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    Editorial Page of "The Capital Journal"
November 13, 1S11.1.
Editor and Manager
Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
(Sec. und Treas.
Daily by carrier, per year
Daily by mail, per year . . .
...45.00 Ter month.
. ... 3.00 l'er month.
New York Chicago
Ward-Lew is-Willianis Special Agency Harry R. Fisher Co.
Tribune Building 30 N. Dearborn St.
The Capital Journal carrier boys are instructed to put the papers on the
porch. If tho carrier does not do this, misses you, or neglects getting the
paper to you on time, kindly phone the circulation manager, us this is tho only
way we can determine whether or not the carriers are following instructions.
Fhone Main 81.
It is not safe to trust people who are hibitually inac
curate in their work. Even with the best of intentions
in the wnvlH rhpv hppnmp rlichnnpcf Rpfnvp tViPv nrpl
aware of it, the habit of inaccuracy extends to their
statements. They do not take pains to be thorough in
anything they undertake, even in clearly expressions of
These people never carry much weight in a com
munity, however honest in principle they may be, because
no reliance can be placed on their words or work. You
cannot depend upon what they tell you. If they are
orators, they are discredited; if they are at the bar, the
judges always take their statements with a grain of salt;
if in the pulpit, they 'do not win the respect of the congre
gation. In fact, Whatever those people do, they are placed
at a disadvantage because of their habit of inaccuracy.
There is a great difterence between going just right
and a little wrong. These victims of. inaccuracy did not
start right. They failed to realize that what is put into
the first of life is put into the whole of life.
A pebble in a tiny stream will turn the course of a
river, so the seemingly unimportant habit of inaccuracy
has kept many a man from success by changing the cur
rent of his life.
Accuracy, doing things to a finish, is one of the most
important lessons that can be taught a child, because
there is a moral quality at stake. The whole character
is often undermined by the unfortunate habit of inac
curacy. Men whose ability would have made them peers in
their communities become nonentities, and their careers
mediocre or total failures, simply because they were
allowed in childhood to form the habit of half-doing
things, and of making half or exaggerated statements.
China and Japaln have reached an agreement that
encroaches on the rights of China far less than seemed
possible from the demands of Japan as first reported.
Japan gets the transfer of all concessions made to
Germany in the Shantung Peninsula, and the continua
tion for ninety-nine years of the leases held by Russia in
South Manchuria, which were gained by Japan as a result
of the Russo-Japanese war.
The agreement also safeguards the investments and
contracts of Japanese capitalists in the coal and iron
mines and iron works in the vicinity of Han-yang, on the
Yangtse, and gives them rights to further investments
and industrial activity in China.
China agrees also, in the interest of the preservation
of Asiatic rule in the Far East, not to make any more'
concessions to Western nations, like those made to Ger-
many at Kiao-chow, or to Great Britain at Chefu, andj
especially not to allow any foreign nation to establish:
naval bases on the coast of Shantung or of Fukien, oppo-
site the Japanese possession of Formosa. Under condi
tions Kiao-chow is to be returned to China.
The only encroachment on the soverignty of China is
that preferance is to be given Japanese as political, fin
ancial, military and police advisers. But this China may
avoid by qualifying its own men to act without foreign
advice. In general the effect of the agreement is to
preserve the Far East for the Chinese and Japanese.
The "older boys' conference" of Oregon will be held
in Salem this month and special efforts are being made
to properly entertain the delegates during their stay. In
this work all citizens may share and many are volunteer
ing their assistance to Mr. Rogers, who has taken the
matter in hand. The movement in the interest of the wel
fare of the boys of the country seems inspired by the
highest of motives to direct them along the way to use
ful, industrious lives. It is sought to show them how
their characters may be built up through proper methods
of work and recreation alike, and the possibilities are
great, since the interest and example of older persons al
ways exert an influence upon youthful minds and lives,
Salem people are thus afforded an opportunity to par
ticipate in a work that is building for the future in the
coming citizenship of the commonwealth.
This year it has been demonstrated that the Oregon
prune crop can be marketed profitably even in the ab
sence of foreign demand. While the price received was
not high, it left a fair margin of profit to the grower
whose yield was good. The light crop in the Willamette
valley was offset by a large California crop and it is
possible that conditions may be reversed next year, since
two heavy crops seldom follow in succession and it will
be California's turn to face the shortage next year. The
price of prunes is higher now than when most of the
growers sold indicating that the demand was not fully
supplied. This should mean a complete clean-up and an
unusually good price next year.
Those prosperity items are coming so thick and fast
from all parts of the country that there can be little
doubt of their reliability. In Western Oregon the revival
of the lumber industry alone is needed, and there are
already indications that this will not long be delayed.
The dispatches say that Bryan may run again but it
will not be much of a race. He sprinted away from the
duties and responsibilities of the office of secretary of
state in the hour of national uncertainty and peril and his
running in the future will attract little attention.
When an American editor can think of nothing else
to write about he can always discourse upon the mistakes
of the military leaders of the entente .alliance. As a
nation of generals we have Mexico beaten to a frazzle.
The way the prohibitionists are campaigning Oregon
would indicate that they had not yet received the returns
from the election of last November.
I jaunted in my motor car, and ran o'er Jimpson's
shote, and from that creature knocked the tar; I surely
got its goat. I offered payment for the pig 'twas
neither large nor fat but Jimpson made
the price too big; I wouldn't stand for that.
"The rankest graft I ever saw," I cried
with rising ire; "before I'll go to law a
lawyer I shall hire." We went to law; the
case was tried by judges near and far; and
now I see the lawyer ride in my nice motor
car. I trudge along on weary feet, all
burdened with disgust; the lawyer scoots
along the street, and covers me with dust.
Old Jimpson had a hundred pigs,, that fed
on cockle-burs; they ve gone to purchase
gowns and wigs for stately barristers. We stood last
night by my abode, to cuss the legal rich; my lawyer
motored down the road, and shoved us in the ditch. For
such a dark and dismal shame there's nothing can atone;
the car that climbed my palsied frame was formerly my
own. Oh, Jimpson had a hundred hogs, and I a choo
choo cart; and he has nothing now but dogs, and I a
broken heart.
1 A
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 18G8
Transact a General Banking: Business
Safely Deposit Boxes
A quiet wedding took place at the M.
I). purHoiiiigo in iSiilcin on Thursday,
November 4 when Jliss Ethel iIue
Mack, of this city, nud Hugh Theodore
(inice, of Silverton, were united mar
riage. Rev. R. N. Aviiion read the
Methodist ring service in the presence
of only immediate relatives.
Tim bride, who is the only daugh
ter of A. I.. Mack, is very well and fa
vorably known here, where she has
grown from childhood to woinuuhood,
and she lias a largo circle of friends
who extend heartiest congratulations,
The groom is the eldest sou of Theo
dore Ornce, and is n native tsilverton
son, having heen bom and raised there
where he is well known.
After the first of the year Mr. and
Mrs. Urace will be at home to their
many friends ut the residence of the
bride's i'mlier in this city. iStnytmi
There has been nil attempt mude
this week to raise the price of hops
unit create a flurry, but there is no
evidence that the inurket is any bet
ter, there being only f tit r demand
for good quality, only u nominal
amount of bops moving from time to
time. There is only an occasional
demiiinl for off hops. The prices for '
prime to choice are from 10 to 10 1-i,
Cult's In this section the past week
were for 7 to 10 13 cents. Among the
I lots disposed of were tho Ntirber 2S
! bales, E. K. Ncely 25 bales aud Ort-'
I worth Id bales.
l'urchases by 1 A. I.ivesley tho
past week were: Hyues lot, 51 bales,1
I (lervnis; Stuugcr 45 bulcs, MeKee. i
j Independent. I
You re paying for newe in
9)1 the Journal, not priies.
Dr. W. A. COX
303 State Street
Your Teeth
SHOULD be treated as
your best Friend.
""HEY deserve con-
stant care and
highly skilled treatment.
yllEY will repay ev-
ery dollar expend
ed upon them with a
high rate of interest.
MY office is equipped
with the latest
and most modern appli
ances for TAINLESS
I ADY attendant al
ways present.
Phone 92G.
a Galley o Fun!
lirother Yockey. What docs yo'
'link of de new evangelist, sail?
Deacon Windiddy. He's a pow'ful
'H;ilit man, s.ili; mo' ee-special in de
liiiter o' pra'r. W'y, risht along, he
(cs for filings dat po' old Pahsoil
:n;stcr didn't even know de Lawd
Parmer Southslopc. Ycssir, I wuz
i New York fer two hull days, an'
dn't see anybody I knew; and
h:it3 mure, I didn't sec anybody
iiat reminded me uv anybody I knewl
l:c rattlesnake, before he strikes,
will warn;
he spced-hend hits you first, then
blows his horn!
Plaintiff (in law suit). So you
hiiik I will get the money, do you?
His Counsel. I think we will get it.
Scene I. (Club cafe. Tanker and
I.isson at a table. Tanker expounds.)
Yes, as I was saying, my wife doesn't
know the meaning of the word save.
She's always spending money for
something she doesn't need. Have
another cigar, old man. . I put all
the ready money I had into a car-.-a
man needs a little recreation after
business hours and what does she
do but up and buy a pianol She
doesn't know one note from another,
and naturally that means a course of
lessons. Guess we'd better have just
another little bottle of that wine,
hadn't we? I've just been moving
into larger and better offices. I got
tired of that dingy little hole I was
in. Help business? Well, I don't
know about that part of it. Busi
ness was all right in the old place.
Still, I though I'd like a change even
if the rent is a whole lot higher.
Well, the point is, no sooner do I
move than she begins to worry the
Hie out of me about moving out of
our flat into a bigger, more expensive
one further downtown. And she had
no earthly reason except that she
didn't like the neighborhood we were
in. Then, as soon as we got moved,
she began to buy all sorts of high
priced furniture. And she knew as
well as I did that I had just put a
small fortune into new office fixtures
She said our old stuff wasn't good
enough for the new location. That's
the way it goes. I do all the econo
mizing. No, no, old chap, this one's
on me.
The whole thing Is enough to dis
courage a man. A woman ought to
be willing to do some of the saving,
but no, just as soon as I think I'm
beginning to get on my feet, she
runs me 'way into debt again for
some kind of nonsense. She spends
ait enormous amount on clothes. I
like to see a woman dress well, but
there's a limit. O yes, I like to dress
well myself, but I'll bet I don't spend
half as much as she does on clothes.
Well, say two-thirds or three-auar-tcrs.
And the candy bills she runt
upl You'd naturally suppose a full
grown woman could exist without
candy every minute. My turn again,
old man. Aud try another of these
cigars. Yes, they sell for a quarter,
but I get them by the box.
I'll tell you what made me more
disgusted than anything else, and
that's a brand-new proposition she
sprang on me last niglit. She already
has a coolt and a housemaid, and now
what does she want but a butlcrl
Think of it, on my incomel Whv.
we'll simply gn to smash if a halt
isn't called pretty soon. I told her
we couldn't atlord it, and she abked
me why I didn't discharge the chauf
feur. Said I'd learned how to run
the car, and didn't need him any
mora. I suppose there it something
in that, but who wantt to be grimed
up all the time from monkeying with
a lot of greasy machinery? Sorry
you're going. Let's have a little drink
first. Good-by. If you hear of my
going bankrupt, remember I prophe
sied it. So-long.
Scene II. (A grocery-store. Tan
ker still expounding.) Good Lordl
b'ifty cents for butter? When I taw
it on the bill, I told mv wife it must
he a mistake. And forty-eight for
eggs I No wonder a man can't get
nlong these days. Somebody's in wait
to rob him from the time he gelt
up till he goes to bed. You areu't
to blame for the prices? Maybe not,
but who Is? They all tay tlie tarn
thing tomeone else it at the bottom
of it. All I can tay it, it't about time
something wat done. People of mod
erate incomel are all going down and
out unlets somebody gets busy be
fore long aud straightens thlngt out
a little. It't a case oi piv:h and
scrimp and tave all the time.
Well, I won't ba able te wit the
whole bill tills time. Soma of U will
have to go over till next month. The
Lord knowt hour I'm going to Make
both ends meat If you keep on lilting
prices. I no sooner tea a chine of
getting on to my feet than up goei
everything another notch. It't lif
ting to a man hat to be a millionaire
In order to keep the game going.
xit, till talking.) Walter G. Dot.
1 3s?SSt . E&ffe
You'll be thankful if your buildings are
made of the good, honest kind of ma
terials that we sell. Your house will be
warm, and it won't cost you so much
to heat it this winter. We are thank
ful; right down in our hearts we are
thankful for everything we achieved
during the past year and are glad to
say so.
Those nine firebugs sentenced to the Tu CTeveluud an armless inan has
Oregon penitentiary since June 1 ought been elected municipal judge and he
to be a handicap on further growth of, is expected to dispense even-handed!
theiT particular industry. i justice.
Mill Wood
Prompt Delivery
Spaulding Logging
On the
Oregon Electric Ry.
A On and after Sunday
JE November 7
- New Daily Local Trains
No. 63, lenvo Sulcm 7:10 a. m arrive Albany 8:00, Corvallis 8:2-1,
Ilnriisluira 8:53, Junction City 9:01, Eugene 9:30; ond making local stops.
No. H, leave Eugene 11:15 n. m., Junction City 11:40, Harrisburg 11:50,
Corvallis 12:12 p. m., Albany 12:50, arrive Sulom 1:45; making local Btopa.
Portland Local No. 0, leave Sulcm. 7:15 a, ni. instead of 6:30. arrive
Portland 9:10 instead of 8:30. '
Portlnnd Local No. 14, leave Salcin. 1:45 p. m. Instead of 1:50, arrive
Portland, Jefferson St., 3:45 instoud of 3:50, North Bank Station 4 00
instead of 4:10,
Limited No. 10, will run as at present leaving Sulcm 4:00 p. m but will
not make lucal stops Eugene to Salem.
Limited No. -5, will leave Salom 10:15 a. m. ns at present, but will stop
onlv at Last Independence, Albany, CorvnllU, Harrisburg, Junction City
and Eugene.
Corvallis Local No. 7, leave Salom 12:55 p. m. Instead of 1:00, arrive
Albany l:o0 Instead of 2:05, Corvallis 2:20 Instead of 2:32.
o J?0".' 0, ' ll'4V rrtlR11. North Bonk Station 2:05 p. m. Instead of
2:lp, Jefferson Street 2:25 Instead of 2:30, Salem 4:25 Instead of 4:35,
arrive Albany 5:20 lustead of 5:35, Corvulli, 6:02, Eugene 0:45 instead
New Folden will be available 8turdoy.
J. W. RITCHIE, Agent, Salem, Oregon