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Tie Methodist bazaar will be opened
in the church parlors on State street,
beginning Friday, and continuing
throughout the entire day.
Han" artistic and beautiful articles
&ave been fashioned by the ladies and
will be for sale at the various booths,
which will contain an array of suitable
Christmas gifts. In the evening a de
lightful and interesting programme has
been arranged, and during tlie lunch
eon and dinner hours, a delicious re
ftast will be served for the meager sum
of thirty-five cents.
Mrs. vVilliam II. Boot returned Mon
day from Portland where she has been
the guest of Miss Elsie Hamilton, at
Alexandra Court, for several days.
- Mrs. B. J. Miles was the charming
hostess for the members of the P. E. O.
society Monday evening.
A delightful programme was arrang
ed by the hostess, and three interesting
papers were read by Mrs. Miles as
sisted by Miss Marguerite Mile, the
subjects of which were: Baltimore,
Washington and Philadelphia.
Later the members enjoyed dainty
refreshments served by the hostess and
Miss Marguerite Miles.
At the armory on Tuesday evening
the Sons of Veterans hold their regu
lar mooting and elected officers for
the ensuing year.
Those elected wero: Commander,
Ttfiv. F. T. Porter; senior vice-commander,
John Siegniund; junior vice
commander, J. A. Kemington; Chaplin,
Itov. Carl H. Elliott; treasurer, W. P.
Itinglor; secretary, E. .1. Knymond;
council, David Drager. II. R. McWhor
ter and 8. Drake.
On Friday the state organizers of
the Hons of Veterans will go to Stay
ton. It is expected that about twouty
W. R. C. ludius uud sous will go alto
gether. Mrs. F. A. Elliott returned the first
of the week from a fortnight's visit
to tho exposition and other points of
interest around the bay city.
Mr. and Mrs. David Eyre returned
Tuesilay evening from a fortnights tr?p
to Han Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. Evre
were among thoso who saw the groat
brilliant exposition closed Saturday
Paul Wallaco returned the first of
tho week from a delightful trip to Cal
Makes Stubborn Coughs
Vanish in a Hurry
Sarprlalnglr Good Cough irrup
Easily and Cheaply
Made at Horn
If some one in your family lias an ob
stinate cough or a hud throat or chest
rold that lias been hanging mi and refuses
to yield to treatment, get from any drug
tore Vfa ounces of Pinox and in tike it
into a pint of cough syrup, and watch
that cough vanish.
Pour tho 2ty ounces of Pino (!0
rents worth) into a pint bottle and nil
the bottlo with plain granuluted sugar
yrup. The total cost is about 04 cents,
and gives you n full pint a family
wipply of a most ollctivo romedv, at a
saving of $2. A doy's use will usually
overcome a hard cough. Easily prepared
in & minutes full directions with Pine.
Keeps perfectly and has a pleasant taste.
Children like it.
It's really romarkahle how promptly
nd easily it loosens the dry, hoarse or
light cough and heals the iniliimvd mem
branes in a painful cough. It also stops
uniui cniign. n also aUipalnmr, Mis. P. A. Palm
i of phlegm in the throat I nrk m... xr k,, i
tubes, thus ending tho per- 1 ' '
:ough A splendid remedy Mrs-, A-;, 1 ' """J"' .5rl
iim inniiaiion
and bronchial
KlBlent loose CO
for bronchitis, winter eoliirliH. lirntN'liint
asthma and whooping cough.
Pinex Is a special and highly concen
trated compound of genuine Norway pino
extract, rich in guniacol, which is bo
beuliug to the membranes.
Avoid disappointment by asking your
druggist for ounces of Pinex,"' and
do not accept anything else. A guarantee
f absolute satisfaction goes with this
5 reparation or immev promptly refunded,
lie Pinex Co., Ft. Wayne, liid.
Specials Worth Reading
lilghl grey rubberized Raglan in sizes 10 mid ff7
2. 10.U0 Cent now .'. $.UU
Handsome tun slip-on coats in slr.es 40 and 42.
Bcgular prieo U2.(K), now.
Dark gray medium weight Bain Coats In sizes 38, 40
nd 42. A regular Christinas gift Ifl.H.T Coat for
Knit Slipper Specials
Women's $1.45 Slippers $1.00
Ken's $1.75 Slippers..., $1.25
Thaw are made of good quality leather out soles with spring heel
kid lamb s wool liisolct. Nicely knit with fancv turnovers and
trimmed with pom poms. Colors! for women pink and white,
lavender and white, grey and red, red and white, blue and white.
Kor men grey and red, red and black and brown and gold.
Otre Quality and Newness of Merchandise your careful consider
auon and you will soon disoorer the difference between truthfulness
and absurdity In advertising.
ifornia, where he attended the fair in
San Francisco.
On Tuesday evening the Order of
Eastern Star held a meeting and an
nual election in the Masonic temple.
The following officers were elected for
tho coming yaar: Worthy matron, Miss
Minnie Moeller; worthy patron, Judge
.1. C. Moreland; secretary, Mrs. Ida
Babcock; treasurer, Mrs. Katherine
Bernardi; associate matron, Mrs. Eliza
beth Shafer; conductress, Mrs. Faye
Wright; associate conductress, Mrs.
Stella Smith; trustees, Mrs. Minnie
McC'auler, Mrs. Josephine La Fore,
George Brown.
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Breitenstein
were hosts lor an enjoynme auu"
party at their home on South Twelfth
streot Tuesday evening.
Five tables of the game were ar
ranged in rooms effectively decorated
with various colored chrysanthemums.
High score honors were awarded to
Mrs. U. S. Page and Herbert Stiff.
Music also formed another diversion
for the evening's entertainment.
The guests were: Mr. and Mr. E. C.
Quinn, Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Nadon, Mr.
and MHr. Frank Davey, Mr. and Mrs.
John Noud, Mr. and Mrs. If. K. Mer
win, Mr. and Mrs. U. S. Page, Mr. and
Mrs. A. J. Davidson, Mr. and Mrs. Her
bert St f, Mr, and Mar. K. Lewis.
The hostes-- was assited in the orv-
ing oy Mrs. Quinn and the Misses
Miarie and Cora Breitenstein.
A delightful Christmas programme ib
outlined for the Ynlctido vesper ser
vice next Sunday afternoon inthel'hil
odosinn halls at which Professor Mat
thews will preside. Many Christmms
hymns and carols will be sung by the
students, the ladies' club will give
"Holy Night," a quartette of men's
voices, tho Messrs. Gillette, Steeves,
Chnpler and Lyons, will sing an ap
propriate carol aii.l a violin solo will
be given by a member of Miss Tur
ner's class. The fact that Professor
Matthews will preside is a treat in it
self and, added to this, the other tul
onted artiBts, nssures n vesper hour of
much interest to every Willametto stu
Mrs. W. .T. Hngoilorn, who has been
the guest of "nor daughter, Mrs. Fnul
Hnuser and other friends for 'several
days, returned homo this morning.
Tho ennip fire girls in charge of tho
JNortli Salem Woman s club ami spon
sored by Mrs. John Dubois, arranged
a candy booth in the Presbyterian
church on Tuesday ovening to secure
money for their indiim suits. Tho club
was very successful in this undertaking
and were well sold out at the closing
The North Snlfm Woman 's club will
meet Tuesday with Mrs. Frank Pur
vino on North Fifth street. A delight
ful programme has been arranged.
Mis. Any Smith returned Tuesday
from a brief trip to Portland.
The ladies of -the United Brethren
church of the Englcwood district spent
a pleasurable afternoon Wednesday
when they were entertained by Mrs.
Carrio Chase and iicr mother, Mrs. M.
During the uf1ornoon an enjoyable
programme was given. Miss Lorettu
Dork rendered several piano selections.
Miss Olive Sutter and Mrs. H. It. Dork
gave a number of readings, and Mrs.
Chase sang a solo.
After the programme and business
meeting tho hostesses served refresh
ments. Those present were: Mrs. A. rnl-
nier, Mrs, 1". A. Palmer. .Mrs. II. H.
S. I'. Hale,
ra. 11. 11. Niniii-
bniigh, Mrs. K. Nat'tzgor, Mrs. K. Me
Elroy, Mrs. II. Pascoe, Mrs. C. ( liuse,
Miss 0. Sutter, Mips Loiittu tork,
Card of Thanks,
We wish to kindly thank our firends
and neighbors for tiioir sympathy
shown during our Into bereavement.
Joitoa' Nursory, rear of armory. Dcl5
Most Eminent Medical
Authorities Endorse It.
Dr. Eberle and Dr. Braithwalte as
well as Dr. Simon all distinguished
authors agree that whatever may be
the disease, the urine seldom fails in
furnishing us with a cine to the princi
ples upon which it is to be treated,
and accurate knowledge concerning the
nature of disease can thus be obtained.
If backache, scalding urine or frequent
urination bother or distress you, or if
uric acid in the blood has caused rheu
matism, gout or sciatica or you suspect
kidney or bladder trouble just write Dr.
Pierce at the Surgical Institute, Buffalo,
N.Y.; send a sample of urine and de
scribe symptoms. You will receive free
medical advice after Dr.Pierce's chemist
has examined the urine this will be
carefully done without charge, and you
will be under no obligation. Dr. Pierce
during many years of experimentation
has discovered a new remedy which be
finds is thirty-seven times more power
ful than lithia in removing uric acid
from the system. If you are suffering
iroin Dacnacne or tne pains ol rneuma
tism, go to your best druggist and ask
for a 50-cent box of "Anuric" put up
by Dr. Pierce. Dr. Pierce's Favorite
Prescription for weak women and Dr.
Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery for
tne Diooa nave been lavorably known
for the past forty years and more. They
are standard remedies to-day as well
as Doctor Pierce's Pleasant Pellets for
the liver and bowels. You can ret a
sample of any one of these remedies
cy writing ut. Pierce.
Doctor Pierce's Peflete are nnequaled
sb a Liver Pill. One tiny, Sugar-coated
Vtllet a Dose. Cure Sick Headache,
Bilious Headache, Dizziness, Constipa
tion, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and
all derangements of the Liver, Stomach
and Bowels.
L. A. Jones is in the city, from Oer
vais. (Scorne W. Weeks is in Portland on
Georee F. Ttodgera went to Portland
this morning.
E. Austin, of Gervais, was in the
city yesterdav.
CI rf ford Cramer, of Portland, is hero
today on business.
David incobsnn was in tho city yeB
tfrda.v, from Tnlbot.
F. A. Bovington, an attorney of Sil
vertou, will locate in Salem lind form
a law partnership with O. S. White.
Mrs. Ella Watt is in Portland in
structing the juvenile organizations of
the United Artisuns in tho ritualistic
Mis. W. J. Uudley, of Turner, re
turned to her hniiio today after a few
lnv9 visit with
her ssiter, Mrs. C. E.
IHTONT At a locul hospital, Decem
ber S, 11115, Julius Dupont, at the
ago of 5(1 years. The remains were
forwarded by the Terwilliger Par
lors to St. Louis, this morning,
where funeral services were held
with burial in the local cemetery.
Literary and social entertainment in
'Scandinavian church. A literary and
social entertainment- and, Ladies Aid
society sale will be held in tho Scandi
navian church, corner South liith and.
Mill streets, tomorrow evening, Fridnv,
December 1(1, at 7:30 o'clock, refresh
ments will be served. Free admittance.
All are most cordiully invited to at
tend. Committee.
Jones' Nursery, roar of armory. Drt5
Phoenix, Arir.., Dec. 9. Dr. David
Starr Jordan, chancellor of Stanford
university, who hns been ill with pneu
monia here, was much better today. He
was pronounced out of danger.
Jones' Nursery, rear of armory. Dcl5
Everything in the entire
store (with the exception of
Rubber Tootwear) reduced at
No Definite Information But
Beh'ef Is Captain Is Secret
ing tie Truth
San Francisco, Dee. 9. That either
Captain Oarlick of the crippled HiU
liner Minnesota, struggling northward
in tow along the coast is not telling all !
he knows of affairs aboard, or that the
agents here are conceaing some infor
mation was the belief prevailing along
the water front'today.
Port Captain Wiley of the line claim
ed Captain Oarlick denied any mu
tineers or spies had crippled the ves
sel mat tne troubles were BOlely me-1
chanical. !
On the other hand, it was regarded
as particularly significant that the!
steamer City of Para, landing here tyl
day, picked up a long code message!
from Captain Oarlick to the Hill line
here. That this, indeed, revealed much
to clear up thfi mystery of the crippled
food ship is generally believed. !
Some suggest that the length and I
secrecy of the message indicated that
it revealed something more than a
mere statement that the vessel is af
flicted only By mechanical ailments.
A deep silence meantimo has settled
ovor those who may know all the de
tuils. Thero is from them no explanation
of early reports tnat the ship has
aboard mutineers in irons.
San Diego reports that Captain Gar
lick had refused to answer wireless re
quests for information, sent by news
papers arm oilier interested parties,
si-emeu siL'iijucanr.
The inter-class basketball games are
arousing considerable interest in that
sport. Last evening the sophomores
defeated tho academy, and tho fresh
men lost to the D. D. club by a score
of 15 2.
The freshmen Inter plnvcd a team
from the cHy Y. M. C. A. "and won by
a 21-J5 score.
Tho Kloshe Klub team will piny the
Commoners this afternoon mid the jun
iors will battle with the ministers, or
Kimball college team.
The regulars for tho varsity team
were given suits last evening; those
who received suits were: .Tewett.
Shislor, Brooks, Irvine, Jackson and
Tobio. This does not necessarily mean
that they will compose the first team
but it gives them a cood mnrcin toward
.cinching the place.
niiisier and Jcwett. Inst year's for
wards, are in fine condition und are al
ready able to drop the bull into the
basket from all parte of the floor. Irv
ine and Tobio are showing themselves
up well at the gwrn-d positions whilo
Brooks and Jackson, are stretching out
to their limits to determine which is the
highest jumper at the center nosition.
Jackson seems to have a fairlv good
cnunco, as nc nns nail considerable ex
perience at the game having played two
years on the fust Kinmett, Idaho, high
Bcliool team.
Prof. Wallace McMurray gave a lec
ture on "Dostoevoski, the Master of
Russian Literature," Tuesday night, a
large crowd was present to hear the lec
ture and expressed their appreciation
of the intensive' study of the drama
which Prof. McMiirtay has made, and
is making.
Friday evening the Adelaides and
Webstcrians will hold their semi-annual
formal party in their halls. TMb party
is looked forward to by both societies
with a great deal of pleasure an it is
one of the few occasions when the
two societies meet jointly for. a jolly
good time.
The conventional "scratch list" has
made its appenrnnce, already and passed
on, and now nothing remains but to en
joy the time when it comes.
The results of the competitive essay
contest will be mndo public Friday
morning nt clmpel. The first prize is a
large Willamette Indian blanket, the
second prize is a large W. U. pennant.
The judges will complete their mark
ings on the manuscripts Thursday ev
ening and the winners will be presented
with their prizes the following morn
ing. A number of good essays were pre
sented and the winning one will be well
worthy of the prize.
The Washingtoninu club met yester
day to decide upon an arrangement by
which Washliigtonioiis who will not go
homo for the holidays may entertain i
and enjoy the vacation days in Sn
lem. The election of officers resulted in i
Walter Gleisor being chosen, president:
Charles Rnndall, vice-president j Miss!
Blanche Baker, secretary-treasurer; j
Miss Ruth Perrington, reporter. A com
mittee was appointed to arrange a so
cial program which will be held at the!
home of Dr. und Mrs. Frank Chace.
Tho Wcbsteriun Literarv societv Inst!
night in their discussion of the pro
posed amendment which would provide
labor for tho unemployed reached the
conclusion that the amendment, as it is
now stated is by far too idealistic and
although iu theory it might be feasible,
yet In practice it would be inadequate.
A hot discussion over the matter was
carried on for nbont on hour and a
half and then a motion to lay it on the
table for another week prevented n
negative opinion of its acceptance from
being adopted.
Tho Y. W. 0. A, have adopted Thurs
day as official sandwich day and from
now on tnese dainty articles will be di-
Mnsed to tho hungry mob every Thurs-
uay morning after chapel hour.
Washington, Pee. 0. The
rich Colville Indian reservation
In Washiugtfln state will be'
thrown nen to homestead en
try Julv 1, Secretary of the In
terior Lane announced todav
following a conference with
bnatom Jones ami Poindeiter
and Kenresentative Dill, of
THURSDAY, Dec. 9, 1915.
Only 13 More Shopping Days Left
Until Xmas Shop Early Today
Large Assortment New Styles 15c to 50c Silk Web Suspenders and Garters to
match 65c.
Large assortment of fine Umbrellas good assortment of handles, no two alike, ex
tra good values, 85c each.
We make no big splurges with big sales; we are here with new goods and meet
the prices.
115 N. Liberty
near State
Four Jumps From Paris
To Salonica Trenches
By William O. Shepherd.
(United Proas staff correspondent.)
Salonicn, Oct. 31. (By mail.) The
four jumps from Paris to tho Salonika
front take three weeks; they are full
of waits, interest and excitement, of
submarine dodging, sightseeing. Per
haps you'd like to take the trip. John
McOutcheon, the American cartoonist,
and James H. Hare, veteran wnr pho-togrttiher,-aro
in the party.
Very well! It's 10 at 'night in the
P. L. M. station in Paris and you're
climbing into the sleeping car. You've
been worrying, Four days ago you re
served berths and paid a bonus to your
hotel for securing them. As tho train
pulls out you discover that the car is
practically our private car. Few folks
are traveling toward Italy in war
time. You ask the porter for a detachable
lamp for your berth.
"Haven't you got any extra ones!"
. 'Whyt"
"This is war time."
"That's silly," you say angrily.
"Say! I used to run ou the Orient
al express from Vienna to Constanti
nople," says tho French porter, who is
also conductor. "Didn't I use to see
you hanging around Vienna!"
"Never been, in Vienna," you lie.
But what he has said cools you down;
he's practically telling you that if you
don't shut up about the berth lamp
he'll charge you with being an Aus
trian spy. Hii's got the drop on you;
you're nothing but a poor, helpless' for
eigner in France in war timo. So you
go to bed without tho lamp; no chance
of reading yourself to sleep this night.
There's a dining car hitched on for
breakfast. But there' o nothing but
coffee und bread; no eggs, no bacon
"it's the war!"
There's no diner for lunch. Same
reason. For Buprter you jump off at a
station, buy a cold chicken, pickles and
bottled wutor and get the crumbs all
over the carpet of your compartment.
The second morning you're in Rome.
Your trunk doesn't show up. It's back
in Paris. Same reason as no eggs.
The Vital Factor
not alone in affairs of the Nation, but with the health of every citizen.
One seldom knows when the common enemy, sickness, in one form or another, is
about to strike; and the best form of preparedness is to keep body and brain
Active brains and vigorous bodies Vre the result of right living food plays a
big part.
made of whole wheat and malted barley,supplies all the bone- and brain-building,
nerve- and muscle-making elements of the grains, including the vital salts- phos
phate of potash, etc, often lacking in the diet of many, but imperative for bound
ing good health.
Grape-Nuts is easily digested comes ready for table directly the germ-proof,
moisture-and dust-proof packet is opened. With good milk or cream Grape-Nuts
supplies complete nourishment.
A ration of Grape-Nuts each day is a safe play for health, and
There's a Reason
sold by Grocers everywhere.
An enormous variety of
Handkerchiefs for every
member of the family, soil
ing here at nearly half
their values from le up.
Ladies' Handkerchiefs,
embroidered comer, reg
ular 10c, special 6c
Children's Handkerchiefs,
4 la Xmas box, 15c
Men's Xmas Sets
Men's Silk Handkerchief
and Tie to match In Xmas
box, 60c
Men's Silk Tie, Handker
chief and Socks to match
In Xmas box, (1.00.
At the American embassy you find
Ambassador Thomas Nelson Page
greatly worried as to tho welfnro of
his son-in-law, a major in tho British
army. A British transport has been
sunk near Salonica; the chances are his
.son-in-law was on it, but there is no
way to learn. Will you carry letters
to Salonica for the mujor and try to
learn something as to Ins welfare? It's
an errand you gladly assume. You're
going right into tho fog of war and
you may meet the major there if the
ambassador's fears are not well found
ed. There's a day lay- ever in 'Rome and ;
you go to see the ruins of the torum.
It 's a sadder sight than it hns ever
been in all it's 2,000 years. It is de
serted, except for two old guides, pro-i
fessor looking persons; the pntlis which I
hnve been pounded by the feet of scores
of thousands of American school tench
of girls from American finishing
schools, mid nf ft few otlior tourists, !
are empty.
The two euidea ouarrel for von. in n
professor-like and dignified manner
and you take the One whoso frock
Coat is the shabbiest.
"You're the first American tourist
that have been here for five months,''
he says.
"We're wnr writers," you explain,
"not tourists."
"The two Americans I took throne-'
five months ago were war correspon
dents, too," he says. "The only tour
ists in Italy are war correspondents.
J .1. 1a. x i il:
ana uu v uuv i oee a.,, um,K
. .
On account of tho rush of business
in this county at present none of tae
members of the Marion county court
was able to attend the state conven -
tion of County Judges aud Commis-
The Store for
the People
sfc Sfc Sfc )fc '
We wish to announce thaf we
aro in no way connected with,
the former Salem Needlecruft
Shop. Our stock is new and
we are prepared to do all kinds
of stamping and make a special
ty of doing embroidery work.
' 315 State St.
Tell your neighbor of the sat-.
isfaction of reading the Cap- y
ital Journal. .
I itifcMcaas)ciE';kicit:fci'li'fc-
sionors which began in Portland thin
i morning. Judgo llushoy had intended
i to attend but was obliged to postpone
his' trip tins morning. Some of thu
meuibcrs of the court will pmbabl.yj
visit the session luter in the week. . '
Tho county court at its regular sc
sion yesterday received tho petition of
J. J. Moo and others to gravel t'.i
road to iiilvorton and placed the peti
tion on tile. In the matter of the peti
tion of W. ,T. Howell nnd Al A. (irinde
'relative to the assessment of a thresh "
nns machine tho assessment was can-'
. warrant was ordered drawn-
for $-0 in favor of Clara Anderson an
"i'', r f,'cs- A warrant in tho
H1lm of jtlH.itO whs ordered ilrnwn in
sum ol . I .!) was
pavment. of the county's share of
indemnity claim presented by W.
Small. '
County School Superintendent W. M.'
Smith went to Woodburn today to pay
an official visit to the Woodburn
I schools, This evening ho will visit tho
1 Belle I'assi school and tomorrow will
visit the Silveiton schools.