Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 17, 1915, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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-:rtv4lu-f r
Wf Have Several Hundred of the FAMOUS
AN NABCLLE DOLLS left over from last
year and we want to give them away before
Christmas. So just as long as they last any
subscriber who will pay one month's subscrip;
tion at the business office, back subscription or
advance, and present the coupon clipped from
this advertisement will be given an ANNABELLE
and new sub
must be made
This offer applies to old
scribers alike and the payment
at the business office, not to the carrier boys.
You get the doll absolutely free, so long
as the supply on hand lasts.
j,ni)WijljW u,J.lnji.1,,Ji.'W.. '!
Two Quarts ef Spirituous
Liquors Or 24 Quarts
Vinous Or Malt
31 3fc afC lC 1 3ft 9t 3C 3ft 3ft
Judge William Onllowny, of depart
ment No. 2 of the circuit court, went to
Albiiuy todny to open court in that city
in his department. Judge Percy R.
Kelly cloned a busy soscion in depart
ment No. 1 m Linn county Inst night.
Judgo Calloway expects to open court
ai;uiii i! Ui'j i ity Monday.
This coupon entitles the holder to one Annabelle
Doll free, by paying one month's subscription to
the Capital Journal at the business office.
It is good until the supply of dolls is exhausted.
in if irl -
.-aWsW, urn mi. m irtWrtitiatoiri
Former Star of the Prince of Pilsen, assisted by Ruth Loftus and
Johnny Mullally In
Fifteen Minutes of Musical Comedy Caper
A Versatile Comedian
Surprise Parti eg
Sunday O L I G O Mat. 15c
Washington, Dee. 17. The
European war has closed Amer
ica's "open door." As ugninst
an immigration 0f 1,218,420 in ,
11114, only 32li, 7110 slions camo
to the shores of America in 11)15
to June 30, Secretary of Labor
Wilson's annual report showed
. . . . ,
Today and Saturday
LaFollette Has No
Chance Says Taft
Fond du Lac, Wis., Dec. 17. Senator
La Folletto, in Professor Taft's opinion,
has no chance of (rotting tho republican
presidential nomination.
The professor, smiling todny said:
"Ho hns nbout an much ehnneo as I
have nnd I'm out of. polities."
Tho former president deelnred the
bull moosers ore returning to the U. '
V. and that the republican camp will
ho harmonious.
Reports of blizzards in the east rec
oneile Oregoninns to a little rain at
this season of the year.
s Special Pgice ;
Mill Wood
Prompt Delivery
Spaulding Logging
Since tho virtues of plain liquid s 1
merine as a hair curler bceame known,
druggists in this country, as well as
abroad, have been having a really ex
traordinary demand for this rcmarkublo
product. Its effectiveness and its en
tire harmleseness especially as com
pared with the ruinous curling iron
doubtless have been responsible for its
increasing nso for tho purpose men
finned. A fw ounces of liriuiil Kilmer-
...:n i-.. !,.. t.ii.. Tml
IMC iui n iwuft m-. i IZju.
Ono need only, apply a httlo of the
liquid with a clean tooth brush before
retiring nnd in tho morning tho hair
will have that beautiful wavy and
glossy appearance whirh bears no nmrks
of artilieialitv. The best
i.WSlM. MimTilMiit
. Disappointment is in store for the
man who thinks he will mix drinks aft-'
er the first of the year, when the new
prohibition law goes into effect.
The little word "and" and the even
smaller word "or" sometimes have but
Httlo significance, but in this case the
changing of the word "and" to that
of "or" means that after January 1,
the head of a family will havo to choose
between spirituous or vinous liquors
and malt liquors, ns tho new lnw states
plainly that either may be shipped to a
limited extent within four consecutive
weeks, but not both.
Tho reading of Homo Bill No. 3(12,
hotter known as the Anderson bill, as
enrolled and filed in tho office of the
secretary of stato rends as follows:
"It shall be unlawful for any one
person or family within this state to
receive from any common carrier, or
common carriers, more than two qunrts
of spirituous liquors, OB, more than 24
quarts of malt liquor within a period of
tour successive weeks."
That one word "or" is very decisive.
The law is also quite clear ns to the
"one person or family." After stating
the ono person or. family limits tho law
provides that, "this shall not apply 'to
any wholesale or retail druggists re
ceiving ethyl alcohol."
For sacramental purposes the law is
also clear, stating that a priest,jniinister
or commanding officer of any fraternal
organization in which wine is used in
administering the sacrament may re
ceive "such quantities of wine as may
bo necessary for sacramental purposes
only. ' '
Carrying any kind of
liquors in one s hip pocket or even
traveling bag from Calilornia may be a
risky business next year ns tho snme
law provides explicitly that only 'com
mon carriers, qualified to receive and
administer an affidavit, will be permit
ted to bring liquor of any kind into the
It will be a misdemeanor to violate
the prohibition law, nnd will be punish
ed with a fine of $50 or 30 dnys in the
county jail.
The opinion of many is thnt tho orig
inal prohibition bill used tho word
"and," and permitted tho shipment to
one person or one family, two qunrts
of whiskey or wine, and 24 quarts of
beer each successive four weeks. But
the 1915 session laws as printed use the
word "or" and the original house bill
No. 302, which finally passed the leg
islature bas the word "or" and that
settles it. Tho limit is two quarts of
spirituous or vinous liquors UK 2
quarts of malt liquors every four weeks,
nnd a man ciiiinot consider himself a
common carrier und fill his traveling
bag coming from California.
('runty (.'lull Gehlhnr tod'iy received
the blind- I niters' licenses from the
stato fish m.d game commission to he
mvd in this county next yenr. Last
year tibout .l.fCO each of hunters' a-id
anglers' li.tnsts were sold in Mari.m
county nnd Mr. C-ehlhar ordered 3,500
hunters' licenses, 33 anglers' licenses
300 combination licenses, 100 veterans
licenses and five non-resident licenses
for the . II) ll! hunting Bcason.
Hereafter it will be necessary for the
county clerk to collect a $3 filing tee
in probate court where there is no con-,
test according to the opinion of Attor
ney General Brown. The custom hns
been in the past that where the filing
was made merely for the mutter of rec
ord and where it was evident thnt there
would be no contest, demurrers, motions
answers and objections in probate were
not charged the filing fee of $.'!. For
example if a guardian, ad litem, peti
tioned to sell the ward's property, the
ward made answer admitting - every
point of the guardian and thert joined
in the petition thr.t the property be
sold, and as it was evident thnt there
would be no issue involved the" clerk
did not charge a fV for tho answer
hut the attorney general holds that the
matter of whether er not thorn is a con
test catinot be left to the judgment of
the county clerk.
feW Get:
The Pludebaker Bros.' company has:
bnnieht suit in this county against
George Kwegle to collect $100 alleged j
due for a buggy which it. is stated was :
sold to the defendant. In addition the;
plaintiff nlleges that $20 was spent j
for railroad expenses relative to thisi
snirituous ' aP('01'"' n"d '!0 fl,r '',Rn' n,'v''e :
or oven ' 'or u'anmK'9 in the sum of $200 j
with $50 attorney's tees.
at 1 kk tl l 1 tl l tl
rf 7fi ifi 7fi 7i If Jfl
fliipmrn Tlnf 17TVili.n ui.linir
way ia to! Mm Millv Kil.lv. in,l'i..(...l i,;t
mvi.io ine nair into iraniia ami moisten lsvpry at Taconia, in connection with
ench of them from Toot to tip. There is: Mr8. Klsie Schwartz' transportation
no discoloration, no streaky or other from here, expected to arrest her this
unpleasant after-effect. afternoon.
& v . !' I
Scais from "An Enemy to Society," at Ye
Tn producing "An Enemy to Bocl-
Liberty Sunday and Monday.
y" tot the lereen, the Columbia Pic
tures Corporation hai given photoplay
lovers ft pictnre that will nave a wide
appeal, in its unusual combination of
roiimntia interest, mystery, intrigus
and lifo in tbo upper strata of the un
derworld. The theme which holds witli
with fidelity to the original story by
George Branson Howard, deals with
the kidnaping of the infant son of Ste
phen Janissary whose ruthless finan
cial operations have ruined Balthazar
Van Trotnp and the revenge which Van
Tromp takes in briuning up the child
to be an enemy to society. How the
lad, under another name, becomes a
modern Kobin Hood, robbing the rich
to nve to the poor, nnd how in tho
eml he is regenerated and comes into
his own through love of a beautiful
woman, makes a story which for en-
tiirallin" interest bus few equals among
screen oueriugs oi tue present sea
son. "An Kncmy to Poeisty," is the lat
est release on tlx Metro Program and
will he seen at the Ye Liberty Hunday
and Monday. Hamilton Kevolle. tne
eminent English actor, and Lois Mere
dith, the dainty little prima donna of
the stni's and screon, are featured, sup
ported by a select cast.
Harold H. Smith und Kenneth 1. For
rest spent tho week-end visiting l'ort
lund friends.
Ex-I'olicemun Muck of St. Johns, was
a Tuesday guest of tho JameB fiimily
in Kingwood l'ark.
The (iuubert family have moved from
their homo in West Salem to tho Iiamp
house on tho hill. .
Tho Wagners have traded their prop
erty near West Kalem for holdings in
Arkansas to which thoy will soon
The Clifford Lakes nro ontortaining
thoir daughter and husband from near
Dultith, Minn. They enmo in on an early
train Sunday morning.
Mrs. Kmest Blue has aa houso guest
hor mother, Mrs. Henrietta Fomeroy,
or Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Al Sharp and children
will start Sunday morning for their
future homo in Utah.
Messrs. Harry Benjamin, .Toe Clark,
Howard Morran, iloyd Williams and
Frank Brumbaugh, all of Monmouth,
motored over Wednesday evening to at
tend the basket social and program pre
pared by the Parent-Teachers' associa
tion. They aro all friends of Principal
Hurkhead, of the West Salem school,
City council met in adjourned session
Monday evening with all but two mem
bers present. George (lesser having re
moved from the city his seat was de
clared vacant and I'.url C. Htislinell
was appointed to fill out his unexpired
term. The usual gist of nccounts were
disposed of. A petition was presented
asking for more street lights. Two were
granted, one for Hecond and State
streets, tho other for Fifth street and
Johnson avenue. A sidewalk 4wns or
dered laid on the west sldo of Johnson
avenue between Third and Fourth
streets. A number of other minor items
of business were enred for nnd meet
ing adjourned to meet in regular session
the first Monday in January.
Mrs. Klizabeth .Tnmes, mother of Mr.
T. James, of Kingwood l'ark, returned
from a five weeks' stny in Chicago on
Thursday evening. Mrs. James had
thought of making her home in Chicago
but likes Oregon better.
Defense W31 Attack
His Credibility
Han Francisco, Pec. 17. If affidav
its of "Count" Van Koolbergon, nlins
Montford, alius "Count Moneeau,"
held now in Calgary, Alberta, as a land
forger, are used ngainst Baron Von
Brinckcn, alleged German bomb plotter,
the defense will attempt to discredit
Koolbergon 's statements.
Voa Brinckcn 's attorney thowed to
day that this will bo the method in at
least one lino of attack. That Kool
bergon "played both ends sgninst the
middlo" he has confessed. That ho is
a forger is the claim under which Cnn
adian authorities held him. Hence, the
defense will ask a jury to disbelieve
anything he says as to alleged employ
ment in making bombs for Van Brinckcn,
you give him, a lift! Ho's a
brother of man.
And bearing about all the burden he
Kid vou give him a smilol Ho was
downcast and blue,
And the smile would have helped him
to battle it through.
Did you give him your hand? Ho was
slipping down hill, J
And the world, so I fancied, was using
him ill. j
Did you give him a word! Did you
show him tho ronil?
Or did you just let him go on with
his loud!
Do you know what it means to be los
ing the fight
Wheu a lift just in timo might set
everything right?
Do vou know what it means just a
clasp .of a hand,
When a mini's borne about all a man
ought to stand f
Did you ask what it was why the
quivering lip?
Why tho half -suppressed sob, nnd tho
scalding tears drip?
Were you brother of his when tho time
came of need?
Did yon offer him help, or didn't you
. becdl
Many Are Killed
By Mississippi Tornado
Meridinn, Miss., Dec. 17. Fifteen
persons are known to have perished;
50 wore injured; the town of Culluni
was wiped out; and other damage was
dono in a tornado that slashed its way
through Lauderdiilo and Kemper coun
ties todny. Wires aro dowu; news is
Double tbo casualties may be record
ed, however when details come to light,.
Two were killed and many hurt in
Meridian but tho property loss hero is
not heavy; at Giles, two women were
killed when their house was blown
down; two score were Injured ut Laud
erdale and in Kemper county.
After persusing tho divorce court
records, it is refreshing to read of the
Portland man and wife who hnvc lived
happily together for Wl years.
Be sure to
use your
anon nut-
lished in last
Tuesday s issue.
Take it to your
Grocer and get
a bottle of
Free '
Tomorrow is
the Last Day
After that you must pay for
Merit Vanilla. It's too good
to dc given away.
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