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f "The
Capital Journal"
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November I!0, 191.1.
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The European war has brought out the fact more
strongly than ever that there is a large portion of the
foreign-born people in the United States that are not only
not citizens or desiring to become such, but another fact
that many of those who have taken out their citizenship
papers are not yet weaned away from their birthland.
More than one-third of the persons of voting age in
New York City are not naturalized, and have shown no
desire to become American citizens. They are, as the
Oregonian says: "mere campers who come to this coun
try tq pick up gold and move on, as did the placer miners
in the pioneer days of the West."
Tis is another example of the benevolence of the tariff,
which is always held out as the friend of the working
man. These "mere campers" had no tariff placed on
them, but came in free to displace American workers in
the factories, and compete with them in all lines of labor.
That is what they are doing now and what they will con
tinue to do. The owners of factories who were loudest
in their demands for protection of the American working
man against foreign labor,, were mainly responsible for
this labor being brought across the ocean to this land of
the free where it could be used to reduce wages and at
the same time permit the employers to manufacture goods
in this country with foreign labor, and then charge the
higher rates on the manufactured foreign article which
the tariff caused to the American public, putting the ex
tra profits from the enhanced price in their own pockets
instead of the government getting it.
Inordinate American greed is at the bottom of these
conditions and if they should sometime lead to anarchy
and the destruction of vast properties the owners of those
properties can in most cases blame only themselves for
causing them. . .
Regardless of Henry Ford's movement for peace,
some eminent authorities agree that a crisis in the
European war is near at hand.
There are two reasons given.
One is that all nations invited are extremely anxious
to have Something decisive brought about before winter
fully sets in.
The other reason is that the operations in the Balkans
touch the central nerve of the real reason for the war
the desire of Germany to have an open way across Asia
to tap the British commerce of China and India.
If Germany loses this, nothing it will gain will atone
for the loss. It is said that Germany, losing this, will
give up the fight and ask for peace.
The seriousness of the situation is proved by the strong
concentration of German forces in the Balkan campaign,
even to the weakening of the campaign against Russia
on the East and against France and Britain in the West.
; On the other side, the dispatch of. General Kitchener
to the Balkans is a proof of the estimate which the allies
put upon the result of the importance of the result in the
It is interesting to note that from the earliest times in
the history of Europe nearly all wars have sooner or later
involved the territory in Southeastern Europe which is
npw designated by the general name, the Balkans.
1 The decision of the Bull Moose leaders to put a ticket
in the field, with, in all probability Teddy at the head of
it, will not prove pleasing reading to the standpatters who
have been so loudly felicitating the party in being again
united. The colonel himself has not been heard from
directly, but it is hardly probable this decision could have
been reached without his knowledge and consent. When
Ford gets back with his shipload of peacemakers they may
And a ready made job awaiting them at republican head-'quarters.
The town of Fossil, Oregon, which is a live one, natur
ally wants to change its name.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G3
CAPITAL $500,000.00
. Transact a General Banking: Business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Bee. and Tress.
There is some hope for
ed for' once in the construction of a public building,
though not in an extravagant degree. The department
has consented to the use of Oregon fir for the floor of
The Dalles postomce building, instead of Southern yellow
pine. This, if the architect will allow for the difference
in cost. Just imagine contracting for flooring to be
brought clear across the continent when the Oregon fir
is the best tloonng ol all the soit woods, being almost the
equal of the hardwoods of the East and far superior to
pine. t
Just what effect the commandeering of so much
Canadian wheat will have on the American crop is as yet
undetermined, it the rest
ficient to supply the world's
Ji-ngland has put up a job to
the Amencan farmer with
is called there may come a time when Europe will have
to pay what ever is asked for American wheat or go with
out bread.
There is not so much said about logged off lands as a
few years ago. Perhaps this is caused by some of the
auvocaies 01 clearing me land naving taken a try at it. Un
doubtedly much of these lands is valuable for agricultural
purposes but until some cheaper way of clearing it is dis
covered, it offers no inducement for the poor man to
tackle it. It requires money as well as muscle to get it in
shape for farming.
Scarcely a paper can be picked up but that one reads
about boy bandits. Why is it and what is the cause?
Some lay it. on the class of literature they are permitted
to read, some on the movies with their stage-coach rob
beries and similar wild-west scenes, and some on various
other things. While all these may be wrong the fact re
mains that there is a regular and steady increase of this
kind of crimes. " .
It looks veiy much as though Mr. Ford has a large
sized presidential bee in his bonnet. He certainly cannot
hope to accomplish anything in his spectacular "ship load
of peace" movement, other than to get in the limelight.
The sudden acquiring of great wealth has turned his
It makes no odds if people hate you, if they malign
you and berate you; for if your'e walking circumspectly,
vma j-uui ucvuu tuiiecuy, wnai people say win
never hurt you, or knock the Dolish from
your virtue.
ucuun anpras tnem solid satisfaction. It's
when you hate yourself, my neighbor, that
hatred prods, as with a saber. When I left
nome tins morning, growling, and showed
the folks a visace seowlincr and cnnVo n
... ...
word that they
mem me wnoie aays pleasure. That's why
I hate myself so deeply, that's ' why I hold
myself so cheaply, and when one hates him-
sea line Diazes, ne can't be soothed with
cheerun nhases. And everv time wp rloe
ing things that need defending, remorse is in our bosoms
giuung, we khuw me Diuerness 01 hating.
Take a Glass of Salts If Your
Back Hurts or Bladder
Bothers You Drink
More Water
If you must have your meat every
day, oat It, but flush your kidneys with
alts occasionally, says a noted author
ity who tells us that meat forms uric
acid which nlmost piirulyzos the kid
neys In their efforts to expel it from
the blood. They become sliiKKish and
weaken, then you suffer Willi a dull
misery in the kidney region, sharp
pains in the back or sick hendaehes, dia
xiness, your stomnen sours, tongue is
coated and when the weather ia bnd
you have rhumalie twinges. The urine
pots cloudy, full of sediment, the chan
nels often get sore and irritated, oblig
ing you to seek relief two or three times
dining tho night.
Tn neutralize these Irritating acids,
to cleanse the kidneys and flush out
the body's urinous waste get four
ounces of .Tad Halts from any pharmacy
here; take a tablespoonful in a glass of
water before brenkfnst for a few days
and your kidneys will then act- fine.
This famous salts is mnele from the acid
tit grapes suit lemon juice, combined
with litlila, and lias been used for gen
erations to flush and sttmulnto sluggish
kidneys, also to neutralise the acids in
nrlne. so It n longer Irritates, thus end
ing blndder weakness.
Jad Palis Is inexpensive; cannot In
jure, and makes a delightful efferves
cent lithia wnter drink,
real horse sense being exhibit
ol the world can furnish suf
demand it will mean that
force the price down, or leave
his crop unsold. If the bluff
Let people hate you, if that
. , at v "i"""-
might treasure, I spoiled for
President's Toast
Will Girdle the Globe
San Francisco, Dec. 1, When the
rnimina-l'ncifie exposition closes 8nt
urdny, the following toast to it from
President Wilson will be flashed from
Washington and then to stations gird
ling the glolie:
"The I'linama riu ifie International
"WHICH; In its conception and suc
cessful accomplishment gives striking
evidence of the. practical genius and
artistic taste of America;
"WHICH; In its interesting and
unusual exhibits afforded impressive
Illustration of the development of the
arts of peace, and
"WHICH: In its motive and objects
was eloquent of the new spirit which
j" ' "" "o cast aim west and make
u me worm piiriners in tho common
enterprises of nrogros and humanity."
I.os v.ngeles, Oil., pee. 1 The fato
of Avnlon hangs iu the balance today.
.1. E. tanning, head of the Hanta
fatalina Island company, la undecided
whether the beautiful resort will be re
built or not. There has been consider
able friction for several years between
the tanning company and indewndent
steamship owners resulting in the tan
nings being worsted and Avnlon estab
lished as an open port.
A meeting of the comapnv directors
will be held late today 'to decide
whether tho 700,000 fire damage will
no replaced.
Olympia, Wash., Pee. i. As s re
sult of the finding of shortages of
more than s)lA,0Ot) in the fund of the
industrial insurnnce department the
commissioner have announced that
hereafter every employe in the depart-i
meut will be bonded.
Food Has Advanced But
Workers Urged To Not
. Ask Higher Wages
London, Dee. 1. The need of thrift
was comparatively urged today upon
r.ngusn trado union lenders hy i're
Hirer Asquith in a conference with cab
inet men to which he had invited thera.
The premier's suggestion that they
urge laborers not to ask greater wages
during the war, however, was greeted
by murmurs of dissent.
"I bolieve that the country's should
ers are broad enough to bear its tre
mendous burden, ' he said, "but the
utmost thrift is needed."
While he admitted that foodstuffs
had soared 40 per cent Binee t'.ie war
opened and clothing 30 per cent, As-
quitti counselled the leaders to use
their influence against any .increased
wage demands,
'Despite these things," lie suggest
ed, "workers are better off now than
they wero before the war."
The premier's econoniv argument
was the second sounded here within
the past 24 hours. Andrew lionar Law,
addressing the St. Andrews dnv ban
quet lust night, declared thut while
hiigland is tn r from bankruptcy and
in fact is better fixed financially than
her enemies, sho cannot go on indef
initely at tho present rate ot expendi
tures, lie expressed the view that
Oeimnnv inevitably must lose, and
pointed to signs that she is feeling
keenly the economic pressuro exerted
by the Knglish navy in bottling up her
means of obtaining needed food and
Must Be Destroyed Before Catarrh It
self Can ..Be ..Cured, says Specialist
Wonderful Results from Breathing
Medicated Air.
Medicine taken into the stomach will
never euro catarrh. And neithor will the
sprays, douches, lotions, creams and
othor temporary reliofs that so many
catarrh victims make a habit of using.
To euro catarrh so it won't come back
vou must first drive from your body
the millions of germs that nre flourish
ing in the inner recesses of your nose
and throat and are causing the
There is a preparation which does this
called Uyomoi (pronounced Uigh-o nic).
Komei is a gorin killing vaporized air
formed from tho purost oil of Eucalyp
tus combined with othor healing and
antiseptic, ingredients. Yon breathe
llyoinei through the mouth and nose by
means of a little hard rubber inhaler
which druggists furnish with it. This
modicated germicidal air penotratos in
to every fold and crevice of the
mucous membrane of your nose and
throat, kills the catarrh germs that
lodge there, soothes, reduces and hoals
the swollen inflamed membranes, stops
tho discharge and opens up the clogged
nose and air passages in ft truly wonder
ful way. It gives blessed rolief in five
minutes from catarrhal distress of every
kind and it you make a practice of
brenthing Hyomei for a few minutes
each dny for just a fow weeks not only
will all tho symptoms of catarrh vanish
but the disease itself will be a thing of
the past. No one heed try or buy Hyo
mei on pure faith. Daniel J. Fry and
many other leading druggists in Salem
and vicinity sell it with tho positive
guarantee that it must cure catarrh or
that the money paid for it will be re
funded. Hyomei is very inexpensive
and with this protecting guarantee be
hind your purchase there is absolutely
no reason why any sufferer from catarrh
should not give it a fair trial.
Safeblowcrs Tamper
WithFalls City Safe
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Falls ( it- Or., Dec. 1. The safe in
the department store of S. Selig was
tampered with Monday night by safe
blowers, who fired a charge of nitro
glycerine that did no particular dam
age. A holo was drilled in the top of;
the sate and it is supposed the "soup
was poured down into the safe, for a!
string of burnt fuse was found laying j
on the top nnd the books and papers
were touna to lie clinrreil una smoked
up to some extent, but not totally ob
literated, backs wero found lying on
tho floor around the safo which were
used to deaden the sound, No great
lamage was done and except for the
drilling of tho hole, the safo is pruc-
tu n 1 1 y as good as ever, f.ntrance was
mnde by prying open tho back door
with a jimmy. The contents of the
cash register was rifled and aboiitM.OO
in smnll change was taken. Hheriff
Orr was notified nnd came on tho
nuirning train and is making a dose in
vestigation. The opinion expressed Ib
that the "yegg" Is a now hand at tho
business from the ounntitv of nitro
glycerine that he spilled around tho
snte ilnor. A footprint ot a man wenr-
Itching Torture Stops
Tf I. I... .... ......
with eraemn, ringworm, tnshe and sim
ilar skiu troubles. A little semo. gotten
at nuy drus; store for iV, or f 1.0(1 for
extra lane bottle, and promptly sHlled
will usually give iiinisnt relict from itch
ing lumirv. it Vienna's nmi sownc in
kill find henla imli'lilv mul ff.k.'tlv..lv
most skin disease. '
Zemo is a wonderful dlsnppcnrlmr- liquid
and docs not smart the moot dcllrnte skin.
It Is not grensr, is enslly applied and
cnata llttln. list It lixluv nnd ,.v .11
further distress.
. . Kciuo. Cleveland.
I can say my
bowels are much
more regular.
My heart is
My appetite is
much better.
My throat is
much better.
Mrs. William H. Hinchliffe, 20 Myrtle St., Beverly, Mass.,
writes: "I have taken four bottles of Peruna, and I can say that
it has done me a great deal of good for catarrh of the head and
throat. I recommend Peruna to all sufferers with catarrh. I do
not think I ever felt much better. I am really surprised at the
work I can do. I do not think too much praise can be said for
Those who object to fluid medicines can now procure Peruna
ing loggers shoes was found on tho
ground nenr tho back door that may
leail to the arrest of the guilty party.
Haiselden Again Gets
In the Limelight
New York, Nov. 30. Whothcr or not
"The Unborn," a play advocating
race suicide under certain conditions.
i shall continue will depend upon an in
1 junction hearing here tomorrow. Tho
play was ordered' closed lust, night, but
promoters reopened it under tempor
ary injunction proceedings. The com
mission of licenses was informed that
Cardinal Farley was opposed to tho
play, nnd his action followed receipt of
thiH suggestion.
Dr. Haiselden, of Chicago, during tho
play, sounded the cry, "not bigger
ramines, nut Doner." The man who
condemned Anna Bollinger's defective
child to death advised the nation that
it is rapidly becoming a population of
"unfits," and counselled that im
provement be sought in the place of
hysteria over preservation of tho de
ficient. Portland Policeman
Accidentally Killed
Portland, Ore., Nov. 30. Accidental
ly shot when his automatic revolver
dropped from his holster to the floor
of the restroom in the Hibernia hall
on tho East Hide, Patrolman J. C. dill,
aged 37 years, was almost instantly
killed today. -
Oill was alono at tho time of the ac
cident. Passers-by who heard the shot
and then screams investigated and
found Oill dying.
Tho hminicr of Gill's gun was nicked
and there wns a dent in the floor
whero it had fallen. The shot penetrat
ed Gill's chest. It was first reported
that Gill had committed suicide.
Guarding Against
the Bomb Plotters
Taconin, Wash., Dee. 1. Further pre
cautions to prevent the destruction by
bomb plotters of the big Milwaukee
wharves and tho two Japanese tramp
steamships taking on war munitions
for the itussian government were tak
en today by the rnilrond company,
Strict orders were issued to permit
no one to approach the docks where tho
steamers nro tied up without written
Last night all the dock fire appar
atus was placed nonr tho hvdrants in
order that they could be quickly con
nected in tho event of a fire brenklng
Anti-Sunday Law
Mass Meeting
at :
Ye Liberty Theatre
Dec. 2, at 8 P. M.
You will open your eyes when you
hear of the deep laid plot to rob
Americans of their freedom.
Admission Free
r V ""'"' ''' IJ
Hr - M
out. Tho patrol launch Antoinette,
with lights extinguished, patrolled tho
waters about the docks uud for a short
distance up the I'uyallup river. Tke
steam tug advance, with fire pumps,
was held at the docks.
Information for
Lung Sufferers
The makers of Eckman's Altera
tive will tie pleased to send reports
of recoveries from tuberculosis and
a booklet ot Interest to sufferers,
with information about diet and
frosh air. Investigate thlH case:
2141 KiMquehaniM Ave. 1'hllii. l'n.
"Mr Dear Hln For two yrnrn I
was nllllcted with hrmorrhnKrN ot
the liinun, and Inter I wax (ultra
with never attm-k of pnmmunln.
M'hen I recovered NuUI.'leMtly to
walk nliout the holle I waa left
with n frijthtful, harklntx eonaa,
whirl, no medli-lne I had taken could
alleviate. It wna at thin time, March,
11)0 runt I Blurted taklnir Kckmnn'a
Alterative. In a short time m?
Cornell wax icone and 1 wna pro
Bounced well. I cannot apeak too
hixhly for the arood It lion done."
Eckman's Altsn-ulive Is most elllca
olous In bronchial cnthrrh and se
vers throat and lunff nffoctloiiH nnd
up-bnlldlns; the system. Contain!
no harmful or hniilt-formlnH drugs
Accept no suhatltutog. Smnll sia,
tl; reKUlar slue, i. Sold by leading
druitKlsts. Write for booklet of re
coveries, Eekuian Laboratory, Philadelphia.
In order to settle an estate
the executors have decided to
offer for sale the following
1. Southwest corner Fifth nnd Ever
ett streets, 100 feet square with three
story brick building,
2. Southeast comer Clay nnd Second
streets, 100 feet square with three
3. Blocks 2 and 4 Bourne's Addition.
Rlock 4 has trnckago and adjoins Pa
cific Hnrdwnre & Steel Company. (Suit
able for factory or warehouse pur
poses.) 4. I'orty acres on the Barnos road,
three miles from Portland Postoffice.
5. 320 acres of timber land in Tilla
mook County.
(I. Five acres' In Glenhaven Park.
Cash offers for any of the above
will be received by the undersigned
until December 10. 1(115; the right ie
reserved to reject any offer.
Attorneys for .Executors.
"25 Yeon Building, Portland Oregoi.