Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, November 30, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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alemti's Toylamd I
Santa Clau s' Headcjuar ter s
Bring the Children,
Women's Outing
Flannel Gowns
Here are splendid Night Gowns of
good grade outing flannel, in plain
white, blue and pink stripe patterns;
well made, generous in cut.
Extra value Tomorrow
Only. Sale starts 8:30 ... . 7gc aCu
I House of
All Aroun
AafcAJhafcaiAAAafcAAAA AAA
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist In fitting
glasses sorroctly. U. 8. bank bldg.
The Woman's Alliance of the Unl
tn riii 11 church will meet with Mrs. M.
Ij. Meyers, of 10)15 Court street next
Friday afternoon. AH friends and mem
bers iiro cordially invited.
Chicken pie diiuior, Decenibor 1st,
Unity church,
In honor of Supreme Regent, Mrs.
Oenovivc Walsh, the Daughters of Jsu
bclla will give a reception in llio Ht.
Joseph's hall Wednesday ovoning lit
8:1(1. Knights of Columiiiis and mem
bers of St. Joseph's catholic church
are cordially invited.
Dr. Stone's Drug Store.
The meeting of the Man's Liberal
club has been postponed for ono week
owing to tliu bazaar nud simper by
tho Woman 's Alliance of the I'nilarinn
church. " Rural Credit," will bo tho
subject for discussion ami a strong and
attractive program in beiii arranged.
Before placing your printing order,
rhotio 2171). Fuller Printing Concorn.
Miss Ida Davis, coach of the debat
ing tennis of the high school linn culled
ft second meeting for n try-out of the
debaters who wish to boeuno members
of the high Helmut debating teams. This
final try (Mil will be hold in tho high
u..t I I:...-! -!., I ! . .'. 1
ariium muii uir u ii rr v even it noil
.(, ,i, ... ,, . ,. .,
ft, ii vi. i. i nil iiu in-1 I ill I i-i y iwii, will
make up tho affirmative' und negative
Dr, R. T. Mclntire, pnystclan and
Surgeon, 14 MuHonie bldg. Phone 410.
Thoro may. be some doubt as to
whether Mary i'ieliford really receives
I, M() a week for tier work with the
Paramount Films company, but Otero 1,1 J , '- , , ' " ' ' , V, This
is no doubt whatever Hint she is miol1h? ?2i. " '"' 0 . ?,? .. " .' I !
of the best attractions in tho moving
picture world, an evidenced by the
large crowd at. the (Iraud last evening,
Although tuore was several strong coun
ter altractions in tho city. Once a
Mary ricliford fan, always bo, nud lier
admirers will have tho opportunity of
seeing her again at the (iraud tonight
and Wednesday.
Dr. Stone's drug store,
Today and Wed.
"Emmy of Stork's Nest"
i Mary Miles Minter $
In the Star Part
. Always the Best Pictures
Second Floors
Find Their Wants
Johnson Hat Works. 148 S. Com'l.
The Maccnbee Guards of the L. 0. T.
M. will give mi informal danco tomor
row evening at the armory.
Heaters at a big discount, Buron &
J 1 a mil t on.
Former chief of police, Captain Slov
er, of Portland, will hold services every
evening this week lit the Commons
Mission, foot of State street.
Removal Notice. Johnson Hat Works
has moved from -Nil Court to IIS H.
Cninmerciul, next to Journal office,
The ladles of St. Paul's Guild of
tho Episcopal church will meet with
Mrs. Kdward Weller, on North Commer
cial street at 3 o'clock Wednesday aft
ernoon. Boe our 5c, 10c, 16c bargain counter
in west show window. 'Huron & Ham
ilton. The Woman's Home Missionary so
ciety of the First Methodist church will
meet Wednesday afternoon at 2:11(1
o'clock at' the home of Mrs. B. 1..
.Sleeves, 31(1 North Church street.
The White Swan Dairy lunches are
satisfying appetites,
"Citizenship" isthe subject of the
address to bo delivered this evening
by Claud Barrack to the members of
the Knights of l'ythins lodge, ThiH is
a i . .. . . i .1 .
one of the scries of lectures to be do
livered each week at the K. 1'. lodge
by men who are especially qualified to
talk on tho subject assigned them,
Special sale prices on every hoater
in this store. Duron & Hamilton.
The Quarterly report of the depart
ment directors of the Salem Commer
cial club will be mailed tomorrow to
1 I . ill 1 1, niuii-n iii-iiniii'i ihik iii.o uvr
I nccoinplished by each department nnd
iwhnt each hopes to accomplish for tho
benefit of tho city and community.
Special meoting of the Pa
cific Lodgo No. 50, A. F, & A.
M, this evening. Work in tho
V. C. degree Visiting breth
ren welcome.
d Town
and Shop Early i
Men's Smoking Jackets
All Coats are included in this sale.
No reserve. Colors and materials ar,e"
the newest, including Brocaded,
Chinchilla, Cheviots, Tweeds. Sale
starts tomorrow morning 8:30.
The very newest creation in Ladies'
"Trooper Boots"
Made from the best of leathers over
a splendid fitting last. Stylish, neat,
Kitchen utensils at about half tho
regular price. See show window. Bu
ron & Ihimilton.
Tonight, the Elks will give their
first (liini'O of the season, nt the Klk
lodge, with music by the Klk Peerless
La Corona spells quality first and
workniniisliip nil the time in Suleni
made cigars.
Thomas O 'Brian was arrested today
on a charge or hedging on the streets,
Hel'oro Judge Elgin he entered a plea of
guilty ami was given 3 days in tho
city jnil.
Compton's 5, 10, 15 and 25c store,
337 Court street, a splendid place to do
Christmas shopping.
Several football enthusiasts aro plan
ning to go to to rorttnnd next Satur
day to witness tho game between the
uregon Agricultural team and the Uni
versity of Syrncuse, of Xew York,
I C. S. students' fraternity head
quarters, ltoom 1, Steuslol'f Hldg., at
corner Court and Liberty.
Mrs. Ella Watt went to Portland
yesterday to compete arrangements fof
the appearance before the Portland
united Artisuns of tho juvenile branch
of tho orler, organized in this city.
Tho drill team of tho Artisans will Ac
company tho Court of Fairies when
they put on their work before tho
Portland lodges, December 18.
Frank Prickey, a bookkeeper at the
Lndd u Hush bank, broke his collar
none nt the Y. M. C. A. evmnasuun
last night while engnged in a game of
biff bull. Mr. Frickey slipped and fell
to the floor striking on his right
shoulder and fracturing the bone. Ho
expects to bo incapacitated for about
inree weeks.
Now is the time to buy your kitchen
wuro. noc tno oe, nie and l ie nargam
counter in show window, Buren & Ham
ilton. .
The drill team of the Woodmen of
tho World, accompanied by about 75
members will go to Dallas this evening
10 put on tno worn nud initiate 1
candidates. While a few will drive
over by auto, n majority of tho Wood
men will take, the special on the South
ern I'neific, leaving tho depot at 7
o 'clock.
A bazaar und supper will be held by
tno Mulies Aid ot l.cslio church, Wed
nesday, Decenibor 1, in the church. ,Sun
per 5:30 to S;00 p. m,, 2,5 cents.
Tho case of the six Chinese and the
two Japanese that were arrested Sun
day on a charge of gambling was called
in ponco court at 1 o'clock this af
ternoon. A, 0, Coudit, attorney for
the defendants, entered a plea of not
guilty for his clients and the rase will
be brought to trial soon after the re
turn of City Attorney Trmdlo from 0
trip cast,
If there is a man in town who thinks
he is some checker player, and would
like to prove it, tonight ho will be
given an opportunity to show what he
can do, nt the checker tournament to
begin at 7 o'clock in the club rooms
of the Knlrni Chess aud Checker club,
over Ward's drug store. Hoy Bryant
will piny every man' present simul
taneously, which means that the would
be champions will each have their
board on one side of the table, and
Mr, Brynut do all the playing ou the
other side, possing from board to board
iu rotntlon. At tho lust session of the
club Mr, Bryant played eight different
men nt the same time and defeated
four, plnyed for throe draws ami lost
one gnmo. Tonight he will also in
struct the plnyern on tho rules govern
ing checker playing.
Aged Patient Signed Docu
ment Disinheriting Sisters
While In a Stupor
The supreme court held that a will
made in tho evening by a man 81
years of age who died tho next morn
ing was not valid as it plainly indicat
ed that the testator was not of sound
mind and body. The evidence in the
case further showed that the old man,
Thomas Huffman, was in a semi-conscious
condition when the will was
made and that he was unable to sign
his name and the witnesses placed a
pencil in his fingers and guided his
hand while he placed his signature to
the document. After the effort he
lnpscd into unconsciousness and had to
be aroused with a stimulant while the
will was read to him. The opinion
was written by Justice McBride in the
ease of Mary H. Darby, contestant and
appellant against Albert Ilindman and
his heirs. The case was appealed from
the decision of Judge Gustav Anderson
of Baker county, and the opinion of
Justice MeBride reverses the judgment
of the circuit court.
It appears that Thomas Huffman
wandered into Huntington Septombcr
10, 1S3 literally on his last legs ana
was rushed to a privnto hospital con
ducted by one Dr. Stannard. He was
carried to bed nnd there he mado hts
will giving "roperty valued at from
$3500 to $40000 to Albert Ilindman
and disinheriting Mary II. Darby and
-Margaret J. Gilbert, two sisters of tho
aged mnn in the east. Ilindman was
a neighbor of Huffman and the
only heirs of tho old man were his
sisters. The will was made in the
evening and the next morning the old
man died. The two witnesses to the
will signed the following statement)
which was written at the riottom ot
tho will: "We hereby ngreo not to
say anything about this until after tho
dentil of the testator.''
The will was admitted to probate by
the county court where the sisters pro
tested but tiie court held tho will valid.
The ease was appealed to the circuit
court where the will wns again held
valid and then carried to tho supremo
court and the case was argued in Pen
dleton, This afternoon the arguments were
heard in the Portland Jitney- ease
which is a contest to test tho validity
of tho ordinance passed by tlio city
council. O. W, Lafferty is appearing
for the Jitney men. The arguments will
also be lien ni tolny in the matter of
the ordinance which was passed by tho
Portland city council assessing the
Portland Hailwny, Light and Pow;or
company 3 per cent on tho gross in
come of the company f r taxes. In
both of the cases in which the city of
Portland is interested, V.- T. Lnliocho,
IT. A. Davey and H. M. Toinlinsnn nro
appearing for the city and T. H. llol
niuu nnd W. W. Cotton aro represent
ing the corporations.
Tho following nro the opinions hand
ed down bv tho supreme court today:
Metsslcr Hegsted Lumber company vs
Farmers Union Wnrehouso & Mercan
tile company, appellant, appealed from
I'nion county, suit for money, opinion
by Justice Burnett, Circuit Judge
Knowles' judgment for plaintiff af
firmed. Ki'fie h. Yi 'a, administratrix of tho
estate of James York, vs. James York,
appellnnt, appealed from Baker coun
ty, suit for a partnership accounting,
ooinion V Justice Bean, Circuit Judge
Knowles' judgment for the plaintiff
G. H. Hush vs. School District No. 5,
of Union county, appellant, involving
a bond issue, opinion by Justice lien
son, Circuit Judge Knowles' judgment
tor nlniutitf nttmned.
In the n atter of tho estate of Mary
A. Orr, deceased, Margaret Hnmason,
niipcllnnt, vs. Augustus ii. r. Urr, np
neiiled irom Multnomah county, motion
to dismiss appeal deniod, opinion by
Justiio Hums.
News was received In the city today
by relatives, of tho death of B. T.
Itinmt'ield. in Son Francisco. November
20, He wns the husband of the late
May Snyre Broiufiold.
A general smoker and reception will
bo given Friday evening of. this week
by tho entire membership of the com
mercial club to the new manager, 0. H.
Luck, who recently came hero from
Chicago. As invitations to attend
have been sent to nil members and ns
many of them hnvo not met Mr. Luck,
it is naturally expected that tho smok
er will be one of the largest commercial
club meetings of the year.
Because of change of location the
first of the year, the Frame Shop nnd
Giftery announces that a good sharo of
its stock of beautiful pictures und nov
elties will be disposed of nt extremely
low prices. Visit balcony for bargains.
The snle will bo continued from now
until stock is reduced to ft size ensily
moved. Do your Christmas shopping
enrlv. Thousands of gifts and earls.
The' Frame !Shop and Giftery, 279 N.
Horrors! Instead of the advance in
formation that sugar was about to de
cline 30 cents a hundred, hero comes
tho market reports announcing that the
market is very firm in Portland and
that within a few ilnvs there is an ex
cellent chance of nn.advnueo of 15
cents 'a hundred. Evidently, sugnr is
attempting to travel in tho siime class
as fancy colored drygoods and gasoline,
aua is going up.
At a meeting last evening of the Re-
bekahs. the following officers wero
elected for the ensuing year: Noblo
grand, Mrs. I.a Moino Clark) vlco-no-bio
Brand. Mrs. Ellison C'umniings: fi
nancial and recording secretary, Mrs.
Ray yimeral; treasurer," Mrs. George
Patterson. Other officers Will be ap
pointed by the Noblo Grnnd after the
installation, wnich win no nem Wed
nesday, .limitary 5, In a joint Installs
tion with the Odd Follows.
Seattle, Wash., Nov. 30.
"Let tho women do it," said
Rabbi B. Wise, of New York,
speaking of world peace at the
Commercial club yesterday aft
ernoon. "If the women of Europe get
a voice in the government of
their nations there will be no
more war."
. Military preparedness, he
said, leads to war. Ho at
tributed our 100 years of peace
with England to the fact that
no fortifications exist along the
Canadian boundary.
Local Lads Make No Claim to
Championship of Willamette
Valley League
The Snlem high school football team
is on keen edge for the game with
Washington high school of Portland to
be staged on Multnomah field .Satur
day. The Salem team and followers re
gret that the bnl tie cannot be played
for tho championship of the stnte buT
as balem s title to the honors are be
ing contested Principal Nelson of the
high school and Couch Clnney are mak
ing no claims that Snlem is the cham
pion of the valley league.
The contest comes from Albany on
the grounds that Cecil Snrff, who play
ed center on tho Salem team this sea
son, was more, than 20 years of age.
The Salem faculty investigated the
matter and found that Sarff was 22. As
he registered as 20 the faculty allowed
him to play entirely ignorant of the
fact that he was over the age limit.
When tho protest wns entered the Salem
faculty refused to support Sarff in any
of his contentions and the mutter wns
put. up to the board of control.
Now the status of the Snlem team is
being questioned and .mist lie estab
lished before Snlem can claim any
championships. Sarff plnyed in all of
the games and if the Albany protest
wins all of their games this year are
subject to protest.
In view of the fact, however, that
Salem had three available men who
could play center and the loss of Sarff
would not have been felt the Snlem
team nnd faculty consider it unfair
that all of the games should be for
feited especially when all of them were
won by wide margins with the excep
tion of tho Albany game.
When Snlem won from Albany the
championship of the valley was lodged
with the locals but their joy was short
lived and a day or two later Albany
punctured the bubble with a protest.
Since the protest has been filed nnd
while the matter is still pending Sn
lem has made no clnini of tho cham
pionship of tho valley and the Wash
ington game promises to be a hum ding
er but will settle no championships ns
far ns Salem is concerned. If the lo
enls win from Washington they will
demonstrate their superiority over the
Portland teams but have yet to win the
championship of the valley league by
arbitration. All of the Snlem players
and followers feel confident that Sa
lem is capable of winning the cham
pionship of the valley on the gridiron
but nt a peace conference the strength
of the Salem team has not yet been
Dr. Miles Fisher, the great Sunday
school worker, who is traveling from
city to city along the Pacific coast in
the interest of Sunday school educa
tion, spoko to the students nt chapel
this morning. Ilis message, was a plea
to the students to so fit themelves in
their period of seclusion from the
world, in receiving their preparation
for their life s work to study the child
mind and child life; for only by a thor
ough understanding of tho child nature
can the educator achieve his greatest
work Dr. Fisher stated that statistics
showed that moral degeneration of the
nresont aenerntion was two nnd one
half times the ratio of the increase in
population. So that the college men
and women are forced to meet this
ui-iive uiuiKiT mm uunmim i, n.r
better system of education, such sys
tem to bo based upon a teaching of the
bible in the public schools, not tiie
teaching of ethics.
The freshmen and sophomores are
nbout ready for their big game on the
Willametto gridiron. In this game
none who haTe won a varsity letter
will be allowed to participate; never
theless a number of men who were good
players in high school, but who did not
turn out jfor the varsity eleven, are
now out every afternoon training and
going throimii scrimmage practice like
veterans. Tho giime will be played
Friday afternoon, unless different ar
rangements nro decided iinou later.
This game is one that is watched with I 0'"u port ot Siberia, At this point,
a great deal of interest as both tennis i ycrmnns have un agent, who is re
benefit f,roin studying the wholo sea- ceiving contributions of clothing from
son's games between the big teams nnd ' n," FBrta of tbo United States, for the
thus havo a number of new plays to
use in tho game.
The Websterian Literary society will
havo a proposed amendment to the
stnto constitution np for eonsiderntion
Wednesday evening. The amendment
is an economic as well as a social ono
In its r.ature. It will provide in brief
three things. 1. To establish the op-
fiortunlty to secure the necessaries of
ife in return for labor at any time. 2.
To fix a basis of wages for common la
bor, honestly adjusted to the cost of
living and which will fluctuate natur
ally with such cost. 3. To exalt and
purify industry by restricting the op
enrtion of the natural competitive in
stinct to limits that can no lomrer lire.
vent the wholesome development of hu-
man being, which is the hignest obieet
of human existence. The measure islterinn church and continuo their study
being championed by n number ofiof Mendelssohn's "Hvmn of Praise''
prominent educators all through the I under the direction of Prof. F. S. Men
state. Prof. Wallace MncMurrny has I dcuhall.
U. S. Engineers Object to Mar
rion Street and Chemeketa
Will Cost More ,
The U. S. Engineers favor the placing
of the new bridge across the Willam
ette at this city on the site of the pres
ent bridge at the end of Center street
from the point of view of the best in
terests of navigation according to As
sistant Engineer Holmes who returned
to this city from Portland last night
where he had a conference with tho
engineers of the government.
The highway department is of the
opinion that a bridge could be built
more cheaply at the end of Marion
street bocauso the cement gravel in the
river bed is closer to the top in this
place. To place the bridge at the end
of Chemekeeta street would cost about
.f20,OOQ more it is estimated. If the
bridge were erected on tho site of the
present structure the old bridge would
have to be torn down as soon as the
piers for the new bridge were in place
and the traffic would be forced to cross
on a ferry.
The government engineers objected to
Marion street because the railroad
bridge is only one block below and on!
account of the bend of the current it!
would bo difficult for the boats to make j
both draws iu such a short distance. I
From the standpoint of navigation the
site on Center street is the best on the'
river according to the government cn-j
gineers and the state department .fig-;
uroa flint Mm l.,,.),.,.. D,tl, .1.
...... ...w DVUII, IIIU Ullllgt?
is put the more expense will be incurred.
Judge Calloway took his department!
of the circuit court to Silveiton today
to hear testimony in the case of J. ('(. j
Lais against tho City of Silverton, a
suit to enjoin street assessment. This
case wns tried out in the circuit court;
once before and went to the supreme
court whero it wns remanded to the i
circuit court for further testimony. As I
all of tho witnesses resido in Silverjon
it was considered a moro inexpensive
process to move tho court tliiin to or
der the witnesses to eomo to Salem to
Bertha Anderson was today appoint
ed by Judge liushey s administratrix
do bonis nun of the estate of Jnines
Anderson with tho will annexed. Ber
th n Anderson is administratrix of the
estate of William W. Anderson, de
ceased und also of Lucy Anderson, do
censed, nnd gunrdinn of tho heirs of
William W. Anderson and in behnlf of
all of tho heirs nt law of James Ander
son, decensed, her appointment wns
made by Jiuli?o Bushey.
An order was issued today by Judge
Bushey employing Mrs. Lnfoniu Hiess
beck to care for Thoiniis Jfiessbeek for
25 per month. The appointment wns
made upon the application of August
Kehrberger, guardian of Thomas Uicss
beck, an incompetent.
An order for tho sale of real prop
erty was entered today by Judge Bush
ey in the estate of -Mrs. A. J, Keteium
upon application of Huth K. Wilson,
administratrix. The property is to be
sold tree of all liens and consists of
lot -t on 14th street iu Jvdes addition
to Snlem.
Harvey O'Bryal, of Portland, has
asked County Clerk Gehlhnr for tho
louu of a voting mnchine to be used at
the election of the Portland Add club,
to be held one week from tomorrow.
Marion county has had no voting ma
chines within its limits for about two
years. At one time a sumplo wns sent
here f n in Seattle to be tried out by
tiie county clerk. The muchine was
not used in any regular election.
The Marion county court will meet
tomorrow in regular stssion to pass up
on the claims that have been filed nt
the 0..1CO of tho county clerk during
the pust month.
The finul account of C'.'A. Maher, ex
ecutor of the estate of Surah Calvert,
deCeilNO.I. hna htlttn tin, ..... I ...! nn
i M.0VG,, ,,y t)(l ,,ountv conrt nm, Jn
( Hushey today issued "an order ihschaig-
n,ni Ill0 executor from further duties
as biich,
Barrels of Clothing
Sent to Prisoners
Severnl barrels of clothing hnve been
shipped to the suffering Ceriunii pris
oners iu Siberia, by the members of
the (Ionium Baptist church, Xorth Cot
tage nnd D streets.
The clothing wns sent to Portland,
and along with other contributions of
Hermans in tho state, was sent by
steamer to Vlndivostock. tho mi
ui'iiiiuii r.iiu'N,
At the beginning of the wur, many
Germans in Poland nnd other parts of
Russia were sent to Siberia. These ex
iles included ninny women nnd chil
dren, with no opportunity to buy cloth
ing. This first contribution by the
Hermans of Snlem will probably be fol
lowed by others, all to be collected and
forwarded from Portland.
requested the Websterians to discuss
the measure and give their decisoin
whether or not they would sanction it,
(t is In keeping with modem progress
iveness nnd has as its ni mthc better
ment of society as a whole.
The Balem Festival Chorus will
meet this evening at the First 1'roshv
The Cash Buyer
Gets the closest possible price,
as he should; the credit buyer
pays, what the accommodation
costs and knows precisely what
the cost Is. Buying and selling
for cash and paying no rent en
able us to make lower prices
than credit stores can make.
Watch our ads and compare our
prices with the credit store
prices. One order will convince
you that you can get more for
your money at Damon's than any
store In Salem.
For three days we will sell
One 10c Bottle Blueing for ... 5c
Rest Hard Wheat Flour $1.40
Best Valley Flour $1.13 1
Hn R Pail T.arrt .. ' 60c CJ
No. 10 Pail Lard $1.20
No. 5 Pail Compound 55c
No. 10 Pail Compound $1.05
Creamery Butter, best 33c
23c Coffee, our price 20c
2 pounds of Peaunt Butter
for 25c
3 pounds of nice strained
Honey 25c
Best 25c Bacon, sale price,
pound - - 20c
4 pounds of fine Popcorn
for 25c
1 pound of best English
Walnuts, sale price 20c
6 pounds of Rice for 25c
Apples, box 50c
16 pounds of Onions for 25c
i cans Yelo-Bau Milk for... 25c
15 pounds of Sugar for ....$1.00
Tokay Grapes, basket 25c
In order to give people who
are paid at the end of each
month time enough to lay in a
supply of groceries to last thein
during the mmith of December,
these prices will prevail for
three days. Price and quality
tell the tale. You get both at
Buy your groceries for De
cember during this sale at these
low prices.
855 North Conimereial St.,
Phone 68.
Here Are Places
For Three Good Men
Within the last two days, the Snlem
Sociul Service Center hus received
three applications from men who hnvo
work to offer, as follows:
Xo. 1 This man has 23 acres of laud
to be cleared and wants about 50 corcla
of wood cut. Any one wanting to do
this kind of work may apply to Ivan
ft. MeDaniels, secretary of the Com-r
merciul Club.
Xo. 2 This party wants an unmar
ried man, who will tukc an interest in
stock and who hns the kind of stuff in
him thut he will really take an interest
in the dniry business. If he proves
the right kind of man, Will later bo
given an interest in the business. Mako
application to Jthe Commercial Club
and bring references.
Xo. .'I This party wants a man, wifo
and family to tuke charge of a fruit
farm. Also a fine chance for the right
man. Apply at the Commercial Club.
Mrs. Isabella Smith, who died Mon
day at her home on the Lincoln road,
five and a half miles north of Salem,
wu the wife of James Smith. She wmi
born August 22, 1S4!, nt Aberdeenshire,
Scntliind, nud was mnrried in 174.
Coming to Oregon in 1875, they first
settled fn the Ankcnny Bottom and Int
er at Brnndmead, Polk county. For
the pnst 22 years, the family hits lived
uear Lincoln in Polk county.
Besides the hiisbnud, she is survived
by four children; .Mrs. Mnry Bnyno,
nnd James S. Smith, living on Xortli
Chur.h street, Snlem, nnd J. A. Smith
und Miss Dene Smith.
for the traveler
Here one finds dictinctive
Here one meets service that
Here it food that is savory
and satisfying-
Hr la atmofphtr that charms
and chacra
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