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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
December !), .1915.
Editor and Manager
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Phone Main 81.
Ellis Jones, who is a member' of the Ford peace dele
gation, gets indignant way out in the Atlantic and boldly
l 1 1 rt 1 A. TT7M 111 1 ...... "
cuauenges rresiaent mison 10 maKe public the country
or countries tnac America is airaid of." Now suppose
the president should take him at his word what do you
suppose Ellis would do about it? His action leaves one
in doubt as to whether he is just mildly seasick or has
the pip.
Now comes Sir Francis Webster, of Scotland, who has
been engaged in manufacturing linen for vears as did his
Mil 1 11 , 1 . m "
iatner ana granaiatner beiore him, and pronounces the
Oregon-grown flax the finest ever. Of course we Ore-
gonians knew this all the time, but it is highly gratifying
i- l j ; i-; ! i 3 i.1 j - i i
iu nave u uisunguisiieu an auinomy indorse our JUug
Bryan apparently has his eyes on the presidential
nomination again.- The wireless tells us that he com
mended most of the president s message but opposed
Ihe KUFFested tax nn frasnline and the hnrsp-nnwpv nf
The three congressmen from this state, Sinnott, Haw-! automobiles. If he can get a stand-in with all the autoists
ley and McArthur, all find fault with the suggestions1 he will have a walk over at the election
made by the president in his message as to the manner ot
raising revenues; all insisting that the only proper way
to get money for the general government is through the
- Congressman Sinnott goes oven further and insists on
the replacing of the tariff on wool, thus making, as he
expresses it, "the foreigner pay for our defense."
. It is passing strange how any intelligent man, and such
Mr. Sinnott certainly is, can make such an assertion, for
he certainly knows that the tariff is not paid by the
foreigner, but by the American consumer. The foreigner
does not even as a general thing import the goods on
which the tariff is paid. This is done by the American
wholesaler, who pays the tariff when the goods are
landed, but he does not forget to pass the cost on to the
retailer and the latter passes . it on to the consumer,
Congressman Sinnott knows this, none better, and belittles
himself and insults the intelligence of his constituents in
making the statement.
It is evident also that he does not keep posted on the
wool question or on the position taken by the wool grow
ers, who at a recent convention held in Pendleton pro
nounced the tariff on wool of no benefit to the wool grow
er, and admitted just what the democratic and some re
publican papers have for years insisted on that it was not
foreign competition that interfered with the wool market,
but rags.
It was asserted by them that there was only wool
enough raised in this country to make 27 per cent of the
goods sold in the markets as all wool, and which were in
stead, shoddy. .
The wool growers instead of asking for a tariff de
cided to ask such legislation as would compel the manu
facturers and dealers in woolen goods and their substi
tutes to label their products so that they would be sold for
what they were, whether wool or shoddy. When this is
done the price of woolen goods will be higher than it has
been and the price of shoddy when it is known and sold
as such will fall. It is only by traveling under the name
of wool that the eastern manufacturer has been able to
The Cuban commission made a present to Uncle
Samuel of their building at the exposition, part of which
.was on the Presidio, but the old gentleman thought he had
foreign troubles enough on his hands and declined the
gift which cost the Cuban government $75,000.
Another evidence that prosperity is waking up and
getting busy is the telephone company rebuilding its lines
and planting carloads of new poles. This will help the
lumber industry some, and other things a bit more.
The state buildings sold at the exposition brought at
the rate 01 $1.50 for each $100 of their cost. They cost
$864,000 and sold for $12,445, a loss on the lot of $851,555.
Federal Authorities At San
Francisco Start To Solder
On the Bid
a . f U If I"' VkiW
CM I ! LJ r wi'
any man who has the nerve to differ. The
Jingoes have a gory creed, for which they
argue, threaten, plead, but every sane man
flouts it; our bulwark and our shield is Peace, and I can
hold the consumer up for the price of wool when he was maul the axle grease from any man who doubts it. Peace
selling him the cast olf rags ot the pauper laborers ot is the balm tor every sore, Peace is the welcome at the
Europe made over for American consumption. door, the greeting and the blessing; if any man says 'No'
nousands oi tons or tnese rags are imported every, to that, I'll knock his jawbone through his hat, and leave
year and after being worked over by the thrifty down
easter are good enough for the American who is paying a
tariff on wool to further help the schemes of the shoddy
As a matter of fact it matters not how the money is
raised to carry on the government, whether by tariff or
direct taxation, the consumer pays the bill.
his backers guessing."
Sim Francisco, Doc. 8 Federal auth
orities started this afternoon to screw
the lid down on publicity in the al
leged bomb plot cases of Baron Von
Brineken, Herman military man and C.
C. Crowlev. his alleged lieuchman.
Strenuous notion against newspaper
men who qui?, grand jury witnesses was
hinted at.
Meantime, the identity of a mysteri
ous man who is never out of the sight
of federal authorities was withheld.
Some thought him a new prisoner. Oth
ers suggested that in a conference of
ficials held with Judgo Dooling there
hail ben request for a bench warrant
for his arrect. Nobody was disposed
to throw light on this situation.
Her Letters Did It.
New Vork, Dec. 8. The name of a
prominent New York and Newnnrt. so
ciety woman, whose identity is shield
ed, was dragged in today in tho inves
tigation of the alleged pro-Gcrnmn
activities of Franz Von Rintelen in
this conntr". Rintelen is now held a
prisoner by British authorities at ixm
don. The authorities there found on Rin
telen letters from tho woman, which
they forwarded here. In these, she vie-
nuuiicu me aiiministration's attitude in
the UerniiinAeniirciiu situation.
It is reported that through her so
cial connections, tho woman arranged
for Rintelen to inspect sections of war
ships. The letters have not been presented
to the federnl grand jury and author
ities are silent as to whether or not
tho woman will bo indicted.
Meantime officials are investigating
Kinteleu's alleged activities in spend
ing a half million dollurs to start a
Mexican revolution to divert America 's
attention from Europe.
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Dr. W. A; COX
The statesman who's demanding peace a lasting
peace that will not cease, until we're ages older seems
always-in defiant mood; he struts around the neighbor
hood, a chip upon his shoulder. His every
action seems to say, "I'm bound that peace
shall come our way; if any man opposes, if
any men would block my schemes, or side
track my pacific dreams, I'll surely pull
their noses. Why breed the blood lust in
our sons? Why purchase-endless ships and
guns, and make our taxes suffer 7 Peace is
Red Cross Seals
Onjale at These
Red Cross seals are now ton snln nr.
tho Lndd & Bush bank, the Commer
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Book store. The Oretron association
for the prevention of tuberculosis hns
charge of the Bale of these stamps in
Mrs. W. E. Anderson is chairninn nf
the Snlem sale. The board is com
posed of President A. L. Mills, Port
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Portland, secretary; Dr. G. C. Bellinger I
of 8nlem, assistant secretary and trcas-1
urer; Rev. ft. N. Avison, superintend
ent. J. A. Churchill, Dr. H. J. Cle
ments, B. A. Harris, T. B. Kav, Dr. W.
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Hero is a simple, yet very effective
method for removing hair and fuzz
from the face, neck und arms: Cover
the objectionable hairs with a pasto
mane uy mixing somo water with a
Uttlo powdered delatone. Leave this
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wash tho, skin and tho hairs hno van
ished. No pain or inconvenience at
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Colonel McLaughlin iSalem Is To Have Two
Compliments Company M
Colonel E. McLaughlin, Third, (). N.
I., during a visit to the nrmorv Tucs
i.... ........ : ... i: ....i t.
JlU. US lUf U IUgU UUiU US IX revenue JJIUUUCCI, US ll)Ilg.u on tlieir nttciulnnee anil upon the
as the war continues the idea is absurd, since our importsIX11'
have been practically cut off. There could be no material !" the non commissioned officers.
revenue from this source since practically no foreign 1 1,,;!;'';,:',: wou.d t:!":
goods are coming in. Ui course Congressmen llawley "i-gnni.cd as it is nt present until con
and Sinnott know this to be true and even McArthur
Young Bandits Hold Up
and Rob Girl Cashier
"ought to grasp the idea in at least a hazy kind of a way. ?"!","! t'l,,t , 'T- llH'l , i,','ol"l,ltiim
V ,., . . ,v ,, , . " i led linn to believe that miineuve
The war is acting now like a tariff wall against foreign. m, extra large scale would bo ci
commerce, so high that it is almost prohibitive. If we
want to raise money at this time for government ex-
licusc it niuni twine nuiu ouiiu; ouici wun-c uiuu uuira uiii ,,, wiM llot i, ,wkM ml llti P0I,.
imported goods because there are no imports to speak of. I k, i"'"'" tho appropriation for the
state militias,
' The colonel nlso announced that (he
annual federal Inspection would be
The department of justice down in San Francisco is '"'J',1 M,"','M v11""- .
getting ready to begin, to prepare, to start, to investigate for ".rier ran"!''
thecharges against Crowley and others as to their con- giw"n , ,;-
iieeuim vitn auine iyuiu ml vvii&Jiia:y iu sinri, uiuvv up, our m tne nun. Tiie colonel also noted
i iu inci tnnt ompnny m unit the High
est per eentngc of attendance in the
stale nnd that in military tactics, it
was equalled by only one company iu
the state.
Colonel Mclaughlin Is In command
of the Third Regiment, O. V. U. nnd
nlso n on it it i n In the regular army, His
headquarters are in Portland.
office stations after tho first of the
year. The sunslation at tho Kmita
grocery near the fair grounds will be
continued, ami the new station will be
opened at the rown Drug store,
Stnto street.
I! res made known ils policy ns to tho A short time after the close of the
National Guards in all the states. Ho Htn,e fair, ettorts were made to ro
that "love the fair grounds stntion to n
era nn . more central location down town. IV
carried 1,11 ,h0 signed remonstrance of those
nut next spring dining tho regular en-lllvi,llf nonr t'"1 ir grounds, tho mut
iiimpnieut when the National Guardster wiis held up, pending tho arrival
of Idaho. Washington mid Oregon will ,,f nn Inspector, who was here about
participate. The place for this man- BIX voon ago
Contract Post Offices
Following tho recommendations of
Inspector ( . . Linebniigh, of Port- Chicago, Dec. Three young bandits
laud, hulem will have two contract post today held up Miss Emma Hchlinske,
aged 2i years, cashier of a branch of
fice of tho Prudential Life insurance
company, tied her and a girl clerk to
gether nnd escnped with $7,000 in cash.
Before attacking the cashier, the
bandits bound the watchman in his
chair, and then awaited tho arrival of
Miss Hchlinske with the pay roll she
Portland Woman Thought
. Brother Was "Corpse"
Portland, Ore., Dec. !). Never having
usea tne mini -1e" in her own spell
ing of the word "corpse," Mrs. Mar
celine Germain, of Donaldson, .Mich.,
was prostrated with grief upon receipt
of an official communication announc
ing the fact that her brother, Joseph
Kli .lollicouer, had joined tho U. 8.
Murine Corps and had named her ns
next of kin to be notified in case of
"If my brother is a corps, of whnt
did he diet" she wrote to Captain H.
T. Swuin in churgc of the local recruit-
destroy, burn, wreck and annihilate something or other,
somewhere, some time, some how. The prosecuting attor
ney and a small army of detectives have been keeping the
wires hot about it for weeks while they are rolling up
their sleeves and doing the getting ready stunt. A weary
public hopes they will soon shoot or give up the gun.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1868
CAPITAL - $300,000.00
Transact a General Banking Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Aids Digestion
Promotes Health
Stomach Bitters
It is Xatiirc'i best aid In com
bating ailments ot the Stomach
and Bowel).
iow everyiioily will ho nappy, .as
the residents near the fair grounds will
hnvo their sub-station, and at the same
time, the establishing of a down town
station will be of great convenience
to those in tho business district.
The stntion to be established at the
Crown lrug store is known ns a con
tract station and the employes iu the
drug store do not come under the civil
service rules. At this station, stomps
win ne sold, money orders issued and
letters registered, and that Is all. No
panel nost piu kagcs will be received
or Weighed. The only business is' Hint
of first class mail, and money orders.
All other business will be transacted
as usual nt the postoffice.
Oswald Becker et ux to N. O. Hy
liind, lots 3, 4, ,1, 1, I'redninn acres.'
1'J- K. Spyker to .1. M. Knvnnmiuh,
lots 11), block 2, Burlington Add. Hu
lem. Kntii Holmes et vlr In A. -W. and A.
O. Lowrcnce, lot. and 10, block 8,
Fnirmoiint Add. Kalcm.
W. K Doty ct nx to N. II. Dotv, V.
K. Doty claim, 4H, It. 3 V.
Catherine Vrcdenbnrx to Frederick
Marsh, I). 8. llonne.v claim, 47, B, 1
Ollvf II, Kyle et vlr to Rmmn flj
Katon, in trust for Hallelujah Village
of Calcutta, India, lot 5, block 11, De
pot Add. Kum.
M. A. Barber et nx to J. L. and Cora
A. Kmith lot 8 I.Ik 14, Marlon.
Oeo. W.. Jeuklnt t us to John T. and
Imd just drawn from the bank
When she and Miss Mamie Ilnin, the
clerk arrived, they were overpowered,
ami tne youths then tied in an tiuto-
Deafdes9 Cannot Be Cured
by local applications, ai t fij oannot rcncl.
the dittt'aacd portion of tho ear. There la
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coua lining or the Kuitachlun Tube. When
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aound or Imperfect hearlnc and when it ia
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unh'Ba the Inflammation can be taken out
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tion, hearing will be deitroyed forever: nine
cneoa out of ten are cauaed by Catarrh,
which la nothing but an tntlamfjd condition
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We will give One Hundred Dnltnri for any
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Bond for circulars, free.
F. J. CHRNBY A CO., Toledo. Ohio.
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Take Hull's Family PI1H for conatlpatlon,
303 State Street
Examination Free
Lady Nurse
Modern Office
Courteous Treatment
Phone 926
ing stntion of the United States Mu
rine Corps, who had enlisted the man
and was responsible for the notifica
tion. . . . '
Tho recruiting officer, ! liy return
mail, bade the sorrowing sister cease,
mourning, and assured her that tho
"corps" to which her brother had late
ly attached himself was tho ''livest"
kind of nu organization.
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aay-.a tfeelfall time
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lj Washington Y mLS'll
I Ufa .nd JMtL
Lr . Waihington LtT3S
r Portland
Anna C. -livers, pt Isnac Durban el 2S-7-aV.;
Ann Wootlsidc cl 74-7-2W.
1). I. llussell to A. T. Moffitt lot li)
J. V. McDonnM Fruit tracts.
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