Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 29, 1915, Page EIGHT, Image 8

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An Unusual Offering of Women's
m; W, H White Kid Gloves at
' .S:vi $1-19 a pair
Here's a fine lot of Paris Point
"V and black Embroidered White
V1 Kid Gloves at a price that should
1 ttfi interest every woman. Just
I come in and we've placed a dis-
V Yvv';v play in the window for your in
V " spection. The greatest glove of
Ju' bi' fer of the season
iCWliLJ $1:19 a Pair
Special Sale of Children's
3 in a Box 2 Boxes For 25c
Here are dainty Embroidered Corner Handkerchiefs
for children put up in pretty lithographed box.
Just the thing for holiday or birthday giving; three
in a box, extra special price
2 Boxes for 25c
See the window display.
Special Sale of Women's $4.50 Shoes
At $2.65 a Pair
Here are splendid grade patent
leather footwear for women
button style cloth top in fawn
or grey. Short vamp model with
round toe.' Our regular $4.50
seller extra special sale price
. $2.65 a Pair
For Men A Special Sale Saturday
Only Men's 50c Suspenders at 27c
Here's a sale of Men's Suspenders that should attract
wide attention. Chester and President makes the
very best 50c sellers on the market. Many different
patterns, many weights, regular and extra long
lengths. We procured a big lot and will sell them
out at this unusual price Saturday only. A regular
50 cent article. Special sale price 27c.
IIooodIgoods ziJ
'Salem's Best Market Place
Smile Brand 10 oz. can,
each 10
lWon $1.10
roRK mm BEANS .
1 11). 1 0!!. cans, each lOfl
Doren $1.10
New Mincemeat, pound 15fl
Sweet Cider, gallon 25o
New Walnuts, pound ato
New Sillier Kriuit, pound Be
New Figs, 'A pound 2.rc
Florida drupe Fruit, i! for ....2flC
Our Meat Dept.
Fancy Kib Honor, pound 18o
I'ot Roast, pound Ho
Short Kilis, pound 12c
Brisket, pound 11c
Pure Hamburger, pound 15o
Loin Chops, pouud 18c
Kib Chops iGo
Shoulder Roast, pound 12c
Leg Roust, pound 17c
Pure 1'ork Sausage, pound.... 15c
l-'ancy Sugar cured, lb. 22 to 26c
Sweet Pickle, cured ... 18 to 20c
1S1 North nigh street Grocery Phone 830; Meat TUone 840
All Around Town
Or. Mendelsohn, specialist In fitting
glasses correctly. U. 8. bank bldg.
The two upper classes of the senior
liiuii school will celebrate with a llal-
Uowe'en party, in masquerade, at the
high school building this evening.
Dr. Stone's Drug snore.
For Gilbert's home-made or salt-rising
bread, Phone Wi.
The Salem Iron Works bought all the
iron in the Salem Flouring Mills burned
September 27, and today is putting up
a derrick to remove the heavy rojls.
These rolls each. weigh from'400 to 600
pounds and are 28 in number.
Prof. Wallace MacMurray, of . Wil
i lumette university, will address the Sa
The Bridge Problem
Awaits Engineer
With but 48 shopping days until
Christmas, and 25 to 35 per cent of the
city's business eut off by the closing
of the bridge, the merchants of Salem
face a serious proposition. ,
A meeting was held last evening to
make arrangements for means of im
mediately relieving the situation, but
nothing will be done until Assistant
State Highway Engineer Sadler makes
his report to the county court. This
report will be handed in next Monday,
and will not only state whether tin
bridge can be temporarily repaired for
light traffic, but also give the probable
cost, and time in which repairs could
be made.
If the report is against any traffic
whatever on the bridge, the merchants
will immediately put into execution sev
eral plans outlined at the meeting last
I he whole bridge situation now re-
ican theatre as It Ought to Be."
Special, $700 piano player, used three
months, perfect condition, .ftl-iO, terms
to right parties. Geo. C. Will.
Dr. and Mrs, Frank E. Brown, of
Council, Jduho, Ere visiting in tho city
with George Harris. Mrs. Brown's
brother and other relatives. Dr. Brown
was graduated from Willamette uni
versity in 1900 and it was through iiis
efforts the present gymnasium was
built. They will continue their visit
here several weeks.
The Juggerant will not be shown at
the Oregon tonight on account of the
concert which lime, .loinelli gives. This
wonderful picture will be shown again
tomorrow. .
Saturday afternoon will be a lively
day in Salem for football tans. The
Corvallis high school team will play
the Salem . high on the Salem high
school fiefd, the game beginning at
The Eev. Hoedly, a retired minister j Mme. Jomelli at the Oregon tonight,
of Portland, will lecture at Kimball j Concert starts at S:;iU. No pictures
college next Tuesday attniooii at rf:;TOwiu oe snown.
o'clock. For his subject, he will dis
cuss "Savonrola."
Dr. B. T. Mclnttre, pnyslclan and
surgeon, 214 Masonic bldg. Phone 440.
Tho bridge at Center and Fourteenth
streets will be open next week for traf
fic of all kinds. The Chemekcta street
car line was running through to the
stato hospital yesterday.
Dr. Stone's Drag Store. tf
The young people of the Jason Lee
Memorial cniirch will give a masquer
ado party next Monday evening at the
home of Miss .viable Huberts, inm) Bum
mer street.
Dr. O. Hartley, specialist, Inflamed,
bleeding gums and pyorrhea. 416 U. S.
Hank Bldg. Phone 186. Nov9
The Salem Festival chorus will meet
next Monday evening at 7:30 o'clock
in the First Presbyterian church. Under
the direction of .Professor Memlenhall,
the chorus will continue its study of
the "Hymn of Praise," by Mendelssohn.
Fiano tuning... Fnone I4b&, or leave 2:30 o'clock. Kv n,o time the hiM.
orders at music stores. J. K Hockett. I school boys get into action, another attended tomorrow, as a general inter-
o L'aiiie will he culled nn Willmnnttn est has been awakened in the success of
this sales day, und the fnrmers now
realize that it is up to them to make it
a success or tailure. Articles to be of
feied for auction sale have been listed
at the Commercial club. W. ,S. Low will
personally take charge of affairs to see
that the sales are carried out strictly
in accordance with his promise to the
farmers that everything would be on
rue square.
- Herman W. Barr, of the Barr Jew
elry company, returned yesterday from
a visit or tnree months which included
Buffalo, New York, Washington and
Chicago and other cities in the east. On
his return he spent a few weeks at tht
Sau Diego and fciau Francisco exposi
tions. Ho says the indications overy-
wuere arc tnai uusmess is on we up
grade. In ull parts of the country road
building was going ou and traffic was
ncavy on all the ruilroads. The wave
of good business and prosperity started
in the cast a few mouths ago and is
now almost to the coast, was his general
opinion of business conditions.
The Falls City Luniber company has
purchased the stock and good will of
the Capital Lumber company, and the
two firms will be consolidated with of
fices at 349 South Twelfth street. The
About a
. Good
JpVm n i U"",n at.1,?:30vv B0lves itself in witinK for the engin
next Monday morning at the A. M. CiePrs reports to the er.rn.tv court Mnn-
A., taKing tor his suli.ieet, " I he Amer- . n,S ;,mo,1;, ',; T,
may include the building of a pontoon
bridge, establishing a ferry, or use of
the Southern Pacific tracks in bringing,
passengers across the river...
meets here, Dr. Doney will deliver a
lecture on "The Marks of a Man."
This lecture has been arranged for the
2tith ofc November.
The Salem District of the Epworth
League of the M. E. church will meet
in this city three dnys, beginning next
Friday, November 5. This district, of
which the Kev. T. B. Ford is superin
tendent, includes 45 churches and it is
expected- that several delegates will at
tend from each church. The opening
meeting will be hojd Friday night at
the Jason Lee Memorial church, in the
form of a reception. The Kev. j. C.
Spencer is president of the league.
Although a great part of the Polk
county business nmy be cut off tomor
row, the indications are that the public
market and sales day will be largely
The ordinance providing for a speed field, hctweou the I'm versify of Ore-
limit of three miles an hour for any
trains within the city limits will be re
turned to tho council by the committee
in charge next Monday evening, with
the recommendation that the limit be.
made six miles an hour, instead of
tii ree.
The White Swan lunches sure are
(pausing comments of satisfied patrons
A private dancing class, under the di
recfion of Professor Uinger, of Port
land, held its first meeting last even
ing at the Moose hull. The clns will
hold its regular meetings every Thurs
day night. About 25 couples were
present at the first lesson.
A meat market that's different, 371
Stato street.
Placards are out announcing the ad
d 'oks to be given here by Richmond P.
I'obson, former representative from
Alnliania, at the urinory on tho evening
of Thursday, November 18, under the
ni'spicos of the nnti-suloon league of
America. Dr. hdwiu I. htearns, of New
York, will also speak the same evening.
Quality, quantity and economy meet
nt tno Midget Market, 371 State
Frank J. Miller, state public service
commissioner, returned yesterday even
ing from San Francisco where ho has
been uttending tho convention of the
National Association of Railroad com
missioners. Mr. Miller was in Sai
Francisco for about two weeks visi:
ing the fuir and attending to business
nutters in that city.
Why pay more?
Market. 371 State.
Try the Midget
The bridge department of the state
highway engineer's office today sent
the completed plans for a reinforced
concrete bridge across Conine creek,
near McMinuvillc, to the Yamhill coun
ty court. The bridge is 360 feet long
and will cost about $15,000 according to
the plnns of the department. The plans
are submitted to the county court for
the approval of this body and if they
arc accepted the bids will bo let in th'i
roar future.
will begin at (i:30 sharp.-
Ceutialia, Wash., Oct. 29, Fears
kxtrlu l-i.Hii 'r.tviiu i ... i iu -.il... ......I
Carriini-a arrived n't Mon'-lova at 1 1 W, ro f,,t ,l"'"-v f"r "", M(t'' of W
o'clock thin lift. -moon t-n route to 1'ied ! Williuius, a fanner, of tirand louiid,
tun Nieuins, where he is lue tomorrow, I who has been lost in the woods near
mending to n tclenmiii received here.' his home since Wednesday noon. A
Tho Moi.-un consul said Cnriuun had: number of possemen have not been nl.lt
'ot been anKHssiiiBtod, j to find him.
Hygrade, Salem's leading 6 cent
cigar without a quest ion, ,
. Regular Thursday night entertain
ments are part of the Klks' program for
the winter. Last evening the program
consisted of a vocal solo by Dan Dun
genberg, piano solo by Professor Men
deiihiill, a reading by Robin Day and
solo by 11. C. L. Snyder. Next Thurs
day evening ISO Klks from Mi-Minn-
I vine, inciiiiiing ineir ilegree team, will
ntteiict the special initiatory exercises.
The McMinnville team will have charge
of the initiations.
Boy Scout dance, Armory, November
Tho Knights of Columbus will hold a
spe.-i.il meeting next Sunday at the
Moo.t- hall and the three degrees will
be ex. inplified to a local cbiss of 00.
Tiie first degree will be given Sunday
morning beginning nt 0 o'clock, and
the second and third degrees durinir the
I afternoon. The day 's exercises will
el-.se with a banquet given at the arm
ory at 7 o'clock in the evening. Vis
iting Knights of Columbus will be l.-arued his fanioiH
present irom .McMinnville. .Mount Ah
gel, Corvallis, Albany and Astoria.
f Do You Have Headaches?
Leading specialists an ree that a
large per cent of all headaches are duo
to defective eyesight. Tho
for that kind of headache is
Our careful examination will
determine whether your headaches are
due to eycstrnlu.
If that luot the case we will tell you o without cost.
i Miss A. McCulloch, Optometrist
tw-tvv jiunoaru mag. rhone 109
jon iiiul Willamette universitv
Special service in Pratum, Oregon,
next Sunday, October 31. at 11 a. in.
Ilev. John Ovall, of Portland, will
preach. All are invited to attend.
. o
Just at present, not only in this
country, but especially in Europe, many
grand opera singers are out of jobs, or
to put it in other words, are temporari
ly out of employment. Consequently,
instead of appearing at the royal dp
era house in Vienna, or with a grand
opera company in one of the capitals in
Kurope, Al'ino. Jeonne .Tonielli will ap
pear before a Salem audience this even
ing. Special flour sale on at the Pratum
Flouring mills, Waldo Hill flour, $1.10
per sack. Hard wheat flour mado from
choice bluestem wheat, $1.25 per sack.
Hvery sack guaranteed. Come to the
mill and get your winter's supply be
fore prices advance. 40 pounds of flour
given in exchange for bushel of wheat.
Y. B. McCallister, Pratum, Oregon.
Salem women fared well in the elec
tion of. officers held yesterday in F.u
geuo by the Central Willumetto Dis
trict convention of tho Degree of Hon
I li
Or Suit that not only adds
to a Man's appearance but
is a good investment as a
reference to a Man's intel
ligence and ability.
You will always find' the
buit or Overcoat that you
are looking for in our store.
Price $10 to $25
141 N. Com'l, Salem, Ore.
or. Mrs. C. M. lTolinan was elected ,-""9 b"lcm I-um,' company wil
Grand Chief of Honor, and Mrs. So
phic Keene and Mrs. Millio White as
members oa the committee, on resolu
tions. The committee on courtesies is
made up entirely of Salem women, with
Mrs. Edith Door Mrs. Laura Anderson
and Mrs. Viola Mason.
As a preliminary booster to keep up
their spirits and also to arouse enthus
iasm in the football game to be played
Saturday afternoon between the Uni
versity of Oregon team and Willamette
university, n big rally will be held on
Willamette field tonight. The fresh
men will serve us fire builders and
those who live in Lausanne hall wil'
grace tho event with their presence. Be
sides the usual amount of stunts and
college yells, addresses will be made
by President Doney, Coach Mathews,
Professor J. O. Hull nud football innu
agor Gillotte.
discontinue its east Salem lumber vard
and traswer its stock to the yards oi
the Capital Lumber company on
Twelfth und Ferry streets. A. B. Kel
sey, former manager of the Capital
Lumber company, will be in charge. The
West Salem yards of the Falls City
Salem Lumber company will be con
ducted by W. T. Grier. The offices ot
the company at Commercial and Cheni
eketn streets were removed to the of
fice at 3-li) South Twelfth street a few
days ago.
The social service meetings which
proved such a happy success last win
ter at the Unitarian church, will begin
with the first Sunday in November.
Rev. Tischer is arranging a number of
programs which should prove of henefi.
to the people of this city. Social serv
ice and social progress is the need for
intelligent and intelligent sympathetic
study and consideration. Public forum,
such as these meetings are, will fill
need in our lite and give full an. I free
Russell Brooks and Harvey Slater,
who hnve charee of tho U. of O. alumni
banquet nt. the Hotel Marion tonight,, opportunity for the discussion of vitnt
report thut the tickets sold indicate timely subjects. All friends of so
that abont r.o fomer students of the "al service mid (if sociul urocress are
state university will be present to aid ! cordially invited to co-operate to make
in the organization of a Salem ulunini thepo meetings a success and send nnv
association. President P. L. Campbell, suggestions to Kev. Tischer. who will'
ot ine state university, will ho present i greatly appreciate all practical co
to make a short address. Tho pro-1 operation.
gram of speeches will bo eut short inj o
order that those present may attend j "what is Sin?" is the theme for
the .loinelli concei t and the batKiuet I ,i;u..JU;.,., i... p.... t:......... . ,. .u . i. ...
tarian ciiurcii Mummy morning. Since
The first reunion of the Arabian
Knights club of Salem and Muriou
county will be held tomorrow evening
on the fifth floor. of the Mnsonic tem- i
pie. .This club consists of local mem-:
bers of the Al Khnder shrine of Port-1
land and was organized a few months
ago with Dr. W. Cnrleton Smith -as'
president. For this first social, it is
expected that fully 75 will be present.
Although the meeting tomorrow even- i
ing is exclusively for men, nrrnnge-!
ments are under- way for other social
functions during tho winter when the
ladies will be present. Tomorrow night,!
the meeting will partake largely in the :
way of a Hallowe'en party with decora-;
Hons and place cards suggestive of
ghosts and goblins and other spirits
that are nliroad at this time of year.
To take charge of this first reunion ot.
Shriners, Dr. W. Cnrleton Smith, as
president, named the following commit-,
tee: E. M. LnFore, Henry B. Thielsen.
Walter H. Smith, A. E. Strang and F.
A. Erixon.
Boy Scout dance. Armory, November
4. llenefit to build scout cabin.
Mis. George Woodruff, of Portland,
of good Bread. Beginning Not,
1st, I shall deliyer my
Salt-Raising and Home
Made Yeast Bread
direct to the consumer,
-My yeast bread is mado from
potato yeast, hen.-c the rii-h
flavor not found in the grt-there-quick
brand of bread. TV
salt rising has been speaking fur
itself the past three years,
Phono HO:! ami let in..- call and
"show you." Also on side al
Woman's Exchange, Roths;
Boggs, Eppley's, aud Foster s
is in the city for a few days visit with
her sister, Mrs. Arthur II. Moore.
Grocery Specials for Saturday
At Damon's
Pounds of Our Best Steel
Cut Coffe
1 r Pounds of
Earl G. Beck, a member of the Salem
fire department, surprised his fellow
fill-men yesterday by being quietly mar
ried to -Miss Frances Gonghuour and not
telling them about it until todav. llis
friends hud been expecting the coming
sin is recognized to be moral and soir-
uul malady the world over afflicting all
mankind, the consideration of this vital
problem should prove interesting, as it
is important. Sin has been, and still is,
the basis of every scheme of salvation
by sacrifice which have come to us from
,,,,, ',,, ., '. "' I Seinetie sources, hence is one ff the
el k,..ni i. " h 3T"K nr" fu-xla-i'ontal and important factors in
c II known in this c.ty ami are busy ! rpli ion ,, in pil00,,hv. What '
oday receiving ,, congratulations of wholl,e nm, , u ;J -
of 1 1 . e I 1. ft Y H r tl' KT V' Vrk8 ''"rpose. these questions' w li
of il e I mted Hrethren church perform- al, como in 'f(,r consideration. All ;
bv L v "c"n h;h l,uJJ students of religion nnd of moral phi
If anyone in Salem wonders where
hralie Chaplin, the movie comedian,
walk, that oues-
tion was answered this Rfternoon when
"Hetsv" a hair mown brown bear
t Nh...lllhl,i.l .inu-n tl,., tt..t tl.A
We will dollver groceries to west end , of a' chain. Hetsv ' keeper modestiv
of bridge for wir Polk county patrons, j disclaimed that fact that the bear
unliveries .intiy, io:oo a. m. ami i:uu , tauuht Churl . to unlit hut it. ....r-
p. m. C. L. Sperling It Son.
Wlien in SALEM, OREGON, stop at
Strictly Modern
Free and Private Batha
RATES 75c, $1,00, $1.80 FEB DAY
Th only hotel in the business district
Nearest to all Depots, Theatres and
Capitol Buildings.
A Horn Away front Horn
T. O. BLIQ3, Flop,
Both Phones. Ftm Auto Bas. "
tain that Charlie never tauirht it to her
and they perform exactly alike. Betsy
was advertising a show 'tonight nt the1
Wexford where a special program is to
be given by the Hose Theatrical com
pany, 1
Dr. Carl Gregj Doney, presidont ofi
Willamette university, is booked for
several engagements "rext month. Next
Kuiutay he will preach both morning
and evening st the. i'entenarv rhurrh ;
in Portland. A paper on "A Slims tor ;
Pteoaration for Kfficiency" will be;
ren.i November 8 tit-for a meeting of;
tho pastors of Portland and ou the
evening of November t'X he will read,
ft paper before the Men's Six O'clock
flub at the First Methodist church.
When tho Older Bov' conference
Iere's a chnnce to kill three
birds with one stone.
The boy gets 'the top. you get
tho Bakiug Powder. A !nleiu in
dustry gets your patronage.
We All Smile.
We Ate Pleased.
Tops and Baking Powder at all
Sah'm Grocers.
Epply Purs Cream of Tartar or
Pur Phosphate Baking Powder.
Pounds of Broken t
8 Founds of
i Large Cans
Milk .
There is no doubt this store Is making ths lowest prices on OrocerW
in Salem. The above prices will prevail at Damon's tomorrow
833 N. Commercial St,