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Clarence C Eaton, Seiabcr of tk Board of Lectureship of
the Motlier Chrcli, tte First Cbircli of Christ, Scientist,
in Boston, Gives an Ebqne&t asd I&teresd&g Lectsre to
Big Audience at Opera H.ase
Introductory remarks by Theodore!
Burkhart, auditor of tho Corporation
Department of Oregon.
Friend :
uonseiousry or unconsciously ex
pressed, deep down in every heart is
the desire to be better and happier,,1
to know more of Ood and our true i
. . . ... - . i
relation to Him, aim to una relief
from the enslaving effects of fear, sin,
disease, and ignorance. Christ Jesus,
understanding the needs of men, gave
to the world the Truth, which he de
clared should make men free, and Mrs.
Kddy made the discovery that what
he taught was in fact a tteionce, a
science which, If understood and faith
fully practised, would solve every prob
lem of life. Since that discovery, count
less thousands of her followers have
joyfully accepted the good news, have
found freedom of mind and body, and :
have been proving lor themselves that, ,u u,imjrDreiu uuiun wmcu n eiuri
as Mrs. Eddy has said, "Divine Love;date an1 demonstrates. And in urg
always has met and always will meet.lnS. men to participate in the benet.
everv human need." which accrue to activity in right know-
Everywhere about us do w see .
.... ... ..
wrongs and conditions which we well
know ought to be righted, in the
business world, in our domestic and
a.vii.t Tplntinnji. in ntir Nntinnnl an a
International affairs, and Christian
Science comes with the message of ,nelr errecn. furtnermore, tne dcsir
hon, nnd cheer that, all these fm Ym able end is that this knowledge be ex-
happily solved, here and now, by the
reirnerfttion of the individual, and i
shows us how this may be done. I
mvself can bear grateful testimony to ,
th' hcnlinrr and trnnsfnrmino- nnwor nf
Christian Science, in the purification
of self and in the overcoming of un-
Ucaltbv and discordunt mental, moral,
and nhvsienl conditions. i
It is to be our privilege this even- truth and law. Ultimately the only
ing to learn more about this interest-'effectual way in which this can be
ing subject, from one who can give j accomplished is by the demonstration
us reliable information. I take pleas- its teaching,
ure in introducing to you the speaker Demonstration Is Necessary,
of the evening, Mr. Clarence C. Eaton, Demonstration was the method con
C. B. 8., Member of the Board of Lec- stantly employed by Jesus of Nazareth,
tureship of The Mother Church, The, and only in this manner could he have
First Church of Christ, Scientist, in succeeded in establishing true Christian
Boston, Mass., who will now address doctrines and practice. The theology
vou- which he taught and practised culmi-
' ! nnted in the healing of the sick as well
How true and yet how difficult ofa9 the transforming of the sinner. He
realization is the great fact that each ; appealed to tho hearts and minds of
new moment of each new hour is the1 men, and all of his arguments, para
only moment of which any of us can be bles, and admonitions were projected
conscious! Our yesterdays, with .their wjth the solo purpose of correcting
joys nnd sorrows, are gone; they belong ; errors which dominated the thought of
to the dead past. Our tomorrows, with his time. To undo the mistiikes of
their hopes and anticipations, never! preceding generations, he repeatedly
come. It is qnite evident that the pres-; tnflghtMhe people, and rcRsonod con
cut and not the succeeding moment is ' cerning spiritual truths and the things
the one in which we consciously exist, j pertaining to God and His being, His
It is likewise self-evident that nil that i universe, its government and law.
can ever oome within the range of our Mrs. Eddy has followed faithfully in
knowledge and experience must exi the way of the Muster, and, it must be
nfT" m conceded, has immeasurably aided in
Ood, Truth, Life; man, immortality, enlightening the nations of the earth,
heaven, bliss, eternity, in fact, all the:Bs Jesus told his followers to do, with
verities of being, are in existence now. respect to what the gospel of Truth is
No one con consistently believe that the j ai,d what it can and must accomplish
past has entombed any verities which , 0u their behalf. In a single statement
nre not in evidence in this present time.i 0ur Leador indicates in substance that
beennse all that is truo is eternnl. Nor a misunderstanding of the Biblo tench
can we conceive of the future holding j ing as to the creation of man is re
within its grasp a knowledge of things' snonsihle for nil human discord- that
which has not always existed, because
un iruo anowicage is universal una
eternal. Obviously, as we can know
and enjoy the verities of being, we
should bo profoundly interested in dem-
onstrnting their truth at this very mo -
It requires tactful, patient and lov -
ing thoughtfnlness to teach and en-
courage people to realize that there ia
contained in the simple net of acquir-
ing true knowledge- and understand -
ing, all that is necessary for their ex -
trication from sin and disease. In or -
der to appreciate this fully, we should
',"iT'""" '".'.," ru.Mim
irniguise inni one s consciousness is
made up largely of beliefs which have!
been accepted without investigation or,
effort, whiln nmtftinrr flirniio-h thA nuf.
urnl experiences of life from childhood
to ndiilt yenrs.
unaerswnamg weceswy.
The average individual is what mieht
I ,rt 1 ! .. 1 . 1 1 .. - i : i . 1. -
... ...... ,. ,rn.u..v c. mserviuivr , m- ,,, rcjc,inil of the material or false l Science nnd Health Mrs. Eddy
nchnntim, of thought is to follow the stlin,,nrd ot muIli aIld ,le acceptance ! has given s very comprehensive review
me of east resistance. Ordinarily f tho B,,iritu(li ad true standard, the Lf the subject of creation, including
people believe rather than know or f tn of becoming more familiar the two records which we have refer
understand, since it requires less ef-;..-.. ;,. , i, ,.,. . ... n-i. i . :. j...:..
t . . j. t..-. . .
proposals which cast doubt on estsb
lishcd beliefs or opinions, arc even like
ly to be characterized as evil by the
conservative thought, because they dis-
turb settled convictions, and in many
intnnees their pretcntntion is consid -
ered disagreeable and positively
noxious. Thus it is conceivable that
extreme mental conservatism mnv be
. -
Wly responsible for the prevalence
able thinrs, inclndlng sin. sickness and
.ocnin. wnicn nave enterea me worm s
experience. Christian Science makes a
snarp distinction between nelievinfr ami
knowing as eausation, and by its tesch-
ing Inspires and quickens consciousness
to the employment of right Ideas to the
exclusion of false beliefs. Its sreoft-
pllshmentS ar notablf twofold, Since it
not j only corrects errors of 'bought
inrouKn tne appiicauou oi iruiu, .
br the same process successfully re
moves the effects which they have pro
duced. "Oo4 Wltb TXa."
In its teaching and practice Christian
rv-ienee demonstrates tst .iruta re
flected or expressed is Immsnuel, or
N t ll
"Mind with ns." And this mesna
.... ro oo so. nccnuse or glini,. i,,,), Mrs. Eddy has nIl,ed as the "Jehovistic" record, and
need not be surprised if truths fro- j .,, Mid thlt it W)lt thc rorr,.t view the man referred to therein ns having
fluently appear new and radical to mor- f mnn nich resulted in healing thc I been formed by the Lord God from the
tun. anil may even be regarded as m-l,i(,k in jCMlll, in) Tlle. contention of i dust of the ground, and into whose nos
consistent and arouse within them an- christian Science as to thc verity, per-itrils the breath of life wus breathed,
tagnnism nnd resentment. Ideas or f,.,inn limi mrjlunl nature of the lllli- w.iB iMillml Ailfinv Ili'f .'rencen tn the
... in iu presmi-e aim !'. . , vfT tne truB nature and character of fl,..li profiteth nothing." Paul savs, "I- - k ..n .. u.,,
, , ., I Deity is erroneously involved in this, "Flesh nnd blood cannot inherit He j K'-'ou; practice, the bulk of the results
(hnstinn Science declares thnt fnlse ,,;,' !.,.,,. 0f a change bv tbe his-; kingdom of God," and the apostle also ''lerefrom being ewl rather than good,
belief rather than natural causes is pn- torin of th. ntm. 0f the Supreme Be-' ,nys tlmt the children of God "have Moreover the practice Is unchristian,
mnrilv responsible for all the disagree- . , n, i, i 1 i ri,i ..... i. ,.i.i ...... ;.i. i,;. j.,u. because contrary to the teaching of
divine will with n and for us: itn
with tia l.ifm witk na. Love With US,
wisdom with tis. It i power, action,
"aw, health and strength with ns. It
means the divine likeness or living
presence of the "Wonderful, Counsel
or, .. . The Prince of Peace," the
healer of the sick, the redeemer. the
Mind or consciousness that is Ood,
8od - In word, Christian Science is
disclosing to the world tho unreality
1 1 .. . 1 . l ' 1 1
" " D m ungin
in God, by demonstrating the pres
ence, reality and power of the creative
and governing Principle of the uni
verse. The extension of the realization of all
this is being accomplished through an
appeal to the individual consciousness,
with which Christian Science deals
wholly. It must be recognised that the
realm of thought is the legitimate end
only field of its operation, and each one
oi UB asked to accept and prove for
nig owa advancement and advautago
inB, we recognizo that each one is
. 1... : . . .
"""j mnramj m uie great wo
of hastening the coming of the glad
dav wnen knowledge of things that
are real and true will supercede all
reliefs to the contrary and eliminate
tended until it shall envelop the whole
earth, even "as the waters cover the
ea," and so add manifold blessings
""". manitma.
It is clearly the niilsion of Christian
8cieD.ce to educate human consciousness
anu" arouse it from the dormancy en-
lorceo. upon it oy Deueis wnicn are
manifestly at variance with revealed
is, that the prevalence of a false sense
0f man's origin and nature has led to
theories and errors which have been
productive of untold misery and suf-
fcrinir. Crention is a subiect which
1 should be more generally understood,
) because it is generally misunderstood.
jAt the present time, publicity is being
widely given to Biblicnl history, and
porticulorly that portion relating to
creation. Much of this effort is onlv
' serving to extend further the belief
!jn' 8 aiatcriul rather than a spiritual
1 rrcntive iw.wer ami unlvnriuv Chri.
fian Scientists recognise tlmt they have
nan Mienusis recognize tiiBt tney nave;
their reasonnlUo part to perform in
minimizing the effect of this errone - i
0us effort by acquiring a mom specific)
1.......I,.A e !. k:..-: ....... .... 4l.:D
j very subject. !
Spiritual Versus Material Man i
Inasmuch as the successful demon -
1 t-u. v.: :
stratum of Christian Science involves
-..I""" 'l'""1 "rl rr"" .
verse, including the real and only man
there is, is based wholly upon the Scrip-
A .m. ...... 1 : - 1 .. : . I t l. . my mnmnm
T'fadi, C0BrClcd wan rjKilty cjn,.
, t. ,? n,;jw Affrira
amounts of creation aro found in the
,ilb,e lhe .OBtrmdictory and conflicting
. . .i.:.k ......... k.,.
l .-.IB Ui "llli.ll PlilT.1 w m..i
, tbe Bttou,ion of many students. More -
Wcr(( ,t or th ,l;ginnl meaning,
, ,. tm. l. chnnL's sn uht no -
r pf ,riviul moment to the student
of fvriptur(,. However, It was of suf -
f!(,j(,nt importance to attract the stten -
tifn of Jnwphus. the celebrated Jew -
nitorian. who refers to It In his
hifnry o( t(w, Hebrew nation. More
i. . .r.A-; io-n.ficance to IIS.
,;,.' the change seems to cull into,
.uoMion the integr.tr of Hod. the ere-
tor of man, ny connum- mm
the Lord Ood, who, one of these records
states, is the supposed creator of Adam.
nA rvaatad Rnl ritual Man
t. ...... 1 1 i.. .i,n,ncrku nniUrstnci.1
.v.. .i.. u,.:n.r.. nmnlv'ioilirate that
m distinction exists and is to b made
between man as th offspring of Owl.
fC'11 11 ' . . ,
kij ,un bM roferrod
anu am ,
to as our first parent. That man md
Adam bear no relation to each other,
and should not be confused, 5s very ap
parent. Inasmuch aa te Bible history
doe not confuse them, we certainty are
without authority for so doing. In tbi
connection the honest investigator will
find that Christian science sustains and
proves true to the text the purest teach
ing of the Scriptures relative to God
and the significance of Uis being and
creation. It points out the error of the
practice of confounding the term God
(Klohim), or Spirit, with that of Lord
God (Jehovuh-Elohim), or even Lord.
It holds with the very best authority
that these terms, with their varying
shades of meaning, are not synonymous.
The original Hebrew term for God
that of Klohim, is always understood
as meaning the creator and supreme
ruler of the universe, the one of whom
St. John said, "All things were made
by him; and without him was not any
thing made that was made." We ob
serve that the term God is used alto
gether in the record of creation which
nnneurs in the first charter of Oene-1
sis, concluding with the third verse of
ine seconu cuttpier. 1 Ills Iirat ivtolu
chronicles the completeness and perfec-lat
tion of all of God's works. Christian
Science supports this record in its en-1 he possesses life. Vt rule some disa
tirety, and by it readily justifies its greements of opinion exist as to the
claims and teachine as to the porfee-1 phenomena, the manifestations of life.
tion of man. It is interesting to note ;
that Jesus of Nazareth, who founded I is not a quality oi matter, ami taut
truo Christianity, endorsed this record, I natural science can neither produce it
for on one occasion he rof erred to it J nor nccount for it. In the nbsenco of
in these words: "Have ye not rend, I definite knowledge on this most iui
that he which made thum at the be- i portant point, it is apparent that ma
ginning made them mn-lo and female! ' ' 1 terialists are greatly handicapped when
Where the terms "male and female"! attempting to protect life or extend
occur in the Biblo it is observed that
their use is in connection with that
which God created.
The Perfect Man
There frequently occurs in this first
record of creation relative to that :
which Ood created, the observation
"And Ood saw that it was good."
ThiB evidence of divine approval was
also uttered with rcs)ect to man. Man
having been made in the imago and
likeness of God, as the record states,
it is within tho bounds of reason to
maintain that he mnst reflect the di
vine nature. He is manifestly the
highest expression or reflection of su- j
oreme eood. as ho was civon dominion i
over the earth and the lesser objects of
Having incorporated in her writings:
the Btartliug declarations ns to the all
perfection of man, Mrs. Eddy repeated
ly refers to him as the idea of God.
Such a conclusion logiully follows the
premise that God, the creator, is the
one and only Mind or intelligence.
Ideas aluno can originate and exist in
Mind, hence man as God's image must
be mental. As the son or offspring
of God, he should be accounted ns in
corporeal und not visible or cognizable
to the senses. Because he is like
Spirit, he must be spiritual. Individ
ual man, each idea or thought of God,
including tho "mule and female" of
His creating, must ubide constantly in
Him, for Mind mid its ideas can never
be separated. Paul suys in this rev
gnrd: "For in him we live, and move,1
aud have our being."
As man is not tho possessor of or
subject to anything which did not origi
nate in Ood, he cannot bo the victim
of evil, sin, suffering, sickness, disease,
or death. His wisdom, his strength, his
courage, and his capabilities nre unlim
ited, because they are derivod from a
divine and henco unfuiling source. His
unity or at one-nieut with that source
provides him with the capacity for both
wisely and humanely exerting the do
minion or supremacy bestowed upon
him. Progressively, diligently, faith
fully, and lovingly exercising this au
thority, man is inonientariky conscious
of the blessing and protection pf his
creator, abiding with, overshadowing,
and resting upon all of hi activities.
Relationship to God
In the light of these more consist lit
and comforting explanations rendered
by Christian Science, we oliserve man
as the beneficiary of nil that his jtnke
is and has provided. Man must ever be
what his Muker designed that he shouh
be, because God und His universe arc
unchniiging. The harmonious and undis
turbed relationship thus necessarily ex
isting between Ood and man ns Father
and son, provides for whnt might right
ly he called true worship. The true
model; or ideal man, magnifies, ex
nits, and glorifies the perfect pattern,
God. Man seeks to obey und conform
to the luws of his being beeauso it is
his nature, pleasure, and joy to do so,
not because a supreme power demands
or even requires it of him. Through
prayer, or genuine communion with
;,, mBn instinctively nnd reverent Iv
,,lru j thoiiulit to the ercut heart of
- , , ml rf.rt.jvt.B the answer which his
cvt.r'y ;,.,,, righteous desire
. ?
whether uttered or unexpressed, merits.
No audible petition, no beseeching, no
supplicating, no pleading, is necessary.
but iust faith, trust, confidence, uiid
1 j,ut just faith, rust, confidence, and
. r . ' '
reil TO. I lie p.-eiuei if'-iii
Scripture to this type or standard of
man, in a majority of instances, indi
catc the imperfect nature thereof, and
... tin., uAt.nmlii i.iiTuilvm ,lii.rn.
... . "v V
from. Tho prophet Isuiuh thus ad-
monishes us: "Cease ye from mi.n,
j whose breath is in his nostrils; for
! wherein is he to be accounted of!"
r . v. v t., . n.i t.
in in ui nii-
inn ....FT ,' num. in ni.-i i"u lut -. .
; lip, f Christ Jesus we learn that "1he!"y n-nlty or consciousness by an
and have put on the new man, whi. h
'i. r,..,e,l in know,. din. after the m.
,gr of him that created him.
, Materialistic Vlei of Man
1 All materialistic views and theories
; concerning man give preference to the
belief that he is a material being, and
! the ultimate of these conclusions bonr
11... p...,.ml,ln,ii-o tn tlwiaa Ineornorulo.l
jn the Bible history with resvt to the
Adam tvps of man, nnmelv, "Dust
srt, anu unto ausi suuii iuou re-
A review of th analysis i man a
i given by material science mtclit be con
1 sidercd instructive ia way. but not
altether (difylng. Moreover, it
t would only serve to show ns the otter ment or contamination of the body was
futility of all attempts to obtain aldus to "evil tlumghts," or th. hnl.it
I 1 . I .... . .. . 1 . . . ' t.t m. . . . . . r. tf.. ,1.... .-....).
1 knowMg of the true and perfect man
by s study of the- false. Suffice it to
say, that material investigations have
culminated in placing in one of the de
partments of the national museum at
Washington, D. C, an exhibit embody
ing the most advanced scientific re
search, discovery, and conclusion as to
what mas is. The display consists of
the exact proportionate quantities of
the various elements which, token to
gether, are supposed to constitute an
average man. It includes the smallest
ingredient comprised in the classified
13 per cent of inorganic salts, to the
largest portion even the 85 per cent,
or nine and one-half gallons of Just
common, ordinary water.
From the standpoint of material
science, this exhibit approximates and
ia accepted as the lost and most im
proved analysis of the 100 per cent man
of either ancient or modern times. And
an authority upon materinl values has
advanced the proposition that from a
commercial Doint of view the market
able value of the properties which, ac
eordinir to this exhibit, constitute man.
cannot posibly exceed J2.18!
Irrespective of the strange eonelu-
bluiu nuuu wivhiipi uu.v b.i..-vhau
witn rcspeet to we question, rtnat'ior tne outer consequences of such be
is mant we are assured by them that
all materialists seem to agree that life
jits duration by the application of any
system of therapeutics or longevity
which material science may devise.
Basis of Spiritual Healing
Thus the entire system of mnterin)
healing, wo observe, is predicated upon
the belief that the universe, including
man, is material. On tho contrary,
healing as instituted and successfully
accomplished by Christ Jesus, and full,
sustained in the present age by Chris
tian Science, is based upon the spir
itual nature and existence of nil being.
Material conclusions aro deduced i
from material sense, which takes no
cognizance of spiritual life, being, and
law. We must recognize that nothing I
which material sense, or mortal miuil,
eon couceive of or way propose con-
cerning God and His perfect man, np-
proximnies tno true, it is truo tnnt
the system of complicated beliefs and
theories which its numerous branches
have devised, and tho conclusions pro
mulgated, have been denominated
science Yet the application during the i
pnst ages of this so-culled science has
not resulted in improving tho "condi
tions of humanity to such an extent
"ns would justify us in believing tlmt it
is altogether scientific. Thus the
branch of material sciouco known as
materia, mediea, appears to have been
incorrectly designated a science, ns
many of its practitioners concede, be
cause there is little that is exact or
accurate about it. This is not to be
construed as a reflection upon the ninny
philanthropic men in its practice, since
humanity itself has demanded the very
service which they have endeavored
to render.
Ono of tho chief, criticisms which
lodge against the materialism of our
ago, is the needless alarm which its
teaching projects into tho exierieiice
of tho people of the world. It would
induce us to be 'nfrnid of nearly every
thing with which wo nro compelled to
come in contnet, und encourage us to
sustain and suffer unjust sentences by
believing in anil fearing matter. It
would thus provide for an -interminable
reign of discord and chaos. In accept
ing its theories and proposals without
question or investigation, we ore im
peached by our own consciousness; but
deliverance has come, for in the ligli
of tho teachings o( Christiun Science
we are learning that it is not incum
bent upon us to abuse or outrago our
sonunon sense, just to please some one.
or to uphold false and injurious teach
ing and doctrines.
Dawn of Salvation
Surely the night of mental Inertia is
far sjK'Ut, for the dawn of sulvntion
the day of spiritual understanding is
at hand. Perhaps we do not realize this
so vividly ns we ought, for perchance
we need not tue crv, Awuke thou tlmt
slccpcst, . . . and Christ ahull L'ivo thee
light," and "Arise, shine; for thy light
is come, and the glory of tho Lord is
risen upon thee." Ministering to the
needs of suffering humanity through
spiritual knowing, is the must conclus
ive evidence of truo Christianity of
which we can poeiuiy conceive. It is
' " ' " " . "uln ministry is in
'"irumcnt ot spiritual prophecy,
Tl,(' l'rl"'t'ce- of Christiun Science hus
demonstrated that tho fnlse materinl
1 " oeuei unci con-
! "" oisTiite through fenr, Ignorance,
I ttm ""I""'."""' incapacitate mortal
a"d. ''"'I"." "l":l!ar rendered null
I ,u',u y"''.1 '"K1"'' law of .Mind.
1 lie liuiiviiiiini r ii'iw n-ilge or tins, lllllj
its application, naturally effects tlu
eradication of the discordant conditions
which may be held in thought or ex
ternalized ou the body.
There, is nothing mysterious or mir
aculous about the modus operandi of
Christiun Science healing, since an in
finite and irrevocable law provides for
reconstruction, readjustment, restora
tion, recovery, or redemption, in accord
ance, with tin" supreme wisdom and
power of the Principle which establish
ed the law.
The changes wrought in consciousness
...i .!., 1. .., ;,. i , ....
"" --'-" .......... ie
I sTii'lf fiiHf.P(lliwr tft that tirmit nA . i'V..t
sick according to the practice of Chris
tiaa Science, are in no sense duo to the
use of hypnotism or suggestive thera
peutics. The. domination of a snbmls
J(,"'m' denounce., ami repudiated
"u' """" ' -erriso or mo nil
man will as evidenced in one human or
mortal mind dominating auothcr, was
characterize, bv the Master ns the
equivalent of casting out devils by
the prince of devils.
Importance of Right Thinking '
Tbe simplicity f the mode of heal
i"g wrooght through siiritual means,
is fully appreciated when one rcnlis
thnt wrong thought is responsible for
the appearance of disease. Jesus re
(forded evil thinking si tho source of
all disorders. He indicates in words
which appear In two of tho goiil
Matthew and Mark -tlmt the defile
of wrong thinking. He thus taught
that an exceedingly close intimacy ex
ists between consciousness- and its low
er substratum, the body or embodi
ment. We might designate their rela
tionship under normal conditions as
that of master and servant. Following
the teaching of Christian Science, and
by educating consciousness in the way
of righteousness and peace, many
thousands have found, to their great
astonishment and joy, that it is pos
sible to obtain an improved mentality
or consciousness, and this in turn ex
erts a corrective influence over the
body. This experience has repeatedly
operated advantageously to one's re
covery from discords, which seemed to
appear wherever and whenever the
normal relationship of consciousness
and body that of servant and master
was not well defined or understood.
The varied experiences of humanity
abundantly prove that turbulent or ex
treme mental conditions have caused
pain and diseoso in accordance with
existing mortal laws. The so-called
mortal or material man seems to be the
one wh is especially subject to these
experiences. To rescue all who believe
i.uin nuiuunru vt uimi, Mini wuu sui-
lief, was tho chief mission of Christ
Jesus liKK) years ago, and this is the
exact mission of Christiun Science to
day. Mrs. Eddy's Discovery
That there is a divine law operating
in the affairs of men to accomplish
healing and salvation through spiritual
understanding today, is tho revelation
of Christian Science to tho werld. If
as the Master ami his disciples proved,
a law existed and operated to effect
healing and redemption in their time,
it surelv exists and is operative now.
Mrs. Kdly has again and ngnin in her
writings illustrated tho simple manner
of accomplishing the healing of the
body through mental processes. Au
instnneo in point is found on imge 42S
of Science and Health, which reads as
follows: "Wo must realize, the abil
ity of mental might to offset human
misconceptions and to replace them
with the lifo which is spiritual noi
material." And again on page 3D.1 we
havo the emphatic declarations;. "Till
possession of your body, and govern
its feeling and action. Rise in the
strength of Spirit to resist all that is
unlike good. Ood has made man capa
ble of this, aud nothing can vitiate
tho ability and power divinely bestow
ed on man. Be firm in your under
standing that the divino Mind gov
erns, and that in Science man refloats
God's government.'1
Hero Mrs. Eddy gives emphasis to
tho teaching and practice of Christ
Jesus, and urges Us to extend the range
of the influence of thought or con
sciousness beyond the mere point of
directing tho movement of he body,
even to the bounds of governing its
sensations and easting out. its intinun-
tics and protecting it nguinst their re-
currence. we are also urged to culti
vate the habit of contradicting the
errors of sense, and to oppose their
suggestions with much firmness and
constancy of thought. We nro assured
that habitually to maintain tho ntti -
tude of denying the presence and pow
er of evil and ull thnt seems to threat
en our pence, harmony, und prosperity,
is our divino riu.ht.
In pursuing a right course in our
we find tlmt prsver is a most effect -
mil aid True prayer is tho insepera-
bio companion of every effort which
Tn nrnv nriulit menus t.i nrii Inti.lll.
gently uud conscientiously. Prnver
must be based upon splrituul under
standing. Wo may with reason and
in all righteousness assume that Ood
has anticipated all of man's needs.
Jesus gave this assurance in his teach
ing, for ho saidi "Your Father
Utwiu-flh ilifif VII hnvn ti.uul lit tliitun
things." Then to ask Ood for what j i(fuifi',anco to the so-called healing
Ho has already provided, or to exis-ct miracles of Jesus' tune. Sho chnr.ic
favors the granting of which would tenses them lis divinely natural man
require a change hi the infinite, t.lnim, ifj'Mtatioim, produced by the operation
would bo Indicative of doubt anil dis- 'f " 1'nnciplo of tho Science of be
trust. This would be asking amid, nud '. awordmg to well-defined aw- 1"
would preclude an answer. Headers , proving her contentions, Mrs. Eddy hus
and students of the text tiook of Chris
tian Science have found that tho chap
ter on Prayer therein contains some of
the most helpful ami inspiring 'thoughts
and instructions it hns Tver been their
privilege to consider,
The Divinity of Christ
The teachings of Christian Science
with resj t in Christ Jesus do not
justify tho criticism which wo some
times hear, that Christian Scientists
disbelieve in his divinity, As a doc
trinal point in religious teaching the
divinity of Christ Jesus has been the
center of much controversy und spec
illation. I.ikn many other questions,
it is one which lias been very generally .
Ill I H IIIHl.' THt (Kill. j
By the many, Christ has been regard :
ed (is the person named Jesus, who evi- i
denccd unusual spiritual knowledge!
and wisdom; wo reeoui.n that Christ
meaning Messiah or Savior, wns a title
bestowed upon the Nazarene prophet,
rather than u mime. According to Hi
ble prophecy, th" expectation was that
some one would appear in the world in
human form, and by intercession nud
sacrifice propitiate Ood fur the snlva- '
tion of sinners, in the Christian world ,
Jesus has been regarded as the one who
has performed this service. The world
utterly failed, however, in its Inter
pretation of the purpose, labors, and '
life of this divinest. of men. ilo ap
peared ou earth us n bnbe, born of a
devout, woman, and he oallod bin
the "Son of ' num." Thirty years
passed, during which he was evidently
preparing himself for the incomparable
service which hn was to render hu
manity. He sought diligently for '
knowledge which wool. I destroy dis-j
cord, remove limitation, heal the ii k,
raise the dead, uud improve human con
ditions, Having foiled tlmt knowledge
ho astonished, shucked, nnd dis omfitecj
the self -satisfied tniitcrinlists of his. lav,
and gladdened the hearts of th" pour
and lowly, by proving in three short
years the wonderful j.ower of spiritual
understanding ieiititieally applied. I
reclaimed the sinning, h tiled the n'n-k,
cast out devils, n ml ruined the dead.
Throughout his earthly experience
the Muster disclaimed thut Ins works
were of a supernatural order, lie said ,
that these were undertaken to hear
witness to the power of Truth as I 1
wus led and suatiiined by it, He at
tributed the wonders whhh he wrought
to no power of his own, Moieover, he
did not iluiin to possess any lulvunt
age which others could tint enjoy. His
frunk and humble admission "1;
can of my own self do nothing," "but
tho Father that dwvlk-th in me, hej
dwth the works,"
Jesus taught that the consciousness
or divine impulsion which actuate
him, and which he was ever obedient
to, was the natural source of the pow
er which he personally reflected. The
unity or oneness of his humanity with
the divine Principle of being and its
supremacy in bis life, prompted bin
to refer endearingly to Ood as ' hit
Father. This Principle was tho source
of every desire and impulse which v
sessed him, and governed him with the
certainty of unchanging and eternal '
law. Paul referred to this presence as
the Mind "which was also in Christ
Jesus." This presence, then, consti
tuted his divinity.
Jesus' lift-Work
We note that absolute Truth was the
basis of tho teaching aud practice of
i -n l - k: -
Jesus and all the results ontained
through his efforts were contingent
upon the activity of right ideas, or
Truth, in his consciousness. That he
completed nil that was expected of him.
and that he could do no more and no
less for humanity than he had done.
seems certain when we remember that !
he said, "I have finished the work
which thou gavest me to do." In the
true vision of his life-work we observe
that the Master's experiences were ex
amples of a concrete order, all hav
ing been demonstrated for the obser
vation, instruction, and guidance of hu
manity. A repetition specifically of
his experience would be quite unnec
essary, because the fulness and suffi
ciency of his influence aud teaching
is undeniably with us always.
When Hearing tho completion of the
work which he believed had been di
vinely entrusted to him, Jesus instruct
ed his disciples to continuo in render
ing to humanity the same servico which
ho had rendered. Tho divino idea
which inspired him ho know would re-
.main with, minister to, and comfort
them Hind the nations of the earth. 1 he
Christ which was in him did not bo
gin on earth with his birth, or end with
his ascension. It had always been aud
would ever continue to bo. The dis
ciples wore to continuo to preach the
kingdom of God (the power and gov
eminent of good) at hand, to heal the
sick, cleanse tho leper, raise the dead, '
cast out devils. Moreover, with won
derful forethought Jesus provided for
this great work to extend beyond the
immediate or natural lifetime of the
disciples, even to tho end of the world;
for -ho commanded thorn to enlist the
service of alt nations, implying that
upon those nations should ultimately
rest the responsibility for its perpetua-1 j'oscd by sensory evidence, and is lire
tion. Thus we oliserve that he dedi- ing down tho barriers of doubt n ml
cuted the sacred commission end trust
of his lifo work, not alone to a succes
sion of religionists or professed believ
ers, but to all who constitute tho na
tions of the earth, and this even unto
the end of time.
We aro reioiced and Inspired by the
knowledge of tho fact that Christian
Science hns restored to the world the
spiritual understanding which enabled
Jesus to heal the sick and reclaim the
sinning. There lins thus been confer
red upon each ono of us the privilege
und duty of furthering his mission by
1 performing the works which ho said
could bo accomplished by ull who would
believe, understand, and follow his
Mrs, Eddy and Christian Science
When founding this great movement,
1 publishing tho text book, "Hciencu and
Health with Key to the Scriptures. "j
ThB ''''(!;" and metapliysienl teach-1
ling therein embodied is founded uixm
' tho Scriptures, n ml piirticiilurly the
I .. i i ...
nuitin iiiiii uuei i iiii-n uu' ii-n umi
ntulgntci! by Jesus of Nnzuieth. in
this book, and in her other writings,
Mrs. Kddy has given speciul emphasis
to tho fact of tho reality of spiritual
life and being. She hns quickened the
interest of mankind in Scriptural hist
ory iiinl teaching, and hus given n new
restorod to the service of mankind the
practice of healing bodily infirmities
entirely through spiritual means.
The text book referred to was first
published in 1875. Sunccssivcly, and n
tin! needs havo sinco required, there I
huve iippcured, under Mrs, Eddy's di
rectlon, periodical which nro now be
ing published monthly, weekly, nud
oven daily. These publications con
tain instructive writings in umplifieu
tion of the teaching und practice nf
this Science, and except the duily news-
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puper give authentic instances of heul
ing which have occurred and are oc
curring from day to day as a result
of the observance and application ct
the doctrines of Christiun Science. They
are also providing information relative
to the growth ana progress of the cuui'o
as welf as legitimate news and world
events of moment and interest.
In ilifinpiwi m, thmtrrltt nt l.wa n.n,..
purity, health, and righteousness, the
value of the service which these writ-
ings and publications are continually
. t i
ii-iiMci nig luiiumiiu is uvjomi csTiinuio.
The far-reaching influence of Situ. '
Eddy's life work, and the power fof
good which it is exerting, mankind
today but dimly realizes and only feeb
ly comprehends. 0
It is au occasion for congratulation
and thanksgiving that the present gen
eration are, witnesses and participants
in tho activity of this world-w ide move-
ment of true Christiun faith and prac
tice. Those who glory and share in it
triumphal progress and achievement,
gladly and lovingly accord to Mis. Ed
dy the honor done her as its Founder.
Her earliest struggles on behalf of t,hia
consummation first assumed defiuito
and effective shape less than fifty
years ago. As a consequence, today
millions of adherents and sympathize!:)
are reaping the benefits. Tho impul
sion aud inspiration which urged Mrs.
Eddy forward to the accomplishment
of a work which since the Master 'a
time is without a parallel in the world 'a
history, was the service which she could
thereby render suffering humanity.
Our appreciation of all this, and our
gratitude to her, can best bo evidenced
by purity, meekness, and humility, and
in loving, uplifting service to oue an
other. Triumph of the Truth
Impelled by the inspiring words and
demonstrations of a solitary woman o(
our own blest lurid, a vast, number, who
represent every nation of the earth, am
today observed climbing tho heights of
spiritual understanding. A progressive
Christianity is lending them on, ami
the ever-brilliant rays of divine Truth
go before to designate, and illumine tho
way. On every hund the waymarka anil
influence of ignorance, fear, superstl-
tion, bigotry, und false beliefs are seen
to disappear. .Moreover, their effect
in sin und disense, and in impotent n n I
obsolete doctrines and prnutices, ura
rapidly vanishing from nuniun exper
ience, Diviuo metaphysics is relensliic mor
tals from the grusp of limitations iin-
skepticism as to tho eternity of lifo
and being. It is reestablishing u ra
tional faith in und dependence upon the
sustaining presence of the eternal ver
ities of Life, Truth, mid Love, It is
arousing consciousness to the uppre
hension und ucceptunco of the heat
ing and redemptive power of Hod's
Immutable laws.
As a result of this enlightened ad
vancement and transformation, sulvn
tion no longer means the escape or de
liverance of wicked and condemned per
sons from tht punishment threatened
hy au avenging Deity. In place of its
former and most repelling significance,
the term salvation is now being uc
cepted ns synonymous with the attain
ment of spiritual understanding. Work
ing out one's own salvation is best com
prehended as the simple net of the in
dividual in acquiring tho true know!
edge of the relnlioiisliip between Ood
ami His universe, including mini, which
He created and governs. .
Christian Science is very largely re-
i sponsible for this improved condition
and everiiicrciisliig knowledge, since
through its teaching and practice it has
disclosed the Important fact that nil
the functions of true existence ure
and must, ever be centered und eireuni
ferenced in this knowledge. It is also
conclusively proving Hint the mi turn I
outcome of whnt might be rightly
formed Christiun activity is the heul
ing work which Christ Jesus insisted
should be 'considered ns the only legit
imate evidence of a mini's right to b
called a Christiun, '
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