Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 29, 1915, Page THREE, Image 3

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Another Lot
Tailored Suits,
Seat Plush Coats
Just Received
Only 50 in the lot, our New York buyer
made a very close purchase. You can
save from $5 to $10 on any garment in
this lot. You can see for yourself the
difference in price between what we ask
and other stores. We would strongly advise intending buyers of Coats
and Suits to investigate. i-
Tailored Suits, $7.90, $9.90, $12.90, $14.90
Seal Plush-Persian Lamb Coats . $6.90, $11.90, $14.90
Groceries Groceries Groceries
Come and look through our Grocery stock ami get our prices. We can
save you money. ,
MILLINERY BARGAINS Great $1.50 Velvet Sailor Shapes now 79c
$2.50 and $3.50 Trimmed Hats to close out . . ' $1.49 and $1.98
" All specially priced for this week's f ast selling.
Piled out on our Bargain Counters. Prices small.
Sffii CLUB
Declares That Attempt To Get
Preferential Rates "Is
Unfriendly Ad"
According to resolution parsed at
th meeting of the. Commercial club
Wednesday evening, any efforts on the
part of the Portland l.nrabormeu 'a
association, or the effort of auy other
bod-, to pain a preferential freight rate
over point in the -.Willamette valley,
will be looked npon a deliberately un
friendly. "
The effort of the Portland Chamber
of Commerce to aeeure a lumber rate
ino California, equal to that of points
in the center, and southern iirt of
the valley was the cause of thin rcso-
lution being introduced. The resolution
in full is as follows:
Whereas, The lumber industry is one
of the largest in the Willamette, valley,
and that the pay roll in suid business in
and near the city of 8uleni, is approxim
ately $13,000 per month, aud,
Whereas, The wclfnrn and prosper
ity of this eommunity is largely depend-'
ent upon the continued and successful
operation of the lumber industry in the
Willamette valley, and,
Whereas, Until June 21, 1H15, there
was a differential rate of 2 1-2 cents
(per 100 pounds) in favor of Portland
mills and nguiust the Willamette val
ley mills on all shipments of lumber to
r.tah points, and,
Whereas, It is a shorter haul from
Willamette valley mills to points in
northern California and into Utah, than
.Use Toslam when the complexion' is
unduly inflamed.
When tormented by itching skin; ,
When pimples, hives, rashes, or like'
troubles annoy; i I
Wheu the feet ate itching, chafed or I
Wheu eczema, acne, salt, rheum or
any itching skin disease affects; j
Wslnm soothes, cools, comforts, re-,
lievea burning,, smarting and itching.
Works rapidly in restoring the skin to
normal and presentable- appearance.
And if ordinary soups irritate, try
Poslain Soanl medicated with Poslam
and superior for daily use on the slrin.
ror samples, send -to stamps to Kmor
geney Laboratories, 32 West 5th St.,
New- York City. Bold by all Ih-uggists.
Specially priced for this week's selling.
The Greater CHICAGO
from Portland, Oregon, over the South
ern Pacific, Hnilrond company line, and.
Whereas, The Portland Lumbermen 's
association and others within the city
of Portland are athtcmpting to have re
established a differential rate in favor
of Portland mills in disparagement of
the Willamette valley mills, and,
Whereas, The city of Portland is
only one part of the body politic, of
the state of Oregon, and the welfare
and growth and continued prosperity
jof the city of Portland is dependent up
i on tho growth, advancement nud pros
perity of the state of Oregon, now
therefore be it
Hesolved, By the Commercial club of
the city of Snlom, Marion county,
Oregon, in gcnernl meeting assembled
on this the 27th day of October, 1915,
that any and all efforts of the Port
land Lumbermen's association, or other
i botly, or organ, to gain & preforerftial
i frciirht rate over other points within
tho state of Oregon, anil particularly
the Willamette valley, in interstate
shipments of lumber, lumber products
or other commodities, will bo looked
upon as deliberately unfriendly and in
derogation of the welfare of the state
at large, be it further
Resolved, That a copy of this rosolu-
0. J. Rose Gets Five
Years la Pen For
Embezzling $3,200
O. .1. Rose, the man whose mind sud-'
denly went blank in this city Inst :
spring and who was later identified as
a refugee from justice, was sentenced
to five years in the pen according to i
a letter received at the sheriff's office'
today from Deputy Sheriff T. A. John-j
son, of Huehanaii county, Missouri, i
Johnson was the deputy sent out to I
this state to return Hose to St, Joseph!
for trinl. The trial lusted nine days I
aud the jurv retnr.ied a verdict of guil-1
ty October 22. i
' Hose made his escape with .1,200
which he had drawn on drafts from a
wholesale grocery house- where he was
employed and came to tho Pacific const
after traveling through several Huron-j
can countries posing as a wealthy Am
erican tourist, yis wife died of grief
after he left St. Joseph, but Hose did
not know of this until tlio deputy ar
rived hero from St. Jotiejdi to take viie
man in custody.
Eose, it will bo remembered, arrived
in Salem one night and after eating
his breakfast, the following morning his
mind went blank and he did not even
know bis natno when ho was reported
to tho officers. Ho was taken to the
receiving hospital for the asylum Mid
the next morning about. 2 o'clock he
made his enenpe In his night clothes
and, lre footed, made it across coun
try to Gervais where ho was captured
and returned to the asylum, lie, re
covered in n few days and was taken
back to the county jail.
Has its Individuality,
and every suit is made
for J ust That Man.
We specialize in all
form-of clothing, to fit
the hard to fit.
Give us a trjal.
We guarantee every
Our well known and
Crawford Shoe
is complete
m every
Buy before it rains at
Brick Brothers
The house that guarantees every purchase, Corner State aud Liberty
Convicted by Pals
He Pleads
Asheville, N. ('., Oct. 29. Two earth-,
quake Knocks, felt generally in this
vicinity, early today aroused inhabit
ants front their sleep, but did no dam
age, ns far as reported this afternoon.
tion be sent to the Commercial club of
the city of Portland and to the Kvening
Telegram, Oregoniun, Portland, Journal
aud State Railroad commission.
Kan lliego, Cul., Oct. 2!). -Julia (Inr
cia, aged lit, of this city, is out ou pro
bation today instead ol tigtiting a
charge of burglary. And the reason he
is out, still-ting to keep u. promise to
hehnvo a year, is that he was adjudged
by a jury of alleged felons In the Snn
liiego county lull: Ho hud a regular
troul in the ''felony tank" with the
12 ullcged felons acting as jurors, with
uuother alleged- felon sitting as judge
anil with others acting as his
uey and prosecutor.
(lareia had mude a plead of not guilty
nt his preliminary examination.
When he entered tho jail tho fellow
prisoners suggested thut a mock trinl
li(,nltl be held tv see whether he should
change the pleu. He u greed and tho trial
huh held, the ense being based on the
transcript of tho proceedings ut our
cin's premlninry examination. There
was uo joking, everything being carried
out with judicial exactness. The jury
boou declared (lurcia guilty, and, with
out wuiling to consult bis attorney, ho
went before Jndgo Lewis und changed
his plea. Then came a plea for proba
tion. Uurcia's father and friends mid
ho had been a good boy und would bi'
have if he had a good chance to turn
over the leaf. And tho judge gave
him the chunce.
I m .
Briand Is Forming
New French Cabinet
Paris, Oi't. 2i. Aitislide Hiinnd on
whose shoulders fulls the task of form-
attor-jing a new cabinet for Frunee following
resignations of tho entire body, sum
moned candidates for portfolios for i
meeting at 4 o'clock this afternoon.
Meantime President Poincnre formal
ly ucceptod Premier Vlviuni ' resigna
tion and tho entire cabinet went nut,
with him. The Invitation given to Dri
ll nd yesterday to select a new group
wns formally extended today.
The crisis in tho nation's affairs ac
tually occurred yesterday, but for ad
ministriitivo reasons, Viviunl asked tliu-t
bis retirement be delayed until today.
ways been to servo this vicinity to the' says.
fullest extent,-" said one of the most J" no.t thought probable that any
. . , .i . .i Pf the WBr bollli8 Wl11 bo taken by So-
prominent Dangers in """v lem people, although they are admit
find Plenty of Opportunities
For Investment of Surplus
At Home -
ted by local capitalists to be a good
and safe investment.
Young Girl Walks From
Denver Through Capitals
Make your food
more tempting
with Cottolene
II w
and while we have opportunities at
home no efforts will be made to sub
scribe to foreign loans. The money
that might be spent for bomb Bhells
might be used to erect a few new
buildings 'in Salem."
Since the Salem banks are profo.
.it nnlir ln.lka III fllfl PnillttV tht
. : :."; .nKuoriha to l. Miss Phyllis Skrehot, who left Den
foreign loan to any great extent it is' er, Colo., January 11, of this year, o
safe to say that no Marion county I make a visit of all the state capitals,
coins will add to the finance, needed ; rrivM In Salem yesterday and m
for the struggle across the water. j Pyl time hit night hy selling
The war loans were underwritten lnj;P' Journals on the street A girl
New York by the great banks in that l' a, n?TT,tJr h,ll,'.m ut
citT who depend upon the banks ""c" ,to h'l
other states to take up par, of , h.; "j ZZ
I nun in anv Quantity desired. Joans to. . ... .
In spite of the fact that Salem and 0f- the allied powers-and to Oor- hp- ou(f)t nj g .
-Marion county banks have been flood-, many and Austria have been under- H)g fm.eni 2,515 niilcs to fan Tran
d with letters, telegrams and attrac- written in New York and are now ,'e-jciWll w1Pre ,ile remained two months
tive folders relative to war loans i ing offered to tue smaller uauss oi b,.f(,r Martr,1K nrtfa. From Olympit;
Marion county money will romain inj nation. .. . I she will go to Boise and to Suit Lake!
this vicinity to aid in promoting tne, ine projionai iu " - hnps to reach tbo :aidule west tms
best interests of the eommunity rather; came from a well known banking ..tcr.
i,.: .... -u . ! an.... nf rhicnim. This nartii-ular bond , , m.
iibo uvin? senL uuruaii atwiui.K i
the bankers of this city,
"The policy of Salem banks has al-
For making cakes, pies and pastry-for all
shortening and frying-Cottolene is supreme.
Cottolene is an exact combination of the purest, richest, most
carefully refined cottonseed oil and the choicest beef stearine
obtained from selected, high grade leaf beef suet Cottolene is
itself one of the purest of pure foods.
Cottolene makes foods more digestible more wholesome
makes them taste better. Use it for every kind of shortening
and frying and for making cakes and pastries.
Health Is Worth Baring, ftnd Some
Balem People Know How to
Save It,
house is attempting to raise approxi-1 j,. ft If .
matcly $50,000,01)0, and represents only, Rflg nUll
a small part or tne iosn mi "i.
According to the letters received by
local bankers, Italy offers to pay fiva
per cent interest on the loan, the same
to be secured by government toi
. By Fall From Horse
London, Oct 29. King George i
siifferinu from severe hruim-s duo to a
i ine uermun sic m n.... - . -- ,ul. . 9
on terms even morn flattering than of-'cinl atinouucement today,
fered by Italy. The Herman loan is: Tho king is confined to his bed, but
b"steiXSf,S ffi'SrrSi rsi-jK--is
ey, WhP1I they know these organs neen per ceni, . I'-'-"- " " t-"n.-fc , loan The accident occurred yesterday
kelp. Weak kidney, are responsible! toher , jut . BJ? Vo? ne for wl.ilc the king w. ins,ti.,g the srmv
for a vast amount of suffering and ill, The bonds are " hf. L, thlin the field in northern France, ids
ances that no complication are ex-
health the slightest delay is danger- eacn Jwu v " mount cited bv the cheers of
ous. Use Doan '. Kidney Pills a rem- Oermsn bonds yield '"J'"""0 trooi, reared and fell, throwing
ly that has heltied thousand, of kidney eight per cent, with Oerman ar.fc fc. off
'ifferers. Here is a Balem citizen's, at normal rates, dui wi "For tho tire.ent," be inii.t remain
recommendaUon: I low rate at wniro " - ia bed, but h1;
W. C. John.ton, gardener, 1021 Mill selling, the .profit rro " ances
treet, Salem, savi: "After several; basis alone is 10 per cent, the '', pected,
medicine, had failed to help me, sets out. Au example w e,,'d
usea Tn.. K-ln.. Pill, .nd ffot oreat 4000 marks bond selling at M
relief from kidney and bladder trouble, exchange rates for MA wh 1 . i or. n
I still use Doan'i Kidney Pil, once inlnsry time neh bd, equi
a while when a
back and kidnevs
tions become disord
inick reHef. Ynn mar eontinu pub-
, .v. .!..;,. .i t niu.m'o. -u. ........i ,
lacy Fills before. ' - .rr- - . ... - - " -' - --
r; . . " . Tsei ' " Afir th firm yrnr ui r-- urn lur inw wiiiurrrinvn. ui vnti tv
.ir T'. ! , ,Ilirt savincs bank deo of '" i the rigid phy.i.-sl rrxp.irenientn. It is
mply ..a for a kulney remedy-g e t, .avmg. W l J
loan. Kidaejr t Wllh. that, , ,mount ,ri,.,n ,,.v, rW,b p hoI of
Prop. Buffalo N T 't" sfflWfMfiW marks," the circular r.,smg ,h. examinations.
Jj' fun hVancisco, Oct. 2S. Many thor
lfl , i .. . . .. i -i i.
eold settles ia myjllOOO in United Watea money, woul.'j !0Ughly comtciit and experience! able
vs and the kidney secre-ieost 52, showing sn additional proiit, fn ,,Unning to abandon their
isnnlrred- I always ffetlon exchange to the investor or fi5. rnlliiin when the seamen's act goes inte
Vn rnTy" eontinu pub- In the eircul.r the '"' w" !hJ November 4. This is due, say
lishi.. h. ..dnrm.at I hav-aivenl of (iermsny U estimated at ';' '"V litel Htate. .tea.iuh.p nic,t4,r.
D.iaa'i Kidaer Pill. hefrTre." 000. and the population a
For a quarter of a century Cottolene
has been growing steadily in favor. It
is not offered as a substitute or as being
"just as good" as other shortening and
frying fats. It is an original product
and better than anything else that you
can use for shortening or frying. Insist
on getting real Cottolene.
Cottolene is ready for use as you take it
from the pail It creams up beautifully
and blends readily with the flour.
Use a third less of Cottolene than of any
other shortening or frying fat You can
use it over and over for frying. Cotto
lene does not .bsorb tastes or odors.
Always heat Cottolene slowly.
Pails of various sizes, to serve your
convenience. Arrange with your gro
cer for a regular supply.
Write our General Offices, Chicago, for
a free copy of our real cook book
"Cottolene makes good cooking better"
.y " '