Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 30, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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One cent per word etch iaier
tion. Copy for advertisements un
der this heading should be in by
2 p.
1H0NE MAIN 81.
HARRY Window cleaner.
FIB WOOD $3.50 per eoxd. Piione
im. "
livered. 1'hoae 311. Novl
FOR SALE 3 cows and one Jersey
bull. Phone 29JF12, after 7 p. m. tt
0K WOOD $4.50, fir limbs, 3.25
, cord. Phone 224'J. Oct30
LOST Watch pin on Friday night.
Finder please phone 7S5M. Not2
JtONKY TO LOAN On good farm se
curity. 744 JS. Commercial. Novl
SI' ITS CLEANED And pressed, $1.00.
Pressed, 50c. Phoue 500. Nov 10
mail GRADE PIANCA-In first class
eonditioa, terms. Phone 125. Nov2
FOUND 1 sheep, owuer can have
same by calling on D. Breese, Route
g Nov2
WANTED llouso work or other work
bv two young ladies. Phono 1505.
- Oct30
GOOD COW WANTED Must give ov
er gallons w?sun o yc-i hui, i
better. Phone 427R.
LOST Aluminum oil pan from auto.
Reward. Notify Capital Garage, Sa
lem. OeWO
WANTED Permanent roomer for
winter student prefered. 147 Union
FOR SALE Ono horse wagon, $25 if
taken soon. M. F. Bliven, Route
8. Nov2
FOR RENT Fivo room modorn house,
closo in. $12.00 Inquire 110 Marion
street. ct3
YOUNG LADY W8".t3 position as
stenographer or typewriter. 5-B care
Journal. Oct30
FOR SALE A squaro Ballet & Davis
piano, excellent tone. A bargain.
Phone 741M. Oct30
after telephone. Room 4 over the
Chicago store. . Oct30
ASH WOOD First class seasoned
wood. $4.50 per cord, delivered.
Phone 472. Oet30
On farm, or job cutting eord wood.
"W. E., care of Journal. Oct30
HOUSEKEEPER For county, pleas
ant place, light work. Address Box
171, Turner, Oregon. Oct30
KOOM AND BOARD Home cooked
meals, 25 cents, chicken dinner Sun
days. Keith hotel, 459 State. Nov2
iOB RENT Furnished house, all mod
ern convenience, close in, 250 S. Cot
tage or phone 773R. QUO
LOOT A rair of nose glasses. Ring up
Phone 1712M, and receive suitable
reward. Fred A. Erixon. Oct30
WILL TRADE For city or country
property near Salem, 80 acres on Sal
mon river. Phone 337. Novl
FOR RENT Five furnished rooms,
cheap, close in. Phone 1710M. House
No. 1267 Marion street. OcUO
apartment for house keeping. 505 8.
Liberty street Phone 536M. Novl
WANTED To trade, equity in nice
home for city lots, acreage, or stock.
Call or address 2305 Elm Ave, Sa
lem. Nov2
AV ANTED Middle-aged married man
and wife on farm, Germans preferred.
Ball ' Farm, Riversido Drive. Phone
4HF2 Oct30
TOR RENT Furnished room 2 blocks
from state bonne, stuom heat, modern
and private, $2.00 week. Apply 866
Center. Oct30
WANTED A limited number of ladies
to consign fancv work, at Mrs.
Stith's millincrv store. 124 N
No vl
FOR EXCHANGE Fine driving horse,
new buggv and harness, to trade for
lot. Square Deal Realty Co., 304
U. S. Bauk Uldg.
FARM TO RENT 15 acre hop yard,
18 acres farming laud, 3 acres gar
den and asture. Inquire W. 11. Egan,
Uervais, Route 2. Phone 3F11. Novl
WANTED Any kiud of steady work,
with a chance to make good, by a
Salem boy who has been away since
finishing high school. J. S., care of
Journal. - Oct30
FOR RENT Close iu, nicely furnished
ulcasaut bed room, modern eonvem-.
, . .. - ' . e;H,
eaces, su.table for 7 .la'onf'' I
class board furnished at reasonable,
Phone 905. UcW0
SPLIT BODY OAK wood, $4.50 per
eord; grub oak $5.00, $o.S0; aim f4o.
Second growth fir, $3.50. Paone i
lirU iirlrir hiiHinesa hours. J. H
Eaton. Nov"
FOR SALE Shorthorn heifera, age
5 to IS months, one bull calf reanv
far light servico nnd ono 6 week old,
nrim nmwnnhlli A. Doerflcr, Sil-
verton, Oregon.
MOXET TO LOA!t On improvexl
farma at 7 per tent aninoal Interest.
I am repretenting the Comroere Safe
Deposit Mortgage Co. of Portlaad,
Oregon. 'Juick delivery of monev.
Write ma or eal. at Marioa BoteL F.
i. Berger. Balem, Oregoa. V
LOST On Chomeketa street, between
12th and 21t. oa October 2, be
tween 5 and p. m., a green silk
K. ..i. ina m babv's areeseonea
mnd silver Peh purs conUimog
about $1.1. Leave at Journal offi-l
reall 433. Reward. OtiZO
;Some Comment On Local Mov
ing Picture Matters By the
' Staff "Bug"
A fellow must needs step lively these
days to keep up with the m. p. gnme in
this most beautiful of western cities.
Five count 'em palaces of flicker
Prices locally seem to be struggling
upward But what shall it profit a
manager if he add a jitney to his ad
mission price aud two jitneys to his cost
of operation t
One thing that rau't happen to a m.
p. fancier in Salem at present: He
can't get lonesome. But he can get
What does it portend when the pic
ture house managers manifest a ten
dency to indulge in heart-to-heart talks
with the puhlief We don't exactly
know, but we suspect something.
As time glides along more mid more
Salem people are becoming affiliated
with the b. o. t. B. O. T. stnnds for
box office twist, a mulndv of the el
bow caused by the exercise of sliding
coins across to the how-many girls,
and it isu 't serious.)
Is it a fact or isn't it T that the m.
p. public is becoming a bit fussy f It
seems to want pictures of a hipher
grade than it was satisfied with a while
back, and it seems to care less for quan
tity and more for quality. The house
showing the most reels caught a lot of
us once. But not any more, dear Ag
nes. Too many reels maketh the heart
sick, as the poet said.
Once not such a very long time ago
this town was Chaplin mnd. Fact if
Chnrlev is so d funny that a week or
so of him tires us all out.
Pretty soon now it won 't be long
Chnrlev will be in the discards elonn
with old Bill Shakespeare. And thatfB
a pair to draw to!
Edgar Allen Pne's "Rnven" ir an
nounced for the fliekors. Cheer up! the
worst is yet to come!
For our part we 're going to cease be
lieving everything a house press agent
tells us about a picture. We've hec
fooled about enough with excessively
spiced stuff. It may cost a lot rf
money all right, but sometimes it is
neither wholesome nor palatable. Safe
and sane no more intellictual stomach
aches that's the slogan for us hence
forth. And now everybody, almost, is run
ning to vaudeville. The picture pro
grams are being augmented with
"acts." The Sullivan & Considine peo
ple put a bill in here once a week, and
every theatre In town with oue excep
tion becomes a temple of vodeville.
(The said exception wr,s a t. of v. once,
but reformed.) Whether or not the stuff
of real merit gets what it deserves is a
matter for the public to determine. Any
one manager, no mutter what he may
try to do in the way of furnishing good
entertainment, is as helpless as a leaf of
a wind.
We infer from an item in John W.
Kelly's interesting column in the Port
land Telegram that Bud Fisher of
"Mutt and Jeff" fame, is not so par
ticular as to how he gets his material
as he should be. There are many peo
ple who seem to see nothing wrong in
stealing' any successful idea that may
come to their attention.
Every well regulated Sunday pnper
now has a department in which girls
are informed how to achieve fame and
fortune as moving picture actresses. In
teresting enough but shucks!
A writer in a Portland paper says
that theatre managers are what school
children call "copy cats. " We believe
he's more than half right.
After all, with all the flaunting of
banners and the spreading of pijier,
really good moving pictures are not nu
merous, We mean pictures to which" a
man can take his family of an eveuing
and feel afterward that his money wiif
well spent. There are a few of this sort
coming all the time. Salem folks prnh
ably know where to see them as well as
we do.
It is a fair supposition that no the
atrical music is perfect. The manager
who makes a practice of calling atten
tion to the excellence of his music i
the same time draws notice to its ir
perfections, which imperfections the av
erage auditor would likely not have no-'
ticed otherwise.
It is nearly ss ill advised to recom
mend a photo piny to a friend as to
recommend a book. Just as likely n
not he won't be pleased with it, and his
confidence in your judgment is jolted.
. ..m
lue Buveriisi'inciiin ui iivuiw: uir mi
made up along the same line; every,
r ,,",i.i;,... ...I tl,. imhli.-
,,.l , r, . nttntinn
When it sees a title it thinks it will
like it, takes a chnnce, that's all, e,x
cepting in the ense of a very limited
number of plavs featuring certain play
ers, whom we might name were we so
disposed. These ire slwayi good, some
times better than at cither, but never
failing to come up to the worth while
rifONE 937 For wood saw.
RALtSMEN Poeket file line. New
live proposition, all merchants in j
towns of liKi.rtirfi and under want it. I
Pays ".IS commission on each sale, j
No roleeting, no risk to merchant.
We take bark unsold icoods. K.'niesi
Idirwst paving side line ever of
forcd. laafield Mfg. Co., 2 Sigid
atrect, Chicago. Oct-10
h - - v :i j , v s' : ? i
, ( ' ' " If w i -I
Indicted New Haven directors snapped while entering court. Left to right:
Mcllarc and Lewis Cass Ledyard.
Bereau Class Has
Hallowe'en Party
A very enjoyable church gathering
was held on Wednesday night t the
homo of Mr. and Mrs. S. P. McCracken,
425 N. Church street The Berean class
of the United Evangelical Sunday
school gave a Hallowe'en party to the
families and friends of the $hole
church. Rev. A. A. Winter is the teach
er of this el ss of young Indies and
young men, and greatly appreciates
the interest the members take in the
class and in the social life of the
church. The house was beautifully dec
orated with Jack-lanterns, autumn
leaves, and corn fodder. Red shades
were used on the lights which gave a
most beautiful appearance to every
room. Mrs. S. . JlMmcy and her daugh
ter. Mrs. .lumen Pir.zwnter tuinir a iluct
and Miss Ruth Thompson played the!'"" guest of Mrs. Rulph Maupin, of
accompaniment, iouuwcu Dy a snuri i
address by the pastor and a I
pmyer by Rev, S. S. Mumey. I
Several games in keeping with the oo-
casion were engaged in. .Many na-J
their fortunes told with tea crowns by
Miss Hazel E. Barton and their palms
read by Miss Pauline Remington. Tho
refreshments provided by the class con
sisting of pumpkin pie, doughnuts aud
coffee were served by Mrs. S. P. Mc
Cracken, Mrs. J. A. Remington, Mrs.
A. A. Flesher ami Mrs. Ada R. Burns.
Nearly a hundred were present,
whose names follow: Paulino Reming
ton, Grace Townsend, Ferol Flesher, Lu-
ile Thompson, Marietta Thompson,
Mildrel Kaylor, Anna Hewitt, Ethel i
Casobere, Nellie Casebere, Catharine
Barhyte, Ruth Bush, Ruth Thompson,
Alice Oortmaker, Hazel E. Barton, Ray
Schmalle, Letiter Larson, Roy Reming
ton, Vayne Rnlston, members of the
class; Mr. nnd Mrs. S. P. McCracken,
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Remington, Rev.
and Mrs. S. S. Mumey, Mrs. G. N.
Thompson, Mr. nnd Mra. I. C. Hewitt,
Mr. and Mrs. Hewitt, Mr. and Mrs. S.
C. Ralston, Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Flesher,
Mr. nnd Mrs. W. L. Goss, Mr. and Mrs.
William Ridgeway, Grandma Pervine,
Mr. O. A. Pervine, Ray Larson, Mrs.
May Olsen, Mrs. Lottie Olsen. Mrs. Al
ia Branson, Mrs. J. H. Fitzwatcr, Ma
rie eitswater, Grandma Grant,
rry Lenah Brunger,
, Clara Roinoehl
fr. llli. u.h'
( allic 11. Montgomery,
(randinri dalenhne.
Mrs. John Carver, Mrs. Mollie Hush,
Mrs. M. A. Hcnrv, Fred Barnick,
(irace Met all, Harvev Norris, Mri.,.'?' '"r ,tt ,,llf" daughter,
Ada R. Burns. Mr. C. 1). Barlivte, Han-i Mr" ",,"'''?: "l Tillamook,
ry Gortnmker, Alfre.l Heig, Mr. George' A,r; Mr"- X - "".vnton, of Mori-
nu n, 1
Kcinochl. Mrs. F. Ta k naton. Mrs
Kathlcin Hunt, Cora Talkiugton, Mabel
Lindqtiit Kcma Olson, Rev. A. A.
Winter, Newton Mjimey, Thcron Win
tor, Max Barhyte, Lynn Reed, Shirley
Barhyte, Gurnee Flesher, Earl Branson,
Eugene. Flesher, Do re thy McCracken,
Dorothy Gilinore, Gladys Flesher, Ha
zel Pierce, Cliarles Winter, Freddie
Heminj1j'i Venla . MWiriclien. Cnlh-
arine Winter, Arthur Reinoehl, Avcs,'lfle of his uncle and aunt, Dr. and
n . . . i. .. ... , ' i i it. t -I
m.'inovui, r.va Iteinoclil, '. . a. nni'iiiao.
. Mrs. C. E. Curios, M'rs. Fred Dose,
All Carranr.a has to do now is to Mrs. Alice Kennedy end Mrs F W Set
make good that's the little alL j tlemicr attended the federation'me'eting
at Hnlein this week.
' I The "pnnkin Coiintv Fair" at. the M
Siindav and Monday
Special Blended Bill
and Pictures
Extra Special Comedy
in two partf, featuring
Fatty Arbuckle, Mable
Norman and McSennett
The greatest laugh
producers in the world.
Boat and BJggeat 15c
(Cupital Journal Special Service.)
Woodburn, Ore., Oct. 30 Mr. J. Mny
berry, of Portland, transacted business
in Woodburn Wednesday.
B. S. (juinn, of Butteville, spent Mon
day in Woodburn.
At. H. Uostetter, of Needy, spent
Tuesday here.
Mr. aud Mrs. W.J. .Tobsore have re
turned from Ashland where they have
boon visiting friends.
Undertaker E. N. Hull mode a busi
ness trip to Dallas Tuesday.
Miss Gladys Warned returned Tues
day from Sheridan, Wyoming, where
she has been for the past six mouths.
Clarence Brune speut the week-end
with Portland friends.
Mrs. Carl Gustafson and son arc vis
iting friends in Grnnts Puss.
Miss Sadie Richards was the week
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Bonney aud
children, of Vancouver, are visiting at
the home of the former's parents, Mr.
nn irs. u. n. conney.
Mrs. S. T. Johnsou was the micst nf
Mrs. Hennings at Gervaia Friday.
Miss Ruth Reistead expects to leave
for Spokane soon where she will sieud
the winter with her uncle and aunt.
Mrs. Allan Shaw, of Clarkston,
Wash., is visiting at the homo of Mr.
and Mrs. B. F. Hall.
Mr. H. J. Bushong spent the week-end
at his home in Portland.
Miss Lois Beebe was a week-end
ffuest of her cousin. Mi.. tVnu.
Weaver, at Hubbnrd.
Miss Frances Kemp will leave for the
east soon, where she will visit friends
and relatives indefinitely
Mrs. Hnuser and daughter, of fla
lem, was the guest of Mrs. Fred Dose
this week.
Mrs .Jordnn left Monday for her
home in Los Angeles after visiting sev
eral days with her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. O. C. Welter.
(.'has. Scntlund, of Boise, Idaho, is
visiting nt the home of his parents,
Mr. and Mrs. John Hoollard.
Mr. and Mrs. Sampel Altmnn and
children, who were on their wav home
at Richland. Iowa, shinned In Wnn.l.
''"' Hu,."lnT. l""LRn' I,1V h
"rl ,B.0' ' .-ftBO.kwill aoin
Mr. and Mrs. Vt. If. Davis.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. drover left Tues-
i . .
!"'"': "' ". " ui jir. ana ,vir
J. II. Biiiielimiin.
Jolui DiutvooiHe visited
Portland this week.
friends in
Mrs. Frnnk Settlcmier was the guest
of Mrs. AVnlter L. Toow, and Mrs.
Gnint Corby while in Hulcm attending
th.' Women's Federation.
Philip Springer arrived recently
from the eiist, mid is visiting at tc
E. clinn h Fridny evening was well at
tended nnd everybody had a good time.
Eighteen dollars was netted.
G. R. Ross luis sold his property to
Mr. Wolfe of Gates, Ore. Mr. Ross
will move on the farm he recently
Mrs. G. If. Bonney and daughter,
Ethel, visited Hnlem Mundny.
F. ,T. Milh r spent the week end with
friends nt Portland.
Mr. nnd Mrs. If. M. Austin enter
tained a few friends at their home Fri
day evening in honor of their fifth
wedding anniversary.
Mrs. Reistead entertained a few
friends nt her home Thursday after
noon. The Indies enjoyed a pleasant
hour with fancy work after which re
freshments were served. Those enjoy
ing the afternoon were; Mrs. Christen
sen, Mrs. Geo. Brune, Mrs. W. H.
Gc.uht, Mrs. Rov Livewy, Mrs. James
I.ivesay. Miss Ifuta Reistead tnd Miss
Otiiilys Binklcy.
Mrs. .Geo. II. Beebe entertained the
members of (her the Tea Cii at ber
home Hnturdny nfternooa.
Mrs. Lyman t-horey entertained the
PHsoilla club Hnturdsy afternooa, The
member presented Mrs. Walter John
son with a iler spoon in honor of her
birthday. Tke rooms were boautif'il.
ly decorated for the occasion. Refresh
meets were served by the hostess.
The q.iocn Lstheri meet at the hone
William Rockefeller, Henry K.
of Mi FrniH'on Kmp Wim.nohi.uv v
Tk Z ' .A ....r
for their Chr st, nns b. FoU o ng Z'
business session the hostess served re '
meeting hns not been decided upon,
Airs. inns, tiuoiinie was Hostess to a
number of her lady friends nt her home
Friday evening. The rooms were nt
trnetivo in their decoration of red and
yellow autumn leaves and baskets nf
dnhlias, nostiitinms and marigolds.
Nine tables of iiOO were played, Mrs.
R. L. Guiss received first prize' and Mrs.
Homer Allemau the consolntion. Re
freshments were served by the hostes
ses, assisted by Mrs. Robert Scott, Mrs.
O. P. Overtou and Miss Alettee Bit
Bey. Mr. nnil Mrs. L. M. Bitney enter
tained the members of the Five Hun
dred club Friday evening. The evening
was spent iu pluying cards. Dr. and
Mrs. O. P. Overton received high pri.es
and tho consolation wns received by
Mrs. R. 11. Hcott. The hostess wns as
sisted in serving by her daughter,
Aletha, and Miss Ethel Bonney.
Fire, from some unknown cuumo, start
ed in the garage owned by B. M. Dimick
about 10:30 Tuesday evening. A biini
belonging to W. 11. Goulet ulso burned.
It was feared for a while tliut the hotel
across the street would burn but by
good work of the fire boys the building
was saved. The garage and contents
were all destroyed, thero were three
automobiles, two motorcycles, tools and
accessories. Tho cars belonged to C. J.
Hkeen, who hqd no insurance, nn Over
land belonging to Ivan Dimick insured
for about $ii00, a motorcycle belonging
to lorn r.nglc. The huilding was in
sured for $i,000 and the contents for
2,500. Mr. Diuiiek's loss was estiinut
ed at $7,(100. The loss of the burn
owned by W. H. Goulet was about $1,
500, there wus no iiiHiirniice. The two
horses and rigs owned by Mr. Goulet
were all that wns saved,
Mrs. Floyd Haskell entertuined
Thursday evening at a five hundred
party. The rooms wern bountifully
decorated ill red astors and yellow
Mrs. T. C. Poormnn held the highest
score ami received first prize. Mrs.
Ifurold Austin received the consolation
prize. During tho evening Miss Olive
Huskell and Mrs. limner Albumin snug
several songs that were highly nppreci
ated by those present. After the gnme
the hostess assisted by her sister in
law, served lunch. Those present were
Mrs. Kent, Mrs. hloolhnmmer. Mrs. Hert
Killin, .Mrs. W. T. Jenkins, Mrs. D, C, j
Cow les, Mrs. Homer Alleiiian, Mrs. I.y 1
man Hlinrey, Mrs. Waller Johnson, Mrs. I
Kluiuo McCord, Mrs. Harold Austin,!
Mis. C ;. Goodiilo, Mrs. T. C. PoormunJ
Mrs. It. 1.. Hcott, Mrs. Cluiiuiiun audi
M iss (llive llnsltell.
Dallas, Ore, Oct. 30. Circuit Judge
Belt today estopped the cily of Inile
pondonco from ehiinging contented
street lines in accords nc with a sur
vey mnde by County Hurveyor Canfield,
which would force adjoining property
owners to move back several feet from
the. present lines. The court held tlnil
the city's long acceptin of the linen
hits enjoined it from milking the chiinge.
The action taken on a suit for in
junction by ,1. Hurl, of Independence,
ngiiiiiHt. the city,
Tho contested street mis formerly a
county road lending from I he biiilgc
lit Independence, through Noith
IHTiden'ee and joining with the Hiilein
rond. The proposed i liiingx in the line:
was bitterly threshed out in the coun
cil belnre tlit cimo wan tfiken to the
Lvidcnce was brought out at the trial
that the street hud been entuldinheil
fur many years, thnt tho lines hnd been
accepted and thnt property owners hnd
built fences Hnd biiililiugn on the bnnis
of the preMMit lines. The orse Innicd
two dny, ami many witnesses were
culled, dud go Kelt inspected the street
before he derided tho case.
Heversl Independence eounriliiieu
have declared thnt the ruse will l ink
e on lip pi's I to the tupernie court.
It costs but one cent f word
W MU your story tacit day la
tba Journal Nw Today column.
A German submarine sank the
British cruiser Hermes in Dover
straits, Germans Rained ground
at Ypres, repulsed French counter-attacks,
claimed a "regroup
ing" or forces ia the eastern
theatre, which Russia described
as a "rout," and suid the
fighting there was not yet de
cisive. A repulse with severe Iosse.t
to the Russians on the San and
Styri rivers and the interning
of 640 Russian officers and
73,179 Russian soldiers up to
October 28, was claimed by
Russia claimed the Austro
Germnu plan to break the Rus
sian center, failed and that Rus
siuus were advancing on the
Fast Prussian front. The ullies
asked Turkey to explain her
bombardment of Russian ports.
The Russian fleet attacked
Turkish warship in the Black
sea. England preiwrcd to protect
Fgyptiun possessions.
Seattle Fears More
j Incendiary Fires
Seattle, Wash., Oct. 30, An increase
in the inmilier of patrolmen along the
j waterfront is being urged today by
dock owners, shipping men and Tort
j Warden Pii vsho ns n ineuns of prevent
ing a repetition of the million dollar,
fire which Thursday night destroyed
tier M. There is now practically no
doubt that the fire was of incendiary
A whole army of policemen on the
water front would r.ot prevent firebugs
from doing their work, is the opinion
of Fire Marshal Hurry lliinghurst and
Mavor Gill.
Aurora, 111., Oct. 3D. Preceded by a
of dentcning explosions, flM to
T TT Job
ifh';i!wU""'P",,Jr '
First and Only Time at a I0-Ccnt Price.
1 Oc Tomorrow, Monday Matinee and Night QC
"Something Doing Every Day"
Six Acts Moving Pictures, Orchestra Music.
1. Overture The (Irund Orchcs-
?. Motion Pictures 2 Heels.
I). Hi nil nnd Hamilton, sensntion
ul Comedy Jumpers.
4. Irving dossier, society favor
ite entertainers piiiuo aud
Alice llerry and Company,
Hinging, Changes, Imperson
ation. liargain Matinee 2:30,
Monday Only The Paramount Feature,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Always Watch This
V' have all kinds of Airs, Wedges, Wedges, Hut and Eiiuipmeuli t
for ths woods. f
All kinds of Corrugated Iron for both Hoofs and Ibilldings. i
A fiood IHOO.OO Luundry ilangel, slightly used fur one fourth i rlginul
1 pay 1 I I cents per lb. fur old rags.
H. Steinbock Junk Co.
The House of Half a Million Iturgiiin.
302 North Commercial (Street. Phone 80C.
day is
past when ;
a man
can open a store with
a big stock of goods
and expect to set the
world on fire.
He's got to get on
the "firing line" and be
heard from.
That's why we ask
you to read our ads.
We've confidence in
Sakm, in our goods,
methods and organiza
tion. We advertise to
induce you to visit our
store for the first time.
Your second visit is de
pendent upon our abil
ity to send you away
over-xatisficd. That's
what we are doing
with others. Why not
with you?
Leading Clothiers
The Toggery 107 Com! St.
though officials regarded it as signifi
cant I hut tho plant was working on
war orders and that it once before had
been tho victim of a fire that caused
700,000 tlamugo.
Boston wa utterly destroyed tech
nically in the technical bombardment
the other dny. Thoso tochnical fellowii
are as pessimistic as the magazine
writers on unproparcdncss.
d. Hurry nlul Ktia Couley, com
edy singing, talking and
7. Iloyd Min k and Mai belle, i
"I'ift.v Fifty", by Jhn
J'. Mulgreen.
S. Voung America, 1'ncle Sum's
Kiddies, in patriotic run nnd
Evening 8:00,
23c, 35c and 50c.
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