Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, December 09, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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Money In Abundance and
Loans Are Expanded
tW8m i
For scrubbihsr
a tablepoonful of Gold Dust in a pail of hot water
In millions of homes Gold Dust is
used every day, because it abolishes
rubbing and scrubbing.
Gold Dust the active
cleaner dissolves
quickly in hot or cold
water, forming an
active, antiseptic clean
ing solution which
will not scratch nor
mar the finest polished
Its activity begins the
moment it is applied
to any article that re
quires cleaning.
Five-cent and larger packages sold
S Tho Active Gicancs
JOBVi A."":
'SB ... ' , J . --,,.,
. B , T ' : . iTH V
i y I v
- it1-'
j V. ,
1 ill a.v, vv
JOm FiHchar la Salem girl that hi becom one of the functus film Btara.
HIM Flucher Rppoarn In "The Miracle of Life" at the Ye Liberty Thurs
' - day, Friday and Baturday of tali week.
Turned Runaway Car -Upon
Main Line To
Stop It On a Cun e
Itrakfmnn M. R. Kins hud a runaway
frniitht car lon.led with 80,000 pounds
of wheat turned upon the nimn line in
order that the wheeln might be elowed
down when the oar truck the curve. Jt
failed to llow down, however, and
waa going at a rate of DO mile per
iour when it hit a traiu coming in the
5 i i "ffli II HIM J
floor, linnloum J j
Use it for cleaning
floors, linoleum, china.
Also for cleaning porce
lain, kitchen utensils,
sjlver, enameled and
plated ware, woodwork,
windows and bath
room fixtures.
You will find simple
directions printed on
every package of Gold
It is inexpensive and
Lj ill
opponite direction in ft head-on col
linion. Lurkily n farmer raw the run
away ear approaching and the trnin
was goinff out five miloH an hour when
it met the runaway freight car accord
ing to the report of II. H. Corey who
returned to Hnlcm thin morning after
making an invextigation of the wreck
of O. W. R. & N. train No. 22 on the
Simniko -rnnch, December 4.
Mr. Corey wa tent up by the puhllo
mrvice conimitHinn to report on the
mnnshiip. It appearii thnt tho hrnlccn
refnsed to hold and tJie.rar. started
down grade on a switch truck.
X - - T
j- '
By Ella McMunn.
Tho, editor of tho Capital Journal
lias just written something nice about
Old Maids. It in the first time I havo
ever known anybody to say a kind
word about us, unless we said it our
selves, and wc ull know that wo are
under painful necessity of dealing with
the truth io an elastic way. But when
a perfectly nice, disinterested man
pnys us a compliment, in the bulk, so
to Bpenk, it sets the lot of us to bub
bling with gratitude, and that is why I
urn writing tliis nice picco for the
Capital Journal, for nothing. -
Of course there wasn't n word of
truth in the, argument, but it rejoices
my hoart to see that somebody bus
fallen for the bluff we have put up
the bluff that wo aro Old Maids be
cause we like it.
As ft matter of fact, we do not like it,
and never did and never will, and we
aro Old Maids because wo can't help
it just like everybody snys, and of
courso they know a lot about it. And
when it is like thnt, you'd think folks
would be ehnritnble; but tho world has
more respect for u woman who has tak
en a rolling pin to a couple or three
nuHljanus, t Jinn for us, and ono funny
iniug nuuut uiu .yiuius is tne tact tlmi
everyone "tumbles." This, my denr
fellow sisters, is due in a large meas
ure to the ngonizing effort that we
put forth to appear "Happy though
siui(le, " and wo smile around, and
smile around, nnd smile around, and
Hither overdo it insteud of looking
down our nose like wc reel inside.
We do not mind tho pity of e
folks who have had .the joy of taking
10 children through tho measles, having
a few hung, and some more who ought
to be, but it does not set well with ur
to have young people intimate that wo
nre not just' as young and beautify
ns we mice, were, only moro so.
As far as I am able to determine,
and I believe that all who know mo will
agree that I am qualified to speak on
the subject, Old Maids arc a lot like
other women, but we pretend to bo dif
ferent for reasons that aro quite ap
parent. However, this distinction
marks us; we believe that there nevet
was a married woman who made the
idenl wife and mother thnt we would
have made but the pathetic part of it.
nnd a part that we never confess to
each other is about men, of course.
We have no unmarried men friends.
Their natural instinct of self preserva
tion attends to that. Occasionally a
nnfely married man braves the possi
bility of broomsticks and hot water at
home, and looms up on our horizon
long enough to muke a few remarks ttnt
cheer ns on our wayi but it is to widow
ers, who have had three wives, and who
know just what women like, that we
must look for our joy. They poke us
in the ribsund chuck us under the ehir
and if we have not got their whiskers
pulled nut by then, they ask ni how we
like being Old Maids, and of course it
is all very jolly for us 1 don't think.
New York, Dec P. We are passing
inrougn extraordinary experiences in
the money market. Funds are excep
tionally abundant and easy, notwith
standing an expansion of a billion in
loans of New York banks during the
past twelve months. We have loaned
vast sums to Europe; invested in new
bonds and loans at a rapid Tate and re
purchased an enormous amount of
securities held abroad; and yet our
financial resources are far from ex
hausted and still seem to have great
possibilities. Enterprise is reviving.
Many new concerns are being launched
and old ones refinanced at a rate in
volving a heavy drain upon liquid
capital. In fact the absorption of
various forms of investments during
the Inst three months has been simply
amazing, and was only partially re
flected in the daily Stock Exchange
transactions in stocks and bonds. There1
are many evidences of widespread busi-l
ness revival. Among the most convinc-j
ing were the October report of the
Pennsylvania system, which showed on
increase of $5,1!00,000 in gross earn-1
ings and $3,500,000 in net, and the
JNew York Central statement, which re
ported an increase of $2,500,000 gross
and $2,300,000 net.
General trade continues to expand
and bank clearings Inst week showed
an increasa from hist year of nearly
57 per cent, in spite of diminished
speculative activity. November clear
ings were 75 per cent ahead of Inst
year and 40 per cent ahead of 1913.
Reports from the West, where good
crops nre a powerful stimulant, seem
especially encouraging. West of the
Alleghnnies the war counts for little
and local conditions are the principal
factor. Merchants in those regions re
port bare shelves and a widening de
mnnd for all classes of merchandise.
Big retail stores in all sections of the
country anticipate a good Christmas
trade. The Bteel industry continues
on its record breaking course, the pros-'
ent rnte of pig iron production exceed
ing all precedent. Trices nre again ad
vancing and in some instances have
reached a point that restrains orders;
but profits are large und this industry
is now enjoying a degree of prosperity
which should compensate for the lean
period which hiwl been endured foT
months. Itnilroads ire heavy buyers of
equipment, having placed liberal orders
for mils and engines, in addition to
nearly 35,000 cnrB in November, the
largest number since January, 1913.
Out export trade in steel is also promis
ing, Bince foreign1 requirements nre in
creashig whilo Great Britain nnd Ger
many, our chief competitors, are di
verting their energies to the demands of
war. -Building operations arc also being
resumed on a larger scnle under the
stimulus of rising confidence nnd an
easier credit situation. There has been!
a decided improvement in the demand!
for textiles; both cotton and woolen
fabrics reflecting this change in ad
' 'T. .
Blanche Sweet, who appears In a
dual rolo as "Twin Sister" in the
five port production "The Secre'
Sin," showing at the Grand theatre
today, Friday and Saturday.
New Today Ads, one cent per
t v.
The. Salem Girl
Iu a strong and fearless
drama. Tho picture that
mndo New York think. Hit
the mark of public, approval
from tho very first showing.
Hhows tho glories nnd happi
ness of motherhood in a way
that brings a response In tho
very heart.
(Five Heels)
A Masterpiece of Motion
Picture Direction.
Tho World's latest News,
Our Price Never Changes
vancing prices. New incorporations re
ported in November aggregated $243,
000,000, against $116,000,000 a year ago
and $121,000,000 in the same month of
1913. The total incorporations record
ed for the past eleven months reached
$1,32,000,000, against $877,000,000 in
1914 and $1,582,000,000 in 1913. These
facts show a remarkable revival of en
terprise from the severe contraction
which followed the declaration of war;
the low ebb being in October 1914,
when the volume of new incorporations
was only $70,000,000. The amount of
new security issues recorded in Novem
ber was- $230,000,000, against $28,000,
UO0 a year ago. This was the largest
sum in many months, except February
last when the total was swelled by sev
eral large railroad bond issues, includ
ing $100,000,000 by New York Central.
In the face of such facts no very pro
longed reaction in stocks can be ex
pected. In spite of satisfactory trade condi
tions, flattering railroad earnings, phe
nomenal activity in steel, ctciythe stock
market showed a steady declining tend
ency This was attributed partly to
continued liquidation, to foreign selling
and the approaching opening of
Congress. A lot of new problems have
lately been pressed upon public atten
tion, such as preparedness, revenue,
tariff, shipping, etc., and tho political
situation is further complicated by the
coming presidential campaign and the
excitement and uncertainty which that
movement is likely to produce. There
is no reason to anticipate any more dis
turbance than usual during the next
election, and when the president's mes
sage reveals the administration policy
for tho coming session, a sonse of relief
will probably bo felt. One important
factor in the reaction was tho weak
ness in the munition shares. Exagger
ated war profits will not be repeated.
The Allies hnve secured enough am
munition to tide over the emergency,
and Great Britain will now be ablo to
muke its own munitions at much lower
cost than supplies drawn from the
United States. Of course, while tho
war continues further onlcrs may be ex
pected, but they will be less urgent, less
treqnent and at lower prices than the
first series, loncerns with orders at
oarly prices that will keep them occu
pied for some months to come must con
tinue to show Kd results, but it is a
question whether these havo not been
exaggerated and fully discounted. In
directly the war continues the most tin
portant factor. Financial conditions
havo been adjusted to present circum
stances, thus discounting all known in
fluences. Any important developments
in tho strugggle would, however, be
promptly reflected in this market,
I'ence talk is plentiful, but the chief
belligerents show no disposition to
come to terms and the outlook is for
the struggle to continue through the
winter -at least, nlhoiigh surprises may
happen at any date.
He H
London. King Georgo has
1 H given Upper Lodge, a beautiful
$ old house in Kushou l'ark, to
j the Canadian Red Cross to bo
used as a convalescent home.
Hi - $t
! London. "Billy," tho fa-
j mous King Penguin at the Zoo, $
I died of grief soon after his
i $ keeper, enlisted in tho army.
j London. Keep a goat and
I reduce your milk bill 40 per
i $ cent. A newly formed league
j called tho National Utility Gout
$ club, wants this done.-
1 London. England 's latest sfc
rumor about tho German J(t
j Crown Prince declares that Wil-
: $ helm has lost his mind and is
I now a prisoner in ono of the
j Imperial German palaces under
: cure of specialists. 4c
Yoodkrn School
Building Ready For
Bids of Contractors
Aaron IT. Could, architect, Henry
building, Portland, has plans completed
for tho proponed school building to li
built lit Woodliurn, Ore. Bids for tl
structure will bo opened nt 5 p. ni., lie
comber 20, by the school district di
rectors, of which E. J. Stiiunrd is clerk.
Tho structuro is to bo strictly mod
ern, two stories nnd part basement. Bids
for a general contract will bo received,
nnd the plans and specifications muy be
soen ut the offico of K'. J. Htannnrd,
district clerk, nt Woodbiirn, or at the
architect's offico in Portland.
' New York, Deo. (). Wtill
street will celebrnto Christmas
in her old-timo wuy.
Hho will forget expense, and
scatter to employes of the ex-
change vast amounts of largos-
so. "War brides" and "war
babies" are the answer, "Clean
tips" of recent montiin under
boom time orders mean that $
clerks and employes of all firms
will get bonuses Hint wilt swell
tho Christmas sock to enormous
Already 11 corporations have
announced that tney aro von-
tompluting increased dividends.
Slicing of melons is in tho
air, so Cnnta Cluus will be lib-
ernl this season.
Phone 81 for better carrier
Co-operation Among Farmers
and Combined Credit Would
Solve Problem
"Rural Credits" was the subject up
for discussion last evening ut tho meet
ing of the Men's Liberal club of the
Unitarian church. The principal speak
ers of the evening were Dana H. Allen
and Percy Cupper.
The discussions following the ad
dresses were participated in by J. R.
Robertson, Gideon Stolz and L. H. Mc
Mnhon. Dana H. Allen took the stand that
the greatest need was that of co-operation
among the farmers in purchasing
producing and marketing of farm pro
duets, and that tho farmers should ac
complish this through their own ' ef-.
forts, rather than through the assist
ance of the state or federal govern
ment. He nlso advocated that farmers
combine their eredit for securing better
accommodations, following the system
now in vogue in parts of Europe,
where communities combine their inter
ests, float their loans in tho way of
bonds, thereby securing a low rate of
interest. Loans of this nature are made
where it is agreed thnt the funds are
to be used in improving tho property.
Mr. Cupper advocated stnto and fed
eral legislation and endorsed the Duffer
plan of state legislation by which mon
ey at six per cent could bo secured for
agricultural purposes through tho state
The Hev. I?. F. Tischor stilted that
the meetings of the Men's Liberal el'
wero held for the general discussion of
the most important nnd pressing sub
jects of the day. Tho discussion of
rural" credits will be continued at the
next meeting in January, when Judge
Charles McNary will express his opin
ions. At the election last night tho follow
ing officers were elected:
Dana Allen, president; James Molt.
Jr., first vice-president; Rev. R. F.
Tischer. secretary; Gideon Stolz, treas
urer; Walter Denton, Dr. W. S. Mott
and Benjamin Williams, evecutivo com
mittee. After the discussion Inst night, re
freshments, were served by tho hospi
tality committee of the cliib.
Watt Shipps Win From
Woodman Pin Smashers
The Watt Shipp bowlers won two out
of three from the W. O. W.'s lit tlx
Club alleys and piled up a total of
2HK0 while the lodgemen wero making
2635. Noud rolled the high gamo of
259 nnd tho high nverngo of 214.
Tho scores follow:
w. o. w.
' 1 2 S Av.
Wilson 20(1 100 172
Mean .141 179 143 154
Lloyd 140 37(1 KI0 Hit
Donaldson 199 205 178 192
Kress 193 205 17.8 192
Total HNS 912 8:18
Total pins, 2035; average, 175.
Watt Shipp.
1 2 .1 Av.
Noud 18.1 259 200 214
Fraser 180 15(1 172
Hiddnll 1.1.1 1:12 150 1.1S
A. Snmp 190 9 1l!8 185
Craven 190 204 1(17 187
Totals 8J(I 917 857
Total pins, 2(180 ; average, 179.
WIDOW GETS 86,000,000
Battle Creek, Mich., Dec. 9.
Valuable real estate here and
nt Santa Barbara, Oil., and $(!,
000,000 of the Post estate have
been nccepted by Mrs. C. W.
Post, widow of the Battle Creek
cereal manufacturer, us her
shore of her husband's proper
ty, it was nnnounced today. The
bulk of tho fortune, about 20,
000,000, will go to Post 's daugh
ter, Mrs. Murjorie Post Close,
Yon -re paying for news ill
the Journal, not prizes.
Makes pumping bo easy
Man Wanted I
How about
a gift
It's always a hard
problem this buying
a gift for a man so
many ladies claim.
And it should not be
so, especially if you
drop into our store and
look around and see
what a host of attrac
tive things we offer.
Furnishing goods
are always most ac
ceptable gifts and you
will find a beautiful
assortment here and at
prices much lower
than Tortland's.
Leading Clothiers
The Toggory 167 Com! St
The Popular Photoplay Star
In "Tho Paramount Produc
tion." TheSecret
In Five Parts
In tliis production the ver
satile Miss Sweet appears In
a dual role as "Twin Sis
ters." The story is laid In
San Francisco's "China
town," amid exciting acenea
of Chinese dens,"
5c and 10c
"rrmrhni ilM t in
Today, Friday and Sat.
Showing President Wilson,
Mrs. Gait, Christie Mathew
son, Ty Cobb, and all the
main plays of the games, in
nHtln .
K m - our roguuir pic
M tur Program and
Matinee 10c. Evening 15c
We want a man to act ns
local distributor, Attend t o
shipping out to farmers, and
make himself generally use
ful. The above cut represents
our Advance Pump Governor
an article which has proven
to be the greatest seller on the
market. If you want to get
into a small permanent busi
ness of your own here is an
opportunity which will stand
the closest investigation. Re
quires $200 to carry first
shipment of stock on hand.
This work will net you $100
per month by giving it your
If interested, see me Thurs
day and Friday at Room 304,
Marion Hotel.
any child can do the work.