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Two Assaults Against British ? t the Bulgars 8,000
Troops-Attack 0a French, hough Successful, Was
Costly In Lives Allies Are treating Into Greece,
Some Reports Say In Disord -Greece May Remain
Passive If Bulgars Enter Tc.-..ory In Pursuit of Allies
Berlin, bv wireless to Sny
ville, L. I., Dee. 13. The Teu
tonic conquest of Serbia is com
pleted, for tbo Anglo-French
forces have been completely
driven out of the oountry.
Bulbars under General Todo
roo occupied Lake Doiran and
Gievgeli, the war office an
nounced today. Two Knglish
divisions were annihilated in
the final lighting.
Athens, Dec. 13. The allies reported
evacuation of Oiegveli and Lake Doir
on, in the southern corner of Serbia,,
was confirmed today. Pressing forward
slowly, t ho Bulgars are said to be five
miles from the Greek border.
Wince .Saturday, the allies have been
retreating into Greece iu disorder
feme reports indicate. But they are
expected to make a stand and fight
ff the pursuers at almost any moment.
It is understood hero that in the event
the liulgars enter Grecian territory and
continue their onslaught tiguinst the
allies, Greece will not oppose them.
Though the Bulgarians have done
valiantly, two assaults against the
Uiitisli front cost them 8,000 troops,
'i'hey swept forward in mass formation
through a heavy fog to within 500
yards of the British line. Then .ma
chine gun mid rifle fira shattered their
As f:r tho Fronch, the Bulgrs
squeezed them against the ltiver Var
dar and then battered them southward
toward Greece. Hero again a fierce re
sistance mndo it costly for the assail
ants. By a successful flanking attack the
liulgars,- however, forced the French to
ovn;uate stamp positions in the hills
mid their artillery thereupon wrecked
the French second line,
"There nro no more free French or
English in Montreal," tho statement
The last Serbian regulars have fled
into Albania, while the Bulgars ore
pursuing them by way of Struga and
Ochrida. Moreover, with tho exception
of a few hundred Sorbiun guerillas, no
hostile forces remain in Serbian terri
tory to oppose tho central allies.
Sunk by Submarine.
London, Dec. 13. The 2847 ton Bri
tish vessel Pinegrovo bns been gunk by
u submarine and 22 of her crew were
Ml ved.
Will Avoid Conscription,
London, Dec. 13. England, it is believed-
today, will avoid conscription.
Lord Derby 's recriting campaign is re
ported to have brought 3,000,000 men to
the enll of "your king and country."
Consequently, Derby, it is thought, will
loll parliament that compulsory service
measures aro unlikely In the near fu
ture, Have Sunk C08 Vessels.
Berlin, by wireless to Sayville, L. I
lice. 13. Austro-German submarines
have sunk 303 vcsscIh of a total tonnage
of ( 7,811) since the war started, it was
announced todnv.
3(t 3(C l(C jc )(c lf( )c )(C )c
I Abe Martin
Between wntehln' th gasoline quo
UUions an' stock n' grain markets
th' farmer has Httlo time fer nickel
theaters an' war news these days.
f all th" good advice, "Stop an'
Thiuk" Is th' best.
4f 4t 4? ff b? 4t 4t k
Salonika. Dec. 13. A satis-
factory agreement has been
reached between the allies and
Greek authorities for freo
movement of the allies between
Salonika and the frontier, tho
zoiio in which tho allies must
retreat. .
As part of the agreement,
the allies took over the Salon-
ikn customs house.
A Greek division now a few
miles northeast of Salonika
will be trnnsfcred to Seres 35
miles northeast and less than
30 miles from Bulgaria.
Italians Make Gains.
Rome,. Dee. 13. "In tho difficult
lofty zono between the Giudicaria nnd
Coucei valleys," said the war office
today, y a succession of brilliant of
fmsives have won us tho possession of
strong heights which assure us of com
plete possession of tho Beniizegge
Captured Six Thousand.
Vienna, Dec. 13. Six thousand pris
oners have been tnken by the Austrian
invaders of Montenegro, west of Ipek,
the war office cluimed today. The in
vaders hnvo arrived at Korita and
Kozaj. , . " .
Trying "Economic Pressure."
London, Den. 13. Great Britain in
tends to inflict nil possiblo economic
pressure on Germany in an effort to
win the war. Under Foreign Secretary
Cecil told commons today. Ho said that
tho commercial agreement assuring that
articles Denmark imports from England
will not go to Germuny involved no
chnngo of policy.
Russians Capture Post.
Berlin, by wireless to Snyville, L. I..
Dec. 13. The Russians have captured
a post near Riga, but tho gain is not
important, the war office claimed to
day. Asks for $502,482,214 For
Five Year Period and
$217,652,174 Now
Washington, Dec. 13. "Tho lesson
of tho European wnr warns us that it
is better to spend money in times of
peace for preparation than to run the
risk, however remote, of sorely want
ing shins and munitions if suddenly
This is the key note of Secretary of
the Navy Daniels appeal for more
ships to defend America as outlined in
a nnvnl report published today.
In this report to congress, he asks
217,0ii2,174 for a starter. His five
year totnl is $j02,42H,2H or about
3,000,000 more than tho general board
recommended tho first time a secre
tary has ever asked more than tho
board counselled.
His program is for only fivo years,
becnuso a further time might 'menu
thnt new inventions would replace the
equipment and vessels now highly mod
ern. In 1021, under the present plan, the
navy will consist of 2i first line battle
ships, six battle cruisers, 25 second
line battleships 10 armored cruisers, 13
scout cruiers, IS other cruisers, IDS de
stroyers 17Q submarines 18 of which
would be ocean going, 20 gunboats and
a number of auxiliary ships, in add
ition, Daniels would iinve a well train
ed iiaval reserve.
Jap Kills Wife Just
Like a White Man
fctm Angeles, Cal., Dec. 13. Two bul
let riddled bodies lay In the morgue
todny as the result of a quarrel be
tween Kozoro Fokudn, Japanese ranch
hand and his wife.
After the wife left Fokudn ' house he
practiced revolver shooting with her
photogroph as a target, then went to
the residenro of another Japanese;
where she had gone, and opened fur
on her, limiting a gun in each hand.
Following this killing the man waited
calmly until a posse appeared, then
By Charles P Stewart. -
(United Press staff correspon
dent.) Aboard tho Peace Ship Oscar
II by wireless to Lnndscnd,
England, Dec. 13. Wnr has
broken out aboard the Henry
Ford's peace argosy.
Several of the delegates,
whom the Detroit automobile
maker asked to help in straigh
tening out Europe's war tangle,
are preparing to quit the ship at
C'hristiania, Norway, and return
to America, because they allege,
the extreme pacificists have
adopted an insulting attitude
towards those upholding Presi
dent ' Wilson 's preparedness
Ford himself Is trying hard to
prevent an open break. He de
nies responsibility for "steam
roller" tuctics, employed by tho
As n matter of fact, the accu
sation is not directed against
Ford, but chiefly against Rev.
Dr. Charles F. Akcd of Snn
Francisco, and Jeukin Lloyd
A complete split is imminent.
The row broke out Friday.
The Snn Francisco divine in
troduced a meeting of- the pence
voyagers a resolution signed by
Ford and 23 others, opposing
preparedness. Aked intimated
that those who refused to sign
this document would be unload
ed at the first port. While
Ford denied that they would
bo thus unloaded, he continued
to support the anti-preparedness
Tho conversation veered into
altercations in which the lan
guage became not only persouul
but profane.
Then when tho situution mndo
cooler heads fearful of a split,
they tried to rcunito the war
ring parties. Those suggesting a
compromise proposed a resolu
tion opposing competitive
armaments,, but avoided refer
ence to tho president's prepar
edness program. ,
Johannes Van Koolbergen
. Posing As a Count Found
In Canada
Snn Francisco, Dec. 13. Whilo the
United States commissioner prepared to
give a preliminary hearing to Baron
Von Brincken, alleged bomb plotter,
and the federal grand jury reconvened
perhaps to indicto both Von Brincken
and C. C. Crowley, the government hud
its linnds today on u new and much
sought witness. This man, who had
pusscd as a scout, was arrested in Can
lulu. - Authorities say his name is Joh
amies Van Koolbergen, and that lie was
an assistant of Brincken. Brincken on
the other hand, says he was an ac
quaintance associated with him for a
time until he learned thut ho was nn
In social circles, the "count" passed
freely here. His wife, though, Baron
ess Von Brincken declnred she recog
nized later as her English governess.
Knows Nothing Of It.
Montreal, Doc. 13. The registrar of
alien enemies professed todny to have
no knowledge of tho reported arrest of
" Count" Van Koolbergen, us a witness
in the Sun Francisco bomb plot investi
gation. Berlin Exchange Today
Reaches Lowest Point
(Copyright 11)15 by tho Now York Ev
ening Press.)
New York, Dec. 13. From the man
ner In which our note to Austria in the
Ancona case was displayed, and from
the serious character of the comment
concerning It, it might have been Imag
ined that the stock market would be
stirred appresensively. There was do
such result, howevor. A slightly lower
rnngo in opening prices, and a brief
spell of irregular activity, wns follow
ed by a Inpso into dullness. The calm
of the market In the fuce of the note
reflected the belief that Austria bns no
recourso open but to yield.
Tho most striking movement wns the
break in Berlin exchnngo to 77 12,
wherens the lowest previous mnrk was
71 1-4. This is the largest deprecia
tion In any belligerents exchanges, ex
cept that of Fetrogrnd.
North Powder, Or,, Dee. 1.1. Four
thousand rabbits, shipped to the Sal
vation Army at LaOrnnde, composed
the bag of 300 hunters who engaged In
a rabbit drive here yesterdnv, Kubbits
have done heavy damage to farms here
walked out to do buttle, driving two
other Jnpnncso ahead of him as shields.
At the first opportunity they fled in
opposite directions, however, and Koku
da dropped, as the posse began shooting.
Ue died at the county hospital.
Shotgun, With Muzzle Under
His Chin, Discharged As
He Closed Gate
Former Warden of State Pen
and Well Known Citizen
of Polk County
Henry B. Brophy, a well known resi-
dent of Polk countv was killed about
8 o'clock this morning by the accident
al discharge of his shot eun near his
home one milo- south of West Salem.
Mr. Brophy pastured his cow in a hnii
yard across tho Dallas, Falls City &
Eustern railroad tracks and every morn
ing led her down to the pasture gate.
Wild ducks frequently alight in a small
creek near the gate and Mr. Brophy
usually carried Ins shot cun down with
him and several times had brought
ducks back with him, '
Ho took his shot gun nlonir as usual
this morning and from the. indications
ni i no sceno ot the accident it was ap
parent that tho hnmmer of the Gun
caught on the wins of the gate and the
gun was discharged as ho held it in his
arms. The rliurge of shot struck him
just under the point of tho chin und
ranged directly upward tearing the
whole front of his face off up to his
eyebrows, He fell backward and was
found by Coronev ''laugh with the gun
Ivinp between Imh ItTini.a uwii
charged shell in the chnmbor. Tho gun
u n gauge nunimer gun and the
muzie was but a short distance from
his face when discharged us his neck
was badly powder burned.
The body was found when the Dnl
las train came along at about 8:15 this
morning und Coroner dough wns im
mediately notified. Tho coroner from
Folk coui,ty also enmo to tho Bceno of
tho necident and with Coroner dough
reviewed the conditions leading up to
tho deuth of Air. Brophy which con
vinced them that it wns purely an acci
dent. The gate thnt led to the posture
was of iron entered with wire and was
hung on pulleys. Tile gato did not close
readily and it wns necessary to give it
several hard jerks before it could be
closed. It was evident that in his ef
forts to pull the gate up to tho post
thnt tho hammer caught on a wire and
then slipped off as Mr. Brophy held tin
gun in front of him.
Mr. Orophy is survived by a widow
and cue son, J. E. Brophy, and wns
well known both in Murion and Polk
counties. He wus warden at tho Oregon
stnto pen from 1S05 until March, lHOil,
undei Superintendent A. N. tlilbert dur
ing the Lord administration. Ho wns
known as one of the best wardens that
ever served at tho pen and under his
management the first system of hand
ling affairs on the Insldo to tho mutual
advantage of the stuto and the inmates
wus instituted.
After the end of his term ns warden
Mr. Brophy raised hops in partnership
with A. N. Gilbert mid 1. L. Patterson
near Eoln nnd continued ns a resident
of Polk county after ho retired from
the hop business. Ho purchased the
farm ono mile south of West Snlem
where he resided at the time of his
Henry Brophy wns born jn California
03 years ago and enme to Oregon when
18 years of age. In 1878 he wns wedded
to Miss Catherine Nenl, of Ashlund, nnd
one son, John E. Brophy, was born to
the union. He wns a member of the
wooamen or tno world and tlio United
VVnrkmnn InilirnM nf Miilnm Vntinptil nr.
rangemcnts will bo announced lutor.
Snn Francisco, Dee 13. The
storm hovering over the Pacific
coast is moving southward and
Los Angeles and southern Cali
fornia will soon get the brunt
of the gale, the weather bureau
stated today, Rainfall has been
general in the eentrnl and
northern parts of tho state, the
Hur.rnmcnto and Santa Clara
vnlleys getting a drenching
which will Insure bumper crops.
Twenty-eight inches of snow
Is reported at the summit of
the Sierras.
No ships will leave Ban Frnn
Cisco todny, except tho north
const passenger steamers.
.Sacramento reported 4.04
Inches of rainfall at 7 a. m. to
day. The local weather bureau
predicts a hoavv rainfall all
through the Sacramento valley
during the neit 24 hours nnd
has warned nil the cattlemen to
remove their stock from tho
Chairman Hilles Has
Won the 1916 Election
By Perry Arnold.
(United Press Staff Correspondent.)
Washington, Dec. 13. The republi
can national committee meets tomor
row. It will choose a convention city and
date, and then adjourn confidently
awaiting the Novoniber 1916 verdict
which its leaders Bay, will be against
the democracy.
Among those on hand today there
was more than tho usual buoyancy
and hope.
tnairman Hilles of the national com
mittee summed up tho confident con
victions of his colleagues thus:
"The democratic party has been
tried before the bar of public opinion
and convicted. The verdict will be at
four years vacation for them. The cor
rective measure which the people will
apply will oe four years of republican-
'The committee is not hero to select
a candidate. The republican ranks con
tain half a dozen or more possibilities,
behind whom the ever growing senti
ment nguinst democratic lneltieiency
would crystalize. " I
'The democratic party is divided
San Francisco Chinese Al
ready Raising Money To
Finance Revolution
By Thomas F. Millard.
(Editor China Press, Shanghai.)
(Written for tho United Press.)
Washington, Dec. 13. The signifi
cance of Yuan Shi Kni's reported ac
ceptance of the Chinese throne does not
nppear on the surface, but lies behind
he veil of diplomatic intrigue with
Japan, the prime mover in the game.
i'hero is, however, nothing iu the
change itself to disturb China nt pres
ent or to menace tho pence of tho Far
East, as tho Japaneso foreign minister
is reported to have said. China is not
now, menacing, nor has she ever recent
ly menaced the peace of tho Far East or
any- part of the world.
Without doubt, her reversion to n
monarchy after a brief trial of the re
publican form of government suits the
vast majority of Chinese. They prefer,
too, to hnvo Yuan Shi Kni continue at
the head of the government. Moreover,
most foreigners think that a monnrchy
iB better suited to China's position nt
present. As far ns China herself is
concerned, this chnngo makes for ordo
and pcaco not for disturbance.
Japs Run a Bluff.
Tokio, Dec. 13. The Japanese press
today indignantly denounced Yunn S1,
Kni's acceptance of the Chinese
throno, and declnred he had openly
flouted Jnpnn's advice not to turn the
republic into nn empiro nt this time.
The pnpers urged thnt Japan make
proper representations.
Why then this talk of disturbance In
certain quarters!
The answer is found in tire history nf
events of tho Inst four yenrs. The revo
lution found Jnpnn intriguing to fe
ment internnl strife in Cliinn by sup
porting both sides. When lendinu
Chinese snw this trap nnd compromised
on a nominal republic, Japan fomented
the nbort.ivo rebellion 1013 hemled by
Sun Yat Sen. After the rebel leaders
fled, they took refuge in Jnpnn. I
have seen convincing evidences of this
duplicity, shown mo by Ly Yunn Hung,
lender of the revolution, who is now
There is not the slightest danger of
disorder in Chinn because of the chance
of government unless nn outside power
provides tho revolutionaries with nrn'v
nnd funds. Jnpnn hns wnrned Chi""
thnt disorder may iiceur, which will
justify Jnpnn in interferring. And we
can he sure that disorder will occur if
Japan can start it, thus providing a pre
text for seizing control of China's ad
ministration while a mnjority of the
other Interested powers lire Involved In
a great, war.
Americans should understand thnt if
China follows Japan's course, the H'
doctrine would probably bo destroyed
and its "open door" will be finally
Chinese Are Excited.
Ran Francisco, Dec. 13. The revolu
tionary f Initio In Snn Francisco's China
town wns funned todnv by excited or
ators who denounced the acceptance of
the throno of China by President loan
Shi Kal.
A campaign for funds to support a
revolution In China, is In full swing,
and lnrire sums nro said to have been
received from the Chinese throughout
tho United States.
Leading Chinese merchants predict
todnv that China will be torn witii
revolution within a short time,
"Yuan Shi Knl took our republic
from us and ho shall suffer," declared
Tong Klnir Chong at a tong meeting,
"Although we may not gain our lib
erty in, this generation, wo will keep
fighting until we succeed. Wo will
bleed and die for our country) we aro
no loncer slaves."
A nation-wide petition will be pre
sented to President Wilson urging him
not to rocognizo tho new monarchy.
against itself. The tarifi! or democrat
ic tinkering has reduced the treasury
balance, and that party is going ahead
with a tremendous program of national
preparedness without even the fore
sight of considering whence they will
draw the necessary money to pay lor
this program. On the president's own
admission, even without expenditures
for armament the government will
face an enormous and unprecedented
deficit by tho eud of tho fiscal year
next June.
"And, aside from tho question of
their record, the democrats split among
themselves, will face a united harmoni
ous republican party in the future."
The St. Louis delegation Is on hand,
fervently rooting to get the republican
convention, in the wake of the demo
cratic. Chicago, San Francisco and
Philadelphia delegations tomorrow,
however, will put up a strenuous fight
against her claims.
The committee will probably docide
that it has no power to impose a pri
mary upon states that have not passed
a primary low, according to Soerotary
Reynolds. Two thirds of the conven
tion delegations, however, will be elect
ed thus.
Expected To Reach Bar This
Afternoon May Not Try
To Cross It
Snn Francisco, Dec. 13. With tlm
disnbled Hill liner Minuosotn expected
to reach the San Fruncisco light ship
this afternoon, shipping circles doubt
ed that the vessel would bo ablo to
pass through tho (lolden (late, owing
to the southwesterly galo blowing oft
the coast.
Two additional tugs left hero onrly
today to assist in towing tho Minnesota
through ,ic north channel. This will
make five tugs towing her. Tho 10,000
ton cargo prolmnly will bo discharged
at Mission Hock before tho vessel is
taken to the Union Iron Works for
repa i rs.
Marine Superintendent Wiley, of tho
Great Northern Steamship company, to
dny refused to discuss the contents of
nn important radiogram received last
night from Cuptuiu Thomas Oarlick of
tho Minnesota, ,
After health officers have boarded
tho Minnesota when she drops uuehor
in the harbor. Collector of Customs
John O, Davis, United States District
tAtorney John W. Preston, United
States insiec,tor of Hulls and Boilers,
James Guthrie ami J, P, Dolan will
go aboard.
TlilnVi It Her Boilers.
Oakland, Oil., Dee. JHj That tho
boilers and propelling mechanism of
the big Hill liner Minnesota wore in
such a deplorable condition that Chief
i Engineer Allen refused to lenvo Sc
uttle as officer iu eiinrgo and thnt Al
len is ncting in the cnpncity of as
sistant engineer on this trip after
years of service s chief becaiiBo of
this conviction, is the statement mndo
today by Mrs, Earl Downing of Plens
untou, who has for years been intim
ately acquainted with the liner's of
ficials ami made many trips aboard the
"Wo who know of the big liner and
the numerous times she hns linil trouble
with her boilers in the past, are not
so inclined to believe thnt war plot
ters lire the cause of the ship's pres
ent trouble)," snid Mrs. Downing.
"Chief Engineer Allen, who is ono of
the most competent of steamer engin
eers, is known to have remarked be
fore the Minnesota sailed thut alio
would not reach London in tho condi
tions she was in und flatly refused to
assume the responsibility of taking her
around the Horn,
"Ho shipped ns first engineer fot
the first time since his promotion years
ago, just because of this.
If members of my tainilv nnd my
self did not happen to know these facts
L should, lino otiiers proiiamy, no in
lined to believe thut the vessel's dif
ficulties wero due to meddlesome ones
on boa nl but under the circumstances
I cannot but believe tho .Minnesota is
but u victim of his own troubles and
this is but another one of the numer
ous oecnsions when she has succumbed
to her internnl mecfaiinicnl weakness.
"It must lie remembered that the
Minnesota Is tho lurgest freight and
passenger carrying ship in the world
nnd thnt she lias boon afloat for over
fifteen years. So ponderous is she
thut it is not at all surprisiuu tho tre
mendous Ion, I her boilers and engines
have been compelled to curry havo
weakened under the terrific strain."
Mrs. Downing is a member of n well
known northern family and nindn her
home in the district where tho Minne
sota's officers live, for years. She Is
one of th" best posted women in Cali
fornia on Pacini; const snipping una
watches the movements of all tho ma
jor vessels with an unusual Interest.
ho News Until Tomorrow.
San Francisco, Dee. 13. No effort
will be made bv federal authorities lie
fore tomorrow to board the buffeted
and crippled Hill liner Minnesota even
should sue innKO tne uoMcn unie ue
fore morning.
(Continual on Pag F1t.)
Note Sent Her Over the Sink
ing of the Ancona De
mands Answer
Emperor Is Told the Demands
Must Be Acceded To
Without Quibbling
Washington, Dec. 13. America will
brook no delny from Austria in satis-
tying demands made upon the latter in
connection with the torpedoing of the)
Italian liner Ancona with loss of Amer
ican lives. In short, crisp terms the
noto, published broadcast today, de
mands denunciation of the act, punish
ment of the comniandor, reparation for
lives lost. In words, bluntly frank,
Austria is told of America's abhor
rence of such nn act.
How Germany will advise her ally
Austria to answer is tho big question
iu officialdom todny. Tho note points
out thnt Austria is fnmiliar with tho
notes America hns sent Oerinauy. The
kaiser, as Greeting spirit of tho coal
ition, is expected to do tho directing.
Ono probability is that Austria
will feel out America with a partly sat
isfactory replv. Vet the note is a
warning against such a course.
Ta fact diplomnts declared tho docn-
mont employed the sharpest and most
emphntie language America has ever
used to another nation. Austria is
scarcely expected to liko tho note; but
as indiented to the United Press Satur-
ilay by a hiir'a official, tho kaiser will
probably counsel satisfaction in view
of the fact, thnt in his proBont position
ho enn scarcely desire to have the
forces of tho enemy augmented.
After pointing to .its evidenco that
tho Austrian submarine commnnder
pursued n wanton course in shelling;
and sinking tho liner, particularly be-
forn tno pnssenirors Had time to got to
safety, the note expressed tho view
that tho act was a violation of inter
national law and of humanity, and de
manded: 'As tho good relations of tho two
countries must rost on a common re
gard for law nnd humanity, the gov
ernment of the United States cannot
be expected to do otherwiso than do
mnnd that the imporial nnd royul gov
ernment denounce the sinking of the
Ancona as nn illegal nnd Indetonsihle
net; that tho officers who perpetrated
too deed ho punished; nnd that repara
tion by the payment of an indemnity
bo mado for tho citizens of tho United
States who wero killed or injured by
tho attack on the vessel.
"Tho government of tho United
States expects that tho Austro-IIun-garian
government, appreciating the
gravity of the case, will accede to it
demand promptly; nnd it rosts this ex-
pnctution on tno lieliei taut tne Austro
HnnL'iiriun uovornmont will not sanc
tion or defend an act which Ib con
demned bv the world as inhumane anil
barbarous, which is nbhorrent to all
ivili.ed nations, nnd which has caused
the death of innocent American citi-
While tho document does not men
tion the ullernalivo in event of n re
fusul, a break in diplomatic relations U
regarded the only outcome Bhould Aus
tria fail to comply.
Actinir Ambassador .wiedinek nr-
ranged a conference wilh Secretary of
Stuln Lansing today, and whilo he did
not indicate wlint he desired to discuss,
it was believed ho Imped to explain em
barrassing diplomatic correspondence
bearing his name, rather than tho An
cona case.
Haa Askod for Passport.
Wiishinnton. Dec. 13. That Acting
Austrinu Ambassador Hwiodinok hud
asked for his passports wus tho report
current today following his '10 minutii
conference with Secretary of State.
r....i li.. 1'l Vnrmnr Hin-
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at his residence here toduy nt the ngo
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for several months.
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ts cnsional rain in
west, accosional
rain or snow la
east portion; the
winds aro mostly