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A Romance of the Bear
: Tooth Range
; , : ' ,
; Copyright 1914, Hamlin Oai-tand
A Matter of Drsss. .
r ELL,, now," Wayland went
on as they stepped oft at the
hotel, "I am la command or
this expedition. From this
ou I lead this outfit. When It comes
to hotels, railways and the like o' thut
I'm bead ranger."
Mrs. McFarlane, tired, hungry and a
little dismayed, accepted his control
gladly, but Berrlo could not at once
Hllp aside her responsibility. "Tell the
hostler" , ,,
. "Not a word!" commanded Norcross,
mid the girl, with a smile, submitted to
bis guidance, and thereafter his effi
ciency, his self possession, his tact de
lighted ber. Ho persuaded the sullen
landlady to get them supper. He se
cured the best rooms In the house and
arranged for the caro of the team.
. Berrlo was correspondingly less mas
culine. In drawing off ber buckskin
driving gloves she bad put away the
cowgirl and was .silent, a little sad
even In the midst of. her enjoyment of
his dictatorship. And when be said,
"If my fathur reaches Denver In time
I want you to meet him," she looked
tlie dismay fhii felt,
"I'll do it, but I'm scared of him."
"You needn't be. I'll see him first
and draw bis fire."
Mrs. McFarlane Interposed. "We
must do a little shopping first. We
can't meet your father as we are." .
"Very well. It Is arranged. We get In.
I find, about noon. We'll go straight
to the biggest shop In town. If we
work with speed we'll bo able to lunch
wlth my father. He'll be at the Pal
mer House at 1."
'" Berrle said nothing, either In accept-
once or rejection of his plan. Her
mlud was concerned with new concep
tions, now relationships, and when In
the hall be took ber face between bis
hands and said, ''Cheer up! All Is not
J)str she put ber arms about his
nock and laid ber cheek against his
breast to hide her tears. "Oh, Way
land, I'm such an idiot In the city! I'm
arraia your rather will despise me."
She wolte to new life next morn
ing- life of compliance, of following,
of dependence upon the Judgment of
mother. She stood In silence while
her lover paid the bills, bought the
tickets and telegraphed their coming to
bis father. She acquiesced when be
prevented ber mother from telephon
ing to the ranch. She compllod when
he countermanded her order to have
the team sent back at once. His Judg
ment ruled, and she enjoyed her sud
don freedom from responsibility. It
was novel, and It was very sweet to
think that she was being cared for as
he bad cared for and shielded him in
the world of the trail.
'In the railway coach Wayland tact
fully withdrew, leaving tuotbor and
dnughter to discuss clothes undisturb
ed by bis presence.
"We must look our best, honey," said
Mrs. McFarlane. "Wo will go right
to Mine. Crosby at But lie's, and she'll
lit us out, I wish we bad more lime,
but we haven't, so we must do the
host we can."
"I want Wuylniid to choose my bat
mid traveling suit," repllod Hurrle.
"Of course'.' But you've got to have
n lot of other things besides." And
tliey bent to the Joyous work of ffiak
(ng out a list of gauds to bo purchased
s soon as (hoy reached Chicago.
Wayland came back with a Ponver
npor in his baud and a look of dip
Rust on bis face. "It's all lu here at
toast, the outlines of 1U"
i Ilertlo took the Journal and there
read the details of Bottle's twiuult
iifion (ho foreman. "The light arose
liMm a remark concerning the forest
miiorvlnr' daughter, Itnnger Settle
i cue "t i'd tho gossip and fell upon Hie
oilier man, beating him with the butt
r his revolver. Friends of the fore
man claim I hut tho ranger Is a drunk
en bully and should bavo been dis
charged loug ago. The supervisor for
tm mysterious reason retains thli
man, although be Is no Incompetent.
II Is also claimed that McFarlnue put
h man on tho roll without examina
tion." Tho supervisor was the protag
onist of the piny, which was plainly
political.. The at Kick ujiou bliu was
Miter and unjust, and Mis. Md'ar
lime again declared her Intention of
returning to help him In his light.
However, Wayland again proved to her
4 lint ber presence would only emhar
in. is (he supervisor. "You would not
aid hi in In tho slightest degree. Nash
and I.audou are with hi in and will re
futo all these charges."
This iKwnmier story took (he light
out ot their day nnd the smile from
Hurries ll, and the women entered
the city silent and distressed In spite
of the efforts of their young guide.
The nearer the girl enmo to tho ordeal
of facing the elder Norcross tho mors
nhe feared the outcome, but Wayluud
kept his air of easy conUdence aud
drove them directly to the shopping
cantor, believing that under (be Influ
ence of IiuIm and gloves they would t'
gain I heir customary cheer.
In this be was largely Justified. They
bad a delightful hour trying on mil
linery and coats and gloves. -
Silent, blushing, tousled by the bands
of ber decorators, Berrle permitted
hats to be perched on ber bead and
Jackets buttoned and unbuttoned about
ber shoulders till she felt like a worn
clothes horse. Wayland beamed with
delight, but she was far less satisfied
than be, and wben at last selection
was made she still bad ber doubts, not
of tbe clothes, but of ber ability to
wear them. They seemed so alien to
ber, so restrictive and enslaving.
"You're an easy fitter," said the sales
woman. "But" here she lowered her
voice "yon need a new corset This
old one Is out of date. . Nobody Is wear
ing blps now."
Thereupon Berrle meekly permitted
herself to be led away to a torture
room. Wayland waited patiently, and
wben she reappeared all traces of Bear
Tooth forest had vanished. In a neat
tailored suit and a very cblc bat, with
shoes, gloves and stockings to match,
she was so transformed, so charmingly
girlish In her aelf conscious glory, that
he was tempted to embrace her In tbe
presence of tbe saleswoman. But be
didn't. He merely said: "I see the gov
ernor's finish. Let's go to lunch. You
are stunning!"
"I don't know myself," responded
Berrle. "The only thing that feels nat
ural Is my hand. They cinched me so
tight I can't eat a thing, and my shoes
hurt" She laughed as she said this,
for ber use of the vernacular was con
scious. "I'm a fraud. Your father will
spot my brand first shot Look at my
face red as a saddle I"
"Don't let that trouble you. This Is
tbe time of year wben tan Is fashion
able. Don't yon be afraid of the gov
ernor. Just smile at him, give him
your grip, and he'll melt"
"I'm the one to melt I'm beginning
Notwithstanding bis confident advice
Waylnnd led the two silent aud In
wardly dismayed women Into the
showy cafe of the hotel with some de
gree of personal apprehension concern
ing the approaching Interview with his
father. Of course be did cot permit
this to appear In the slightest degree.
It pleased him to observe the admir
ing glunees which were turned upon
Berrle, whose hat became ber mighti
ly, and, leaning over, he said In a low
voice to Mrs. McFarlane: "Who Is the
lovely young lady opposite? Won't you
Introduce me?"
. This little play being over, he said,
"Now, while our order Is coming I'll
run out to the desk and see If tbe gov
ernor has come in or not"
Wayland returned with an Increase
of tension In bis face.
"He's here! I've sent word saying
'I am lunching In the cafe with ladles.'
I think he'll come round.' But don't
be afraid of him. He's a good deal
rougher on the outside than be la at
heart Of course lie's a. bluff old busi
ness man and not at all pretty, and
he'll transfix you with, a kind of esti
mating glare as If you were a tree.
but he's actually very easy to manage
If you know bow to handle blm. Now,
I'm not going to try to explain every
thing to him at the beginning. I'm
going to Introduce blm to you In a
casual kind of way and give him time
to take to you both. Ho forma bis
likes and dislikes very quickly."
"What If be doesn't like us?" lit
quired Berrle, wltb troubled brow.
"He can't help It" His tone was ao
positive that her eyes misted with hap
piness. "But here comes our food. I
hopo you aren't too nervous to eat
Here Is where I shine as provider.
This Is the kind of camp fare I can
Berrle's healthy appetite rose above
her apprehension, and she ate with the
keen enjoyment of a child, and ber
mother said, "It surely Is a treat to
get a chanco at somebody else's cook
"Don't you slander your homo fare,"
wnrnod Waylnnd. "It's as good as
this, ouly different"
Ho sat whero be could watch the
door, nnd despite his Jocund pose his
eyes expressed growing Impatience
and some anxiety. They were all well
Into their dessert before ho called out
Hero he Is I"
Mrs, McFarlane could not see tho
Rcwcoiucr from where she sut, but
Bertie rose lu great excitement as
heavy set, full faced man with short
gruy mustache anil high, smooth brow
entered the rom. He did not suillo as
lie greeted bis sun. mill Ills penetrating
gliiucc questioned even before he
spoke. Un seemed lo silently ask:
"Well, wbnt's all (Ills? How do you
happen to he here? Who are these
Wiiylutid kbIiI: "Mrs. McFarlane, this
Is my father. Father, this Is Miss
Korea McFurluno of Hear Tooth
The elder Norcross shook hands with
Mrs. McFarlane politely, coldly, but he
betrayed surprise as Korea took bis
fingers lu her grip. At his son's solici
tation ho accepted a seat opposite
Deren, but nfused dessert
Waylnnd explained: "Mrs. McFar
lane and her daughter quite saved my
life over lu the vulley. Their ranch Is
the best health resort lu Colorado."
"Your . coinplexlou Indicates that,"
his father responded dryly. "You look
something tho way a mau of your age
ought lo look. ' I needn't ask bow you
aro feeling. " "
"You needn't, but you may. I'm feel
ing like a new fiddle, barring a bruise
nt the back of my head, which makes
a 'hnrd lint' a burden. I may as well
toll you Drat off that Mrs. McFarlane
Is tho wife of tho forest supervisor at
Hear Tooth, and Miss Bores Is the able
anststitnt of ber father. We are all
rank conservationists."
Norcross senior examined Berrle pre
cisely as If bis eyes were a couple of
X ray tubes, and as she 'flushed under
bis slow scrutiny ho said, "I was not
expecting lo find tbe forest service lu
such bands."
She Was 80 Transformed That He Was
Tempted to Embrace Har.
Waylnnd laughed.
"I hope you didn't mash his fingers,
She smiled guiltily. "I'm afraid I
did. I hope I didn't hurt you some
times I forget."
Norcross senior was waking up. "You
have a most extraordinary grip. What
did it piano practice?"
Wayland grinned. "Piano! No the
"Tbe what?"
Wayland explained. "Miss McFar
lane was brought up on a ranch. She
can rope and tie a steer, saddle her
own horse, pack an outfit aud all the
rest of It"
"Oh! Kind of cowgirl, ehr
Mrs. McFarlane, eager to. put . Ber
rle's better part forward, explained:
"She'a our only child, Mr.. Norcross,
and as such baa been a constant com
panion to her father. She's not all
cowhand. She'a been to school, and
she can cook and sew aa well."
"Mrs. McFarlane comes from an old
Kentucky family, father. Her grand
father helped to found a college down
there." ' '
Wayland'a anxious desire to create
a favorable Impression of the women
did not escape the lumberman, but his
face remained quite expressionless as
be replied:
"If theltfe of a cowhand would give
you tbe vigor this young lady appears
to possess I'm not sure but you'd bet
ter stick to it" '
Wayland and tbe two women ex
changed glances of relief.
"Why not tell him now?" they seem
ed to ask. But he said: "There's a long
story to tell before we decide on my
career. Let's finish our lunch. How
Is mother, and how are the girls?" 1
The Private Car.
-jyNCE, In the midst of a lame
I 1 pursuit of other topics, the
I I elder Norcross again fixed bis
eyes on Berea, saying, "I
wish my girls bad your weight and
color."' He paused a moment, then r-
umed with wenry Inflection: "Mrs.
Norcrosa has always been delicate, aud
all her children even her son take
after her. I've maintained a private
and very expensive hospital for nearly
thirty years."
This regretful note lu his futher's
voice gave Wayland confidence. His
spirits rose.
"Come, let's adjourn to the parlor
and talk things over at our case."
They all followed him, and after
showing the mother and daughter to
their seats near a window, be drew but
father Into a comer, and In rapid un
dertoue related tbe story of his first
meeting with Berrle, of bis trouble
with young lielden, of bis camping
trip, minutely describing the encounter
ou the mountnlUBldo aud ended by.say
lug, with manly directness: "I would
ho up there lu tho mountains in a box
If Berrlo bud not Intervened. She's a
noble girl, father, and Is foolish enough
to like me, and I'm going to marry ber
and try to tuiike her happy."
The old lumberman, who had listen
ed Intently all through this Impassion
ed story, displayed 110 sign of surprise
at Its closing declaration, but his eyes
explored his sou's soul with calm ab
straction. "Send her over to me," he
said nt last "Miirrlngo Is a serious
mutter. I want to tulk with her-
Wayland went bnek to the women
with nn air of victory. "He wants to
see you, .Berrle. He's mellowing.
Don't be afraid of blm."
She might have resented the father's
lack of gallantry, but she did not On
the coutrury, she rose and walked ros-
olutely 'over to where he aat quite
ready to defend herself. He did not
rlae to meet her, but she did not count
(bat against htm, fur there was nothing
essentially rudo In his manner. He
was merely her older and Inert
"Sit down," he said, not unkludly
"I want to hnre you tell me about my
son. He has been tolling me nil about
you. Now, let's havo your aide of the
She took a seat and faced blm wltb
yea as steady as his own. "Where
shall I beglu?" she blnully challenged.
"Ho wants to marry "you. Now,' It
seems to me (hat seven weeks la Ve y
short acquaintance for a decision like
that Are you sure you want blm?"
Yes, sir; I am." Hei
most decided.
His voice was'sjllgbtly cynical aa he
went en.' "But yon were tolerably
aura about that other fellow that
rancherwlth the fancy name weren't
your' . She flushed at this, but waited
for blm'to go on. "Don't you think It
possible, that your fancy for. Wayland
Is also temporary?"
No, slrr ah bravely declared. "I
never felt toward any one the way I
do toward Wayland. He's different 1 '
shall never change toward blm." 1
Her tque, ber expression of eyes stop-
ped this- line of Inquiry. He took up
anotheri, "Now, my dear young lady,
I ana business man as well as a fa
ther, and the marriage of my sort is a
weighty; matter. He Is my main de
pendence. I am hoping to have him
take up and carry on my business. To
be quite candid, I didn't expect htm
to select his wife from a Colorado
ranch. I considered blm out of the
danger zone. I have always under
stood that women were scarce In the
mountains.' Now don't misunderstand
me. I'm not one of those fools who
are always trying to marry their sons
and daughters Into the ranks 6f tbe
Idle rich. I don't care a bang about
social position, and I've got money
enough for my son and my son's wife.
But he's all the boy I have, and I don t
want blm to make a mistake." y
Neither do I," she answered simply,
ber eyes' suffused with tears. "If I
thought be would be sorry"
He Interrupted again. "Ob, you can t
teirthat now! Any marriage Is a risk.
I don't say he's making a mistake In
selecting you. You may be Just the
woman he needs. Only I want to be
consulted. I want to know more about
you. He tells me you have taken an
active part In tbe management of tbe
ranch and the forest. Is that-true?"
"I've always worked with my fa
theryes, sir." -.'...
"You like that kind of life?"
"I don't know much about any other
kind. Yes, I like It But I've had
enough, of It I'm willing to change."
"Well, how about city life-housekeeping
and all that?"
"So long as I am with Wayland I
shan't mind what I do or where I
live."; "-.! .
"At tbe same time you figure he's
going to have a large Income, I sup
pose? . He's told you of his rich father,
hasn't he?" . " ;
: Berrle's. tone Was a shade resentful
of his Insinuations "He has never said
much about bis family one way or an
other. He only said you wanted Mm
to go. Into business in Chicago- and
that he wanted to do something else.
Of course I could see by his ways and
the clothes be wore that he'd been
brought up In what we'd call luxury,
but we never Inquired Into bis affairs."
"And you dldu't.eare?" .
"Well, not that exactly. But money
don't count for as. much with ua In
the valley as It does In tbe east Way
land seemed so kind of sick and lone
some, and I felt sorry for him the first
time I saw him. 1 felt like mothering
blm. And then his. way of taialng, of
looking at things, was so new and
beautiful to me I couldn't help caring
for him. I had never met any one like
him, I thought he was a 'lunger' "
"A what?"
' "A consumptive. That Is, I did at
first. And It bothered me. . It seemed
terrible that; any one so fine should
be condemned .like that, and so I did
all I could to help- him, to make him
happy. I thought be hadn't long to
live. Everything be said and did was
wonderful to me, like poetry and mu
sic. And then wben be began to grow
stronger aud I saw that be was going
to get well, and Cliff -went on the
rampage and showed the yellow streak
aud I gave him back bis ring I didn't
know even then how much Wayland
meant to me. But on our trip over the
range I understood. He meant every
thing to me. Ho made Cliff seem like
A savage, and I wanted hlin to know
It I'm not ashamed of loving him. I
want to make him bappy, and If he
wishes me to be bis wife I'll go any
where he says-only, I think ho should
stay out here till he gets entirely well."
The old man's eyes softened during
her plea, and at Its close a slight smile
moved the corners of bis mouth.
"You've thought It all out, 1 see. Your
mind Is clear and your conscience easy.
Well, I like your Bplrlt I guess he's
right The decision Is up to you. But
IX he takes you and stays In Colorado
ho can't expect mo to share tho profits
of my business with blm, can he?
He'll havo to make his own way." He
rose and held out his hand. "However,
I'm persuaded he's In good hnnds."
She took his bund, not knowing Just
what to reply. Ho examined her fin
gers with Intent gaze,
"I dldu't kuow any woman could
have such a grip.". He thoughtfully
took ber biceps lu his left band. "You
are magnificent" Then In ironical pro
test ho added: "Good Qod, no! I can't
have you come Into my family. You'd
make caricatures of my wife aud
daughters. Are all the girls out In tbe
valley like you?" .
She, laughed. "No. .Most of them
pride themselves on not being horse
women. Mighty few of 'em ever ride
a burso. I'm a kind of a tomboy to
"I'm sorry to hear that It's the same
old story. I supposo they'd all like to
live In the city and wear low necked
gowns and high heeled shoes. No, I
can't consent no your., marriage wltb
my son. I must save you from corrup
tion.. Qo back to tbe ranch. I can see
already signs of your deterioration.
Kxcept for your color and that grip
you look like upper Broadway.
She flushed redly, conscious of ber
new corset, her silk stockings and her
pinching 'shoes. , "It's all on the out
sldo," alio declared." "Under this tog
gory I'm the same old trailer. It don't
tnko long to get rid ot these things.
I'm Just playing' a part today--for
He smiled and dropped her hand. "No,
no. You've said good by to tbe cinch. I
can see that You're on tbe road to op
era boxes and limousines. What la
your plan? What would you' advise
Wayland to do If you knew I was hard
against bla marrying you? Comenow,
I can see you're a clear sighted Indi
vidual. What can be do to earn a liv
ing? How will you live without my
aid? Have you figured on these
"Yes. I'm going to ask my father to
buy a ranch near here, where' mother
can have more of the comforts of life,
and where we can all live together till
Wayland Is able to stand city life
again. Then, If you want him te go,
east, I will go with him."
They bad moved slowly back toward
tbe others, and as Wayland came to
meet them Norcross said, with dry hu
mor: "I admire your lady of the cinch
hand. She seems to be a person of
singular good nature and most uncom
mon shrewd''
Wayland, interrupting, caught at his
father's hand and wrung It frensledly.
"I'm glad"- -
"Here! Here!" A look of pain cov
ered the father's face. "That's the fist
she put In tho press." -
They all laughed, and then be grave
ly resumed: "I say I admire ber, but
It's a sbamerto auk such a girl to marry
an Invalid like you. Furthermore, I
won't have ber taken cast She'd
bleach out and lose that grip In a year.
I won't have her contaminated by the
city." He mused deeply while locking
at his son. "Would life on a wheat
ranch, accessible to this hotel by mo
torcar, be endurable to you?"
"You mean with Berea?"
"If she'll go. Mind you, I don't ad
vise her to do It," be added, interrupt
ing bis son's outcry. "I think she's
taking all tbe chances." He turned to
Mrs. McFarlane. "I'm old fashioned
In my notions of marriage, Mrs. Mc
Farlane. I grew up when women
were helpmates, such as, I Judge,
you've been. Of course It's all guess
work to me at the moment, but I have
an Impression that my son has fallen
Into an unusual run of luck. As I un
derstand it you're all out for a pleas
ure trip. Now, my private car Is over
In tbe yards, and I suggest you all
come along with me to California"
"Governor, you're a wonder!" ex
claimed Wayland. ". ' '" ""
"That'll give us time to get better
acquainted, and If we all like one an
other Just as well when we. get back
well, we'll buy the best farm In the
North IMatte, and"-
"It's a cinch we get that ranch!" In
terrupted Wayland, with a triumphant
glance at Berea. '
"Don't be so sure of it," replied the
lumberman. "A private car, like a
yncbt Is a terrible test of friendship."
But bis warning held no terrors for tbe
young lovers. They bad entered upon
the cno.
Wayland Norcross, an eastern youth
seeking health In Colorado, meets Berea
McFarlane, called Berrle, typical ranch
girl, daughter of the supervising ranger
of Bear Tooth forest.
Berrls Is greeted by her lover, Cliff Bel
den, a cowboy, supposed to b Interested
In a saloon at Meeker's Mill, where Nor
jross is bound. Berrle guide Norcross
to his destination.
A shower Intercept them and the girl
gives the youth her raincoat. There I s
rough element at Meeker's, and Norcross
choose Landon. the ranger, a hi com
panion. Landon love Berrle.
Cliff notices Berrle's Interest In the ten
derfoot and warn him away. He also
take hi betrothed to task. She resents
this and breaks their engagement..
Nosh, tho ranger at Bear Tooth, gives
Wayland points on forestry. Berrle's fa
ther offer him a place la the service.
Berrlo decide to go with them over the
They climb the high, rough trail and
only make camp when Wayland Is on tho
point of collapse. Night In the open
charm Wayland.
'Wayland blunders repeatedly. The su
pervisor goes after the horse which have
wandered off. tie la detained. Norcross
arrange to sleep outside and Berrle In
side a tent.
Wayland being III, Berrle Insist that he
sleep In the tent The supervisor doesn't
return. They break camp. Wayland la
used up on tho trail.
They reach the empty cabin of Tony, a
ranger. Next day Mr. Moore, a lumber
man, his daughter Blona and a notorious
gossip, Mrs. Belden, pas. Norcross ad
mit he I tho son of a wealthy lumber
man. The supervisor return and realizes the
delicate altuution In which hi daughter I
placed. Berrle, Jealous of tho Moore girl,
decide to go horns.
After breakfast Berrls and Wayland
tart down the trail, and about i o'clock
make camp and get dinner.
Cliff hunt Norcross and knocks hi
rival senseless. Berrle thinks him dead.'
Seolng life returning she fling herself on
Wayland, covering his facs with kisses.
Cliff leave.
Nash later come upon them, helps ar
range the camp and stay until morning.
Ami In on the trail Wayland tell Borria
her love should be for Landon and not
The two arrive home. Wayland, after
a rent, regain hi atrength. The gossips
tart their talk about Berrls and Way
land. ,
The supervisor return and hears from
Wayland that Ills fntlier want him.
Wayland promises to stay nd combat ths
malicious talk. To Uerrle ho talk ot hi
life In ths saat.
A fight between men fn tho service
brings on an Investigation by the district
forester. The supervisor lends hi wife
and daughter away with Wayland, who
0011 f esses hi lov for Berrls.
They arrive In Denver. ' Wayland Intro
duces her to his father, who Is greatly
Impressed with ths strong western girl.
The elder Norcross la Initiated Into Way
land' secret and hi admiration for the
girl makes him agree that hi son has
chosen an excellent wire, j
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and restore them to plumpness and health. Tell me if you are worried about your
daughter. Remember, It cost you nothing to give my home treatment a ten days'
trial, and doe not interfere with daily work. If health Is worth asking, for, then
accept my generous offer and writ for the free treatment, Including my illustralao)
booklet, "Woman' Own Medical Adviser." I will send all in plain wrappers post
paid. To save time, you can cut out this offer, mark your feelings, and return to me.
Send today, aa you may not see this offer again. Address, ...
Modern Methods
In Auto Building
la this a of automobile manufac
ture, it should be realized that some of
the best brains in the world are work
ing on this most important industry, as
the automobile has become a goneral
necessity lor tbe American family rata-
er than merely a sporting apparatus as
it seemed to be vmcn xirst it nppuareu
on our street:). With tho general use of
automobiles throughout the country has
come the necessity - for building them
better, making-them more .substantial,
more simple, more inexpensive in op
eration and more practical for genoral
family use.
Among the various accomplishments
of the automobile world, in excellence
of con9truction, the Detroit Electric car
manufactured by the Anderson Electric
Gar company, stands out prominently.
It has been found by actual comparison
that in construction,, the Detroit Eloc
trie car is designed and manufactured
as perfectly as it is possible to build
a mechanical article, '
In the production of this car, man
ufactured completely by the Anderson
Electric Car compr.ny of Detroit, mod
ern machinery of tho . most approved
and automatic typo is employed to make
even the smallest pr-.rts or the car, there
by insuring accuracy, iaterchangeabil
ity of parts--and large Baving in labor
In many .places, where in the past,
iron castings have-been used, drop
forgings now replace thorn.-These forg
ingsr are made by ponderous machines
weichinc inanv ton.i and driven bv now.
er plants ranging up to the hundreds
of horse power.
The chassis iramos or this car are
made of pressed steel and are drilled
for their various ude. members by plac
ing a complete, fr&mo in an inimenoo
machine which when operated, brings a
dozen or more tools into action which
accurately bores tho necessary holes.
This modern method of manufactur
ing insures absolute accuracy and saves
much times and money in the produc
tion of the finished artiale. In the old
days, it was thought that hand work
was the onlv method which could pro
duce a finished article of the highest
This method of manufacture has been
entirely relegated to the rear ranks in
the automobile Industry. It is the new
method fif modern manufacturing which
has enabled the American people to
enjoy today, automobiles of the highest
grado whicn ran be produced, and at
prices lower than it was even dreamed
of ten years ago. .
The realization by The Anderson
Electric Car company that only through
Installing these modern methods of
manufticturing conld thoy produce tho
electric cars of tho highest quality at
a comparatively low price baa enabled
them to markot an electrio car of the
very finest quality in material and
construction, at prices from 4400 to
$500 lower than would be possible if
the manufacture of these cars wore at'
tempted in ho old way.
fc )(
Field Marshal Lord Roberts
died at the French front, Bus-
sia reported her main army only
13 miles Irora uracow. uer-
many claimed minor victories in sk
east i russia and .Poland. .
Wisconsin has picked a dairyman as
its most prominent citizen, The Badger
utate imows by exenence the worth 01
a good dairyman.
Everybody Admires a
m 'SIB
; S , I fata rWuttwunXWnt
;ig 2 vsusirawTwCwxu.,
uourauo's urtemai i;rarn curoa nsm
Plsessoj nnd relieves Sunburn. Removes Tan, l'lmplea, Hlncklieads, Moth
Putehea, Rash, Freckles and Vulgar Kedness, Yellow nnd Mmlily tikis, giving
a delicately clear nnd refined complexion which every woman dcuircs.
No. tl For sale by DrugglBta anc Fancy Ooods Dealers,
Ferd. T. Hopkins, Prop- 37 Great Jones Street, New Yorlc
am woman. - v . .
know a woman's trill.
know hsr need of sympathy al-litlfl, -
Ir you, my sister, are unhappy because of Ill
health, if you feel unfit for, household duties,
social pleasures,- or dally employment, writ
and tell me Just how you suffer, and ask for my
free ten days' trial of a home treatment suited
to your needs. .Men cannot understand women's
suffering!. . What we women know from ex
perience, we know hatter than any man. I want
to tell you how 'to cure yoursolt at home at aa
cost of about 12 centa a week.
If you suffer, from, women's peculiar ailment
causing pain In the head, back, or bowels, feel
ing of weight and dragglng-dowi sensation,
falling or displacement of pelvlo organ, causing)
kidney and bladder weakness or constipation
and pile, painful or Irregular period, catarrhal
.nni4itli.n. a n r, Hl.ih9,M. v4mm. n.Mffui.iiH..
depressed (Dlrit. melancholy, dsalra to crv.
War Orders Bring "
- T I
Large nxpon increase
To San Francisco Port
San Francisco, Nov. 12. War orders
and a generally increased demand for
Pacific coast products were credited to
day for the October bumper export fig
ures announced by Oolleetor of Port
Davis. ' '
With $8,860,424 worth of American
goods leaving this port, Ban Fransisco
had' the third largest- export month in
her history. This one month alone had
about one-eighth sb much business as
the port did in all of 14. Figures for
that entire year were $4,784,002; while)
for 1915 to October were $68,2ti3,70S. .
Washington, Nov. 12. An insistent
report that Secretary of Agriculture.
Houston was slated for another im-
nirtont. nnal unit vmillfl HIMD TAR10n WU
denied by the White House today. The
story was to tne eiieev.inoi jiosisiam.
Secretary Vroomau wound succeed
Houston.' '" .' . '. ' . '
Louisville; Ky., Nov. 12. Wallace Ir
win, well known writer- and Stanford
student, will wed Miss Letitia McDon
ald here January 6. . ,
Capital Journal Only
Complete Paper Sold
The Capital Journal Is r the.
only evening daily published .
in Salem that is a complete ,
' newspaper. The Portland papers
peddled here are printed in the
forenoon about 11 o'cloek, are;
simply the regular, edition of
the day before with some
changes on the first page. They
are onlyfoxtras made up for
street Bales and out of town .
circulation, making no pretense .
to being real, newspapers. . The
Capital Journal on . the other
hand, - contains ..the complete
. leased wire service up to 3:30 .
p. m., which is 6:30 p. m. In
New York and past midnight
in Europe, the seat of the great
war. . It also contains all the
. local' news of Salem and sur
rounding torritory that is worth
while. It is a complete after
noon newspaper and ' the only
one circulated in Boleni. - When
you pay your monoy for a Port
land evening paper here you are
merely being "faked" into buy
lag a cheap extra with big
headlines on the first page and
yesterday's news everywhere
The Capital Journal sells on
the street for 2 cents. Pay no
s(( sjc sfc jJ( sfc st c jjt s)c c )(t i)c
V , . villi 1IIAUONV nUANU. A
yetnktvowDM Ucsl, Safest, Always Rellalissj
Beautiful Complexion'
J Jv-V l.sdlrHI AMI4 yonr irruagiiiL rnr .
fS V-sA IU .Iiilcr IMaioon J Ii.ai..V
LMiZjthii Tills In Hrd ! Uold i.ki.1IkV
fOI?fiJ hm, MJkcl iriUi 111' Klblion. T
4m s W-a TaLe o o(hr. Ilur of four "
1 - or
Oriental Cream
JlnlndispensahU and Delightful
. Toilet Requisite
for Fashionable IVomen.
A dally necessity for the ladles' toilet
whether at home or while traveling. It
protects the skin from Injurious eiTects
of the elnmems, hives a wonderfully ef
fective beauty to the complexion. It Is a
itcrfcct nnn-grpttsy Toliot Cream anil pos
itively will not cnuso or enconraKo tite
growth nf hulr which all ladles should
guard against when aclecting a toilet pro
paratiun. When dancing, bowling or oth
er exertions heat ths akin, It prevents a
greasy appearance.
Oouraud'a Oriental Crsam ha been
highly recommended by pliyalclun. act
resses, sinners and women of fashion for
over half a century and ennnot bo aur-
finssed when preparing for dally or even
ng attire. , ,