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National Coffee Week, October 18th to 234
-- 1" I ft tr If ' . "- 1
mm imo kaa ;
I flJVt l fcA-AV triUteA
COFFEE - ffupcr-Quality
j i the Coffee which satisfies the refined taste of those who
know the best. Its full, mellow blend puts it in a class by
The "Royal Club" H ovist . . . . . . Portland, Ore.
K "iTyV'i" 77 nn533
. 1 IV Mil 1 iVL
vma i Mm8
Misterious Disappearance of
Fire Hose To Be Inves
tigated by Council
Lang & Co. Were the Only Coffee Roasters Who Gave the
Public the Benefit When the Price of Raw Coffee Came Down.
Ten Weeks In Bed I
Physicians FaKed Won
derful Recovery
I wish to inform you of the great
have through all ages past and will!
through all years to come take care'
of the ordinary simple ailments in-
cidont to every family with their own;
favorite remedy.
Tn almost everv home in the land
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com- benefit 1 have derived from the use of
pound is the recognized standard Swamp-Root. 1 had been a sufferer
household remedy for female ills; f -r more than twenty years from kid-
thousands of American women owe ney and liver trouble and was almost
their good health to it. Made from ' .constantly treated by the most eminent
the rout, and herbs of the field, it is physicians, who could only give me
a simple remedy in which suffering I temporary relief. I had been in bed
women imiv nlaee ucrfect confidence, ten weeks when I began the use of
It contains' no narcotics or harmful Swamp-Root, inside of twenty-four
jrllg8. I hours I could see that I had been
m ; greatly benefited. 1 continued to use
I Swamp-Root until I had used several! city, there is a deep undercurrent of
bottles when I really felt that my old; feeling that the duy of the loganberry
iff trouble was completely cured and I amjis close at hand, and that the oxtcn-
! positive that unv person suffering with sive advertising now unaer way is
kidney or liver trouble can be cured by' bringing the berry and its products in
Sherman Coined
Phrase "War Is Hell"
Portland Ad Club Gets In and
Will Celebrate Loganberry
Day This Month
Among the different firms in the
The regular meeting of the city coun
cil last night was a routine session with
the exception ot the presentation of
the tentative city tux budget which will
be acted upon by the council at a spe
cial meeting to be called next Mon
day to discuss the separate items of
the budget. The tentative budget calls
for $174,(100 to provide for the ex
penses of the city which with the $10,
S00, which Will come to the city from
licenses, fines and interest on funds,
will provide approximately $l$5,fl00 as
outlined iu yesterday s issue of this pa
per. On the present property valua
tion it is estimated that the city tux
next venr will be about 14 mills.
Three ordinances were referred back
to the council by the committee with
the recommendation tlint thev be indef
initely postponed, the jitney ordinance
was tabled with the one making it un
luwful to place obstructions, in streets
and alleys. The ordinance limiting the
speed of steam trains to three miles nn
hour, within the city limits was also
slated for indefinite postponement by
the committee but was recalled by the
street committee and the committee
was ordered to make a personal investi
gation of the condition of Twelfth
street. The S. P. also came in for criti
cism relative to the disappearance of
somo fire hose during the fire at the
flour mill on Commercial and -Trade
Counc.ilmnn Mills staled that when he
came to the fire it was noticed tlintj
there were two freight cms near the
binning mill and these cars were rolled
i down the Vnck by a number of men
who were spectators at the fire I.nter.
said Mr. Mills, the cars were moved
I across the street and over two lines of
hose cutting them in two. Tin fire
men made haste to put iu and couple up
new sections and left the severed pieces
on the ground. Wlie i, they went to re
cover the pieces " Kxhibit A" and
"r.xlnbit H had disappeared and no
trace could bo found of them. It was
voted to send a bill for $10(1 to tho S.
P. for the hose and if the bill were re
fused tordffer a reward for any in
formation leading to the apprehension
of the parties who drugged off the
Mis. Rnt'liffe was notified tint no
matron v. cu'd be employed til the O.i
gn l-.loclr'.e. depot owing to the pres
ent condition of the city's f:..Mios.
I inhts were ordered at tho Intersection
It has been necessary to equip an
other room at the grade school and
engage a new teacher owing to tho
crowded condition of the fourth, ami
fifth grades. Miss Kora Browne will
teach the new sixth grade room. This
makes two teachers to a grade up to
the sixth grade, with an average of
,'15 pupils to each teacher. The enroll
ment is about 10 per cent above what it
was last year.
Martin' Tinglestad was in Port land
last Tuesday, to be in attendance at
the hospital at the time of his father's
operation, ile returned witti Kev. ii.
A. White Tuesday evening.
The Uuv Chumncss family are hav
ing their iiousehold goods shipped here
from (ioldondalo. Wash., where thev
have been living, and plan on locating
in this city.
Kenneth Bennett, the little son of
Mrs. Bessie Bennett, was taken to Sa
lem the first of tho week to consult a
specialist about an nbsccss that is form
ing on his leg that was injured some
time ago.. The little fellow was in the
hospital a long time when he was first
injured, and it is to bo hoped there
will not have to be another operation.
John Quail, the transfer man, moved
to the Milster house on North Water
street, the first of the week.
llr. and Mrs. A. K. Wrlghtinnn at
tended the grand lodge session of the
Knights of Pythias at Portland this
I.con Hertzol nnd wife were business
callers from iSeotts Stills tho first of
the week,
Mrs. W. B. Preudell died nt the home
of her father, John Mosor, on Tucs
day of this week. Hhe cause of her
death was apoplexy, and cam as a
shock to-her relatives and friends. She
is survived by nine children all of
whom live nt Berry, Wash., except one
in Canada. Uer husband passed on two
venrs Biro, at Berrv, Wash., and she has
been in Silverton a little over a year
Change of Time
Motor Car Service
Salem-Dallas-Falls City
Effective October 20th,
No. 170 No. 168
:I0 P.M. 5:00 P.M.
0:40 P. M. 5:00 P. M.
7:4,i P.M. tS:00 P.M.
Pall City ...
No. 167
Ar. 6:0,1 P. M.
o:30 T. M.
1:00 T. M.
All other trains siune as before.
Portland, Ore., Oct. 19. Regardless the use of this preparation.
of the statements of some historians toi X am now in tho best or iicaitu, uer-; ', ..,, "'' "-- ntro.rt. me ngnt nc
the contrary, Rev. Thomas Ewing Mier-; ter than 1 have been for ten years or Wherever tho berry was sold lM-tHir,,ot iri. stntimi w
man, of St. Louis, son of General Sher
nf r.'wen v-tliirrt ntul Tlnvnl nnd nt
to favorable consideration, not only in ii.tvree.i'cr of Hose avenue nnd Suriici
near the old Ferrv
was ordered moved
1 do not know how to express year in tho improved cartons and with ,.t0 vhirteeiith nsd state streets.
. .. . ., . t. in . , mi, iii'rrf.r nii'imiiiK ill .uurKiiu. it ill I
man, is firm in tne declaration tonny , myseir as strongly i msirc, m inm -.- .-- - -
that his distinguished father really did J of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, as 1 am with recipes for its correct preparation
coin tho world famous epigram "War sure that it saved my life and that my , h.v. Rr,lly -ncrcnscd, occord.ng
is hell." good health is due entirely to this' tilc hen he evaporated
It was in the early RO's, Father Sher-!great remedy. 1 hoartilv recommend it. lofftuiborry was first sen to the eastern
man said, in an address before the gra- f0 cvery Jtteret and 'am confident;
duating class of cadets at a military , thpy ca , be bouefito.l as I have been.l " - , " P J tZVirV-
scnool in Micnignn. I It is a pleasure tor me, gentlemen, to evaporated' fruits Now that all I
In an interview Father Sherman i v,,, .. i,: recmmiiendntion. Icr evnP"r""u ."mm now inai nil n ,.mill
.tronrlv advocated military and naval! mp u. t PurcK. PK" " " '.tn spec.a.lnt , (li(((.UBB , umi, (lf
v ... - i (iir.timm. tti'itor roan tr nre (imninfu. t .. 1 . 4 t 1
preparedness. ; ' 1 1400 Center St. Portsmouth, Ohio, i Thg iociiuberrv fruit is so stroiiir that', """g1''- "lumuiiicuiinn us reim
Father Sherman is in the northwcsM perM01iall ,ippearlM bfore me thli! t'e , , "J 8 L cook ng t , "e i fbr:''1 ' " "'r"n'u,",r" .uf ' I!"1"';,
looking over the country with a view I 3,h f J, m9, Mrs. II. J.j 0 f , ir' , "r te S I nsa InZCommerc? , no
.. , .. . .. .., ,.A. i ineui ana inne v'u " I mis proportion or wilier is necessary ,i ',.m..,.,.;i n,,rtl, i,.. ur,,
o secure the original volume or tlte st(ire Tjl(! , W(1(( rcf(irrfl , ,M,
.puce which was converted into sugars , , r(1ItHnittP.. Ti. Drlitiu to lm-
I he Kp'eet committee wns ('iv- ii per
irission to purchase 2,000 yards (f
No. 2 crushed gravel to resurface llighl
land avenue from tho fairgrounds roiid
to Broadway.
Taxpayers' Meeting November 10,
It was dcciibd to eal a -.neetinu ol
the tax payers of the city in the council
r 10,
noil. He left for scuttle late last nigut . . ,,,. nn,. in fa..t
I K. A. caivcrr,
Thieves stole six bronze door sills j
from Cleveland's new eitv hall. Civic ;
spirit, though strong in Cleveland, can
still find room to permeate. I
Notary Public.
Letter to
Dr. Kilmer ft Co.,
Binghamton, N. T.
Stove PoK8hroP5oj
in t no evaporating process .i.rtv street from the south line
In addition to the titilOicity campuign ()f ()uk Mtr,.,.t , tle nurth linc ,)f i,,,,.
now being pushed by the interested Mr)l(,t ,,y Krn;ng wnH r,.f,,rr,.a to
firms in this city, the Portland Ad dublh ,:mlllI1tt,,B allJ tlu ..i,, CI1.
t... tnl. ..n il.n firm 1,4 ..H ,l,n li.l.nn. I "
IIUH lUM'll 111,' ilKt l"l i"-
berry, and to especially bring the at
tention of the stato as well as the whole
TTS different from
I others because more care'
- U taken in the making
and the materials used are of
higher grade.
Black Silk
Stove Polish
Makes a brWItnt. silky po'l'h that floes
not rub off or dust otf , an ttiie sUnclastp .
tour times as lonir ordinary ttova
polish. Used on suniple sioves nociu
by harilwar nnl grocrry denier.
All ,.l i.afnnl lluitnn vnur Puok tOV4.
don't lird It th bait tv polUb T'"l " i
o'd, your dLlcr Ii ojtlnnil to r ro- d yiwr I
money. Iwft ,m tf lalc btovi-1 o.uu.
Uuik la Uquid or r.iuto- -tint qiwlity.
Black Silk Stove Polish Workt
Sterlinir. DlinoM
Dk Black f Ilk r.Dcylr Iran tmmrl m
arBti-n.rKlfil-'rt.clop-l'.p"-' r'?wnti nHno. I
T.'m Buck fttlk Itotal ff-ollh fiTntvpr, nirml I
rbTHM. lthwinoetuaii'M,ilon
PmvA What HwamD-Root Will Do For
You country to its ndvanrtiges us a iinna,
Send ten cents to lr. Kilmer & Co., will designate a special day this month
Binghamton, N. Y., for a sample sizeto be known as loganberry day. Thr
bottle It will convince anyone. You ; action on the part of the Ad club of
will also receive a booklet of valuable I Portland will be noted in the daily pa,
information, telling about the kidneys pcrs throughout the country and W'lllb
sad bladder When writing, be sure and! of inestimable benefit. And to Interest
u . . t iV. :i c0ii.r the school children in lognnberries, the
ijoZa? SguJV V;nt..d o..rfb -m offering pri.es of W
journal. r ' J I fnr til0 ert nol,m on loganberries thai
dollar size oouies tor u.e v b, nn . nn . - ,...,...
of tho day i 'f
Hofer Appreciated
Florists To Be There
(Capital Journal Special Service.)
Corvallis, Oct. IX. (Ins Hofer, a
Cornier Salem high m hool stur and ex
captain of the O. A. ('. football team,
went into tiie game with W. S. C. nt
Corvallis Saturday for the firt time
this season. Although not folly recov
ered from his injury received iu pre
season procure and carrying Ins hand
Five Fatally Injured
Hundreds Are Hurt
Juliet, 111., Oct. Ii". Three trainmen
a.id two pas.e-igers were probably fa
tallv injured, and a score seriously hurt
today 'when a Chicago and Alton com
muter' train run into an open switch.
Among the injured was Mrs. W.
Tavlor, of California, whose legs were
broken and skull fractured and she was
I..:., ...l Intor.-uMV.
iiiji.i.-M . ,,.i i n season practice ana currying ins iibiiu
(,f the 3.1 MHsenKor. i aboard . :,,,, ,, jM ,.. h, Hv,, nia
few escaped without bruises or ;,01,,,rf fousive game at left
Too trammel were ...ig in.... " ,, Kr..-i..l and followers of the?
the rums, or ma ioro...... . "",n" o. A. C. team nUke nre glad to hear
crashed headlong into ,. sw t h engine , f fQ (fcc
at speed or ".... "Midie" Allen, a so well known
The commuters
and four coaches.
Government expert, engineer, of Packard
and Ford companies, and other authori
ties, declare oil from a.phalt-base crud
has greatest efficiency. And it was on
tfficiencf that Zerolene, the oil made from
Ca'ifornii asphalt-base petroleum, was
awarded highest competitive honors San
Francisco and San Diego Expositions.
Standard Oil Company
fa Standard W for Hotor Cars
here took the place of Abraham, in-1
jured ill the latter pint of the last,
ipmrter, and made some good gains
uguinst tho heavy Washington staten
who succeeded in plugging the O. A. C.
line for score of zk to ().
I Halein and I'urtlnnd fionsts will
liiropnl.lv be represented bv elaborate!
1 .... ... i :...!.... I .1 il
;exniits at- i.ie iiurticuiuirHi annw .11
icorvnllis November Hi, 17 nnd 1H, if
jprese.it plans work out. This show is
under the direction of the dcpattiiient
of horticulture at O. A. C. and prob-' ...
collection of .;
A. A. I.ee was uppoliitcd by Mayor
White to succeed himself lis a mem
ber of the library board and the tip.
pointment was rutified by the council.
The crosswalks on Miller struct were or
dered repai'ed and an old fire horse
was ordered Innned to a farmer who
would prov dc the animal with a good
Budget to Be Submitted.-
The tentative budget which will be
submitted to the public meeting of tax
payers culls for tire niilowing items:
General Funa.
Recorder's salary, $1,200.
Clerk hire, 1,7-10.
Treasurer's Hilary, $1,000.
City attorney, $1,1)00.
Stenographer, city attorney, $400
Mnr-hal's salary, $1,200.
Sain lies, police department, $4,ftl0.
Kxpi use, city jail, $000.
Suluries and maintenance fire ile
paitniut, $15. too.
Health offic. r, $.r.00.
Iiiciitcntal c:ieiises, henlth officer,
I uo'ic. park". $2,500.
l.iuhtiiiL', $1.".,435.
Kiigimfiihg and surveying, $3,000.
Honil redemption, $3,7SH.O.'l.
Public libriitv. $5,l0.
Klc-tioiis, 1,500.
Mainte11a1.ee of niblic
Public printing, $1,000.
Fuel, city hall, $500.
Incidental expenses of city, $5,000.
Snbiiy, p"iict inutro.i, T'."''.
' Salaiv, pi'li'-c matron O. K. depot,
I $100.
Water sno fire liydrants, $1,000.
Diiiid i nt el 'st and instullineiils,
$12.3 "7 .50.
Maintcnahee of baud, $.1,00(1.
IU ile n, pt 1 "ii of sink.n fund loan.
taking care of her aged father. Funer
al services were held nt the hoaie, Fri
day afternoon, Albyn Essen officiating.
The body was shipped to the old home
in Washington nnd infd to rest beside
Hint nf her husband.
Miss Esther tlremniels returned to
her homo nt Salem, Friday, after two
weeks spent with her sister, Mrs. rloyi
norn At the limn nnoncr nome ens.
of town, on Friday, October 8. a seven
nnd ..lie- half nound Hirl. A fine baby
boy is also reported at tho homo of
Mr. and Mrs. Karl Crowder.
Mrs. Oeoriro Do Spain cave a dinner
Wednesday evening, in honor of her
father nnd mother, Mr. and Mrs. K
lllstndi who recently came from Toron
to. S, ., on tt visit.
Mr. and Mrs. F.rmal Cramer returned
home Friday, and will occVpy the liem
mington cottage on Koous street.
Mrs. A. I. Porter came home from
the Silverton hosiiitnl Wednesday
where she hus been treated for blood
poison. There was one place that would
not heul 'und it was decided to try
grafting new skin on the affected part
The oneration was performed by Or
Keenn und was very successful. She is
very clad to be able to return home nft
er a four months' stay at tho 'hos
pital. ' .
Rev. O. A. White aceompaiiii'il B
Tinglestad to I'oitlnnd Monday where
Mr. Tinglestad wns operated on for
gall stones at the I.io.T Mimiiiitnii ims
nitnl Tuesday morning. H en me
thrnno-h the oiieralion finely ami is re
covering ns fast as can be expected.
Dr. F. I). Lewis has gone to Chicago
tn take up a post-graduate course in
one of the large hospital of that city.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Brnnkey and li'tle
son were visiting nt the home of Mr.
and Mrs. John Kwert nt St. ruul the
last of the week and spent a tew days
with relatives tit Ml. Angel on their
wnv home.
tho Arthur TTuluirt family invited
few neighbors to their home last r'li
day evening to un old fashioned corn
roast, in honor of their guest, Mrs. Silns
Newell, who was visiting here from
Now Hampshire. They report a very
plensnnt time, and rounded out the ev
ening tnnstiiig mnrsliiiinlhi, euting
cantaloupes mid drinking cider.
Mr. und .Mj . l'helps entertained their
daughter-in-law, Mrs. Karl 1'lndp find
little son, of Hei'miston, Ore,, the first
of this week.
Mrs. Alfred Oswald and children of
Ml. Angel were visiting at the Joe l.ais
home on Tuesday Inst. Mr. Oswald is
a sister of Mr. l.ais
Jul y Circle spent lust Saturday
night with friend nti Woodburn and
took iu the big dance in the evening.
Mr. ami Mrs. H. B. I.athiiin and chil
dren, also Mabel Stewart, motored over
to Si.lcul last Sunday where they spent
the day nt the home, of Mr. nod Mr, j
M. I.. 1 .a th 11 m. j
Rev. J. ('. Muscimol and wife were
calling nt the country home nf Mr. nnd!
Mrs. Arthur llobart, lust Monduy nfter- 1
Dallas Airlic
3:00 r. M.
;l:2t P.M.
3:30 P.M.
Lv. Dallas Ar. 4:30 P. M.
Monmouth 4:30 P. M.
Ar. Airlie Lv. 3:35 P. M.
Gerlinger-- Independence
No. 138 No. 137
3:10 P. M Ar. (lerlinger Lv. 4:3B P. M.
4:55 P. M, Lv. Independence Ar. 4:52 P. M.
For further information as to rales, time of trains, etc., consult local
John M. Scott, General Passenger Agent, Portland, Oregon,
Mrs. Everett 1'hilipl, of South Silver- from Monitor Sunday and visited at
ton, got his finger in tho cogs of a cider Harvey llartman's. Mrs. Jacobson in
mill, sinusliing it badly. This little chap a sister of Mrs. Hurtiiiun.
seems to have been rutner unfortunate 1 Spencer Baxter has accepted a posi-
... 1 , 1 . . 1.. j.. ... I A! t At... L'....4 VI, I.'!.. ........
US tlllS IS 1 110 tlliril urcuiein 111 .llisr lll.l.u. ut mu r.iisv invumuii x. Aiu.t flio.i;
short, time, but fortunately 110 scriouin 1'ortlund, Ore., leaving for thut plnco
results have followed any of them, .Mommy, iie expects to 00 gone unlet-
B. F. I.ohr, of Koseburg, was ill the . niitciy.
itv for the week-end. a uuest ut the 1 Mrs. Chus. Page was pleusiintiyl sur-
home of his wife's parents, Mr. and prised lust Monday afternoon, when a
Mrs. John Wolfard. goooiy uumoer or. ner iii'iy riicnus, rep-
Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Miidsen nre niov- j resenting the l'yluiiiii lodge, gathered
ing south ot town near the electric light
plant, where he will bo near his work.
Airs. W. T. Main entertained some
friends from Bamboo, Wis., the first of
the week, they were Mr. Mnttke and
two daughters, who are 011 their way
to tho Frisco fair, and traveling by
automobile. They have been traveling
inc July, and plan on wintering in
The Misses Blanche und Ina Hubbs
entertained the teachers of this city In
at her home lor a social utteruooii.
Mrs. Page is soon to move to their coun
try home on the Abiiptu,
Tho regular meeting of the W. S. H.
C. was held at the homo of Mrs, B, H.
Bentsou last Friday afternoon. A very
interesting and instructive business ses
sion wtis attended to ami a program,
the first of a well prepared course of
study was given. Mrs. S. K. Kichardsou
sang a pretty (Ionium love song and
was followed hy .Mrs. (t. H. Uentson,
eluding tho high school faculty, Mr. and 1 who devoted 1111 interesting liulf hour
Mrs. James and (lordon McCull at their
home lust Friday evening. The decorti
tions wero the beautiful, ninny tinted
autumn leave, and rook was the ev
ening's diversiou. A fino time is re
ported by nil present.
.Mr. and -Mrs. K. K. O'Kiuie und chil
dren went to I'oitlnnd Tuesday for a
visit with ilrs. O'Kaue's sister, Mrs.
on the discussion of current events, in
which some of the Indies joined, A pa
per by Mrs. Main 011 the "Develop
ment of (iermnny as a World Power,"
and a short talk on Oregon early his
tory and Oregon law by the president,
Mrs. A. J, Iticliardson, each vliowing
a careful study of these subjects, wen'
enjoyed by till. There iH a plan to have
a tluee days' ileiuoiistiatioii Iu ilnim'-i-
John Sidney Youiiir was born in Ver-1 tie science during tho Silverton fair,
moat on July 1H, 1H70, ami passed tiwavland it is expected Hint a representative
ut the homo of his sinter, Mrs. Willi from Corvallis will conduct the deiu
Blair, tit (lutoway, 011 Monday, October j (lustration. The next regular meet ing
11. Mr. Young wus eniiiigcd iu busi
ness in this city several years, having
by his kind and genial milliner won
many friends. He has lived on his farm
near Miiripinm, until about three weeks
before his death. Ho leaves a wife and
four daughters, also his mother, Mrs. 1,.
will bo held ut -Mrs. F. K. Callistors.
Seattle, Wash., Oct, 10. llei 1111111 t
Huuek is out on $.100 bond todny
('. Wliittington, six Druthers unit One cliaigoil witn stealing nsn. ne owe 111 1
sister. The funeral services were hold 1 nrrest to the ingenuity of lOlnicr W.
from the M. K. church at this place utjSaiiford, a fisherman. Snnford had been
1:30 o'clock Wednesday afternoon. Hev.; missing fish from his nets. To identify
Atcheson nsd the locui W. O. W. order, the stolen fish he wrote his mime on it
of which he wus a member, conducted piece of paper, Inclosed it in a sniull
ti.e fiinernl services. Interment was buttle and placed the bottle in the
mtide in the Silverton cemetery. throut of a dead salmon. Then he
H. Jacobson und wife were over' waited for the thief and caught Hunck.
Mill Wood!
The little six-year-old 111 of Mr. a ml
ably represents as fine
September 30 of $S2,i-A
The report showetd the following
Balance oil'hi.nd nt the close of
lust quarter, $105,585X1.
Total cash received July improve
ment fun, I. $l.4H0.3O.
Total cash received July municipal j
fund. 1.51)2.72.
Total cash received for August, nn-1
buildings,! iiroveinent fund, $S.12ii.27.
Total ensn rcc.vfi. o. ;ii,"i.
nicipal fund, $370.20.
Total cash received for September Im
provement fund, $12,05.34.
Total receipts, $1 15.S5I.10.
Total disbursement July iinrrovc
meat fund, $2(i.325.-i4
Total disbursements July municipal
fund. HH2.H70.il.
Total disbursements July i.J"'iii
newer fund. $2,03H.42.
Totnl disbursements August improve
Special Price for
1 Q Days
5 Load Lots at $1.75 per Load
Prompt Delivery
Spaulding Logging
horticultural products is seen in the . , . :.. ', . ssnl
upper Willuinette valley Not only ' J; , 'lm(. ,;
products of the orchard and gaiden, but I ( V; " " '
all sorts of machinery, etc., for the
handling of these crops tin shown,
making It r.n instructive display at
Portland, Ore., Oct. . Cruelty,
i ..i:... .......... . L:ll V....L.
"I " " ?' ... '. . T. a: I: ' Um- total. $15,000.
on fib, here May by Kate Sapping- f -'r , ,,,.,,
ton, against Lieutenant (hfford f. . , ... .,11i i,..,
SappiagtonU. H. A. urge, .tutioned k nnnrtrrlr report to the council 1,.
at Tci. cTty, Tela.. ' "'K', ''"S on tud H, cU,M
lii.iu 'encv f-oin street fund levy ol ment fund, $710.27,
Total (iisnorseineiiis
spec to
titreet Tund.
Sul ir.v. street commissi, ner, $1.00.
Material and labor, street depart
ment, is.tro.
Coi,:t ruction and maintenance city
bridge $1,000.
Bnerial Sever Fund.
Tnntnlliiients 24,0lKI, Interest $21,-
August inn
nicipal fund, $7,7M.fiO.
Total di'duirsenients serial ewi-r
fund, $117.04.
Tola disbursements September nil-
Iprovemcnt fund, $1,744.
m .1'.. ,..,.,, tu Mi.i,tinibir mil-
I moo " I
nir'n.nl fund. $10,507.
Total tlisbursments spcrlnl s.w.r
fund. $701.0(1.
Total disbursements, $12,020.10,
Balance nn hand at close of Septem
ber 30, $S2,02!J.
The report state further that there
is In the bank $2,1011.112, of Oak addi
tion bonds, '
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