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    e of "The Capita
October 22, 1H1.".
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Editorial Pag
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Capital Journal Ptg. Co., Inc.
L. 8. BARNE8,
Vice -President
Sec. and Treus.
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As faddists increase the amount of genuine rot that
finds its way into the newspapers grows by geometrial
progression. Here is a sample taken from an editorial
in the Portland Livestock Reporter, but being really a
reprint of a certain educator's statement:
"According to. statistics every child who finishes the
eighth grade has an earning capacity during his life's
expectancy of about $:!2,000.00, one who finishes the high
school $18,000.00, and a university-trained man or woman
$72,000.00. This gives the boy or girl who finishes the
high school course a salary of $20.00 a day for every day
spent in the school room during the high school course;
for every year spent in getting the university training is
an equivalent to $::0.00 per day; in a rural school with
twenty children there is an earning capacity 01 irom
$400.00 to $1000.00 per day. Are you mothers and you
fathers going to let the matter of $1.00 per day difference
in salary between a real trained teacher and an untrained
teacher stand in the way of your boy's and your girl's
The faddist who wrote the above brilliant statement
evidently does not understand that there is lots of work
to be done in the wrold outside of the bosses jobs, nor
does he seem to realize that if every boy in the country
was educated, no matter how highly, that they could not
all command the salaries mentioned.
Every child should have a chance for the best educa
tion possible, on general principles, for it is good for the
child and for the nation, but to try to boost for higher
education by palpably false arguments is not only silly,
but indicates that either the booster's education was
neglected or nature was chary in filling his think tank.
The argument is that if every man was university trained
lie would eanj $ 10,000 more during his hie, in other words
that all wages and salaries would be advanced.
William Rockefeller and ten other directors of the
New Haven railroad are on trial charged with conspir
ing to form a trust, and they are being defended by 100
lawyers. The charge against these big financial high
waymen is purposely made of such a character, that
should they be found guilty the maximum fine is $5,000
with a possible but far from probable sentence to one
year in jail.
The real charge against them should be of deliberately
robbing the stockholders of that railroad of more than
$20,000,000, and by methods no self-respecting highway
man would descend to. That is the charge that should be
made against them, and then if found guilty the punish
ment should be made to fit the crime.
What a gasp of astonishment, would go up from all
parts of the United States, should some judge sometime
punish this class of crime committed by the "big finan
ciers" by a real jail or penitentiary sentence. And what
a howl of anguish would go up from the realms of "big
business" at the unwarranted hampering of commerce,
and the driving capital out oi its legitimate pursuits.
Now comes Mrs. M. V. Greene of San Francisco and
advocates the teaching of salesmanship in the public
schools. Mrs. Greene says many drift into the ranks of
the unemployed because they are not trained salesmen.
Wonder 'if the lady ever allowed whatever she thinks
with to realize that there are now no vacant jobs in the
salesman line, and that educating young folks in this
branch would not create any more jobs?
The shipping trust may after all cut its own throat.
Charters to Europe and England have been raised to a
point where wheat can be shipped from Portland clear
across the continent and reshipped cheaper than it can be
sent by vessel from coast points.
Somehow those Oregon Agricultural hens at the ex-j
position do not begin to come up to the record made by
some of the biddies at the college. Is it possible the O. A.
C. did not send her best layers to take part in the shelling
out contest?
Poslam deserves the confidence of all
who seek a treatment for Eczema and
ailing skin. Not only does it possess
known merit and healing properties,
but it is absolutely harmless and no
injury results from its use. Has been
unusually satisfactory in treatment
of stubborn cases of Eczema, some of
them of many years' standing and
should be very helpful in- your case, al
laying itching quickly and showing im
provement every day. Use Poslam for
pimples or any surface disorder.
A word about soap if ordinary
toilet soap irritates, try Poslam Soap
medicated 'ith Poslam and superior for
daily use, toilet and bntb.s
For samples, send 4c stamps to Emer
gency Laboratories, 32 West 23th St.,
New' York City. Sold by all druggists.
A Barnard college professor wants girls to be trained
to carry guns. It is hoped if this is done they will -also
be taught how to shoot them without shutting both
John Casper, a distiller of Kansas City, recently
pleaded guilty to operating his distillery after the same
had been sealed by the government, and in connection
with certain revenue officers, not only conspiring to de
fraud Uncle Samuel, but actually beating the old gentle-
muii out of many thousands of dollars, and this too when
the money was badly needed for increasing the navy,
organizing a bigger army, arranging for a fleet of air
ships and building a big factory for the manufacture of
war munitions.
The judge in sentencing Casper evidently had his of
fense figured down to a nicety, for he sentenced him to
serve nine years and three days in the penitentiary at
Leavenworth, plus a fine of $:,.::,000. Three of the other
defendnats were given sentences of one year and one day
each in the same prison, and were each fined $1,000.
Just why that three days was added to Caspar's fine,
and the one day to each of the others is one of the things
the public need not understand. Perhaps it was like
some bills made out by public utility companies, where a
penalty of five per cent is added, so the company can be
generous and rebate it on payment of the bills. Anyway
Caspar should have known better than try to rob Uncle
Sam, for in the eyes of most Federal judges, that is
worse than taking human life. It is the unpardonable
Walt Mason fj
I know a man who hunts for snakes, and kills them
for their' grease. He says 'twill cure rheumatic aches,
and make your anguish cease. The doctqrs say that
serpent oil no sort of virtue owns; it will
not cure the pains that coil around your
joints and bones. But this old gun who
kills the snakes has never had a doubt; he
says all other cures are fakes, when" reptile
oil's about. He is so everlasting sure that
what he says is true, that even skeptics buy
his "cure," to see what it will do. And so
jf 1 i iiini tuning nam, tut iveeu uemunu
w I to meet, and he has bought with bullsnake
.U lard a home in Easy street. If you believe
in what you sell, have faith in what you
say, in that same avenue you'll dwell, upon a future day.
If one is not supremely sure that what he has for sale
makes all competitors look poor, his eloquence will fail.
A man can sell me setting hens, or swarms of bumble
bees, or double action fountain pens, or cures'for house
maids' knees, if he's convinced that what he sells beats
everything around; that sort of salesman's wearing bells,
wherever he is found.
Court Apartments
Are About Completed
The Court Apannents on Court street
will be completed within two weeks an"
ready, for occupants. Profiting by the
Portland builders, these apartments
have been constructed in what way bo
termed the most approved . apartment
style for general convenience. The
bunding will have 24 apartments of
the two and three room size. A two
room apartment includes a living room,
kitchen, batii room and an H by H feet
room. In each of the apartments is
a disappearing bed, a gns range for the
kitchen, and also a tefrigerator of the
self cooling construction.
According to tho present plans of
George P. liodgers and Charles H.
Me Nary, the owner;, tho rent for the
apartments will vary from $25 to .$35
a month. This monthly rent will in
clude heat, telephone, hot and cold
water service, dumb waiter and vac
uum cleaning. In fact, everything is
furnished except lights ami gas for
cooking and for the convenience of the
occupants, the oills for these are added
to the monthly rent bill. All the 24
apartments are finished in light brown,
and the kitchens in all white enamel.
'"-'- uwyi. -.iiU3uion, oon rranchco 191 1
jrqna rrize, ranama-Lalifomia Exposition
San Diego, 1915
For Flavor and Quality
Baker's Cocoa
It has the delicious taste and natural color of hieh or A.
beans; it is skilfully prepared by a perfect mcchaniciu
without the use of chemicals, flaroring or artificial LT:
matter. Ins pure and wholesome, conforming to all
Caution: Get the genuine with our trade-mark on the pack'
Established 1780 , DORCHESTER, MASSACHUSm
Lon't Look Old! Try Grand
mother's Recipe to Dark
en and Beautify Faded,
Lifeless Hair
i r! 3
That beautiful, even shade of dark,
glossy hair can only be had by brewing
a mixture of Sage Tea and' Sulphur.
Your hair is your chnrin. It mnkes or
mars the face. When it fades, turns
gray, streaked and looks dry, wispy and
scraggly, just an appliention or two of
Sage a ml Sulphur enhances its appear
ance a hundredfold.
Don't bother to prepare the tonic;
you can get from any dnfg store a 50
cent bottle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sul
phur Compound.'' ready to use. This
can always lie depended upon to bring
back the natural color, thickness and
lustre of your hair and remove dan
druff, stop scalp itching and falling
Everybody uses "Wyeth's'' Sage nnd
Sulphur because it darkens so naturally
and evenly that nobody can tell it has
been applied. You simply dampen a
sponge or soft brush witn'it and draw
this through the hair, taking one smnll
strand at a time; by morning the grnv
hair has disappeared, and after another
application it becomes beautifnllv dark
and appears glossy, lustrous and' abundant.
How to Destroy Catarri
terras and End Catarrh
A Specialist's Advice.
Catarrh is a germ disease and u,
only way to cure it so it win , .!
cured and never come back U to kffl
and drive out of your avt .l
nave Um
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Fruitland, Oct. 21. Monday Mrs. M.
Carver and eon, Arthur Van C'leve, of
North Sulem, visited friends here.
Many wells in this community are
getting quite low on account of the
protracted dry weather. Some have to
haul their water supply from neighbors
who are now bountifully supplied. M.
II. Standil'er is deepening his well. Mr.
Lnndeen, or ealem
If. C, Dressier is digging up his lo
ganberry patch and burning the vines
this nice weather. This is one ct the
best kept yards in the neighborhood,
Mr. B. being very particular to have
everything just so. The ground was
level us a floor and clear of weeds.
He says it does not pay to grow fine
berries to rot on the vines for want of
a market, lie will dovote the ground
to something more profitable.
Clarence lioline has moved fiis house
and barn down to a location near the . really gets atthe root of the diseaw
pnn.l Tliio will tin imli Itattni in aatr. fiiiil alumna It ai.4 flM . . '
. r, -- . :. Z , "-'"i . mere is nothing
eral respects as the old location put better for such cases than breathini
him back from the road. He has had into your nose and lings the pleasant
a 67 foot drilled well put down which.! soothing, healing, germ destroying ir
furnishes an abundance of soi't water, i of Hvomei
i b , catarrhal germs which
I lodgement there. When the iwn,. 7.
the catarrh will stop. The troulf",
with most treatments. i;u .
I salves, creams, creasv hntm. i.:'?
etc., is that they give only t'emponrr
relief hv nneninfr f . .i -5 ..'
clogged head, throat and nostrils. Ii
a little time the catarrh comes back u
bad as ever.
People who suffer continually fro
catarrh should drop such tcmporarr
Tnakeshifts and get somethin tk.t
He is going to have it piped into the
barn. He states that it is impossible
of Hyomei (pronounced Hich-n.i
made from purest oil of Eucalvptm
find cnitlVlinil wWli 'n4U. ' , i
to exhaust the water supply even with healh)(, antiseptic and germ destroZ
a pumping engiue. in.re,liont Trvra: L. J1M
lieliable information conies from
Douglas county that Fred Doney, a
lngicments. nyomci penetrate! and
heals the inflamed swollen membranes
or your nose and throat, stops dis-
rexi.lent whiln ilenr luintincT in I t J "V" a, u 11
the wilds of Southern Oregon, captured I " 1 " T 8S?.Res eom-
oue of the fair daughters of the region i ''..; ' uiscase By de-
who consented to remain a prisoner and ' "". ,,B .UBUBB- , car"rrn &enn'
keep house for the doughty hunter till ; T4 ln you'. ily after Hyomei
death do rhem part. Fred being a good
fellow, Fruitland extends congratula
tions. GuwTohnson is buildincr a. new barn, i
L. "A. Knutenberg is out with his i W .monoy back and find this generous
wood saw getting the winter's fuel j Pp'icy pays. Most druggists are now
ready for the stove. . giving a pocket inhaler made from hard
The potato crop as I stated last weak rubber with every complete treatment
is smaller than last year, the yield be-old. This makes a very simple, easy
ing light. Also tho acreage is smaller i and convenient as well as a thoroughly
than last year. One small patch yield-1 rcliablo means of trentiug by the beit
ed at the rate of 125 bushels to the ' known method this dangerous anil oftei
acre. disgusting disease.
E. E. Berlin hns traded his farm for i - l u
store property at St. Louis, this county. R; Crow, of the supreme court, win
Br. B. was in tho mercantile business I died early this morning, the supreme
at Aberdeen, Washington, beforo coin-1 court was adjourned today, and the
ing here, so his new vocation will not j prohibition argument, the most import
find him a novice. Ciood wishes attend ant litigation to come up during the
him. October term, was pus-pnned until
1 suppose Fruitland will nttend the' Monday. It was scheduled for argu
com show at Sulem in December. Thero, nynt today,
will probably be some : exhibits also, i 1
Although tho corn rows in the ear may,
not be straight as a fiddle string aud ;
may not be just so many to the inch as
required by the, ratiier fastidious rules,
still it will be corn and good corn too,
straight or crooked, hump backed or
stoop shouldered. It will make just as
good corn dodger or "Injun," or just
as good silo if it don't come up to tape
measure or the esthetic ideas of our
good county agriculturist. That tho i
coming snow will prove a success is the
wish of
Olympin, Wash., Oct. 22. Out of re
spect to the memory of Judge Herman
reaches them. Daniel J. Frv and many
other good druggists in Salem and
Yiciuiijf nave i"ng. sum iiyomei on I
positive guarantee of successful results
Portland is making strenuous efforts to pet a general
steamship service, ami seems in a fair way of accom
llishing it. However, to those outside the city it looks
:s though it was an uphill fight. Astoria is the natural
shipping point for all the territory tributary to the
Columbia and for that matter Portland, and it looks as
though eventually it must become the main port in Ore
gon. It is only the big business and financial pull that
holds tho trade at Portland and this some day will not
prove strong enough to overcome natural conditions.
This is not said in derogation of Portland's facilities but
just as a conclusion of fact from conditions.
LADD & BUSH, Bankers
Established 1S68
Capital $$00,000.00
Transact a general banking: business
Safety Deposit Boxes
Flush the Kidneys at Once
When Back Hurts or Blad- I
der Bothers -Meat j
Forms Uric Acid !
No man or woman who cuts meat
regubirly can make mistake by flush
ing the kidneys occnsioiiHlly, says a
well known authority. Meat furms uric,
acid which clog the kidney pores so
they sluggishly filter or strain only
part of the nxte nml poisons from the
idmid, then you get sick. Nearly all
rhenmHtimn, headaches, liver trouble,!
nervousness, constipation, dizziness,
sleeplessness, bladder disorders come
from sluggish kidneys. j
The moment you feel a dull ache iu
the kidneys or your back hurts,,
or if the urine is cloudy, offensive, full
of sediment, irregular of passage nr
attended by n sensation of scalding,,
get about four ounces of .linl Salts'
from any reliable pharmacy and take!
n tablespoonful in glass of water tie
fore breakfast for a few dnvs and your
kidneys will then act fine. This
famous salts is made from the acid of
grapes aiul lemon juice, combined with
litliin and has been used for gener
ations to flush clogged kidneys and)
stimulate them to activity, also to neu
tralize the acids in urine so It no
longer causes irritation, thus ending
bladder disorders.
.lad Salts is inexpensive and cannot
injure; makes u delightful effer
vescent lithin water drink which nil
regulnr meat eaters should take now
and then to keep the kidneys clejin and
the blood pure, thereby avoiding ser
ious kiduev complications.
Athens, Oct. "2. Cireece, ac
cording to all signs, will re
fuse to rise to the bait the Is
land of Cyprus thrown out by
the allies for her entry intd the
The government journal to
day quoted Premier Zniinis as
saving the (ireek attitude to
ward the stirring events about
her is unchanged.- It is pre
sumed that tireece will answer
politely to the allies' ultimatum,
asking specific definition of her
attitude toward them.
Alaskan Vegetables
. In Seattle Markets
Seattle, Wash.. Oct. 22. Ten tons of
Alaska grown vegetables from the vi
cinity of .luneau, to be sold on the
market here were beii-g discharged to
day from the steamer Humboldt, just
arrived from the north. The Hiimbolt
also brought iMiiii.imO in K, lmllion
from the Fairbanks district, lo.OKO
cases of canned salmon. 1HO boxes of
rresn naiiiuit nml 14.i passengers.
Hotel Is Robbed and
Billie Burke Advertises
San Francisco, Oct. 22. With onlv
one slight elew, which they refuse to
divulge, the police todnv worked on
one of the most mysterious and baffling
robberies occurring here in vears. Oems
valued at nearly iHn.imn were stolen
from several suites iu a local hotel
Weduesday night w ithout a single guest
having been awakened.
Miss Billie Burke, actress, declared
,.,w.ilt-v -nl.....l .a ,t nn,i . .
L '""'" "i o,ooii was ttiken
i mm ner an. I other guests were
President's Daughter
Pleased Over Match
San Fraucisco, Oct. 22. Tiiongh she
admitted she wished she might have
had a part in it, Mrs. William 0. .Me
Adoo, President Wilson's daughter to
eay denied she had played any oiiiiil
role in her father's romance with Mr.
Gait. So, Miss Margaret Wilson ntniiili
as responsible for bringing together the
president and his fiancee.
"W'e are all tremendously happy over
the coming wedding and I know the
country is, too," Mrs. McAdoo com
mented. "We all thiali the world of
Mrs. Halt. She is a brilliant woman.
Pimples Disappear
One may carry the left hind foot of a
rabbit, but one "must actively co operate
with it.
There Is one remedy that seldom falls
to clear away all pimples, black heads
nnd skin eruptions and that umkes the
skin sott, clear and lienlthy.
Any druceist i-nn supply you with lemo,
which generally overcome all kin (i.
esse Acne, e,.nn, it. Ii, pimples,
rashes, blink bends tu most rases give
wny to sciiio. Frequently, minor bleni.
Islie nouiitn'iir A,-r;.l. i.
ally stops instantly. iVmo 1, ,(,,, 0jenn
. ..... . n.... u.--uiillir. It costs on V
...; an ejrra Inrse bottl,, .UX). It
w ill not tm. Is not sreasy or sticky and
Is positively safe for tender, sensitive
' Zcuio. Cleveland.
The History of the World
From the Dawn of Creation
The Great War
Is depicted in art, science and industry
and presented in wonderful colors
San Francisco
This wonderful Exposition closes Dec. 4
Don't Hiss It
Lest you always look back to 1915 with
Scenic Shasta Route
Through the wonderful Valleys of the
Willnmette, the Sacramento, the L'mp
qua and the liogue offers exceptional
Low Round Trip Fares
' Full particulars with copy of booklet
"Wayside Notes, Shasta -Route" or
''California and Its Two World reposi
tions'' on application to nearest agent '
John M. Bcott, General Passenget Agsnt, Portland, Oregon.