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The Big Game of the Year
No "Extras" To Buy
The new Maxwell is complete in every detail.
A famous make of high-grade speedometer is
supplied. In addition to the equipment listed
below, the price of the car includes s Front license
bracket, ingenious combination rear license
and tail-light bracket with spare tire carrier;
electric horn, robe rail, anti-skid rear tires, foot
accelerator, full set of tools, etc., etc.
We are waiting to take you for a
test ride in the car that has broken
all low "First-Cost" records, and is
breaking all low "After-Cost" records.
'OncMmMokairBp A
Demountable tym u).
lrin YismWindshield
ro a
Ferry and High Sts.
Accuse Jonathan Bourne ,
of Muddling Figures
Washington, Nov. 10. Secretary of!
Treaitury McAdoo was charged today
by KxScnntor Jonathan Bourne of
Oregon with shifting figures and con
cealing tho truo finunciul condition of
tho government.
The shift, according to Bourne was
over $ 100,000,000.
Harvoy Chase, a certified public ac
countant, swore to this analysis of Me
Adoo'a figures, charging that the bal
ance of the general fund October 23
.wag actually about ,500,000 instead of
mora than 117,G00,000 as McAdoo
"The sttttomont Issued by Bourne's
republican publicity bureau for politi
eal purposes," said McAdoo, "is so
ridiculously untrue as to bo unworthy
cf notice. We have in the treasury all'
"o iii.Miujf nmtu mo uuuy statement
Th Weather a Tear Ago To-Day
Rain. Temperature, lliuli 0.1, Low .10
remember Laxative Bromo Quinine
Cures a cold In one dnv. Thorn in nnlv
one "Bromo Quinine.'' Look for Big-'
nature a. w. unuvis. no.
American Federation
Would Save Hillstrom
San Frnncisco, Nov. 10. Tho Amer
ican Federation of I.iibor will itppcnl to
J'renident Wilson in nn eleventh hourl
effort to nave .loo Hillstrom, I. W. V.
worker, from tho Utah firing sqund. j
Hillstrom in sluted to die Friday for;
murders lie committed at Unit 'Luke'
t'itv a yenr since.
Thomas Mooner brouglit the Unite be
fore the. convention today, declaring
that tho trial had been conducted to'
determine llillHtrom's connection with I
the McNaiuara nml other lulior eases
Tather than to find If ho were guilty
of miinlcr.
When tho question was referred to!
the ways and means committee, they I
decided on nn appeal to Wilson, nuk
ing that he intervene to get a writ of
error from tho Utah supreme court.
It's Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets
For You I
TWare of the hnhlt of const Ipnt Ion. It
lovoloi'" fi-om Just il few const lmtod days,
unless you tiike yourself In Imml,
t'uux tho .tinted bowel iiiuhcIch back to
Mirmiil union with lr. ImIwhiuV Ollvo
.l'it hlom, I he substitute fur enlcnnel.
Jien't fore fhem to unnatural action
with severe medicines or by merely
fliiKlilmr out the Immune with nasty,
Hlcki'iihiR riitlinrtics,
i'r. Kilwiuils believes In gentleness,
persistency and NntniVa assistance.
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Imwols; their action Is gentle, .,t rami
live. Thine Is never tiny )uln or KrtphiK
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iist Just the kind of treatment old
I'en-nhs should have.
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Th Olive Tuulol Cuwpuiiy, Colunibu", O.
er Car1
Bectric Starter
Phone 959
Brush This Through Faded,
Lifeless Locks and They
Become Dark, Glossy,
JIair that loses its color and lustre, or
when it fades, tuniB gray, dull ami life
less, is CailSCll bv ft Incb nt anlk. it,
the huir. Our omndninlh OP mill n nn n
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Von just dampen a sponge or Bolt brush
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taking one small striind at n time.
Hy morning the gray hair disappears;
but what delights the Indies with
Wyeth's Siur,. nn.l H.,,. i. i...t i.
. : " ......... .r, nun or-
sides beautifully darkening tho hair
lifter a few applications, it also brings
buck tho glosn and lustre and gives it
n appearance of iibuuduuee.
Majority Leader Kitchin
Thinks Program Will Carry
Wiishijiuton, Nov, Itl ThoiiL'h he I,,.
flatly iinnoiineed he will nnnnse
admlnistnitioii naval program, Majority
Leader Kitchin believes that the in
creased preparedness measures will go
tbrouo.li congress sailing. Writing to
it constituent today, Kitchen said:
"I fear the president will push his
preparedness program through with an
overwhelming majority. Practically all
the republicans will vote for it. ' Al
though I know the convictions of four
lil'ths of the democrats nre opposed to
it. 1 fear thut n largo majority will
thug their convictions nsldo, and do the
president 's will as before.
"This sudden, rndicnl and stupend
ous move is goinj; to shock the civilized
world. Whatever nmv be tho outcome
of the present wur, It will alarm the
world into again becoming an armed
cnnip. "
Nan Kruncisco, Nov. 1(1. The Amer
ican r'odorntlon of labor's condemna
tion of the death sentence against .loo
llillslrom, I. W, W.. nt Salt liko City,
was dispatched today to lresident Wil
son, the Hwedlsh consul at Washington
and (he Vtnh board of appeals in the
hone that It tiiiuhl result In aldlne
Ifillstrnm to escupe death before thci
I'll, I, fl.U, I?, I. In,. i
Census Bureau Reports Thirty!
Seven Industrial
Washington, D. C, Nov. 17. A pre
liminary statement of the general re
Hiittn of the census of manufactures for
the city of Kugetie, Oregon has been is-
sued by Director Sam L. Rogers, of the v llw'li ciug up "u cause ni:
. l .' sorts ot distress, particularly backache
Bureau of the ensus, Department ofi.,,,, mif,..v ;.. ,,. Aidnev . 'ion. rhp.
Commerce. It was prepared under, the
direction of Mr. William II. Steunrt,
chief statistician for manufactures.
The figures are preliminary ami sub
ject to such change and correction us
may be found necessary from a further
examination of the original reports.
The census excluded the Kami trades,
the building trades, aul the neighbor
hood industries, and took account only
of establishments conducted upder the
factory system. Stntistics were not col
lected for establishments having pro
duets for the census year valued at
less than $500, except that reports were
taken for establishments idle during a
portion of the census year, or which be
gan operation during that yeur, and
whoso products tor such reason were
valued at less than uU0.
The word "establishment" as used
in tho census reports may mean more
thun one mill or plant, provided they
nre owned or controlled and operated
by a single individual, partnership, cor
poration, or other owner or operator,
and are located in the same town or
city. .
The reports were taken for t'.ie calen
dar year endinf December 31, 1914,
wherever the system of bookkeeping
permitted figures l'or thut period to be
secured, but when the fiscal year of nn
establishment differed from the calen
dar n report was obtained for the op
erations of that establishment for its
fiscal yenr falling most largely within
the calendar year 1914.
There were 37 establishments report
ed ns located within the corporate lim
its of t jte city during 11)14.
Tho 'capital invested was ftj,)Ul.
tins connection it should be stated
thut the inquiry contained in the cen
sus schedule calls for the total amount
of cnpital, both owned nn.l borrowed,
in-vested in the business but excludes
tho value of rented property, plunt or
equipment which wus employed in the
conduct of manufacturing enterprises.
In the final bulletins nml reports the
rental paid for such property will be
shown separately.
The cost of materials used was $407,;
000. In addition to tho component ma
terials which enter into the products of
tho establishment for tho census yenr
there are included tho cost of fuel, mill
supplies, and rental of power and
heat. The cost of materials, however,
does not include unused materials and
supplies bought cither for speculation
or for use during a subsequent period.
The census inquiry does not include
amounts paid for miscellaneous expen
ses, such as rent of office, royalties, in
surance, ordinary repairs, advertising,
traveling expenses, or allowance for
The value of products, which amount
ed to $810,000, represents their selling
value or price at the plants as actually
turned out by the factories during the
census year sud docs not necessarily
have any relation to the amount of
sales for that'year. Tho values under
this bead also include amounts received
for work done on materials furnished
by ,.icrs.
nummary for ins utty.
Number of establishments
Persons engaged in manufac
Proprietors and firms
Hnlarieil employes
Wage earners, average number
Primary horsepower .t.
200,000 1
III 000
Wflirea 1(17,000
Materials 407,000
Value of products 810,000
Value udded by manufacture
(valuo of products less coat
" of materials) 403,000
On Who Shows No Favor.
A merciless judgo is Father Timo,
Before him the wouk and tho wnnting
go to tho wall. Only the truth can
stand. For years tho following stnto
mcnt from a Hnlem resident Iiub with
stood this sternest of all tests.
A. J. Wood, 733 North Front Btreot,
Salem, snvs: "Kidney ccXni)lnint trot so
bad in my case that 1 knew I would !
huve to check it or suffer more serious
results. Just after getting up iu the
morning, the complaint wus worse. I
had henrd of Doan's Kidney Pills doing
good work in similar cases. I begun
using them. In a short time I wus free
trom kidney complaint. I have never
; hud a sign of kidney complnint since."
A Permanent Cure.
More than six yenrs later, Mr. Wood
I said : " X hnvo never hnd a return symp
I torn of kidney complaint since Dunn's
j Kidney Pills cured me. I willing!;
igly con
of thiB
i firm my former endorsement
medicine." '
I Price 50 cents, nt nil dealers. Don't
simply nsk for n kidney remedy get
i Dunn's Kidney Pills tho 'same that
Mr Wood has twice publicly recom
mended, Fnstcr-Milburn Co., l'rops.,
Uuffnlo, N. Y.
Will Invstiate
Death of Woman
Los Angeles, Cnl., Nov. 1 5. Tor-oner
llurtwell will probably order an tntop
s.v todwy to ascertain tho causo of the
death of Miss Anna Kirkwood, wealthy
Long llench woman, whose body has
been found on the south side of 8nnta
Anita canyon, on an utmost Inaccessible
spot. Several aei!inintnnce of Miss
Kirkwood have positively identified the
remain ns hers, although the body Is
tinrocognlwible. It is iliclioved the
corpse lay on the hillside fully a month.
Miss Kirkwood mysteriously disappear
ed from her humo more than a month
nno. She is believed to have succumb
Take a G,ass if SaIts lo
Kidneys If Bladder Bothers
Drink Lots of Water
Eating meat regularly eventually
produces kidney trouble in some form
or other, says a well-known authority,
because the uric 'acid in meat excites
the kidneys, tliey become overworked;
matic- twinges, severe headaches, acid
stomnch. constination. tornid liver,
sleeplessness, bladder and urinary irri- the quickest relief is soothing, penetrat- j
tation.' ing "St. Jacobs Oil." Rut it right on j
The moment your back hurts or kid- yur painful back, and instnntly thci
neys aren't acting right, or if bladder soreness, stiffness and lameness disap
bothers you, get about four ounces of pears. Don't stay crippled! Oct a small !
Jad trialts from anv good pharmacy; trial bottle of "St. Jacobs Oil" from;
take a teaspoonful i'n u gluss of water yo" druggist and limber up. A mo-,
before breakfast for a few days and ment nftcr it is applied you'll wonder
your kidneys will then net fine. This; what became of the backache or lum
famous suits is made from the acid ofjbago pain. I
cranes nml lemon iniee enmliined with Hub old. honest "St. Jacobs Oil":
lithia, and has been used for genern-
lions to JIU8U clogged Kidneys ana
stimulate them to normal activity; also
to neutrnlizethe acids in the urine so it
no longer irritates, thus ending bind
der disorders.
Jad Salts cannrt injure anyone;
makes a delightful effervescent lithia
water drink which millions of men and
women take now and then to keep the
kidneya and urinary organs clean, thus
avoiding serious kidney disease.
Trial of Alleged
: Dynamiter In Progress
Los Angeles, Cal., Nov. 16. Photo
graphs of the ruins of tho Times build
ing were introduced into the M. A.
Schmidt murder trial today over the
protest of defense counsel.
District Attorney Woolwine was in
the act of handing the print to Alfred
A. Adams pn the witness stand when
Chief Counsel Coghlun demanded that
the defense be permitted to examine
the photographs before they were pre
sented to the witnesses. '
Schmidt Bat close beside his attorneys
as they looked over photographs of the;
nuiiuing no is citargca witn Having
helped blow up.
. Adams, former police officer, took
phtographs of the Times shortly after
October 1, 1910, tho date of the dis
aster. He was iriveu the severest cross-ex
amination defense attorneys have yet
Job Harriniun questioning Adams,
asked him if he was familiar with the
oil tank which it is understood the de
fense claims exploded. Ho said he was.
"Did you know whother Qr not there
was a large hole in the tank " he was
"There was not, only a small hole,"
ho replied.
' We will show you your own pho
tograph then," ntiid Harriman rising
and producing tho photograph which
the district attorney had set aside as
evidence. He pointed out the hole
shown in the picture but Adams still
persisted that the photograph did not
show a hole.
Ten photographs in all were shown.
Wholesale Evasions
of Wine War Tax
San Francisco, Nov. 16. A wholeiele
investigation of alleged evasions of the
wine war tax is being made by inter
nal revenuo agents today according to
Collector scott.
More than 30,000 tons of wino grapes
nave oven siuppcu imu nun frHiiciai'u
from Sonoma this season from which at
least 45,01)0 gallons has been manufac
tured. The taxes on this wine wquld
amount to i$S5,00 Scott says.
The discrepancies between the amount
of grapes shipped into Ban Francisco
and the amount of internal revenue tnx
paid upon the wine manufactured for
sale, indicates tho officials say, that
an c.ort to evade the eight cent per
gnllon tax is being made.
Come en in and Enjoy Some of the Good Things of Living!
Vitliin a few months, 'Svv. has been heralded all over tho world as one of tho few periodicals rcularly
reccivoJ by lha Crown Prince of Germany at his military headquarters
- it lias boen quoted from ths pulpit of a New York church, and its attitude made the text for a sermon
It h33 been characterized by an organization of rational advertising men as tho ov,'.y periodical in the
country that has accomplished anything new in publishing history in recent years
its daring solution of tha problem cf our national defense has been taken up by College Presidents,
Genira!s of tho U. S. Armv and newspapers from coast to ccc:t, and ha3 been the sdrcd of a lengthy editorial
Ii the most vidcly circulated dally paprr In America.
Rub Pain Right Out With
Small Trial Bottle of Old,
Penetrating "St.
Jacob's 00"
- Kidneys cause Backache! No! They j
huve no nerves, therefore can not cause
pain. Listen! Your backache is caused
by lumbago, sciatica or a strain, and.
j wherever you have sciaticn.'ueuralgia
rueuniutism or spritum, ao ii in busuiuik
ly harmless and doesn't burn the skin.
1 Ten Were Injured
By Derailed Train
Fresno, Cal., Nov. 16. Ten persons
were reported to have been injured to
day when a Southern Pacific train on j
the Iiaymond branch was derailed nenr
Berenda, California. Two doctors and
several nurses were sent to Berenda on
a wrecking train.
01' the ten who were injured four
were said to be serionsly hurt. They
Mrs. W. S. Hill, Fresno.
Mrs. William Taylor,
iirakemnn Hnmby.
Unidentified man.
A coach and a box car nttuched to
the train left tiie rails. Tho cause of
the accident was unknown.
Must Be Destroyed Before Catarrh It
self Can ..Be ..Cured, says Specialist.
Wonderful Results from Breathing
Medicated Air.
Medicino tnken into the stomach will
never cure catarrh. And neither will the
sprays, douches, lotions, creams and
other temporary reliofs that so many
catarrh victims make a habit of using.
To cure- catarrh so it won't come back
you must first drive from your body
the millions of germs that are flourish
ing in the inner recesses of your nose
and throat and are causing , the
There is a preparation which does this
called Hyomoi (pronounced High-o-me).
Hyomei is a germ killing vaporized air
formed from tho purest oil of Eucalyp
tus combined with other healing and
antiseptic ingredients. You breathe
Hyomei through the mouth and nose by
meanB of a little hard rubber inhaler
which druggists furnish with it. This
medicated germicidal air penetrates in
to every fold and crevice of the
mucous membrano of your nose and
throat, kills the. catarrh germs that
lodge there, soothes, reduces and heals
the swollen inflamed membranes, stops
the discharge and opens tip the clogged1
nose and air passages in a truly wonder- mg iinuer cover xor montns.
ful way. It gives blessed rolief in five' A mass meoting they planned for
minutes from catarrhal distress of every 'Thursday having been cancelled by the
kind and if you make a practice of j authorities, Enuuelino Pnnkhuret, mili
breathing Hyomei for a few minutes',nnt k'B(ler aunouueed defiantly today
each day for' just a fow weeks not onlyl'!"1 wo".1'1 be, ncl,J. elsewhere. At
will all the symptoms of catarrh vanish I t,,s ",,me "n . charged that the
but the disease itself will be a thing 0f ,' K07rn",cl,t .w's''f' to ''"8h "j6 P"''1'8
the past. No one need try or buy Hyo-I '-"'m U aKa,"st ,he bctrayttl of S?r-
!lnnCl!f' ia"i0' ?ndl T'he n'ffWgdtes had advertised that
many other lead ng drugRistg m Salem wolll(, J(mmm, , , d yi
and vicinity sell it with the positive 011g 0011l,,t of tne w8r ,, it
guarantee that it must cure catarrh or , sunpccted that thoy wished to demand
that the money paid for it will be ro-,he removal of Premier Asipiith and
funded. Hyomei is very inexpensive l-'nreii.n Miniut,.,. iirv wa f tl,,.ir
and with this protcctine guarantee be
hind your purchase there is absolutely
no reason why. any sufferer from catarrh
should not give it a fair trial.
Ncivsdcalcr fcr a Copy
Saturday November 20
The football game this year between XT. of O. and O. A. O. will bo
bitterly contested. Oregon won from the strong U. of S. CaL team 34 -to
0, while the Oregon Aggies defeated the Michigan Aggies 21 to 0.
These two teams rank with the best in the United States. The win
ning of this game at Eugene on. .Nov. 20th, by either team, means more
than a championship. It will be worth your while to see it. Trick
plays, forward passes will keep the spectators tense from the start of
the game to the final blow of the whistle.
Low Round-Trip Fares
Will be on sale at all Southern
Nov. 19-20. Eeturnlng limit of
Further information as to tickets, etc., from local agents.
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon.
Aged Man Desires
To End His Life In
"! State Penitentiary!
San Francisco, Nov. 10. "I've spent
20 years of my life in prison. Not to
go back to die would be a disappoint
ment. Send mo to San Quentin, for
there 's where nil my friends are and
there's where I want to dio."
The speaker was a Krny huired Culi -
fornia pioneer. On his cont was the
symbol of the G. A. B. Ho gnve his
name as Charles Ashton, and he was
before Judge Ogdcu's court today for
stealing two horses at Sail Lorenzo.
"I got my first jolt when I was
a boy up in Lake county," he told the
judgo. "I was a member of the White
Caps or tile Ku Klux Klan of Califor
nia. We killed a man while we were
cleaning' out the undesirables in town.
I was scut to prison. Six and a half!
years later I was pardoned, but the
damage was done. They made a c.rim-1
innl, judge, they put the prison brand '
on me, and 'lve been a crook ever
Suffragettes -Starring
Again In England
London, Nov.
Ifl. Suffragettes aroi
stirring anew in England, after keep
diplomatic defeat in the Itnlknnn.
Authorities determined, however Dint
they would permit no such riotous talk,
iind hence cancelled the gathering.
of "America's Clcvc.vsl
Pacific stations
Not. 22, 1915.
north of Ashland,
Cafe Proprietor Will
Testify In Schmidt Case
Los Angeles, Tnk, Nov. 10. John
Ilineh, former proprietor of a cafo
which was dotnolishcd when the Times
buiblini; was blown up, October 1,
ID 10, arrived in Los Angeles today from
.lapnii to testify tor the prosecution in
the murder .trial of M. A. .Schmidt, ul
lcj;cd accomplice of tho McNamurus.
Hindi's tostimony la declared to bo
imporuint. no was in lug estublisn-
! mcnt when the oxplosion occurred, and
can give an accurate description of it,
I according to tho district attorney's
! office. He also witnessed the burning
of the Times biiihlinir.
llineit was touring tho world when
the district attorney's office represen
tatives located hiiii in .da pun.
Tho trial proceeded today in .IiiiIko
Willis' court with additional state wit
nesses telling their experiences in tho
. Truth in business is just as important
as truth in every-day life; truth creates
confidence, establishes good-will and
builds a reliability that will not be
wrecked by the storms of competition.
, Through three generations people
have learned to place reliance on the
advertised words of Scott's Emulsion,
Decause they are untarnished, unex
aggerated truisms about a household
remedy of real and actual worth.
The popularity of Scott's Emulsion
is increasing as intelligence advances,
because in these days of adulterations
it continues to guarantee pure cod liver oil
medicinally perfected with glycerine and
hvpophosphiles to build strength, im
prove the blood and strengthen the lungs.
It is free from harmful drugs a whole
some food-tonic, truthfully advertised.
Scott St Bowne, 'Vurouto, Out. 15-20
Don't make junk of it, if use-
ful try a Journal New Today.
ed to exposure.