Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 19, 1915, Page FIVE, Image 5

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One cent per word each inser
tion. Copy for advertisements un
der this heading should be in by
2 p. m.
HARRY Window cleaner.
flVL WOOD $3.50 per cord. Phone I
2219. tf '
FOR RENT Nice sleeping room, 256
N. Cottage. oOctl9
J C. LALLY Pine shoe repairing next
door to Blig'n hotel. Octl9
livered. Phoae 311. Novl
WANTED To buy a Durham bull. 8.
i). Hill, Route 7, Salem. Oct20
FOR SALE S cows and one Jersey
bull. Phone 29F12, after 7 p. m.
WANTED Man and team to excavate
collar. Call Hoyt and Com'l. Oct20
volt SALE A square Hallet & Davis
piano, excellent tone. A bargain.
phone 741M.
FOR SALE Heavy Milburn wagon or
will trad for one horso wagon.
Phone 2502 W5. Oct21
FOR RENT Modern five room house,
furnished or unfurnished. 399 Mis
sion or Phone 1737W.
WANTED 10 waiters or waitresses to
serve at banquet Wednesday evening.
Phone 2010, Hotel Marion Co. Octl9
WANTED TO RENT Or purchase,
cheap, piano, must be in 1st class
condition. B 00, care Journal. Oct20
t. tl UAI.V Tn vnnnff Jersey cons.
Fresh and in A-l condition, will sell
at a sacrifice. R. P., care Journal.
Octl9 !
LOST Pair of gold rimmed glasses, be
tween 21st South and tilth street.
Leave at this office and receive re
ward. tf
FOR SALE 60 acres, 7 cows, and
separator, $2,250. $000 down. Easy
terms. Milton Magee, Scotts Mills,
charges' paid to your station, 5VjC per
pound. Address Harold Via, Woods,
Oregon. " Oct21
gentle pony, buggy and harness, fine
for children to drive to school. 671
North Capital.. Octl9
business experience wants position as
bookkeeper or office manager. Best
of references. Phone 14.
FOR SALE High elas Jersey cow and
two days old heifer calf, also good
true work horso and single wagon,
right price. 828 Marion St. Octl9
Rocky Ford, Coloiado, to exchange
for good grain and stock ranch in
Oregon. 5 care Journal. Octl9
abundance of good grass, plenty of
water and good fences. S. E. Pur
vine, 055 University street, city. Oc20
SPLIT BODY OAK wood, $4.50 per
cord; grub oak $5.00, $5.50; ash $4.50.
Second growth fir, $3.50. Phone
1954, during business hours. J. H.
Eaton. Nov 11
FOR SALE OR TRADE Horse, weight
1250, want small horse for delivery,
,also stump puller. Faultless No. 2 in
good condition. West Salem Supply
Co., Phone 423. OctPJ
MONEY TO LOAN On improved
farms at 7 per cent annual interest.
1 am representing the Commerce Safe
Deposit ft Mortgage Co. of Portland,
Oregon. Quick delivery of money.
Write mo or cal. at Marion Hotel, r.
J. Berger, Solom, Oregon. tf
FOR SALE One of the best homes in
Salem Heights, if taken at once, will
go at a sacrifice, good reason for
wiling, come and see for yourself, on
corner of Jefferson road and" High
land Ave., or 'address N., Route 4,
Box 17, Salem, Oregon. OctPJ
Notice of Assessment of BeUevue Street
From the Hast line of Commercial
Street to the West Line of
Liberty Street.
Notice is hereby given that the com
mon council of the city of Salem, Ore
gon, will on or about eight (S) o'clock
p. in. of the 1st dny of November, 1915,
or at about the same hour on any sub
frequent regular meeting of the cjty
council at the couacu chambers in said
city of Salem, Oregon, proceed to as
sess against the several lots or parcels
'f land liable for the coat of improving
paid Bollevue street from the east line
of Commercial street to the west line
of Liberty street with hard surface
pavement in the proportionate share as
'ach of said lots or parcels of land is
benefited by such improvement, and for
l he purpose of assessing such premises
will proceed to consider and adopt or
dinance bill No. 1530 now pending for
consideration before said common coun
cil. All persons interested in 'said assess
ment are hereby notified to appear at
"aid time and place where any and all
objections to the manner of assessing
the lots of iarcela of land liable for
mica improvement will be heard and de
termined, and uch persons are further
notified that ' the proportionate share
o He assessed against each lot or par
eel of land has been determined and is
duly set out and designated in said
ordinance bill No. 1530, which said bill
will be duly adopted unless objections
be filed prior to said 1st dsr of Novem
iier, 15, and the council thereafter de
termine the matter in favor f such ob
jector. C'HAS. F. ELOTN, .
City Recorder.
Date ef firit publication the 19ta day
of Octolfer, 191V
DaU of let publication the 21 day
f October. 1913.
Silk and Linen Petti
coats, all colors, splen
did for wear ....$2.49
Leather Shopping Bags
$ 5-00 for $3.78
3.50 for $2.88
$ 1.00, for 74c
75c for 56C
with either long or
short Trousers.
Great General Outing
Flannel Special
12i2c quality, yd. 9 l-2c
10c and 9c qualit.v. yd. 7r
White and all colors.
Buy Now
Last appearance
His Latest and Greatest.
The Foxy Pridemores
Viola Vercer Holman
Mary Schultz
Matinee 10c.
Evenings 15c
Notice cf Assessment of Liberty Street j
From the North Line or ua
Street to the North Line
of BeUevue Street.
Notice is hereby given hat tho com
mon council of tho city of Salem, Ore
gon, will on or about eight (M o'clock
i. m. of tho 1st duv of November, lHI'i,
t n uhnnt ihM a'lrmi hour of suv sub
sequent regular meeting of tho city
council at the council chambers in said
city of Salem, Oregon, proceed to bshcks
against tho several lots or parcels of
land linblo for the cost of improving
said Liberty street from the north line
of Oak street to the north line of Helle
vne street with hnrd surface pavement
in tho proportionate share as each of
said lots or parcels of land is benefited
by such improvement, and for the pur
pose of asosi:ig such premises will
proceed to consider and adopt ordinance
bill No. lfl.11, now pending for consid
eration before said common council.
All persons interested In said assess
ment are hereby notified to appear at
snld time and piece where1 any ami all
ni..i;niii tn thn manner of assessing
tne lots or parcels of land liable for
suon improvement win vr uraiu
trmiiiixl end such rier!ons are forth-
nt that thA proportionate share
to be assessed apainst each lot or par
cel of lsxd has been determined and is
duly set out and designated in said
ordinance bill No. 1 I which said bill
will be duly adopted unless objections
be filed prior to said 1st day of No
vember, 1115, and the council thereaf
ter determine the matter in favor of
such objector. . ,
City lleeorder.
Pate of first publication the llita day
of October, J I 15.
PsU of trot publication the 21 day
of October, 1915.
12 'ic quality for 7C
For gray Outing Flan
nel, regular price I2V2C,
short lengths, yd. ...7C
One assortment of little
girl's Coats FOR LESS.
Another slightly dam
aged lot for
Black and Tan Hose
Great Extra Special
4 Pair for 25 .
'I .jfv
Max ririnan.
It is truly a great picture. This has
been said of so many photoplays that!
proof is needed to convince the hard
ened picture fa'". Its nanin is "Tho
Closing Net." First glance over tho
cast. Howard Kstnbrook, who made tho
world laugh in "Officer tiiiti," plays
the lend. I'liiying opposite him is the
beautiful woman who won your hearts
in "Three Weeks," Madeline Traverse.
Cnst as the during chnuffeuress is Bliss
Milfnrd, erstwhile Kdison shining star.
Kathryn Howi:e lecker plays tne part
of Kdith, the sihter, whoso bravery is a
feature of the play.
The story takes' the life of a boy,
born under dubious circumstances, ami
follows him through his career as a
fine arts burglar, under the numo of
the "Tide Water am." His work
takes him to Paris, whore he fails
readily into the fast lifo of the under
world. The working out of the plot
brings about the final regeneration or
the "Clnni," ai.l his love for a girl
brings to him completo happiness.
On the program today is the second
("let Kietryuick Wallingford story, call
ed "Three Kings and a fioat, in
which Max Pi gin n i and Ixilita Hubert
son make oodles of fun for themselves
and everybody else. All this two hour
program at Vc Liberty, tne "best pic
tures" theatre, today and tomorrow, at
tho bargain prices of fire and ten
Olympia, Wash., M. 19. Three con
victs who escaped from t.ia Douglas
county "honor" camp of the staU
highway department on the inland Km
tore highway, have been recaptured the
board of control announced todny. Thy
are Kd VanCarlen, Thomas Paly and
Carl Mikkleson.
Other convicts at the penitentiary aro
reported to be in no mood to ileal leni
ently with the honor convicts wiio
broke fhir word to the governor and
the indefinite solitary confinement
treatment is being accepted by the re
turned men as a protection against
possible violence.
Allies got nearly as much money
from the United Ftnte, a the people
pay to see the movies.
4 tf
Wool Nap Blankets
Large Extra Good
75c Golf and Negligee
A large stock to choose
Now 49c
Home of Paramount Pictures
Daniel Frohman
a novel and captivating role
"Helene of the North"
Photoplay admirers will
thoroughly delighted by
splendid performance in
her Infest release.
Marguerite Clark as " Helen e of the
North," at the Grand today, Wednes
day and Thursday.
Burned Building
To Conceal Burglary
Tacoma, Vn-li Oct. 19. Tn an ef
fort to cover up the theft of jewelry,
paintings and -'Iverwure valued at
more thnii l,',0'i, burglars early today
set fire to the gcm-ral mcrchandis"
store of pi. little and Harris, at Mil
ton, near here, county authorities be
lieve. The fire utarted in a store room.
Mrs. Polittle. nun of the proprietors,
sent the night in Tacoma and this
morning wh" n "he returned to Milton,
found the main portion of the store In
a mass of wreckage. Jewelry, silver
ware and considerable money left in
her apartments above tVi store were
Tho loss in merchandise and damage
to the store building amounted to about
If these ate the "good old times"
of a hum I red years hence, what is the
.''4, 1
'"V ' t - v ,t
or a II u ml re. I veiirs neueo, want is llie 1 n I'm "u unuux, u.,..,.,
XnS' "P' ,hnt W "n,,7.?arw"ltm:kV!l',Ur"
H. S. Gile & 0. Tern On the:
Juice and Floods of In
formation Willi It
The national delegates of the W. C
T. V. while stopping an hour in Salom
last Saturday evening, were introduced
to the joys of loganberry juice of the
Pheasant brand, through the courtesy
of II. 8. Gile & Co. Nut only was the
juice served to them during the lunch
eon at the state house, but every mem
ber ou the White liibbon train was
presented with a small bottle, and with
the bottle, an artistic pamphlet with
recipes telling of the many good things
that can be mado from the evaporated
berry. Parties distributing the bottles
of loganberry juice and the pamphlets
accompanied the train as far as Jef
ferson. Naturally the ladies were wonderful
ly pleased with their reception here Riid
their introduction to a now temperance
drink, and many attempted to express
themselves in song, but failed for prop
er expression. The Kev. Harry K. Mar
shal), who is know a among ids own con
gregation as a poet, came to the rescue.
Within a few minutes he had written
words to be sum; to the music of
Dublin Hay. They were mailed to the
president, Miss (iordon, to reach her
at Koseburg. And now the W. C T.
U. delegates arc on llieir way to Cali
fornia singing ,the "pome" of the
Rev. Harry K. .Marshall, which says
"William J., he searched away
For a drink that would not kill
Or empty every till
But would give you just the fill,
He tried a bottle on his throttle
Ami it won his heart right ou the spot
!So ho bought it for his use.
II 0 got a six months' portion
I And he started on his way
I His peaceful eyes a-dimcing as
The people heard him say:
iC.oodby you've had your dny
This drink has come to sfay
1 . 1. . .1. .
; ii. ninnrs tuu npoi
I Where you are hot,
i It satisfies your tasto
The whole wuy round your wnist.
It keeps your joys a'doublin
Says William J. '
Watt Shipp Bowlers Take
Two Games From Elks
The Watt Shipp bowlers took two
games out of three from the F.Iks at the
('lub alleys last night In the opening
game of the City Bowling league. Samp
of the Watt Hhipps, rolled the hig
gumo of 20(1 and the high average of
Tonight the T.nju team plays the
Orcfion team and tomorrow night the
Wiglis iluv the V. O. V.
Last night 's score:
Watt Sbipps.
1 2 .1 To. A v.
Craven USX 17H 1H4 510 I7P
Samp L'(i:i -'IM 177 !WI ltlf
Shnw Hi2 Mil 147 4flS ,1!)!'
Hagcdora ... 14K 110 200 4SH lli.1
Noud 1!H) 191 178 525 17.ri
Totals .... 8.17 8U Slid 2507
1 2 .1 To. A v.
Rinehart .... 154 lfl:i 170 48,1 101
Prntt 12S 111 1011 4.IN 110
Skiff 151 147 192 42 101
Huhscy IflK 20.1 202 50.1 INS
Kay 15.1 15.1 170 470 155
Totals .... "40 797 909 2452
Forbids Building of
Million Dollar Track
San Francisco, Oct. 1!).-Thn fate of
the postponed million dollar race track
at Tiniimnn rested today with Carrnn
r.a. While he hud issued orders against
construction of the track or any form
of .gambling his consul, Hamuli He
Negri, here telegraphed him today re
garding the status of the situation, nsk
ing for further particulars.
Do Negri said that if promoters have
a concession as thev claim, it is not
from Carranza, who became! provisional
president with recognition today. In
any event, he said, gambling will not
be allowed, even if Ciirrnnii should
later allow the truck to be built.
Albert Modern, brother of the former
President Mndcrn, is one of the backers
of the track, and has with him a num
ber of prominent capitalists. He said
he would issue a statement Inter.
Harry liroliiski, ex bookmaker, an
nounced ho will go to Washington and
that he has already sent a telegram to
Secretary of State Lansing, presumab
ly bearing on the Tinjiinnii situation,
liroliiski is opposed to the plan for
establishing a Monte Carlo there uii'l
he soys that the promoters are urrang
ing for all kinds of gnmes.
A 'TlvhV' Expert
' ... - ii ft t . wn
Who Could Not Hy
, El
Han Francisco, Oct. III. Further sen - gj
national revelations concerning condi I
tions in the I'nited Slates aviation ser-'Jj
vice were ei ted to be inndo when I J
the court martial of Lieutenant Colonel ;
U:wis K. dandier, judge advocate of 'he Is
western department I'nited States;
army, was resumed lodav. (Joodior ! jj
charged with inciting officers to prc jJ
tf-r charges against 'ipt;iin Art.mr
Cowan, head of the Sun Diego ftv'a I fjl
tion school, lie pleaded not guilty. H
That Cowan has absolutely no knowl-jjl
edge of aviation, Unit he tin diawnfj
"Jlying pay," sincn July 1113 and l'nJ
never made a flight, were some of the
allegations of officers testifying forM
(iooilinr. It was clu.rged that CowsnlM
is incornpete.it and that he, together!
with Colonel Samuel lieber, hend of M
.u- U-....I......I,... M
Oil BVtlllJOII H-4HIMI "K . I
iday favorites, and do not consider!
morit or ability.
Tf Doc Cook will tell In minuto detail
Silverton Appeal: Jerome 1. Sim
mons died at his home near Monitor,
Oregon, Wednesday, October 13, 191.",
aged 58 Tears, after an illness of nine
lays. The funeral was bold in the
Masonic hall at Woodburn on Friday
at 1 o'clock p. m. Interment in Belle
Pass! cemetery.
Woodburn Independent: Mrs. Jane
J. llolcomb died at the homo of her
daughter, Mrs. M. C. Davis, on Mon
day of caricoma of the stomach, at the
advanced age of 72 years. Mrs. llol
comb was morn ia Virginia and moved
to Oregon at an early sue and settled
near i-ugone, where sao lived until
coming here to make her home with Mr.
and Mrs. M. C. Pavis. Mrs. llolcomb
was the mother of eight children, six
of whom survive her. They are: Mrs.
ai. C. Pavis, Woodburn; Mrs. Bertha
M. (tibson Hood liivcr; Mrs. Nellie M.I
Franklin, Washington; J. II. llolcomb,
California; C. C. llolcomb, Washing
ton, and H. V. llolcomb, Coburg.
Silverto.i Tribune: The old gallon
house built lit across the Abiipia
river ou the ML Angel road suortly af
ter Silverton became a dry town, is a
thing of the past. J. M. Zeis is tour
ing it down and will use the lumber for
a better purpose. The destruction of the
old building brings to mind a bit of his
tory dating back to the year when
Silverton took on tho reform move
ment and voted out the saloons. A few
weeks after the saloons cloeed the
buildinir wns erected by one of the ex-
booze venders, and a little stock of
liquors was put in. It was supposed to
be a placo where consumers of the
I'icry goods could buy it by the gallon,
but, it is said, they were not required
to pay for it all at one time, or remove
the entire amount at the time the piir
hase was made. An nutomobilo wns
run frequently from Silverton to tho
rond house end this wns equally us well
" Aurora Observer: It is reported that
the county court is ngnin considering
the building of a new bridge across
the Willamette at Salem. It is under
stood that Mnriou county and Snloin
are to put up two-thirds and I'olk couu
tv one-third of the cost. Under the
Tlimriinit, luur thft 1 0 1 tilY nillHt. mir.
exceed cither the 19111 or tho 1U taxes':0. endeavoring tn see this aecoin-
by more than t) per cent.
Tho total
...iuu.it lor which t no county court
made levies in UMI was " 1,01 1,01,
and in 1!14, tr5;i,720.HH. Thus the
taxing power of tho county court for
this year is limited to ifll27,i:t2.0H, or
the amount levied in 101,1, plus six per
cent. The county tax budget for 11M.1
has not been made up yet but it is es
timated that it will bo about tho same
as last year. According to tins it would
give the county about $liu,inxi ror tne i county lor several years, were brougiit
erection of tho bridge provided there j hero this afternoon by sheriff (leorge
were no incrcused expenses in any oth- Ouine ami Jo.ioph Hykes to fuce o.
er departments of tho county. churgc of larceny. The accused men
were nrrestcd upon complaint, of W. It.
(lervaiB Star: The Mr. Angel Trill- I'inson, of Coles Vullcy, who allege,
line published by Henry K. Itrowne, that they stole ucviiiul iicud 0f his cnt
iiud which succeeded tho Mt. Angel I tie, which they later killed and sofd
Times, abandoned by Pert C. Jones, its to u local butcher,
rounder, has moved its plant to Silver- - '
ton where a paper will be published i
lor miverton.
Auiusville Record: Pled, lit her resi
dence in Auiusville, October II, 1015,
Mrs. Kinnia K. Speer, ugo III years II
months and 21 days. Kiiimn K. I'aiuter
was burn at Harrisburg I'u., June 20,
inr.4. Sho was married to Marcus 11.
Speer ut (iulesburg, Illinois, October
it, IK75. To tnis union wns born eight
sons and one daughter. Tho first 15
years of their married life was spent
in Illinois. ' They cnino to Oregon in
AUirch, 1MI0 and havo since that time
mado their homo at Auiusville. Sim
united with the Christina church about
20 years ugo. Pcsidcs her husband, M.
II. Speer, seven sous survive ner, F. W.,
P. C, and C. I, nil of Alame.lu, Califor
nia, It, W., ef Junction City, M. H. Jr.,
of Tngeiit, and A, P, Mini llriind, of
Aurora Observer: The valuation of
property in the incorporated cities mid
towns of the county Is given ns fol
lows: Auiusville--11:1,425.
Aurora,- 154,720.
liutteville I.1,:ill0.
ioi!iilil-47,l 15.
(iervais 11.1,1155.
Jet fersoii 170,450.
Mt. Angel 1 10,005,
Salem 10,002,510.
Silverton 1,024,270.
St. "Pnul-5.1,215.
Turner 1 10,715.
West Woodlmi n5.1, 7!0.
Woo.lbnrn N22,0f0.
Total l4,22,r.;i,-.
The following is the assessed vulua
tion in the mud districts ol this pint of
ine county:
Hist. No. 1 (Aurora)
Hist. Nrt. 2 (Hubbard)
Hist. No. .1 (Donald)
Dist. No. 01 (liutteville) ,
1105,1 o
These figures do not include the cor
poriition assi -ssment 4 which are made in
ccaasaasasa ye liberty BQSzansszmss
. E'ff
"The Closing Net"
A Cold Rooster Play in Five Tarts by Henry
Rowland, Featuring
Howard Estabrook of the Officer (M Co., Bliss
Milford and Kathryn Rrownc-Dcckcr.
Burr Mcintosh - Max Figman
Featured in the New Adventures of
We don't
have sun
shine! When it does rain ev
ery man needs a com
fortable water-proof
outside garment.
And so we have pre
pared to take. care of a
considerable propor
tion of Salem men this
Fall, by having in
readiness some very
attractive rain coats
and at very moderate
Also a lot of oil coats
for hard wear.
Everything to suit
everybody whether
teamster or autoist.'
Leading Clothiers
The Toggery 107 Com'l St.
Jiiincs 11. Polhemns, V. Parker, C. TJ.
Wright and W. Hudiiii, United States
engineers, arrived here Tuesday morn
ing for the purpose of making a survey
of the l'uiqua bar as asked by tut
I'ort of Umpqua, which is the first stop
in tho direction of building jetties for
the improvement of this harbor, sayn
Hie Port UinpqiiH Courier. This will bo
welcome news tor those who have been
1 pUsln-ii. In IPOI a survey was made
ii'nier engineer Tower lor the samo
purpose, but it nppcurn that obstacles
were thrown in the way of tho im
I'lovcmcnt by par.ies interested, and
the govcrnm.'.it friled to do anything
in the matter of improvement.-
Jioscbnrg Heview: C. C, Priggs nnd
Joseph West, who have resided In the
j Hubbard Creek vieiuity of Douglas
1 1 Smugglers Nearly
Deceived the Officers
Seal tie, Wash., Oct. ID. Customs In
spectors were trying today to learn
the identity of member of a smuggling
ring who were to havo removed it7U,
HOli worth of opium discovered uhonrd
tho Uluo I-'hikii'I liner Calchus, now
lying in diyilock hero.
The contriiliaud in believed to havo
been stored in one of tho vessels air
shafts at Liverpool. Customs Inspector
On 1 1 or lie I'ouiid the stuff after tho
liner's engineer had complained of u,
faulty flue. Tne draft had been poor
since leaving Liverpool, he ,snid, und
Osborne, crawling into the tube, found
l,5Sr tins of tho drug.
Since leaving Liverpool the Calchas
stopped at Panama , Sun Francisco,
Vancouver and Victoria, and was
searched by cusloms iiupectors at each
Peing overpruiseii, October presumes
to "ad up" and behave like Novem
ber. Give Your
A Chance
Help it, when it India tone or strength,
by the use of
Stomach Bitters
You'll find it very helpful