Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 17, 1915, Page TEN, Image 10

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Albany. Or. Dee. 17 Mr. and
Mrs. Philip Swank celebrated
their fiSth wedding anniversary
at Tallmau yesterday. Swank
is SS years of age and Lis wife
8d. Thev have lived 5i) years
on the same farm, i-
Throbbing Head and Tired Eyes
are not the right equipment for a
successful business man,
Tuke time to come fcere for a
tliat will reveal the cause of your
tired eyes.
If you do not need glasses wc
will frankly tell you so.
" Mi.
jMm it
.. .
i A Christmas Sale of Men's
ill Special Xmas Sales in the Slipper Section
Colored Initial, 3 in a box, extra special
at 48c a Box
Excellent Gift Handkerchiefs an article
worth giving to your best friends cross
bar patterns nicely hemstitched and
with embroidered initial in colors three
different colors to each box. These are a
splendid value at 65c their former price
Xmas Extra Special 48c a Box
Xmas Sale of Men!s Fine
75c and $1.00 Ties, some in Xmas boxes,
.Extra Special 63c Each
Commencing this morning, a sale of
beautiful, flowing end Four-in-Hand Ties
just the right kind for Christmas gifts,
in the very newest shape ..and rich color
effects. They are the slip-easy kind for
they're made with a satin ribbon back,
which makes this feature possible; they
cannot stretch and will last twice as long
as the ordinary kind. Formerly priced at
75c and $1.00, Special Xmas Sale, your
choice 63c Each
Various styles and colors to choose from, at
Odd pairs and short lines. Special, your choice .....
85c a Pair
Sale of Children's Leather
50c a Pair
Moccasins 50c a Pair
iSalems Big Toyland Second Floor a
You cm build your own loyi
With I k Amtriem MoJtt Hnl4r.'
1 ht nMMt luciMtinl nd scito
lf6c imi ever invcnitd.
NouttoM, duMtinf end Mltf'
Ak wr ettrk lo thorn yw.9
Don't deprive the children of a visit to the great joy
land, where they can feast their eyes upon all the fine
Toys, Dolls and Games that make little girls and boys
happy. Scores of children visit this wonderland every
day. It is the largest department of its kind in Salem
and offers a varied assortment of American and for
eign made Toys and Dolls.
Special Sale Prices on Dolls, Mirrorscopes, Magic
Lanterns, Engines, Wash Sets, Sewing Baskets and
Hobby Horses.
IL Y JJLcoodIgooe s
- -....". 4 --"- 4 4 4444-44444
Baumgartner Hall and. 2-piece or
chestra, ifS per evening, rhone 911.
Woodmen attention. Special Im
portant business meeting tonight. Fine
banquet. W. O. V. committee.
The examination car of the Southern
Pacific, from San Frnncisco, was in the
city yesterday, testing the sight and
hearing of the Southern Pacific em
ployes and the Salem Street railway.
The employes must be able to read type
about a quarter of an inch high at a dis
tance of 20 feet. The test is also made
on color blindness. This test is made
with different colored lights and the
colors of yarn. The examination is
made on red, green, bine, yellow and
Cream puffs Wedensday and Satur
day. Koberts.
Try the People's Market for your
Sunilnv meats or a nice dressed cluck
Miss A. McCulloch, Optometrist
208-209 Hubbard Bldg.
Phone 100
! S44.
Special salo on pure lard. I'honc
The Salvation Army is making an ap
peal to the people of Salem for any
thing in the nay of household goods,
cooking utensils, dishes or anything
that might be of aid to a family living
in the country who recently had the
misfortune of having their house de
stroyed by fire. Captain Kelso inves
tigated personally this family's needs
and feels they are deserving of assist
ance. Anything in the wny of house
hold effects for this family may be
left at 2ii3 North Commercial, or tele
phone Salvation Armv headquarters,
; 1820.
Delicious home made candy in boxes,
jc. -j.. Roberts' Court street grocery.
! Home cooked food in nice variety
!or made to order. Roberts' Court street
j grocery.
I Beginning with the year 1916, the em
ployes of the Western Vnion Telegraph
A I company will be given an annual vaca
fition, with pay. Those who have been
with the company two years will be
given two weeks off, anil those who
have been employed only one year, will
be allowed one week. As the company
lias 40,000 employes and as the greater
number of these employes have been
with the company over two years, it
means the giving of at least (.0"f'
weeks of vacation on full pay, ench
Woodmen attention. Special im
portant, business meeting tonight. Fine
banquet. V. O. W. committee.
f pound of Christmas candy FREE
ft I mm
with each purchase of $
or more at DAMON'S
Grocery, 855 N. ComM St.
2 Loaves Extra Fine Bread 5c
2 Dozen Eggs 55c
20 Pounds Onions T 25c
Special line of one dollar trimmed
lints for Saturday, at Mrs, Locke's
Millinery Dept., Meyers store.
One half price. All patterns anU
trimmed huts Saturday at -Mrs. I.ocke i
Millinery Dept., Meyers.
J. W. Sherwood, state commander of The farmers' committee which wa
appointed at the last meeting ot limn
ers and the agricultural club to inves
tigate the udvisubility of instituting a
produce department with the Salem
Fruit Union, met yesterday. As the
members of the committee were not nil
present, it was voted to adjourn until
next Monday. This committee is com
posed of (tenrge W. Weeks, .Kobeit.
I'liulus, I.. H. McMahoii, A. C. l.ibby
and Milton Brown.
Closing out sale. We are going to
out our entire stock ot millmeiy
The Annex," Hi.") X. Liberty. Any
II1C JJUCCHUCrs, . iv. viiwu, nunc n, i ,
Remit, and A. T. Moffet, past represen- j
tative, attended a special meeting of
the Maccabees at Turner last evening.!
Tomorrow we will give to any needy j
family a nice boil or roast of beef.
Peoples' Market, piioue .0!4.
D. A. Madison, well known in Salem,
died yesterday at his home in Indepen
dence. Funeral services will be held at
Independence tomorrow afternoon at 2
o'clock, under the auspices of the Elks'
lodge, the officers of Salem lodge, No.
Ii:iii, officiating. He was a member of
the Albany lodge.
hat for ifl.oO,
fore 10 n. in.
less. None sold be
A Little Rain Don't Hurt-
And Particularly if it's a Cold Rain Like Yesterday's, in
Fact it Makes Us Peel the Need of Warm CLOTHING, OVER
All Around Town
Dr. Mendlosolm will be at his offico
January 1, 11)1(1. tf
Tiie last meeting of the year will be
held tonight by t ho Yeoman. A special
program has been arranged, to be fol
lowed by a dance,
Dr. Stone's Drug store.
The Salem firo department was call
ed out to a small chimney firo nt 1027
Oak street yesterday afternoon. No
diimugo was done,
Dr. Htono's drug store.
Within the last two weoks the follow
ing parties have purchased Void cars:
Stousloff ltros., .Donnld W. Miles,
(jeorgo Thomason and U. D. La liahn.
Elsctrlo baths snd massaira under
your physician's directions. N. N. Jm
lis, 218 'Hubbard lll.lg. l'hono C53. tf
James O. Dobbins, proprietor of the
Hollywood brick yard, and family
bavo moved into 1 ho city for the winter
and have takeu a house on Twenty
first street.
All kinds of dry wood, sawed of i ft.,
lowest prices. .Prompt delivery. Star
Wood v.o., l'hono 420, lflth and Onk.
Also t Nice Lino
Matonlo Bldg.
Dr. R. T. Mclntlre, pnyslclan and
surgeon, 214 Masonic bldg. I'houe 440,
William Steltor, who was arrested
yesterday evening by the Snlcin police
on a charge of being drunk pleaded
guilty in police court this morning and
was given a fine of $10 or five duvs in
Bofore placing your printing order,
Phone 217H. Fuller Printing Concern.
A mask ball will be given nt the W.
O. W. hull nt Marion, New Year's eve,
December ill. A prize will be given for
tho best masked lady and gentleman
nud the mniiageinent announces that n
lunch stand w ill bo in the hall and that
good order will be maintained.
Now location. Dr, Mark 8, Skiff,
dentist. 300 Masonic building. DeclS
A seven-acre Improved tract at
HosedaU was purchased yesterday by
J, W. I .a Hare of this city, who" wiil
move to tho tract with his family with
in a few days. The tract was purchased
of P. K. Wald mid tiro transaction was
made by J. L, Scott.
I have moved by tailor shop from 37
State street across tho street ovor
Poolo's Drug storo, No. 370 'i State
street Iioom 1. John Bundin, tho
Appreciated Christmas Gifts nt
Popular Prices.
Tho Store of HonBownres
133 N. Liberty.
Wcodmen attention. Special im
portant business meeting tonight. Fine
Imiupiet, W. O. W. committee.
!TaIir"addres8 this evening at tho
uuditoriuni of the Salem public library,
(loveionr Withyeonibo will discuss,
"Oregon and Its Hesourees." giving
special ultenliou to water power and
forests. This lecture is one of tho
regular course for tho winter.
Tho Midget has grown but the prices
are the same.
Only seven-tenths of an inch of rain
was recorded by tho government's
water gunge at the O. C. T. docks for
tho 24 hours ending at o'clock this
morning, which ralher indicates that
the storm all day yesterday was most
ly storm with but little rain. The river
is falling and is now 0.4 feet ubove
Woodmen attention. Special Im
portant, husiness meeting tonight. Fine
banquet. W, O, V, committee.
Captain Siover, assisted by R. O.
Miller and the superintendent, will hold
meetings next Sunday in the interest
of tho Commons .Mission nt the Friends
church in North Salem nt 11 a. m., and
nt the Frionds church in South Salem
at 7:30 p. m. Mr. Miller will render
excellent music accompanied by his
guitar and nlso Blunging by the Mission
niulo quartette.
2,000 pounds of those elegant pork
roust for nsturdny. Tho Judgot Mar
ket. 371 State.
Saturday morning the children will
have their second series of Christians
stories at the public library. This is the
Inst story hour boforo January 8, as
both Christmas and New Yenr's day
For Christmas give her a Din
ner Set from tho Store of
135 N. Liberty St.
fall on Saturday. All children are in
vited to this story hour, to begin
promptly at !).-:i0 o'clock Saturday
Our market is clean, we invite your ,
inspection. The Midget Market.
The White Swau Dairy lunch will
give you all you can eat and not take1
all of your money.
Postal cards ol irregular size will j
not be accepted at the postoffice. Also
what is more important, those 'improp
erly addressed will bo held up. There
is n regulation size, and a proper place
for the address and nil that does not i
come under these regulations cannot go 1
through the mails. The proper place
for an address on a postul card is on
the right hand end of the card. The
department rules permit writing on t li
left hand end of the card.
Don't swear, learn to say Midget.
Woodmen attention. Special im
portant business meeting tonight. Fine
banquet. V. O. W. committee,
E. W. Stubbs, of the Salem police
force, today closed a deal through
which he purchased the tailoring estab
lishment and stock of Frank Light nt
542 State street, nnd his son, O. C.
Stubbs, will be placed In charge of the
shop. O. C. Stubbs formerly conducted
a tailoring business in this city and has
many friends here who will be glad
to know that ho is entering business
for himself. Mr. Light is leaving this
city to locnto elsewhere.
Hygrade cigars will bo appreciated
as Xmas gifts, ,
Veal, veal, veat, extra milk fed. A
ronst for nSturdny. The Midget Mar
get Market. 371Stnto street.
Enjoyed nt , evory meal, a
Universal IVreolarnrj complete
line at the Store of Housewares.
133 N. Liberty St.
Bad roads may have kept some away
but the public generally have learned
of the genuine bargains we are passing
out, know too of the class of merchan
dise they always find here, realize that
the prices we are quoting really mean a
saving of from 25 to 35 per cent on
every article advertised, so they brave
the elements and come anyway.
Some one wanted to know today if
we had anything that would be suitable
for a Christmas present for a man?
What a question to ask when we have
worn the ribbon off our typewriter tell
ing people of the scores of practical
presents for men of every taste. Right
here we will name a few articles that
would please most of the men, and par
ticularly so if someone else was paying
for it.
Solid leather suit cases and traveling
bags. Men's bath robes and smoking
jackets. Hundreds of elegant neck
ties and suspenders. Umbrellas plain
or silver mounted. Linen or silk hand
kerchiefs. Box of Holeproof or Phoenix
socks. Athletic sweaters, etc.
Now a little more about Clothing and
the prices they're going at
$10 ones at $6.48, $12.50 ones at $8.68,
$15 ones at $9.88, $16.50 ones at $10.48,
$18 ones at $11.98, $20.00 ones at $13.48,
$22.50 ones at $14.98, $25 ones at $16.78.
$10.00 Overcoats at $6.98, $12.50 ones
at $7.38, $15.00 ones at $8.68, $20.00
ones at $11.48, and $25.00 kind are now
$2.50 kind at $1.98, $3.50 kind at
$2.68, $4.00 kind at $2.98, $4.50 kind at
$3.38, $5.00 kind at $3.73, $6.00 kind at
You can't get away from our prices
on Men's Underwear for we are selling
the 50c heavy ribbed cotton and the
75c Swiss ribbed shirts and drawers at
35c, Cooper's Australian wool, regular
$1.50 grade at 98c, Cooper's spring
needle wool, the $3.00 kind at $1.13 the
garment, $4.00 extra heavy wool at
$1.28 each, $5.00 fancy ribbed wool,
athletic neck, $1.63, $6.00 French ribbed
silk and wool at $1.78 the garment are
every one rare bargains.
Packard's Shoes for men are recog
nized standards. We have them in
black and tans, lace or button and the
prices are $2.48 and $3.98, you never
bought such shoes for these prices.
Neckwear is selling for less too, $1.25
ties in leather cases are now 73c, 75c
combination tie and pin in fancy Xmas
boxes are 38c, and the 50c and 75c fancy
ties are the same price, 35c ties are now
21c, and there are dozens of 25c ties in
fpney boxes at 19c each.
Men's $2.00 hats are only $1.13 and
$1.98 for the $3.00 ones, all good styles,
A lot of small sizes in odd coats and
vests that are worth up to $7.00 and
$8.00 are selling for $1.48.
Don't overlook our sweaters, the
$2.50 wool sweaters in gray and maroon
are $1.48 and the $2.00 and $2.25 V-neck
Jersey knit ones are now only 98c.
Those Oxford bags in 15, 16 and 17
inch that were $4.50, $5.00 and $5.50
are now $2.48, $2.98 and $3.48.
Umbrellas that sold for from $1.00 to
$5.00 are now going at 65c to $3.50.
50c wool socks heavy or light weight at
38c and the 25c ones are 18c.
Remember the only articles reserved
are Idc Collars, Holeproof and Phoenix
Make an effort to come Saturday if
G. W. Johnson & Co.