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See I rnn nnAMiniTinillATA I I - ' V j m . I i -g
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l mow 1 VJU
fesi The Fast, Convenient Way
$2.15 for the Round Trip
For Children over five and under twelve years of
age $1.10.
Willamette vs. Pacific
Special tickets good on trains leaving Salem before
noon on date of sale November limited to re
turn on trains leaving Forest Grove before midnight
of date of expiration of ticket.
R. H. Crozier, A. G. P. A., J. W. RITCHIE, Agt,
Portland, Ore. Salem, Ore.
His Lordship Becomes
Proficient As Machinist
By Wilbur S. Fon-est.
(United Press staff correspondent.)
London, Oct. 11. (By niiiil.) I.onl
Charlemont, ngcd 38, eighth viBcount of
that noble Irish family. is i n fair '.v
to become a member of the Tiiiplutors
union. Ho not only admits but wel
comes the possibility.
Lord ('hnrlomont bin been working
for months in a munition factory at
Coalislnnd, (southern England. He start
ed nt a wees mm im-. ,
date, ho has rondo no lens than $7 a week
and sometimes $17. He ha acquired
Home knowledge of metal turning and
having a kunck for machinery admits
ho has "landed on his feet." He has
worked on shells with trado unionists
and there was no kick. That is where
be first got bis i'lea of joining the
Alongside Lord Chnrlemont are gen
tlemon and laborers, tradesmen, chauf
feurs, grooms and gardeners all milk
ing munitions. Ho declares they are all
making Rood. Average intelligence, he
insists, backed by a desire to do one
best, have beaten skilled labor nt its
own game,
"""Tho first day," says Lord Chnrle
mont, "I did thirty ten-pounder shells
and thought it jolly good. The second
day I did fifty, and now I do fronm
130 to 150 quite easily. I have been
:-i. ., ..,!, .r ulun: nllBtV things
thcBC to tackle weigh about -10 pounds
apiece and arc two loci aim a
I can do about fifty or sixty of them a
day and each one pays me five cents.
Tho miserable ton-pounders are only
thrco farthing"."
(By United Tress staff correspondent.)
London, Oct. 13. (Hy man.) now
weary, dust covered British "Tommy
had the surprlso of his life when given
"a lift" in a military automobile on a
country road in Northern Franco has
just been told in London.
' Two officers were in tho car. They
talked tn the "Tommy" and he was
noon telling his troubles. Hoon he pro
duced a picture of his best girl from
one of his innermost pockets. Hie of-
ficers congratulated him on the good
looks of bis girl and he filially ven
tured: "I suppose you, sir, carry u photo
graph of someone?" The younger of
the two officers replied:
"Well, I've got my father's photo
about me and I'll give you one if you
like." lie produced a golden sovereign
and slipped it into the "Tommy's"
1 and. On the sovereign wns the h"ad
of King Oeorge. "Tommie's" com
panions were the Prince of Wales and
n brother officer.
Two of the most famous as well as
eloquent leuders of the anti-saloon
forces in this country will appear next
Thursday ut the armory, Bichuiond 1.
Hobson, and Dr. Kdwin X. .Steams.
Richmond 1'. Hobson is a former con
gressman from Alabama, and it is his
bill with Senator Nhoppurd, of Texas,'
that was voted on last December in the
house of representatives, receiving a
vote of l!7 in its favor, to 18SI against.
This bill, known as the Sheppaid-Hob-son
nincndiiieiit, provided thr.t the sule,
manufacture for "ale, transportation for
sale, importation for sale, and expor
tation for snie of intoxicating liquors
for beverage purposes be forever pro
hibited in the United States and nil
territory 'subject to its jurisdiction. Al
though receiving u majority vote, the
amendment was lost, as an amendment
to the constitution requires a two-thirds
vote of both houses of congress and
ratification by 30 states.
Dr. Kdwin I. Stearns is a national
lecturer of the Anti-Saloon League and
has lectured for years in all parts of. the
The local committee in charge of ar
rangements, appointed by the Minister
ial Union, consists of tho Rev. James
Elvin, chairman: Rev. H. K. Horns
chuc.h and Rev. H. K. Pemberfon. Gov
ernor Withyconibc will preside nt the
lecture and' music, will be furnished by
an orchestra and the Christian church
male quartette.
The address of both .Mr. Hobson and
Mr. Stearns will be on the Nheppnrd
Hobson amendment. The lecture is free
and of course everybody is invited. The
progrnm for the evening will begin
promptly at o 0 ciock.
Salem People Will Do Well to Heed
Many bad cases of kidney troublo re
sult from a cold or chill. Congested
kidneys fall behind in filtering the poison-laden
blood and backache, headache,
dizziness and disordered kidney action
follow. Don't neglect a cold. Use
Doan's Kidney Pills at the first sign
of kidney troublo. Follow this Salem
resident's exumplo:
J. H. Pcnton, 3415 Lee St., Salem,
says: 'A cold settled on my kidneys, I
causing pain through my back. I knewi
that my kidneys were to blamo, and,
hearing several local citizens endorse
Doan's Kidneys Pills highly, I began I
iiBing them. They were just what 1 1
needed to relieve the pains and other
kidney troubles. Whenever .1 have
tnkon Donn ' Kidney Pills Bince, a few
doses have brought me relief.'
Price fiOc, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy get
Doan's idnay i'ills the same that
Mr. Ponton bad. Foster-Milburn Co.,
Props., Buffalo, N.Y.
Dorothy Daphne Lewis
When in SALEM, OREGON, atop at
Strictly Modern
Tree anil Private Baths
BATES: 75c, 1.00, $l'.60PER"jJAY
Tho only hotel ill tho business district.
Nearest' to all Depots, Theatres mid
Capitol Uuildinga.
A Home Away From Home.
T. O. BIJOU, Prop.
Both Phonos. Free Auto Bus.
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Uruitliiail, Or., Nov. 12. Monday, W.
A. Liston, a leading Salem dealer in
realty, made this locality a visit. He
reported business in his line rnthcr dull.
Our real estate men are among the
most honorable and progressive citizens.
Some of them could talk a rail off the
fence and a new comor off his guard.
Yet too" never put tho small potatoes
in tho bottom of the sack not if any
boilv's looking.
A" Mr. Miller, of Yakima county is
visiting this week with John Hostctler
and mother on the Prntum road.
School is uroirressine nicely under
the care of Miss Naomi Runner. The
first mouth is now uone and the pupils
1 have talked with like her as a teacher
Mrs. Ransom and Mrs. Mcllwnin havo
ench a very i'iao lot of celery wnich
shows Friiit'lnnd can raise other things
besides nice girls.
M. M. Itnnaom has taken up his lo
ganberry patch. Thinks it a waste of
ground , or time and lanor wirn no
financial profit.
We bote the exchango of opinion re
luting to our worthy county agricul
turist, Mr. L. .1. Chnpin. In the last
few days in tho Capital Journal, Mr.
Peterson, Air. Hamilton, of tho commer
cial club, and Judge Itushey express
their views. It is n sort of a storm
center culmiiintiii" about poor Mr.
Chnpin. So far as 1 know ho is taking
it all quietly ami niaybo enjoys it. If
the lightning strikes him he doesn't
probabl" care. The Judge's bolts seem
to have hit Mr. Peterson in two or
more places. My opinion, as far as
the judge's communication goes is that
he (tho judge) has cooked nis gooso to
a finish. Mr. Peterson may object to
being curved as well as cooked and
served up before the public in this
wav. Mavbe he will trv to even up
tiit-murh flu. "11,11,11 1'nriim " nf llliu
newspaper. 1 am going to watch. AsJT nlAf1 fVnpr-e Rparlv
to Mr. Chnpin, if he is worth I00 nUnUeU UlOtUb AWUY
month or. i-0( to the farmers of Mo
rion county will depend upon first
whether he can teach them to grow a
better ouolitv tif ernns and so coui-l
miinil a better nrice: or second, if ho i for tho purpose of combating the so-
can tench the farmer to grow better ended jobbers trust in Portland, the
crops at less expense and so realize United (Irocers of Oregon were ready
more out of the present prices ne gets for business todnv.
iHero of Spanish-American vfin. V mi 'ff'SM '
Billed ForfatlTiursday J -XJA '! I
I """4 ;:; ;u i
I - -f .J4r ...Jj- s..,.,,,, iiiMimni I r inMiinrnini' nnr'miin-iiriiniiinini lilii I rrr'iiiirinliiilliTTfirif-i--1lliTL h. . j m I
Always fry with Cottolene
Whatever you fry with Cottolene is delicious and digestible. The true flavor of chicken,
fish, potatoes, or any other fried foods is enhanced.
Cottolene has done much to do away with the old prejudice against fried foods. As it does
not soak into the food, it performs fully the real function of a frying agent it cooks the food
and adds not only to its flavor but to its wholesomeneas.
For more than a quarter of a century Cottolene has held its'
own place, in a class by itself. There is no substitute for it.
Always remember to use one-third less Cottolene than you
would of butter or lard.
Since Cottolene does not absorb tastes or odors, it may be
used over and over again for frying. Heat it slowly.
Cottolene is packed in pails of various sizes for your con
venience. Arrange with your grocer for a regular supply.
Write our General Offices, Chicago, for a free copy of our real cook book, " HOME HELPS."
Cottolene makes good cooking better
Gold Fish FREE I
.... . ii D
While tney lasi
Two gold fish and a
globe free with a 50c
purchase of any
Rexall Remedy, Ilexall
Stationery, Rexall Toil
et Article er
Perry's Drug Store
The Rexall Store.
Watch for ur One
Cent Sale Next Week
' .
f 1 '
Contention .That Explosion of
Gas Main Wrecked Los
Angeles rimes
Charles Terry, Aged 03, Makes
Long Trip Successfully.
The west side litis the distinction of
being the home of the oldest lady who
traveled from a irreat distance to tne
state of California to see the I'aunmn-
I'acific. expostion at Snn Francisco. The
name of the lady is Mrs. Charles Terry,
who is now attending the fair with her
son, cnarles Terry. Mrs. rerry lives
on State street and is ninety-three
yours of age. In company with her
son she left here Inst mouth and iniulo
the long journey of almost three thous
nnd miles without discomfort. Her won
derful vitality has excited the admira
tion of tho fair authorities and she
holds the record to dnto for being the
oldest lady in attendance nt the fair
ll'roiii u foreign slate. In her home life
ion the west side she is remarkably in:
! tive for her age and manages to do a
j grout deal of her own housework. The
iTerrv family will return to tu west
ai do on .September 21),
Tiio above is from a Luyt'ayette, Iudi.
una, newspaper. Mrs. Terry is un aunt
of Mrs. Mary Stover, of 370 Lincoln
street who says, no matter what goes)
on anywhere in the day of making rec
ords, Oregon and Salem are sura to be
connected with it in somo way.
rnnaraa wants to borrow 41,250,000
from the United States. AVhy should
wo htive to bother with such trifles!
Appearing in Billy ttice Musical Com
edy Co., "By the Sea," at the Grand
Theatre, Sunday and Monday.
To Fight Jobbers
Portland, Ore., Nov. 12. Organized
for his labor mid produce, t il l he do
it I hope so, if ho is retained, chiefly
if lie can help in any proper way to get
a more remunerative market it may pay
to retain him.
Tho "devil's lane" and sign board
iust west of the church lire no more.
Thus the old landmarks are disappear
inir one bv one. The board was stolen
some time ago and thus a smull cusej
of petty larceny was committed. Mr.
Thompson, the owner, will not prose
cute, though he knows who the parties
are. tleiug as honest a N'otchuiati as
ever nto a bunnnck, he just Inuuhs;
about it and lets it go. The old mis
understanding between him mid the
church people is happily a closed inci-i
dent. The dove of jienrp hovers near'
tne uiHputeit ground, putnu can now
that his lane mid sign beard lire both
guiiv uprcim ins sooiy wings ami seepi
away. Amen.
The iobbers nre alleged to favor pre
ferred buyers in the mutter of prices.
Unless the United (Irocers nre dealt
with on the sumo basis, it is said, they
will pool their purchases and deal with
firms whose bids for recognition nre
Washington, Nov. 12. The National
duard convention's disapproval at San
Francisco of the administration plan for
a continental army of "trained citi
zenry," fciccrctary of War Harrison to
day indicated, mny change the govern
ment plans to enlist the militia in the
continental army. Officials bellevo that
unfoiniliiirity with the administration
plans caused the convention to reject
An Optimist
, A man who
owns a
Fih Brand
when Old Prob
says rain.
Protactof Hal, H twit
Satisfaction Guaranteed "
Send for cstilog S(CS!WMi
A I TOWFB CO. ' . '
Los Angeles, Nov. 12. Considerable
stress was laid by the defease in the
M. A. Schmidt dynamite and murder
triad today on the testimony Wilbur
Wilbur, stereotyivcr employed in the
Times building when it was blown up.
Wilbur said he heard two explosions,
the second sounding like the bursting
if a gasoline tank. There was gaso
line stored in the building, he said.
It is the intention of the defense to
prove if possible that explosions of
gasoline unit ink, not of dynamite, de
stroyed the newspaper building.
Having established the fact of
Charles Haggerty's death, the prosecu
tion this morning laid foundations for
the introduction of testimony tending
to support the allegation that Schmidt,
by consiiiring with the McNnmaras, was
instrumental in causing the death of
Hagg-Ttv. Witnesses described digging
Haggerty's body out of the ruins five
di.ys after the disaster, and Hagger'y's
nwd father told about the lust tiwe
he saw his son alive.
"In Service of State" .'
and Has No Need For
' Compensation Now
A claim for u slight injury was sent
into tho state industrial Occident com
mission from eastern Oregon not long
ngo. The report of the doctor showed
that the injury was but slight and in
oiipneitutod the injured iiian for but a
lew tiours. However, he was sent n
card by the commission tolling him thej
claim had been received and in the
future when writing to the commission
to refer to the claim by tho above
Yesterday the commission received a
letter froni the injured man in which
he stated that he was "in the service
of the state at present" and was being
well timon euro or ami wount nave no
need for compensation. An investiga
tion revealed the fact that the man
was now serving a life sentence at the
state pen.
Vernon, N. J., Nov, 12. Because she
served so ably as their pastor when her
husband was ill, Mrs. -Milne l udworth,
widow of the Rev. Kliott Cudwnrth,
has been nppeiuted temporary minister
of tho Methodist churcn Here.
Remember, success of the Con
sumers' league early Christmas shop
ping campaign depends upon consumers
You're "All In" When Your
Stomach Goes Back on You
If you are blessed with strong digestion, take
care of it. If you are troubled with a weak one,
set it right. You are no stronger than your stomach.
When vour stomach goes back on you, your head,
nerves and appetite go wrong, too. You feel dull and
stupid, und your work suffers. You can't do your best
when your stomach is out of order. Get it in shape, or you
will soon be "all in." If your food does not agree with you,
or you are suffering with indigestion, nausea, biliousness, sick
headache or sleeplessness then be Avamed it is time for you to take
a great medicine for the stomach, liver, kidneys and blood. They give
you an appetite and the digestion to take care of it; they regulate the
bile, act on the kidneys and blood, and have a laxative effect which
keeps you free from constipation. They quickly put your stomach
in order, so you eat well, sleep well, feel well and work well.
No more biliousness, no more indigestion, headache or
clogged bowels, after you take lleecham's Pills. They
will soon help the liver, tone your stomach,
Strengthen the Digestion and
Keep You Up to the .lark
"TW Urfne Ssls W Asy IMttbs la tU WwW"
At All Drvgfi.tt, 10c, 25c