contriouted to their support by
their deceased son and toe parents ap
pealed from tho ruling of the com
mission. An account kept by tho young
man showed lie gavo to his parents for
their support n sum of $10 nor month.
Judge Helt's decision gives the parents
an increnso in their allownnce from tho
commission to $20 per month.
ciud Will Have Dinner,
At tho annual election of the Dallas
Commercial club which will bo held on
inniiary 4th the members of that or
ganization will be treated to a dinner
at the Gail hotel after which the reg
ular business of the club will be taken
lounty Judgo John I). Teal spent
Sunday with his family at Falls City.
. . , JMiuor was a business visitor
In Salem tho latter part of the week.
Mrs. Frank Chapman, of Salem, was
in tho city last week a guest at the
homo of her mother, Mrs. J. C. Oaynor.
M. L. Thompson, a prominent "busi
ness man of Fulls City, was a Dallas
visitor tho latter part "of the week.
Miss Ethel Minty, of Salem, is visit
ing friends and relatives in Dallas.
John Kichtcr has returned from a
short visit with relatives and frieuds
in Albany.
Samuel Orr roturnod to his homo in
Portland the latter part of the week
after a few days visit at the home of
his son, Hheriff John W. Orr.
Mrs. II. (J. Eakin. of Kickrenll. was
shopping in tho oity Friday afternoon.
Airs, i. R. Klch has returned to her
home in Summit, Oregon aftor an ex
tended visit at the home of hor son", If.
It. ltich and other relatives and
Mr. and Mrs. It. R. Patterson, Jr.,
arrived in Dallas the latter part of the
week from (Ireys Kiver, aldington
for an extended visit at the home of
Mrs. Patterson's aprents, Mr. and Mrs.
Eugene Hayter, on North Main street.
J. L. Sweeney, of the Dallas Flour
ing Mills, was a business visitor in Sa
lem last wtek.
A large number of friends of the
late D. A. Madison attended his funer
al which was held at Independence,
Saturday. Mr. Madison was lormorly
a Dallas business man.
W. D. Gilliam of Gilliam Station was
in the citv Saturday shopping.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cary of Missoula,
Montana, are in the city guests at tho
homo of Dr. and Mrs. W. 8. Cary.
Chnrles Turner has returned to his
home in Sheridan after 'a short visit at
tho home of Mr. and Mrs. Fred IIol
man. Frank Brobst, of Perrydale, a form
er resident of this city, was in Dallas
tho latter part of the week greeting old
C. S. Calkins, a prominent resident
of the Airlie neighborhood was a coun
ty seat visitor last week.
High Winds, Heavy Rains
Prevail Along Coast
Seattle, aWsh., Dec. 21. With a 60
mile gale racing along the Washington
and British Columbia coast fear was
felt here today for the safety of ship
Wires from Tatoosh Island were re
ported down by Weather Observer Salis
bury, who stated however, that no dam
age from the storm had been reported
by wireless at an early hour.
During the night the wind increased
to a volocity of 76 miles.
Storm warnings were ordered to re
main up throughout the day. The foro-
linoi, is ram tonignt and Wednesday with
continued northerly winds. Kninfall
last nignt was .oU inch. It was .(in inel.
Fierce Gale at Astoria.
Astoria, ur., Dec. 21.A heavy galo
struck the const at North Head last
night, the wind attaining a velocity of
- miles an hour. Rliii,r.;., 1...
,l.,l.,,..i i Z , "u uoen
early today! WM rep0rt
Think "Girf Is Trying
lo BeatUld Santa Claus
Bowaro of Santa Clnn. l,t.. .....
posed to have been written by a nice
little girl or bov eiirht vnr. i,i u..
ernl prominent citizens, including Gov
ernor Withycombe, and several firms
ri-uuiveu appealing letters from
an eight-year-old child, whose writing
resembles very much that of a woman,
in which said child relates the mourn
ful fact that he or hn l,n. f..... in
tie sisters and a grandmother 77 years
old. The said child also has a mother
who is working for them all, but hns no
money to send them nresenta. Tl,
child does not want any presents, but
would like a contribution for tho
mothor. The letter further states that
as a present, a load of wood, a sack of
flour and a nice box of apples would be
Several of these appealing letters
have been compared and all are in the
haudwritiug of a woman, and not an
eight-year-old child.
Mrs. W. E. Anderson of the Salem
Social Service Center and Mrs. C. H.
Pickett attendance officer of the pub
lic schools, would like to secure addi
tional copies of these Snnta Clans let
ters, in order to take steps to prosecute
the party sending them out. They art
convinced the letters are frauds, and
that tho party sending them is liul le
to prosecution for using the mails with
fraudulent intent.
Anyhow, it might lie well to noto
carefully all letters from children ad
dressed "Dear Santa," asking for a
Christmas present of a load of wood
and eating materials.
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