Daily capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1903-1919, October 15, 1915, Page SEVEN, Image 7

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The Mens' Clothing Department
Is Filled With Clothing for
All Sorts of Weather
The Celebrated Crayon Artist
That has been with us several times before, is with us
again in our Commercial Street window. His work
has been extremely satisfactory, his work is accurate
and true to the photo. The only way you can secure
"the benefit of his work is to buy $1.00 worth of mer
chandise at this store and your sales check or a cou
pon which we give you will entitle you to have a pic
ture enlarged for only 9Sc to pay for the cost of
New Line
Silk Petticoats
just Received
All Colors
Silk and Linen
All colors,
guarteed to
wear, the best
of anything we
have, special
One Line
Gray Fleeced
Values to 35c
now 15c
. Garment
Salem Well Supplied Though
Other Willamette Points
Tnt unprecendetited rush in the lum
ber business which has started in the '
last few days has marie itself felt in a,
ear shortage which has taken the form !
of numerous complaints which have '
been filed at the office of the State i
Public Utilities commission in the last j
two days. In all it in estimated bv i
ft jt ijc )Jt st ))c sjc ifc jt sfc jc 3fC )c )Jt ijc
There are hundreds of people in
Sulom who wore not the least bit t ar
piised when they read in the Jov nal
thai Daniel J. Fry is selling Mi o n
on a guarautee to rofund the money in
case it did not relieve. This remark-
i able dyspepsia remedy will relieve the
worst vase of indigestion, headache,
dizziness, or the general played-out eon-
dition that afflicts every one suffering
i w ith stomach trouble, Mi-o-na does not
j simply relieve, it aims to cure.
l'anicl J. Fry can tell you of many
I well known people in this city who this
remedy has restored to health, often
i after they have tried many other
methods of treatment with little or no
benefit. No other dyspepsia remedy Ins
mniln so large a percentage of cures as
Mi-o ua. It is so largo that Daniel J.
Fry stamls ready to refund the price
to snv customer whom it does not help.
The best kind of advertising is tho
! the commission that there is a short-! I'taise of a pleased customer, ami thoro
.age of about 200 cars in Willamette; nie hundreds in Salem today praising
valley today and although the com-; Minna because it does what it is ari-
jpauie appear to he using tlieir nest i vertisod to do. A few months ago they
leirons to suppiv ears tne nusinoss
The bright sunshiny weather like we have been having this Fall or blustery
wintery weather, Snappy Smart Clothing, Durable, well Tailored, the kind that
makes you proud that you bought them, and that we are proud to carry them.
Style, splendid fabrics, satisfactory wear and MODEST PRICES, .go .hand in
hand at this exclusive Men's Clothing Shop.
.broken Lines
;- $7.50, $8.50. $9.50,
$10.00 and $12.09
The regular prices of
these Suits are $15, $20
; and $25.
ualmm commtmeiAL CLU0
Children's Velvet Lined Cream White Pants and Vests
Values to 65c
Now, 25c Garment
This is a wonderful offer as these are extra good
crowing taster than the shipping fueil
I Sawmills which have been shut down
I for a year or two or running short
j handed are now increasing their output
and the lumber business which has been
the dullest, in the history of the trade
'for sonic time is now picking up with a
i vengeance. The mills are swamcri with
j rush orders but tho side trucks are bare
I of sufficient freight cars to supply the
' demand
could enl nettling without wondering
what the result would be. Since using
Mioua, they eat what they want and
a hen they want, with no fear of suffer
ing. This medicino cornea in tho form
of a small tablet and is very pleasant to
lake. It speedily and permanently re,--licves
almost all forms of stomach
troublo and is tho only ono sold under
a positivo gunrantco without nny re
striction, to refund tho money if it
The shipping business in the city
I does not relieve. This is a good time.
of ft u,"l J'ou Kht to take ad
vantage of Daniel j. Fry s offer.
Salem appears to bo well taken care
jof according to the commission because1 "
I of the ilumber of freight enrs that nrrHAS REMARKABLE GOL
unlonded hero and aro immcdintelv i LECTION OF WAR PHOTOS .
available for shipments out to other; TAKEN BY FRENCH SOLDIERS
points, The greatest shortage appears '
jio be in the outlying districts where Florence La lmrile, co-stnr with Wil
there is less shipping in and it is neces-; liam Morris in "Monsieur T.ecoq," a
sary to run in strings of empties to four-act Mutual Mnstcrpicture based
linove the products of the booming lum-jon Kmilo Unboriau's famous detective
ber mills, j of fiction, is the possessor of VJU re-
The Hammond Lumber company re-, markable photographs taken by sol
I ported a shortage of 71 cars nt Mill ; ,i,Ms in the trenches In northern
City this morning, the Coast liango 1 France, depicting trench life, the lie
l.umliei company nt Highland on the j strnction following bombardments and
; Wendling branch out. of F.ugono re-1 Bufferings of civilians. Xlnnv of "tiio
( porta a shortage of ,'.2 cars, the Fisher photos were taken by a Weil known
Lumber company at Marcoln ou tho; French motion picture actor who has
'same line reports an 1H cur shortage. Pn ()0 fnmt almost since the op
; Silverton reports ill) cars short and Mo-1 cuing of hostilities.
. lalla 15 and numerous other points These pictures take-.t bv tho soldier
show smaller shortages. The Salem rail- actor were smuggled past the censor
road men in the past have been nll , ,,,,,1 carried into Holland by a -well
to secure enough cars to handle the Known American, who forwarded them "
freight business here and no shortages t Miss l.a ltadie, at tho Thiinhouser
are reported by the Spnulding Lumber .studio in New Kochclle. N. Y. For
company or other Sulci in shippers.
t Out cent par word each taaar-
Copy for advertisements u
X 4ar this heading should, 1m la by
1 p. a.
All Around Town
Dr. Mendelsohn, specialist In fitting
glasses correctly. U.-8. bank bldg.
HARRY Wipdow
FIR W001 $3.50
Twenty one members of the Knighta
of l'ythias of this city made a friendly
viuit lfiat ovptiiiiir to thp Hulihnrd
per cord. Phone i0(gPi jnc j,arty nil going in uutomo-
Dr. Stone's Drug Store.
143 Court street.
ROOMS For rent.
Oct 16
night lunch. No jitney.
Fred 'b
cheap. 254 8. Liberty. Octlll
FOR SALE 3 cows and one Jersey
tinll. Phono 29F12. after 7 P. m. tf
FOR SALE Sturgis folding cart, good
condition. Phone Wain IDuU. uciio
TV ANTED Middle seed woman, light
hnosowork. O. L. Snencer. 320 South
Capital. Oct 15
FOR EXCHANGE Good single buggy
to trade for young chickens. Phone
49F2. Octl6
Dr. Stone's Drug snore.
Here is a question that U worrying
several men in this city today. If a Sunday
pipe is run iiiiyun a w u. wiuum
pay for the repairing of the roof nnd
flashing around tho pipe, the plumber
who is putting the pipe through, or the
man who is putting un the roof.
Dr. E. T. Mclntire, pnyslclan and
surgeon, 214 Masonic bldg. rhone 440.
The Rev. and Mrs. D. tl. Hediick
of liuehannon, West Virginia, are vis
iting in the city,' the guests of the
Rev. nnd Mrs. Carl Gregg Doney, 121ti
State street.
Clam chowder the best ever. White
Swan lunches.
An address will be delivered next
at the University of Oregon
Attention Modern Woodmen. F. S.
Koms, chairman of Head Hoard of
Modem Woodmen, will be here tonight.
All members meet nt hall at 8 o'clock
One of the finest trains that has
ever been operated in Oregon will
leave Portland October 28 for Sun
Francisco to oarry the governor nnd
tho Oregon commission to the exposi
tion, to celebrate official Oregou day,
October 30. The truin will run as a
special and it is expected that many
prominent men in Portland as well as
other parts of the state will make it
convenient to travel on the speciul.
Card of Thanto.
We wish to thank our friends and
neighbors lor tho kindness shown us
during the illness and death of our
father; also for the many beautiful
floral offerings.
Prisoner Says Stories Are
Circulated To Prejudice
Public Against Him
With several new styles of serpentine
dunces, the iiigh school boys will cele
brate down town this evening, as sort
of a preliminary rally fur the football
game to be played tomorrow on Wil
lamette field between Salem high and
Newberg high. Tho game will begin
at 2:311 o clock tomorrow Hl'lcrnomi, 1 nianv
and as this will be tho first game of from the glories of armed
the season for Newberg and the second
for the Salem boys, the homo boosters I
are already feeling exultant over their
prospective victory. After the down
town celebration tonight, there will be
a bonfire nt the high school athletic
field. .
obvious reasons Miss l.a Radio 'a friend
requested that iiis uume be withheld.
That Sherman knew what ho was
talking about when he made his fa
mous chiiracteriuttion of war is muni
I bail verified by a glance through the
idiotogiaphs. Interesting as they nrn
from a photographic and memento
viewpoint, nevertheless tho pictures in
instances remove the veneer
otiflict and
bv President Carl Gregg Doney. His
subject will be, "The Effects of the I o
Wnr on the Religious Conditions in I During Ui past 24 hours, the river
Europe." i raised .3 of an inch, and is now at a
o frnnge of 1.1 feet below low water
La Corona, a Salem
where quality rules.
made cigar
FOR SALE Young Berkshire boar,
White Leghorn coekrclls. H. A. Clark,
Balem. OctlS
SHIRTS Cut and. made to order. Sat
;fsoinn irnnrfliitped. 180 N. 23rd
street. OctlS
FOR SALE A square Hallct & Duvis
piano, excellent tone. A bargain,
rhone 741-M. Oct 18
FOR RENT Furniture for five rooms,
complete, first class, reasonable.
Phone 1187. Octl5
Members of the Christian church
Sunday school aro utit working this
week, securing pledges from their
friends in order to bring up the attend
ance rally day to 1000. Last year, the
attendance rully day of the church wnn
915, nnd now the figures have been set
for 1000.
IX)WT linn's watch with. gold fob, on
Ferrv street. Return to Journal ot-
fiee. Reward. $j.00.
Cecil Cooper, the five year old son
of O. E. Cooper, 1005 Broadway, fell
from an apple tree yesterday and broke
both bones of his right arm just above
the wrist. Dr. Julius H. Garnjobst
was called nnd soon had the arm band
aged up in splints so that the little fel
low is running around ns usual today.
mark. On this dnte last yeur the river
was two feet higher. September of
this year was just four inches short
of the rainfall of one year ngo, and
for the first half of October, there bus
been only a half inch of rainfull, com
pared to 1.28 inches for the same time
one year ago.
I o
FOR RENT Two houses, corner Win
ter and Chemeketa streets. Enquire
354 North Winter Oct 18
class condition, 300 cash. Address
P. F., care of Journal. OctlO
LOST Pair of gold rimmed glasses, be
tween 21st South and 19th street.
Leave at this office and receive re
ward. tuiOICKKEPEH Wants position; ex
perienced, references furnished; low
wages to start with. Address A. P..
care Journal. OctlS
A GOOD STOCK of merchandise for
sale or trade for clear Salem town
nroiicrtv. 400 Hubbard Hldg. rnone
lfi44. Lafhir & llolinger.
Dr. C. Hartley, specialist, inflamed,
bleeding gums nnd pyorrhea. 410 U. 8.
Bank Bldg. Phono 180. Nov9
Helen Allen, the eight
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Allen,
No. Commercial and Hood streets, fell
from a wood pile yesterday afternoon
i and suffered a fracture of the wrist.
At the home conuug rally celebrated
last evening by the members of the
First Christian church in the church
parlors, it was announced that the
Indies of the church aud made a nicer
profit of $815 from the restaurant con
ducted bv the united circles of the
' church nt the state fair. This sum
'd is ubout the amount made bv the Indies
one year ago. The home coming meet
ing was well attended, the evening's
entertainment consisting of speeches,
readings and several selections of music.
Dr. Mott was called, and today
little girl is reported to be getting t0 arrange for the entertainment
along nicely. I of the State Press Association of Ore
gon, which will meet hore on the fifth
and sixth of November, the touritft
Dr. Wisllcenus has moved his offices
from the Hubbard building to 400 407
Salem Bank of Commerce building
FOR RENT In East Salem, T 1-2
Btorv house, basement, 4.00 per
per month. Phone 135B. OctlS
TAFIA The imported Percheron stal
i i;n -;rliinrr I '!.",() nnunds. will be
sold Saturday at the commercial
cluh's t.ublic" auction, corner Liberty
ami Trade street. Salem.
BALDWIN nnd Spitzenberg apples do
Funeral services of J. O. Sutton, who
died at Hood River yesterday will bo
held tomorrow afternoon ot 2 o'clock
at the chapel of Webb nnd Clough,
under the auspices of the Grand Army
OctlS, of the Republic, of which he was a
! memlier. He will be buried in City
View cemetery, beside his wife.
and publicity department of the Com
mercial club. F. (J. Deckubni.h direct
or, will meet nt 10 o'clock tomorrow
morning at the Commercial club. Act
ing with Mr. Decknbuch, on this com
mittee are P. II. D rcy, W. M. Ham
ilton, Robert S. Gill and Paul Wallace.
To attend this state meeting, editors
from all parts of the Btate will be present.
Mrs. Os-i
octis ;
livered for 50c per bushel.
ear Meyer. Phone wtn.
3UCTWEEN 60 AND 70 Good grade
goats forle bv V. F. Drager, 540
State street. Phone 50. Oct 1H
MONEY TO LOAN 11,000 up to 10,-'
000, on improved farms. Taos. A.1
Roberts, 209 U. 8. National Bank;
Bldg, Salem, Oregon OctlS
cord; grub oak ".00, ".S0; nsn 4i0.l
. Second growth fir, 3.50. -P-ionej
1954, during business hours. J.
Eaton. tiovUi
WANTED 1200.00 at 8 per rent In-1
terest, on resilience proiierty in Sa-i
lem, conservative worth 3000. Car.
rying insurance of 2.5i0. If inter
eacted call on Geo. B. Jacob Co., roomi
3. Barn Bldg. rhone 2124. tf.
MONEY TO LOA On Improved
farms at 7 per eent '"lu' interest.!
I am representing the Commerce Safe
Deposit Mortgage Co. of Portland,,
Oregon. Quick delivery of moner.
Write ma or eal. at Marion HoteL .
JJ. Berger, Salem, Oregon. tfl
This Coupon Good
for Reduced
Mme. Schwartz
Whose exhibit of Mari Antoin
ette Facial Preparation! attract
ed so much attention at the
with hr assistant. Watch this
paper for announcement of date
and place.
Madam Schwartz will be pre
pared to give demonstrations at
a reduced price of 75 cents in
order to- introduce further to
SaUim the excellence of her
methods nnd the Marie Antoin
ette Preparations for otesnsiiu?.
preserving and care of the skin.
X, p. To be entitled to tb re
duced pri"1 mt out this adver
tisement and mail to M11E
334 14th St, Portland, Oregon.
While driving east on Bute street
Vnn can cut nmr corn meal at Pnhlie yesterday nltcrnoon atwiit J:.J o ewes.
; Market Saturday. Oct 15 in attempt, eg to cron, the street car
' 0 track at ottnge and State streets, Wil-
I The funeral aerricea of Mrs. Mary lial" McAllister, of Pratum, was struck
I Campbell, wife of Thomas K. Camp-. west bound ear, escaping fortun
boll, will be held Knturdnv morning Jtely without injury. Jt seems that
at 10 o'clock from St. Joseph's Cath- -Mr. McAllister did not see the a-
olic. church. Bv special request of the """'(! '" "'"
family, friends are requested not to.1 ,r"M 1 ,r,a' Bd 'f"re thc
send flowers. Burial will be beside, '""tor'.., could sop, the horse was
her parents in the Catholic cemetery. '- ,r"w' ' ,.MeA"'"1''r
n I a'"' '"""v "inashinB the buggy. The
Attention Modern Woodmen. T, B.,B"r,M' als "'l-'i uninjured.
Korns. chairmen of Head r. R. Korns of Clueago, chairman of
Modern Woodmen, wi be here tonight.' , . . . , . ,
All member, meet at hall at o'clock " " "J 'i'"""'' "f h' "
I tcll ti uiniiui is v Jiuirni , miis? tit i n.
'""rl'- lfdiiiff men of the order will deliver
an address this evening at the WeCnr
nnck hall. In order that the members
of their lodge may have an opportunity
of hearing the add reus, the Woodmen
of the World will not hold their regu
lar meeting tonight. The committee in
charge of the visit of Mr. Korns are
A. J. Hwncnink, F. A. linker, Ernest
Anderson, C. H. lieinkle, and the local
clerk, lift A. Tnrner. Those on the
reception committee this evening nre
F. A. Baker, A. J. Hwienink and Ray
Frank Lamm, a farmer living in Ma
rion roiiiity, and Miss Gussie Wester,'
also of Marion county, were married
yesterday afternoon at 3 o'clock at
the parsonage of the First Mothodist
church by tho Rev, It. N. Avison. Homa
Hunter accompanied the party to wit-,
ness the ceremony. I
Oeo. ftrotth, landscape gardner, all
kinds of garden work attended to.'
liernnuuendatioa in city. Phone
250 R. OctlS
Lus Angeles, Cl,, Oct. 15. Brand
ing reports that ho wus on thu point of
a nreuHiiown as "unmitiguteu lies,
David Caplun today denied the printed
statements to the effect that ho was
ubout to confess.
"l ain not on thu point of a break
down, nor have 1 made, or even
dreamed of making any confessiou. 1
want to brand the whole story as an
unmitigated lie, designed to prejudice
the public against the dofciiduutH now;
on triul in the Schmidt Cuplun case,";
said the alleged McNiihuma accomplice.
"1 appeal to the people not t ivc
any credence to these detective stories.
I have nothing to confess." I
Judge Frank R. Willis this morning
denied the request of Defense Attor
neys in the M. A. Schmidt murder trial
for a continuation of the case until
Chief Defense Counsel Fuirall has suf
ficiently recovered from his illness to
be present in court
D. A. MaloneT of ine Modern Print
shop, hus taken over the Wexford, u.nd
just to introduce the new pictures to
the public, u free show will be given
this evening. It is .Mr. Mnlone's in
tentions to show only high grade, films. ;
The Modern Woodmen of America
will hold an open meeting at their
hall tonight when tiic Hon'. Frank R.
Korns, chairman of the bonrd of di
rectors will deliver un uddress. All
Woodmen and friends are requested
to be present,
Mi.ch.fel Weldonrelcht of New York
City is in Salem today. Mr. Weidcn
reieht says he is of German descent,
notwithstanding he was niimed Mi
chael. He also says New York hasn't
aay weather like we have been having
ing in the Willamette valley for the
past two weeks.
An invitation has been extended by
the local lodge of Kills to tho Me
Minnville bulge and Its oficcra to put
on the initiation work here on the
evening of November 4. On that even
ing a large class will be initiated, and
an invitation to attend will tin extend
ed to other lodges in the valley.
Mrs. J. C. Purdy, 900 Mtll street,
wus in McMiniivilli. yesterday, visit
ing with Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Hobcrg,
who are preparing to celebrate the (13d
anniversary of their wedding on the
13th of next mouth. Mr. Hobcrg set
tled in Salem in li'ii and was one flf
the builders of the original frame First
Methodist church,
Georgia, Shepard, the three year old
sonof Fred Hhepnrd, living about seven
milrs sooth on the Turner road, was
instiintly killed yesterday morning
when he fell from the sent of a wugon
at his father's fulm. The little boy
was on the seat of the farm wagon
and was thrown out when the horses
suddenly started, striKtrig on his head
The child's mother was in the city tit
the time of the accident.
Paris, Oct. 15. A shattering bom
bardment mnrked last night's fighting
before I s and north of Souche,, tol
day's official statement reported,
Heavy grenado attacks, too, were made
south of Boisen llache,
German gunners delivered a thunder
ing canuniiade between the Oisu anil
Aisne, and throughout the Champagne,
while the French replied sharply.
furnish striking arguments why uni
versal peace should bo acclaimed tjy
all civilized countries.
Storcoplicon slides nre now being
innde finin the photographs, and Miss
l.a lluilie is planning to show them nt
a gathering of the members of the
New York Ponce society. Later tiiey
will bo exhibited in various parts of
the country, and prominent mlvocntoH
of peace will be naked to lectuio at
each showing.
"Monsieur Leeoq ' will be shown at
Ye Liberty today and tomorrow.
Considerable work la being done by
lite street department on the cross
walks lu various parts of tho city and
in filling of holes with gravel, es
pecially in North Salem.
Do You Know That Flour Is
, Going To Be Higher?
Wheat is advancing every day and Flour will soon
follow. If you want Flour at the Right Price let us
recommend Fisher's Blend or Art Flour to you.
FISHER'S BLEND is made from Minnesota, Mon
tana and Bluestem Wheat. Blended and milled in
America's finest flour mills.
Fishers Blend, per sack $ 1 .CO
Fisher'n Art, per sack $1.50
B lliii'ltiiiMiisittiaiiisinsi,'r n nf ',s9
. rwfirin rial MiMir